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tv   News  RT  August 9, 2022 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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when you get it or they come up that way, if we can get the green on that the mainstream narrative on ukraine get shaken out by the un, which had made many more refugees have been crossing into russia than heading west as you implemented emergency plan of last gas consumption by 15 percent to compensate for the energy prices and all st. and presidential candidates how's all t but europe, policy of functions against russia is to blame that excuse a freak. and that is what currently characterizes therapy and schism. premium, south africa will be pushed around. that's the message from the countries talk. diplomatic is comes as washington tries to woo africans away from cooperating with russia and china.
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the very will welcome this is the international with the latest world needs update. it's good to have you with us. now the head of crimea say one person has died and 7 people, including 2 children, have been wounded. off this, several ation, bombs detonated as a military stockpile as an air fields near a public beach in crimea. marsh, this defense ministry, since the site was not fired upon, huge plumes of smoke was seen over the area immediately after the explosions. ambulance crews on medical flights were rushed to the scene. the head of crimea is also that to monitor the situation in person. the area where the explosions are up to the popular tourist destination. we reached out to local journalists like the coney and updates resist done. the problem is he's what we know at the moment. one person has died and several of wounded following that at
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a nation of ammunition and never further airfield. i spoke to people who came from the beatrice near the explosion. they said they didn't see any aircraft like fight jets coming in for an attack, nor did they sport any sal trails. all was quite today. in fact, there were no flights from the air field at all, which is quite unusual as the noise from the plains of undisturbed peoples rest, crowds just evacuated from the scene mass towards the city of the portfolio. now they're slowly returning. oh, the syrians can still be heard, and there are a troll cars on the roads that turn away everyone who tries to enter the area. now the un has revealed that almost 2000000 ukrainian refugees of crossed into russia since the stores of the military operation in february of flies in the face of the mainstream. with the narrative which claims ukrainian view, russia as an enemy and fax, the number of people who fled west into neighboring poland is much smaller. at
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1200000. and now even some anti russian media outlets is starting to wake up to the reality on the ground. as all these rachel blevins explains the same western media outlets that acted as if the current conflict between russia and ukraine started. only this february are now starting to acknowledge that the ties are much more complicated than they care to explain up until this point. the message has always been that the ukrainian people were against any sort of russian leadership and wanted to clear cut ties between themselves and their neighbor. however, here's cnn's new report waiting and waiting families. pirates possessions, loading them down, whole crossing to the russian occupied territory. as a cnn reporter described, dozens of cars were traveling into russian controlled areas, and the traffic was heavily one sided. and while some people who were interviewed claim they planned to return the possessions family members and even pets they took
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with them suggested otherwise. while the reality may come, as a surprise to some in the west ukrainian soldiers on the ground in the eastern parts of the country have admitted that some residents aren't happy to see them saying they're waiting for the day when russian forces take control. instead with cool, and he's not the only one mother soldiers on the ground claimed residence in eastern ukraine, we're actively helping the russian side by giving them information to see a global i'm to see amended with too much pollution, but this doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows the region in its history, nearly 40 percent of the people in the dawn bass are ethnically, russian, making them the largest minority in the region. and it's the eastern regions of ukraine, where the majority of the population list russian as their native language have traditionally voted for pro russian parties and saw pro russian rallies after the
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key of coo and 2014. meanwhile, the united nation says that nearly $2000000.00 refugees from ukraine have gone to russia since the start of the year. but does make claims for the pentagon earlier this year that moscow was deporting civilians from ukraine and forcing them to come to russia. some of the residents on the ground tell a different story, brought food. good when you move, it is a feel for you. give me the even for those who remain in ukraine, a strict curfew is in place and some eastern cities and zalesky secret service has recently stepped up the hunt for anyone. they view as a trader or a russian collaborator in
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fact so and he seems to be finding collaborators by the hundreds lately and last month. and now it's more than $650.00 criminal treason, cases against individuals within his prosecutor's office and the secret service. but as long as he ramps up his targeting of anyone who speaks the russian language or appears pro russian in any way, he turns the ukrainian government into the very thing that both primedia and don bass originally fled from in 2014, no matter how hard the media has worked to cover up his treatment of the citizens who see the russian forces as bringing an end to the regime that they have lived under for the last 8 years. swedish human rights advocate, marcelo, from the denali, save millions of russia speaking. ukrainians are fleeing from oppression. bye care may ration will be granted. and wish you thing
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going to the russian federation are, are russian is speaking. people in the main i would suppose the other thing is that they have experience in live in the vehicle. they have experience. the guy know, given nation exist sergeant by young government that on bus population that has been going on for years, at least, must be a foster class of that long process isn't. this is not only triggered by their current conflicts, they believed that there's just a case with the russian federation of details or calling for this occasion, at least a nation that they would regard not that they are
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their home home country. europe's energy policy towards russia is, gets a frantic bus, according to austria and presidential times a job growth speaking to r t. he says a you is pending to blame for its energy crisis on moscow. instead of admitting that europe soon, sanctions are to blame. mister crows also broke down the situation for local media last week. oh, i see me. don't see boy, can you mail from so is shamika burns the board can ga smith. hello, well, this home done. so yeah, i was on my company in a sense of a you cannot do without energy on one hand and then complain about the lack of energy and fear blackout on the other speak of the devil. and the devil shows up that a skis of freak, and that is what currently characterizes to european elite skis of freedom, yet they are in favor of sanctions against russia. on the one hand there waging
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their economic war against russia because of military conflict, that in reality, does not affect europe in any way. and on the other hand, they complain about the reaction to the economic war. namely, the lack of guess, guess is not only used for heating, but guess from russia, which we have received for the last 50 years, is also used to secure the electricity supply. this means that if you want to secure the supply of electricity on the european continent, then we must also an economic sanctions against russia and try to restore a reasonably satisfactory solution for the people through diplomacy. this comes as the you is implementing it to energy emergency plan, according to the measures the blocks numbers on to reduce gas consumption by 15 percent on a voluntary basis until the end of march next year. the goal is to hit save at 45000000000 cubic meters of gas creating the option of falling back on reserves in
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case of a shortage. also contributes a way to moss and explains. europe is only just starting to experience the effects of its own sanctions. it seems like a slow motion car crash here in france already. for example, we're seeing public officials using the u engineer gas shortage as an excuse to reduce public services. now, public swimming pools, both near paris and in the south of france, have made news recently when local governments said that they were shutting them down for the rest of the summer. to save money narrows kevin, yes. which is in the south of france said the high costs now mean that she has to choose between purchases like organic food for kids, school lunches or the pool. so the pool got the axe during one of the hottest summers on record. so you can see the ball is already rolling on rationing, even in anticipation of a shortage later this year. and we haven't even begun to see where the knock on effects might pop up. now to make matters worse, norway,
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which is otherwise known as europe's battery, produces hydro electric energy that it typically exports to the u and to the u. k. but now it's saying that because it's lacking water because of the dry and, and heat, it now feels that it will be able to step up and help with exports this year. and just when you think that things couldn't possibly get a worse, the financial times is now reporting that european utility companies like france's energy giant, who they f, are sounding the alarm over radioactive, contamination of liquefied natural gas deliveries from britain to the e. u. i originally sourced from the usa cutter. the problem could to cause pipelines between britain and the e to close. and the new york times is reporting that the looming energy crisis is causing germany to reconsider and nuclear energy. a power source over which berlin has absolutely lambasted paris for maintaining. so i guess a better send gret,
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a tune berg over there to yell at them. maybe perhaps she can beat zalinski in a screaming match. because really all of this economic and environmental harm, including the refusal to fire up the nord stream to pipeline which less faces just sitting there, gathering dust is being done in the name of ukraine. i say yes, the government rules it out. we face difficult months ahead, but it is clear that we stand firmly on the side of ukraine and we stand behind the sanctions that we agreed together with the european union in the international community. and it's not just europeans who are suffering, but also folks in the global south. europe is also apparently dragging along countries like pakistan and bangladesh behind the energy price roller coaster. the fact that emerging countries in south asia, like pakistan, for example, are currently experiencing one power blackout after the other is also a consequence of europe's failed energy policy. in its attempt to free itself from
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its dangerous dependency on russia. record speed, the u. s. causing massive turbulence on the global energy markets, which hit poor countries particularly hard, but at least europe is united right? well, maybe not counting those opting out from the gas cuts or poland, which wants the rest of europe to keep their hands off polish. guess. russian president vladimir putin may not be quaking in his boots at all this stellar competence, but europeans sure might be as winter approaches. as he mentioned earlier, the use anti russian sanctions had spread in any crisis beyond europe to regions as far away as south asia. when mass protests have wrapped it in bangladesh, 100 the demonstrators have taken to the streets of the city at darker to cry, foul if the government's failure to curb a 50 percent hike in fuel prices. some of the protesters have set fil stations on fire. police are on the street to try and call the unrest. dozens of demonstrators
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have reportedly been injured in clashes. the government is considering a series of measures to overcome the crisis. including a request for a $4500000000.00 bailout from the international monetary fund. across inch will anchor crowns are rallying in colombo against what they call a government crackdown on the opposition. is the latest unrest in most been 4 months of political turbulence in the impoverished country for testers are calling for a change of power through fresh elections following an immediate dissolution of parliament . his local journalist do some vast. with more details, i'm here at b independent square in columbus for lanka. red, that's a special la produce of my slowly been organized by a consortium altered duty and demanding the reward of the state of emergency laws that had been put into practice. apply the new government led by the executive,
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austria lanka, raleigh victor of a singer. and at the same day, the other demands are especially to get rid of the suppression that is being carried out by the civil authority on cbs. dorothy is especially by the law enforcement authorities, likes, or local police and other government institutions to liberators. be debarred dissipated by more than hundreds of people and at the same day, b c's are members of the are barley bud. rupert big the g b b. becky bought a different is ready to produce, be cut down to it, quite a feasible amount at the moment. but in and around of you can see the members of the us are like up with these are the others eager to put it on alert. just think is all right, thank you. blaze dale on honored to take the necessary action. this is the sean vase who reported to you from colombo sir langa, though to be encountered in can yeah, off to post closed in tuesday's presidential election, which is seen
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a 56 percent turnout on teens policy. i gauged the opinions of some of the voters that i miss holdings, patient in kenya, around pointed to 1000000 people are eligible to vote in these elections with the issues attaching, uncovered t unemployment and corruption. the main reason as to why that when these, if they make sure one, they couldn't make statistics bady for, you know, account. secondly, we have one for electron to having in mind that a pretty id would you. we are lacking that our county has been affected vastly by this a drug called corruption. corruption is what us kill to this country because you see we have a laurel view. my a lot of natural results in this country, but because the of it corruption anti ball is a slam where more than a 1000000 people survive on a dollar a day. election posters,
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the promising change every way that many voters complain. it's the usual emptied promises from those vying for the top office. so who are the main faces in this race? to weeks, nick and nicole in the latest figures give rayna. i think the leader of the opposition a clear lead. this is his good for the presidency and he's supported by the house going to place it in, or who kenyatta opposing him is william wooten, who appeals to the masses of frustrated young people. most of them clerk who just want to get ahead. trades on his rags to which the story that he once sold chickens on the side of the road and is to day one of the wealthiest men in the country. but it's not going to be as easy for the new president to solve the issues. now will be, for example, is the largest and most important financial business and transportation had in east
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africa with most of the trade destined for western countries. who had the unmarked kenya, not only as a vital trading partner, but also a source of stability in a volatile region, the race comes at an anxious time with the conflict in ukraine. the pandemic, the worst drought kenya has faced in 14 years and the waste looking in the background. we will see how the new president deals with all this on his shoulders . policy or r t nairobi, kenya. we discussed the prospects and ramifications of the election in kenya with 2 local analysts. this is a lecture news going to be a timing point. oh, there can m economy one because of a 2 main reasons. one is the dead issue. the dead issue has been a child injury close. it closes a lot of taxation, legs will be done. fixation,
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that mixes the cost of business quite hard and you know, pushing this model into prices. okay. this and to he's got option and what i did, the confidence on the growl, the feeling that we these election every, every top contender, i've instructed, used done corruption. we are in the country. the lux shots didn't select. his friends, lacks classics in its structures. it's institutions because all the personalities, all the poor, they're connected in aust. and these election is less of manifest both and more of the people and assisting one of its highest dec situations. the level of appointment in the country has escalated to really serious proportions. and there's just generally out a lot of frustration amongst the city there. so they are very, very high hopes of the incoming government will be able to try and stem the tide
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and improve the condition. so when you look up the manifesto of both a railroad nga and will them, which will they have both promised to address that read bread and butter issues. most of their manifestos are based on the economic issues that are facing the country. so there's a soon as hope later, this to lead, as will be able to work with getting to power, be able to turn around the situation and give kenyans and really some relief because things are very, very dire in the country at the moment. there's outrage from u. s. republicans over the f. b i is weighed on a private with those of ex president donald trump. he says his home was under siege over lead. she tends to retrieve government documents. he kept for himself after leaving the white house parties at new york corresponding caleb open asthma. well, it was a dramatic raid by us law enforcement or the department of justice and f. b. i. agents in florida went to the residence of donald trump at the morrow, largo club,
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and resort, where he is staying, and it appears they went through all of his possessions or they went through even his personal safe. now there's been a huge amount of outrage as the day went on monday. with the announcement of the raid, we saw trump supporters piling out in big numbers to show their support for the former president outside of his residence. and now we have many republican voices speaking up and calling this politically motivated. here's what we've heard. when you have hillary clinton paying foreign agency interfere with an election. people lying on the road, repeatedly hunter biting to crack on tape. and what happens, where are the federal agents? you can't imagine this when it would have ever happened to a democrat. this is where americans now begin to ask the question. do we have a dual justice system in america? is there equal justice under the law? the rate of maryland go is another escalation and the weapon i zation of federal agency against the regime political opponents. while people i counter biden get
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treated with kid gloves, how the regime is getting another 87 k i r s agents to wield against its adversary's banana republic. now it's important to note that while this was a search warrant that was approved by a judge that was being executed, people are looking on and seeing that as very selective. we're looking at the fact that apparently the reported reason for these raids is somehow that trump was supposedly misusing classified information. however, i will recall the scandal involving hillary clinton's server and which all kinds of classified information was put at risk and she experienced no such raid on her ha, people recall a jeffrey epstein and the allegations about his activities and bowling minors and prostitution and a sex rang et cetera than how while he did, he did base prosecution for that. there was no such grade on his home. we do not see a dramatic instance where there is billionaire was, was facing the force of government. and many people are looking at the hunter biden's scan, which mainstream media at 1st dismissed as
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a conspiracy theory. then all of the shady dealings that were revealed by hunter biden's laptop showing all kinds of activities. the president, son, joe biden song, was engaged in and saying, where, where is the justice? i, you recall what cnn's very own a bryan set look. statler said he had dismissed the laptop scandal as a conspiracy theory. here's what he said. what about hunter hunter under federal investigation? charges can be come in at any time. this is not just a right wing media store is a real problem for the biden's. well, what do hunter biden? hillary clinton and jeffrey epstein have in common? they were all democrats and apparently of that got them immune from this kind of treatment at the hands of law enforcement. and however, people are looking at the situation with donald. i've been saying this could indeed be politically motivated. people are recalling the recent letter from senator grassley regarding the f b i and how the f b, i guess regarding the revelations of 100 biden laptop,
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even though they turned out to be credible. it wasn't a fault story. this is what senator grassley wrote and he's open letter to the f b i and concerns that i have raised for many years about political considerations infecting the decision making process that the justice department and f b i. if these allegations are true and accurate, the justice department in f, b, i r, and have been institutionally corrupted to their very core to the point in which the united states congress and the american people will have no confidence in the equal application of the law. it appears that while there is questions being raised, it appears that this was politically motivated that we're hearing from donald trump . the motivation was the fact that he is going to most likely it appears there's many indicators that he's going to run for president. and this is intended to prevent them from running for president against fight in 2024. and donald trump sees it as politically motivated aimed at keeping. i'm returning to the white house
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. many see that this fitting an ongoing powder of the partisan action, the u. s. law enforcement at the federal level 3 palestinians, including a senior military commander, had been killed off the is waiting for his re to the house in the occupied westbank city of nicholas as, according to the palestinian health ministry. the, the idea phase, the latest class is developed when palestinian riot has 3 stones, an explosive that israeli forces, the palestinian red crescent, se doctors have treated $69.00 gunshot. the victims in the abilene area was at least 4 of them in a critical condition. as comes off a sci fi brought an end to 3 days of armed conflicts between as well and the islamic jihad militant group in ga, he's the aftermath of some of the israel. the bombings that have lavished residential neighborhoods and civilian infrastructure in garza,
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israeli officials came the as strikes were aimed at preventing rocket attacks by the islamic jihad group. palestinian officials say that over 600 buildings have been damaged with dozens of civilians killed and hundreds wounded. meanwhile, pro palestinian voices are being increasingly censored on social media. activists have slammed facebook instagram and take talk for deleting their posts. since the start of the year, the number of content take down request submitted by the israeli government has increased by 800 percent. with the vast majority of pro palestinian post on facebook and take took already removed activists crying foul level, what they call biased content policies. we call reaction from social media advocates, mo nash dia. since june policy invoices and silencing palestinian voices had abandoned us answering our content, is affecting how we can share. our story is how we can document that we're crying
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violations that people are exposed to on the ground. our narrative is being censored and lined and this contributes to silence. seek our voices as to typing us . this has a bigger impact whenever, like we are talking with the international audience. whenever we are talking with a group palestinian audience who are trying to get to know what's happening there on the ground, they can't get the full picture because our, our content is basically sensor. so whenever we are trying to share stories of palestinians who were coded during those attacks, it's also since it's from the social media companies. and this means that this is like contributing to sensing our voices and preventing us from document into human rights violations that we are exposed to. many thanks for your company here on our see international will be back in the next half an hour, but do check out our website, auntie dot com for all the latest news updates on documentary in ah,
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in with russia state. oh, never a 55 with we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine, the state on russia today, and ortiz, they're given our video agency, roughly all brands on youtube. a with
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a with mm hm. welcome back to will the party with and frame in our president of the jerusalem institute for strategic studies. professor in bar, one of the proposed gold rush and military operation in ukraine. he's the so called to see cation and i have to say that when i 1st heard this term, it sounded very odd and artificial. i think it was the russian speakers a couple of weeks to even learn how to pronounce it without stumbling. having said
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that, do you think nasa is an old fashion has ever been a problem in more than day ukraine? a modern day. remember who i did was that was the nazi but i do, i do not know enough about the you know, the politics. so claim today to be able to respond to that. i must say that, you know, this sentences sounds very strange to was to western ears. and he even here and it's where we have, you know, a launch a russian population. a, i think, you know, if i would have to advise mr. put in i, i would advise him to use a different sentence to justify his a, his will. now can i brought in this out.


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