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tv   News  RT  August 5, 2022 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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want for better or worse, it is kept the peace in the region house speaker nancy pelosi trip to taiwan puts this into question is the by the administration, needlessly and recklessly provoking china with breaking news with our live. what are you into national that we understand now? 50 rockets have been launched from the gaza strip towards israel comes in response to an out israeli as dr. on god that what you're talking to, the top commander about palestinian militant group in an attack that we understand now is that 10 people dead including a 5 year old and injuring $55.00 mold. the russian investigative committee, acute is key of, of shutting off hospital in the center of don, yet leaving several people injured, including a child with keys president express his hope that his country can open new pages.
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and bilateral relations with moscow, called vladimir putin says, in europe should thank ankara for a flow of uninterrupted gas from russia. that's the result of a 4 hours so collateral till friday. and so the patient said was communication with washington in a wide range of military and civilian areas as china, rum stop retaliation before you get into that of nancy pelosi is controversial. close to taiwan with a spray. can you talk to national on this friday and i live from moscow 11 pm right here and also along the gaza strip. now the numbers we have at least 50 rockets, sipping launched from the gaza strip towards israel, with the reports or residential building has been hit. it comes in retaliation for an israeli as strike on garza earlier today, which left 10 people dead, including a 5 year old as we understand $55.00 more but also injured. now the idea if claims
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the strike was part of an anti, she had israeli operation named breaking dawn, which targeted a top commander of a palestinian militant group. more than 50 people were injured off for a building. garza was struck figure along with the dest solar come, according to the palestinian ministry of health. and the israeli defense ministry has since announced a state of emergency and a vast 18 kilometers zone around garza, which of course extends into israel, will have more on this breaking news story. just in a few moments there on this program. the shifting gears just for a moment here on our team, the national, the ukrainian forces have targeted a hospital in the center of don. yes. cuz according to the russian investigative committee, the maternity wing of the building was head. number of people were wounded including that have a child. now all of this comes as the shelling of don. yes, continues on a daily basis. in addition to the hospital at local railway station,
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it was also targeted that called fire and a residential area with a pop and buildings which hit as well with several civilian casualties being reported, that correspondents are on the ground and has been to that hospital. we're talking about, of course we're not always a run cuz i have ukrainian military continue shelling all districts of de nest. we are now in one of the areas. ashley, this is a hospital that was shown by ukrainian nationalist. he can see there is still her rocket claim here, and maternity ward was struck in this hospital net resulted in a multiple injuries, also in other places in the next a civilian infrastructure was targeted. so cars, homes, multiple apartment buildings have also been struck right now as i'm speaking the shilling. it still continues all over the nest. now this is what the
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hospital looks from outside. several grad rockets landed right under the roof of this medical facility. mind you, this is not the 1st time ukrainian nationalists have targeted civilian infrastructure including hospital hospitals. now in this area, another maternity ward was us frog. just like a couple of months back when an element turns award on the other side of the nest was so also i hit and that resulted in several injuries. and also in that, don't you ask the man said t, z forces shell the city and destroyed a bus with civilians? 3 people killed in the strike at least 5 more wounded. well, meantime, russia says ukrainian force is fired at least 20 artillery shells on russia and controls operation nuclear power plant. fire that broke out after the attack was put out. but the shilling did damage transformers and brought down some power lines
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. local officials claim kiev is trying to bring about a disaster, and they're actually calling on the international atomic energy agency to try and intervene moscow called on international organizations to condemn the actions of kia, which is said was carrying out acts of nuclear terrorism. and last month, ukrainian foster formerly attempted to talk of the era using a drone and investigative journalist, thomas roper fierce such actions, could bring huge amounts of damage to the country. i just returned from the net. so i kind of confirmed that he has really shooting at everything that they can. so i'm not surprised about this, but it's not the 1st time. and the thing is, it's really dangerous because of the weak point of such and infrastructure, the cooling system. and what i don't know what they think, you know, because this, if they would really make it make, if they would hit it and make it hard damage, they would destroy their own country. i've gotten understand what's going on there
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. i don't know what they think about what, what's really happening with the instructor and then showing civil civilians what i have seen. i haven't worked well when i was, you know, you get used to it. i'm the grandma of sitting in from the house and normally they discuss, you know, the shots of a neighbor, and now they're sitting there discussing, well, this was and then picked how far away was it. it's quite surreal. it's great, beautiful city with a really green santa and it's warm and you have the feeling when it's time, when it's quiet that you have a holiday and then you explosions again, 3 story or, you know, i mean i met with you a call from the with germany and people you see the people eating and you see nobody even lifting the hat because people are used to them. if it's a believable it is all the international. it's good to have with us for this program or president putin and president or the one of held talks in the russian black c resort of saatchi. they sat down and chatted for 4 hours. and the 2 lead
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assigned a number of treaties in economic, political and cultural spheres. and they also agreed to partially switch payments for russian gas supplies to turkey to roubles. but i'm good to go with a really distinguishing during the negotiations, very important decisions that take our relations to a new level will reach. of course, the key area of our relations is energy, which was also discussed in the president's agree to the partial payment of gas in rubles. this is a new stage and new opportunities. president says that he hopes that his, his country will open a new page and bilateral relations with russia. while the russian president said, europe should be thanking turkey for an uninterrupted supply of russian gas to the continent. it is to pursue turk stream, in contrast to all other routes to europe, works well and without problems, and delivers energy not only to turkish customers, but to your also. so i suppose our european partners should thank turkey for providing continuous transit of our gas to urine latimer potent and wretched tie.
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beardon are always in touch. they can always pick up the phone and make a phone call or meet face to face like they did in the reigning capital to ron 2 weeks ago. while now of the, our meeting in san she. why that often? well, when western governments are putting maximum effort into isolating russia, moscow is expecting anchorage to become more than just a partner. boosting trade is one full size want, including boosting trade in national currency. and mr. vladimir putin thanked ty, bear to one for that. and also he thanked his counterpart of for mediating the so called ukrainian grain deal, which allowed the ships with the crating crops to leave the port city of odessa and also unblocked. some of the russian exports known to kit hoosier. i do
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believe that we will turn a new page in our turkish russian relations. this also applies to energy. this is especially true of the grain corridor through the black sea, along which we have taken step huston told him the head of an election campaign in turkey. the turkish president is seeking to create a buffer zone in northern syria by carrying out some form of military operation against the kurdish militias in that part of syria which turkey sees as terrorist out for that the turkish government will have to get some sort of greenlight or possibly a yellow light from russia and the meeting in sashi is a perfect opportunity for that. now we do have to remember that turkey is a natal for and that's why any close contacts between mister dawn and mister pool will always be carefully watched by major nato countries. of course, the summit in thought she is not an exception. and that whole grain deal alia was
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just talking about as soon another 3 ships full of corn leaving ukrainian forts. on friday, i didn't island britain and turkey anchor, and the un worked with moscow and key to negotiated deal last month to allow maritime traffic to resume the 1st grain ship under the deal less the black sea board of odessa on monday, heading for lebanon and carrying about $26000.00 tons of corn or the serial is one of ukraine's main grain export products that accounts for about 15 percent of global supply. meanwhile, russia is agriculture minister as warned that sanctions are just rubbing grain harvest in russia and could ultimately exacerbate any food crisis over c global. the situation on global grain markets is not easy due to a number of climatic reasons such as drought in the usa in europe, floods in australia and weather problems in india. despite the signing of the agreement on ukrainian grain drain production,
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that will also significantly decrease. all of this combined with the logistical constraints, can lead to serious risks in terms of world food security. this year is. i spoke to a journalist and a political analyst, martin j, who pointed out that a food crisis today, it's not just a question of supply, but it's also a question of politics. the thing is about weeks is that it's a huge commodity which a lot of these countries use, but they use as part of a subsidization program to feed their own for people. and so, you know, it's, it's not that they don't want a bit more as a whole process. now it's become very chip political, you know, a number of countries are shown to russia to institute in said the last few weeks. look, this problem with wheat is a really big one. you know, we can't have these real tensions in the regions. you know, if you stop messing around with weeks in these countries, you're looking at insurgency and political upheaval, even revolutions. another factor is terrorism and migrant flows to, to europe. so those countries went to person who signed to do. i think he did
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a really big favor to europe, actually saw the deal and allowed those companies now to trade or i returning to our break and use coverage for you live on asi international. good to happy with us . we understand at least 50 rockets sipping launched from the gaza strip towards israel. that is, according to tel aviv obviously because she had group is claiming to a 5 more than a 100. and there are reports of a residential building being hit, air raid sirens, of also being held in the south of israel. and the defense correspondent for the israeli di 24 news channel brought us up to speed with the latest a very 10th night . the head for the residents, all for the guys, the border communities here around out there with a concern that there will be many, many more marriages of our rural kits making the way from the guys street and into is really territory. the 1st barrier drove all rural kits following the beginning
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of these really operation in gaza. that 1st barrett came at around 9 p. m. local time included some 80 rockets or so the vast majority of them fired here to the guys a border communities. but some even fights further north to the city overs billed and even to the city of but the army southern suburb of vive. and of course the big question which will determine the fate of this is really operation. how strong and how big will these army g had response to the killing of the leaders will be. and another interesting question, will hamas join the operation? egypt is putting immense pressure on from us to stay outside. for now, this is israel has conveyed the message that for the moment it is only striking islamic jihad, the targets, all of those killed in the initial operation. it come from the ranks of these dynamic jihad, so how much under immense pressure air from egypt,
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especially not to join the operation. of course, if it will conduct an operation against these. i mean, there is one story and operation against the islamic jihad and how much that is. of course, another story. the answer to these questions will eventually determine the fate of this latest israeli operation in the guy the strict on have a look at this 40 right now. we're showing you an aussie into a national moment. a building and gaza was struck. a israel said the leader of the militant wing of the islamic she had movement was killed and what it described as a special operation against the group. they thought verified video reportedly shows the aftermath of the attack with people carrying the body of the 5 year old victim . the strike was a part of an anti. she had a israeli operation named breaking dawn during which 10 people were killed and over 50, at least were injured. at the same time, the israeli defense ministry announced a state of emergency in a pretty sizable zone, 80 kilometer. that's all around guards or, and of course, extending into israel. earlier,
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the country's military announced was sending more troops to the area in case of possible reprisal or types following the strike and the recent arrest of a senior millison in the west bank. well, that's prost live now to yada. he'd a board member, i, misty international who's in gaza right now, a very good evening to you there. it's about quarter past 11, where you are now. miss 8, how tens is the situation there in gaza right now. hi, good evening. i wish it was a good evening. unfortunately, it's not a really bloody evening for only dozens. for instance. i'm sitting right now in my house and i can. there is the window of course for me and i can hear the bombs every now and then i just because it's getting closer and closer i think of the situation is very dense. everyone is anxious. everyone is scared. for me. i've lived in the u. k for the past 6 years. and the reason i left is because of my trauma, because of what i've witnessed in garza and now being back in does after 6 years
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because my father passed away having to witness the same trauma that made me leave is, is really, really difficult. i can remember the 201420122008 wars. you know, the situation is very than there is bombing over the place. it's not an operation against only that mean you had. it's an operation against anyone who lives in garza because the target everyone and they don't respect any person or anyone. the one and the person like the last person who was and is a child a 5 year old child. so anyone, i could literally die this exact moment a bomb could drop on me and i would like to just jump in for a moment even, and ask you and ask you about that. because we understand that the apparently missiles have been flying in from both sides. truth is corporate right. now it, is it possible that this, this could expand into, into a broader escalation?
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do you think unfortunately, yeah, because every time there is something that happens is, you know, as a colonial entity is an apartheid state that targets and systematically punishes policy and for living for existing. so of course, this could happen and this could become another great aggression of, with millions, with, you know, hundreds, hundreds and thousands of unions, innocent palestinians being killed. unfortunately, when we look at the statistics, it's really obvious who's, you know, was in the right side of history. and was not, it's really obvious who is being killed and murdered and tortured for years and it is not it. is it possible? is it possible miss e that that there's blame to be shared on both sides of the conflict? i don't think it's a matter of blame when i'm posting in girl who is 22 years old and lived through
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5 wars. i don't think it's a matter of 2 equal side this and occupier and occupied. it's an occupation and people who are literally defense. this, you know, if there is that, like, literally my friend from italy texted me today and she was asking me if i'm safe, if i can go anywhere, if i come to run away and i literally told her there's no place that i can go to. there is no safe mason guys. i can't run away. we don't have basements to hide, and we don't have anything. we could when the bomb the bomb randomly in the last were i was in the massacre over the fall. i literally suffered from p as the depression and anxiety since then. and because i am an ordinary citizen, i work with international. i dedicated my whole life to raise the voice of my people. i was 14 and i literally witnessed people getting cut in huffs in front of my eyes. you know, i was separated from my father for 6 years and he died this year and i didn't see
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him for 6 years. this is not to equal sites. i don't think i've, you know, what we have to goes to in palestine, what you have to go through and got that. no human being in the what word goes through it's, it's really beyond imagination what we go through every day and it's not to equal sides. it's not well here. dante, financial wacky keeping a very close tab on exactly what's happening, where you are now, and you have all of our sympathy. and clearly it's a very tense evening you're going into now it's friday night $2411.00 pm and we're keeping very close types of breaking news or an audience on national yara ead from amnesty international. thank you for your time this evening, stacy. that said, our switch over to one of our guests. so michael maloof, of course, a former senior security post analyst for his thoughts on this latest breaking news . a good evening to you, michael. almost immediately after a carried out the asteroid, israel declared a state of emergency, essentially stretching about 80 kilometers and his own all around gaza. do you
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think you think it knew that his operation might provoke a reaction? i'm sure it did because almost every time they do this, it does. and the last time they, they had, they went after somebody in gaza, it precipitated the major attacks for days. and actually i think for over a week or 2. and so they have to anticipate this, and i think that they, they did and why it would happen. now it's beyond me, given all the other tensions in the, in the area that, that are occurring. i just think that with this thing could very easily get out of control and it could bring in other groups. and this thing could expand very, very rapidly. michael vs. i mean she had organization has declared that it's going to wall sound claim that is $500.00 miss aisles that israel,
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how much more do you see this escalating and i guess, rudy. the question is, is it possible that the idea of the israel could send and ground troops to think? oh yeah it's, it's quite possible they've done it before. and, and as your previous guess, pointed out that the showing is in a very confined area and the hot and the risk of getting the civilians is extremely high. and so you're going to see many innocent people killed. and this is just kind of foam and even further violence and retaliation. this could, this could be the beginning of an, of a very serious unraveling. and it's going to take some outside people coming in once again, life the objections to try to quell this thing before it really gets out of control . what kind of weapons? to what extent can they continue this and depends upon how much weaponry they have . whether their determination ism and i heard the comment that they are going to go to war with us and they feel that they're united this time. and if that's the case,
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this could be long and protracted. what about responding to the rocket? fired out had israel is now talking what it holes or weapons workshops, warehouses, and the firing positions of the islamic she had throughout the gaza strip. you think of it? i don't ask you how it's gonna play out now, but do you think that we're going to start getting some reaction from the international community at this point because i'm not seeing much across the wires right now. well, this is just happening. so i think it will happen. i think we'll get the reaction in time. everyone is so consumed now with other trouble spots, taiwan, ukraine's name a few of imminent possibility of israel attacking iran, just got crises, all sprinkled, all over the place and answer. consequently, people are going to have to focus on this and try to quell it before it's too late . it's going to have to come from countries such as egypt and, and,
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and hopefully the united states can have some influence over over israel and get them to chance down on this thing. because this think it clearly unravel. and the fact to that iron dome is being used, i mean the key to for the, for the palestinians now is to is the swarm the, the israel with, with rock is to try and overcome iron dome. its iron dome has been mostly successful. but it's clear that palest, i'll stand in the p i. j rather has capability to hit inside of telling me even whatever. so they've got some interesting rocketry there that appears to be much more lethal than it has been in the us. my community for former senior security policy analysts joining us live in the continuation about breaking news on the international. thanks, michael, appreciate it. thanks. thanks for having me. why so?
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beijing has now several key communication in several areas of washington as retaliation for nancy pelosi trip to taiwan. the ministry published a list in which there will be no longer any coordination between the 2 countries have a look and include dialogue between defense department's military maritime consultation . a cooperation on illegal migration and climate change. even a planned phone call between senior military commanders was also well canceled. and earlier on friday, the chinese foreign ministry announced personal sanctions on pelosi and her family members, while lashing out at washington's conduct. i don't without me, everyone knows that the current situation is entirely caused by pelosi and american politicians. this kind of arrogance, selfishness and hypocrisy of the u. s. it should really be changed. the u. s. is an act of proctor and christ maker. the essence of the taiwan issue is not a democratic issue, but
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a major principle issue concerning china sovereignty and territorial integrity are . meanwhile, china is continuing its live fire drills as part of the operation. beijing is launched multiple missiles, including ballistics, original observers say this is the 1st time chinese missiles actually flown over taiwan. and drill is being conducted at least 6 zones around the island, 3 of which overlap areas that type akin tends a part of its territorial waters. and taiwan says it has an activated, it's a defense trucking systems, alleging 11 chinese missiles were fired into waters right around the island. and also taiwan was reportedly for the council at least 40 flights in his largest airport due to the drills. airlines, of course, naturally trying to avoid tie when he's asked based the type a working to help we root some of the international flights. now, in response to all of this or washington has decided to reschedule its own ballistic missile, cast off the coast of california as tensions with china surrounding the tie. one
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price is to continue as china engages in the stabilizing military exercises around taiwan. the united states is demonstrating instead the behavior over responsible nuclear power. by reducing the risks of miscalculation and this perception, the vice chair of the shanghai center, the think tank. milton wong believes that miss pelosi was well being deliberately provocative, by visiting taiwan, ultimately forcing china to retaliate. whether this is going to be a long term thing or it's just a temporary measure. that's something we have to wait to see. we have to see the developments of the situation is quite obviously a provocative step taken by the us side to irritate china. and despite of repeated warnings and disagreements
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and persuasion. to now say, pollution pollution into council. she went ahead and make a trip to taiwan. this is not an individual visit because she has an official position. number 3 in the us government, she's the house speaker. of course charlotte is going to to to, to show its determination. and these measures are all part of the retaliation measures of china. thanks for joining us here for the program. live on our see international from the russian capital. i'm rural, re sushi. certainly a few flash points in the program tonight. of course, breaking news from the gaza strip classroom there and ukraine. we have a correspondence on the ground and more analysis coming from policies. trip to tie one. this is archie international. with
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her decades, washington adhered to what has been called the one china policy and that included taiwan for better or worse, it is kept the peace in the region house speaker nancy pelosi strip. the taiwan puts this into question, is the by the administration, needlessly and recklessly provoking china ah, the eradication of smell of ism was also conceived by hitler who formed the general
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