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tv   News  RT  August 9, 2022 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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a to look for common ground with the mainstream narrative on ukraine gets shaken up by the un, which admits that many more refugees have been crossing into russia than heading west as a you implemented emergency plan to slash gas consumption by 15 percent to compensate for the energy crisis, austrian presidential candidate tells r t, but europe, policy of sanctions against russia is to blame that it gets a frantic and that is what currently characterized the european elite gets a friend in south africa, won't be pushed around as the message from the countries talk diplomats and she bloss american counterparts efforts to convince pretoria to sever ties with russia
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and china. this that we exist under some port is i think the toe a i'm funded with very welcome to you. this is all the international within late is that world news update is good to have you. with that, we thought this out with breaking news from russia's crimea where explosions have reportedly been heard near a military airport in the village of nova, federal, there is no word on what could have caused the blasts, nor any mention of casualties yet were waiting an official statement from the russian all authorities, and we will keep you updated on us. the un has revealed that almost 2000000 ukrainian refugees have crossed into russia since the
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start of the military operation. in february, the figure flies in the face of the mainstream with the narrative which times moscow with an enemy of kenneth, in fact the number of ukrainians who fled west into neighboring poland is much smaller. at a near round 1000000 with more on what's been called the hypocritical western coverage of the reality on the ground. he's on his way to blevins the same western media outlets that acted as if the current conflict between russia and ukraine started only this february. are now starting to acknowledge that the ties are much more complicated than they care to explain up until this point. the message has always been that the ukrainian people were against any sort of russian leadership and wanted to clear cut ties between themselves and their neighbor. however, here's cnn's new report waiting and waiting families, pirates possessions, loading them down, whole crossing to the russian occupied territory. as the cnn reporter described,
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dozens of cars were traveling into russian controlled areas, and the traffic was heavily one sided and was some people who were interviewed claim. they planned to return the possessions family members and even pets they took with them suggested otherwise. while the reality may come, as a surprise to some in the west ukrainian soldiers on the ground in the eastern parts of the country have admitted that some residents aren't happy to see them saying they're waiting for the day when russian forces take control. instead with cool, and he's not the only one other soldiers on the ground claimed residence in eastern ukraine, we're actively helping the russian side by giving them information to see global . i'm to see. and that will do with this doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows the region in its history. nearly 40 percent of the
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people in the don bass are ethnically, russian, making them the largest minority in the region. and it's the eastern regions of ukraine, where the majority of the population list russian as their native language have traditionally voted for pro russian parties and saw pro russian rallies after the key of coo and 2014. meanwhile, the united nation says that nearly $2000000.00 refugees from ukraine have gone to russia since the start of the year. but does make claims for the pentagon earlier this year that moscow was deporting civilians from ukraine and forcing them to come to russia. some of the residents on the ground tell a different story. girl, when you look the movie years, isn't it? would you me just for the
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even for those who remain in ukraine, strict curfew is in place and some eastern cities and zelinski secret service has recently stepped up the hunt for anyone they view as a traitor or a russian collaborator. in fact, so and he seems to be finding collaborators by the hundreds lately. and last month he and i was more than $650.00 criminal treason, cases against individuals within his prosecutor's office and the secret service. but as long as he ramps up his targeting of anyone who speaks the russian language or appears pro russian in any way, he turns the ukrainian government into the very thing that both primedia and don bass originally fled from in 2014, no matter how hard the media has worked to cover up his treatment of the citizens who see the russian forces as bringing an end to the regime that they have lived under for the last 8 years. we're turning now to breaking news from russia's crimea
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. we're showing you some unverified footage from the see no way explosions have reportedly been heard near military airport in the village of nova federal. now, so far there's been no word on what could have caused the blas nor any mention of casualties. we're waiting an official statement from the rational authorities him over trying to connect to our correspondence, find out more on what's occurred in crime it, we will keep you updated on the very later. so to stay with us or europe, the energy policy towards russia is skipped for friday expense. according to austrian presidential candidate, gerald gross speaking to r t, he says that he was pinning the blame for it the energy crisis on moscow. instead of admitting that europe's own sanctions also blame. well mr. gross also broke down the situation for local media. last week. i see me concern seaboard,
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kathy mill homes and she may get burn support. i gotcha. all right. well thats home done so yeah, i know my company cannot do without energy on the one hand and then complain about the lack of energy and fear of black out of the other speak of the dental and the devil showed that it's it's printing and that is what curtly characterized as the european leaks gets a friend. and if they are in favor of sanctions against russia, on the one hand, they are waging their economic war against russia because of a military conflict. that in reality, does not affect europe in any way. and on the other hand, they complain about the reaction to the economic war. mainly the lack of gas. gas is not only used for heating, but gas from russia, which we have received for the last 50 years, is also used to secure the electricity supply. this means that if we want to secure the supply of electricity on the european continent, then we must also envy economic sanctions against russia and tried to restore a reasonably satisfactory solution for the people through diplomacy. as kansas
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e with implementing its energy emergency plan, according to the measures, the blokes members ought to reduce the gas consumption by 15 percent on a voluntary basis until the end of march next year. the goal is to save 45000000000 cubic meters of gas, creating the option of falling back on reserves in case of a shortage. however, hungary has refused to play a long while and several other countries, including italy and spain, has secured exemptions, meaning they can spend more gas than others. this coming wind said, well, let's now get that. he has more contributor rachel moss and empower. is rachel good to see you. so how is the energy crunch to affect thing europeans right now? it seems like a slow motion car crash here in france already. for example, we're seeing public officials using the u engineer gas shortage as an excuse to reduce public services. now, public swimming pools, both near paris and in the south of france,
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have made news recently when local governments said that they were shutting them down for the rest of the summer to save money, the mer of cavalry. yes, which is in the south of france said the high costs now mean that she has to choose between purchases like organic food for kids, school lunches or the pool. so the pool got the axe during one of the hottest summers on record. so you can see the ball is already rolling on rationing, even in anticipation of a shortage later this year. and we haven't even begun to see where the knock on effects might pop up. now to make matters worse, norway, which is otherwise known as europe's battery, produces hydro electric energy that it typically exports to the you and to the u. k . but now it's saying that because it's lacking water because of the dry and, and heat. it now feels that it will be able to step up and help with exports this year. and just when you think that things couldn't possibly get a worse, the financial times is now reporting that european utility companies like france's
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energy giant o. d, f are sounding the alarm over radioactive, contamination of liquefied natural gas deliveries from britain to the e. u. i originally sourced from the u. s. and cutter. the problem could to cause pipelines between britain and the e to close. and the new york times is reporting that the looming energy crisis is causing germany to reconsider and nuclear energy, a power source over which berlin has absolutely lambasted paris for maintaining. so i guess better, send gretta tune berg over there to yell at them. maybe perhaps she can beat zalinski in a screaming match because really all of this economic and environmental harm, including the refusal to fire up the nord stream to pipeline which less faces just sitting there, gathering dust is being done in the name of ukraine. i say
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yes, the government rules it out. we face difficult months ahead, but it is clear that we stand firmly on the side of ukraine and we stand behind the sanctions that we agreed together with the european union in the international community. and it's not just europeans who are suffering, but also folks in the global south. europe is also apparently dragging along countries like pakistan and bangladesh behind the energy price roller coaster. the fact that emerging countries in south asia, like pakistan, for example, are currently experiencing one power blackout after the other is also a consequence of europe's failed energy policy. in its attempt to free itself from its dangerous dependency on russia. record speed, the u. s. causing massive turbulence on the global energy markets, which hit poor countries particularly hard. but at least europe is united, right? well, maybe not counting those opting out from the gas cuts or poland,
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which wants the rest of europe to keep their hands off polish. guess russian president vladimir putin may not be quaking in his boots at all this stellar competence, but europeans sher might be as winter approaches. thou thought he contributes a rachel moss and in paris. many thanks for those days on his way to we appreciated unless we turn it now to our breaking news story. they saw a story. we're keeping a very close eye on a crimea official say the explosions have a rub, sydney and military airport in the village of nava fedor of chi in crimea. and he noted that there is still no information on what could have caused to bloss nor any mention of casualty. so far. we know that the head of crimea is now on his way to this scene with don't kill dated on all the latest. and we can now get some information from our correspondent in don't bass eco's, donna feca. thank you for joining us. what else do we know about this incident so far? well, so far, no,
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not much details are available. we do know from the eye witnesses that at least 7 explosions were heard in the direct vicinity of a military airport in russian crimea. now it is, well, the general consensus is that those will ukrainian rockets aimed at military infrastructure there. now again, it's unclear as to how much damage they have managed to deal, and if there were any casualties and he wounded on so on and so forth. now, it is apparently the 1st strike of ukrainian forces aimed at russia's crimea. there have been reports of previous attempts and reportedly being according to unconfirmed sources. those missiles were intercepted by the russian air defense systems. so this is, well, this has to be the 1st successful. well, the 1st successful hit of a, of the russian military infrastructure in crimea by the ukrainians, because again, not neither of the site has he had commented on this incident. but again,
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this is one of the rare and if not the 1st strike against russian military infrastructure on the russian soil. the fact i say one of the rare because the ukranian forces they have, they have been shelling villages and smaller towns in the regions in russian regions that are adjacent to the, he'll reclaim as a term to use of the guns people's republics. so father restrained themselves from attacking crimea, but this was the 1st moment. thanks for those details. are thought he there goes dawn of and we will be keeping a very close eye on the situation and bringing you all the latest details on that as and when we find them out. thanks for now eager. now as we mentioned earlier that you use anti russian sanctions have spread an energy crisis far beyond europe's regions as far away as south asia, where mass protests have erected in pakistan. hundreds of demonstrators have taken to the streets of the city of dark, how to cry foul,
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or the government's failure to curb a 50 percent hike in fuel prices. i was one of the protesters have that fuel stations on fire police on the street to try and quell the unrest. dozens of demonstrators have reportedly been injured in classes. the government is considering a series of measures to overcome the crisis, including a request for a $4500000000.00 bailout from the international monetary fund. the palestinians, including a senior militant commander, have been killed as his railey forces rated a house in the occupied west bank city of new blues as, according to the palestinian health ministry. his that was the latest footage from the same the, the violence. gonzalez received. my i brought it in to 3 days of alms clashes between israel and the islamic jihad militant group in garza. according to the idea,
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the violent class in the west bank develops when dozens of palestinian riots is through stones and explosives. it is raining, forces palestinian red crescent, say that its doctors had treated $69.00 done shot victims in the nav, loose area with at least 4 of them in a critical condition and pays the latest footage from garza showing the aftermath of israeli and strike the ravaged residential neighborhoods and civilian infrastructure. the israeli officials came that as strikes were aimed at preventing walk at attacks by the islamic jihad group. palestinian officials say that over 600 buildings have been damaged with dozens killed and hundreds wounded, cause the hospitals are still overflowing with civilian casualties. south africa won't be pushed around thousands, according to the country's foreign affairs minister after b. u. s. secretary of state tried to convince pretoria to sever ties with russia and china, instead south africa, top diplomat as race concerns. but those who are using the countries natural
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resources are they stabilizing the region. this fear that we exist under some push is i think, a totally a really and found it a belief in the relationship that we have with eva country is also a concern about countries that have mineral interests in african countries and as a destabilizing full. so i think we need to look at the floor of problems that give rise to insecurity, bad governance, and the absence of democracy on the african continent. it's not a one country problem. as comes amid us secretary of state's visit to south africa as part of his tour of the region on sleep, lincoln will also visit the democratic republic of congo and wander. during the tripling, can explain the food crisis in africa on the war in ukraine,
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and cold for a stronger us partnership with african countries and sleep. lincoln's visit comes off to the russian farm and as they received a warm welcome in several countries in the region last week. i'm coming citing with the visit. the white house has released the document detailing a new strategy toward subsaharan regions. the plan promote us involvement in african nations policies, including issues such as pandemic, climate change, and food insecurity. and well being can say the u. s. won't tell africa how to behave. it also shows washington is not happy with the continence ties with russia and china. the people's republic of china by contrast, need the region as an important arena to challenge the rules based international order. and we can us relations with african peoples and governments. russia views the region as a permissive environment for paris, data and private military companies, often fermenting instability for strategic and financial benefit. us accusations,
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however, have not prevented deepening ties as china is now south africa's biggest trading partner. most trade with the country is also on the rise with mostly expos, from russia, this january growing more than 4 times compared to the same period of last year. let's discuss this further without gas, no, no foot long vice terminal to shanghai cents a room pack and international studies. thank you for joining us on the program. it's very nice to see, and now i'm to be blanket has claimed that the us will not dictate african choices . however, he went on to accuse china and russia of exploiting instability in africa. do you think the us will actually respect any foreign policy choices? african countries make themselves well, i think it's not about what people say. it's about what people do. on the one hand, i think it's very good that secretary of state blink and says that the u. s. is not going to dictate the african nations on what they do and the choices they made. but
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on the other hand, he is accusing china and russia. and this is something which is self contradictory because this is not what's happening at the moment. africa is not a continent that is exclusive to anyone. it is open to the rest of the world. think about it. this is such a vast continent and with extremely good resources of all kinds of all kinds of natural resources. mid the rose and express precious minerals as well. but after centuries of western colonization, the african people are still living in poverty, most of them. and this is quite sad. and i think we don't have to go back to history. what has happened. everybody knows what's happened during
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africa over the last few centuries, but right now, this is what we have to face them. because after the end of the goal, i think it's africa dropped off the right of global politics, which is quite true. however, this relative of y'all did not last long. a lot of diverse demographic, social, religious, audiological, economic and political processes are unfolding that strong population growth generation no change, i'm always leaders. the growth of national ambitions combined was increasing bitter competition of external powers for economic opportunities. make africa a very dynamic promising, but also highly explosive editorial. so this is the fact, this is what's happening in africa now. coming to the comments of secretary of
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state, blink, china's investment in africa. what is china doing right now in africa? china has been doing a lot of the investments in africa in the infrastructures, helping them to build infrastructures, helping them to improve the livelihood of the local people. and this is what china has been doing. exactly. tony's been investing in africa for decades already. so do you think washington has any chunk of pushing china out of the region? well, the decision again is up to the african people, like secretary of state of blink upset. they are not dictating africans choices in the same time. china is never,
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is not going to dictate the african people's choices as well. it's basically up to the african people. they know exactly who is doing what in africa. because what they need is development. well, most of the countries in africa development is mission number one. and this is exactly what china is helping me and if the americans are also going to help african countries to develop their infrastructure, i don't think there is any reason african countries will not welcoming that when it, when it comes to south africa's partnership with briggs, countries which of course includes china and russia. do you think the u. s. can offer anything as an alternative? i don't really believe so because every country has
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a lot of problems these days. this is not a days when a whole world the world is going through a very difficult and turbulent times. not only as a result of big power competition, but also we have a lot more programs like climate change, like a lot of different problems to face and domestically. the u. s. is also having a lot of challenges and so does china. so does every other major countries in the world. so i don't think africa is going to be the place where big countries are going to go in and fight for the for influences. so at this stage i don't think so. but one thing i would like to point out, because about few years ago, i was moderating
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a forum on africa. and in the conclusion, i said, which i will repeat again today. that obviously many big countries, including western powers from europe and russia as well. and america and china and also other bigger countries, bigger economies like india, japan, they're all doing something in japan. but i hope that this is for the good of the african people. let us hope that africa will not become the battle viewed for big power competition as struggle as the expanse of the african people. let us do not hope. let us hope that africa will not become another middle
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east. having said that, what do you think the us to after g is for africa and consideration of china is ever growing influence where i think they have already expressed in, in the document the sub sahara document development document. but let's once again, as i said, let's see what they do. because talking means nothing actually speaks louder than words. this is my comment. many thanks for joining us on the program. now some one vice chairman of the song i sent for him pack on the international studies. always a pleasure. thank you. the go back to wall breaking news story this our now a cry me an official say explosion top of rock kidney military at port in the village of nava federal in crimea. he noted very still new information on what
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could have caused the blas nor any mention of casualties so far. the head of crimea is now on his way to the scene. we're going to be keeping across all the latest developments on this. let's cross live to guest former pentagon security analyst, my coma live. now michael, always my fee. thanks for joining us on the program. now understand the area of the blog thing. crimea is actually a popular tourist, both in it. what do you make of that? what do you make of the latest information we have? well, it depends upon precisely where the explosions occurred. it was it an ammo dump? was it on a military facility? was it some oil rig that or oil facility that might have blowing up? that's not clear. now it is, it is conceivable, it could have been sabotaged. there's no question about that because of the
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activities in the crisis with ukraine and, and given the area and, and the location and it's probably accessibility. it's quite conceivable that this could be an insurgency attack by the, as off, but in terms of maybe a drones strike or so. ready that sort, i think, i think you're seeing, if this proves to be sabotage, then i think you can suggest that there is a, a, an insurrection underway. and crimea will not be exempt from that. from that, because the crate is still what a claim reclaimed. that area, so it's, it's something that we're going to have to watch it's, it was predicted that, that even in the areas that russia occupies, that there would be insurgency of some kind. and this could, can,
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and as battalion and that richard from that areas. so that it seems that that would be a likely area for them to operate. and we, as we, we know we have no confirmation on any of these details. so far they were waiting for more information. however, it is being reported that tourists and local residents are leaving the nearby village of nova fed off on mass. how worried do you think the low cost should be? well, i depends upon their proximity to the explosion that doesn't. it's clearly visible. so i think that they'll probably want to move back somewhat. this could be a one, a one off thing. it could be the beginning of a trend. we don't know yet. as you point out, this is very preliminary and we need to see what if anyone claims responsibility.
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and if they do that, we know what's going on. but until until we have that verification and authorities are able to get to the site of the explosion where we're not gonna know very much and data. and we know that the head of crimea is now on his way to the scene. so i'm sure more details will be coming out and they coming minutes and hours. so what was a response you expect from russia to this? because paul, what it was, if it was sabotage, i think they're going to intensify their activities and other parts, other regions of ukraine. and they will probably redouble their protection around the military facilities. but again, if this was ukrainian so showing a and ability to reach out and with drones and other and.


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