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tv   News  RT  August 9, 2022 10:00pm-10:26pm EDT

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station which is fashion ah ah ah, a team of international experts visit they don bath detention center in which 51 people died when it came under fire from kiev, with many ukrainian prisoners of war. how they're now demanding answers from their government. what i want to say to the ukranian government is that when we surrender, that is austin. we hope we would be saved, not killed if they were involved. why did this happen? if they knew we were, there is more al failing, a ukrainian army recruitment center chief complains about a significant decline in the number of volunteers amid prolong mobilization. polls
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officially close in kenya's presidential election with some voters looking a profit from the process amid the countries economic problem. what are you paid to to do with good morning? 5 am and masika. welcome to our tanner nationals, top news stories for this. our, i'm carol is about happy to have you join us experts in journalists from 6 countries, including france in italy and germany, visit a donnie asked for public detention facility, which was bombed last month, resulting in the deaths of dozens of prisoners of war. russia says a ukrainian missile caused the casualties while kiev claims moscow was responsible . the delegation to the ellen healthcare facility was led by russian and don, yes, were public officials who presented evidence of what they say for us supplied hi mar systems using care of the alleged attack. they also met with prisoners of war,
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from ukraine's infamous neo nazi as off battalion, many of whom were victims of the attack, a warning as p o w. they may have spoken under dress with good. i would like to participate in a prisoner exchange. as soon as possible and ask ukrainian officials if they were involved. why did this happen if they knew we were, there we go. what i want to say to the ukranian government is that when we surrendered at his austell, we hoped we would be saved, not killed. moral has become worse due to this attack. i want to believe our country still needs us alive, on sugar to mo, most there are emotions of fear and uncertainty, and a desire to go home as soon as possible and to understand why this happened and who needed it to. a lot of people died and that mustn't go unnoticed. no one russia and that are on yes for public se ukraine attacked ellen of cut detention facility with high mars missiles on the 28th of july. a warning you may find the following image
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is disturbing. tonya sc authorities have said that 51 ukranian prisoners of war were killed in the strike with russia has accused care of, of orchestrating the blast to prevent them from testify. what orders they received from the ukrainian military, while kiev denies involvement, claiming the facility was destroyed in an internal explosion. we spoke to the russian st. do my member who led the delegation to eleanor car, who told us he have deliberately attacked the facility? do you be to ship a julia which 51 people die, most of them resolve fighters killed by the key every gene because they had started to give testimonies on recent crimes committed by ukraine and its military crimes against humanity, crimes which can't be understood or forgiven by same people from on the wrong, it's the worst kind of naziism who we spoke with detention facility authorities that don't, that sick foreign minister and also to the prisoners who were lucky to survive the strike roman. it's hard and it's especially hard for these people to understand
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that they were betrayed by those they worked and served those they considered, their commanders were progressing school and as the attacks of the don, yes, for public by ukrainian troops continue the u. s. admits to providing care with special anti radar missiles. that's us by any mention of them in any recent military aid packages. in recent pay packages, we've included a number of, of anti radiation missiles that can be fired off of ukrainian aircraft that can have effects on russian rate or some other things. last month, ukraine's defense minister claim the latest military aid package had included anti radar missiles. but it didn't specify what they were photos of the u. s. anti radiation harms then appeared on social media after they had been used by ukraine in the don bass, with a range of nearly 50 kilometers the harms are among the longer range weapons ukraine has been supplied with. what such missiles kids could target russian anti
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aircraft radar systems such as the as 410 c and independent arms control and disarmament expert says the ply weapons to the brain in secret proves washington's goal is far from peace keeping. if they were hiding this, they can be hiding other things. and they've only admitted to this after the fact. this transfer a very advanced systems which it previously never been shared outside of your own. and frankly, nato, until they were found out it's very partisan effort by the current us administration to on one side in the conflict. it's declared in the moral high ground. it isn't that effort piece, making. it was never an effort. the peace keeping by the u. s. government, this is a dangerous provocation. this is a serious upgrading of ukrainian capabilities. which again, the u. s. went to troubles to high. there's nothing guaranteeing that that was the only system that was provided in secret ukrainian amid western attempts
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to support ukraine with massive arm supplies, a ukrainian army recruitment center chief has admitted a significant drop in the number of volunteers. volunteers come but very few people shown on tv queueing autonomy, recruitment centers, mostly those who want to get a deferment undergo a medical examination or some other issue out of every 100 people, 3 of volunteers. whereas at the beginning of the aggression, just 3 out of every $100.00, came with a deferment certificate. the recruitment chief claim that despite the low number of volunteers, ukrainian forces are not suffering a shortage of troops with media concerned that ukrainians get their call up. papers in the street or in public places, the colonel has emphasized that such actions are not prohibited by law. he added that women in war important professions will be enlisted from october on. meanwhile, the ukrainian government has extended general mobilization until august 23rd. it comes as the ukrainian army has suffered 500 losses this week. that's according to
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the russian defense ministry. the ministry also reported elimination of over 300 foreign mercenaries, former marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter, believes ukraine's high number of casualties is discouraging volunteers. it's an oppressive amount of casualties, which has a chilling effect on those who might be seeking to serve their country voluntarily . nobody wants to sign up for a losing cars. and right now is quite clear that ukraine is losing this war with russia losing in a big way. and it's costing them a lot of a lot of lives. and we have plenty of reports of territorial units refusing to fight because they say they're not properly trained properly equipped. and that is indicative of the emergency that's that confronting the ukrainians in terms of this manpower shortage. and one only needs to take a look at the stories that are being prioritized by the ukrainian government and
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their western allies. and, you know, we, we hear talk of the fantastic morale of ukrainian troops. leads me to believe that morales, not there. fantastic. we hear about them building up massive forces in preparation for a counter attack that never comes, which leads me to believe that they're having difficulty building up the forces. i think we're reaching a culminating point in this war where ukrainian armies nothing to lose the capacity to fight with the will to fight the worst fire in the countries modern history. that's how a fuel shortage facility storage facility in cuba, which is now blazing for a 15. 0 has been dug here, some of the latest footage of the flaming oil depot in math and science, which is crucial for providing electricity to the entire island of cuba. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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mm . flames have reportedly now in gulf a 4th tank at the facility after 3 others collapsed earlier like me, ignited one of the tanks last week. and since san authorities have been struggling to fight the blaze which have already left over a $120.00 people, wounded specialists from mexico and venezuela are reportedly helping to put out the fire r t. the olivers, the mora. already a has the details with betsy. a little more, so de la la them on the smoke continues to cover the sky over the city of mountains, us and the significant part of cuba west asi over the past few, i was huge places could be seen,
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which experts say were caused by chemical reactions. of facilities room, the days have become very difficult. the fire services rescue was with the high temperatures interrupting their work several times. at the report say, most of the firefighters has suffered life and featureless firefighters have been assistance. i am forced helicopters here. would you be dropping sea water on the area to lower the temperature blade? this allows firefighters to return to the fires. this in the early my get a little the little to say, this fire has no historical precedent. a blaze of this type than was such characteristics. it was very difficult to work on almost impossible, given the extremely high temperatures, huge columns of smoke and fierce heat. i'll soon i noted that i am a bigger muscle. i was difficult not only because of the fire itself, but also because a power outages up are a few hours ago decided to stop operations at the power plant in the city of mountains us, which is one of the largest in the car. this is greatly exasperated, she was energy casa, as i've already said. of course,
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numerous power outages throughout the country chassis and to kenya, a vote counting is now under way after polls officially closed in elections does a test of the countries democracy. the outcome will result in a new government with the president elect taking charge. the electoral commission has several days to announce the winner after a fierce contest in which veteran opposition leader or dingo who is part of kenya's, political clan competed against his main challenger rudo, running on a rags to riches story. the election has been marked by the economic problems facing the country and had made such challenges some kenyan see the vote as an opportunity to financially profit ortiz policy or gets a 1st hand account. the elections come against the back up on a deepening cost of living crisis as food and fuel prices increase, which means more, more people are choosing to essentially sell the vote. yeah. you make money. we had in different dishes because, you know, in the, the pollution come,
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the lowest really were something for you. and then you do something example there on for one valley right here. and i'm going to the other one. and this the result, because i have to do it because i have to get some money from, from whatever has been done in the, in the polls. how much money do you make from women? nice t shirts. okay. i can make a 100 or 500. it benz on the politician when the politician, mit gives me something that i'm good to do to go with it to have children and they, they need to be fed. so i'll have to do whatever i do so that i can make my money. but some guys are involved in something more sinister. king and elections are often mod, with finance. the worst was back in 2007, when more than 1300 people were killed in the aftermath of the elections. those killings were later found to have been planned and financed. what are you paid to
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do that they do like the look 20 people in this area have either killed someone not let fight lead someone in his night that just not to kill a gun beat. someone he sits adversary's banana republic, while this was a search warrant that was approved by a judge that was being executed. people are looking on and seeing that as very so lactic. we're looking at the fact that a, apparently, the reported reason for these raids is somehow that trump was supposedly miss using classified information. ah, however, i will recall the scandal involving hillary clinton server, which all kinds of classified information was put at risk and she experienced no raid on her home. people recall a jeffrey epstein on the allegations about his activities involving minors and prostitution and a sex string et cetera than how while he did, he did face prosecution for that. there was no such raid on his home. we do not see
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a dramatic instance where there is billionaire was facing the force of government and many people are looking at the hunter biden's scandal, which mainstream media at 1st dismissed as a conspiracy theory. then all of the shady dealings that were revealed by hunter biden's laptop showing all kinds of activities. the president, son, joe biden son, was engaged in and saying a where, where is the justice? i, you recall what cnn's very own a brian said, look seller said, what about hunter, he years about political considerations infecting the decision, making process at the justice department and f b. i. if these allegations are true and accurate, the justice department and f, b i r, and have been institutionally corrupted to their very core to the point in which the united states congress and the american people will have no confidence in the equal application of the law. while there is questions being raised, it appears that this was politically motivated that we're hearing from donald trump,
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who says that the motivation was the fact that he is going to most likely and it appears there may indicators that he's going to run for president. and this is intended to prevent him from running for president against biden, in 2024 am. and donald trump sees this as politically motivated aimed at keeping him from returning to the white house. many see this is fitting an ongoing powder of the partisan actions of u. s. law enforcement at the federal level. we heard from radio host and political commentator, steve gill, who says the rate is a historic move from the fbi i in negative ways. this is historic and in all the negative ways, and it is outrageous. it is clearly the kind of 3rd world, banana republic, persecution, of a political enemy that is being done by the, by the department of justice, by the, by the f b i. and it's an attempt, i think, good dismay, people from the, from the horrible presidency that we're seeing, a failing presidency, champ, i'd by attracting a potential candidate and a potential former president. i think there's
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a long pattern of hypocrisy that's being exposed here. you know, one of the other ironies is that if i watch some of the videos on 100 biden's laptop with him cavorting with women, i could go to jail for watching it, but 100 by hasn't gone to jail for actually doing it. and you have other democrats like hillary clinton, she and bill clinton left the white house with about $150000.00 of antiques and other items that they look stole. i think that the really bizarre thing of this is that the documents they're seeking to retrieve or the kind of things that you put into the archives, they're not instant credible secret items that need to be retrieved from president trump or. 1 to, to retrieve them before he destroys them. none of the elements that would require this kind of outrageous raid or a place here. and i think that unless the democrats have absolute smoking gun is going to be exposed for what it is, which is
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a partisan political attack on for president trump here of center the policy towards russia. it gets a frantic that's according to austrian presidential candidate, gerald gross speaking r t. he says he e u is pining the blame, penning the blame for its energy crisis on moscow instead of admitting that europe some thanks as are to blame growth last week, also broke down the situation for local media. oh, i see. mm hm. see, boy can mail and shamika burn supported, can god smell this home denser? yeah. younger garza my company and says so you cannot do without energy on one hand and then complain about the lack of energy and fear, black out on the other speak of the devil. and the devil shows up that esc is a freak. and that is what currently characterizes to european elite skis of freedom, yet they are in favor of sanctions against russia. on the one hand there waging their economic war against russia because of military conflict,
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that in reality does not affect europe in any way. and on the other hand, they complain about the reaction to the economic war. namely, the lack of guess, guess is not only used for heating, but guess from russia, which we have received for the last 50 years, is also used to secure the electricity supply. this means that if you want to secure the supply of electricity on the european continent, then we must also an economic sanctions against russia and try to restore a reasonably satisfactory solution for the people through diplomacy. this comes as a you implement an energy emergency plan, according to the measures the blocks members are to reduce gas consumption by 15 percent on a voluntary basis until didn't end of march next year. the goal is to save 45000000000 cubic meters of gas, creating the option of falling back on reserves in case of a shortage archie contributor rachel mars then explains that europe is only just
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starting to experience the effects of its own sanctions. it seems like a slow motion car crash here in france already. for example, we're seeing public officials using b e. u. engineer gas shortage as an excuse to reduce public services. now, public swimming pools, both near paris and in the south of france, have made news recently when local governments said that they were shutting them down for the rest of the summer. to save money. the mayor of catherine. yes. which is in the south of france said the high costs now mean that she has to choose between purchases like organic food for kids, school lunches, or the pool. so the pool got the axe during one of the hottest summers on record. so you can see the ball is already rolling on rationing, even in anticipation of a shortage later this year. and we haven't even begun to see where the knock on effects might pop up. now to make matters worse, norway, which is otherwise known as europe's battery,
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produces hydro electric energy that it typically exports to the u and to the u. k. but now it's saying that because it's lacking water because of the dry and, and heat, it now feels that it will be able to step up and help with exports this year. and just when you think that things couldn't possibly get a worse, the financial times is now reporting that european utility companies like francis energy giant, who they f, are sounding the alarm over radioactive, contamination of liquefied natural gas deliveries. europe is also apparently dragging along countries like pakistan and bangladesh behind the energy price rollercoaster. the fact that emerging countries in south asia, like pakistan for example, are currently experiencing one power blackout after the other is also a consequence of europe's failed energy policy. in its attempt to free itself from its dangerous dependency on russia, record speed, the u. s. causing massive turbulence on the global energy markets,
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which have poor countries particularly hard, but at least europe is united. right? well, maybe not counting those opting out from the gas cuts or polish which wants the rest of europe to keep their hands off polish. guess russian president vladimir putin may not be quaking in his boots at all this stellar competence, but europeans sure. maybe as winter approaches and that's all for this hour's top news stories moran, the world up next r r. t documentary, fascism, a history dissects the atrocious ideology and points out that it existed long before today. unfortunately, it looks like it is not going anywhere anytime soon. stay close by and i'll see you again soon. offense. very dramatic developments only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very critical. i'm time to sit down and talk ah, the 1st time in history, an entire country's culture has been cancelled. the very modern weapon cancel culture. the desert. wonderful. i wish i feel my last little one, but you can't just me sitting there with the phrase now, particularly refers to canceling russian culture yet them know what secrets of see what was going to give to william. i was hooked. sure. which will be your choice. so that go with them. we what russia is created over the past 1500 years now, question, actually condemned, reviled and reject it. just to remind you that it's the will of bramble. there's a lot closer to hold out any time i guess it'll show them the list.
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joining total condemnation, gross daily, and now include does de escalate to cascade shostakovich? did that? i need to talk, but yes, you're seeing that with the time. will you do? obama lee? you're not going to look it up with a look and you live muscles. if you look on the initial be one, of course, not to get
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a post on zillow while it diaz can use to put volume you to day or 2. by y'all as to which is done as a what i see the skinny bus is the little gear motivation, says a gun, bob ah, north atlantic alliance, recognizance aircraft, and walsh ships cruising close to rushes. borders have become commonplace. ah, along with military hardware redeployment and large scale exercises, nato has also developed its offensive capability near the russian borders.
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ah ah, every year a russian bank resolution is submitted to the un against the glorification of naziism the outcome is always the same for you as votes against it. and in recent years with ukrainian backing with typically that you abstain. ah, but with most countries voting in favor, the document is accepted. but it's only advisory lou meter causing a writer in history professor with the american university in washington summarizes the usa official position. united states says that we're not going to prevent
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freedom of speech. united states as that even the nazis have the right to speak and to assemble the german journalist and filmmaker mark, but all my sees the ukrainian and u. s. positions differently. that only i'm like on our knee. my knee does torn. he's a very thorough, a name or game car, you know, shown garnish via the building damage for all time vasey zaps tune


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