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ah, ah, the breaking news this our officials in done? yes. choose key targeting this city, leaving at least 6 people did the strikes occurred while locals were gatherings for commemorate. a slave female militia also hit with an assistant to an arctic come room and left with the international reveals that documented alex house endangered its own civilians by allowing its forces to base themselves at school and hospital. also, me the paging in
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circles taiwan with large scale military exercises in direct response to the visit to the island of us. how i speaker none people. mostly the chinese defense ministry has confirmed the use of ballistic missiles. in the drills from the 9 am in mexico city, 9 pm and her noise in 5 in the evening. here in moscow this thursday, august, the 4th, welcome to the news our on our t. we begin with breaking news from the done yet people's republic, where officials say 6 people have been killed on at least 7 injured and ukrainian shelling of the done yet capital a warning. you may find the following images disturbing. according to local official, some 10 projectiles hit the city center damaging several buildings including the dunbar palace hotel, where journalists were based,
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an assistant to an rti camera. mom was injured during the showing l as believe to have suffered concussion. the strikes happened just before a commemoration service and a local theater for the slain commander. all those present were evacuated to shelters. canadian journalist even bartlett, who normally escaped, being hit by the shelling, spoke to the programmer here. the 1st blast occurred around 10 20 am in a series of blast within a few minutes. ah, when things calm down journalist started going outside to document the damage. there was unfortunately one dead woman just outside the hotel. i was actually in the hotel when it started. i was working and i went and after the 1st 3 very strong explosions, i went to the hotel lobby. ah, and at the time that the assistant to the camera man was injured, that was the 5th blast, a very powerful blast right next to the hotel. i had just stepped back from the, from the lobby. so it, thankfully of, i'm sorry that he was injured,
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but yeah that's, that's where i was at the time and about an hour prior. i had been working in the room that took the most damage of because this hotel is a journalist, go to it because it's a central location and it has powerful why fi and those her tools that we need. so i'm pretty sure that ukraine knows that this is a hotel, that journalist i stay in and i don't think that this is accidental. it's now. com . but people ever, of course, on edge knowing that if ukraine has struck the center already a few times, not could happen at any moment. eva bartlett, on just a warning, again, you may find the following image is disturbing. video cause a period on social networks showing more victims of the shelling in done yet. i grandmother and her granddaughter were found dead in a park. they were later discovered by the girls grandfather, the woman's husband had confirmed with much anguish that they were his loved ones. sonya, i have no documents to prove. we are relatives,
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but this is my granddaughter and here lies my wife. the projectile flew here. boom . the shell struck the theatre and the don based palace hotel, 2 civilians, and one member of the military were killed. the blast toward the civilians apart and char just flew past me. i feel incredible emotion. i hope no one ever experiences anything like that. to publish that, i came out from a shop after the blast, which forced every one to hide in a basement. we have no idea what's next, whether there will be further attacks. just truly harling testimony are teased from one culture of he's in done yet as well and has more now and what else was hidden. today's attack. once again, multiple districts have been shelled in the city of the nest, including the very center of the city. of course, so don bass palace hotel where many journalist, including foreigners, are a staying and as well as a drama theater, which is located just about a 100 meters away from where we are. now this is not the 1st time that said the
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nest is being shell. this has been happening over the last 8 years. continuously of course shelling had intensified over the last few months since the start of the special military operation. now, local officials believed that though the reason for 2 days shelling was at the funeral off a colonel all got euro, who was killed on her return from a mission in girl of god. of course. so she's been given the honor of the hero of the next people's republic, as well as an honor of the hero of russia, which was assigned by president vladimir putin and local officials believe that this is exactly why ukraine decided to show the center of the city to disrupt her funeral, let's take a listen. look at it. we should probably have expected that this would happen that such a service would not have been allowed to take place so easily. i think the ukrainians targeted the theater. how ukrainian officials have issued their own statement
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saying that they are not to blame for the deaths of civilians in the sensor of don't ask and that the army is not to blame for they shelling of the center of the city as in that they never, ever target civilians or civilian infrastructure. however, the reality on the ground is very different. we've been working here for the last 8 years and hundreds, literally hundreds of people have been killed in the last 4 months alone as the result of ukrainian artillery shilling. and there are plenty of there's plenty of proof and expertise on of that as well. now we're waiting to find out what exactly the nest was shelled with. a local officials are saying that reportedly ukraine used high caliber 155 millimeter natal maida rockets ah. and we did find a few of fragments of the shell that landed in the boss palace hotel. we've already
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taken the pictures and footage of that senate specialist, and we will find out exactly what that rocket was. in the immediate aftermath of her thoughts shelling i spoke to independent journalist luc revell, who believe such cases were civilian infrastructure is targeted are usually hidden by western media as they simply copy and paste information directly from key of sources. the defense antic. yes, army over the last years. yes, shell bomb don't. yes. repeatedly, while he's not a military target, just to kill civilians is, is really off. any is martin depress here in west? these things are not mentioned. you know, it's one thing to have collateral damage. there are collateral damages, unfortunately, in every conflict, but in this instance, it's not the case. it is bombing a city with a population which has nothing to do with the armies on the field.
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and so it is really difficult in the sense that they should method bomb the city of don't, yes. and here in the west we simply people don't know. they think it's a village don't yet they don't know. it's the same sciences, brussels radical from. so it's, it's really terrible that the media in the west, just copy paste what comes from here. and i wonder if this will be mentioned in the news tonight. another news line a big one to tell you about today, the global human rights organization. amnesty international has admitted ukrainian forces have purposely use schools, hospitals, and other civilian objects as bases for their troops. the organization sees the country has been endangering its own civilians by putting not only troops, but also weapons systems in residential areas. branding the move, a violation of humanitarian law,
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amnesty. how's the amanda key of stops using civilians in the conflict on to evacuate them from all buffle groans. moscow was blamed as well for a civilian casualties by using highly destructive weapons unless the say's to hit ukraine's military. on this international secretary general, agnes column arts also said they have recorded the abuses bike here. we have documented a pattern of ukrainian forces put in civilians. a trace can violate the loss of war when they operate in populated areas. at $22.00, out of $29.00 schools visited amnesty researches either holland soldiers using the passes or found evidence of currents or prior military activity includes in the past. and so the military for teaks, discarded munitions army ration packets and military vehicles. well as a follow on to the, the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman re, as are however, said russia reports such violations by constantly journalist and author, look,
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repay again is of the view ukraine and dangers and citizens as a means to feed the western normative amnesty international. which is respected everywhere, weights in the west, that is important because of it's usually very much less leaning and, and perceived this as quite neutral. and in this are really on mentioning things that are totally unacceptable. so for the governments, it will be difficult in germany as well as everywhere. france, italy, in other places because there will be questions they think simply that the population that this event population is a protection for them. that's all they just high within the population. in the cities and villages just to, to avoid the shelling of the russian artillery. that's so really not the way to to wrong to, to behave in a conflict for an army, but of course then they can produce that press release is saying that the rashaw
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army aim surprised and killing civilians by shelling schools and hospitals and showing photos of hospitals forgetting that it is their troops, your gray and troops that were in the building and were show by the russian army ok . moving on to more global news today. the chinese army is currently involved in large scale military exercises striking targets in the taiwan straits in war games . drills are being conducted in 6 zones or on the island. 3 of which overlap lands are ty, pay claims are part of its territorial waters. the, the chinese defense ministry confirm the use of elicit missiles while ty pay say's it's activated. it's defense systems naming. then 11 of patients, missiles, london in waters around the island to day. the drills come right after us.
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nice speaker. nancy pelosi visit to taiwan this week. while we discussed there, all the developments currently going on with local journalists from china who believes pelosi trip to taiwan was deliberately provocative. the military knows it earlier that the purpose is to us, the war to the interference by external forces. and the separative schemes for taiwan, independence, the chinese amelia, to announce the exact locations about 38 hours ahead of the exercises, and the warns of vessels and aircraft. now to answer these areas for safety reasons that it follows an international practice tab on question the most important and a sensitive issue of china us relations. what a nancy pelosi has done is not about i'm holding democracy about a provocation and infringement on china solvency and territory integrity. her visit was her one, is
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a bridge of american political commitment. so 5 assurances for china flows is a visit, a sense of wrong signal to the separatist of forces or taiwan independence and escalate tensions across. that's how a street is a very dangerous and many people here pointed out at close it's provocation, is all about making personal police for gains is a sheer political fuss. there are also people saying, with a well, philosophy is a one staging this acts that china. yes, relationship and the piece as the ability in the region that are taking the top in general, the visit arouses a strong indignation among the chinese people. and people here are optimistic about a complete radio. and if occasion of china ortiz nikki, our ins being taking a closer look at the consequences of pollution, visit to taipei toner is already taking action. as it warned it would. the fall out from palostio. whirlwind trip has been swift and brutal to quite rightly. people are asking the question,
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we have seen the chinese authorities take multiple economic actions against individual kinds of these companies. an entire sectors of the economy. taiwan has already paid the opposite and is likely to continue to do so. the coming days of week. what concrete tangible benefits could be promised high one offset. the cost would be a tricky question. slickly deflected because she knew exactly what she'd done. and americans have made a bit of a habit of doing things like this. throwing others under the bus in service of their own goals, and the consequences over this brief trip are already taking hold global markets all spooked. and the largest military drills around tie one in decades. ah
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let's. it might prove that the economic measures imposed by china will hurt taiwan . the most staging has already banned imports from $35.00 taiwanese exports plus restrictions on some fruit and fish. and we might not sound like a big deal. the ban on son to which the island was already short of plus if a key component of ty, one's greatest export semiconductors, which have not been mentioned. well not yet. if aging does decide to go further, people on the streets will be sure to feel it. china is tie, one's largest trading partner after role. so is it any wonder that there were people in taiwan who weren't engaging in the pillow? see, love fest money on the bill. what do you mean below? see what the hell i doing here right now? come all the way here to sport the 2 nice people support yourself. you want to support us to fight against the peoples of the ration. army americans always ask us to let more day when he's people joined the army. whenever you come to taiwan or want us to buy more weapons from you and fight against the people's duration army
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in urban terrain, it's none of your business. i hate to support taiwan or to provoke a war one. how are you doing here? below see the relationship between the mainland until one is already very tense. you're supporting to one, but we don't need your support. you are literally pairing oil on the flames. you only make things worse. so who did this flying with its 1st was simply pelosi. he wanted to be pictured in a chair in ty pay before he attention. he gets kicked out this november, or was it the war hawks in washington hooping ratcheting up the china rhetoric for months now? oh, and of course, the military industrial complex, the very heart of american foreign policy american officials have been quietly pressing their tie when these counterparts to buy weapons suitable for a symmetric warfare. a conflict in which is smaller, military uses mobile systems to conduct lethal strikes on a much bigger force. so you can say what it has here is a win win. not only does it make money on selling weapons, but it also has
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a leaf on us weapons at the ready in the region. should it decide it needs them? as we know, tie one wouldn't be the 1st to pay the price for the policy. the dc warhawks, people in afghanistan all starving because the government can't access its own money, which is frozen by the us. those tens of thousands of venezuelans have paid the ultimate price of the u. s. as punitive sanctions. and then as the ukranian people who critic say a dying needlessly just in american pole, and the u. s. proxy war with russia. but apparently in the long run, it's always a price worth paying. we have heard half a 1000000 children of god. i mean, that's more children than died when in here a shame and you know, if the price worth it, i think this is a very hard choice, but the price we think the price is worth it. so now he has tie one. pelosi won't
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even give it a 2nd thought she got her photo. after all. while after her meeting this week with the taiwanese president, nancy pelosi made some muddled up remarks. she cited benjamin franklin, but confused. a famous quotes on the unity of liberty and safety. benjamin franklin, the presidency, said, freedom and democracy, freedom and democracy. and one thing security here. if we don't have, we can have either, if you don't have both. and while mister lucy's trip came with words of hope, freedom, security, and unity. the 3rd in line to the u. s. presidency was criticized by many for making that contentious stop at all on the island territory, which really has driven an even bigger wedge in relations between china and washington. where the discuss all those issues about one in particular, less growth live to political satirist and or 3rd,
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10 broad high to get to see you see below see getting her thoughts in a twist. i just when she thought, i suppose she was making a killer of her remark. yeah. i'm disappointed you know. nancy pelosi used to be one of america's sharpest and brightest politicians. but look, we all get old and we all get pastor expiration date. i think it's fair to say that the how speaker appears to be moving in that direction. and of course it's not even a friday and flip that she mangled benjamin franklin. you know, i think she's become such a china hawk such a militarist over the years in her position and her alliance with the military industrial complex that she's not even able to even remember that there is a significant part of american political culture that is highly skeptical of militarism and adventure as i'm overseas just on there. what she said is it almost
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guaranteed you'd get such nuggets when such trip like that are posted in the diary just briefly. yes, no, i think it is very it's, i mean look, this is a harem lea ridiculous journey. it seems to be an attempt on the part of the democratic party preceding the november 2022 mid term elections to look tough on foreign policy. something that they sort of never do, even though really they are these days more aggressive than their republican counterparts. so it's, it's all it talk theater, and theater is always ridiculous. polosa trip. as a whole, ted, there was so much vagueness around it in the build up before you had the american president saying that the u. s. military told him that it's not a good idea. the timing is wrong. but the policy pilgrimage as was done by some went ahead anyway. was it purposefully not clear, not concise,
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not coordinated? or? or was it? you know, you can just say at the end of it, well, you know, she just wanted to go, it's not us policy. well, we are speculating here, there's no way to know, but you know, i'm a history major and it's been my experience that things in american politics are usually pretty much the way they look. i don't think the president wanted to policy to go. the military was worried about rationing of tensions with china at a sensitive time. so i think those reports are probably pretty accurate. i don't think there's some kind of 3 dimensional chest going on where posey, you know, week week nudged, nudged at biden, and he smiled back and said, you know, have a good time. but we'll pretend we will deny plot. you know, we'll have plausible deniability of our agreement here. i don't think that's what happened at all. this is part of the house leaders job to try to minimize the damage in the upcoming elections in a few months. and she's trying to make democrats like strong on foreign policy and,
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you know, unfortunately risky world war 3 in the, in the, in time. the thing is, it's remarkable that would be the case that she's doing it, whether for her own photo opportunity or to protect the democrats in those upcoming elections. because it's, it's people in taiwan, isn't it? that are going to be head possibly militarily, but most certainly financially. yeah. well fortunately for us and for the world and for most notably for the people of taiwan, i think the p r c. leadership is a lot less reckless than ms. miss below the, i don't think, you know, they want world war 3. they, they are, they have, you're trying to is not a militarily expansion is power. they really never have been. and there is no evidence that that is going to change anytime soon. so i think they don't want, you know, to escalate tensions, but at the same time, they don't want to relinquish their claim on taiwan. and, you know, the, the greatest absurdity here is the fact that united states is sabre rattling with
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china over a country that we claim in the united states is not a country. the u. s. does not recognize taiwan. the u. s. is repeatedly discouraged taiwan from declaring independence. the u. s. has never said that it would defend taiwan. it has never offered to support taiwan having a sea of the un. what the u. s. has the one china policy, the one to the policy is incompatible with saber rattling over taiwan with china. we've been speaking to political satirist and or 3rd, ted roll a ted as always, thank you for going to program and sharing your thoughts. thank you. the russian energy giant gauss problem say's its a waiting documents. but we'll classify a key gas turbine us officially on the sanction. now that will allow the equipment to be returned to the country from germany and reinstalled into the north stream one pipeline. das promise to supply an owner of this turbine is simply obliged to
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obtain documents that these product is not on the sanctions. and we must be sure that the british company, a subsidiary of seamans, will not remotely turn all this turbine. well that statement from the kremlin follow the german chancellor, his visit to the faculty of the systems giant siemens, where the turbines currently held. love shall set up. the turbine was ready to be shipped and put to use russia recently cut gas supplies by the north stream, one pipeline to just the 5th of its normal capacity in a meeting last week, let me put into a former german shells through gerhard schroeder, of the north stream to pipeline was ready to be used to help increase goth supplies to europe with the former chancellor urging germany to use both nor dreams to overcome looming consequences. if you don't want to use nord strain to,
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you have to bear the consequences and they will be huge in germany. if things get really tight, there is this pipeline. and with both nord stream pipelines, there would be no supply problem for german industry in german households. no member of the i f o institute for economic research at the university of munich said that russian gas is essential for the german economy on a complete bond would likely result in the recession. and if there were a complete restriction or band on the flow of gas from russia, we will likely face a recession. the reservoirs are still filling up, but if it were to suddenly stop, now, the dynamics that would be triggered would be very large. and we would have to prepare for significant economic up peoples. and that is very worrying. at the moment, there are 2 main drivers for inflation and the one hand, the shortage of materials, which drove inflation rates up above normal levels, even before the war. and now the sharp rise and oil and gas prices have come on top of that. that drives up prices and we kind of now have a domino effect. because oil and gas or the inputs for many products,
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this will reflect and higher prices and shops for the end consumer can know their story were closely following. today. russia said it is concerned over tensions in the disputed territory of nicola quarterback has call for a diplomatic solution to the crisis. the foreign ministry sees its in close contact with both of the opposing sides, armenia, and answer by john. russian peacekeepers are also working on the ground in attempts to stabilize the situation. as of now, there are no active bottles going on. i'm the general secretary of the collective security treaty organization has called on both sides to further refrain from violence. here's ortiz maria philosophy, pensions are high in the disputed territory of not gotten cut off 20 months after the military conflict. there had ended up with the si, fi agreement between a menia and as it by john mediated with the help of russia on wednesday. as it by, johnny troops launched an air strike heating and armenian military unit,
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claiming it was a response to the armenian armed forces, illegal activity in the area, and now, but who is saying it's taking control over the strategic hides and key territories in the cut off region at the same time or media is blaming as it by john for violating the cease fire agreement. one as it by john in to armenian soldiers have been confirmed dead. we've a 14 more armenians reported wounded. there was already an international reaction to what's happening in gordon. the cut over with e. u and washington, both calling to end the fighting. the gordon incredible has announced a partial mobilization and he's now saying that is trying to stabilize the situation in that region. with the help of the russian peacekeeping forces, patient in the area, this conflict is more than 3 decades old. and they could have bought, broke away from was it a by john with the help of armenia after the collapse of the soviet union in the
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early 99 case in 2020 as it by john and that of mania for to war. and but who was able to win back some of the territories and the size then agreed to end the fire of. a apparently, the region still remains a source of trouble. maria phenomena, not even before the current conflict and don't boss according to you, an estimate is over, 13000 people were killed. they're following the 8 years of chaos that preceded finger printing government to of 2014. it's a startling figure. one rarely reported next week chronicle thought deadly time. ah, ah
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ah . so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk more when i was showing wrong. when i
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just don't hold any world yet to shape out, this thing becomes the advocate and engagement. it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. aah! ukraine. a big and rich country that all has been hand in hand with russia until recently. 2014, a qu divides ukraine and leads to fratricidal war and don barza a war.


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