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tv   News  RT  July 30, 2022 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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the cold war begun with as ukraine's relentless shelling of the don. yes, capital continues russian led forces, deactivate band, anti personnel mines found in abundance in the city center. after saturday's attack, russia invites international organizations to probe and a legit ukrainian strike on a don. yes, detention facility which left 50 of camp spiders, dead and $73.00 wounded. tensions rise in the taiwan strait as you asked how speaker nancy pelosi starts her tour of asia with a stop scheduled for taipei, despite multiple warnings from china and to the stories that shape the weak.
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rocha's foreign minister received a warm welcome while visiting 4 african nations, this fight western pressure for them to shrug moscow. ah, hello from moscow with the top stories from the past 7 days and the latest news as well. this is the weekly on rti. i'm fiorella, isabel, residential areas of the don. yes, for public capital continue to be struck by ukrainian shelling, according to local authorities with videos of the month suing explosion, circulating online this unverified video shows multiple blast over dying as local officials claim ukrainian forces fired nearly 500 different shelves at the city on saturday. alone, leaving one person dead and 9 others injured. o, russia,
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lud forces continue to work on deactivating prohibited anti personal p f m one pedal mindset can now be found in great numbers in the don. yes, city center and, and nearby residential areas after ukrainian troops launched them into the area. romano, casa of reports from don. yes. we have experience yet another terrifying evening here in the next ukraine continues shelling civilian areas here. we've been hearing very loud explosions, internet cancel at least 11 pm on saturday evening. now over the last few days, ukraine have changed their tactics and began covering the city with the so called battle mines. now for those who are not familiar with the warfare, let me explain this. now those are high caliber cluster rockets that are filled with mines that says spread over at territory of
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a civilian area. now those are mines that are armed and once they land on the ground, look like butterflies to and, and friend i. now those are usually against an enemy infantry, but right now they land on the grounds in civilian areas. now they're pretty much a noticeable once they're on the ground. usually they're designed, once again is meant to fight to fight the infantry of the enemy. but in this case, their designated for the civilians of dun boss. now, local authorities have warned all citizens to be vigilant and report anything that they might find me other houses. meanwhile, officials in ukraine have called on the residence in don't boss to evacuate from territories. there are currently under e crating and control, and that's because they cannot guarantee that they will be able to provide basic
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services like heating or for example, in the winter. mind you, this evacuation is obligatory for all citizens and those people in don't boss refuse, must provide a written statement. russia as officially invited observers from 2 international organizations to probe kev's a legit strike on a detention facility. and don, yes were ukrainian prisoners of war were held. moscow says ukraine carried out the attack on the prison in the town of villanova, while kiya blames russian forces warning. you may find the falling images distressing. the united nations in the international committee of the red cross have been invited to pro friday shelling of the detention center with russia who says a was carried out with a u. s. high mark rocket system of the $193.00 ukraine fighters being held in the facility. 50 died in 73, were taken to the hospital with serious injuries following the attack. moscow was
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called the shelling a direct provocation by kev back by washington, adding that ukraine has subsequently tried to hide its role in the quote war crime carried out to intimidate its own fighters, kiev and return says russia is responsible for the strike. earlier dawn quarter spoke to canadian journalists, eva bartlett, who was at the scene. this is clearly an intentional strike on this facility. and it's notable by the way, i went to the a hospital that was treating some of the injured after going to this prison. and although we weren't able to go inside to see the prisoners, they were in critical condition. a doctor did come out and give a statement. and he said that the prisoners are in critical condition and they are undergoing surgeries, they're being given the medicine and the care that they need. and now i just want to point out the irony that russia is giving ukrainian presents of, or medical treatment. no matter, you know,
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in spite of the fact that these are enemy combatants and it is ukraine that is caused, that is inflicted there of potentially mortal injuries on them. here's a perfect example of an out war crime committed by ukraine with western weaponry. and it is russia that is mopping up the mass. how do you think this incident is going to affect the morale among ukrainian troops currently in combat? well, i mean, we seen many videos being shared on social media and telegram, etc. of ukrainian troops saying like we don't have support from, you know, our commanders were being or in some cases were being fired upon by our own army. were being deserted, were being sent out front lines who are not equipped to fight our being sent to our death. so i, i would say their morale was probably already quite low, but i mean, this is just the next blow. i mean, they, even, they were again, ironically in safe hands in russian. i imprisonment because they were being kept
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safe. they were being fed, et cetera. but nonetheless, they were targeted by their own government. i mean it's, it's, it's, i can't imagine they could have any morale at this point. we've seen similar things in syria. we, we had in syria a terrorist, whether they were al qaeda, free syrian army, isis, et cetera, intimidating civilians from it wouldn't be the same as surrendering, but from crossing from terrorist held areas into searing government areas are intimidating down by threats that the government would rape or execute them. so we, and we've seen the same kind of strategies that have played out in syria are being played out in ukraine. meanwhile, us how speaker nancy pelosi has started her tour in asia, yet it's still unclear whether he will visit taiwan. china has warned against the trip to taipei and promise serious consequences if the visit goes ahead. our correspondent rachel blevins has more on the story. nancy pelosi has kicked off her
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highly anticipated trip to asia, but she refuses to say whether she will visit taiwan this week, claiming she can't reveal too much for security reasons. of course, so far thou speakers team has provided a list that includes japan, south korea, malaysia and singapore. however, china continues to warn against us politicians setting foot and taiwan, and beijing's military has started conducting unscheduled exercises, 280 kilometers from the island. tensions continue to escalate in the south china sea with taiwan launching drills of its own. all of this as beijing says, it considers a policy visit to be a red line that the u. s. should not cross. you do. we have repeatedly made it clear to america, our stern position against you was house speaker nancy pelosi is potential visit to taiwan. if the u. s. insists on going its own way and challenging the red line of
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china, it will surely be met with forceful responses. if the u. s insists on taking its own course. the chinese military will never sit idly by and it will definitely take strong actions to, for any external forces interference in, while a commentator for china's global times wrote that the chinese military would have the right to intercept any you as fighter jets. that accompanied philosophy is plain and even shoot them down and they don't respond to calls. but despite the threats u. s. media and politicians continue to argue that policy can't back down now, because that would be a big win for china. we cannot allow chinese threats to deter a mere visit my member of congress apply one. if we can allow the chinese to dictate who can visit taiwan and who cannot, then we have already seated taiwan to the chinese. if pelosi postpones, will cancels the visit, it will be seen as a u. s. climbed down in the face of chinese indignation and protest, and an affront to our friends in taiwan. jane says the plan visit not only flies in
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the face of decades of diplomacy, but also violates the one china policy which the u. s. has historically respected in which taiwan is classified as a breakaway province of china. while the u. s. has sold taiwan billions of dollars and heavy weapons over the years. it is largely respected the principal in terms of diplomacy up until the trump administration. and now the by an administration continues increases tensions with pelosi taking the largest step towards conflict so far. but china is not backing down. and recently a representative raised the issue with the un calling for the nation sovereignty to be respected with certain countries have repeatedly emphasized the principle of sovereignty over the issue of ukraine. but they have incessantly challenged china sovereignty on the taiwan question, and even deliberately created tension in the taiwan strait or 2. don't. this is blasphemy and an infringement of the principles and purposes of the un charter as
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her what the people of taiwan think about the situation summer expressing concerns that a visit from pelosi will only lead to even more attention in the region. i think she is coming to taiwan because of her upcoming mid term elections at home. she wants to attract attention and demonstrate that she stands on the side of democracy and freedom to oppose the chinese communist party. the united states will not be a true friend of ours. under the geopolitical circumstances, we can only lean a little towards the u. s. otherwise, china will soon have us for lunch with them all now in polo, says court. all eyes are on taiwan, as observers wonder, just how far china is prepared to go in its response, and who can actually benefit from such a provocation by the us. lee proposed a visit to taiwan by nancy pelosi will really blow up the china us relations and you freaked huge detriments to both with chinese people as well as the american people this whole. so to demonstrate,
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once again is very graphic and terms that the united states is challenging the one child policy by words as well as by deeds. from the chinese perspective, we have made it known to the united states that nancy pelosi, a speaker of the house of representatives of the united states, should not and cannot goal to visit taiwan. now to the stories that shaped the week, the russian foreign minister conducted a trip to 4 african countries and received a warm welcome everywhere. that's the spite calls from the west to isolate moscow. it is becoming clear that russia is recognizing that his own actions have caused it to become a we
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have good relations with russia. all countries of africa have sovereignty and are free to choose their own policies quicker. our stance on the russia, ukraine crisis has remained unchanged since its break out. we never wanted to how with the wolves as fuel to the fire the visits were deemed such a success that the u. s. secretary of state is also set to travel to south africa, the democratic republic of congo, andrew wanda washington announcing the new august trips just 2 days after lab rob ended his visit our teas. maria fin notion of followed him throughout. here's her story on how it went. a jim, congo, uganda ac, off. yeah. truly historic tour at a time of isolation, russia, the world's most sanctioned country is supposed to be struggling, losing ties and partners. but instead,
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his foreign minister 2 was the african continent with a bang playing land that 4 times in 4 days, 8 for a different african country than everywhere. russia. 7 diploma said that as a high level back to get as a brand in ethiopia, they lay the floor with fresh green grass, a symbol of respect, an everlasting friendship. in a gander, a leader not seen without a mask since the cove at 19 outbreak made a notable exception for love rob. he had nothing on his mouth but a smile in congo. the hogs at smiles and jokes that greeted lover were more representative of an old pals reunion rather than formal diplomacy. a, in each country, they all saw it the same. russia, enjoying overwhelming appreciation for supporting african anti colonial movements more than half a century ago. while recognizing the independence of african states,
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this report been with us for the last 100 years. how can we be with a, how can you begin to somebody who was never harmed us? the venues for labrems 3 were picked carefully and wisely. in a gander, he was greeted by a veteran african ruler and opinion leader. while in congo it was the turn of a regional in france or at the country's hound since $979.00 and then on to cairo. and ad is ab about the headquarters of too powerful regional bodies, the arab league, and the african union. both said they had felt pressure from the west ahead of the v. but i'm 40 right now. these instincts have colonialism emerge and the politics of western countries. when they demand the whole well, take their side and running against all the others. one day they ask me a question. are you bruce woke rowen? i should. you must. you mustn't come. when did you?
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why do you think my men job is to be pro somebody i am throw away in fear of provocation. african union ambassador is asked for him maintain in russia's embassy, while the arab league was less intimidated. although asked by western diplomats not to be pictured with lab rob in protest at russia's actions in ukraine, they gave a rather clear response. the west with his sanctions and condemnation basically pushed russia closer towards asia and africa. but as soon as it realised they could backfire, they tried to fix the situation by blame in russia, by blockading ukraine's grain exports, and restricting the trade of russia's own fertilizer. hooton's actions have had the consequence of inflicting pain on the people of kenya and on other countries throughout the world. he is hurting the people of kenya in order to benefit his own
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situation from his own perspective. but africa didn't seem to buy it, although there are no date assumptions on the, on the, on, on the which there with cars stopped rush on ships for all gotten on a number of coach law slobber off came to africa with good news and deal was reached to resume grain experts from the black sea, it will bring relief for developing countries on the edge of bankruptcy and the most vulnerable people on the edge of famine. and to love stabilized global food prices, which would already at record levels even before the war. a total nightmare for developing count and with the west, realizing that russia to blame for everything car didn't help. it used a very unexpected joker. if russia is one of the last imperial colonial powers, it has decided to invade a neighboring country to defend its interests. that's the reality. it's
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a bitter irony to hear such sentiments from the leader of the country that has been colonized in africa for decades. that has basically never stopped seeing the continent as its own property, years after independence movements to called off to using it as a backyard for nuclear test, and has an endless space for free natural resources. foreign minister is not the only one to re nafrica the they also making the journey on the french president. you add them back to their do you when they had of the u. s. agency for international development. analysts say it's my can, you call was playing out in africa with rival trying to get in as well. yes. and now however, while others had just woken up to the africa as a partner, russia and real friend has always been here. very good, awesome party from africa to iraq. now we're at least
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a 125 people have reportedly been injured and backed out due to a fresh wave of unrest that seen huge crowd storming the country's parliament building for the 2nd time. this week. the footage shows demonstrators inside the building, dancing and waving iraqi flags. protestors were trying to block parliament from going into session to nominate and iranian backed prime minister who's been accused of corruption. the writers demanded a prominent shia muslim cleric who rails against it on be elected. instead. security forces had views, tear gas and water cannon to try and disperse the demonstrators. despite authorities calling for non violent treatment of the protest, for some were seen being taken to the austell amid the key and clamor, the incident comes with the rocky officials plate failing to form a new government following elections in october of last year. earlier i spoke with a former pentagon security policy analyst who said the rock will face further
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instability. if the political crisis isn't quickly resolves, outsider is very, very strong. he, he and his backers. i had had the largest majority, but they, they didn't control the parliament. and they walked out, he does not want any foreign troops on the, on the iraqi soil. and in the past, when the us was in iraq with a larger numbers of forces, his people actually were killing americans. but things have changed. you got a lot of iranian, and she a malicious. now what she didn't have when the u. s. occupied the country and isis is on the rise again. so it's, this is a prescription for, for increased turmoil in the cartridge. if they don't settle down, a norwegian envoy to russia is in hot water after being caught on camera,
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saying she hates russians and demanding better treatment. as a scandinavian the incident took place when consul elizabeth ellison wasn't happy about how her hotel room had been clean. while staying in the northern city of murmansk, no easy navia like western valleys are becoming more and more impressive. the representative of a foreign stay did not hold back and exposing her malice. the reason was the request of the hotel manager to wait a bit until her room was cleaned at the moment, the russian foreign ministries working out options for responding to this outrageous act of hatred. nationalism anchor in a phobia, russian authority say they're now investigating the incident which could amount to i hate crime speech raw t reached out to oslo for comment, and norway's foreign ministry responded with an apology for the consuls remarks,
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saying it does not share her views. the minister of foreign affairs, deep later christine said in the sentiments expressed in no, we deflect norwegian policy or norwegian attitudes towards russia and the russian people. the incident is been handled by the ministry through appropriate channels, university of southeastern norway. professor glen decent, told us that the console options are a reflection of widespread western roots of phobia. that really a lot of have a statement i'm. i'm a stranger to being in the way the hotel stuff, but this is obviously something or a different, very despicable comments. you have well embarrassed and also disgraced our country . and normally on one hand, it doesn't represent official position of the know we just are the people. although on the other hand it reflects, i guess why the rest of phobia, not just in this country across the west. i mean, i've argued myself for many years now. that's a horrible thing said about russians,
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you can't say about any other nationality and it's become a very accepted form of racism or hatred towards one people. you're probably correct when you say that this is how you might reflect the opinion of many people, but you're not supposed to say it out loud. the united states economy has now met the conditions of recession. that's according to the latest statistical data which shows the countries g, d p, declining for a 2nd consecutive quarter. but the white house is in no rush to accept the economic downturn. that doesn't sound like recession. i don't, i do not think the u. s. is currently in a recession, even if that number is negative, we're not in a recession. now, the vibe administration is reassuring us that everything is fine. as you heard the secretary of the treasury, janet yelena, she is saying that this isn't a recession. this is quote, a transition in which rose is slowing,
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a transition in which road is slow and she said, not a recession. now this is a similar thing in response to the issue of inflation. inflation in united states is that a 40 year high and we've been reassured by us officials. this is simply a matter of transition. however, the inflation has continued. it has continued to be an issue. it's not simply a temporary issue of transition. it's continuing to go on now at this point in response to this issue, inflation, we have the bind administration spending billions of dollars with a law that they call the inflation reduction act of 2022. this is how americans responded to this bill. democrats just unveiled the inflation reduction act. someone please tell dems that tanking the economy with tax hikes and bad policy is a crappy way to tackle inflation. only the government could propose a bill to increase spending and call it the inflation reduction act. remember,
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they always named the bills, the opposite of what they actually mean in any other business. this would constitute fraud and false advertising. so to combat inflation, the government is about to approve $750000000000.00 in new spending and calling it the inflation reduction act. spoiler alert, democrats, new spending bill that they're calling the inflation reduction act will only increase inflation. now they saw a prices for just about everything are squeezing america's working families, as they're struggling to pay their bills, pay for necessities, and keep the households running amid the rising costs. at this point, we've seen you asked stock market tank, the s and p 500 is down by 15 percent. home sales have slipped this year and consumer confidence is low. many are looking on and wondering if this could be yet another nail in the coffin of the by the administration. investment manager mich fire sign says it's impossible to look for
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a solution from the same people responsible for the current crisis. janet yellow and they've been consistently wrong when she was the chairman of the fed and when she was on the board in the fed. now as a treasury secretary, the root causes of the problem are too much debt, too much credit to much leverage and too much money printing for 2 decades now it's coming right them. i think the recession started long before this gdp medic, negative g d p for him. so, you know, if they want to put lipstick on a pig, it's never going to turn into a model a recession. we're interested, we've been in a recession, they can lie as much as they want. it wouldn't be the 1st time, so i don't know why anybody shocked by that. inflation is that all time highs. you're not comparing like it like 900 eighty's. if you use the same method ology, you calculate current inflation. now, it's probably closer to 20 percent. what people are not talking about as well is the amount of debt that's been accrued during these negative interest rate years.
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so now you've got debt from the zombie corporations. and there are a lot of them that can never be repaid. so you've got probably 6 trillion dollars worth of triple b in junk bonds that have to be refinance. so you will see a mass amount of defaults and bankruptcies that will cause the coming crisis. you know, she said, i think 2 years ago or 3 years ago will never see another crisis in a lifetime, right before me, she's been consistently want to saying inflation is transitory. lation is transitory top 6 months ago. so why would you believe people that are consistently wrong? the problem is we're going to the same people who create the problems for a solution, and they have no solution. and we have no leadership in the aftermath of a speech from president biden, in which he said he did not feel the recession in the u. s. wikipedia reportedly edit its its definition of recession more than 40 times in less than 24 hours. the
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website later temporarily banned users from applying any changes to the page, referring to the previous edits as vandalism. it also warned that the current information may be unreliable due to the ongoing events. u. s. g d p fall 0.9 percent in the 2nd quarter. according to an estimate released by the bureau of economic analysis that follows a 1.6 per cent declined in the 1st quarter. already a hit at recession. that's as the countries inflation gates reaches 6.8 percent, leaving americans with a little relief from surging costs. occurrences, lingo. we asked americans for their views with many claiming washington is turning a blind eye to the country's economic problems as sky high inflation in a declining economy. of fact, family budgets briefly says, is it a, whether it be about the recession of gas prices and everything on that proof when the war frame like every session here in the economy,
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the gas, when super high, born down low, the food is expensive. we can't get ready, everything's falls in the jobs are not named in the cost of living is hockey's higher. have to disagree with that? there is no recession. i think that that's just a good talking point sales. well, it's good for, for politics. but how that really lands on everyday people who are responsible for purchasing eggs and milk. thanks for watching. those were this week's top stories as well as the latest headline news for more content follow us on instagram and twitter, and checkout rumble and odyssey for more videos, stay close. blue . a
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with, with with the 2nd world war i think 2 millions of people. for during the conflict the balance of power was held by the leaders of 3 nations the united kingdom, the united states, and the usaa.


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