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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, she's been gone. yes. accused of targeting the 15, leaving at least the 8th people's dead. one of the areas hit was a hotel housing media with an assistant to an aussie commer month left with concussion international reveals. it's documented how key as has endangered it phone civilian by allowing its forces to base themselves in schools and hospitals, and also ahead with facing in circles 51 with large scale military exercises in direct responses. visit to the island of us. how speaker nancy pelosi,
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the chinese defense industry has confirmed the use of ballistic missiles in the drill. a huge section of the surviving grain silos collapses in bay route on the 2nd anniversary of the massive explosion in the court. they killed hundreds of people, a former austria and foreign minister who now lives as how people have been rebuilding their lives following the tragedy. no electricity, what the supply very difficult people organized a with variable and welcome to you. this is all the international with the latest news out date. it's good to have you with us. and we thought in the people's republic where officials say 8 people have been killed and at least 5 more injured in ukrainian shelling of the regions capital. a warning you might find the following image is disturbing. according to local officials, some 10 projectiles. hit don. yes,
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that he sent a damaging several buildings including the dumbass palace hotel, where journalists were based, an assistant to an artie. commer amount was injured during the shelling and believe to have suffered concussion. the strikes happened just before a commemoration service and a local theatre for a slain female commander. all those present were evacuated to shelters. canadian journalist even bother too narrowly escaped, being hit by a missiles spoke to the program earlier. the 1st blast occurred around 10 20 am in a series of blast within a few minutes. so when things calm down turtle, i started going outside to document the damage. there was unfortunately one dead woman just outside the hotel. i was actually in the hotel when it started. i was working and i went and after the 1st 3 very strong explosions, i went to the hotel lobby. ah, and at the time that the assistant to the camera man was injured, that was the 5th blast,
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a very powerful blast. right next to the hotel. i had just stepped back from the, from the lobby, so thankfully up. i'm sorry that he was injured, but yeah that's, that's where i was at the time. and about an hour prior, i had been working in the room that took the most damage out because that this hotel is a journalist, go to it because it's a central location and it has powerful why fi and those her tools that we need. so i'm pretty sure that ukraine knows that this is a hotel, that journalist i stay in and i don't think that this was accidental. it's now. com, but people over, of course, on edge knowing that if you train, it struck the center already a few times. not could happen at any moment. a warning again, you may find the following image is upsetting. video has a paid on social networks showing more victims of the shelling and don't yeske. a grandmother and her grand daughter were found dead in a park. they were later discovered by the girls grandfather, the woman's husband, who confirmed with much anguish that they were his loved ones. sonya,
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i have no documents to prove we are relatives, but this is my granddaughter and here lies my wife. the projectile flew here the yoke buena, the shell struck the theatre in the don based palace hotel. 2 civilians and one member of the military were killed. the blast tore the civilians of hart and a char just flew past me. i feel incredibly motion way. i hope no one ever experiences anything like that. yet before wishlist i came out from a shop after the blast, which forced every one to hide in a basement. we have no idea what's next. whether there will be further attacks. allow correspondent, among cause or of his in don. yes as well and has more now on most else was hate in today's attack. once again, multiple districts have been shelled in the city of dennis including the very center of the city. of course, a dumbass palace hotel where many journalists, including foreigners, are a staying and as well as a drama theater, which is located just about
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a 100 meters away from where we are. now this is not the 1st time that said the nest has been shown. this has been happening over the last 8 years. continuously of course, a shilling had intensified over the last few months since the start of the special military operation. now, local officials believed that though the reason for 2 days shelling was at the funeral. all for colonel all got got euro, who was killed on her return from a mission in girl of god. of course. so she's been given the honor of the hero of the nest people's republic, as well as an honor of the hero of russia, which was assigned by president vladimir putin and local officials believe. and this is exactly why ukraine decided to show the center of the city to disrupt her funeral. let's take a listen. go, christine. we should probably have expected that this would happen, that such a service would not have been allowed to take place so easily. i think the
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ukrainians targeted the theater. how ukrainian officials have it should their own statements saying that they are not to blame for the deaths of civilians in the center of don't ask and that their army is not to blame for. they shelling of the center of the city as in that they never, ever target civilians or civilian infrastructure. however, the reality on the ground is very different. we've been working here for the last 8 years and hundreds, literally hundreds of people have been killed in the last 4 months alone as the result of ukrainian artillery shilling. and there are plenty of food. there's plenty of proof and expertise on of that as well. now we're waiting to find out what exactly the nest was shelled with. a local officials are saying that reportedly ukraine used high caliber 155 millimeter natal major rockets. ah, and we did find a few of fragments of the shell that landed in the boss palace hotel. we've already
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taken the pictures and footage of that senator specialists, and we'll find out exactly what that rocket was. independent journalist luc revamp, believe such cases where civilian infrastructure is targeted, a usually ignored by western media as outlets. simply copy and paste information directly from chaos. the defense antic. yes. army over the last years. yes. shell bomb don't. yes. repeatedly, while it is not a military target, just to kill civilians is, is rarely off and it is martin depress here in west. these things are not mentioned . you know, it's one thing to have collateral damages. there are collateral damages, unfortunately, in every conflict. but in this instance, it's not the case. it is bombing a city with, you know,
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a population which has nothing to do with the armies on the field. and so it is really the spectacle and the sense that they should never bomb the city of don't yet. and here in the west, we simply people don't know. they think it's a village don't yet they don't know. it's the same size as brussels, radical from so it's some, it's really terrible that the media in the west. just copy paste what comes from here. and i wonder if this will be mentioned in the news, the light level human rights organization, amnesty international has stated ukrainian for his purposely use schools, hospitals and other civilian objects is basis for their trips worse and foreign ministry spokeswoman my hear. maria, however, responded by saying russia has been reporting on kia using civilians as human shields for some time. we have documented to pass and off ukrainian forces put in civilians. a trace can violate the loss of war when they operate in populated areas . at $22.00, out of $29.00 schools visited,
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amnesty researches are the hall and soldiers using the passes or found evidence of current or prior military activity include in the past and so military fatigues, discarded munitions, army ration packets, and military vehicles. we talk about these all the time, calling the actions of the armed forces of the crane, the tactics of using the civilian population as a human shield. and as the added ukraine has been endangering its own civilians by putting not only troops, but also weapon systems in residential areas, branding, the move, a violation of humanitarian law. demanding can stop using civilians and the conflict in to evacuate them from all possible grounds. while moscow was blamed by the organization for causing indirect casualties in public areas by using highly destructive weapons, states, ukraine's military journalist and all the luc renee, again, is on the view ukrainian authorities endangered civilians for p all purposes. i. mr
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. international which is respected everywhere, white's in the west. that is important because so it's usually very much less leaning and, and perceived this as quite neutral. and in this are really on mentioning things that are totally unacceptable. so for the governments, it will be difficult in germany as well as everywhere. france, italy, in other places because there will be questions they think simply that the population that this event population is a protection for them. that's all they just high within the population. in the cities and villages just to, to avoid the shelling of the russian artillery. that's so really not the way to, to wrong to, to behave in a conflict for an army, but of course then they can produce that press release is saying that the rashaw army aims 1st and killing civilians by shelling schools and hospitals and showing
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photos of hospitals forgetting that it is their troops, your gray and troops that were in the building and were show by the russian army. the chinese army is currently involved in large scale military exercises in the taiwan strait. jones, being conducted in thick zones around the island, 3 of which i have a lap plans that time pay claims are part of its territorial waters. the chinese defense ministry confirm the use of ballistic missiles type phase response with activated his defense systems, claiming 11 of those mythos lands been watered around the island today. but backdrops all that us how speak and nancy pelosi, a recent visit to taiwan pelosi met high ranking time when he's officials, including the deputy speaker, along with taiwan president. all of that came despite a strong backlash when beijing and a warning to washington that his actions in the region will have consequences. the
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u. s. in turn said it's still firmly committed to its core one china principal. and there's no reason for paging to overreact. and we discuss the developments with a journalist from china work and just across the taiwan strait and fiji on province . he believes pelosi trip to ty, one was a deliberate provocation. don't mean if he knows it earlier. i said the purpose is to swore to the interference by external forces and the separate your schemes for taiwan independence. the chinese military announced the exact location about 38 hours ahead of the exercises. and the warns are vessels and aircraft. now to answer these areas for safety reasons that it follows an international practice tab on question the most important and a sensitive issue of china us relations. what a nancy pelosi has done is not about i'm holding democracy, but it's a publication and infringement. i'm trying to solve and see, and territory integrity. her visit was how one is
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a bridge of american political commitment. so 5 assurances for china flows is a visit, a sense of wrong signal to the separatist of forces, or taiwan independence and escalate tensions across. that's how a street is a very dangerous one. many people here pointed out that close it's provocation is all about and making personal political gains is a sheer political fuss. there are also people saying, well, lucy is the one staging this act, the china, yes, relationship and the piece as the ability in the region that are taking the tone. in general, the visit arouses a strong indignation among the chinese people. and people here are optimistic about a complete radio, and if occasion of china after our meeting this week with the time when he is president, nancy pelosi made some muddled up remarks. he cited benjamin franklin, but confused. a famous quote on the unity of liberty and safety. benjamin franklin, presidency said, freedom and democracy,
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freedom and democracy on one thing. security here. if we don't have, we can have it either. if we don't have both of our trip came with words of hope, fried, insecurity and unity. the 3rd in line to the u. s. presidency was criticized by many for making the contentious stop on the island territory, which is driven and even bigger wedge in relations between china and washington. political science, there is ted roles saves the time. one issue is not one, many americans are thinking about at all. this is an inherently ridiculous journey . it seems to be an attempt on the part of the democratic party preceding the november 2022 mid term elections to look tough on foreign policy. something that they sort of never do, even though really they are these days more aggressive than their republican counterparts. and i'm disappointed you know, nancy pelosi used to be one of america's sharpest and brightest politicians. but look, we all get old and we all get pastor expiration date. i think that's fair to say
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that the house speaker appears to be moving in that direction. and of course it's not even a friday and flip that she mangled benjamin franklin. you know, i think she's become such a china hawk such a militarist over the years in her position and her alliance with the military industrial complex that she's not even able to even remember that there is a significant part of american political culture that is highly skeptical of militarism and adventure as i'm overseas. i mean these days, america's or americans are really focused on inflation, inflation and inflation. they're really worried about the economy. and to a secondary level, they're worried about the federal reserve bank, perhaps going too far and driving the economy back into addition to a recession as they have done in similar circumstances in the past. i think this is not going to move the needle very much. i don't think anyone cares. among american
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voters about taiwan and china. russia says is concerned over the tensions in the disputed territory of new go. no, kara, back in his school for a diplomatic solution to the crisis. the foreign ministry says it's in close contact with both of the opposing sides. armenia and as a by jim west and peacekeepers are also working on the ground in attempts to stabilize the situation. as of now, there are no active battles going on on the general secretary of the collective security treaty organization, and alliance of post soviet states, as called on both sides to further refrain from violence. he's on the e 's maria phenomena with more tensions are high in the disputed territory of na, gordon. he cut off 20 months after the military conflict. there had ended up with the sci fi agreement between a media and as it by john mediated with the help of russia. on wednesday, as it by johnny troops launched an air strike heat in armenian military units, claiming it was a response to the armenian armed forces,
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illegal activity in the area. and now, because he's saying it's taking control over this strategic heights and key territories in the cut off region at the same time or media is blaming as it by john for violating the cease fire agreement. one i said by john, you into our meeting. soldiers have been confirmed dead, we've a 14 more how medians reported wounded. there was already an international reaction to what's happening in the board and they could, over with you and washington, both calling to end the fighting. gordon, incredible has announced partial mobilization and he's now saying that he's trying to stabilize the situation in that region. with the help of the russian peacekeeping forces, patient in the area. this conflict is more than 3 decades old and i've gotten, they could have bought broke away from. was it by john with the help of armenia after the collapse of the soviet union in the early 99 case in 2020 as it by john
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and other media for to war and but who was able to win back some of the territories . and the size then agreed to end the fire, but apparently the region still remains a source of trouble only an hour before memorial event was to get on to way to mark the 2nd anniversary of the bloss. that devastated the porch of bay wooten lebanon. a huge section of the surviving grain follows that collapsed, sending dust smoke and sunned into the air. no injuries have been reported. the plaza rocked lebanon's capital on august. the 4th 2020 left more than 200 people dead. and more than $6000.00 injured as well as causing billions of dollars worth of damage as follows, held special significance for many baby favorite residents. having absorbed much of the shock wave of the explosion and the shielding the city from even more damage. we heard reflections on the tragic event from a local lawyer. we had
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a terrible explosion. it was black and black. all over the city. many people who have heeded at the 1st time. everyone thought that there is an explosion. me. he's house people who were running, asking whether they did happen, what happened? how was the restoration going and why are some companies just not being fully restored? to see somebody being that what happens that owners are in the road. some did not do it because the economy, commerce, the place and the cost of money. some house is also here to know all the lease agreement a they rented for a very small amount and the landlord had, why would we pay for a store ation?
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that's. that's why we spoke to the former austrian foreign minister who's now living in lebanon. she shared with us what the country's been going through. ah, the lebanese rushes, the streets and square angle is desperate about his dysfunctional government. because like the last few years, it was all about corruption in 2019 people went to the streets to say hello we are fed up, was this corruption and the explosion harvey anita, was a very threat chick. symbol wasn't a symbol. hundreds of people got fields, but all did not seek for at this sanction. then, administration, we have seen 11 long friends, huge political criminal cases. if you want to call them, it was over like the f as a nation off on
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a prime. and is the highly the even established in international cooperating? my humble opinion was not to we did the right way to thing to do. it's only cost money, nothing ever moved a little both. what the nice need is the trust in a credible as an expression, and it's not there, but it's nothing specific for them. i always call lebanon, and i like the laboratory, all international affairs, and many other levels, because i thought that he a few of us all period late. so we can see happen of all about the infrastructure. no electricity wants to supply very difficult. people organized the own in high since it is very, very sorry for the people who pay through the live was the house who lost the houses and it,
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it just came at the moment when the lebanese anyway suffocated by economic circumstances. so my deep respect was the people who somehow come russia's defense ministry claimed has found new evidence of us involvement in biological activities that may have led to a why the outbreak of the cove it pandemic. and currently, the monkey pox virus, new procedure should we trace likely a trends faster. jones, that fall into the zone of interest of the pentagon subsequently become a president pandemic. while the beneficiaries are american permit suits of companies and their patrons, the leaders of the united states democratic party, racial blevins, really filled us in on the latest emp, the findings. russia's defense ministry is referencing a series of documents which they release. and they said that they obtain these documents as part of the ongoing investigation in the u. s. funded by a labs in ukraine. now, one of the major allegations from these documents is that the u. s. has been
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actively funding corona, virus research since at least 2009, using funding from the u. s. agency for international development. now when it comes to one of the main programs that was mentioned there, they talked about the predict program. notably one of the founders of that is met a bio, one of the u. s. companies that has been found to be directly involved in ukrainian bio lab. so a lot of this does like it's coming full circle when it comes to these allegations that are being made from these documents. but they also said it wasn't just research. they said that there were drills that were being carried out, both in ukraine and even in the united states. specifically, johns hopkins university, where they looked at a response to a korean virus outbreak. and also looked at transmission from bats to humans. and how that would play out. now, all of this comes as russia, as defense, ministry says that it also has findings related to cranium. soldiers who have retreated and they found that in their bloodstream,
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there were levels of opioids and even methamphetamines raising questions about whether ukraine was actively drugging its soldiers in order to alter their mental state. similar to the ways in which the nazi germany has been accused of dragging its soldiers back during world war 2. so a lot of major allegations made here. now we notably did reach out to us a i d for comment, but they have yet to respond. us basketball player britney griner has been sentenced to 9 years in prison after being found guilty by a russian quarter. the possession on smuggling of drugs, not to those that have been fine. $16000.00 before 31 year old was arrested moscow show him to the airport. around 6 months ago, criner was accused of trying to smuggle cannabis oil in her luggage. she earlier pleaded guilty to the charge proclaim to day the vague cartridges ended up in her baggage unintentionally. precedent. joe biden had condemned her arrest as arrest
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and has pledged to get her home when he, thanks for joining us here on our tea international. and as always, plenty more stories, news, and updates on our website, artie dot com. i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, accept where such order is it conflict with the 1st law? show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence . and the point obviously is to place trust rather than fear. i would like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. real. somebody
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with a robot must protect its own existence with a 1000 other well you while you easy while furnace us. oh boy, you know it's a one slide. yes. south. yeah. rational a south with a new dock. awesome. but you know, watch them up all mutable up. i'd beat them. is emily, up the little video? from sure. let me just kim's room. sure thought video is the why fi ela?
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a yes. my thought or jane in that again, do you watch anybody out maybe a lot about this morning as i've searched financial a ah ah for decades washington adhered to what has been called the one china policy and that included taiwan for better or worse. it is kept the peace in the region house speaker, nancy policies trip to taiwan, puts this into question. is the by the administration,
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needlessly and recklessly provoking china with aah, ukraine. a big and rich country that's always been hand in hand with russia until recently. 2014, a qu divides ukraine and leads to fratricidal war and on
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a war that continues to this on the edge of a large field near lo, ganske, the mass grave. local say that the people buried here are mostly civilians who are allegedly killed by ukrainian paramilitary groups in the summer of 2014 or so does this a mr. alcorda? what did of stuff look batiste, miriam, is it or did the when the british start. okay, what's don't cry said things of us, i can inform you not to be honest. rocha leads a special committee for collecting evidence of the ukrainian government alleged walker arms against the people of lou ganske. when you go about doing is i'm wondering if there are many burial sites like this and done bus. i'm here for 5
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minutes and then i'm told the 1st 5 people they found it was 5 decapitated head. they were all civilians. who does this to people? you can't say that there isn't, there wasn't walk right for me in the area around venetia, verifica, a village and, and against the people's republic. 36 civilian bodies are being examined. mm. georgia license and american journalist claims he repeated he sent reports of alleged crimes like this to europe in an american media. my hope is that this begins a process to bring this into an international forum. but when you see these grave travesties, you want to help bring that closure to them. that's why i'm here. unfortunately, and most conflicts that we find around the world atrocities have been committed,


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