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tv   News  RT  August 8, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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that with ah ah, and recovery efforts are underway and gone the after 3 days of israeli bombing that killed at least $44.00 people and left hundreds wounded as a thief with the islamic jihad group reportedly hold of nuclear terrorism. moscow acute is here, both of shelling a russian controlled nuclear power plants and stuff, the new crane walking, fresh face of a noble scowl. there's also a new the school to delete a documentary in which the outlet were built, that most western weapons spent to ukraine or failing to reach the front lines. the
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move comes off the key of lash down to the u. s. tunnel with very well welcome to you. this is dorothy international with the latest world news update is good to happy with us that we start with gauze where at least 44 people have been killed and hundreds wounded after 3 days of israeli bombing, as strikes have ravaged residential neighborhoods on civilian infrastructure in garza, his some of the latest for teach one, the c me
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a fragile seas fire between israel and the islamic jihad militant grey is reportedly holding through monday. meanwhile, hospitals in garza flowing with civilian casualties. palestinian officials say some 650 buildings have been damaged over the past few days. his wants, some of the local court in the crossfire, had to say the subject without any warning, they targeted the area near the kuwaiti hospital. or of course, it is a camp, crowded with children, women, and the elderly, such as they targeted houses with 6 missiles. 6 houses were completely destroyed. below for the attack was very terrifying. we ran away in panic and fear among the children and women in the company. that was the bulldozers could not go through. so they asked me to demolish my house so that they could enter to save people from the inside. i agreed and allowed them to as people's lives are more important and saving them is more valuable than my house. chavez. israel said that strikes were aimed at preventing any further rocket attacks by the islamic jihad militant group
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in gaza. televi hands was that it will resort to military force again, if the fragile truth is breached. southern israel came on the rocky 5 days with many people hiding in bombshell dismissed cities of hello, vive asheville, on the roads, islamic jihad group also targeted parts of jerusalem on sunday. he is the reaction to the truth with the gaza militants. from someone who is inside israel, the fire is just a big bluff considering all that happens here was the rocket. if we didn't have the on don't defense system. thank god. today we would have been a 2nd ukraine. i really hope the fire will last long and that we are at least able to live a bit quietly or never gave anyone anything. good. so peter, something big. and i really want our kids and the people of israel to feel secure in our country club. well, some of them officials justify as well as bombing of doors are self defense, all the way to blevins investigate allegations of double standards when it comes to
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conflicts and other countries. 3 days of clashes between israel and the palestinian militant group included a number of what israel called preemptive airstrikes on gaza. which left at least 40 for palestinians dead including 15 children and more than $300.00 wounded. yet despite the photos and videos that were shared across social media, which showed israel clearly targeting heavily populated residential areas, there was virtually no outrage from the west. in fact, president biden has praised the money the u. s. spent on the iron dome system and says that it saved countless lives in israel, and he is not the only one turning a blind eye to the collateral damage in gaza. we absolutely fully support israel's right to defend itself against terrorist groups that are taking the lives of innocent civilians in israel. the u. k. stands by israel and it's right to defend itself. we condemn terrorist groups firing it civilians and violence which has resulted in casualties on both sides. we call for
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a swift end to the violence. france condemns the firing of rockets into his railey territory and reiterates its unconditional commitment to the security of israel. the focus was mainly on israel's right to defend itself with no questions asked as to why dozens of palestinian civilians were being killed. while the israeli death toll remains at 0. it's clearly a very different approach than the one western leaders of taken. and in recent months, where they mourned every ukrainian casualty that was reported and used it to condemn what they called the russian brutality, the u. k. stones, united in condemning, rushes reprehensible behavior. there were no shades of gray in this conflict. it is about right and wrong. we can't become numb to this. we can't normalize this. this is the reality. what's going on every single day, as long as russia's brutality against ukraine continues. that's why these to come to an end. she sucked on the shannon with international justice must prevail,
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those who committed these crimes will have to answer for them. and speaking of concern over civilians being killed, those western officials were nowhere to be found when ukraine and it's all turned nationalist killed. thousands and don bass over the last 8 years. not only are the tears reserved for certain cases, but so is the selective terminology west tends to use in their eyes, ukrainians, or heroes, whoever, right to force their will over regions that have declared their independence. but it's the palestinians who are labeled as terrorists, even as some of them live under an internationally recognized israeli occupation. and the have blogger see is plain to see as headlines that praised ukrainian defenders now condemned palestinian militants. palestinian militants fire rockets at israel after gaz air strikes out gun, but defiant, ukrainian twin cities defenders ready for russian attack and that's not the only
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double standard. the west seems to have. president biden spoke out on sunday saying he welcome the news of a ceasefire in gaza while refusing to condemn his israeli allies for the killing of civilians. however, the u. s. continues to refuse to encourage ukraine to negotiate a truth with russia. in fact, anyone who dares to try and do so has been met with allegations that they must be pro russian if they are advocating for peace in ukraine. that includes former u. k. labor party leader, jeremy corbett. oring arms in isn't going to bring about solution. it's only going to prolong and exaggerate this war. well, i find disappointing is that hobby, any of the world's leaders use the word piece and he's not the only one. former german chancellor, gerard schroeder, hungarian, president, victor, oregon, and even henry kissinger have made similar statements. and they have all been accused of being crumbling, apologists,
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and fact ukraine appears to be the only place where the west is not allowed to mention peace and yes, including the conflict between kosovo and serbia, where the was quick to set up talk, or the taiwan strait where the g 7 immediately called for stability and response to rising tension between beijing and washington instead of urging for p, ukraine gets even more war as a binding ministration has approved another $1000000000.00 and legal aid, which is notably one of the largest packages. so far and a parent reminder that nations are only allowed to defend themselves when the u. s . says they can just as they are only allowed to pursue peace with their neighbor. if washington is on board with the plan. we've been gauging reactions the conflicts from both the israeli and palestinian sides. he's one former director general of israel's foreign ministry alone nail and motion of the romans down from the palestinian non governmental organization network told us about the situation. we
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are yo, stuart. i have the cease fire being broken in about half an hour after it has been agreed and nothing new about the, the, it was extract expected. the feeling is that this time, if they, there is really military was say, quite precise in their, in their tax and the damage beyond the fighting units. a, was me, the mo, maybe we don't get the full in the 100 percent. correct. the picture here in israel for these really media, but i think that we are seeing more mental of improvement off there is really technologies in less people were lot involved in fighting, were killed in each round or for a conflict they, in their last day at 1015 years,
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so i think that that day which was a relatively relatively minimal a to non involved it people and all involved equipment. the situation is very, a horrible. that is a disaster. and there is continuous of this catastrophe. among the senior people are against a humanity. they are attacking gear civilians. ilda children, these are award created many damages, and the infrastructure in house is a, i think, in this a brutal attacks verbals israeli ought to be at it a consequences for the but a scene. and if he'll, i am god and they feel frustrated because there is no action from the international community to stop them and to impose and pressure to them to stop this violation for international human rights or. but instead,
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as an act of nuclear terrorism muscle, moscow is labeled kiev latest shelling of is posey a nuclear power plant in ukraine south, which is controlled by russia. he's the statements from the defense ministry. so all over on august the lens, the regime committed a new act of nuclear terrorism aimed at the energy infrastructure facilities of a zap, rosie power plant in an attempt to create a humanitarian catastrophe in the care san and zap rocher region criminal class. amunition fined by ukrainian rocket launchers within littering and area near the plans. the shelling caused a power surge at the station. a previous attack on friday spoke to fire at the facility and brought down some high voltage lines. russia has repeatedly warned that a direct hit on the plant reactors could cause a disaster. worse than should noble. as upper rosie a nuclear power plant is the largest in europe, and among the 10 biggest worldwide,
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it's react has pump out enough power to supply millions of people. and it has 50 percent more capacity than the infamous should noble plant. the international atomic energy agency has won't have potentially catastrophic consequences if a fire starts at the plant. so let's take a closer look at how a possible explosion at the facility could potentially affect the area. most of ukraine and on bath plus russian border regions would be contaminated by radiation . but the effects could also reach much further spawning across all of eastern europe, the black sea and turkey. the un chief, has called for come around the atomic complex. any attack to a nuclear plant is suicidal sync and i hope that those attacks will end. and at the same time, i hope that i will be able to have access to the plants and to emphasize it's meant that competency. meanwhile,
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ukraine nationalist battalion crockett has lost his combat capability in the hawk of region as a result of russian missile strikes. that's according to the russian defense ministry, which also says key of has also lost up to $150.00 soldiers and 14 units of military equipment in the area. russian lead forces have also targeted ukrainian troops in the nikolai of region, where he is said to have the loss of $200.00 soldiers. cbs news channels pulled a documentary revealing that most west and weapons are failing to reach the front lines in ukraine. the outlet say is the deliveries have since improved, thus it will update its report with new information. then it comes off to ukraine, lashed out of the documentary ortiz maria phenomena explains cbs reveals, or import, investigating why only 30 percent of western military aid actually makes it to the front lines and ukraine, where they're going, we don't know,
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there is really no information asked to where they going towards the number of western mainstream media personalities, voice and opinions that differ from the official western angle and supports rushes position is on the rise earlier as kind use contributor bursting to 5 minutes rent on air, explaining why he doesn't trust western journalists anymore and breaking down. what exactly is wrong with president lensky? i really feel like i bought my tongue any longer. i think the president, the ukraine, is not all that he's portrayed as by the western media. so lensky promised to in the civil war. it clearly hasn't done side last week, amnesty international issue, the report all but confirm and ukraine's war crimes. ukrainian forces have put civilians in harms way by stablish in bases and operating weapon systems in populated residential areas, including in schools and hospitals. such tactics violate international humanitarian
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law and endangered civilians as they turn civilian objects into military targets. a $22.00 out of $29.00 schools visited amnesty international research is either found soldiers using the premises or found evidence of car until prime military activity, including the presence of military fatigues, discarded munitions, army, russian packets and military vehicles. but such a revelation from a prominent n g o has been met with anger in the west and ukraine international. amnesty international unfortunately tries to see the terrorist state and shift the responsibility from the aggressive to the victim. and if someone makes the report in which the victim and the aggressor, or allegedly the same in something, if some data about the victim is analyzed and what the aggressive was doing, the same time is ignored. this cannot be tolerated, the pressure of their organization face following the publication was enormous. it even had to apologize for distress and anger caused by the report implicate in the ukrainian army. the times slammed,
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amnesty international is nothing less than 14 propaganda se the backlash where the andrews findings also forced amnesty had a opperation in here to resign. either bed, the russian guys bribed everybody, including amnesty international and cbs reports or more likely. but the lies growing to be and the truth can not be swept onto the rock anymore. which is like a former republican party solicitor for virginia says that western countries prefer to turn a blind eye to carry tactics. right now, there are such enormous force from the west, from the us, from nato, from the united kingdom. there's tremendous pressure from the western media to never say anything bad about ukraine and to make up any kind of dying that you can say against the russians. that's becoming
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a little bit frayed. pete, the information is beginning to leak out. and people are beginning to say, you know, wait a minute. it wasn't russia that started this war. it was, they tell they started the war because they forced rushes back to the wall. where the president he had no alternative but to defend the sovereign territory of russia. and he had to launch an attack to do that. in order to preempt the attack, ukraine was planning against the don bass. so we see a gradual shift in the political environment, and now you see more people beginning to slowly, cautiously speak out. and so, you know, this, this ukraine war never made any sense where slaughtering good, decent ukrainian young man were slaughtering good,
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decent russian yet young man and wife. so that the sons of very well connected politicians in the u. s. the u. k. some of these other countries can go out and cut deals for arms. now we don't know where those arms are going fresh, but h apparently showing ukrainian trips violating the rules of war is spreading on social media. a warning you might find the following image is distressing. yes, verified video appears to show a group of russian soldiers moving in to retrieve a body from the battlefield. a bomb is then dropped directly on the troops from a drone be sold to the scene, scattering from the blast. and it's not clear if any of them were killed. the video was posted anonymously on a pro ukrainian channel, finish journalists, yellow ship coven, who reports from don bass, told us that such ukrainian military actions are aimed at provoking
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a tough response from russia. oh, unfortunate. okay, sure. continue. and what we see here, and what we have witnessed, 4 or 8 years, a series of occasions against russian population. and of course, these kind of humans. they are new for roches, but they are not new g, a for us, for people dornbush. and where we are, we have all kinds of provocation, but yes, this video was absolutely brutal, absolutely discussing. and of course, the gauge all was all moral and it takes what can be, what we see here. we have a weakness here from the february that the, the russia is during a very careful sticks, wary. oh, leave the operation with limited rules. and the other side is where gina told warranty russian population in russian communities. what they want is that the roches oh, don't but troops room read page such kind of trophies,
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and that is what they are waiting so that they can do everything again, upside down. washington's commitment to a stronger partnership with africa is not about trying to outdo any one else as the message from u. s. state secretary antony blink. and who's trying to drum up cooperation during his visit to south africa when it comes to stays off there? rushes foreign ministers like a landra was warmly welcomed in several african countries. blanket insisted that washington strives to maintain an equal partnership with greeks. members, south africa, free of one sided dictates. during the same speed to the university of pretoria, the secretary of state claimed that russia is exploiting instability in africa. meanwhile, his south african counts pon stated that the country is not under pressure from either russia or the west were thoughtless of economic ties. or c correspondence corroborated totland looks at the motives behind lincoln's trip. any blanket visit
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here to south africa comes of the back of joined military drills by the u. s. and the south african, the famous for these drills, although we were said to be humanitarian and peacekeeping made. so they did raise a couple of eyebrows considering that in 2019. so let me get similar drills with china and russia. if bricks popular under the blinking visit here is not just implemented, take an economic it is also a way of dangling the carrot towards south africa through the brakes and pacifying his voice within that ally medicaid has been playing with us for a long time. there's no time for, for breaks to grow. i think more african country, same coverage to be, but of the greeks. you can see that development teens are that freak up. i'm sure you've also been off from joining that cloud. you have such developed countries now
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like your, your china or russia which can assist other countries in terms of having to achieve the same level of, of interest economy that in, at this point in time, the visit here by the united states is also to launch its sub saharan africa strategy where it says that it will focus on areas of common interest, like trade, energy, health, and education. south africa is the united, the 4th largest trading partner. but a thing thinned. china remains the countries and the biggest trading partner. and the country is continuously looking east and not west for infrastructure development or germany. things is done by it. sanction policy against russia. more and more you citizens are shifting the blame to the governments for the mounting energy crisis and make face of a cold winter that concerns a shed by populous parties in europe,
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which openly blame the latest for lack of gas supplies. tamika burn support can god smell. so that's how i also found cook. i will go ahead when made up into jail subsidies can gov about for behold. it began with bank of america goals book it was you visited mistletoe before you call me. sorry. i thought was reformulate harris. you thought my vision is up in cbs player coleman. very minute and blake, i'll shoot them as all scary, if not see from amalgams group out. there was long matthew's gospel, this little little covering cup out beetle garza comes on a good point for slab. i'll skip agency. a western official the media are increasingly framing the negative impact of western sanctions on western economies as the fault of russian president vladimir putin. cnbc says that putin's new gas squeeze condemned europe to recession and a hard winter of rationing, for example. but it's not putin's gas squeeze is exactly what the european union
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asked for. remember that they said they wanted to move away from fossil fuels towards renewables anyway, and this was just an excuse to expedite that was only after that they realised that their green fantasies, we're not going to replace russian gas and what's so insane. they can reverse course on all of this at any time. they can take their boots off their oh next, and fire up to nordstrom to pipeline, for example, is just sitting there collecting dust under american sanctions. now, various officials have pointed out that the sanctions are really only hurting europeans rather than the russian economy that they were meant to target. but rather than reverse the harm that they're doing to themselves, european officials are now doubling down on trying to convince their own citizens that if they're dragged into dire straits, well, it's vladimir putin fault. the wall street journal published an odd dead recently referring to the e, cutting off its own energy supply as rushes energy war and even arguing that the
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objective is to quote, promote social turmoil and in our populace parties. but the actual justification for the you imposing the gas shortage on itself was to help ukraine. so there are some pulling out by european sources, suggesting that not all you citizens of member states are buying the spin with almost as many blaming their own governments for the rising energy prices as they do russia. and in poland, greece and spain citizens blamed their own government far more than they do russia . now the 2nd was a rasmussen survey that found just 11 percent of americans blame russia for the energy price hikes in the u. s. compared with 52 percent. who think it's the fault of president joe biden's policies by calling it putin's price hike, or putin's tax on gas and food has he's been doing, didn't full to many people. but in the u. leadership seems to be hoping that europeans can be fools. so they can shift the blame for their own incompetence onto
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a convenient scapegoat and avoid accountability for any eventual followed. many thanks for keeping his company here in ot international does get to check our website. oh, the latest news updates, documentary, and other features that are teat doc ah, ah
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ah ah ah ah
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ah ah . hello and welcome to cross stock. were all things are considered on peter labelle . kevin, it's western backers got some truly bad news last week. amnesty international says ukraine's fighting tactics endanger civilians, zalinski and his gang are not the innocent victims media claim. plus, we hear a lot about a big offensive soon. well, will it be ukrainian or russian? ah, discuss these issues and more. i'm joined by my guess, george m u l e. in budapest,
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he's a podcast to read the guy which can be found on youtube and locals. and here in moscow, we have to meet with bob and she's a political analyst and editor. and you know me, internet media project or gentleman crossed up rules and that means you can jump any time you want. and i would appreciate it. it's not good if, as george and me k, a government was very disappointed with the international report and claiming that the tactics that the training on ratings using is violating the the rules of law of war and could be potentially being there's more crimes and then, and the see international bought back and said, you know, after all the criticism, because if you criticize a government, it's a here i can to being an apologist to racist transpose just about anything you can imagine. ok, just limits here. but if you've been following independent media, the claims that embassy internet may, we've known this from day one, it's not
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a surprise whatsoever. what is a surprise? is that a western n g a would have the courage to actually say the truth. your thoughts are right? well, maybe we'll walk in ukraine has been a little rules war, which means that not only do we have on one side and the it was victims. well, you have absolute evil on one side, absolute good on the other. and of course, one side is the victim all on just to quite an unprovoked. what was that to say? i always know about that. and so when amnesty comes along, as you say, the, the stuff that we've known from stuff which is that the ukranian forces have been using as military bases, schools and hospitals.


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