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[000:00:00;00] ah, the mainstream narrative on ukraine get shaken up by the un, which admit that many more refugees have been crossing into russia than heading west as the you implemented emergency plans for flash gas consumption by 15 percent, a constant state for the energy crisis, and austria and presidential candidate tells all that europe policy of sanctions against russia is to blame that excuse a freak. and that is what currently characterizes therapy and leads south africa when we pushed around the message from the countries talk. diplomats,
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this comes with washington tries to woo africans away from cooperating with russia in china. the very will welcome this is the international with related world news update is good to happy with us. they found that they had to of crimea, say, one person has died and 5 people, including a child, have been wounded. as off the, several ation bonus detonated at the military stockpile as an air field near public beach in crimea. russia's defense ministry, faith. this site was not fired upon. huge plains of smoke was seen over the area immediately off the explosions ambulance crews. and when the co flights were rushed to the scene, the head of crimea is also there to monitor the situation in person. the part of crimea where the explosions are up to it is a popular tourist destination. i resorted to the un has been almost
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a 1000000 ukrainian refugees have crossed into russia since the start of the military operation in february. i think of flies in the face of the mainstream western narrative which came moscow is an enemy of kias. in fact, the number of ukrainians who fled west into neighboring poland is much smaller. at 1200000. and now even some anti washing media outlets are starting to wake up to the reality on the ground. does ortiz re, to blevins, explains the same western media outlets that acted as if the current conflict between russia and ukraine started? only this february are now starting to acknowledge that the ties are much more complicated than they care to explain up until this point. the message has always been that the ukrainian people were against any sort of russian leadership and wanted to clear cut ties between themselves and their neighbor. however, here's cnn's new report waiting and waiting families. pirates possessions,
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loading them down or crossing to the russian occupied territory. as the cnn reporter described, dozens of cars were traveling into russian controlled areas, and the traffic was heavily one sided and was some people who were interviewed claim. they planned to return the possessions family members and even pets they took with them suggested otherwise. while the reality may come, as a surprise to some in the west ukrainian soldiers on the ground in the eastern parts of the country, have admitted that some residents aren't happy to see them saying they're waiting for the day when russian forces take control. instead, with hulu and he's not the only one other soldiers on the ground, claim residents in eastern ukraine, we're actively helping the russian side by giving them information to see a global i'm to see. and then we'll do with this doesn't come as
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a surprise to anyone who knows the region in its history. nearly 40 percent of the people in the don bass are ethnically, russian, making them the largest minority in the region. and it's the eastern regions of ukraine, where the majority of the population list russian as their native language have traditionally voted for pro russian parties and saw pro russian rallies after the key of coo and 2014. meanwhile, the united nation says that nearly $2000000.00 refugees from ukraine have gone to russia since the start of the year. but does make claims for the pentagon earlier this year that moscow was deporting civilians from ukraine and forcing them to come to russia. some of the residents on the ground tell a different story. the good guys are moving, give it to me. the
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the even for those who remain in ukraine, a strict curfew is in place and some eastern cities and zalinski secret service has recently stepped up the hunt for anyone. they view as a trader or a russian collaborator in fact so and he seems to be finding collaborators by the hundreds lately and last month p. and now it's more than 650 criminal treason, cases against individuals within his prosecutor's office. and the secret service, but as long as he ramps up his targeting of anyone who speaks the russian language or appears pro russian in any way, he turns the ukrainian government into the very thing that both primedia and john bass originally fled from in 2014 no, matter how hard the media has worked to cover up his treatment of the citizens who see the russian forces as bringing an end to the regime that they have lived under
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for the last 8 years. europe's energy policy towards russia is, gets a furniture according to austria and presidential candidate, job growth. speaking to r t. o, he says the us pinning the blame for its energy crisis. moscow, instead of admitting that europe's own sanctions also blame mr. cruz also broke down the situation for local media last week. oh, i see me. don't see boy, can you mail home? so i see my name is shamika burn support. thank god smith. hello, this home denser? yeah, i was on my company in a sense of a you cannot do without energy on one hand and then complain about the lack of energy and fear blackout on the other speak of the devil. and the devil shows up that escape is a freak, and that is what currently characterizes to european elite skis of freer they are in favor of sanctions against russia. on the one hand there waging their economic war against russia because of military conflict, that in reality,
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does not affect europe in any way. and on the other hand, they complain about the reaction to the economic war. namely, the lack of guess, guess is not only used for heating, but guess from russia, which we have received for the last 50 years, is also used to secure the electricity supply. this means that if you want to secure the supply of electricity on the european continent, then we must also an economic sanctions against russia and try to restore a reasonably satisfactory solution for the people through diplomacy. this comes with a you is implementing gets energy and the agency plan. according to the measures the blokes members thought you would use gas consumption by 15 percent on a voluntary basis until the end of march next year. and the goal is to save 45000000000 cubic meters of gas, creating the option of falling back on reserves in case of a shortage. however, hungary has how outright refuse to play a long while, several other e u countries, including italy and spain had secured exemptions,
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meaning they can use more gas than the others. this coming winter as our to contribute to re, to mass and explains europe is only just starting to experience the effects of its own sanctions. it seems like a slow motion car crash here in france already. for example, we're seeing public officials using b, e. u. engineer gas shortage as an excuse to reduce public services. now, public swimming pools, both near paris and in the south of france, have made news recently when local governments said that they were shutting them down for the rest of the summer. to save money, the mayor of catherine. yes. which is in the south of france said the high costs now mean that she has to choose between purchases like organic food for kids, school lunches, or the pool. so the pool got the axe during one of the hottest summers on record. so you can see the ball is already rolling on rationing, even in anticipation of a shortage later this year. and we haven't even begun to see where the knock on effects might pop up. now to make matters worse, norway,
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which is otherwise known as europe's battery, produces hydro electric energy that it typically exports to the you and to the u. k . but now it's saying that because it's lacking water because of the dry and, and heat and now feels that it will be able to step up and help with exports this year. and just when you think that things couldn't possibly get a worse, the financial times is now reporting european utility companies like frances energy giant, who they f, are sounding the alarm over radioactive, contamination of liquefied natural gas deliveries from britain to the e. u. m. originally sourced from the usa cutter, the problem could to cause pipelines between britain and the e to close. and the new york times is reporting that the looming energy crisis is causing germany to reconsider and nuclear energy. a power source over which berlin
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has absolutely lambasted paris for maintaining. so i guess better, send gretta timber over there to yell at them. maybe perhaps she can beat zalinski in a screaming match because really all of this economic and environmental harm, including refusal to fire up the north stream to pipeline, which let's face, it's just sitting there, gathering dust is being done in the name of ukraine. i say yes, the government rules it out. we face difficult months ahead. but it is clear that we stand firmly on the side of ukraine and we stand behind the sanctions that we agreed together with the european union in the international community. and noticed europeans who are suffering, but also folks in the global south. europe is also apparently dragging along countries like pakistan and bangladesh behind the energy price roller coaster. the fact that emerging countries in south asia, like pakistan, for example, are currently experiencing one power blackout after the other is also a consequence of europe's failed energy policy. in its attempt to free itself from
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its dangerous dependency on russia. record speed, the u as causing massive turbulence on the global energy markets, which had 4 countries particularly hard, but at least europe is united, right? well, maybe not counting those opting out from the gas cuts or poland, which wants the rest of europe to keep their hands off polish. guess russian president vladimir putin may not be quaking in his boots at all this stellar competence, but europeans, sherman b as winter approaches. now as i mentioned earlier, the use anti rushing sanctions house spread in energy crisis be on europe to regions as far away south asia, where mass protests have wrapped it in bangladesh. hundreds of demonstrators have taken to the streets of the city and saw the price fall over the government's failure to cut a 50 percent hike in fuel prices. some of the protesters have said fuel stations on fire,
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p police on the street to try and quell the unrest. dozens of demonstrations have reportedly been injured in clashes. the government is considering a series of measures to overcome the crisis, including a request for a $4500000000.00 bailout from the international monetary fund. we got reaction to the crisis, bangladesh from too exposed to say the government's response could have been implemented very differently. so if the global market situation stabilized farther than i think that i room to decrease full pricing validation when however, if the price goes high again, then definitely that will have an adverse effect in by $11.00. according to government, we have to increase the full price to match with global situation. so i think the government would have been more ratio. now, at this point,
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rather than increasing it 51 percent, it could have been less in my, in my opinion, this is the result of some, you know, kind of global politics and lack of vision and farsightedness, that lack of dialogue and negotiation could result in this type of indication, so the falsely blind that the whole why do you think that dependent we should be open for dialogue and negotiation and before the solution to reach any of the problem? we can't consider a single problem, have an individual problem. so be coughing. this was nothing if individual 3 palestinians, including a senior militant commander have been killed off the is ready for his way to the house. and the occupied westbank city of noblesse that's according to the palestinian health ministry. has some of the laces footage from the thing. the, the violence comes off during the fire brought an end to 3 days of armed clashes
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between israel and the islamic jihad millikan group. can garza, according to the idea of the latest classes in the west bank develops when dozens of palestinian riotous through stones and explosives that israeli forces. the palestinian red crescent said that his doctors have treated 69 gunshot victims in a blue area with a nice 4 of them in a critical condition. and his latest footage from garza shown the aftermath of israeli bombings that have ravaged residential neighborhoods and civilian infrastructure. them is where the officials claimed that as to on its way to preventing walk at the tags by the islamic jihad group, palestinian officials that over 600 buildings have been damaged with dozens killed and hundreds wounded doors. the hospitals are still overflowing with civilian casualties. coinciding with the us secretary of state's a visit to south africa, the white house has went to document detailing
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a new strategy toward subsaharan regions. the plan promotes the u. s. involvement in african nations policies, including issues like pandemic, se climate change on food and security. and while antony blinking claims the us will not tell africa how to behave, the new doctrine actually shows washington is not happy with the continence ties with russia and china. the people's republic of china by contrast, sees the region as an important arena to challenge the rules based international order and weaken us relations with african peoples and governments. russia used the region as a permissive environment for paras, stables, and private military companies, often fermenting instability for strategic and financial benefit. you as accusations, however, have not prevented deepening ties as china is now south africa's biggest trading partner. moscow's trade with the country is also on the rise with monthly exports from russia. this january growing more than 4 times compared to the same period of last year. south africa,
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top diplomats as raised concerns that those who are using the countries natural resources are they stabilizing the region. this fear that we exist under some push is i think that totally a rear, unfounded. a belief in the relationship that we have with eva country is also a concern about countries that have mineral interest in african countries, another as a destabilizing force. so i think we need to look at the full plethora of problems that give rise to insecurity, bad governance. and the absence of democracy on the african continent is not a one country problem. this comes into the us secretary of state visit to south africa as part of his tour with region anthony playing can we'll also visit the democratic republic of congo and wanda, during the tripling can, has blamed the food crisis in africa on the war in ukraine and called for
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a stronger us partnership with african countries. blank and total comes onto the russian foreign minister received a warm welcome in several countries in the region late last month. political analyst nelson, one told us that washington new policy contradict russian and chinese efforts in africa. i think it's not about what people say, it's about what people do. on the one hand, i think it's very good that secretary of state blinker said that the u. s. is not going to dictate the african nations all what they do and the choices they made. around the other hand, he is accusing china and russia, and this is something which is self contradictory because this is not what's happening at the moment. or most of the countries in africa development is mission number one. and this is exactly what china is. calkins uprising,
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the americans are also going to help african countries to develop their infrastructure. i don't think there is any reason african countries will not welcoming that trade. turnover between russia and china has increased for the 1st time since moscow was hammered with western sanctions. in march, new chinese data shows the mutual shipments are searched by 22 percent following a 17 percent decline in june report released by wages customs administration. so the trade between the 2 countries has increased to $97000000000.00 compared to the same period last year. china is exposed to russia, have increased by 5.2 percent, while exports from russia have increased by 48.8 percent. and senior fellow with the pan gold institute attributes, the growing trade to the use of local currencies. remember at the very beginning, i either go shock because most probably weighed between
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us dollar because of the ban from the us. so there will be some impact on companies, both in russia and also outside russia. but now obviously days, the promotion and the both sides who shoot for the use of local current for trade. so the more you are, the channels that covers the us and them all you russian rouble. so that provide lots of convenience for channel companies, either to do that for the best mentor for you russia. so that easier for them for them to deal with un mobile changes. we use the example to a lot of the use of the use of un care have been reaching people who high meanwhile, in kenya,
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all eyes are on the local elections which are in full swing voters. in one of africa, the largest economies choose a new president to bring a highly contested race to a close correspondent pool as clear reports when the ground. i met holding station in kenya around 22000000 people are eligible to vote in these elections. with the issues touching on poverty, unemployment, and corruption. the main reason as to why that when these, if you say, make sure one, they couldn't make statistics beatty for, you know, account. secondly, we have one for you said a let's you him. to have in mind that a treaty would you be lacking, but our country has been affected vastly by this a drug called corruption. corruption is what does kill to this country? because you see, we have a laurel view, my, a lot of natural resources in this country,
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but because the of it corruption antibodies, a plan where more than a 1000000 people survive on a dollar a day. election posters to promise will change every way that many voters complain . it's the usual emptied promises from those vying for the top office. so who are the main faces in this race of to weeks? nick and nicole in the latest figures give rayna. i think the leader of the opposition a clear lead. this is his good for the presidency and he's supported by the house going to place it in or who kenyatta? opposing him is william wooten, who appeals to the masses of frustrated young people. most of them clerk who just want to get ahead, trades on his wags to which the story that he once sold chickens on the side of the road. and is to day one of the wealthiest men in the country. but it's not going to be as easy for the new president to solve the issues now will be, for example,
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is the largest and most important financial business and consultation had in east africa with most of the trade destined for western countries. who had the unmarked kenya, not only as a vital trading partner, but also a source of stability in a volatile region. the race comes at an anxious time with the conflict in ukraine. the pandemic, the worst drought kenya has faced in for 2 years and the waste looking in the background. we will see how the new president deals with all this on his shoulders . policy or r t nairobi, kenya. a canyon political analyst told us that these elections should reflect the aspirations of locals who have already lost trust in their political leadership. the election is going to be a timing point. they can an economy one because of 2 main
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reasons. one is the depth issue that an issue has been a challenge because the quoted, a lot of taxation is done. technician that makes the put a new way to it. and, you know, pushing model enterprises into is what option and what i get the confidence on the feeling that we need to make sure every top contender, having a tried to use the production we in the country, the lapse, trusting in selection. you've been locked up in its structure institution because the pattern ality, the people and the, the election is less money and more than people. meanwhile, russia has launched the iranian satellite into space when the bike and cosmo jerome, in context on the russian radian corporation, comes the middle reason,
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sewage of ties between the countries. officials say that such cooperation is based on mutual interests in space, exploration, russia space agency reports of the rockets and to the us all been successfully iranian news agency and a say that the country space agency has already received hello met today to form this line at the same time rating, the officials already have to explain to the press of this satellite won't be used as a tool to boost rushing recognizance in ukraine. with the media seem to spend no effort to claim that from the very beginning of the launch. most goes controlled the fact, right. thank you very much for joining us here on our end to national we will be back at the top of the hour with the very latest news. ah,
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