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with amo, the joke is nice people you might still farseason will not say is more he said give them i looked on one second by the will. do i am? yes, me as the night. yeah. i so i missed awesome. it was, i mean, video storage at the why you deal with your the way we can move up on you see a thought in these that that you got on a paid 9 to start. it must be a whole new one. come on dish my. it's used to my 30 that finished a missed you losing opinions with with them wasn't really work with the new ski during the stuff you know, even like a little bit with the whole new goes, no place with me. session a she's with
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affordable housing of course. yeah. of course. mom. my with you got you before delivery national because all of the of the additional bureau with lane be to some my local because of the school with us. i'm a mother. i could have been disloyal because this is going to provide me with the machine with dish there's. there's new human was the food ordering,
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swaying nadisa in the shed during the day. and you're not going to review this t shirt is for kristen using this weird you to use mom a for any of you on when you're doing jordan dish, there's to 1000 with those a motion with us to new music. scott, you missed? let's start with lou. yesterday i want to use, let me double those. i was he just 0 that i you? there you both the kitchen is nice that you would be the annoy, stays, garcia. yes, i would always put you through it with your i'm with b is the short,
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not garza. and if you do not feel what if you wish there is a disputing that at least 3 if you forgot about him. what about the now book? an idea. yeah. awesome. everyone was leaving the place. i'm pleased with it. we can do with them through with the phone in you should more lucy's book i was was with i was able to see a movie wasn't a couple of shorter meal to both for you. typically what it was she didn't. okay, sweetie.
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a, a look at the bus stop, at least with uh, with we be away in the showroom with clean the, just if you could get those done, if i missed that, if the i need to go to it. when you might, you know, i leased nearly $9.00 to move rock, let's get to when you started with a sort of a cigarette. when you got a music with them going to be sure to get you know to you now she's
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those. this is done with, i'm not sure what will be and you will, you don't, you just want to just get them was the new maybe they over there was a city was that it was, it was if you can, you be good with national or peoples? i work with the one was the warranty you when you said he will be with jesus or what a little use and you just a special about you can use the answer, but it is in new ships. but if, when you need to know or need to move a
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hey going to my so come on the with a boat. this vehicle with smith is either going this me for the group started with the boy pulling up in the ocean singing. so she can find what's the does, it'll take you to the way by say, i need watching some movie channels for which i think it's in the gym store. was that you on for a new school say this? yeah, it unfortunate give issue will be on most with doesn't leave your shipping. you might normally use these cars. i think it was a day before the, with the boy girl, it scottish lisa in which we would move, which is in place from you is it uses my it will be on by to mislead you or will your with, with the mr. go yes. a new to the bus with
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you lose it newly. the zones of alleged with with, with, with the other. mm. oh
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i this 1000000 new york. my well, what, what is was what year so ordinary more with the chief scales. yeah. for those numbers. so whenever you enough, match those with 2 years and they're always with most of you hold on one minute ticket, i flew phasers hall and i will hear them will be very much and it will amuse lots of whatever a just on us does any of your needs you have in your new home and i will as usual with their meals for my beloved with dish. luckily, then learn. if morals were very familiar with it, they had been given garza you like us 3. you get the you need to
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is do conduct them opinion is acquitted seamlessly with not to them, but you would give them to playlists of sim, down on us. but you origin, culloden, in one of both fill in the form. you put them senior clip adult, eat or get the really separable post the news to be sitting up to get them in there because that's the console. typically. yes, apartment, yes, but it was almost like instead of the month and e, i willing if you just didn't a per month e, but i took the new year. there's the real you do that always eve to load my just the it, those are pretty, are not at the version a you stuck on your on each other, deeper in your honda you have been you see a process never to be there. so i deal with,
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you know, it was because i had a kid, i'm gonna pick it up. this is funny. that's my brad bob was going to do my yes ma'am. i did. i wish i would mostly be a big guy. yes. both to be at the gate to go on this just as yo me did he ryan again? oh no. don't what i'm going to do. 7 7 who ski, john, but don't steve you you must. 7 you why should, oh, why is beecham?
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no need but those did. yeah. you. yeah. was you all? well, you no. oh, good. so you know, new york, ga bar. you miss new york? no money. no, yeah. well, yes, a resume on sonia rosenberg. scholars, would you please give me a moment on us mr. a. walker as well. and ron ram, you're going to, i was injured. we'll raise yet. we were doing like blue, blue,
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blue with ah, with ah, no one. no, no, not a joke. no, no. what the old moss, real to what the ship unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was
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to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever known. and real no to production issue or show that they're not able to when you suddenly we're going to keep on more mom she no longer thought this is meant against them all. i got to learn much sale. i mean, i understood, i wish to know about jewelry. whoa, whoa, knew he didn't more or less to know jr. let's i had to put up with a couch. nice. oh boy, that's good to go. or what the on this the wow she my, and new on it. i'm all,
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i can send more a year. you'll not all put them out there to give us a a a, b, b, b, o, b, a, u r g. i but i was like with you, by the way. i knew you were you be so much dana and she didn't know what plush will you know to what i would issue. sure. but if you wanna with love in
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dealing with no, we're not. i'm still an issue with you guys a lot a we are in a way, you know, different good digital digital guys, but a miss
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with you guys always go to jeff and you're able to get with a few that you got it. you know, there's not really the one that you do. so like i said it was, but you addition a leave, somebody with are resolved. ah, that with
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none can use the will will, will goodness, just eat. but i mean, honestly, we saw you are a scenario in the premier of are going to the woodlands, human the my union of the mir tumble for sure. almost. he spoke gordon and with the dish that are motors directs a portal. they want to perceive one way to when you deal with it in youth was most to what you scroll over most of the to so through with nature . and it'll stick with the subway shows a subway for somebody who i was on a she will bring this my, this for fights, and you press on your music in log
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a bus, which i'll realize this switch them up. you predominantly let anybody to reschedule as yourself or possibly going to sort of charlotte ah, with. i mean you're doing good. good though it is. uh, it's somewhere there might be a nice looking i use all day with new boy bruce, but we don't to combine all frustrated with
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a with a boy no one with
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i thought it had to let it was worth a mission. i thought about it last year, so as we have to start up with that with
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the national soil, with close it with you and with all the way to with guys that bridge. so, i mean, yeah, it was a joke only, but she is listed as the principal,
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but it with a good, with a guy a, a, a, a, with a,
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a, a, a what i do the bill does a little thing and i want to know what's going on with the medical and normal, marlene gable or for but the family i'm of them got the oh yeah, well oscars, all and you get all done with your boost state. now what about with is a partial? well it didn't pick up on the whole deal dealer. i left a lot of why i was a. c a
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smart role is this just to live or? yeah, because i understand. yes. this is in the question. yeah. gosh immunization a so i have been completed. it said i will end it with the voice of thoughts on the submit. but i'd finish from you know, some of them, i didn't get it in that particular way and they should venue, they will because she bought somebody because just the, just the choice always so much i'll call a day, shall come out of and will it be a bit different than the most new that she bush just and i have shown you in the
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masters dania. you have an adult, something you the voices are asking you personally, especially just another way difficult thing is or we can say yes nature. i'm not going to go to it, but i wanted to get the, the chit chat about. hm. yes, niche you same, you know, showing you, but i said that should it, but i need to press the do the check if you don't produce the pollution from what says a line, you should should recent church scheduling it. it has all the way to close lawyer who i mean, i knew, but i submitted this it of course of literature by which is of how much which the of us get it. this is a question when you spoke when i was in just when you since phillip s. e. a. easton, they'd send this to a new hood, new, pretty new plus just a new post. i thought you would should go with them still use the yes you would. yes you wouldn't. you the news dealer might bought
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a new the should new deal. does after, after lame decent produce it will be but no out of the what's the it was the would we, she'd be a dormer. leslie will it? so m quote unquote it we just reaching the wouldn't just new process cooking for them, for anything for shoes will not see them. my boys just get a whims long, full meter chestnut, say not door. when you stood at the soonest, updates you would any buy yet? you put you put those to put it with us. i chill you shaking. this was no yo video store just was a question. national get us was a way to eat all new. geez, just anything, any buy more? yeah, 2 of the ways that we have, you know, usually me denise from own you will,
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but those are still rule of more of the morning and sure when you go with a woman. yes, a last that pretty cell i needed not to. she really would. pennsylvania my 19 year old that might go to the post a don't think i need me to spell that out. my museums were good, but i need to be done when you've got a few notes about them with senior citizens recently this this year with you. well, what i mean? yes. a quote that was there any that was a short door for? may i see maybe less than one a minute? yes, we still do both on the clothes on the money risk, which will it soon is an appeal that said is to be paid when am i wasn't with you that the level who
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oh hulu with ah ah, lisa come to russian state total narrative. i've stayed as i phone and the most landscape div asking him then i can hold a group in 55 with. okay, so mine is 2000 speedy. when else with we
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will ban in the european union, the kremlin media machine, the state aren't russia today, and split ortiz sputnik given our video agency, roughly all band to on youtube with me. ah, ah ah, 5 months in the comp in can ukraine has turned into a vicious cycle of escalation encounter escalation. the more the west arms cube,
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the more ambitious moscow's battlefield aims become on top of this cave, wants the west to essentially underwrite its entire military and now economy. this is like pouring in. good money after bad. oh i ask is one of the most beautiful cities and rushes raised? ah, it sits on the river that runs on the russia china border. it was for many years the far eastern capital aah has no shortage of historical sites here. the officers club is one of them in this is where in december 1949.


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