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tv   News  RT  July 30, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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and oh, the news western officials are at odds don, who to blame for the latest deadly showing in the people's republic while russia says ukraine bombarded the p o w detention facility to cover up its own war crime. us house speaker nancy pelosi begins her highly anticipated tor of asia. one of her stops could be taiwan, which would defy multiple warnings from china. that forceful measures would be taken in response. plus we are in the front line in the airport, along with the commander legendary or some battalion r t follows and lead to detachment of the dynamic people's militia as it targets
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ukrainian troops who have been shelling civilians in the people's republic the just after 8 pm here in moscow and you're watching our teens or national and donald quarter. welcome to the program. now on to our top story, it seems not all western officials got the same memo about blaming moscow for fridays, deadly shelling of a detention center for ukrainian prisoners of war in the done yet, people's republic. the pentagon says he has troops could have been responsible, but at but the ears top diplomat suggests it was all russia's fault. opposed by reports of russia, killing dozens of ukrainian pals who surrendered. were registered by i c r c and were in rushes, legal protection under international humanitarian law. e. u condemns in the strongest possible terms, atrocities committed by russia. we just don't have enough information to speak
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intelligently about these very early reports, even if it was a blow from ukraine, then i assure you the ukrainians did not want to do this. russia says it found fragments of us made rockets at the site where at least 50 ukrainian p, o w's were killed, or skel says key. evan washington are directly responsible for that attack, which has been called an attempted cover up all political criminal and moral responsibility for the bloody massacre against ukrainians is born personally by zalinski his criminal regime in washington which supports them for gall. this was done for one purpose to prevent a new nuremberg trial where captured nazis from his av would testify. washington and key ever removing witnesses of their crimes against humanity so that the citizens of european states and the united states do not turn away from them. and the supply of weapons and ammunition continues. now, just a warning, some of the following images are going to be graphic. you may find them disturbing
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. this is the aftermath of the shelling of that p o w detention site were more than $200.00 ukranian prisoners were being held. he of his deny that had anything to do with the attack. while the un says it's prepared to send its experts to investigate the scene, one captured fighter from ukraine's neo nazi as off battalion who's now being treated that the hospital told us more about the shell are doing this issue. and approximately midnight, a shell hid the place where we were. it all happened very fast. the 1st strike was literally next to us, and the 2nd was right were relieved. the bless were so strong and powerful. everything caught fire. we started to get out. so i started to get out, i felt a severe pain in my stomach and fell to the ground waiting for whatever would happen next. every one, if it was possible for them, started to leave with those who were able to help helping others. i was unable to, i was locked in pain. i was just trying to get out. belgrade based political
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analyst, alexander povich, told us that while brussels usually follows washington's lead and blaming russia, the u. s. has decided to tone down the rhetoric this time. it was very precise, it and you know, one of the russian officials came out and said, you know, they were, the prisoners were making confessions, you know, very compromising for, for ukraine. you know, that, you know, the premium here, but stories were in cahoots with them. you know, for atrocities war crimes, so very compromising stuff. and they had an interest in shutting them off, you know, more l g, expose themselves because, you know, someone who's not in the loop and he's just, he reminds me of, you know, the classical kind of servants in these stories. you know, where you have a master and the service and you know, service becomes more cruel than the master himself when he needs to be and you know,
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and then the master has terrain and then so, you know, horrible is part of this. so you receive it practically just 2 quarters, one, washington. so obviously the u. s. is seeing that it's not going at all the way they want it to go. and i think maybe trying to tone down things a little bit. but they didn't send the memo to brussels or brussels just hasn't received a memo yet. now the ukranian president's office has accused moscow of orchestrating the attack. and it's now calling on washington to designate russia, a state sponsor of terrorism. earlier the u. s. senate passed a non binding resolution to that end. and here's what else key i've had to say about friday's deadly shelling of the p o w facility in the den. yes, people's republic. elena, an act of terrorism by the russians. they launched a strike on the facility where ukrainian prisoners of war soldiers as all fighters were being held. now they are trying to lie by blaming ukraine. biden's
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administration has been eager to label russia as a state sponsor of terrorism over a legit atrocities in ukraine, which moscow denies. u. s. l. speaker nancy pelosi is pressuring state secretary antony, blinking on the topic. as the state department is the official authority to put countries on that blacklist international criminal lawyer, christopher black says americans, accusations are fake news cooked up by washington to serve its own agenda. the timing of the attack, this murder of their own troops, prisoners of war, the day after 2 days after the resolution was passed in the u. s. senate is a striking so, but nobody's going to believe that the russians attack their own camp and killer, we injure their own personnel regarding and taking care of that camp, administering the campus isn't saying no one's going to believe that story. so it's quite clear that you can regime is willing to murder its own soldiers to create
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propaganda. but yeah, i think the, they probably will put russia on that list. i don't think it means much practically in practical terms to russia right now, because there is, as obviously as a war going on between united states and russia. russia is not the only country dealing with such allegations. former president, donald trump put cuba back on the us list, sponsors of terrorism and the subsequent economic sanctions have aggravated cubans . humanitarian crisis. christopher black again says the u. s. itself should be labeled a terrorist state, given its own track, record cube has been under attack. now, since, so the revolution took place in 1959. and as you know, there was an invasion attempt in 61, although of our withdrew the designation briefly, trump re imposed it. i did not see any inclination for them to remove it. now, they're trying to squeeze cuba, even worse, labor they've done in the past of the situation in cuba is very dire right now.
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actually, it's an act of terrorism against the cuban people to designate that way because it allows, under american law, which is of legal by the way to impose all sorts of economic warfare on the people of cuba and make their lives a complete misery in the hope that they will rise up and overthrow the socialist government in cuba and put it back under the american under american control. and this is now going to happen. so with the economic warfare is gonna continue and every other type of warfare they can use against cuba and russia will continue us. how speaker nancy pelosi has begun. her much hyped asia torp, during which she may visit taiwan. after all, her plane has landed in hawaii from where it's expected to head to another location in the region. most he's possible trip to ty pay has been strongly opposed by china, which has warned of serious consequences in response. when he do, we have repeatedly made it clear to america our stern position against he was house
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speaker nancy pelosi is potential visit to taiwan. well, if the u. s. insists on going its own way and challenging the red line of china. it will surely be met with forceful responses. all in suing. consequences are completely borne by the us may from come, that those who play with fire will perish by it. i hope the u. s. side can see this clearly, if the u. s. insists on taking its own course, the chinese military will never sit idly by and it will definitely take strong actions to, for any external forces interference. anticipating a possible escalation, china has decided to close off the taiwan strait that's currently conducting military drills and local waters. multiple rocket launches have been seen in the area of the exercises with the chinese military reportedly moving additional weapons there. meanwhile, taiwan itself has launched fighter jets for patrols and has also deployed its air defense systems. earlier,
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the chinese media speculated on calls to shoot down the u. s. house speakers plain if she dares come to taiwan in the u. s. there were reports that security concerns could force the official to skip her visit, but nevertheless, pelosi is expected to stop by japan, south korea, malaysia and singapore. but some american media and politicians insisting there is no way for her to cancel her plan, visit to taiwan. we cannot back down the face of a chinese breast if they think they can threaten us into merely not traveling to taiwan. it might in fact incite them and tempt them to go. the jug dealer and taiwan is pelosi postpones or cancels a visit. it will be seen as a us climbed down in the face of chinese indignation and protest and an affront to our friends in taiwan. as the speaker of the united states house of representatives, you should never have to ask a foreign dictatorship or the state department for permission to talk to america's friends and allies. us in china or at loggerheads as policies visit contradicts the
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one china policy. beijing says the move could also jeopardize its sovereignty and territorial integrity. some locals on the island of taiwan itself, say that such a trip can only exacerbate tensions in the region. i think she's coming to, i want because of her upcoming mid term elections at home. she wants to attract attention and demonstrate that she stands on the side of democracy and freedom to oppose the chinese communist party. but the main purpose is to fight against china . the united states will not be a true friend of ours. under the geopolitical circumstances, we can only lean a little towards us. otherwise, china will soon have us for lunch and always think health and long as the vice chairman of the shanghai center for international studies. and he says, the closest trip is a p r stunt ahead of the upcoming us mid terms. first of all, we have to understand that this is more of a political drama political show inside the us and its domestic policy
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in america. because in america, you have to be politically correct. that that means you have to be part china. so it's purely, they, the interim election is coming up. and so the republicans and democrats are fighting against each other and they have chosen once again to use the tie one cart. i think this is the biggest paradox in u. s. foreign policy. on the one hand, it recognized one china policy that taiwan is part of china and president and the government throughout the decades of all confirmed that they will never support the independence of taiwan. however, the funny thing is in that domestic policy, they also have this taiwan act which allows down to, to protect,
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tie was defense. what we see that the u. s. is keep pushing the envelope to create trouble over the taiwan strait. because yes, there is no way that taiwan will become an independent teller because it is part of china. as the rest of the world has old recognized russian officials say key of troops have, shall the village and the curse creed and across the border from ukraine. according to some eyewitness reports, rockets were aimed at a local school and a sugar factory, with people across the village, forced to shelter in their basements. local authorities say, russian military forces have fired back and suppressed ukrainian artillery. and now on to other updates from the ukrainian conflict, russia has engaged it's counter ballistic missile system to target ukraine's kracken nationalist battalion, hiding inside
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a local meat processing plant in the heart of region, killed up to 30 soldiers and destroyed 10 combat vehicles. meanwhile, both lugens convenience military officials say ukraine keeps targeting civilians hitting at least 12 residential areas and killing at least 8 people. according to a done yet, confessed official ukraine has fired 18 new missiles at the republics territory. but amid the violence, peaceful life is being restored and the guns people's republic after retaking the area from ukrainian troops. russia supplied over $300.00 tons of essentials, including medicine and hygienist, products for locals, as well as for soldiers on the front lines. with $50000.00 tons of humanitarian aid provided to don, yet can, will guns in total, since russia's operation began. meanwhile, ukrainian forces continue showing the city of done yet from the nearby town of, of day of ortiz, roman culture of follows in elite done yet people's militia unit called sparta,
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which has been countering key as forces for the past 8 years. we are in the front line in done as airport along with the commander of the legendary sparse battalion jones yoga. and right now he's going to show us the positions of the ukranian army, which are a mere kilometer away from where we are at the moment. not to start a new party when you can, the enemies on the other side, when they have concentrated their large forces, cold up their reserves, and are showing municipal buildings or schools, kindergarten. so ordinary city building their hit and the infrastructure of the city decided you were now at the frontline where you can hear the shelling, but it's not aimed at us. they are not interested in us. i was there shall in sibilant mm.
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with currently heading up to one of the hubs or ration points here, had done esc airport from where we should get a very clear view of what's going on. on the other side, the stand off between the next people's republic army and the ukranian nationalist forces have been going on here at the desk airport for the last 8 years. ukraine has fortified his military positions, which are at the moment a mere kilometer away can see the smoke arising. and this is the result of artillery all for the nest people's republic who are pounding ukrainian positions on a daily basis. however, as i understand ukraine have cemented themselves on those positions and continue striking peaceful civilians of done ask young please to prosecute those with the
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neo nazis are simply trying to destroy civilian emphasis using western not as nice a weapons. he more so they are showing the infrastructure we're trying to beat us, put pressure on us for, bless, trying to kill the soldiers. more trying to kill civilians using the look. ukrainian army is a shedding the city of dennis from of dave god. and from a pesky gun ask is just the kilometer away to my right. and right here in the middle is the dentist concern national airport, which shows back in that 20 san costs about a $1000000000.00 to build right now. it lies in ruins, and that remains one of the main positions from, with the legendary sparta battalion are defending their citizens. ruin call for f r t. don't ask people's republic. rushes envoy to the united nation says the supply of foreign arms to ukraine makes western countries complicit in war crimes, as those weapons are being used to kill civilians and children in particular
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hutcher. but i think my, i would like to draw the attention of the western delegations to the facts of the long range artillery provided by the u. s. allow ukrainian armed forces to reach areas behind the lines and the don bus without any military logic and exclusively for the purpose of vengeance and terror against civilians. the representative of ukraine tried to shift the blame for this attack on the attention facility to russia. now he spent his time simply attacking russia and making accusations against russia. when he addressed the security council. there is nothing that would deter russia from killing and destroying there is no un chart of russia, no geneva conventions for russia. there are no moral the strains to mr. lowell now, the ukrainian represented it was asking for more weapons to be provided to ukraine by the nato. a line concrete representative of russia pointed to the weapons that
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were used in the recent deadly attack. and pointed out that these weapons that the united states is supplying to the government of ukraine ended up in the hands, often of terrorists and extremist groups. and that there is a real threat to global security with the continued inflow weapons from the wagon into the hands of the ukrainian government and military data. so maybe that's it. the law enforcement agencies of hungary in slovakia found the whole arsenal of sniper rifles, machine guns and explosives and the hungarian settlement of reika located. and i was dr from the main international. the solomon site in vienna. according to the detainees, the weapons were delivered to ukraine, intended for ukrainian on formations, and then sold and delivered to the european union. united states and china both addressed the security council, presenting very different views of the conflict. for those countries which say that one country security should not come at the expense of another's. what exactly do
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you call russia's armed invasion? norman invasion of his neighbour, disdaining attempts at a peaceful resolution by silencing its guns withdrawing his forces and in, in bracing diplomacy. for countries which call for all parties to embrace diplomacy without naming russia, let us be clear. russia's ongoing actions are the sole obstacle to a resolution to this crisis. at a time when the international community is in dire need of unity and co operation to overcome 2 difficulties together, it's extremely irresponsible and dangerous to quinn to their cold war mentality. unblocked politics promote decoupling on small yard, unheard of funds to politicize instrumentalists, on black manager, economic and trade exchangers to colors other countries to take size and to deliberately. ready crate division, that confrontation,
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we are differences express between major countries at a meeting of the un security council, the 15 member body that leads the united nations. sarah flounders is the co director of the international action center and she says, the west continues to supply key of with weapons not to help the ukrainian people, but to wage a proxy war against russia. from the very beginning and for the past 8 years. this has been a war on the civilian population. it's been on war 2 in every way. use ukraine as a proxy force against russia as a way of breaking relations of russia with europe as a way of reinforcing nato and the casualties. the impact on the civilian is not even a calculation is calculated use of terror on. so there will be an, it's happened again and again in every stage of this war. and now we see the full
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harvest it's, it's children, if seniors, it's those who are stayed behind who are being actually targeted. not the military forces who are able to defend themselves, but does, has been true throughout the war. and these are us supplied. nato supplied weapons and training. and it's escalating daily. a top british newspaper called the mirror as reportedly lost a 3rd of its profits, while printing costs continue to soar. the outlet has blamed the ukrainian conflict for hitting its income. hard as advertisers are refusing to pay for promotion of their products that appear alongside stories of human should suffering comes as britain is struggling with a variety of economic, political, and environmental issues. inflation rate has hit a 40 year high of 9 point one percent. i made a political crisis that led prime minister boris johnson to agree to step down that says immigration and environmental issues are also leading to the issue of ukraine
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being put on the backburner. international editor of the morning star newspaper steve sweeney told us that brits are too worried about their own troubles to care about the distant military conflict. if you look 2 months ago, you know, certainly the newspaper headlines were dominated with. ready the conflict in ukraine, it was on the front pages and you know, there was sometimes maybe even 3 or 4 pages that were dedicated solely to, to, to, to the conflict. and now we're starting to see that drop off is dropped off the front pages. and now even on the, on the world news pages, which, you know, tends to come out of 10 or 11 pages into a newspaper that news is now having, and it's not covered quite as, as prominently. now there was a concerted effort across all the media organizations in. ready britain to keep on the front pages and of course we heard many tales about how plucky ukraine was,
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was winning the war when it was. and. ready we're hearing, you know, we're being told all sorts of all sorts of things about the situation and that didn't really reflect the reality. actually, ukraine is losing the war and it's losing is losing quite, quite badly. so this appetite for expanding and extending the war than we initially saw amongst the they're mainstream newspapers seems to be seems to be whining away and people also. yeah, also key on, you know, on stretching out. so we are starting to see less of a already, people are more concerned about the cost of living crisis. they're more concerned about the impact on a weekly grocery bills on all to bills on our, on our taxes and, and the impact of arising inflation. so there's a certainly going to be a shift away from that and the newspapers will realize, i think that they will start to reflect on it. and like i said earlier,
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we're starting to see a bit of that now because the from pages are dominated with the cost of living crisis. i think with the news about the advertising that we've heard today, we'll start to see the mirror will start to, oh yeah, they'll take notice of that because like i said, is one of the years that mainstream of revenue, that main stream of income comes from advertising and if the advertises, start the walking away and if the advertisers saying we don't want to be associated with these kind of stories. and yeah, those are, these are businesses and they'll take the decision to start running them outside for a new story. we have this news, our norwegian envoy to russia is in hot water after being caught on camera, saying that she hates russians and demand and demands better treatment as a scandinavian incident took place. when console elizabeth ellison wasn't happy, how her hotel room had been cleaned while staying in the northern city of more months. this is eva
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human forcing like these western values are becoming more and more impressive. the representative of a foreign stay did not hold back and exposing her malice. the reason was the request of the hotel manager to wait a bit until her room was cleaned. at the moment, the russian foreign ministries working out options for responding to this outrageous act of hatred, nationalism anchor in phobia. russian authorities say they're now investigating the incident which could amount to a hate speech crime. r t reached out to oslo for comment, and norway's foreign ministry responded with an apology for the consuls remarks and says it does not share her views. the minister of foreign affairs, deep later christine said in the sentiments expressed in no, we deflect norwegian policy or norwegian attitudes towards russia and the russian
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people. the incident is been handled by the ministry through appropriate channels, but to get some reaction. now on the incident, we cross live to glen decent professor at the university of southeastern norway. thanks a lot for joining us on the program professor. well, the russian authorities, they say they're investigating the console for hate speech. what do you make of this incident? well, that's not really a lot of hate in this statement that there's no stranger to being annoyed the hotel stuff, but this is obviously something or a different, very despicable comments. so especially coming from a government official. this is a deeply problematic. so, and while i'm happy to hear that and the reason governments agree, so in house apologize because obviously she has well embarrassed and also disgrace our country normally. so, but i'm not sure how how this would fit within his law specious or hate law.
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it was so i'm not sure how this would play out was you just mentioned, of course norway has apologized for the incident, but i wanted to ask you, do you think that this is an isolated incident or is it that the console is voicing something that might be on the minds of a lot of people in the norwegian government. well along. it doesn't represent the official position of the no, we just are the people. although on the other hand it does reflect, i guess. so why the rest of phobia, not just in this country, but across the west. i mean, i've argued myself for many years now. the horrible thing set about russians, you can't say any other nationality. and it's become a very accepted form of racism or hatred towards one people. and often it has this origin and was assumed to be moral superiority,
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which produces this all good, the hatred. and so i would say that it's always been like this, not just for the case, but there's been a part of the way that ross russians and ross has said, or the century spots. if you only look over the past few months with a similar married. yeah, outrages, statements, for example, uniform use and bass are arguing that there are no innocent russians. we see that russian housemates, artists, right? there is chess players. they're all denied the competition and kicked out excluded his attempts to as a counsel russell, literature and music. and art you have, you know, american politician calling for deporting the rich russian kids, british politicians, one of them going for the boarding, all the russians with ceasing property and assets, the russians, russia, citizen. so with all due process thrown out the window. so obviously this, this conflicts submit with must be for claim to be always there liberal arrest or
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values, which obviously doesn't apply when you talk about russian people nor re says it's investigating the incident. but what, what sort of results are repercussions do you think we can expect from such an investigation, if any well, there's a lot of hatred towards russia and russians. so i, i think before you are, you are probably correct when you say that this is how you might reflect the opinion of many people, but you're not supposed to say it out loud. so i'm guessing that the has to be some punishment in terms of well maybe being withdrawn from her position or something along those lines. and, but unfortunately, there's probably way too many who will probably agree with this kind of sentiment. and i will unfortunately of course not all i glen decent.


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