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tv   News  RT  August 9, 2022 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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a little bit of good, you know, you mentioned way of what you know if they did, you know from here that we brought to them. oh great. when you go relative to the most ah, south africa won't be pushed around. the country's tops diplomat responds to the secretary of state as he tries to convince pretoria to sever ties with russia and china. this good we exist on to some push is i think i totally agree, unfounded. as the u. s. excuses israeli attacks on gaza as self defense. we look at how western countries turn a blind eye to palestinian victims, but bend over backwards when it comes to the conflict and ukraine. pro key of social media shares a video that appears to show ukranian troops dropping
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a bomb on russian soldiers as they retrieve a body from the battlefield. also to come a slam election posters promising change on every way. but many hotels complain it's the usual empty promises from those vying for the top office dog and economy, game changer r t reports from kenya, we're pulls open enough hotly contested rates for presidency, with hopes pained on a solution to the countries financial crisis. ah, hello, and welcome from martine or national studios in moscow. i'm bureau is about what this hour's top news stories from around the globe. happy to have you join in program. south africa won't be pushed around. that's according to the country's foreign affairs minister after the u. s secretary of state tries to convince
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pretoria to sever ties with russia and china. instead, south africa's top diplomat raises concerns that those who are using the countries natural resources are d, stabilizing the region. this fear that we exist under some push is i think, a totally a rear, unfounded. a belief in the relationship that we have with eva country is also a concern about countries that have mineral interest in african countries and not there as a destabilizing force. so i think we need to look at the foot thorough of problems that give rise to insecurity, bad governance, and the absence of democracy on the african continent. it's not a one country problem that as anthony blanc and travel super doria with a speech on new policies for african countries. while washington seeks to contain
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russian and chinese influence and the region during the trip blanket blame the food prices in africa on the war. and ukraine, and called for a stronger partnership with the continental to deal with it. we seen the repercussions of russia's warn ukraine are, which are felt across the planet. and especially across africa, in rising food and energy prices. what we seek most of all is a true partnership between the united states and africa. we don't want an unbalanced or transactional relationship. and our commitment to a stronger partnership with africa is not about trying to out. do anyone else by these you fall by? this is, he's, he's a tear. it was to we as south africa in africa from china. so united was a, russia and china needs to work hard to protect it. i felt that she
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coinciding with the visit, the white house released as a document detailing it's new strategy towards sub saharan regents. the plan promotes us involvement in african nations policies, including issues such as pandemic, climate change and food insecurity. and while blank and says the u. s. won't tell africa how to behave. it also shows washington, not happy with the continents ties with russia and china, the people's republic of china. by contrast, the region as an important arena to challenge the rules based international order, and we can us relations with african peoples and governments. russia use the region as a permissive environment for paras, stables, and private military companies, often fermenting instability for strategic and financial benefit. u. s. accusations, however, don't prevent deepening ties as china is now south africa's biggest trading partner . moscow straight with the country is also on the rise with monthly exports from
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russia. this january growing more than 4 times compared to january of last year. and while the u. s, is still trying to convince the reason that russia and china are the root of all troubles, the african public seems to find more faith and ties with bricks. countries than with the west. america has been playing with us for a long time. it's now time for for bricks to grow. i think more african countries encouraged to be better off. the brakes can see that you feel of machines and africa. i'm sure he's also spinoza, roma joining that club. you have such developed countries know, like your, your china, russia region, good assist, other countries in terms of having to achieve the same living off of infrastructure economy the in, at this point in time in its new strategy. washington also sites a long and proud history of supporting africa. however, jo altman, host of the conservative daily podcast says that the u. s. who holds responsibility
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for destabilizing the continent. i don't think that the u. s. has ever is typed into sovereignty of other nations. and when they talk about these stabilization, they can look no further than themselves. and the sad part about with the u. s. says and it's just a bunch of rhetoric and look, i'm, i'm an american and i'm proud to be an american, but the apparatus within the us government has long been a d, stabilizing force and almost putting at, you know, african a place where they can't grow, that can't excel at the same rate that other countries across the world are growing and that has a lot more to do with their natural resources and how they can get access to those resources. so no, i don't believe they respect the sovereignty of any decisions that they make. and i and i, i'm, i'm actually fearful that it's going to become a tug of war and the people of those african natives. 54 nations are the ones that are going to suffer, and the african nation, especially south africa, does not trust the united states. many nations don't trust united states. i don't think anything united states does right now will be seen as anything other than a grand standing and making empty promises that they will mirror into the future
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not be able to deliver. we're committed now to gaza. we're at least 44 people have been killed and hundreds of wounded after 3 days of israeli bombing airstrikes have rabbits, residential neighborhoods and civilian infrastructure. here, some of the latest footage from the scene. mm hm. a fragile sea star between israel and the palestinian islamic jihad militant group reportedly held through monday as hospitals in gaza. struggle to treat the many civilians india during the weekend of hostilities. palestinian officials say some
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650 buildings were damaged before a truce came into effect on sunday. at the height of the tensions palestinian militants and israeli armed forces exchange rocket barrages and airstrikes. as garza again rios from devastation, the un security council has held an emergency meeting to discuss the 10th situation on the ground. he advanced on the palestinian observer call for more global attention to the humanitarian situation in gaza. while israel gained support from washington, after it accused the palestinian islamic jihad group of targeting civilians, there is no room for false narratives. the fact are clear. the palestinian islamic jihad deliberately fired 1100 rockets at these railey civilians with roughly 200 landing inside the gaza. strip killing innocent palestinians and among them young children, this is not an assessment. this is the hard truth. and israel has all the proof.
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we fully support israel's right to defend his people against terrorist threats, including from rocket fire, aimed at civilians or without regard to them. and while the u. s. ambassador to the un justifies israel's bombing of gaza, self defense, our teeth, rachel blevins, investigate the accusations of double standards when it comes to western officials, is views on conflicts in other countries. 3 days of clashes between israel and the palestinian militant group included a number of what israel called preemptive air strikes on gaza, which left at least 40 for palestinians, dead including 15 children and more than $300.00 wounded. yet despite the photos and videos that were shared across social media, which showed israel clearly targeting heavily populated residential areas, there was virtually no outrage from the west. in fact,
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president biden has praised the money the u. s. spent on the iron dome system and says that it saved countless lives in israel, and he is not the only one turning a blind eye to the collateral damage in gaza. we absolutely fully support israel's right to defend itself against terrorist groups that are taking the lives of innocent civilians in israel. the u. k. stands by israel and it's right to defend itself. we condemn terrorist groups firing it civilians and violence which has resulted in casualties on both sides. we call for a swift end to the violence. france condemns the firing of rockets into israeli territory and reiterates its unconditional commitment to the security of israel. the focus was mainly on israel's right to defend itself with no questions asked as to why dozens of palestinian civilians were being killed while the israeli death toll remains at 0. it's clearly a very different approach than the one western leaders have taken in recent months . where they mourned every ukrainian casualty that was reported and used it to
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condemn what they called the russian brutality. the u. k. stones, united in condemning, rushes reprehensible behavior. there were no shades of gray in this conflict. it is about right and wrong. we can't become known to this. we can't normalize this. this is the reality of what's going on every single day, as long as russia's brutality against ukraine continues. that's why it needs to come to an end. talk on the shouldn't do. international justice must prevail. those who committed these crimes will have to answer for them. and speaking of concern over civilians being killed, those western officials were nowhere to be found when ukraine and it's all true. nationalist killed thousands and don bass over the last 8 years. not only are the tears reserved for certain cases, but so is the selective terminology west tends to use in their eyes, ukrainians, or heroes, whoever, right, to force their will over regions that have declared their independence. but it's
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the palestinians who are labeled as terrorists, even as some of them live under an internationally recognized israeli occupation. and the have bloggers, he is plain to see as headlines that praised ukrainian defenders now condemned palestinian militants. and that's not the only double standard. the west seems to have. president biden spoke out on sunday saying he welcome the news of a ceasefire in gaza while refusing to condemn his is reli allies for the killing of civilians. however, the u. s. continues to refuse to encourage ukraine to negotiate a truce with russia and back to anyone who dares to try and do so. 6 has been met with allegations that they must be pro russian if they are advocating for peace and ukraine. that includes former u. k. labor party leader, jeremy corbett. boring home saying isn't going to bring about a solution. it's only going to prolong and exaggerate this will or if i disappointing is that a hobby,
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any of the world's leaders use the word piece and he is not the only one. former german chancellor, gerard schroeder, hungarian, president, victor, oregon. and even henry kissinger have made similar statements, and they have all been accused of being kremlin apologise. and that ukraine appears to be the only place where the west is not allowed to mention piece. and yes, as including the conflict between kosovo in serbia, where the iep was quick to set up talks or the taiwan strait, where the g 7 immediately called for stability in response to rising tensions between beijing and washington instead of urging for peace, ukraine gets even more war as the binding ministration has approved another $1000000000.00 and lethal aid, which is notably one of its largest packages so far. an apparent reminder that nations are only allowed to defend themselves when the u. s. says they can, just as they are only allowed to pursue peace with their neighbor if washington is
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on board with the plan. staying with the palestinian israeli conflict, israel's border police have responded to a claim that an idea of soldier fired at an r t film crew. this is partial footage that does not show the event in its entirety . there were crowds of protesters rallying, throwing stones and bottles at police workers and trying to enter the israeli territory. the forces on the ground fired to disperse the crowds and repel the attacks. and contrary to what has been claimed, no shots were fired media crews like a fish. yeah. they're a notable concerns on the part of the israeli army that there will be a response. oh, the military's firing. right. it us. melissa. however, you can see from footage from the live broadcast that was shot that was fired at the r t correspondent, an journalist from other channels. as the arctic camera men found is really force of moving towards house. the protesters on the border with israel,
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the crew dive for cover, and fortunately nobody was hurt. targeted r t journalists yahveh site, he had shared what happened well and a mobile model numbers. but because the like only when we were an air and israeli military vehicle drove up from a side street, there were 2 streets between us and the side of the clashes and military car drove up and stopped right in front of us. we were a few meters away from this military vehicle. and when the cameraman started filming this car approached us, and one of the soldiers turned and pointed his rifle at us. this forced us to leave the cameras and run to what's our cause. we stayed in the car on the shooting of tear gas grenades began our camera men came back to pick up the camera. he shouted, the soldier. i'm a journalist. nevertheless, the use of tear gas grenades continued. we got back into the car again, wouldn't leave it until the presenter saw the army leaving the street said that
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they had gone. we returned to pick up our equipment after that we left. in fact, it struck us to some extent because we were standing at this place before the arrival of the army, the army source. there we were wearing clothes as clearly marked with press. when the cameraman saw that the soldier had begun to raise the rifle, he changed the direction to camera, was pointing, making it clear to the soldier that he wouldn't film. and there was no need to shoot or use tear gas grenades and so on. in fact, it shocked us, and it was scary. it was very scary to see these events. in the end, we were able to leave the place without harm to anyone from our group. emma daniel . meanwhile, in africa, all eyes are on the canyon elections were poles, have opened as voters, and one of the continents largest economies choose a new president to bring a highly congested race to the close policy, clear reports from the ground. a melding station in kenya, around 22000000 people are eligible to vote in these elections with the issues
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attaching on poverty, unemployment, and corruption. the main reason as to why that when these, if they make sure one, they couldn't make statistics. beatty for, you know, account. secondly, we have one for you said it's human to having in mind that a treaty would you be lacking, but our country has been affected possibly by this a drug called corruption. corruption is what does kill this country? because you see, we have a laurel view, my, a lot of natural resources in this country, but because the of it corruption antibodies, a plan where more than a 1000000 people survive on a dollar a day election posters, the promising change every way that many voters complain it's the usual emptied promises from those vying for the top office. so who are the main faces in this
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race? with coding, the latest figures give rayleigh, think the leader of the opposition, a clear lead. this is his bid for the presidency and he's supported by the house going to place it in, or who kenyata opposing him is william wooten, who appeals to the masses of frustrated young people. most of them clerk who just want to get ahead. trades on his wags to which the stories that he once sold chickens on the side of the road. and is to day one of the wealthiest men in the country. but it's not going to be as easy for the new president to solve the issues . now will be, for example, is the largest and most important financial business and consultation had in east africa with most of the trade destined for western countries. who had the unmarked kenya, not only as a vice ho playing partner, but also a sofa stability in
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a volatile region. the race comes, i've been anxious time with the conflict in ukraine pandemic. the was the drought, kenya has faith in the waste looking in the background, we will see how the new president deals with all this on his shoulders. policy a r t. now robi kenya. a veteran canyon journalist who has covered the country's election for years can both be re says there is much at stake in the ongoing vote. this election is important because it comes up with all aspects to the. so surely the complete for life being tested. one of the issues that come strongly is the issue of the economy, the really bad, the cost of living is high people looking up to the new government plan $60.00 and to the point where it used to our basic food being too much,
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then people not up for the basic food and to that is the issue of governance out of this governance used to have what's called corruption, something that has been leaving this country for years, didn't it wasting resources and cause a lot of frustration that a lot of government public rece, the end up in people's private pocket. so this is a big issue. so how do we, the thing is, who is going to be fixing the economy? fresh footage, apparently showing kids troops dropping a bomb on russian soldiers is spreading on pro ukrainian social media accounts. a warning you might find the following images distressing. the unverified video appears to show the group moving in to retrieve what appears to be a body from the battlefield. a bomb is then dropped directly onto them from a drone. the soldiers are seen scattering from the effects of the blast, and it's not clear if any of them are killed, finish journalists, news, put coven,
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who reports from the don best hole, does that such military actions are aimed at provoking a tough response from russia. occasionally continue and what we see here and what we have witnessed for 8 years, a series of publications against the russian population. and of course, these kind of events, they are new for roches, but they are not the new year for us, for people who don't list and where we are. we have faith, all kind of provocation, but this video was absolutely brutal, absolutely discussing. and and of course the guest all was all moral and ethics. what can be what we see here, what we have witnessed here from the february that the the raja is doing a very careful sticks rary. oh, leave that operation with limited goals and the other side is waging a total war against russian population in russian communities. what they want is
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that the russians or the don't was troops will read page such kind of trophies and, and that is what they always be so that they can turn everything again upside down . meanwhile, ukrainian trips continue to intensively shall the dying as people's republic civil infrastructure. a recent video showing a furniture factory engulfed in flames following the attacks. according to local authorities, ukraine fire nearly 400 shells on monday, leaving 4 people dead and 14 others wounded. on the don yes, front lines as russian led forces advanced towards the central city of oakland. are in the republic, our teeth collette algebra reports from their foreign positions. a holly anne with a giant thought that we are now traveling in the direction of ogle under this grad missile defense system is ready to hit ukrainian positions in this direction. after russian forces advanced into several strategically important areas you have elected
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. yeah, i said, but on the hill, i don't know a walk to him from you on you huddle fee. so be the blanket calculations of being carried out a precious time is being spent on delivering targets. it strikes against the ukrainian forces which continuously shelling the don versus laura to get a book on we'll get the horrible besought in the arly gets in the group is moving at high speed to complete the task before the location of the ground batteries discovered by ukrainian national forces, more money on them, the battery is firing at the positions of the armed forces of ukraine, and she quickly changes their location so as not to become a target of enemy forces. somebody call ma moment to garage that while the forces of the dpr and the russian federation, moving towards the door. grad missiles are firing at ukrainian positions located in this direction of the wonderful the forces, the dpr in russian federation. and the city of pesky are moving further west storm
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into the fence of the armed forces of ukraine in the direction of oglethorpe, in order to liberate the entire territory of the dpr in dumbass in the near future . to some news, in brief, now in bangladesh, hundreds of people have rallied against the government's failure to perm record, high gas prices. prices have recently risen by over 50 percent causing demonstrators to surround feel stations demanding that government measures the reverse. meanwhile in cuba, yet another tank of crude oil has caught fire at a large oil storage facility. in the country's western part of my time says the blaze follows to other incidents that sol tankers go up in flames and collapse over the weekend. the fires come as the country faces acute energy shortages with black outs, scheduled for the capitol of havana over to china. now we're beijing's forces have extended military drills near ty, one in
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a further responds to us. how speaker nancy pelosi is visit. china's military says the exercises will continue with a focus on anti submarine. an air to ship strikes. ah, and that's a rap on this ours most pressing stories from around the world. be sure to check out our t. v dot com for more news coverage. find us on odyssey and rumble for more video content and follow up on instagram and twitter for more up to the minute information. so your next time on our tea. ah oh well, it shows the wrong one. 0, please. just don't hold any new rules. yes, to see proud disdain, because the african and engagement equals trail. when so
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many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at that point obviously is too great truck rather than fair with take on various char, i mean with artificial intelligence. real somebody with a robot less protective phone existence with
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i'm willing of the a so booty, toya know cranium. t coyer. soon enough idea. she ship a duck lean ship with control and put you on board. so we should, she'll go to the, to g at the mo, the by like you system will only be me of them did not sing device such a tough lucy lean. yeah, we can do bu, pocono channels. actually jim's out arco room. there's a crazy that to where you store lot of the my subway, but just dory yes or no salad shalise get us, but we ship them instead of just to go to, to go. i needed his daughter to take him over to them. i need a new transcript for that. and he is a single one. they reached over or where you can actually meet
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with global. i'm saying years about how she took on a job these to broadview natalie, few career to take a picture, go double play. you have j posted on that. so you awe on november the 3rd 1945, just a month after the war ended. the u. s. joint chiefs of staff receive report number 3 to 9 and select 20 targets to attack in the soviet union with nuclear bombs. the time was right. as the u. s. s. all was devastated by war. united states lost about $400000.00 people at the brit sloss less than the americans did. and the soviets suffer 27000000 deaths.
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what is 7000000 is an incredible number. with john kennedy k, american university of commencement address of 8063. he said that what the soviet suffered of world war 2 was the equivalent of the entire united states, east of chicago having been destroyed. mm. initially the plan to attack the u. s. l was code named trojan overtime devolved into pincher bush, mega crankshaft, halfmoon, cold wheel, off tackle and sharia. december 19th, 1949. so the adoption of the best known plan to wipe out the soviets operation. dropshot, date of attack. january the 1st 1957. to
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the plan outlined the complete annihilation of the usa under the democratic guise of liberating the nations from communism. but those very nations would be wiped out alone with communism. in the 1st phase of authoration, dropshot in visits dropping 300 nuclear and 250000 tons of conventional bombs on the soviet union. in 100 soviet cities were pre selected as targets. the 2nd phase, the ussr is attacked by 250 nato divisions. soviet thoughts are taken over by nato naval forces. the 3rd phase annihilating the u. s. i saw wiping it off the weld map.


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