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it is a a, with a free iraq is a nuclear power plant to the country, south controlled by russia for the 2nd time in today. talking 1st phase of the potential. this is going to have reportedly agreed to implemented the fire late on sunday as at least 31. people have already been killed in gauze that including 6 children with a lack of condemnation from the west. under the week stories china flakes the military mouth, those around high one responds to a provocative visit to the island by get with how speaking nancy pelosi, just by paging warning games
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with hello and welcome. you're watching the weekly here on the international with the latest world news updates, along with a reminder of the stories that shapes the week. thanks for tuning in. ukraine has show the area a nuclear power plant in the country south to the 2nd time in 2 days, not according to russian, back to officials and ukraine. southern zap, hosea region who say, rocket and shrapnel felt just a few 100 meters from the atomic facility. okay. some of the footage released by local authority showing the aftermath of sundays attack, ukraine's military are said to have used multiple rocket launchers with cluster munitions, to show the area near the active nuclear power plant. russia has previously warned that a direct hit on the reactive could cause a disaster, worse than should no bill. the previous selling of the area took place on friday,
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sparking to fire at the facility with some power lines linked to the plant also going down. last month, the site was bombed, with remotely controlled drones, can't deny responsibilities for the attack and has blamed moscow instead. meanwhile, the international atomic energy agency has raised the alarm over the security of the nuclear power plant. but it stopped short of putting the blame on ukraine. the a has received information about the serious situation, military action, jeopardizing the safety and security of the zap, rosy nuclear power plant is completely unacceptable and must be avoided at all costs. any military firepower, directed it or from the facility would amount to playing with fire, with potentially catastrophic consequences. you know, the, i, e, a is right to speak out. but why are they naming the perpetrator? you know, it's not military action. it's ukrainian military attack against a peaceful nuclear power facility. that's what's happening here. and i think you
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have to provide that name, that recognition of who is responsible for this in order to better come up with a solution because the solution will come when nations like the united states, the nato nations, european union let ukraine know with, with 0 doubt that to continue this would put all support at risk that this is unacceptable. as f o r g, a nuclear power plant is the largest in europe, and it's among the top 10 in the world. it's react has pump out enough power to supply millions of people with 50 percent more capacity than the infamous renewable tongues. from the us marine corps intelligence officers, scott ritter again, told us the world needs to take urgent action to prevent ukraine from creating a disaster. this is a war zone that has significant air defense. i can guarantee that the air defense units of both ukraine, russia and the nato nations monitoring the situation every corded and tracked the
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incoming artillery. so this, this has already answered. there is no question. it's simply ukrainian government, muddy the waters for a political, rich relations purchase. and in the world, the super pressure on ukraine, you know, business, you're responsible. this is not self defense. this is putting the world at risk. this is ukraine holding the world hosted mitigation of a nuclear disaster in a time of war is nearly impossible. so not only would the disaster occur, but you wouldn't get the kind of concerted focus of emergency response that you had for instance, with your normal. so this thing to just spiral out of control, this is a very dangerous situation. oh, a gaza is islamic johan group has reportedly loans move in a 100 ra case, a similar tennis continuously. it is. well, within the last hour comes the mit media reports claiming the 2 sides have agreed
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to implement a sci fi at 8 pm local time. later on sunday, the deal is said to have been mediated by egypt has been no official confirmation of these recruit sofa. and military conflict in gaza has claimed the lives of any 31 people that in the past 3 days, palestinian health officials say 3 children have been killed. and israel's latest strengths which came in response to islam is rocket attack on israel. the idea has denied responsibility for the latest civilian casualties on sunday, and his blamed the islamic jihad amazement for the death. this comes and made some media reports claiming that is rarely seeking a cease fire. television stays at least $585.00 rockets have been fired into the country from gaza or that the iron dome at defense system intercepted most of them as the idea that stuff is falling of dollars or when i spoke to the tags, palestinian officials say some 650 buildings have been damaged. that is what some
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of the locals have been caught in the crossfire had to say the subject without any warning, they targeted the area near the kuwaiti hospital. or of course, it is a camp. crowded with children, women, and the elderly, they targeted houses with 6 missiles, 6 houses were completely destroyed. below for the attack was very terrifying. we ran away in panic and fear among the children and women. good in the machine was, the bulldozers could not go through. so they asked me to demolish my house so that they could enter to save people from the inside. i agreed and allowed them, as people's lives are more important in saving them is more valuable than my house . chavez and his local journalists, his coterie reporting from a funeral procession in garza, today's the 3rd day of the israel gression on the gaza strip. and now we are in the middle of the north of the cause of the trip. now there is a funeral that's going out of the mosque, the mosque where at least by palestinian children, have been killed last night for money is ready for the house and nurse are
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here to read the law of the children. according to the policy ministry has at least have been killed. the 1st day of digression, at least 200 policy and not been wanted. the arab league house condemned israel in court. the strongest possible terms of its military operation as brussels is justified. the bombing of garza sparking outrage and the european parliaments, the e you calls for maximum restraint on all sides in order to avoid a further escalation and further casualties. while israel has the right to protect its civilian population, everything must be done to prevent a broader conflict. so this is what joseph burl cause. israel has the right to protect its civilian population, seriously murder and grandmothers, and 5 year old girls. amazingly no e o calls to sanctioned a poppy israel and send arms together so people can defend themselves sika found to
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hypocrites. iran has previously also slammed as well for its military operation, voicing support the guards as islamic jihad, militant grave and saying that they are not alone. meanwhile, let me landscape why fi. elaina has praised what she calls it wells with millions calling. it's an inspiring example for you. frayne. we discussed the crisis on the international response to it with human and labor rights lawyer down kovachick. life is franco li, according to the un on livable in garza, and now without any electricity, which is also going to affect of course, the ability to pump water. people will be on the verge of it on sustainability. and that's of course, the whole plan, the israel, hey, i've been saying for years that this is a slow moving gems. israel has been blockading garza preventing garza from getting
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life saving medicines, getting food again from getting the water. israel wants to either forcibly remove or destroy the population in gaza that needs the definition of a genocide. i don't see the international community as for filling its duties to prevent war crimes and human rights abuses against people in the occupied territories. and i want to add, you know, the u. s. recently said, well, we think is your eyes the right to defend itself. well, what about the palestinians right? to defend themselves, the u. s. supports the genocide. let's face the u. s. sue's israel is it's client, stay as the chair in the middle east, and it supports it's designs on taking over all the occupied territories. towns military is reportedly planning to conduct artillery drills during the upcoming week. that will come as
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a response to chinese exercises over the island to start in the wake of us. how speaking nancy? pelosi is controversial visit to taipei patients military exercises around the island and could a ballistic missile know which is which landed in the waters off taiwan. china's armed forces also conducted drills in thick zones surrounding the islands facings. military said the exercises were focused on training for a joint blockade as well as the target assault. and as is console, i say has condemned bay jane calling it to the evil neighbour next door. busy also accusing china of destroying the taiwan straits with military drills. washington also criticized the chinese jose describing them as irresponsible and provocative and retaliation for policies. trip paging has set a time with washington in several key areas. china's foreign ministry stated that top ration is now frozen in areas such as dialogue between defense departments, military maritime consultation cooperation on illegal migration and crime,
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as well as climate change. chinese military officials of also allegedly stopped responding to cause from that pentagon counter pos. here's how else the situation has been developing. how speaker nancy pelosi is planned to visit taiwan potential stop in taiwan. visiting taiwan is in taiwan. why is she assisting that? she may well go to taiwan. it would be a serious violation of the one china principal and a grave infringement on china's sovereignty and territorial integrity. those who play with fire will come to no good and ah, thing we are in an unpredictable moment. chinese military assembling at 6 different
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locations around the island. us china relations are on shaky ground. what were she doing into everything she touches turns to that i don't want to say because i don't want them to say he used foul language in him. i don't want it does returns bad. seems to me your main goal was to stir up trouble. thanks for bringing more problems to the world. america said with raging, announce it will impose. i'm specifying factions jonna will stop corporation with us on several prominent issues. appearance measures are being directed at the united states. now the u. s. as acting treacherously on the taiwan issue
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and taiwan itself was also affected by apollo, sees trip as china, the islands, biggest trading partner, has bound imports for more than 30 taiwanese companies. earlier i took a closer look at the consequences of policies that it china is already taking action as it warned it would fall out from pillows. these whirlwind trip has been swift and brutal to quite rightly. people are asking the question, we have seen the chinese authorities take multiple economic actions against individual chinese companies, an entire sectors of the economy. taiwan has already paid a co field visit and is likely to continue to do so. the coming days of week. what concrete tangible benefits can be promised high one offset. the cost would be a tricky question. slickly deflected because she knew exactly what she'd done. and
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americans have made a bit of a habit of doing things like this. throwing others under the bus in service of their own goals. and the consequences over this brief trip are already taking hold global market. so spooked and the largest military drills around tie one in decades . ah. but it might prove that the economic measures imposed by china will tie one the most staging has already banned imports from $35.00 taiwanese exports plus restrictions on some fruit and fish. and one might not sound like a big deal. the ban on son to which the island was already short of plus if a key component of ty, one's greatest export semiconductors, which have not be mentioned. well not yet. if aging does decide to go further, people on the streets will be sure to feel it. china is tie,
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one's largest trading partner after role. so is it any wonder that there were people in taiwan who weren't engaging in the pillow? see, love fest money, $90.00 pill. what do you mean below? see what the hell i didn't care whenever you come to taiwan. want us to buy more weapons from you and fight against the people's liberation army in urban terrain. none of your business relationship between the mainland and taiwan is already very tense. you're supporting to one, but we don't need your support. you are literally pairing oil on the flames. you only make things worse. so who did this flying visit is 1st, was simply pelosi. he wanted to be pictured a chair in ty pay before he attention. he gets kicked out this november, or was it the war hawks in washington hooping ratcheting up the china rhetoric for months now? oh, and of course the military industrial complex, the very heart of american foreign policy. american officials have been quietly pressing their tie when these counterparts to buy weapons suitable for
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a symmetric warfare. a conflict in which a smaller military uses mobile systems to conduct lethal strikes on a much bigger force. so you can say what it has here is a win win. not only does it make money on selling weapons, but it also has a li, for us weapons at the ready in the region, should decide it needs them. as we know, tie one would be the 1st to pay the price for the policy. the dc warhawks. people in afghan installed all starving because the government can't access its own money, which is frozen by the us. those tens of thousands of venezuelans have paid the ultimate price of the u. s. as punitive sanctions. and then that's the ukranian people who critic say dying needlessly. just in american poll and the u. s. proxy war with russia. but apparently in the long run, it's always a price worth paying. we have heard that half a 1000000 children of god. i mean, that's more children than died when and here a shame and you know,
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if the price worth it, i think this is a very hard choice, but the price we think the price is worth it. so now he's taiwan, and pelosi won't even give it a 2nd thought she got her photo after all. a professor of politics, joseph mahoney, says the buying administration is opening meddling and chinese affairs and policies visit to tie one could be the tipping points for many are concerned. the biden has been hollowing out to one china policy, and the principal was strategic ambiguity. his characterization of china as a strategic rival is pressing nato to consider china as an adversary is block building in asia with hawkers including perforated nuclear submarines draw strayer, his meddling and china's affairs, and she and young tibet, hong kong and taiwan. his admission of u. s. troops and tie his efforts to draw china's immediate neighbors and to the so called endo pacific quad or his encouraging japan to increase military capabilities
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and commitment to upgrade a controversial missile system itself for you. all while asserting us will come to tie, wants defense. and at times, equivocating on the one china policy, all of these collectively represent several red lines, cross from aging perspective. and now what close it coming this might be the tipping point. i saw the chinese and taiwanese military results is tally up topic. total active force is just a fraction of what beijing commands, as the number of chinese aircraft navy ships and tanks also vastly exceed taiwan is military forces. the united states has been supplying the island with the arms figures and even discussed the nuclear program for taiwan to deter potential chinese attacks. for a long period of time, the u. s continued to increase its unofficial military presence in taiwan despite rising tensions between ty pay and bay jane while officially sticking to its one. china policy under which washington does not recognize taiwan as an independent
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country. investigative journalist, edward saul sais pelosi, his visit to ty, one was also mentally as a distraction from america's own problems at home. we have another example of the united states overextending itself. me for example, with nancy pelosi, i think all this visit was, well, the high, a high cost distraction that people, as you know, said the average american can't even point out where taiwan is on a map that passes the cost of food, the cost of fuel. these are the things that after americans care about, but then we see nancy pelosi and taking a little bit of a vacation around the world and at a time when trying to nothing but to gain from doing the military drug. now they get the entire world to concentrate on sure what their motor is capable. what this shows, 1st of all is the child is able to project power or its own country. time on the front, on the doorstep, you're going to see the use of futuristic. i'd say interesting, but high technology, long range, ballistic missiles,
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they're going to use this is the firing mechanism for many of the indirect fire they're going to show off. and the reason going to do this is because the united states, as a counter to it only one percent of americans view russia, other problems for the us. according to a new poll, despite the ukraine conflict remaining, a major new story in the states respond bins are more worried about inflation, bonds, governance on the state of the us economy. in fact, russia does not even make the top 10 concerns. the us citizens support for the involvement in the ukrainian crisis has plummeted off the americans were informed. what exactly that would mean for the cost of living. despite that, the senate has overwhelming the approved resolution, approving sweden and finland bids for nato membership. expanding the military alliance further on russia's border today, at a moment when democracy in europe is under attacked as belligerent autocrats like
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put in a clamor for european dominance. the us senate is voting and overwhelming bipartisan fashion to approve finland and sweden succession to the nato alliance. this is important substantively and as a signal to russia, they cannot intimidate america or europe with cross to andre thomas house in german attorney. i know professor in south africa now thank you for joining us on the program. i skipped to see now as we just had a recent post, just only one percent of american c. russia was a major problem. and yet we have nato here that just keeps on expanding. what do you make of the u. s. establishment priority here? well, i'm not sure how to explain it, but maybe it cannot make figures. g d p per country can explain it. the u. s. has g d p over about 26 trillion china, 20 trillion and russia to try to get. so what it is for russia and existential.
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5 for the bible as an independent nation. for the us, it is a pass time. it is because i chose for its military industrial complex. it is not existential. so exactly who, who the interests does nato serves the most right now is it the people, the politicians and military? while by its own statutes and ever since its inception, the actual commander of nature is in the hands of a u. s. general appointed by the us president to onset to the us president. there is no assembly, there is no representation, democratic representation of the members. so neither is an extension of the american military come up. so if mister salton reg, princeton's repeat flavors, li, whatever comes out of washington, that is no surprise to me. it is very sad that in today's day, nato has survived
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a purely military organization. that is not content with, with the interests of the people. there were a number of senators in the us that are arguing the national event defense, not nature relying, spending should be the priority. in your opinion, what does nato actually provide to the national army stones? well, nato co ordinates the, the national army and places them under effectively. americans come off and of course natal promotes massive exports or u. s. military hardware. germany immediately use it to america and increased the defense budget with another 100000000000 euros to purchase 50 f, 35 american fighter planes in sweden as follow suit into the buying f 35 pipelines . even though the swedish top industries produce very adequate and very,
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very well respected equipment, the grip and plans. so it is also a promotion of american military industrial interests. how do you expect to focus on the situation ukraine to evolve in the coming months? do you expect western appetite should we say, for the conflict to grow decrease that seems to be a bit of a new ideological obsession, especially by german chancellor charles and president micron trons. under the yes or the leadership of the slightly taller physically, toler, lady, europe's lady from the lion. and, and there was a professor's putin may northwind, his whole, russia must be defeated. and this, this, it even sounds a bit like an all styling grog formula to the last men. we will never
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see, we will never give in this, of course, to complete the country to the united nations charter for very good reasons. after world war 2, you in charge an article to stop for the most important and dictate, says, you may not threaten or use force. it's not just the use of force. it's also the stretch where the use of force and this is being ignored. not on tuesday practice a coming back to the topic of nato rewind a few years and we had to us president donald trump was highly critical of the alliance. and he accused the europeans of not contribution enough to nato. what's your take on last? well again, from a bit of an academic view, if you have no say in the organization, you're a pass. no say, then of course your enthusiasm to, to fund the limit. and i guess europe was, was different also,
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europe society had mature war had become something banished into history. nobody in europe sort of a war and nobody wanted the war. and, and vast majority of the electorate in favor of cutting the expenses for the military. so of course, america, america lives by creating a crisis and intervening using the crisis as an excuse to intervene militarily. now in the case of ukraine, they have chosen the old strategy of a proxy. well, they found ukrainian small ukraine, each with its own private economic interest in america to, to wage the proxy will be off. and of course it is. it's tied together with an all overall global economic war rush. this is, this is most disturbing. many, many academics, but not along with this are really distressed at the fact that the,
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the consensus of united nation, we will never have a use of force. we will never have a threat for the use of force again, unless it is post self defense. that, that is not being debated. rush of argument that the special millage operation was an exercise the right to self defense is not being heard when, when russia requested a special meeting of the united nations security council. as a permanent member, security council, in nothing that had never happened before, you should be cancelled simply rule that there will be no session in russia will not be all right, tom, a 1000 german attorney. i know professor in south africa many, thanks for your time. we really appreciate your insight. thank you. now the ruling coalition of senegal, the president, has law states absolute majority in parliament, but still finished 1st by a narrow margin in this week election as, according to provisional results,
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the time that the ruling parties comp last majority and will now have 2 lines support from other forces in parliament in order to pass the legislation of presidents coalition has $182.00 seats of the national assemblies total of $100.00 . 65, while the opposition claimed 80 for president saul who has been accused by the opposition of wanting to break the to turn louis and run for president again in 2024. the disappointing legislative results could cover any such ambitions from locals in some to go see this result to the find full change in the country shows among changes needed for everything that is going wrong in this country. the way we are being govern now there are floods entire populations are suffering. but we want to have a dynamic assembly, an assembly that represents and assists the people assembly claims to get this in the least people really know that we don't need deputies who only applaud in the
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assembly. the parliamentarians who tell the truth and vote for fare laws for the country. someone senegalese academic mohammad monga told us that the country will need time to adapt to the new political scene. if the outpatient patio don't push a new window, that will bring a new political context in synagogue. because from that moment we'll have maybe one year and 4 months or for quite a distance between the operation and the ruling party. and that can be very difficult if you are very difficult to implement the programs that we have in the, in the country. and that will weaken the ruling party. and it will lead to the advent of the operation. and dissertation, i don't think it will be profitable to the country because it will create more also 20 for the rest of the mandate of the current president. but of course
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i d, n. it will be the will of the people who will, that will be a at stake. the thank you can get here on the program with the top of the i with the very latest news on page with ah, to put a fidelity, you talk, you had a.


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