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tv   News  RT  August 9, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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ah, with a team of international experts visit a don bass detention center in which 51 people died when it came under fire from prisoners of war. how that the facility give their reaction to the blast a time there are emotions of fear and uncertainty. what i want to say to the ukrainian government is that when we surrender, that is austell, we hope we would be saved, not killed if they were involved. why did this happen? if they knew we were, there is more al failing a ukraine. army recruitment center chief complains about a significant decline in the number of volunteers amid prolong mobilization sub the
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key tasks for democracy. polls officially close in kenya after key elections for a new president with good morning to wherever you may be catching us from. i'm pure ela isabel live from moscow with this ours top news stories from around the world. welcome to the program experts and journalists from 6 countries, including france, italy, and germany, visit a don. yes for public detention facility, which was bomb last month, resulting in the deaths of dozens of ukrainian prisoners of war. russia says a ukrainian missile cause the casualties while ukraine claims moscow was responsible. the delegation to the ellen of covers to liddy was led by the russian state duma international affairs committee. and the don, yes. republic, foreign minister who presented evidence of what they say were us supplied. hi,
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mar. systems used in care of the attack. they also met with prisoners of war from ukraine's infamous neo nazi as of battalion, many of whom were victims of the attack. a warning as p o w, they may have spoken under duress, lemming. yeah, those new to a more, there are emotions of fear and uncertainty and a desire to go home as soon as possible and to understand why this happened and who needed it to. a lot of people died and that mustn't go unnoticed or what i want to say to the ukrainian government is that when we surrendered, that is austell, we hoped we would be saved, not killed, moral has become worse due to this attack. i wanted to leave our country still needs us alive. one pretty reason was good. i would like to participate in a prisoner exchange as soon as possible and ask ukrainian officials if they were involved. why did this happen? if they knew we were there? russia in the don. yes, republic say ukraine attacked ellen of cut detention facility with high mar miss
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was on the 28th of july warning you may find the falling images disturbing. dying ask authorities have said that 51 ukrainian prisoners of war were killed in the strike. russia has accused care of, of orchestrating the blast to prevent them from testifying what orders they received from the ukrainian military while key of denies involvement, claiming the facility was destroyed. in an internal explosion, as the relentless shelling of the don, yes republic by ukrainian troops continues local authorities saying another 2 people have been killed and 16 are wounded. the u. s. admit providing care with special anti right are missiles, that's this by any mention of them in any recent military aid packages. in recent pay packages, we've included a number of, of anti radiation missiles that can be fired off of ukrainian aircraft. either can have effects on russian readers and other things. last month,
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ukraine's defense minister claim the latest military aid package had included anti radar missiles, but didn't specify what they were. photos of the u. s. anti radiation harm missiles than appeared on social media after they had been used by ukraine. and the don bass with a range of nearly 50 kilometers harm missiles are among the longer range weapons ukraine was supplied with. with such weapons, key of could target russian anti aircraft radar systems such as the as 14 we cross live now to tad, see an independent arms control and disarmament expert. ah, tad, so washington has admitted for the very 1st time of supplying spatial anti radar missiles to ukraine. why now? well, obviously, they didn't think that the conflict was going badly for their clients in care. they
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would not have provided them with the most advanced radiation system they have for destroying other other countries. service dear missile raiders and it's none of the, the recent 8 packages for ukraine mentioned this anti radiation missile low. so do you think that more specific was sense could also have been supplied in secret? well, if they were hiding this, they could be hiding other things. and they've only admitted to this after the fact in this transfer, a very advanced systems which had previously never been shared outside of europe. and frankly, nato, if you know, this escalation of military assistance was hidden until they were found out until the images that you see on your screen will provide a worldwide of pieces of h t m a t, a missile systems. they had to admit it and they get, but as you say, you know, there's nothing guaranteeing that that was the only system that was provided in
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secret ukrainian government. what with all this unraveling doesn't to support the theory that this is now being exposed as turning into another washington proxy war . well, i mean, i don't see how you could do it as anything else at this point. this isn't that effort of peace making, but it was never an effort the peace keeping by the u. s. government. it's very partisan effort by the current us administration to on one side in the conflict declared it had the moral high ground and billions of dollars of military assistance. 7 providers, including as we've seen now, some very advanced radiation systems that were given when they were 1st 1st provided. and i understand why they were given because this really isn't an increase in expansion of high technology outside of nato. you know, just to give back to recognition they expect ukraine will be and they don't,
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i don't know from your expertise how dangerous are these kinds of weapons. and could they be potentially a game changer in the conflict? they provide a longer distance capability. the ukraine has lacked previously. what's interesting is that the pentagon is admitted that these systems, these missiles, can be used by existing ukrainian aircraft. which means that the, for example, nick 29 m. you to round attack various that ukraine has, i believe one or 2 of us can be fitted with the u. s. h e m a n t radiation missiles, again, an extremely advanced technology. so they've taken the trouble to build up the training and government capacities to much one level. and with this, obviously they can reach out and destroy russian anti service air missile radars. because obviously,
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the grain is want to be able to apply more aircraft nations against russian forces . and so they needed something from the world market and provided to them, i'll be it in secret. and what kind of reaction to ukraine and perhaps to the unite states, do you expect from moscow after this revelation was that this is a dangerous provocation. this is a serious upgrading of ukrainian capabilities, which again the u. s. went to troubles to high until they were caught out. and that's not a good look if you will. it doesn't argue for moral superiority when you have to sneak things in to your allies in another country. because again, i don't think they wanted to have to face the, the public repercussions of taking a nato bizarre system and transferring it outside of nato country. like you right. okay. tad see independent, arms control and disarmament expert. thank you. thank you. a midwestern attempt to support ukraine with massive arms supplies,
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a ukrainian army recruitment center chief has admitted a significant drop in the number of volunteers, volunteers come, but very few people shine on tv queuing autonomy, recruitment center, mostly those who want to get a deferment on to go a medical examination or some other issue out of every 100 people, 3 of volunteers. whereas at the beginning of the aggression, just 3 out of every $100.00, came with the deferment certificate. the recruitment team claim that despite the low number of volunteers, ukrainian forces are not suffering a shortage of troops with media concerned that ukrainians get their call up papers in the street or in the pop public places. the colonel has emphasized that it is possible, as it is prohibited by law. he added that women in war important professions will be enlisted from october. meanwhile, the ukrainian government has extended general mobilization until august 23rd. this comes as the ukrainian army has suffered, 500 losses this week. that's according to the russian defense ministry. the
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ministry has also reported the elimination of over $300.00 foreign mercenaries. all right, let's now cross live to scott ritter, former marine corps intelligence officer. hi scott, so i'm in army recruitment center chief and cab has admitted that the number of volunteers has decreased significantly. what do you make of the reasons for that? well, i think to, to delve into that one only needs to reference some documents that are ordered to come from the ukraine, the ministry of defense that indicated the casualties that the ukraine has suffered so far in this conflict exceed 190000. and that's just for the ukranian army that doesn't include other forces like the border guards, et cetera, which could bring the total casualties closer to a quarter of a 1000000 men. ukraine started this conflict with 260000 active duty forces,
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around 600000 reserves. and so we were talking about a precipitous loss of, of, of, you know, fighting forces. we don't know what to blend is how many of those were a regular forces. how many were territorial forces, but it's a, it's an oppressive amount of casualties, which has a chilling effect on those who might be seeking to serve their country voluntarily . nobody wants to sign up for a losing cars. and right now, it is quite clear that ukraine is losing this war with russia, losing it a big way, and it cost them a lot of a lot of lives. right. so okay, does this mean that you're creating army morale has the klein and what does this say about the overall sentiment about how ukraine is doing in the war? not just from the cramping from the general public was difficult to speak.
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ukrainian morale on which unit. so i don't think we should ever forget that ukrainian, active military force was highly trained, highly professional, a highly motivated force. you know, we, we speak of, you know, russia's military victories on the battlefield. but these are victories that are hard, fought against a determined enemy. and i, i can see that the units possessing low morale don't, don't hang around on the battlefield to fight too close quarter combat. the recruitment team has claimed and made this assertion that call it papers can be given in the street or any other place, legally. what does this tell us that they're saying, this kind of thing where it says that they're desperate to get manpower available right now. there's a, as i said, if the reports coming out of the train ministry defense are true, $191000.00 casualties. that means that there's gaping holes in the ukraine
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defense and that need to be filled with ra manpower, and they're not getting them from volunteers. as this report says, so they're going on forcefully conscripting people and showing them into the front lines. we have plenty of reports of territory units refusing to fight because they say they're not properly trained properly equipped. and that is indicative of the emergency that's, that's confronting the ukrainians. in terms of this manpower shortage. could you say the same thing about the fact that starting from october women of war important, but professions will go under military registration? so does i mean, you talked about the desperation? does that add more to that? well, i mean, i don't know how desperate that is, that that's just common sense. if you have these are women of certain professional skills. these are not front line troops who would be employed in the rear areas of their by freeing up men that are capable of, of,
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of combat to go to the front line. so this is just common sense. all military is do this in time of work, and i'm surprised. it's taken me this long to do it. can this last the patriots has on lead to the eventual shortage of troops in the ukrainian army. and do you see that shift happening? especially with other media, attention shifting and a lot of things on rivaling one of the indicators is a, you know, we live in a time when information warfare is rampant. and one only needs to take a look at the stories that are being prioritized by the ukrainian government and their western allies. and, you know, we, we hear talk of the fantastic morale of ukrainian troops leads me to believe that morales, not that fantastic. we hear about them building up massive forces in preparation for a counter attack that never comes, which leads me to believe that they're having difficulty building up the forces. i think we're reaching a culminating point in this or where ukrainian armies now they're going to lose the
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capacity to fight with the will to fight. scott, right, our former marine corps intelligence officer. thank you very much, scott. thank you ah pause. have officially close in kenya's national elections, which have been done as a test of the country's democracy. tuesday's voting will result in a new government with the president elect taking charge. bo county is now underway and the electoral commission has several days to announce the winner and an election framed as a contest between hustlers and dynasties in which better and opposition leaders. adina a who is a part of kenya's political plan, competed against rudo, trading on the rags to riches story as he began his life as a chicken seller. over all these elections are marked by economic problems facing the country amid rising inflation and drop related hunger. amid financial challenges, some desperate voters see the election as an opportunity to make money policy or
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gets the 1st hand recount the elections. come against the back up of a deepening cost of living crisis. as food and fuel prices increase, which means more, more people are choosing to essentially sell. they vote yeah. make money. we had in different dishes because you know, in the pollution come the lowest really were something for you. and then you do something example on for one valley raja and i'm going to the other one. and this is the result because i have to do it because i have to get some money from from whatever is been done in the, in the polls. how much money do you make from my niece t shirts. okay, i can make a 100 or 500 it benz on the ball edition when the politician, mit gives me something that i'm good to do to go with it. i have children and they've been it to be fed, so i'll have to do whatever i do so that i can make my money. but some guys are involved in something more sinister. king and elections are often mod,
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with violence. the worst was back in 2007, when more than 1300 people were killed in the aftermath of the elections. those killings were later found to have been planned and financed. what are you paid to do the bit do well and do any there are some produce young uses. he was people because of money. how much money when you get for doing violence. ok, they're open. the guy paid $500.00 or so that's about between $4.00 and $8.00. yeah. how many guys do what you do? like the look 20 people in this area. have you ever killed someone not, not let try to keep someone in this knife that is not to kill a gun beat. someone badly candidates in the past have been found guilty of paying
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for violence against their own supporters in going to the media and accusing their opponents of intimidation. these elections are costing kenya $370000000.00. they're amongst the most expensive and expensive in the world, but the question remains is of democracy or cash that is costing ballots. policy or r t nairobi, kenya. u. s. republicans have slammed the f b i search of ex president donald trump's private resort as political weapon zation of a federal agency trumps. as his home was under siege in a search for any government documents, he may have kept for himself. after leaving the white house, the public have reacted strongly to the api i recent move. when you have hillary clinton paying foreign agency interfere with an election, people lying on the rotor people we hunt or bind doing crack on tape. and what happens, where are the federal agents? you can imagine this, what it would have ever happened to
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a democrat. this is where americans now begin asked the question, do we have a dual justice system in america? is there equal justice on the law? the rate of maryland go is another escalation and the weapon i zation of federal agency against the regime political opponents. while people i counter biden get treated with kid gloves, how the regime is getting another 87 k i r s agents to wield against its adversary's banana republic. while this was a search warrant that was approved by a judge that was being executed, people are looking on and seeing this as very selective. we're looking at the fact that apparently the reported reason for these raids is somehow that trump was supposedly misusing classified information. ah, however, i will recall the scandal involving hillary clinton server, which all kinds of classified information was put at risk and she experienced no such raid on her ha, people recall a jeffrey epstein and the allegations about his activities involving minors and
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prostitution and a sex string et cetera, than how while he did, he did face prosecution for that. there was no such raid on his home. would you not see a dramatic instance where there is billionaire was, was facing the force of government. and many people are looking at the hunter biden's scandal, ah, which mainstream media at 1st dismissed as a conspiracy theory. then all of the shady dealings that were revealed by hunter biden's laptop showing all kinds of activities. the president, son joe biden, son, was engaged in on and saying, where, where is the justice? i, you recall what cnn's a very own a bryan set up statler said. what about hunter hunter under federal investigation? charges could come in at any time. this is not just the right wing media store is, is a real problem for the biden's. well, what do hunter biden? hillary clinton and jeffrey epstein have in common? they were all democrats and apparently that got them immune from this kind of treatment at the hands of law enforcement. however,
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people are looking at the situation with donald trump and saying this could indeed be politically motivated. people are recalling the recent letter from senator grassley regarding the f b i and how the f b i disregarded the revelations of hunter biden's laptop, even though they turned out to be credible concerns that i have raised for many years about political considerations infecting the decision. making process at the justice department and f b i. if these allegations are true and accurate, the justice department and f, b i r, and have been institutionally corrupted to their very core to the point in which the united states congress and the american people will have no confidence in the equal application of the law. while there is questions being raised, it appears that this was politically motivated that we're hearing from donald trump, who says that the motivation was the fact that he is going to most likely and it appears there's may indicators that he's going to run for president. and this is intended to prevent him from running for president against biden,
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in 2024 am. and down from seas this as politically motivated, aimed at keeping him from returning to the white house. many c. this is fitting an ongoing powder of the partisan actions of u. s. law enforcement at the federal level are a to discuss. i thought cross lived to radio host and political commentator, steve, gail, steve, welcome. and how surprising was this search? i mean, has any ex president ever been under such scrutiny? now this is historic and in all the negative ways. and it is outrageous. it is clearly the kind of 3rd world banana republic, persecution, of a political enemy that is being done by the, by the department of justice by the biden, f, b i. and it's attempt, i think, does may, people from the, the, from the horrible presidency that we're seeing, a failing presidency can hide by attacking a central candidate and a central former president. one of the ironies that the reporter mentioned the f. c,
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connection, the federal magistrate who issued this sealed war, it actually represented some of epstein, perverted colleagues that were also under investigation. so the title only goes back to brock obama, who just federal magistrate that donated to but also to jeffrey epstein himself. right. and the republican party has also now accused the department of justice of political, weaponized, asian, and so have other people, do you see the search as politically motivated or perhaps the destruction, amid the economic crisis that the u. s. is facing? i think it's a little bit of both. clearly it's distract from the, the, the inflation from the recession that the buys administration denies. but also they've just passed the senate here in the united states, a inflation reduction act that even democrats acknowledge won't reduce inflation. and that even democrats acknowledge will raise taxes despite from protestations of democrats that it will not. i think that the really bizarre thing of this is that
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the documents they're seeking to retrieve are the kinds of things that you put into the archives. they're not instant credible secret items that need to be retrieved from president trump or to, to retrieve them before he quote destroys them. none of the elements that would require this kind of outrageous rate or a place here. and i think that unless the democrats have an absolute smoking gun is going to be exposed for what it is, which is a partisan political law attack on my former president, trump, right? i did the f, b i once again act lawfully and, and how was the f b i attempted to justify this starts? how have they attempted to even justify this while the b warrant is sealed? and i'll tell you as a lawyer, that one of the problems that i see in this is that if it's an overly broad warrant under us law, you can't just go on a fishing expedition issue a warrant to go see what you can find. it has to be very specific,
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and there are reports that the f, b i agents 30 of home who descended upon the home of president trump in florida, while he was in bed minster in, in the new york area wasn't even there. they descended with lights flashing and, and, and weapons when there was no need for any of that. and then it carted off boxes of documents, some of which may not be covered under the warrant that was issued. which means that even if they find anything under us law, it may be suppressed. it may be banned for being used, any kind of court action against the president because it was gained illegal. so even if they find something the way that they get it, the broad warrant that they issued reportedly, and the, the just a massive box does not reviewing what was there just taking everything, including things that may not be covered by the warrant. may mean that even if they find something which is unlikely, not going to be able to be used against president trump. now if we compare the f, b, i's prob, with into trump, with this of the law breaking by joe biden,
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son hunter bite in the search of trumps. home has been carried out extremely fast or the f b, i not being hypocritical. then by seemingly ignoring any wrong doing by hunter biting and yet going all out against trump. i think there's a long pattern of hypocrisy that's being exposed here. you know, one of the other i already says that if i watch some of the videos on her by laptop with him cavorting with women, i could go to jail for watching it, but her by hasn't gone to jail for actually doing it. and you have other democrats like hillary clinton, she and bill clinton left the white house with about $150000.00 of antiques and other items that they literally stole. she destroyed 30000 pages of emails, bleaching it off of her laptop using hammers to destroy cell phones that contained information while under subpoena. and you've had other democrats that have been given a slap on the wrist for actually stealing documents from the national archives.
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sandy berger, who was president clinton's national security advisor, literally stuffed up documents into his socks and pants. stole them from the national archives and you got a misdemeanor prosecution. well, thank you steve. steve gill, radio host and political commentator. appreciate you and that's are up for this hour, is most pressing new stories from around the world for more video content. check us out on rumble and odyssey and be sure to also follow up on twitter and instagram. see next i'm at the top of the hour. ah ah, ah
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a welcome back to will the party with and frame in for president of the jerusalem institute for strategic studies. professor in bar, one of the proposed gold rush and military operation in your praise, the so called cation and i have to say that when i 1st heard this term, it sounded very odd and artificial. i think it was the russian speakers
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a couple of weeks to even learn how to pronounce it without stumbling. having said that, do you think nasa is an old fashion has ever been a problem in more than day ukraine? a modern day will remember who i did was there was nothing but i do, i do not know enough about the politics. so claim today to be able to respond to that. i must say that, you know, this sentences sounds very strange to what the western is and even here and it's where we have, you know, a population a, i think, you know, if i would have to advise mister booth and i would advise him to use
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a different sentence to justify his the will. now can i brought in this out towards the issue on now says because i think the ip address on on 2 pillars. one is this idea of exceptional or secret nature of any given. and the 2nd i thing is the, this issue on the, on the end of history, that history has some predetermined, more, as we know, people are, was trying to bring that about. is that a concept that is seeing reliable, not only let's say in ukraine, but also more broadly movies that you consider most of the chosen people. so and nobody, you know, saying that this is any of those and that's it. but you know, many nationalities.


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