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a studies from which none occurs to them in the world. graham should hulu, with the french president, set to host saudi arabia's crown prince and his 1st t u trip since a scandal over a high profile journalists killing human rights advocates. last shout at mack wrong for wooing the prince to get energy deals. also this, our full areas are one in russia, 3 hostile environmental building 5 mirror with 15 oil and gas bill when it is covered and more coming soon to be one of the biggest. all point to enjoy who energy sector average r t takes an exclusive look at rushes newest energy projects, which flies in the face of a reported price kept on russian oil imports by g $7.00 countries plus
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a top us senator urges nancy pelosi to proceed with her schedule trip to taiwan, despite growing threats from china to take forceful measures if the us house speaker follows through on our plan with just past 5 pm here in the russian capital, and you're watching our to international. i'm donald quarter. welcome to the program. now on to our top story, france is the latest e u member state to woo saudi arabia's crown prince who's come to paris for talks that says european leaders are desperately seeking alternative energy suppliers to replace russian imports. however, human rights watch dogs are crying foul over the cording of the saudi prince. i feel profoundly troubled by the visit because of what it means for our world and what is means for jamal shogi and people like him. the visits by m. b as to france
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and joe biden, to saudi arabia, do not change the fact that m b s has nothing other than a killer. alright, to get more on the story. now we're going to go live to archie, contributor rachel marston. hi there, rachel. can you break down the controversy surrounding mohammed ben solomon's visit to friends for us? sher, if environmentalists thought they were the only ones who are going to get short changed with this energy crisis, it looks like they're now joined by human rights activists. but it, when, when michael french president is constantly evoking the importance of human rights and different contexts, like for example, up paris is the birthplace of the universal declaration of human rights. how the defense of human rights is woven into europe's very fabric. but today mohammed ben selman, or if actually notice m b s is at the french presidential palace, which may or may not by the way, pale in comparison to the home where m b. s, is staying during his visit. no, this is not another scenario of
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a world leader camping out for several days on the eliza palace. lawn light, former libyan leader mar gadhafi did when sar cosy was president. we're talking here about a home that the new york times says and b s. owns through shell companies and it's dub the world's most expensive home by fortune magazine. the 7000 square meter shut to louis cartels. it is in the paris suburb of cn. no, it's really not far about a 40 minute drive around 8 kilometers from the famous chateau. vast sire, which apparently inspired m b s's french home. now the crown prince of oil rich saudi arabia was directly tied by western intelligent services to the murder of washington post columnist, activist and prominent saudi government critic jamal cash o g, who is reportedly lured inside the saudi consulate in istanbul, turkey in october 2018. and then dismembered with
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a bone side. probably remember those gory details. they're everywhere at the time. and now french presidents always have been very pragmatic, casually, inconveniently, just, you know, setting aside lofty values when they happen to clash with french economic interests . and that seems to be case here. france's big problem right now is that it's caught up in europe's energy crunch in the wake of u sanctions on russian gas. so in other words, the use on supply hooting, frances francis nuclear energy was on the verge of a programmed decline. about half of the reactors were of commission and deliberately neglected when paris did an about face earlier this year and lobby brussels to reclassify nuclear energy as green energy. but questions remain as to whether those reactors and the liquefied natural gas that france has been exploring and massive quantities from russia. since the start of the conflict in ukraine will
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be enough to power france through the fall and the winter. now in a sign that france is in a week position, it scrambled to secure an energy cooperation and supplied euro earlier this month between french energy giant total energies and united arab emirates, state oil company. france sees the trouble that germany's economy is in scrambling . the fire coal plants and maybe even nuclear reactors back up again. now it's worth recalling that the whole reason for the german russian gasdio gas deals and pipelines were so that germany could exit nuclear in order to please environmentalists whom after restarting coal probably wouldn't be too happy about a nuclear revival either. and it's also important to remember that um, that germany criticized france when it was lobbying the you to include nuclear as a green energy and out pretty much benefit from it if it happens to go in that direction. so anyway, it makes sense that m b s gets to an invite to the 80 z right now is the crown
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prince of an energy rich country. human rights optics, be damned, obviously desperate times call for desperate measures. and while it may be even desperate fist bumps with m b, s, which u. s. president joe biden would know something about he said, precedent without earlier this might months. a little bit controversially, didn't seem to do much good though, and be asked to give biden any of the oil production guarantees that by him was looking for and mac home by then, and other western leaders are making a big show for their citizens about trying to mitigate the energy crisis and with middling results, this is what this is all about. you know, we're bringing everybody in who can potentially help us with this problem. even ignoring human rights if we need to. but it's all for one goal to make sure cost of living stays low. but the one thing that is within their power is to lift their own sanctions on their own energy supply. and they don't seem to be make any moves to do that. or in our to contribute or rachel marston. thanks for bringing us those
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details. now, a former senior advisor to the minister of energy of saudi arabia told us that new contracts with the you are a positive step. but re add cannot cover all the demand on its own. if we increase our production, we can do it alone. denise, that's all of a last canter is doing at the same time or would one decision. and since the oil market is fungible, what if you take from either amount or if it's still france, then the same situation would continue to be that euro now is paying a high price for the sanction that they put on the oil you is. and in a big, big, big problem, it is energy short to the problem with the economy. and we think that
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the, the united states as ordering, they, you to do this and that, and they're now in a top. so e that they abolish all the sanctions in order to the to relieve that economy, or they wouldn't be and the recession and becoming months if not 2 years. while g 7 oil consumers are reportedly preparing to put a price cap on russian imports by the end of this year, the country's largest oil company has launched a massive new project in siberia ortiz maria phenomena took in 6 exclusive look at that site in russian's extreme. know beyond the polar circle with the arctic ocean, just 500 kilometers away. this is where russia extract much of its oil when they says, well, stock oil project and cover is $52.00 areas of one enriches extreme hostile
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environmental northern siberia. with 13 oil and gas pills or what it is covered and more coming, will be one of the biggest all projects and global energy sector ever. its entire, we saw space amount at 6000000 tons of premium. oil rushes, the largest company rugs napped, is behind this multi $1000000000.00 project. the company c o has dub, divorced off, and noah's ark for the oil based global economy. and i see a few in russia given its energy potential and a portfolio of 1st class projects such as boston, oil can fulfill long term global needs for affordable energy resources. and it certainly is an arc of salvation like noah's ark was stuck. oil is the biggest down the only project of such a scale in the world. and it is also the only project capable of having a stabilizing effect on the energy market. drill in here, it's not easy,
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but it is happening across the oil field room, powerful. all rigs are totally russian made. they can more 6 kilowatt. i'm going to be well very fast. and also called project a the fact that to produce 100000000 tons of oil annually by 2030, not only the project ambitions, but also eco friendly. for example, he doesn't burn the natural gas extracted along with the oil instead, using it to produce green energy for the projects needs and make no mistake. animals are safe to the pipeline runs at a certain height above the ground measured so that local animals can easily pass. and denise was especially important. the oil run in these pipes is claimed to be over the premium quality that is truthfully, checked in numerous more to read on every stage of production than your prima was thought could great differs from russia. swag shame, having urals it is lighter,
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much easier to refine and what's more important. last sulfur, it smells oil have by the way, hand it is yet to be named, then you will receive its name or brand after it's finished versus formula is ready before that it is referred to by the place it is extracted from like van car, i key cluster of the big project, this is the banker's central part, how as they call it here, if they oil fields kitchen, this is where oil is extracted from the liquid palm from the underground. this is what best complicated net of pipes sir is for. this is where the ready oil is lower than those are there wars and from here it goes to the pipeline. but here is that fluid brake during the implementation of the roster coil project. the station will be the starting point for the transportation of oil to the north from the bank or cluster, almost 800 kilometers of trunk lines to be built across rushes. nolan timely
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peninsular, as well as a major oil terminal on the coast of the car to see, to deliver the oil to the buyers ah, with . and that will only be the 1st stage. the construction will go on after the terminal starts functioning until it's able to process at least $100000000.00 tons of oil a year. dish recover lower more a year ago there was
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a see here since then an artificial plot of land has been built a unique structure in the i. matt took implementation of the time year region. well now the policy being submerged. the depth is more than 20 meters, time is a harsh region for both work and housing. the projects for exigency to the northern is the route, is a competitive advantage has a drastically reduces costs for transport in the oil and lower as the projects dependence on politically unstable supply chains that makes the oil more affordable and reliable for customers around the world. class the company says that 98 percent of all the equipment here is domestically produced. when agreeing fannon, we're at a new facility, the polar power plant. this is the heart of our new project. it will provide the capacity for the start of the la stock oil project in the future development of the oil fields. we use russian turbines. these are the 1st turbines of this kind
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produced in russia. there are no equivalents of this equipment with similar capacity in russia right now. this is ours, it's new and it's russian, and that is awesome. but foreign partners are also welcome to participate. as you, as you are the project, lives on and develops as planned, inevitable difficulties are being overcome. but we are full confidence that all the tasks will be completed. we need to do this before the big flood. we will be glad to see our friends take part in this noah's ark construction project for the global economy. mason, osha, r. t reporting from timer peninsula in rational than siberia. as germany seek solidarity from other e u members in its attempts to rush and gas in ports, hungriest prime minister continues to oppose and embargo on russian fuel. hungary has so far found ways to reach agreement with the you on all anti russian sanctions . however, now we are up against
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a wall called the gas embargo. i suggest that the countries of the community do not try to fight against it. i don't think i'm the only one who shares this view. meanwhile, germany's economy minister continues to insist that he was united, the face of gas supply shortages from russia. his statements came on tuesday when you government deliberated over a draft european law that would require member states to rush and gas to protect countries from supply cuts. the main proposal was to reduce consumption by 15 percent with mandatory moves across the block if necessary. however, while germany, italy and some other member states rely heavily on russian imports, spain, portugal and greece are less dependent that shows that europe stays through my church because europe is able to find, you mean unity and giving a strong sigma. also, in the day where the flows of decimals to run or reduce them to another 20 percent,
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to putting into russia. you won't split us. of course, a lot of compromises in the text. well, this is the way how europe operates. that's it makes sense that each of the association, i say the measures just for the sake of sunny day, i believe. but when it comes to an on to security basis, mainly individual national governments responsibility terminates her attorney andre thomas house and told us that in new governments will crumble if they keep forcing energy policies on each other. well, you pressure could mean political suicide for government because all 27 you remember states our parliamentary democracy is based on multi party systems and. and if people have nothing to eat or of people cannot get to work anymore, or if for, if they have to come once a day for an hour to a communal shelter that's heated to warm up for an hour. and this was the emergency
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plan for germany, and then they might very well act adverse lee and, and the vote in a different leadership. originally the heart of the you is italy, germany, france, and england. and england left in the brexton that maybe other breakfast or like a fractured for france. france is becoming increasingly wanted. president mac crawl was probably the leader with the greatest foresight already at the ambassadors conference on $27.00 or was 2019 that so over 2 years basically said that the, the era of western hedge money over the world has ended. and he warned his ambassadors to, to become, to, to get acquainted with the thought that there are other powers that we are, that we have moved into a multi polar world already long before the military operation ukraine.
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and now we go to the latest news from ukraine. russia's defense ministry says cubes forces are sustaining significant losses. with the latest deaf toll reaching at least 200 people as result of a high precision russian strikes or a series of them on ukrainian military positions in their san region. and inside the dung, ask peoples republic. moscow also says its missiles have destroyed 9 ukrainian military command posts in the past 24 hours as well as 6 ammunition warehouses. is comes a day after more than 100 rockets for western supplied high mars launchers said to have been destroyed with 120 ukrainian troops also having been killed. meanwhile, in one of the largest cities of the people's republic, gordon left a machine building plans has caught fire as a result of ukrainian showing. he has military has reportedly struck the plan 20 times fracturing a gas pipeline there. and so far, no casualties have been reported the mayor of gore,
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of course says that a bred making plant and a residential building were also damaged by ukrainian attacks in the neighboring city of your sin a lot that is also being relentlessly shelled by cubes. forces ortiz, romano, culture reports from the ground there. ah, the city of yes, in nevada is shown on a daily basis. shilling continues right now. as i speak. it's adjacent to the capital of the nets and the people here are injured and are being killed. every single day, right now i'm going to speak to some of the people which were wounded by ukraine in the military, just recently, loyal, filled in, i was feeding dogs that day when the shelling began in the mines started exploding somewhere up the street, but then one exploded just near me. i did not even feel it. i don't know how i survived last interval of her voluble. i lost my legs. i was in the yard when the
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shelling began and i got up in the morning on 2 legs. and the next thing i knew i was in intensive care with one of which is i was brought there in a tank. i've been in hospital since may, but now i'm going to be discharged. and i want to go home. i really want peace. i want the money spent to buy weapons to be spent on ordinary people for sitting there with recently it's civilians that suffer not the military. the showing goes on every day to day. for example, we have a new person wounded, a man who went out to throw out his garbage and got hit by shrapnel, which loop it goes on and on on a daily basis. it's been happening for 8 years. 8 long years of shelling. they are showing peaceful people. it seems that they are not even aiming just ravaging the city. there are hundreds of elderly people here in eastern nevada who have absolutely no access to food, water, or electricity, and they rely on humanitarian missions. in order to survive to day,
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we brought some food vegetables, fruits, canned goods, of course and these people are also relying on others who live here use in the law there who will deliver this good to them. no, he said that's what vala so many high din basemen. my house has been constantly hit by bomb fragment drama. we try to help people to buy medicines to deliver food. can you afford it? people help by transferring money. we are holding on getting strong. got it, but we believe that everything will be fine with the union. you will howard trip, sir? yes. in about that it had to be cut short because really heavy shilling began and just to be safe, we decided to drive back to the desk. however, our mission today was complete as we delivered food and medicine to the people of use in nevada,
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from on cost for if hearty. the next people's republic us senator tom cotton is urging house speaker nancy pelosi to proceed with her scheduled trip to taiwan. a visit which has already stoked us china attentions speaker pelosi should absolutely go forward with her trip to taiwan, we can not allow chinese threats to deter a mere visit my member of congress to taiwan. earlier china told washington that policies visit to taiwan, plan for august would have serious consequences. beijing says it will take forceful measures if the u. s. how speaker follows through on our plans. it would be the 1st such visit to taiwan by such a high profile american official in a 25 years. this also comes amid growing concerns over tensions between beijing and ty, pay over the possible consequences of close his visit. and while some us officials are fearful of a potential conflict with china, others are apparently pushing for
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a more serious confrontation with beijing. you know, the whole idea that we're worried about chinese rhetoric shows how misplaced our policy is. this is a question of how america conducts its own foreign policy and thank you very much. decision ping will conduct it the way we want to conduct it. can we send a constitutionally denominated official? said china, are we going to back down? because eugene pang is shaking his fist. if we can allow the chinese to dictate who can visit taiwan and who can not. then we have already seated. tie one to the chinese. if they can veto every one in the world who wants to come to tie one, then taiwan will be isolated. so i think she has an absolute right to visit and i think the support of taiwan is important. washington is proposing a prison swap deal with a moscow for the release of 2 american citizens. the agreement would reportedly involve convicted russian arms dealer, victor boot,
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who's doing time in the u. s. and americans basketball player, brittany greiner, who's on trial and drug smuggling charges, and, and imprisoned us spy, paul wayland, earlier the white house said the u. s. is determined to bring its citizens home. we made a substantial offer to secure the release of paul whalen and brittany griner. the president and his team are willing to take extraordinary steps to bring our people home. the mutual exchange of russian and american prisoners on the territory of the 2 countries was previously discussed by the presidents of russia and the united states. these negotiations are being carried out by competent apartments. a concrete result has not yet been achieved. at the same time, we consider it necessary to take the interests of both parties into account. during these talks, russian, victor boot is a convicted arms dealer who was arrested in thailand in 2008 and later extradited the united states. in 2012, an american court sentenced him to 25 years in prison for arming
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a terrorist group and conspiring to kill us citizens. meanwhile, brittany griner is an american citizen, currently on trial in moscow for possession of cannabis related articles and bringing drugs into russia. while paul whalen is also an american citizen and a former us marine convicted of espionage. and he's currently serving a 16 year sentence and a russian president earlier u. s. secretary of state antony blank and said he would be soon discussing the release of these 2 people with his russian counterpart. i plan to raise an issue that's a top priority for us, the release of americans, paul wilson and brittany griner, who been wrongfully detained and must be allowed to come home. we put a substantial proposal on the table weeks ago to facilitate the release. our governments are communicated repeatedly and directly on that proposal and i'll use the conversation to follow up personally, and i hope move us toward resolution as of yet,
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there has been no confirmation from the russian side on the details of such a deal. but if a prisoner swap does happen, it wouldn't be the 1st time this year. back in april, russian pilot konstantin era sankoh was traded for us. national trevor read civil rights attorney robert patillo told us that the reason the u. s. is looking to strike a deal is because of the public outcry for brittany griner to be released. what we've seen is that there's been social media outcry pushing for the release of miss griner personal every status, of course, is part of it being a member of the african american community and a member of the l. g. b, t, q, community, here, america. and lead to many people spinning place and lot of emphasis on her release . i think the, the russian side actually getting more from this deal. brittany greiner, the q, so not drug trafficking, but according to her testimony today in court. absolutely. for getting
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a cartridge that belongs to a vapor and her bag that was, that was illegal in russia. we spent the sovereignty of fair nations, i think, with a big difference between that and being a arms dealer as mr. about working with. so i think russia comes out on the better end of this tray, but given the nature of the publicity around this, this is change. the also want to make this swap. well, we're going to go back to one of our stories right now regarding the u. s. how speaker nancy pelosi is potential controversial visit to taiwan and to discuss that more we're going across live to wang he way, director of the center for european studies at the red men university of china. thanks a lot for joining us on the program, sir. so what do you make of the latest statements coming out of washington encouraging nancy pelosi to go through with this plan to visit to taiwan. that obviously, beijing is not happy about a pretty american dilemma to lucky. caroline caught us to proceed to the un
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sister because the 1970 was put into un dissolution up to 78 percent of the time the people to be part of the only nico, the whole time. and now the us being out of the russia are you can complete the a lot of money that you do want us that you are ok so called to see to be paid on the state to buy for us to pay the car. and then i was just wondering what this is, i run to join the sort of chips for our us, taiwan. no, it's not really i need to pay. so does the test be under my of the so you come to class meeting time base. what do you think of the statement made by us republican
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senator tom cotton, who says that the best way to prevent wars is to deter america's rivals. ok. i'm trying to reason why they want to events. i run listen. i tried to tell 40 to candy's caught if that americans i cannot tell you why all the americans cannot trust the americans. now the face of the us, a strong response. so the president of i did call to she didn't actually miss percy to go to extreme. why did the police most of the, why fi and then make a time the us confrontation to be the higher. i also make the us, we will, china is obviously drawing
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a red line here on this controversial potential visit by nancy pelosi. but do you think washington feels that can cross it? and if it does, what do you think is going to come out of that? nancy pelosi number 3 percent of the us across the us open in the next base. a confusion. so this why is it of the non religious speaking? why she paid me so now to see us with the time i actually met with the china, she's strong response that makes the lead. so even song, some other congress make her not for policies with it. even though i did want to be large box roll top trying to get close can on them out. well the us for the. ready busy if the us or can not all the other us for more trust.


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