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ah, ah, with precious foreign minister breaks down the reasons for the global food crisis as he stops by ethiopia during his tour of african countries are due to the absolutely and the quick reaction of the risk. we should those sanctions undermining the availability of food on demarcus, known as the orchestra rags that well, just as the musician, very, you know, the book, but the name itself is what keeps read. didn't pay attention to the 5 minutes is a gym of a good night. we get an exclusive look at the inner workings of
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a high profile russian private military agency during its classified operations against ukrainian forces in dunbar. blossoming europe's energy crisis. britain are just 2 warring governments in libya to reach an agreement to resume oil exports as the north african countries, struggles with the fallout of the west 2011 military intervention with just about 7 pm here in moscow. and you're watching our international. i'm donald quarter. welcome to the program. now on to our top story, europe has suffocated itself by creating constant challenges to the supply of russian gas. that's according to russia's top diplomat survey live rob speaking in a theo p up on the last leg of his tour across africa. europe sustained me could a, during the last, almost 10 years was creating barriers on the way of
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bringing the european countries cheap. fran bexar, civil russian, good. they serve, suffocated the old themselves with their own films. the by proofs for pipeline was from russia. now they're looking for alternatives. if your p a is the 4th african country, the russian foreign minister visa that in the last 5 days, and this is where he finishes he's to, we're on the continent here in ad is harbor mr. oliver of met the countries leader and he's ethiopian counterpart. and just like everywhere during his african to are mr. law bro, here was greeted and accepted as a highly respected guess. there was a special coffee ceremony as we were explained with fresh green grass on the floor, symbolize and prosperous dynamic vibrant relations between the 2 sides, loss of traditional incense and also the gas symbolically shared traditional f e r p. in brad,
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there was whole so another ceremony here on the territory of the russian embassy here. an ad is ab ever miss oliver of and he's, if your be in counterpart wanted to endemic trees, here is one of them a, to support the ethiopian government green legacy initiative. and here in the russian embassy is where miss lover of address the ambassadors. all the african union, it is a very influential continental buddy. united, 55 countries. moscow has always been saying that it will do its best to strengthen africa's position in more than multi polar world. and this is what lobby visit here on the continent stands for. and this more than world is something mr. la grove talked to lot about in his speech in front of the ambassadors they wore old in which despite h all verse multiple, i re, t, the west is still trying to impose its position and punish all those who disagree the policy that mr. law of called a colonial policy in human,
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a moral and very dangerous, something that here in africa they understand very well. here are some of the most interesting points of mr. oliver of speech. and yes, the and situation of ukraine did affect additionally negatively affect the food food markets, but not because of, of the russian special operation rather due to the absolutely. and there that with the reaction of the risk which announced sanctions, ah, undermining the availability of food on the markets. it's a period of history where we will have to choose by the to go though and the current which the west thrice to to move are saying that the world must darren not by international law,
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but by the rules. they coined an expression, a rules based world order. and if you analyze the behavior for a western cortex in international arena, you would understand that this rules differ from case to case. there is no single criteria. there is no single principal except one. if i want something, you have to be, if you don't to be, you would be punished earlier sergei lab rav made stops, and egypt, uganda, and the congo received a warm welcome at every location. despite the fact that the u. s. earlier claims that russia had been successfully isolated by western sanctions. a former nigerian presidential hopeful told us that the western concept of unit polarity is now crumbling a. it is, we do rise of the more type hello all the way i seem to be clear, i need to do that this time to give i've got 11 playing field so that we can also
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be involved in the global community. and global appears with our order, which is on our own capacities. a order mean was a global call. what did you, i'll quote, you will be included with a 2nd class or class to delete a whole. well, by what did you, did you decide that. ringback whole is what we missed at sick, as you can, you know, really clearly from the lab wrote you did it very clear that route as well as what you said by the way, you don't have to be in line with what do you want? like you have many clear examples, the sim or quantity that he's wearing to uganda. you probably didn't notice, you know, they took issue because they are cool with, to some degree in a certain point in the lifetime work now then they were put away. so they were supported them and go, i gave the guy been, who are those who are didn't brief is didn't do with what government you gotta do for you guys in the one time. so,
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so that is why i believe africans are better or more secure with russian. and of course, all done with our to go to the latest news from ukraine. russia's defense ministry says it's high. precision weapons have killed 200 ukrainian soldiers in the southern city of nikolai of russian. miss was, are said to have targeted a concrete factory where keith's troops had set up a base. moscow also says it strikes have destroyed for ukrainian military command posts in the past. 24 hours and in the napa petrov region, an arm stockpile was targeted and more than 100 rockets for western supplied high mars rocket launchers are said to have been destroyed with 120 ukranian troops also killed. meanwhile, in the boss, the multiple explosions have shaken the city of done yet as local authorities say
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ukrainian forces targeted residential areas, they're using nato supplied. heavy artillery. 3 civilians are said to have been killed and at least 3 others wounded with the cities infrastructure, also sustaining heavy damage that says russian lead forces continue to advance on the ground in done boss with lugens authorities saying that the allied army has taken control of the key gorski power station in finance, guns ca, official se lugens officials say that ukrainian forces mind the area before retreating and now a clean up operation is underway at the facility, which is europe's largest thermal power plant. among the russian troops involved in the operation are members of the wagner group, a private military company. and archie is more, i guess the reports from that area where he got an exclusive look into the groups operations. there were no safe roads leading to where we were doing them again the people we were visiting,
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specialize in forging parts where there are none. the factors who took this village could not help. they go there many different names when owners, regular group, they're known as the orchestra wagner. just as the musician, very little is known about that, but the name itself is one, but keeps western politicians, presidents by ministers, a general awake at night. we turn out something called the wagner. the e u has announced sanctions on the russian private military company wagner as the church of the wagner group, as we know at 1st to have popped up in ukraine to prudish defense ministry. it says more than a 1000 fighters from russian private military contractor. the wagner group are being deployed to the country, russian muscles that is recruiting and is making it known. and not just them give
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to his love to fear the world's most talked about. and the enigmatic private military company with the whistling sound you heard was not an audio artifact. that was the sound of you . fabian plus gama rockets disgorging hundreds of band appear that one mines which characteristically flutter down to the ground. stand by the also anti personnel mind could be which ukraine his party, 2 weeks now they have attempted to stall or at least slow. the orchestra advanced
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by carpet forming the countryside with band butterfly mines and other things besides his. her supplies left behind by ukrainian troops nationalists as they retreated from clean of oil. you may see this very thin wire. careful, careful, back and over there, something that shouldn't even be here. a man 50 angie personnel, not what you crank signed a convention, promising it would never use it. it would destroy what the ensemble sappers can remove, safely. they do what they can't, what they deem could be a trap. they blew who thomas said for a 150 seconds is going to be quite the by were for some say these was a rare opportunity. could you please not hugely take kindly to outsiders. they work
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alone, where they operate. cameras are almost always absent. t who conditions that they work in, or a permanent health hazard. artillery and mortar jewels, here are deputy, and endless had minutes to not pass without an impact nearby fulfilled 120 kilometers more. that seemed far of it. gradient position ought to be thought. one enemy, countless battery fire kicks in. huh? d as has thrown everything it could spare at the ensemble gradient special force units. the nationalist battalion, ida, and the elite 10th mounted assault brigade are all arranged against them. here,
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thousands of mines and avalon troops, shells, and rockets. nothing's helps. the orchestra marches on silent, secretive, and relentless to simply those whom he, they can hear where it goes, d a r t from clean the oil that he has the people's republic. earlier i discussed the ramifications of the military conflict as well as the western economic sanctions and informed onslaught with or rather information on slot with author columnist and political cartoonist, ted rall. it's all different when it's your country, just a huge doing the thing that you say other countries shouldn't be doing. hypocrisy is rampant in international politics as well as domestic politics. and you know, it's, it's all, it's, it's so extreme though, in this particular case that,
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you know, it's kind of depressing and transparent for anyone who's actually paying attention the, the united states media was really actively complicit in the war against afghanistan . and i would say, even now, with the effect of the sanctions on afghanistan, they're pretty much being ignored or shrugged off. you know, the, all the, all the rhetoric is always brought back to, well, what are the tall about doing, you know, what, what united states is keeping afghan government money. so yeah, though, it's, so there's no comparison in the way that these, these 2 issues are framed or covered by the united states, mainstream corporate media. i wanted to ask you about one of your cartoons. it's called the if we were on the other side of the ukraine, russia crisis showing how the u. s. would have reacted if missiles were aimed at them from a nearby country. and that exact same situation as actually happened before. back in the early sixty's, obviously with the soviet union deploying missiles into cuba and the americans didn't like that. i mean, do you think they've forgotten historical lessons here?
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well, most americans don't really remember historical lessons in the 1st place in order to forget them. so it's not really actively taught and you know, historical context is just not presented in american news accounts. so nobody ever says, well, ok, so in $962.00 during the cuban missile crisis. this happened, but this is a different scenario. it, 1st of all, it's not a different scenario, and it's impossible to imagine the united states, tolerating, for example, mexico or canada, becoming anything less than friendly to the united states in any way if the soviet union were still around with canada, be allowed to join the warsaw pact would they be allowed to talk about joining the warsaw pact? no. want to bring the conversation into the realm of sanctions. i really want to hear what you have to say about the facts that of course, we've seen unprecedented western sanctions against russia since the military operation in ukraine was launched. do you think they're going to be successful and can europe and union countries survive without russian energy sources?
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well and the sanction seem to be very effective at hurting the western academy. and driving up inflation and energy prices in the united states and it's western allies . you know, i've just moscow for, i've been here for 24 hours since i got here, does not look like it's on. it's nice economically. the only surprise about the sanctions failure is that it's really unraveling so quickly. i mean, here we are in the middle of the summer, you know, eastern europe isn't not in dire need of heating oil. and what's going to happen when the winter comes, we were expecting this to really start to hit november and december. it's all, we're already seeing the effects present biden's already having to try to talk down the possibility of an eminent recession or maybe the possibility that the u. s. economy has already entered recession. so, you know, the effects are, are there. i don't, i think, you know, rush i saw it was coming and was prepared a cancellation of us. how speaker nancy
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pelosi planned visit to taiwan would be a victory for china. that's the warning from senate republican leader mitch mcconnell, as quoted by a bloomberg article or report, or rather earlier china told washington that policies visit to taiwan. plan for august would have serious consequences. beijing says it would take forceful measures if the u. s. house speaker follows through with her plans. it would be the 1st visit of such an american official to taiwan in 25 years. this comes and made a growing concern over tensions between beijing and ty, pay over the possible consequences of policies visit to taiwan. while some us officials are fearful of a potential con, like the china, other politicians like mitch mcconnell are apparently pushing for a serious confrontation with beijing. you know, the whole idea that we're worried about chinese rhetoric shows how misplaced our policy is. this is a question of how america conducts its own foreign policy and thank you very much.
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decision ping will conduct it the way we want to conduct it. can we send a constitutionally denominated official to china? are we going to back down because gigi pang is shaking his fist. if we can allow the chinese to dictate who can visit taiwan and who cannot, then we have already seated. tie one to the chinese if they can veto every one in the world who wants to come to tie one, then taiwan will be isolated. so i think she has an absolute right to visit, and i think the support of taiwan is important. all to get more on the story we're going across live. now to victor, dow, vice president of the center for china and globalization. thanks a lot for joining us on the program. so what do you make of late? much, obviously, you're welcome. now what do you make of the latest statements coming out of washington encouraging nancy pelosi to go through with her planned visit to taiwan . this whole episode demonstrates once again in very graphic
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terms, that the united states is challenging the one charlotte policy by words as well. as by deeds, because of the high importance of the position of mercy policy as the speaker of the house of representatives, her proposed a visit to taiwan will really hollow out the u. s. position of the one china policy . now, for the record, the united states acknowledges there is only one china and taiwan is part of china . and the people's republic of china is the sole legitimate representative of china . this is for the record, any wild wave decency of the mind can read, lee of a shoot us position. whatever the united states has been doing recently is hollowing out that one pop china policy. and try to create a situation where tensioners in the cross straight relations will rise up rather than come down. and eventually confrontation will be
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a provoked eating the cross straight relations. this is exactly what china does not want to see china as being pursuing the piece for in a vacation plan for decades. and the pilot issue is the direct result of the i'm finished a civil war, a man team $49.00, which gave rise to the people's republic of china. so no one in washington should pretend that they do not know the u. s. policy of one china town as part of china and the proposed a visit to taiwan by nancy pelosi will really blow up the china us relations and inflict huge detriments to both the chinese people as well as the american people. china's position is always, it will stand firm on matters of principle. china has made its case known. the proposed visit by nancy pelosi to taiwan, will be causing
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a major confrontation between china and the united states. so the ball is in the color of the united states, china as a country, the people's liberation army, as the military force of china. and the chinese people are for it prepared to deal with this kind of hypocrisy. and that was standard. and the hollowing out of the one china policy, the world should be aware that china does not provoke a dissertation. it is the united states, which provoked this tension. and if the consequences eventually befall the united states, the world world moto, china, responsible. they will hold it as a policy possible. they will hold the united states responsible for such misconduct . while speaking of tension, of course, we've got the political tension between china and the united states over this potential visit by policy. we've got a military tension when it comes to
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a u. s. naval encroachments in the south trying to see what do you think we can expect from the upcoming meeting between biden and choosing ping plan for tomorrow . i truly believe that the fact that the chinese president and the u. s. president are still about to talk with each other is a positive sign. this means that between china and the united states, there are still channels of communication and it will make the world a safer place if they keep talkie. on the other hand, pure talk doesn't solve the problem. if the united states government does not take affirmative action to prevent nancy pelosi, his visit to, to taiwan in the coming weeks, for example, then a major showdown will take place. and i hope president biden, his government, his military will not pretend to be taken by surprise. because this is the real red
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line, as far as china is concerned, and china has made his position long to the united states. saw don't crane that they are being taken by surprise. they need to be fully aware all the consequences. stepping out of his nancy pearl's is proposed, a visit to taiwan and the world should be fully aware that the united states is the provoker of this whole tension. and they need to shoulder all the responses while as you correctly pointed out earlier, the u. s. officially does not recognize taiwan as an independent country, but do you think that could change any time soon? no, they will not. no country in the world will have any chance of recognizing both china, that is the people's republic of china and taiwan, which is called republic of china. this is an illegal proposition to start with,
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because there is only one china and taiwan is part of china. if the united states wants to recognize the republic of china, then the precondition is that they need to sever diplomatic relations with the people's republic of china. remember, back in 1979, the united states did just the opposite. they sever the relations with the republic of china and taiwan, and they begged the china to establish diplomatic relations with united states and china and the united states, back in 1979 over com all the difficulties and normalize the relations on the condition that the united states need to sever its to promote the relations with taiwan. the united states need to withdraw all its troops from taiwan. and the united states need to terminate its defense treaty with taiwan. the so called the
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republic of china. if the united states want to walk back all these decades of the one china policy, then they need to be prepared to sever diplomatic relations with the people's republic of china and prepare for all the consequences it will incur. no one is not given warning to the united states, and they should be fully prepared for the consequences of promoting one china and one taiwan or to china for example, which is the separation of the motherland as far as charles concerned. and the chinese law does not tolerate any such prospect of an independent taiwan away from china's motherland or at vice president of the center for china and globalization. victor gao, thanks for joining us on the program. thank you very much for having me. ah,
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the notorious islamic state, terrorist group is regrouping and gathering its forces in africa that's according to a new report. it also says the extremists are pushing for an even bigger presence in the region as r t is paula slayer, reports from south africa. terrorism in africa is on the whys. in nigeria, new threats have emerged against the president by members of boca rome, a group with links to islamic state, and they twist on not empty. in this trilling video, you can see members slugging innocent train passengers, with a warning that they'll be thoughtful for slaves. if the government doesn't to meet the demands, islamic state has not ceased to exist. yes, it was defeated in the middle east, but now more than ever, it is active in africa. to new official islamic state provinces court, we layers were created in march in this a hell and in may in mozambique. and now most of his la mc stay provinces. 7 out of
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13 are based in africa, known as it swept in western africa. the group operates mainly in nigeria, chad nyja and cameroon, and actively uses propaganda to recruit people from all over the world. for terrorism on the continent. the islamic state released a 39 minute video from west africa province, entitled a book that guides and a sword that helps very interesting video. lots of military operations are shown. meetings, speakers, children, people interviewed with microphones. they had us take advantage of poverty, religious and ethnic conflicts, and weak governance to attract supporters. the it's unexpected weekly newspaper i'll number pads devoted 28 out of 52 editions to africa. in recent times, it's main branches in syria and iraq released a series of videos praising their brothers on the continent between january and june, the sierra,
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maybe half of islamic states activities happened here in africa. it's what was suspected to be behind a church massacre last year in which at least 40 people were killed in over nigeria . the group was also behind a prison break, near the nigerian capital of a boucher in which at least 800 prisoners, a large number of whom were high po, faulty hud has escaped. the islamic state, capitalizes on the african jihad to continue to exist. many people have put their foot down for reasons that are not necessarily religious, but it's not enough. anti terrace coordination is put in the saw hel, francis leaving mcgee after 9 years of counter terrorism. and the united nations mission is on hold. coordination is going badly apart from france in the european union. is this a priority issue? no, we ignore it. our own detriment, growing number of fights has come from south east asia. many go to the middle east and north africa for religious education and work,
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raising the stakes that they can be replies tempted to join islamic state and find themselves in africa. what's more, a growing number of african self exist in southeast asia between 20142019 members of african terrace groups such as abad al shari'a, alto, nicea, and egypt and was and brotherhood rested in malaysia. some of whom were putting attacks in foreign countries, highlighting the cross border nature of terrorism, and the fact that no one in the world is safe. whether in europe, america, asia full africa policy on our team to has south africa based security consultant. jasmine oberman told us that islamic state is pulling the strings of smaller terrorist groups in the region. as we go into central and northern africa, be all grievances, grievances, have a long history. these grievances related to government and the social mobility of these people extremely confined to read the opportunity exists for the stater
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groups to find a presence and expand the extremist ideology. they will do it. and it's clearly at blake, you talk about the extremist ideology that he needs to find a sole social structure that supports it. that what is clear is that these guided guidance and that be a direct support for beast and buckets of occupation by the east lamb each day. be of several main challenges. i think the 1st one that needs to be put on the table east direct a commission of a domestic problem that has regional implications to counter terrorism. you need to deal with the actual grievances at play in terms of freezing the expansion of terrorism. what is needed? ease militarization, what is needed east? a military corporation that the we need to win the trust of the.


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