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tv   News  RT  August 6, 2022 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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a trail ah, when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah israeli palestinian violence escalate after tel aviv head? does that killing? including the leader of the islamic jihad group, palestinian militants, reportedly launch more than a 100 rockets, said israel in response to the russian investigative committee accuses care of shelling a hospital in the center of don. yes, leaving several people injured, including a child. also this, our russia and china hall on the us to reduce the nuclear deployment and stop expanding its military infrastructure abroad, saying it poses a threat to international peace and security. and african flam comments by the u. s . ambassador to the united nations. the war nations could be held responsible if
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they trade in us sanctioned commodities such as russian oil. ah, hello from moscow to wherever you're tuning and from this is our to international. would this our stop news stories? i'm fear ela is of all happy to have you with us is really armed forces in palestinian militants have exchange of massive rocket and air shrikes tonight. that as tensions in the region mounted after tele be stop the gaza strip, killing at least 10 people in response to the israeli strikes, the palestinian islamic jihad claim to have launched a 100 rockets from the gaza strip towards israel while television that at least 50 rockets were fired, air raid sirens were heard in the south of the country, a defense correspondent for the israeli. i 24 news channel brought us up to speed with the latest. a very tense night, the head for the residence or for the guys
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a border communities. here around, out say with their concerned that there will be many, many more marriages over rockets making the way from the guys a street and into is really territory. the 1st damage of rockets following the beginning of these really operation in gaza. that 1st beverage came at around 9 p. m. local time included some 80 rockets or so the vast majority of them fired here to the guys border communities, but some even 5 further north to the city over build and even to the city of but the army southern suburb of taylor vive in, of course the big question, which will determine the fate of this israeli operation? how strong and how big will these army g had respond to the killing of the leaders will be. and another interesting question will, how much join the operation egypt is putting immense pressure on from us to stay
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outside for now, this is israel has conveyed the message that for the moment it is only striking islamic jihad, the targets. all of those killed. in the initial operation, come from the ranks of these army g had. so how much under immense pressure air from egypt, especially not to join of the operation. of course, if it will conduct an operation against these. i mean, there is one story and operation against islamic jihad and how much that is. of course, another story. the answer to these questions will eventually determine the fate of this latest israeli operation in the gala street. and as far as you can see, the moment a building and gaza was struck. israel said the leader of the militant wing of the islamic jihad movement was killed. and what it described as a special operation against the group, the palestinian islamic jihad is banned in russia and recognized as a terrorist group, a warning to viewers you may find the following images disturbing. this video shows
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the aftermath of the attack with people carrying the body of a 5 year old victim. the strike was a part of an anti terrorist israeli operation named breaking dawn, which saw 10 people killed in over 50 injured. at the same time, b is really defense ministry announced a state of emergency in an 80 kilometer zone around garza extending into israel. earlier the country's military announced it was sending more troops to the area in case of possible reprisal attacks following its strike. and the recent arrest of its senior militant in the west bank, yara eat a board member at amnesty international, who's in gaza right now, has more on the latest i'm sitting right now in my house, and i can see there is the window across from me and i can hear the bombs every now and then i jump because it's getting closer and closer. i think kind of the situation is very intense. everyone is anxious. everyone is scared. for me. i've lived in the u. k for the past 6 years. and the reason i left is because of my
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trauma because of what i've witnessed in gaza and now being backing us after 6 years because my father passed away having to witness the same trauma that made me leave is, is really, really difficult. i can remember the 201420122008 wars. you know, the situation is very than there is bombing all over the place. it's not an operation against only this them. if you had it's an operation against anyone who lives in garza because the target everyone and they don't respect any person or anyone. there is no safe mason guys. i can't run away. we don't have basements to hide, and we don't have anything. we could win the bomb the bomb randomly. in the last word i was in the massacre of a fall. i literally suffered from p as the depression and anxiety since then. and because i am an ordinary citizen, i work with international i dedicated my whole life to raise the voice of my people
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. i was 14 and i literally witnessed people getting cut in half in front of my eyes . you know, i was separated from my father for 6 years and he died this year and i didn't see him for 6 years. this is not to equal sides. you know what? we have to go through and palestine, what we have to go through and got that. no human being in the hood word goes through. after the attack on the leader of the islamic jihad, the israeli army continued to strike the gaza strip, attacking weapons production plants as well as warehouses and firing positions belonging to palestinian militants. meanwhile, near the israel guys, a border arm palestinians took to the streets of the west bank to show their support of garza in the escalating conflict. michael maloof, a former senior security policy analyst in alexandra, bruno, and independent political analysts offered their thoughts on how this conflict could easily spiral out of control. the shelling is in
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a very confined area and the hot and the risk of getting civilians is extremely high. and so you're going to see many innocent people killed. and this is just kind of foam and even further violence and retaliation. this could, this could be the beginning of a very serious unraveling why it will happen now. it's, it's beyond me, given all the other tensions in the, in the area that, that are occurring. i just think that that with this thing could actually very easily get out of control. and it could bring in other groups. and this thing could expand very, very rapidly. the operation effectively started 2 days ago on august the 3rd, when they arrested the static you had leader. also, what is important is the context here. israel is going to have it's, i believe, 5th election in the span of 3 years. i called this operation the beginning of the
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electro season because benjamin netanyahu still in the background for the right is going to play this card. so forcing the central government of you, i would love to have to show his own credentials in this regard. this operation will not just last a few days and everything is in place for another invasion of garza by the israelis ukrainian forces have targeted a hospital in the center of don. yes, according to the russian investigative committee, ukrainian army, shelly hit, the maternity wing of the building, 10 people were reportedly wounded, including a child. he has yet to comment on the incident. the latest attack comes as the shelling of dying as continues on a daily basis. the city's mayor said ukrainian forces shell the city and destroyed
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a bus carrying civilians. 3 people were killed in the strike, leaving 5 more wounded. over the last few days, the ukrainian military has targeted several residential areas in the relentless shelling of don. yes, a warning again, you may find the falling image is disturbing. a video has appeared on social networks showing more victims of thursday shelling in don. yes. a grandmother and her granddaughter were found dead in a park. they were heading to the local theater when the attack happened. our teaser among closer has more on the innocent victims of the shelling done. bus altura is just one of many places that were struck by ukrainian artillery on thursday. according to the art director of dun boss, all para, the world old valet, had lost one of its most prominent dancers. galena was a teacher too many stores of ballet around the world. along with her, there was another casualty, school of year old katya. she is right here. she was killed as well
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as galena was bringing her to this theatre. now katya was supposed to become the next ballet superstar, which it delicately with chilly. she was very talented to why i always wanted to help her because she took all my lessons well and she was very smart with amazing talent. with it. she was off stop. she was invited to the iconic eng by gone over academia russian ballet if she had to go there soon. and in order to be in shape when she called our best teacher for galena vessel. yes. now i want to study with her that day they went to meet each other. kathy was with her grandmother and galena vassal. yes, nath. when they were struck by the ukrainian shell, it was a terrible death. every one was told to paces so scary. at that time we was sitting in a bomb shelter and we heard a terrible explosion. the fit was shaking from anatole. oh oh. busy
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it was, sheila stood lena, this leave, this is develop so many stars. and now they write to us from germany, italy and america. she was the teacher for styles who later became leading masters of the stage of european faces were much jeremy. ah, ah. though that was a, when we lose such people at the highest professionalism, it's incredibly difficult you can't. his grandfather is in shock. i feel so sorry for him. when people ask him for come in, he says, what am i going to tell you? able to hear lies. my wife here is my grand daughter without legs. it's scary and horrible. yet the point of impact, her ukrainian artillery happened to be are right in this sense are offered done. there's con thursday. we are in a so called a theater district. there is
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a movie theater right there. don voss oprah house over there. there's another drama theatre about a couple 100 meters away from here. now, this particular place is always full of people. perhaps that's the reason for the deaths of at least 6 civilians who are killed by you creating artillery on thursday from one quarter of hearty dullness, people's republic. calves are acted with outreach to a new report by amnesty international into the conduct of ukrainian forces. high level politicians, including president zalinski, say the accusations from one of the world's leading human rights organizations that ukrainian troops intentionally use civilians as human shields are false and amount to propaganda. amnesty international, amnesty international sham, fortunately tries to amnesty the terrorist state and shift the responsibility from the aggressive to the victim. and if someone makes a report in which the victim and the aggressor are allegedly the same in something,
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if some data about the victim is analyzed and what the aggressive was doing, the same time is ignored. this cannot be tolerated a year. the couple would you go, mr. put on this behavior by amnesty international is not about finding and conveying the truth to the world. it is about creating a false balance between the criminal and the victim. so please stop engaging in this creation of a false reality where everyone is guilty of something decent young instead engage in reporting the systemic large scale truth about what today's rushes were. things such a strong reaction for members of the ukrainian government. because this report from amnesty international specifically accuses ukraine of violating international humanitarian law by using residential areas such as hospitals and schools as military bases. and it's important to note here that this report didn't just find one or 2 examples. it notes an ongoing pattern in which these residential areas are used by ukraine's military. here's what the report said. we have documented to pattern of ukrainian forces put in civilians. a truce can violate the laws of war
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when they operate in populated areas. at $22.00, out of $29.00 school solicited amnesty researches either fallen soldiers using the premises or found evidence of currents or prior military activity include in the presence of military for teaks, discarded munitions, ami ration packets, and military vehicles now and it comes to the violations that are mentioned, these are ones that russia has been talking about for months, but it's also notable that there have been photos and videos posted on social media showing some of the things that are mentioned in this report. as you can see there on your screen, their images that show ukrainian troops in schools using those schools as some sort of military bases. and there have also been a number of videos posted that showed ukrainian military tanks in residential areas driving down the street. and so that's a lot of the reason why we're seeing so much frustration from the ukrainian
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government is because when it comes to those accusations, the russia is made time and time again, noting the ways in which civilians are being used by ukraine as human shields. well, now you have, and it's the international providing further evidence of those claims voted for age of anger from presidents zalinski. it's not just limited to amnesty, is it? in fact, when it comes to what we're seeing from zalinski, we've seen an increasingly aggressive rhetoric specifically towards the west, despite all of the money and all of the weapons that they have sent that has not stopped. so once he's criticism, in fact, when it comes to his latest tirade, it was believed to be aimed at a former german chancellor who recently traveled to moscow and met with russian president who. and in that speech stolen ski, accused him of quote, working for russia. it is simply disgusting when former leaders of powerful states with european values work for russia, which is fighting against these values. so when it comes to all of the aid from the
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west owens, kate is happy to take it. however, he's being increasingly critical of those countries that are helping him out. mister zalinski is not happy about the status of his funding. i believe from the the e u. we've seen that before, but what's the latest update here? yeah, that's a raisins. he's also speaking out about that, and he is claiming that there's about 8000000000 euros and funding which are being held up by the you. now, notably in his statement on it, he refused to say which country was responsible. however, his office has spoken out and said that they believe that it is in germany. here's what zalinski had to say about that. the see me out of the 8000000000 euros for ukraine, a currently suspended. and such an artificial delay of macro financial assistance to us, it is either a crime or mistake. and it's difficult to say which is worse in such conditions. the full scale war. i don't want to name the european country that slowing it down . now, let's believe that this is still a mistake, and it will be corrected. now it's also notable here. there's always,
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he has been exceptionally critical of any countries that suggest any sort of talks with russia. however, now he's probably speaking out and calling on china to have discussions with the frame, so we'll see exactly where that request. that's r t unit o'neill, and rachel blevins. leo, need us chris and topple those former greek ambassador. diplomat says if the landscape will pay a high price for his rhetoric, he's hitting the west, and this shows that something is not going well inside you inside ukraine. inside his administration. i mean, he gives the impression that he is panicking the wish understands that nothing is happening there more and more going towards starting discussions with moscow. and i think that this is the message that lensky is getting,
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and that's why he's also kind of course on the west will try at this moment to reassure him that they're all behind him. but if, but if he doesn't stop touring, he's going to pay for that in a, in a very bad way. africans have met with outrage. the words of the u. s. ambassador to the united nations during her tour of the continent, the official warned african nations they could face consequences if they trade in us sanction commodities such as russian oil. if a country decides to engage in with russia where there are sanctions, then they are break, breaking those sanctions are breaking our sanctions. and in some cases they're breaking un sanctions with other countries. and we caution countries not to break those sanctions because then if they do that they stand the chance of having a actions taken against them poor for breaking those sanctions.
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the hypocrisy never stops. and what's painful is they send a child from african origin to spread their propaganda and exploitative agendas. usa is the source of countless atrocities in this modern world. sort your moral compass as a country 1st before coming to preach in africa. thanks for your offer, but you should have it in your mind that uganda can survive without your assistance . so please, if you want to assist, go ahead without applying your hypocritical conditions. africa does not wander need the u. s. we have china, russia, and other friends, thomas greenfield spoke in the ugandan capital after a meeting with the countries president, a u. s. ally was not criticized russia's military operation in ukraine and has expressed sympathy with moscow. uganda is the u. s. as official 1st stop on an african tour that will include visit said gonna and kate birthday. her trip comes a week after the african visit of survey lab,
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rob the russian foreign minister who dismiss charges that moscow is fully responsible for a dangerous food crisis and countries ranging from somalia to south sudan processor . we heard from mo dba madiba, co founder of the insight factor, and an investigative journalist who says, african countries are capable of choosing their own policies. the comments by the, by the, by the, by that states and their authority simply another form of colonization to formal security companies funding thinking that they can dictate to the rest of the world, what they should do, how we should think as if african people kind of thing for themselves, i mean america doesn't seem to care about what happens of africa. lisa's benefits, and the only reason why dimension to put crisis was they wanted to make it seem as if it's a rush, as faults with regards to the military operation. and you, great, so they wanted to play russia for that, you know, without looking at the facts about looking at they actually did a cable with regards to sections. you know,
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there is why those requests on the question was because of the sections and to which you know. so i just want to question, i just feel that there you don't care when you reason why i was mentioned the leash, otherwise mission was wash is the key player the wants that goes to and if you know anything that's which have to transform the energy of africa jump to come from russia, so anything would cease to destabilize that that's what the united states was. on friday, pakistan's election commission ordered, ousted prim prime minister emerald con, to appear personally out of hearing on allegations of his party receiving prohibited funding. pakistan's ruling alliance. earlier filed a petition with the election commission seeking a lifetime disqualification for con, for not disclosing information about receiving gifts from other states. the former pakistani p. m denies the accusations the pci political parts. he collected
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money from companies in 2012 and the law prohibiting this action was formulated in 2017. therefore, no law has been while aged. the election commission of pakistan is saying that the money raised by overseas pakistanis is illegal there, calling it foreign funding. tell me if these montes foreign funding than waterbaugh, the reminiscences of the money that has signed for earthquakes and floods. meanwhile, thousands in pakistan took to the streets of karachi outside the election commission building to protest the ruling on the alleged illegal foreign funding of cons. party protestors carried banners calling for the chief election commissioner's resignation. earlier the former p. m called on his supporters to gather in peaceful protest in an address via video video link. demonstrators claim be election commissions decision is bias and aiming at getting rid of a serious political contender. election commission's decision is biased and we're here to protest. we demand a free and fair elections,
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and we're going to the traditional commission to register a complaint against the chief election commissioner as he delivered a horrible decision and deliberately turned it into a foreign funding case. with the purpose of that decision is to talk it only p t i . and to make an occasion against demeron con, in such a way that people with turn against him, that this cannot happen because emron khan is honest and trustworthy and they have given the wrong decision. and if they are so concerned about foreign funding, why did they ask other parties who actually have ties to india? we demand early free and fair elections. the legal grounds for cause this qualification are set to be the non disclosure of prohibited funding from foreign states and organizations. finally to disclose funding information was the same reason. former pakistani prime minister no was sharif, was removed from office in 2017 sharif was sentenced to 10 years in prison and is
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currently in london, receiving medical treatment research associate at the university of la hor side alley jeffrey says, the pro emron cod movement in pakistan is gaining momentum and this ruling is his opponent's best chance to keep him out of power. this is the election commission bank to the main one particular party type thing, the p t. because these lambert, high court and one of which decisions a few months back get accordingly or dean d like in commission to here and decided to fun cases of all political parties together. so this is sheer, victimization. and if you look at the decision that has come out from the big, it is full of headers. most of the people on the list are foreigners, they are, they are overseas by them. i just, i need to become old on p v. and recorded with thing that we have overseas focus and he's an overseas focused on these have rights and privileges to donate to any
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political party. in fact, the popularity is swelling. by the minute you see dozens of you know, many people out outside on the door. every day, whenever he makes a goal, or whenever he gives a call, people come out and you know, come on the streets and every city of the country and without fail. so the popularity is increasing and this is the last roll, the dice that the opposition has. and if this is the operating would typically have nothing against him. because every other thing that the opposition has done since april 9 has, has, you know, going to the russian delegation to the u. n. has called on washington to return its nuclear weapons to us territory. se nato should stop developing its military infrastructure in europe. with the aim of preventing another pernicious nuclear
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arms race, russia has unilaterally undertaken the commitment not to be the 1st to deploy systems covered by the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty in regions where such us made systems are not deployed. we call on the united states and its allies to undertake similar commitments. russia is not the only country concern about the us nuclear proliferation. beijing has also called on washington to reduce its deployment and return to dialog on arms control issues. china accuses the u. s. a, posing a threat to international peace and security with a sigh, verse nuclear arsenal. beijing made the statements during the non proliferation nuke of nuclear weapons review conference in new york. chinese representative slammed the u. s. for investing trillions of dollars in the development of different types of nuclear arms warning this could lower the threshold for the use of such weapons. beijing also excuse washington, of undermining the regional and global strategic balance by developing advanced
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missile defenses in asia and europe as well as sharing nuclear weapons with non nuclear states calling on washington to stop the practice. the united states should withdraw all its nuclear weapons from europe and refrain from deploying nuclear weapons in any other region. any attempt to replicate nato's new killer sharing model in the asia pacific region would undermine regional strategic balance and stability, and would be firmly opposed by the countries in the region. and when necessary, faced severe countermeasures. china's concerns are not without cause. the u. s. is the only state to have used nuclear weapons and combat against another country. in the fido month of world war 2, the u. s. devastated the japanese cities of hiroshima and nagasaki with atomic bombs. the bombings took place on the 6 and the 9th of august. in 194577 years ago to the day me.
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oh i i civil rights attorney robert p o says the leadership on global nuclear curves has to come from washington. america really wants to leave the world into disarmament. if you were the one to show the set, the example for other countries of the nuclear weapons are all no longer needed. simply a relic of the past. i think we should disarm new, clearly new, clearly down to only the most finite amount, if in existence at all,
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i think the major nuclear nations could finally see treating some of the salt one and 2 that would limit the numbers of nuclear arm to bring that have been to down to 0, but the net leadership has to come from america until they do so. they can criticize other nations for that fall and delete that there they are in that setting for the interceding period of time. we'll have to use our diplomatic efforts in order to prevent that from happening going forward. i think nuclear disarmament is the best course going forward. i think all industrialized nation should be working towards that goal. and that's her up on the hour's top stories at the rti international. don't forget to catch us on odyssey and rumble for more news. and of course, follow us on twitter and instagram and all social media pages from our content season. i ah
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well, it shows the wrong one. i just don't know. i mean you go to sleep out this day becomes the advocate an engagement. it was the trail when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground.


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