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tv   News  RT  August 6, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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a good regarding joe, by imposing these sanctions on russia has destroyed the american economy. boomerang self. ah no guns were public official say one civilian has been killed and 9 others wounded in the ukrainian shelling residential building in the city of al chance with israel's military pummeled gauze that responded for a 2nd day in a row. it's telling me to say this call to prepare for a week, and i think i can put it close. the loop with
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global humanitarian aid is redirected to ukraine. almost 1000000 africans are reportedly under threat of starvation. we get some inside from the local red cross unit, both with very welcome. this is all the international with the latest world news update is a pleasure to help you with this. i was thought with the latest from the la downs republic where at least one civilian has been killed and 9 others wounded, including children, and the ukrainian shelling of a residential block in the city of al chevy. that's according to the guns. over ortiz, this the armature footage, reportedly from the same shows part of the building in flames, with a shell in past grade to also seen on the ground nearby. officials say the fire was fox by a direct hit on the civilian building itself. windows have been blown out on some nearby homes, have also been damaged well across
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a neighboring danielle for a public official say at least one civilian has been killed and 7 others wounded in saturday, shelling of the city by ukrainian forces and some verified fatigue. j appears to show the aftermath of the attacks. saturday shelling allegedly targeted apartment blocks in the center of dawn. yes. a local school was also hit with no casualties reported there. although the building itself was heavily damaged. it comes off to a previous round of shelling on friday, killed 5 civilians and wounded $31.00 others. according to don, yes or thirty's. ortiz were mans, houser and visited some of the victims in hospital ambulances continued delivering civilians to the hospitals, all around the nets. on friday alone, at least 5 people had been killed, and or more than 30, were a wounded as
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a result of ukrainian shilling. ah, 3 of the 5 people that were killed on friday lost their lives when they were travelling on a bus rotate, landed right into the vehicle, and 3 people were killed instantly and 5 were wounded. i'm going to speak to alexander right now, who was badly injured and his wife was killed. please take a look if there was a whistle and an explosion, and then everything was on fire. i took my hat and i saw that my wife was thrown into the passenger compartment. i want to find her myself, but i had no strength left. my wife died. i have shopped on my leg, broken foot, my 2nd bike and swollen, and also i have burns civilians in donetta, cory killed and wounded in various districts of the city. now
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a hospital was also bombed by ukrainian military on last friday. as the result, several people were injured. he pledging josefina, who i'm going to speak with right now. apparently her 3 year old daughter was also wounded. many, my daughter and i arrived at the hospital at 1st it was quiet, then there was an impact. we heard an explosion, i grabbed the child and sat down and then came 2nd blast. then we went to the trauma department and the nurse there said you're bleeding. the doctors examined me and the child i had shrapnel in me, and the child also had 3 fragments, a big one and 2 smaller once. well, we were filming the report about the wounded here at the done that sca trauma center, the shelling of the city. i had resumed, so right now we will try and find out what else sir happened in the city today. however, we are already getting reports that at least one civilian was killed in the nets,
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and there were several people warranted. the shooting is not sir, stopping here in the cities, so the number of casualties might still increase as the day progresses. room on cost for of r t, the less people's republic. i mean, while tanya security forces are diffusing, scores are prohibited anti pass. now, lying scattered across the city by ukrainian shelling some of the minds which are small in size and could be mistaken for toys by children have been found at a local school. ah, the school's officials, they several children have already been wounded by such explosives. local authorities have warned of rising civilian casualties in the area so called butterfly minds are designed to designate on contacts and will usually make the person leaving them without an arm or leg. who train keeps using these lines
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despite earlier claiming to have destroyed them under international agreements. every 5th, african is now suffering from chronic famine. according to the latest data that the continent faces food and fertilizer shortages due to supply disruptions as a result of western sanctions. on russia, the latest figures from the alliance for international medical action and geo point to a drastic threat for people in africa saw whole region. according to the data, almost 1000000 africans could die due to a lack of funding. as international aid is now mainly being delivered to ukraine, the angio also says that the african region is facing the worst food security crisis in a decade with more than 38000000 people in danger. as a 40 percent increase compared to last year. however, some us officials are trying to pin the blame for the situation on russia. over
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a cwc9xw people were food insecure after a while since rushes unprovoked war, full scale invasion and ukraine, we estimate number heard rise 230000000. that would mean that more than 40000000 people will have become insecure since president chose to invade his neighbor and the other layer. however, the problems that caused timing are not new, including droughts now also the worst in decades, as well as military conflicts with extremist movements to ravaging some areas. in addition, western sanctions have complicated the shipments of wheat and other food supplies from russia and ukraine, while local stock pounds of grain are coming to an end low before the new harvest season. the spokes person of the red cross, the whole unit, told us that the international community is not doing enough to help africans. of
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course, with the crisis in ukraine, we know that ukraine and russia are some of the biggest exporters in the world of series of grains of fertilizers. and this has had their ripple effect throughout the globe. and prices rose sharply in africa at a time where it was already facing it with crisis. there was of course, a major disruption to global global supply. so this has also caused humanitarian organizations and 8 organizations to change the way they are receiving their aid or shipping their aid. so it caused a lot of disruptions and that also had the ripple effect on the ground. unfortunately, what we see around the world, whenever there are conflicts happening whenever they are crisis happening. after some time, there is don't or fatigue. this is situation that we face unfortunately regularly. so the insurance company of their gross has scaled up its alterations in africa following this with crisis. we are responding situation in places where we are
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needed. at the same time, of course, we are calling on the international community to ensure that they pay attention on the crisis that is happening in an africa regarding this well, it's happening all over the world because there is additional funding that is needed. there is more attention that needs to be there in order to avert a bigger crisis. i mean, while in the black fee, i know the ship carrying ukrainian grain exports has been anchored on turkey's coast for the inspection. the congo will be checked by a joint team of experts from russia, turkey, ukraine, and see you in the shipment was made possible. thanks. the last month's international deal on exports from the conflict zone. 5 such ships have already left ukraine, transporting more than $84000.00 tons of grain. heading for britain, island, turkey, lebanon, and libya is ready on forces. and the military from the garza base islamic jihad group are exchanging rocket fire for a 2nd day in over. ah,
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ah, ah, the idea of the state is ready for a week of fighting in garza, after more than a 160 rockets were reportedly launched by militants into israel. for its part, the islamic jihad movement says if loans 60 rockets, it is well and is not prepared to negotiate a cease fire. the palestinian health ministry stays at least 15 people have been killed and more than a 150 wounded in garza. in the past 2 days, one of the raw kits reportedly hit a residential building in the israeli city of ash cologne. ah oh, most of the rockets find it as well are intercepted by the i and don't system.
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although some have still managed to break through. a country has mobilized 25000 troops and deploying more forces to the border with garza where clashes are ongoing as well, has not yet reported any casualties on its side. a local journalist told us there's not much hope for the de escalation in the coming days. we are in the middle of the house that has been targeted by israeli warplanes today on the 2nd day of the israeli a crushing in the gaza strip. as you see, this house has been completely damaged by israeli war planes, that it was been targeted at least by 2 very heavy bombs in this house. there was at least 3 families that lived here. there are completely homeless right now. none of the families have been injured or reported killed because of the israeli army called at the family and asked them to evacuate as soon as possible. but as you see
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there are a lot of left overs for the family. i'm sure they didn't have any time to take any of the of their belongings or their stuff that they love. we see beds, we see furniture which we see kitchens. and we can also hear the voice of people cleaning the glass that has been broken for the house is surrounding. and this house, the, the amount of damage is massive. as you see here is the scene. this has been targeted by israeli forces earlier today. and this was a house for 3 families that are completely homeless, right now. everything they own is destroyed. and as you see that the, the, the house is surrounding at the targeted house are also partially damaged from the air strikes earlier today. we can also hear the war plains and the drones
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in the sky as they are flying in a very low level. but till now we'll still hearing airstrikes and merced in hearing explosions until now the pilot from the ministry of health. and now that 15 palestinians have been killed while at least 120 other palestinians had been wounded, entreated 5 palestinians are currently residing right now in the intensive care unit. and also for hospital. i'm in a crisis in the health sector and the gaza strip for the reason is the 15 year of located in the gaza strip. but still there is no news or any deal of a truce between the 2, between the 2 parties. we don't have any news confirms about this. these fire agreement for the 2 parties. this was him, the quality from gaza palestine. the conflict has was ignited when idea force has killed a commander of the islamic jihad movement hitting
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a residential building. 10 people died as a result of that strike, including a 5 year old girl, which spots protests and an armed response from them. listens micro maloof, a former senior security policy analyst on the alessandra bruno and independent political analyst shed that take on how this conflict could spiral out of control. the shelling is in a very confined area and the hut and the risk of getting civilians is streaming high. and so you're going to see many innocent people killed. and this is just kind of foam and even further violence and retaliation. or this could, this could be the beginning of an almost very serious unraveling why it happened. now. it's beyond me, given all the other tensions in the, in the area that, that are occurring. i just think that with this thing could very easily get out of
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control and it could bring in other groups. and this thing could expand very, very rapidly. the operation effectively started 2 days ago on august the 3rd, when they arrested the gun and you had leader also what is important is the context here. israel is going to have it's, i believe this election in the span of 3 years. i call this operation at the beginning of the electra season because the benjamin netanyahu still in the background for the right is going to play this card. so forcing the central government of yard le pete to have to show his own credentials in this regard. it's operation will not just last a few days and everything is in place for another invasion of gaza by the israelis or the 300 demonstrators on 65 m. p. 's have been detained at ancy,
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guzman rallies in new delhi. the protests were reportedly a part of the campaign by india's main opposition party, against issues like inflation, unemployment, and rising prices. no makers were detained as they had to march to the presidential palace. some conscious supporters was taken away. people were seeing things pushed to the ground and seized upon police most released office 6 hours of brief attention as a common practice in the country. and the finance minister defend the government handling of the economy and parliament. early this week, she highlighted the fact that while major economies falling into recession, india is under no such threats while inflation is minimum. the canada has announced a new full months training cause for ukrainian troops in the u. k. as part of a british lead military program. however, previous canadian drills came in for criticism because of accusations of all to a training neo nazis and war criminals. candidates,
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department of defense promised to look into the matter that has not revealed any results to contribute to rachel marston has canada is back out as again, training ukrainian fighters last time this didn't go to well last fall, the mays during canadian press accused the canadian military of training, neo nazis, the department of defense vowed to get to the bottom of it, but there has been no public accountability. and now the defense minister has announced that there forging ahead in training, tens of thousands more ukrainian troops in the u. k. this time in advance combat over several months. i have authorized the deployment of up to 225 canadian armed forces personnel to the united kingdom, where they will train new ukrainian military recruits. it's all a continuation of canada's training mission inside ukraine operation uniform, which kicked off in 2015 to prep ukrainian fighters for dispatched to done yet. and
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once that operation was suspended in february, the u. k has nothing but glowing praise for canada's rule. canada's expertise will provide a further boost asterisk to the program and ensure that the ukranian men and women coming to the u. k. to trained to defend their country will get a wide pool of experience and skills from both u. k. forces and our international partners. but the canadian press has a much different view of canada's activities and ukraine. canada stay broadcast or the cbc reported that soldiers from the as all regiment participated in the canadian training in ukraine as recently as 2020 and even war identifying patches and insignia has the ottawa citizen found that canadian officials met with as of leaders failed to denounce their neo nazi beliefs and had photos taken alongside them that were subsequently used and as all propaganda. now, ottawa denies that spent part of its $890000000.00 ukrainian training budget on new nazis. a famous nazi hunter and holocaust scholar weighed in with some harsh words
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. for ottawa, the problem is that the canadian defense ministry did not do proper diligence and did not fully verify exactly whom they would trade. and just, you know, they want to spend millions of dollars and a, something is nebulous is as, as tray. a bunch of guys. they have no idea. okay. yeah, i mean, this negligence, there's only people gero who don't want their money, spent the taxpayer money spent her training training, neo nazis, but canada is 40, had, as it perhaps more ukrainian fighters alongside britain. but with, as all fighters now folded into the ukrainian military and a persisting lack of accountability for kansas past mistakes. how can i really be so sure, the history won't simply repeat itself. i, russian and voice review when has slammed the u. s. practice of deploying its
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nuclear weapons in other countries. moscow has repeatedly called on washington to withdraw its next back to the states. national political will mall polish, shall nuclear deterrence is purely defensive in nature. we have repeatedly called for the withdrawal of us nuclear weapons to american territory, the illumination of the infrastructure for their deployment in europe and announced to nature's practice of joint nuclear missions. in order to prevent a new disastrous nuclear arms race. russia hersey, unilaterally committed itself to void, being the 1st to deploy systems that fall under the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty in those regions were such american made weapons will not be deployed . we're calling the united states and its allies to make similar commitments. russia is not the only country concerned about us. nuclear proliferation. china has also called on washington to reduce its deployments and return to dialogue on arms control. aging has criticized the us for investing trillions of dollars in new
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types of nukes, warning that this could lower the, the threshold for the use of such weapons. china has also accused washington of undermining the regional and global strategic balance by developing advanced missile defenses in asia and europe, as well as sharing nuclear weapons with non nuclear states. may the united states should withdraw all its nuclear weapons from europe and refrain from deploying nuclear weapons in any other region. any attempt to replicate nato's new killer sharing model in the asia pacific region would undermine regional strategic balance and stability, and would be firmly opposed by the countries in the region and when necessary face severe countermeasures. chinese concerns are not without causes. the us is the only state to have use nuclear weapons in combat against another country. and the americans even did it twice. 77 years ago in the final weeks of world war 2, the u. s. devastated the japanese cities of her ashima and nag psyche,
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with atomic bombs killing hundreds of thousands of civilians. ah, ah ah ah, ah. civil rights attorney roberts patello say is a despite the lessons of history, the world still underestimates the nuclear threat. today. we have enough nuclear weapons i in the ourselves, distal 3 countries to affect, to live in the life on the planet. and i think that to this quite in person,
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going to sleep at night. and people understood the true threat of that because they will be across the board a world wide called in nuclear weapons use. so no, i don't think the american people people, the world in general understand the danger to we all sit under that one rogue madman for us off a chain of events. they could refer to we in civilization as we know it. the nuclear weapons are oh, no longer need in simply radical to pass. i think we should disarm under, clearly new, clearly down to only the most finite amount, if in existence at all, i think the major nuclear nations could friday see treaty some of the result, one to that will limit the numbers when we're armed to bring that eventually down to 0 pakistan selection commission that has a loaded, ousted prime minister in round con to appear at a hearing on allegations of his party receiving prohibited funding. pakistan's routing alliance earlier found a petition seeking a lifetime disqualification for con,
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for failing to disclose information about receiving gifts from at the states. the former premier has denied the accusations. the peachy political party collected money from companies in 2012 and the law prohibited this action was formulated in 2017. therefore, no law has been violated. the election commission of pakistan is saying that the money raised by overseas pakistan is, is illegal there, calling it for and funding. tell me if this montes 4 in funding, then what about the remittances and the money that assigned for earthquakes and floods. meanwhile, thousands since the straits of karachi to protest the ruling on the alleged, the legal foreign funding of cons. policy demonstrates as carried bonnet calling for the resignation of the chief election commissioner. earlier in ron paul called on his supporters to rally peacefully, protest to say the election commission's decision is biased and is saying that getting rid of a serious political contender. election commission's decision is biased and
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we're here to protest. we demand a free and fair elections, and we're going to the traditional commission to register a complaint against the chief election commissioner as he delivered a horrible decision and deliberately turned it into a foreign funding case. what's the purpose of the decision as to target only p t i . and to make an occasion against them or, and con, in such a way that people would turn against him. but this can happen because enron con, is honest and trustworthy. they have given the wrong decision and if they are so concerned about foreign funding, why didn't they ask other parties who actually have ties to india? we demand early free and fair elections. the legal grounds, the cons. disqualification also could be the non disclosure of prohibited funding from foreign states and organizations. failing to disclose funding information was
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the same reason form of pakistani permanence and now is sharif, was removed from office back in 2017 sharif was late sentenced to 10 years in prison. these currently in london, receiving medical treatment research associates, the university of hong, told us that the pro iran con, movement in pakistan is gaining momentum. or the latest ruling is his opponents, his best chance to keep him out of power. popularity is increasing and this is the last roll, the dice that the operation has. and if this is the operating would typically have nothing in the engine because every other thing that the opposition have done since april 9 has, you know, don't understand. the idea here is that if the government, obviously, the state of pakistan is not a part of the us, but the government would not go the extra mile, perhaps too big, and then the book comes to shove. so if you were to contextualize this
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entire debate in this, in this scenario, i would, i would say that with him, ron, in power, the us would not have whatever, whatever day with the person who would be form in drawing red lines off pakistan. the problem with government id one, it lacks a big mandate to it is on it is uncertain what it wants to do. 3 is giving many a mixed signal to the public as well as, as well as foreign actors. many thanks to keeping his company here in asi, international and as always, you can find plenty more news updates, discussion and debate on our website, r t dot com with
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult. time. time to sit down and talk with them is the aggressor poon chose is war today. i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions with strangers. you speak, i'm assuming you mostly mind the branding, all imports of russian oil and gas combined and imposing the sanctions. i brochure
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no as destroyed the american. in fact, there's a boomerang. i where you're suffering though, i was really hitting people in the pocket book boys or girls was honest there are you using your, your router business or not you, this is gonna impose severe cost on the russian economy of immediately. and over top of that on there, but we have list for the social and then use that for them a little bit past the mess this all the emeralds. remember him very and absorb it. so develop it. big body hub did show that 21st century is with asia. russia is also an asian country and going to develop military cooperation. similar to what nature does in europe propose looking for a shorter chauffeur to swing by law or
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trade was the search for new markets in port substitution. the word sanctions has become part of our daily vocabulary neutralizer, flooded with more and more reports of restrictions. however, sanctions as an instrument of influence and nothing new. they been used against russia for decades. sanctity women against new threats here is paul, is a kick instrument of jacob stared with how and then did the united states come up with this concept of sanctions. instead of real military action operation sanctions can be imposed when you don't know what to do. does the united states want to go to war with russia over you? craig? i can tell you right now bed that would not be a popular outcome. a given the fact that russia has 6000 nuclear weapons, we have 5500 in any war with.


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