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tv   News  RT  August 8, 2022 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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ah ah ah, with, [000:00:00;00] with a ceasefire is breach between israel and the islamic. do you have the group in gaza with rockets, fire just minutes after it went into effect? when a good share a noticeable concerns on the pulse of the drain, the all me that during your poems, oh the military fire and write it in our tea correspond, it is targeted and shot up by israeli military as firing intensifies of the israel palestine border multiple victims and buildings a place as ukraine continues it for a lot less attack on the don. yes,
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republic with more than 400 shells launched in a single day. and the u. s. could easily remove any need for the ukraine war to continue. that's how a co founder of the rock band think floyd stress is washington's role in this class . like turning the tables on a cnn journalist, spring and interview for is basically about the action and reaction of nato pushing where i talked to the russian boy to which they promised they wouldn't do. ah, good morning from the are to international studios in moscow, russia to wherever you're catching us from, i'm fiorella is about what this hours most pressing new stories from around the world. happy to have you with us. we begin as a cease fire comes into effect in gaza with israel and the islamic, you had militant group declaring a truce. a trickle of rocket fire, however,
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was launched from the palestinian enclave just after it came into effect. ah, unverified footage is such a show. israel's defense system, intercepting rockets, while a media live stream shows a missile fire from dasa, approximately 8 minutes after the cease fire came into effect. meanwhile garza residents are seen to celebrate the agreement hoping it brings an end to the israeli military operation, which according to god's us health ministry, left 40 for palestinians dead since friday as intensive fire continued from both sides. ah, this footage shows the aftermath of an israeli air strike on the palestinian
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coastal territory of gaza. it was film during a search and rescue operation at the sight of a residential house reportedly leveled by the attack palestinian officials say some 650 buildings have been damaged in gaza over the past few days. here's what locals caught in the crossfire. i had to say doing so without any warning they targeted the area near the kuwaiti hospital that will of course, it is a cam. crowded with children, women, and the elderly and such when they targeted houses with 6 muscles, 6 houses were completely destroyed. below for the attack was very terrifying. we ran away in panic and fear among the children and women, a bush which should fall. the bulldozers could not go through, so they asked me to demolish my house so that they could enter to save people from the inside. i agreed and allowed them to act as people's lives are more important and saving them as more valuable than my house. i had chavez, wounded in the palestinian health ministry has said that more than 300 people have been injured in israeli airstrikes over the past few days. local journalists hain't coo dari reports from the hospital and gaza,
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where some of those people are being treated. we are now ineligible hospital and as you see, there are a lot of injured palestinians are coming and the palestinian and medics are now receiving the palestinians in j from the latest as rainy as rags. some of them digs were surprised. that injuries are their relatives. other people were surprised that they know these people injury and everyone is here. either. some families are waiting for their beloved ones. did even i see you centers. others have been part city, partially enjoyed. and we also noticed that there have been a couple of palestinians that have been amputated out, a girl who with at least 5 years old, had been amputated when she was injured by an israeli strike. when it was her uncle's wedding. israel says the strikes were
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a pre emptive to prevent an attack by the islamic jihad group, and i said that it will resort to force if the cease fire is breached. areas across southern israel have been under fire since friday with many people running for shelter in the cities of television, asked a lot and thorough. and on sunday, the islamic jihad group also targeted jerusalem as news of the sci fi reach. israel here are some thoughts from those in the firing line. a version of the ceasefire is just a big bluff considering all that happens here was the rocket going on, the if we didn't have the line go defend, sister, thank god. today we would have been a 2nd train, i really hope the ceasefire will last long and that we're at least able to live a bit quietly, the mid term. mm hm. or never gave anyone anything good. so piece is something big and i really want our kids and the people of israel to feel secure in our country. and professor, professor of history and international relations at the lebanese university in beirut, jamal what came believes israel actions against the militant group might find
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support from arab countries. my objective was to me, this means you have because it's considered the most radical palestinian rule. it's the most dedicated to fighting is lilian with no compromise whatsoever. many states and country might be happy to direct a blow to the slimy jihad because they considered a group that is not under there, which are not under the rules. and they cannot go products, actions, especially with regards to protecting interests, especially for the companies. the other companies that have the 3 is with israel or that are interested in normalizing mutations with amid the intensifying fire a shot was taken at r t correspond at yahoo, sci
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t by the israeli army during her report on the border of the palestinian territory of rama le, a multiples of men. a shot, a slightly bent the tim, i'm a run down. you're going to yeah. i yeah, i would, i'm a bachelor with the f and i nodded in florida and i was florida. i do got to go home with a shot was fired at the correspondence and other journalists from other channels. as an rti camera men filmed israeli forces moving towards palestinian protesters on the border with israel. the crew dive for cover, and fortunately nobody was hurt. now we have asked israel defense for to explain why the journalists were targeted, but are yet to receive a response. michael maloof,
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a former senior security policy analyst in the office of the u. s. secretary of defense says that nobody seemed to verify what they were shooting at before firing . i noticed in that film and i studied in earlier, that there was no one with binoculars to verify what they were shooting at. they probably just saw people with something on mountain, on the shoulder, and they just assumed it and you're supposed to positively identify targets. clearly they did not. and the fact to that you're, you're, the journalists were and clearly mark press designations on them. makes us very reprehensible. i also think too, they just, they just don't care. they're just a mean a and, and not verify and anything. and that's and to be allowed to do this and may high profile. i'll jazeera journalists, sharina block law, was shot dead wall covering an israeli army operation in the west bank. a review by
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the u. n's office for human rights concluded that the deadly shots were fired by israeli forces. allegation, television has denied michael maloof again says israel should face charges for the incident in you when report which did an investigation of that. it concluded that the shot came from the idea. so this is, this is something which they seem to be doing with impunity. and it's something that has to be called the, to their attention and, and, and, and with since sanctions, if necessary. because this is all intolerable, pete and, and it's clear to me too that the israelis do not want the publicity father. they're treating the palestinians. and this is why the press seems to be a fair game, even for the idea. as we bring you the latest on the conflict between israel and
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gaza, head over to our website, to find out even more with now, let's update you with the latest from the ground in don bass. 3 civilians are killed in the danielle people's republic on sunday. and 14 more were injured as ukraine continues showing residential areas according to local authorities. one of the latest places hit by shelling is believed to be a warehouse located in the north of the republic's capital city. from the footage you can see the facility has been completely consumed by fire. according to dying, ask officials ukrainian troops fired more than 400 shells on sunday alone. russia warns that calves putting europe under nuclear threat by shelling areas near zap erosion nuclear power plant in ukraine south that's for the 2nd time in 2 days . the shilling of the 0 g nuclear power plant by the ukrainian armed formations as deliberate in order to discredit russia. the ukrainian authorities do not shown
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anything, creating a real threat to the nuclear security, not only of ukraine, but of europe as well. here's what it's from the area released by local authorities, which shows cluster munitions fired by ukrainian rocket launchers littering an area near the active plant. a previous attack took place on friday, which sparked a fire at the facility and left some power lines linked to the plant down. russia has previously warned that a direct hit on the plant's reactors, could cause a disaster worse center noble disaster erosion. nuclear power plant is the largest in europe, and among the 10 largest world wide, it's reactors, pump out enough power to supply millions of people, and it has 50 percent more capacity than the infamous turnover plant. the international atomic energy agency has worn to potentially catastrophic consequences if a fire starts at the plant. let's take a closer look at how a possible explosion at the plant in southern ukraine could potentially affect the
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area most regions across ukraine and the dog bass plus russian border regions would be contaminated by radiation. but the effects could also reach much further spanning across all eastern europe, the black sea and turkey, zapora z o g officials say that i a e a hasn't taken any real steps to curb the crisis in the area. richard black, a former republican party senator, for virginia says that comes with western countries preferring to turn a blind eye to kev's tactics. right now there are such enormous force from the west, from the us, from nato, from the united kingdom. there's tremendous pressure from the western media to never say anything bad about ukraine and to make up any kind of buying that you can say against the russians. that's becoming
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a little bit frayed. pete, the information is beginning to leak out, and people are beginning to say, you know, wait a minute. it wasn't russia, they started this war. it was, they tell they started the war because they forced brushes back to the wall where the president prove he had no alternative for to defend the sovereign territory of russia. and he had to launch an attack to do that in order to preempt the attack that ukraine was planning against the don bass. so we see a gradual shift in the political environment. and now you see more people beginning to slowly, cautiously speak out and say, you know this, this ukraine war never made any sense. we're slaughtering good, decent, ukrainian, young man. we're slaughtering good,
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decent russian yet real young man and wife, so that the sons of very well connected politicians in the us, the u. k. some of these other countries can go out and cut deals for arms. now we don't know where those arms are going. the u. s. could easily remove any need for the ukraine more to continue. so says roger waters, the co founder of rock band, pink floyd, as he questions the west of the anti russian narrative, in terms of cables on his sienna and host in an interview. the conversation got pretty heated when waters accused the u. s. government of actually inciting the war . this war is basically about the action and reaction of nato pushing right up to the russian bow to which they promised they wouldn't do when you say this, that i have to say what about our role as liberators. you of all people, when you have your role is liberated, why wouldn't the united states from america?
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i encourage sir lensky, the president, to negotiate, obviating the need for this horrific her renders, swore. while mainstream media continues to push the same old ukraine stories, americans seemed to be more concerned about raging inflation and a domestic crisis, and much less about their country meddling and one foreign conflict after another. our correspond at rachel blevins has more, may not of states may have the largest economy in the world, but washington foreign policy and its involvement in one international conflict after another have fueled questions of just how long it can betray itself as a world leader. as the end of the uno, polar world is now more of a fact than a possibility. when the vitamin ministration announced an end to the war and ghana stand last year, it could have sent the message that it was ready to focus on issues at home, of which there are many as the u. s. economy is reportedly already in
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a recession. 66 percent worry that a major recession is right around the corner up from 48 percent at this time last year. at the same time, 71 percent stay there. income is not keeping up with rising expenses. but instead the u. s. government turn its focused ukraine and ramped up its funding for the country to unprecedented levels as washington pledged its support for what some call a proxy war against russia. and the us didn't stop there. the white house made that clear when they stepped aside, as nancy pelosi took a trip to taiwan, despite numerous threats from china, the result, beijing, sanction the house speaker and severed ties with washington and a number of areas signaling. this wasn't the end of the conflict between the 2 countries and as if that wasn't enough tension, the u. s. military is reportedly gearing up for joint drills with india and october, less than 100 kilometers from the border with china. oh,
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and despite his promise to revive the 2015 nuclear deal with a ron biden has yet to do so, sparking concerns that the u. s. could be in for yet another conflict. even with the presence of sporadic talk by it has yet to lift any sanctions from tehran and he has also defended keeping the countries revolutionary guard on the u. s. para list at all costs. none of these international stand offs are helping the situation on the home. as biden's, critics have pointed out that his policies have triggered a growing energy crisis. well, he has only been in office for less than 2 years yet because of his fardy slime of hysteria. what they believe on the climate. biden lockdown emergency oil and natural gas reduction by now by news crawling around the globe. what is these begging and pleading for mercy from saudi arabia, ruin and venezuela?
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you could take the 5 wars presidents in american history and put them together and they would not have done the damage. joe biden has done to our country in less than 2 years. but while biden focuses on stoking the fires of foreign conflicts, the number showed the american people are not on his side. for example, the latest gallop poll found that just one percent of americans see russia is a major issue. instead, the majority listed inflation, government leadership, and the u. s. economy, as their talk concerns. then there's biden's approval rating, which is seemingly in freefall and is now down to an all time low of just 30 percent. yet the president is still approving more money and weapons for ukraine, bringing the grand total to nearly $9000000000.00 since the beginning of the year. the biden administration's next security assistance package for ukraine is expected to be $1000000000.00. one of the largest so far and include munitions for long
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range weapons and armored medical transport vehicles. the package is expected to be announced as early as monday and would add to about $8800000.00 in aid. the united states has given ukraine since february 24th. meanwhile, the congressional budget office reports that u. s. public debt is nearly $24.00 trillion dollars, which is over 100 percent of the country's g d p. yet, even with inflation at 40 year high, isn't the economy declining, divine and ministration refuses to listen is in questions about how long the you ask can continue at this pace. and of course, how long the american taxpayers and voters will allow it. i think the american military, the strategic consultants, security experts, they, they offer ever trying again to, to run, have a big military victory. and, and i believe they think that in your credit and they could get that victory, their own reports and media. ha ha,
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contin continues repeating that new missile systems from america will, will disrupt russian logistics. russian supplies. america is definitely in a recession. many, many of my colleagues, senior critical scientists, one of their most senior brands. for jeffrey sachs are warning that america could be moving towards a new civil war linda country because the divisions between americans are so deep on, on almost all issues. let us hope that the american democratic system was its checks and balances will, will allow for change. if not, we will. she are a very, very difficult time for humanity. ah, the u. s. secretary of state has arrived in johannesburg at the start of the 3 nation tour of africa. anthony blinking strip follows a while receive visit by russian foreign minister survey lab brought to the
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continent. on monday, blinking is scheduled to make a major u. s. policy feature for authority in sub saharan africa visits to congo rewards. we'll then bring a close to an international tour that has also taken place in cambodia and the philippines are t corresponded. corolla tot lot. looks at the motors behind the trip. i'm any blanket visit here to south africa, comes of the back of joined military drills by the u. s. and the south african defense force. these drills, although they were said to be humanitarian and peacekeeping in made. so they did raise a couple of eyebrows considering that in 2019. so let me get similar drills with china and russia. if bricks, popular, and living blinking visit here is not just implemented, take an economic. it is also a way of dangling the carrot towards south africa through the breaks platinum and
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pacifying his voice within that life. this is why anthony blink and is here in south africa. he's going to convince cyril to take some anti brick stands under the guise of the african growth and opportunity act. now it's becoming clearer to the i south africa should never allow the us to use it to divide breaks. usa is fueling conflict with 2 major bricks countries, russia and china. now blinking comes to south africa to make it look like south africans are on the side of us. south africa with brakes. us secretary is here for what, why he did not follow pelosi to taiwan. we are part of bricks and we will buy russian oil. if those dollars are part of the deal, they know where to find them. south africa was not part of nonsense, and we stand with russia visit here by the united states. if over 2 lines, it's sub saharan africa strategy, where it says that it will focus on areas of common interest like trade, energy, health, and education. south africa is the united states,
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4th largest trading partner. but i think thinned china remains the countries and biggest trading partner. and the country is continuously looking east and northwest phase infrastructure development. now to some news from around the world, china's oldest wooden arch bridge caught fire and collapsed over the weekend despite a 10 hour effort to extinguish the flames. the cause of the blades is still under investigation. the bridge over 900 years old was considered a national relic. meanwhile, in india, 11 people were injured after a bus carrying 39 passengers careened off the road and fell into a deep forge in the countries north authority say 8 of those hurt have been hospitalized with one in critical condition. and in kashmir, clashes erupt in the indian administered city of free nog are over processions, marking the muslim holy month of hon. room. dozens of people were arrested as police sought to disperse,
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those attempting to participate. the government ban will harm processions in 1989. those were the hours most critical, new stories from around the globe for more news coverage. check out r t dot com and find us on rumble and odyssey also don't forget to follow us on instagram, twitter and facebook for more content the next time. ah ah not another way you. why do you easy while finance? oh yeah. or you know it's a one slide yet if south. yeah. thrashing
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