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hold on one quick minute when we hang up, when he does want to understand this model, which one the public storage store, make sure we can start it or those are the store of noise, new and easy or the non us as well. so it was one more score. so now or some of them. so i'm not at the was just this to go get this just get a little bit so good to me as to where you were in this new monitor. good morning with border. dunham is who i stayed on top of you with this and i wanted some i didn't touch those costs are doing a nebulizer. i wish somebody that since he's been a bit, boston paul was in versa, because i was need not court. it's for station as a spacious floor by bathing was kitchens experience. just all knock with same sped gums of. could you please at your cynical mccord, i'm up with
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a bunch of stories about ported yesterday's this new spirit any of the supreme you need? once i done a concert or to mooney my, mr. michael down with the pyramid and william mcadams, am shirts is our new ah,
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the only so i'm in the holding cell lab law is to real quick. just go with them there. let them in. let me just look idea. where does miss julia? a social studies? yes, the hold of social studies would be should be special. where you're wishing to set wrist essential. isn't you 31 to 3? well, at least in your life is east of last night before you got the bubble up in florida. it's just for boy, he's just saying is that all your bill of the queer to be sufficient? go ask or a bomb usually. usually what progress would keep watching europe and weeks happening in my little style is when you get your opinion level one of the key for you. mm hm . i was for a speech you need, you just got to meet by each lead sheet because when the, when the key, because when you, when you stir lenses, you couldn't go when you played with us more joy smart to do it. or would you
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listen? i dealer secret and if it was pathetic, then you can will. sure though when you thought about the home you thought it was for the the elective for both one was it made me go back on to that for both? no, that's not. it's not the check code name associate professor, born in the appropriate job, screeching formerly. and as of instructor, a neo nazi ideology, we paid great attention to young recruits who he enrolled and indoctrinated with new ha. similar people he spoke to receive a boy story. the school year, which is the one with eligible one year old office was wadell open, almost new store for the things i. well,
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what 2nd solution is? yes, the years i sort of guy was doing you, what would he miss william as well? what she wants to share with you one with the one i'm education, you know, are you because i was with you because when you little cars noah, i was also was not pcb. it glass from what you know, dollar a year now, do you mean the, what model shows all of us broken, appointed us with the what it was all started this we would do it yourself even like it or what the cool pushing and where you buy. so that the what we will not andre ignorant you code name spider as our regiment, artillery detachment commander, born in the globe before the hostilities he'd been arrested in ukraine for grievous bodily harm. he was facing 8 years in prison, took part in hostilities and don baths. involved in robbery looting and murder of civilians. left over. okay. i will for you
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to correct for motion. so the total triple a lot of coaching. if jake's were real sure about all we thought was fairly bush, much older, bob will not perceive. so bully will show it. yeah, yeah. the motion if you see of of sure. it is 9. say you went to the early, you bought what they got on a yes. well this in the corner low. as always seem really a pull us. the more you that when you foot, but you will be, she's probably still bleeding. i've got to learn socially. it wasn't really sure. the fixture always. would you hebrew gigi, hebrew class, which is the absolute, the things you know, it was only to how long they do, and he's just left with them when you see it. but also, what are you and also on that was a problem with crystal get. you can switch it up to plots, to live the dust me of my cousin. watch up. i want you to show ease to come up with the answer winning. it doesn't completely how can you hold you?
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because those are the but you order for being able to still are going up so. so the village of a spin off girl lies near the as of style steel. barn. 2 of the battles. for murder, you pull as old militants retreated to the plan through the village. they destroyed houses looted and terrorized the local residence. a boy only vice but that was with style or money for them. but i would you prefer doing a whole walk for you might be a mere briefly here. i'm sorry my hearing you should go out and i caution you. yeah. for cushion or so don't worry. i'm here new bristol reality, better for you. i'm
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a with our taco caucone. you got big. you do you need to warn you? what should i tell? died you yearbook? who show you what did they show you? how to do? what do you with with us down a little while. if you get a talk on us for being a lonely for but the watcher and you said i was ready on roku scott and he don't, can you try it again? this is deborah users. 3 kitty bad. a new bill la,
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you would up. but i was led to lead you as you start with lead, you are doing a bridge. it recorded at a command year, a lot. so loud in. yeah. but you might not news to being cool. now, after all wheel noise being used for that absolute rule that women, you know what that do are hm. and all of them are good on breath. very well. i mean, you move a lot, your daughter, her ph. if all your her to a to your supervisor is i'd sure you to bring him up on a deal that you those come me, i will come when you so you when they really she bought it used to be
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another pretty much it the procedure about the what i want to hear a, let me yeah, well good. or you know what? yes or no room what you feel like you really want the mom to the get your roller. but on the back or yes, a glen, you listen. you did, you would call switch. could she could possibly, but she the right people near now i do believe you swear you hover it so i you brought it up. you might mean, yeah, why don't you, you don't like you, but you would move on here with the game show. yeah, sure you belong to where the music cards for the world of
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this with one of your own by you sure. would you give us a call here today wasn't some way i could hear you. yes we do. or did the doctor control room? yeah. the the wiley previously but she but that was there. oh yeah. yeah. you sure would. it would come to him. so where did she go? slower bull. so nothing heard you are so 1000000. you're wonderful. viola. barbara, i would you by noon d lucia scored you come in just a 2nd here, but you
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don't. you computers posted all of my info at lanier for the all absolutely are numbers annella's i now live but she was busy. sure. was shipped from, well, i could put in michelle, but shortly she's going to need a lot of what that should do at all, which is why this out there functions. operational will occur with a pool scheduled, scheduled minute, but yeah, but it cost us us some. okay. come on the line. i will ill need ski as a regiment. second battalion, born in the ball, started his military career by taking part in combat in the loop guns region with the you a f 36 marine brigade joint as of in 2018. 40 mary opal during the special military operation surrendered, clasping opinion letters from manila official because someone else on the same point emotional florida. last but i had i left bathroom with net give us call on
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that when you're my national i was a question, no doubt, but you need us to buy it and i had a strong ratios on to liberally put on them. no, but with the middle pollution use their procedures, give it a little but it is landscape of it has delineated florida with you. british don't bring them way down there. hold on with it, but the more shaw would want to put a design group with affordable out on the college that others didn't think about. okay. process anybody knew who chest you're willing to go, we should get the chest. it leads and i was wanting to know, but a fellow who has in yeah, the key kelly's just flushed or on a u. s. thrash if so, but campbell, i was more than that. the 1st is the analysis. but let's start on the glass getaway . but a little bit like amanda simmons don't worry about the big, heavy financial stuff. but at the moment, but also shell come on, there was a solution is will miss broadneck and i shall send milton as fail. several pos,
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it'd be less we're, we're done. yes, i do have probably done teaching you bully, just a little creekmore plus my tail eagles, and eval on me. i know there's lucy mill road. no one years loop and usually off, principally order then isn't that a school when you miss madell? pulling up a little job, but usually at the gospel this could shoot. but while i'm just going to jump on while ideally missed that initial form, one at the new new for the model, one that dentist a bit, add yourself durable. and i show that. so could you just order renewal stored honestly, who is sure does validation. i'm local in india. who your patrol is always over there or shall wish line you have you see the word will just put a silly question. what your book post to how to ano paulia beholden lawyer for deliverables, skin lose access to a lot about their friends, to sort of the 2nd of the se, as lucio plus the facetious give,
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will not also maximize schiffwood, though he has to not store greenly as a with adults holloway. it took a house that's still clean. there was no mean lation me. and the reason is because they said there was malaysian, those when they did all that they, i miss you was with just being with micro me jack a thought i for he, blank national were solution with on this i'm, you was working with my chicken. you should ashton eat during your small prostate. he's just keep, keep this to be se the killing me at the pool as i know. but if you come to, to put it, this must force will at the was this natural bush nicholas off the bus on my left. so right. me assure cranium bill as low as i miss my one. i still in. yeah. he, if he's 1st thing is nice casual, but i think that the lenient if you work
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a new or what does it wash all ah, the only one main thing is important for knox. ism internationally speaking to that is that nations that's allowed to do anything. all the mazda races, the reason us, her gemini, so dangerous is it, the law is the sovereignty of all the country. wars business and business is good, and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion. and when i was showing wrong, when i just don't move to see how this thing becomes the advocate, an engagement,
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it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground with surgical actually got a little sheet. i'm looking for a real worst question. can you follow a way to solve only for hulu? with a little of your local musical position. if you get a couple of people, it's funny, little over, got a wealthy fit of nice little boys book luther for. but go live on the horse, which is always a little me just go, work, don't go to, can you really, really last monday, principle,
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beautiful day in order to scan, you was more motivated, will be a period when you're older or as a whole people more phone for a new speaker, 3 point gestation at this new new marford. i want to know from this is, what is george and your wish and goal with a full blown reduces clinical to confused for discourse historians over more than a week. during the month of an examination of as of style russian service, min discovered a refrigerated band containing $152.00 bodies of ukrainian soldiers to vans cooling system had been out of order for a long time. both. okay, no problem. when you start to promotional review, those little we'll do it real simple about as boone any symbolism in your to run you through. when you move from somebody robles music to really,
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really pills level water. your way in the single one of the william is the fix. you don't even the multiple volt affordable with. it's either a horse to merkel agreeable traditionally suitable as the old should be the new circumstances to which will probably, or didn't even look different. when will you please do who kill sofa all we flew. most people do. we wish to world religion through the push to put some a loaf on is still not very often new with a dealer. but you can just use that for the you know, the government, which is a really or simple a system new person else. and you typically do it with
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different service please. michael and your name will know will not be is and i will just, i'm a little solution. something special for the reason. they're still getting the power in can you order? he's going to be here for them. also send you a regular, especially mccoy, and the question is, you just need to be able to use like a manager, nicole of a young with a meal for schedule, with
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cassette kid code name, chemist and as of platoon commander, neo nazi and satanist, joined february 2016, according to security forces, he'd been involved in 2 in russian soldiers and murdering don bass civilians shown up with an don't carry all born in russia, spread out of nationalist ideas, moved to ukraine, and joined as all wanted for mercenary actions. public cause to commit extreme acts and incitement to hatred. took part in the punitive operation against dumbass residence. philip one eligible for. kimberly. always learning for those little chima deer of love to feel free personally. just letter of tours with all of them
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is wonderful because those are the most book i'm a dinner, my gosh, you're comfortable. as the dealership them us norwood are sternagle admitted 0. you need the near for order for a guy. mm hm. newbury in particular, we need them to sort of the patrol. my brother's lecture ball supposedly did when the dpr militia drove neo nazis back to as of style russian soldiers took the now woman co family to mary lupo. for the 1st time his fighting began, they were back in the village near the plans with
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ah, walk away with more harsh zimmer pay up and this is more pro i yeah, more with . 7 with
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with this little bit a year you wouldn't still used to work with your new google google so he is 300 look. oh
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yeah. yes. you have with the, with the way by the do with the you with i spoke with well, in gainesville, nets, me, bill already spoke about leasing, maybe to chin said about them, but my lease, but let me see sky installed up the previously. but the the previous v, especially bainbridge, sure you knew for the pollution lee could that this dish, what valley is delicious? that this might have been the movie diode. biskin say right. well, i didn't just but not. it's not out of kelly dealer. yes. not the on the money already been gay by, you're still in the gross did the, when you,
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we get the motor. believe it or gage bush gives a perceived much with murder, horrible. we're all for push out, all right, machine some visual back with that, he'd be a weird thing. yeah. but don't worry. so it goes to the quickest, your doctor visits is harish and you should progress. maybe needless with the story before that the behind the bottom that that will quite in that show us a bottle of ship is us from this, or se issued in your book crucial. but they thought from our look into portion with said you can use it to friday. lovely auto america,
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special ed bush grade. but elderly abuse is due for 7 years as she hurried to the me and i knew it would be highly issue. a jazel say me, but nobody your whatever you're with almost like a day you're holley and the machine. yeah. i school at about b. you claim the camera shooting, but this will be that will have it. ok, that was the was machine. i had a machine in the schedule as to who i am ready for you to be on the web with pictures to close the loop, just published or it pushing it to where it was 2 stores from school on the gun. yes, there's a court deal is 1st edition is of course the actually it
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was so she quit the list here, did not send them one which a with for them is listed on your mobile solution. what we need to list it is it just simply will tell them with a list of bullets you live, sir. you puzzles you some ago in plenty of when you guys are gonna see been using on the lease that there's a period i'm assuming you most of it is a 4056. you a for funding at the yoga. if it was you, if you move in the cover of almost a year or so, not sure, give me probably the, but on the screen i knew actually with
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a proposal for global level. so you're wishing to be able to look at your food, you a still a few years with a lot of the supposed to with smith like the smith my card yet fully 5 years. but the most of the, i mean it might say that the new boy in the moines us will with put i knew this wanted to me. can i switch no more. look at that fish come in with my own gig. i'm really bad news. just missed the media and i read it publish just because
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ah ah ah ah though should i doubly knew initially to restock and just look up from one of nettles only a muscle is onion noon. she kitty doesn't being in the green show on a nurse to me as possible. mama cook gas gosh, sit pretty suddenly tamika, but i put a his ashley. uh this one. it was a bit of pieces. gross nancy. um, you wonder if it's sort of cool position with you, but not, not looking for the chino drawings to network for phones,
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right. something like that. and then we got that was it. i see with grain. lisa ah, north atlantic alliance recognizance aircraft warships cruising close to russia's borders, have become commonplace along with military hardware redeployment and large scale exercises. nato has also developed its offensive capability near the russian borders.


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