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and talk with a, [000:00:00;00] with the officials of the self proclaimed republic, of course, a plan to make serbians obtained permission to enter. thirdly, distress belgrade intend to defend his countrymen. the moment i can say is that we will ask for peace, but i will tell you right away, there will be no surrender. and serbia will with populated no 5 in gunshots for the polluted as to the taste as the federal barricade while police closed crossings connecting it to mainland.
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with coming germans call for the north thing to pipeline to be opened ahead of unexpected, severe energy shortage. as europe intern, it's called this part of the year a lot of money has been invested in north street to and i was just lying around. i think if we put the pipeline into operation, that his match gaps could flow as we need to avoid harming your own people open nor to stream to allegations of frances national news agency supporting fashions them blow up on social media. after recent twitter post by a key about the claim that contained ne symbols with hello and welcome to our international coming to live from us studios here with moscow. i'm point clear and for me and the team
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a very well come on this. the 1st day of august authorities and the self proclaimed republic of cost of a has spawned a controversial plan that would have made serbians were quiet entry permit until september. the 1st that some, a turmoil ensued populated areas with belgrade saying that the breakaway republic plans to start police operations, their services president has court for a de escalation but earlier stressed that the rights of serbs must be protected. first, come up with a cousin. all i can say is that we will ask for peace, but i will tell you right away there will be no surrender. and serbia will win if they try to start persecuting the serbs, bullying the serbs, killing the serbs. serbia will when people are video circulating online, the portal from cost of us. so as police on the move after closing to the checkpoint,
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linking the break away region with serbia after being prepared to set up food block police of came that they were shot her. but suffered no casualties while the denies involvement due to the large amount of misinformation that the priests administration intentionally puts on the air and that is being spread through faith accounts on social networks and certain websites. the ministry of defense states that the serbian army has not crossed the administrative line and has not in any way entered the territory of kosovo and metal here. the time and so heard in the northern city of metro fits where ethnic soup and obedient populations are divided by a river. the nature lead peacekeeping force in the region is seen in the city and says it is ready to intervene in the 10th situation. the recent turmoil in the contested region began after plans were announced to ban serbian car registration
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from august the 1st and to make cert entering the beach and require permits. all the plans have now been postponed until september, flooding mere christiane meaning, a politician and diplomat gives us his take on the origins of the dispute and how it can be solved peacefully. it's based in authority's lead, bye bye, by the by i want to guy who is attempting to do misuse the moment when russia and serbia is not lies the most popular in the west. so he probably expected that he's unilateral actions will be let go and
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be prevented. the west is being very, very successful in ukraine. so, and other france would be another risk for them. and a prime minister of so called the independent clause. so there is no loan for fees, extremist approaches and is not always completely obedient to the washington and the west. at least not the expense which we used to see with his predecessors. we still have to be call shows and, and to, to see how that,
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how this situation will develop in the coming days. landscaping point between belgrade and christina was nearly one year ago when the self became a public also been caused with serbian license plates and deployed forces on its northern border. with phobia. back then, both sides managed to settle the dispute, kosovo unilaterally declared independence in 2008, but many countries, including russia, china, spain, and serbia, do not recognize that the international community has been quick to react to the escalation in serbia. nato has already stressed its readiness to intervene in the country with the you foreign policy chief, stating that the european block will hope to regulate the conflict. open issues should be address 3 you facilitated dialogue and focus on comprehensive normalization of relations between cosco and serbia. essential for their you integration, pulse, the kosovo forces prepared to intervene if stability is jeopardized in the north of
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kosovo. nato also continues to fully support the normalization process between priests and belgrade, through the u. facilitated dialogue and cause all parties to continue negotiations . the coast of a force will take whatever measures are necessary to keep a safe and secure environment in kosovo at all time. in line with its un mandate. soviet american journalist, a blogger, no boy, said by lich things that the e u has no wife to dictate its position for soviet, given that some of the blocks member states do not recognize the self proclaimed costs of over public. you appointed itself sort of a legal guardian of course, of all, with this whole legal mission. they technically delegate the viceroy there that the un viceroy. but the irony of the situation is the burrell comes from spain and spain is one of the 5 member states that did not recognize course of all the e. you honestly cannot broker this because they've already said their bottom line is, serbia must recognize co civil. but 5,
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you members themselves do not. so the block is really sort of in a paradoxical position and they don't have a leg to stand on. and besides, everybody in the region as well as elsewhere knows that the obedience answer directly to the u. s. and it's really the americans the want to negotiate with, in order to resolve the conflict. and so you, you basically have the service and the obedience locked in, that mutual struggle. and then you have the us and russia as sort of, you know, big brothers on both sides and there's currently obviously very strong proxy conflict between them and the. busy because risks getting dragged into that because of the crisis in ukraine and that further complicate winter is coming as the energy crisis hits countries across europe prior to the coldest part of the year. residents of germany's largest island react to the hope of the north stream
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to pipeline calling for to be put into operation. and i have some questions for germany's government and the you. what problems do you have with russia? a war crimes country you say? in that case, you should also have the same problems with the us. where do we want to get gas from? then we can saudi arabia. that's a dictatorship to the power of 3. you might as well not do that, so avoid harming your own people. open nord stream to and then it's all good this minute and a lot of money has been invested in nord stream too. and now it's just lying around in russia and germany just have to find a compromise and talk to each other. well, that's always the case, i think there's no other way. so i think i do think that the north stream to pipeline has to be completed. a lot of money has gone into it, including from our state, and i am of the opinion that it should be put into operation. we're always talking about the gas crisis and we're always told that the gas crisis was caused by others . i don't see that way. i think if we put the pipeline into operation,
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that his match gas could flow as we need building them into real health. when gemini, the city of hanover has cut off huck or st. public buildings in fear of a shortage of gas during the season. we buildings for quiet heating. it comes as gas prominent. he says north stream, one pipeline capacity to and mia 5th of its total, due to siemens, refusing to return a turbine in the process, delivering less gas to europe as the energy situation between russia and the u intensifies of the ukraine crisis. the pipeline is a major route for russian gas to europe. meanwhile, environmental activists are concerned that a rush to buy firewood in the netherlands could lead to a determination in a quality statistics. so sales of would do of wood stove have increased by around 30 percent. as many people fear energy prices could skywalker's, while infant land shops expected to close for several hours each day for winter
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energy saving purposes. europe, however, is not the only continent in the throes of an emergency energy crisis, with more and more south asian countries and now being severely hit report say, the crisis will worse and further ortiz rachel blevins looks at the energy situation in some of the world's poorest economies energy cost continues are around the world. and while europe in the us are typically in the spotlight, the growing crisis is making conditions even worse for the nations of south asia. take bangladesh, for example, which has been forced to schedule power cuts for its residence. the developing nation relies heavily on energy imports from the middle east, and it is feeling the crushing combination of increased prices and decrease supply and energy isn't the only cost rising with inflation soaring to its highest points . as 2013,
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the country's economy continues to struggle and hundreds have taken to the streets to protest against their government and its response to the crisis. ah, the the international monetary fund has said it's considering offering bangladesh alone that will feel like temporary relief. and it has also said that site's on tree longer, which is already seen its share of mass protest. it's all, some officials flee from the country and right on cue. the last, sri lankan president angered the public when he didn't agree to another deal from the i. and last but sure long because new leader says he has made a deal and he's hoping it will help address the current economic crisis that has
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seen inflation sore to over 60 percent. to avoid even more protests like the ones the country has already seen. ah and even i'm not even due to the economic crisis. it is impossible to live in to longer. if there were better political leaders, this wouldn't have happened. that eminem. there is no income for my family these days. so i decided to send my son to the middle east so he can have a better life there. i'm unemployed at the moment, but i used to have a hotel. i have 2 children and i dont know how to feed them. on may wonder if sri lanka will be able to get out of his current debt crisis with the help of an organization that has long been accused of signing off on predatory loans for developing nations. the situation involves more than just money and at a time line supply is already tight. the world food program says that the remaining
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petrol reserves and tree longer are not enough to help the nation survive. shoe lanka, which is also struggling to gain access to fuel as, as economic struggles have led to concerns about whether it can keep up with the payments. remaining, petrol reserves will likely be insufficient to meet normal needs. the situation has impacted almost all aspects of daily life boarding people's ability to find and go to work and interrupting schools and government services. i and then there's pakistan which is phasing many of the same problems as its economy struggles amid surgeon cost. inflation is over 20 percent there, and the government announces weak that it would be forced to raise energy prices in order to stay on pace with power generation costs. the impact is being felt by millions of pakistan to use this cost of living crisis as tipping millions of people into poverty and even starvation at breathtaking speed. and with that,
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the threat of increased social unrest grows by the day. as a result, those rising prices continue to hit some of the poorest economies in asia from all sides, with many fearing that the impact will be felt by millions for years and years to comp. so you're right now is suffering from severe energy crisis. i was there is a crisis of the price of important oil and imported gas liquefied natural gas, ellen jane. the reason for the higher prices is 2 fold. one is the economies of the world recovering from coverage. the we should cement the worldly, without just terrible downturn and quite apart from the health issue. and no a revival. but combined, combined with a war and ukraine,
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they sanctions, which are being put in place by western countries, so called the so called collective west to my and i and this is had a disastrous effect on on price american farms may no longer be around in the near future triggering skyrocketing food prices in the u. s. supermarket, and into the pockets of american households. want to know why watch the u. s. farm crisis documentary today on our t. ah, we raise a corn and soybeans here. so some issues that are different this year than in years past is that with all the things going on the world, the day are input, cos have almost doubled. mm. it's going to be really hard for everybody to keep go and some will make it solid. won't our current
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lay, doug president is blaming russia for that to your gas company is, are going to get blamed for the problem, but they are not the problem. so biden really chant blame couldn't for causing the problem because he himself caused the problem or him, but the prices have already gone up. fertilizer and chemicals have dramatically arisen. what we need to do is make that what united states needs to do is start drill. aurora oil again. we, we've got, we can drill for oil. and for some reason our government thinks that we shouldn't be using our own oil, which is crazy. ah, president vladimir putin has stated that the russian hypersonic missile, zircon well seen being used by the countries armed forces. the 1st is the con will
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be delivered to the guided method for gate. admiral ghost. gov lay you. she knew she annella go for me. the latest your con, hypersonic missile systems should be noted have no analogs in the world for which there are no obstacles there. delivery to the russian armed forces will begin in the coming months. so con is a sonic anti ship cruise myself with a top speed of 3 kilometers per 2nd. it can hit various targets, including those of both that land and at sea. it was reported to travel at 9 times the speed of sound, with a maximum range of approximately 1000 kilometers. how fast does it take that there con, to which its target? well, it will take 11 seconds for their con to cross from the west of moscow to with eastern end is there, con, is able to cover the distance of 600 kilometers in 3 minutes. that's approximately the distance between berlin and vienna. now for the pentagon security policy analyst, michael males, believe that the introduction of the con,
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into the russian fleet changes the strategic balance of power. i think it changes the whole strategic order of things. and what i'm particularly concerned about is the fact that it's also a submarine capable that you could actually then put the submarines right off of both coasts of the united states. this sounds a very, very strong message. i think go to washington, that they've got to stop this confrontation and containment idea. and as long as they continue doing the, the new, the, the nato, a push toward the federation. i think this kind of a weapon system could be deployed right off of the u. s. coast. it's a very, very serious development. and i think the pentagon is quite concerned about it. frances national news agency has been slammed on social media for literally
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supporting fascism and trying to whitewash key of sympathy for near nazi groups that comes off to a recent twitter post by the a f p. a post, ascribing the ukranian presidents call for evacuation of civilians from the don bus region, was accompanied by photo that included a coffin, with a wolf's angle displayed prominently. the wolf's uncle was the ambulance of various german nazi military units during world war 2, and is still used globally by far right wings today. many people have voice concerns about ways to media posting such pictures from ukraine. mission impossible. find a picture from ukraine without a nazi symbol, a f b. why are you casually displaying not to symbol some the coffins of the cranium. troops without comment? seems you guys are blind? the picture quoted. and the article clearly has a nazi as a symbol over the coffin. very shocking and world war 2. you fought denazi's,
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and in 2022. you support them. it's been a growing defense of ukraine is near nazi groups from wasting media outlets. since the beginning of the conflict and ukraine, and that's the spice, earlier reports by the o. s. c and the united nations regarding atrocities committed by these units. radio host and political commentator, steve jill says wisdom media is obsessed with taking sides in the ukraine conflict . i think the western media has been all in and paging the ukranian side of this conflict as being the good guys and, and russia being evil in the process while ignoring the videos and the pictures of, of not just the regiment with the coffin, but also just pure swastika flags has been probably held up by a, by some of these militia. i think it's just part and parcel of, of the us media taking aside in this conflict rather than reporting the facts
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reporting what's actually going on propaganda. that's been such a big part of this war. don't you want the american and western media to know what those folks are waving as they go into these battles who, who they are aligned with and moving now to island, where the irish president has been urged to clarify the country stones on the one ukraine. often letter from his wife on the situation was met with a public outcry. sabina higgins has called for peace negotiations. a position which you country said just a few months ago. that however, now contradicts the west and island narrative that russia is solely to blame shore to criticize. and i was times it a toil saying that she was, quote, disappointed that it did not encourage any sci fi, a talk that might lead to a positive settlement. the 1st lady's remarks have been met by condemnation, from within her own country. mister higgins is entitled to her personal opinion and to express it,
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although i believe that she is totally wrong to try to see an equivalent in the positions of ukraine and russia. it is incumbent on the president of violence and now express, clearly the strong support of the people of ireland for the people of ukraine independent journalist states. and michael thinks that island which has not part of nato is still under pressure to follow the west perspective on the war and align with ukraine. we have to bear in mind the island is non aligned. it's not a natal member, it's neutral by its constitution. but there is a great deal of political pressure in island for some kind of alignment with natal at this time. and that is growing, but it's not supported by public opinion. it was also quite shocking. the reaction from the, the political and the media establishment, an island which would certainly draw a picture of it being almost an act of treason or sedition. or for anyone
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in public life to ask for a see fire and peace. really, the irish political establishment is out of touch with the irish people and michael de higgins and his wife are very much in tune with the opinions of irish people. meanwhile, on the front line as further to didn't, it civilians have been maimed by band and to personal mines that ukraine has been dropping on the city. according to the local mayor ortiz, murat gods, fear reports from the battle region. over the past several weeks, a lull has settled over the don bass, which is relative ah, off the series of breakthroughs, russian and allied forces are rotating regrouping, and rearming, especially rearming. on the outskirts of the city of solid up. we have stumbled
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upon this graveyard. a graveyard of empty hamish and crates for russia, multiple rocket launcher systems over the course of this conflicts ukrainian nationalists and troops have learned to philip russian artillery. and in these aspects. in this regard, russia has demonstrated total superiority day and night artillery pounds away at ukrainian positions. you can tell where the front lines lay just by sound, a loon, that is the sound of a full shell vote of grad multiple rocket launch systems far in the ways that ukrainian positions witcher entirely too close up on that hill over less ukrainian forces. those are the generations,
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you may hear them now. it is not entirely one sided. ukrainian artillery answers back often blindly through the village of let's see, men of god was liberated almost intact after weeks and weeks of endless ukrainian. chilling. it is a battered shell of what it was. ah, the booms and blasts of artillery exchanges are ceaseless. they are drowned out, only by the roar of jets. ah! ah!
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these are suit 25 ground attack air craft. shoot you an abundance of anti air defenses on both sides. they fly extremely low meters above the ground, rearing up only to launch their attacks. that done, they deploy fledged to miss direct any heat seeking missiles, launched their way. and in the midst of it, all, the infantry marchers on the squad is moving out to secure newly captured positions . scant kilometers from the city of solider city that ukrainian troops and nationalists have turned into a fortress where i'd gaz the of arte from glades even africa. the nets, people's republic, yvette but it is well that brings us to the end of the needs for this hour. we'll be back with you in 30 minutes, but of course you can always head to our website at
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r t e dot com for more timely updates. i for now, for myself in the team. thanks so much for joining us. ah. i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order is a conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence. the point obviously is to great trust, rather than fear a various job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with
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a robot must protect its own existence with who, who is the aggressor today? i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions today. russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. and number those constantly growing. a list of course. sure. as we speak, i'm assuming you mostly mind the we're, we're banding all imports of russian oil and gas new g. i g with the letter from, you know, where you have regarding joe biden, imposing these sanctions on russia has destroyed the american economy. so there's your boomerang
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ah ah, ah hello and welcome to stop where all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle. the one aspect about the ongoing conflict in ukraine that stands out most is media coverage . never in the history of corporate media has coverage been so biased, one sided, and it does not stop. they are questioning. the standard narrative is akin to treason and subject to censorship. and cancellation ah to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess, vladimir goldstein in capital. he is the chair of the department of slavic studies at brown university and in austin. we have glenn decent. he is


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