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tv   News  RT  August 10, 2022 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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[000:00:00;00] for a international experts, visit a p o w detention camp after and elected kiosk strike kills dozens of ukrainian soldiers there with the survivors demanding answers from their own government. what i want to say to the ukrainian government is that when we surrender, that is off still. we hope we would be saved, not killed if they were involved. why did this happen if they knew we were there officially close in kenya's elections, that summative financial crisis pushing some voters to allegedly to come to bribes
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as candidates thought to win by any means necessary. what you paid to do that they can do well, and when the politician, it gives me something good, i'm good to do to go with it to have children and they need to be fed, so we'll have to do it. and i do so that i gotta make my money political weaponized ation the f. b i is accused which i against republicans while turning a blind eye to democrats. is wrong doing after a raid on ex president, donald trump's private resort in florida. with hello from our tantra national studios in moscow to wherever in the world you're watching, i'm fiorella is about what this hour's most vital news stories from around the globe. happy to have you join us experts and journalists from 6 countries, including france, italy, and germany, visit a don. yes, republic detention facility, which was bomb last month, resulting in the deaths of dozens of prisoners of war. russia says
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a ukrainian missile cause the casualties white while key of claims. moscow was responsible. the delegation to the ellen of the facility was led by russian and don, yes, for public officials who presented evidence of what they say were us supplied. hi, mar systems using care of the legit attack killer issues. a distinctive feature of the high mas, myself systems that we used on this piece. you can see where the fragments that fly off during the explosion causing tremendous damage. we're, we have many such cases, all of which we found at the sight of the explosion. meanwhile, the right cross has claimed they have no security guarantees to attend the facility, nor have access to prisoners injured during the attack. that's those fight rushes call for both the organization and the you. and to investigate the incident. the international experts who have visited met with members of ukraine's infamous neo nazi as of battalion held there,
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many of whom were victims of the attack. a warning as p o w's, they might have spoken under dress. i would like as to participate in a prisoner exchange as soon as possible, and ask ukrainian officials if they were involved. why did this happen? if they knew we were, there we go. what i want to say to the ukranian government is that when we surrendered at his austell, we hoped we would be saved, not killed. moral has become worse due to this attack. i want to believe our country still needs us alive. i should get, you know, i more, there are emotions of fear and uncertainty and a desire to go home as soon as possible and to understand why this happened and who needed it to. a lot of people died and that mustn't go and noticed nora, russia, and that i asked republic say ukraine attack. that'll never cut detention facility with high mars missiles on the 28th of july. a warning you may find the falling images disturbing. danny ask, authorities have said that 51 ukrainian prisoners of war were killed in the strike
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. russia has accused cavalry orchestrating the blasts to prevent them from testifying on the orders they received from the ukrainian military, meanwhile, kept denies involvement, claiming the facility was destroyed in an internal explosion. and as attacks on the diaster public by ukrainian troops continue the u. s. admits to providing care with special anti radar missiles. that's this by no mention of them in any recent inventory of military aid. in recent pay packages, we've included a number of, of anti radiation missiles that can be fired off of a ukrainian aircraft. they can have effects on russian radars and other things. last month, ukraine's defense minister claim the latest military aid package had included anti radar missiles. but it didn't specify what they were photos of the u. s. anti radiation harms than appeared on social media after they had been used by ukraine and the don bass with
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a range of nearly 50 kilometers the harms are among the longer range weapons ukraine has supplied with what such missiles key have could target russian anti aircraft radar systems such as the as 400 had c and independent arms control and disarmament expert says, applying weapons to ukraine in secret, proves washington's goal is far from peacekeeping. if they were hiding this, they could be hiding other things. and they've only admitted to this after the fact that his transfer of very advanced systems, which had previously never been shared outside of urine and frankly, nato, until they were found out it's very partisan effort by the current us administration on one side in the conflict. oh, you know, gets declared, it has the moral high ground. it is. this is an effort of peace making, but it was never, never peacekeeping by the u. s. government. this is a dangerous provocation. this is a serious upgrading of ukrainian capabilities, which again, the u. s. went to troubles to high,
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there's nothing guarantee that that was the only system that was provided in secret to the ukrainian amid western attempts to support ukraine with massive arms supplies, a ukrainian army recruitment center chief has admitted to a significant drop in the number of volunteers volunteers come but very few people shown on t. v. queuing autonomy, recruitment sent his emotionally. those who wants to get a deferment undergo a medical examination or some other issue out of every 100 people. 3 of volunteers . whereas at the beginning of the aggression, just 3 out of every $100.00 came with the deferment certificate. the recruitment chief claims that despite the low number of volunteers, ukrainian forces are not suffering. a shortage of troops with media concerned that ukrainians get their call up papers in the street or in public places. the colonel has emphasized that such actions are not prohibited by law. he added that women in war important professions will be enlisted from october. meanwhile,
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the ukrainian government has extended general mobilization until august 23rd. it comes as the ukrainian army has suffered over 500 losses just this week. that's according to the russian defense ministry. the ministry has also reported the elimination of over $300.00 foreign mercenaries. for marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter believes ukraine's high number of casualties is discouraging to volunteers. it's an oppressive amount of casualties, which has a chilling effect on those who might be seeking to serve their country voluntarily . so nobody wants to sign up for a losing cars. and right now, it is quite clear that ukraine is losing this war with russia losing in a big way. and it's costing them a lot of a lot of lives as we have plenty of reports of territorial units refusing to fight because they say they're not properly trained properly equipped. and that is again indicative of the emergency that,
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that confronting the ukrainians in terms of this manpower shortage. and one only needs to take a look at the stories that are being prioritized by the ukranian government. and they are western allies. and, you know, we, we hear talk of the fantastic morale of ukrainian troops leads me to believe that morales, not that fantastic. we hear about them building up massive forces in preparation for a counter attack that never comes. which leads me to believe that early difficulty, really up the forces. i think we're reaching the culminating point in this war, where ukrainian armies madigan lose the capacity to fight with the will to fight. and vote counting is now underway, antennae after pose officially closed and elections dumped a test for the countries democracy the outcome will result in a new government and president. the electoral commission has several days to announce the winner after a fierce contest in which veteran opposition leader or dingo, who is part of kenya's political plan,
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competed against the main challenger rudo running on rags to riches story canyon. political analysts, michael gohler, says that the dynasty versus hustlers framing sent a unify message to all voters. it was a good political narrative house it because for the political commission to use this, this sort of 2016 can you, you want to have me say that that was for a little on so for the president to find a good time for himself with the poor, so to say it was good thinking a good political strategy for my seat and branding i nasty of course, no one would have made a good definition of a nasty among many of the us. so it work for him. and to some extent a, because many for now, that 2nd section over there,
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a learning a to be close on his background and people were on him. well, the president, for many people around him was basically all that same background that they got. so it made sense to many of the what us and i will give it to him for the election has been marked by the economic problems facing the country and made a financial challenges. some voters were pushed to allegedly to come to bribes as political candidates thought to win by any means policy or heard from those who entered into murky deals. the elections come against the back up of a deepening cost of living crisis as food and fuel prices increase, which means more, more people are choosing to essentially sell. they vote. yeah you make money reading different dishes because you know in the pollution come the lowest deliver
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something for you and then you do something example on for one valley raja and i'm going to the other one and this is the result because i have to do it because i have to get some money from, from whatever is being done in the, in the polls. how much money do you make from wendy's t shirts. okay, i can make a 100 or 500 it benz on the ball edition. when the politician, mit gives me something that i'm good to do to go with it. i have children and they've been it to be fed. so i'll have to do whatever i do so that i can make my money. but some guys are involved in something more sinister. king and elections are often mod, with violence. the worst was back in 2007, when more than 1300 people were killed in the aftermath of the elections. those killings were later found to have been planned and financed. what are you paid to do the bit do well and do any and produce young
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uses. he was people because of money. how much money when you get for doing violence. ok, they're open. the guy paid $500.00 or so that's about between $4.00 and $8.00 or less. yeah. how many guys do what you do? like the look 20 people in this area. have you ever killed someone? not, not that fight to feed someone in his knife that just not to kill a gun beat. someone badly candidate from the past have been found guilty of paying for violence against their own supporters in going to the media and accusing their opponents of intimidation. these elections are costing kenya $370000000.00 there amongst the most expensive and expensive in the world. but the question remains is a democracy or cash that is costing ballots. policy or r t nairobi,
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kenya. political weapon, a zation of a federal agency. the f b i is the queues of hunting down republicans while turning a blind either the wrong doings of democrats. that's after the agency rated ex president, donald trump's private resort in florida, which he slammed at the siege. the public have reacted strongly to the search. the rate of maryland go is another escalation and the weapon, a zation of federal agency against the regime political opponents. while people i counter biden get treated with kids gloss how the regime is getting another 87 k i r s agents to wield against its adversary's banana republic. when you have hillary clinton paying foreign agents to interfere with an election, people lying on the road repeatedly hunter by doing crack on tape. and what happens, where are the federal agents? you can't imagine what it would have ever happened to a democrat. this is where americans now begin asked the question, do we have
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a dual justice system in america? is there equal justice on the law? while this was a search warrant that was approved by a judge was being executed? people are looking on and seeing this as very selective. we're looking at the fact that apparently the reported reason for these raids is somehow that trump was supposedly misusing classified information. however, we will recall the scandal involving hillary clinton's server with all kinds of classified information put at risk and she experienced no such raid on her home. people recall a jeffrey epstein and the allegations about his activities involving minors and prostitution and a sex strang, et cetera. than how while he did, he did face prosecution for that. there was no such raid on his home. we do not see a dramatic instance where there is billionaire was facing the force of government. and many people are looking at the hunter biden's scandal, which mainstream media at 1st dismissed as a conspiracy theory. then all of the shady dealings that were revealed by hunter
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biden's laptop showing all kinds of activities. the president, son, joe biden song, was engaged in and saying, where, where is the justice? i, you recall what cnn's very own a brian said, look. statler said, what about hunter hunter under federal investigation? charges could be come in at any time. this is not just a right wing media store is, is a real problem for the biden's. well, what do 100 biden hillary clinton and jeffrey epstein have in common. they were all democrats and apparently a that got them immune from this kind of treatment at the hands of law enforcement . and however, people are looking the situation with donald trump and saying this could indeed be politically motivated. people are recalling the recent letter from senator grassley regarding the f d i and how the f b i dis regarding the revelations of hunter biden's laptop. even though they turned out to be credible of concerns that i have raised for many years about political considerations infecting the decision making process at the justice department and
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f b. i. if these allegations are true and accurate, the justice department and f, b i r, and have been institutionally corrupted to their very core to the point in which the united states congress and the american people will have no confidence in the equal application of the law. while there is questions being raised, it appears that this was politically motivated that we're hearing from donald trump, who says that the motivation was the fact that he is going to most likely and it appears there may indicators that he's going to run for president. and this is intended to prevent him from running for president against fight and in 2024 am. and down from seas this as politically motivated aimed at keeping him from returning to the white house. many see this is fitting an ongoing powder of the partisan actions of u. s. law enforcement at the federal level. we heard from radio host and political commentator, steve gal who says the raid as just another example of biden's po failing government,
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trying to discredit arrival. this is historic and in all the negative ways. and it is outrageous. it is clearly the kind of 3rd world, but i over public persecution of a political enemy that is being done by the, by the department of justice, by the, by the f b i. and it's an attempt, i think, good dismay, people from the, from the horrible presidency that we're seeing, a failing presidency, can't hide by attacking central candidates and central former president. so i think there's a long pattern of hypocrisy that's being exposed here. you know, one of the other ironies is that if i watch some of the videos on 100 biden's laptop with him cavorting with women, i could go to jail for watching it. but hunter by hasn't gone to jail for actually doing it. and you have other democrats like hillary clinton, she and bill clinton left the white house with about $150000.00 of antiques and other items that they literally stole. i think that the really bizarre thing of this is that the documents they're seeking to retrieve or the kind of things that
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you put into the archives, they're not instant credible secret items that need to be retrieved for president trump or. 1 to, to retrieve them before he destroys them. none of the elements that would require this kind of outrageous raid or a place here. and i think that unless the democrats have absolute smoking gun is going to be exposed for what it is, which is a partisan political attack on former president trump the worst fire in the countries modern history. that's how it feels. storage facility in cuba, which is now blazing for a 5th day in a row, has been dug here, some of the latest footage of the flaming oil depot in math and says, which is crucial for providing electricity to the entire island of cuba. ah
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ah . flames have reportedly now engulfed a 4th tank at the facility after 3 others. earlier collapse. lightning ignited one of the tanks last week. and since then, authorities have been struggling to fight the blaze which has already left one person dead. and over 120 people wounded specialists from mexico and but as viola are helping to put out the fire, our teeth vanishes. olivers of more aria reports from the scene betsy, a little more so de la, la them on the smoke continues to cover the sky over the city of mountains, us and the significant part of cuba west asi over the past few, i was huge. places could be seen, which experts say were caused by chemical reactions of the facilities room. the
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days have become very difficult for the fire service. and rescue was with the high temperatures interrupting their work several times. at the report say, most of the firefighters a suffered life burns, featureless firefighters have been assisted by armed force. helicopters, would you be dropping sea water on the area to lower the temperature to play? this allows firefighters to return to the fires as this in daily market. will be unable to say this fire has no historical precedent a blaze of this type than with such characteristics. it was very difficult to work on almost impossible, given the extremely high temperatures, huge columns of smoke and fierce heat and said, well, i'll soon i know chad that i'm of the guy. you must, my was difficult not only because of the fire itself, but also because a power outages up are a few hours ago decided to stop operations at the power plant in the city of mountains us, which is one of the largest in the country. this is greatly exasperated q was energy crisis up and as i've already said last caused numerous power outages throughout the country will ceci 3 palestinians, including
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a senior millison commander have been killed in an israeli forest straight on the west bank city of nobliss. while another 69 people were injured many seriously in subsequent cautious, that's according to the palestinian health ministry. ah, flashes interrupted after the raid with protest are throwing stones out is really troops who responded by firing at the proud doctors are reported to have treated almost 70 gunshot victims with at least 4 of them in critical condition. meanwhile, a pro palestinian activist has blasted social media platforms for banding has post morning, a child killed and israel's recent attacks on gaza, british rop or low key says his post of a 5 year old palestinian girl killed in a recent attack on the gaza strip. was shadow band after metal platforms including facebook and instagram mark the post as violent and linked to dangerous
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organizations. loki claims they'll content with censored after an alert from the israeli cyber unit. the girl was playing outside when the shrapnel hit her and seriously injured her 7 year old brother. she became the 1st victim of israel latest bombing campaign of gaza. facebook meanwhile, has previously blamed artificial intelligence for mistakenly banning similar content. palestinian activists have claimed that since the start of 2022, the number of content taken down request submitted by israel has increased by a 100 percent. israel meanwhile, has lauded its cyber unit in the past for being hugely successful in getting online content removed. social media advocate monet stier says, palestinians are deliberately gagged to cover up violations by israel touching policy, invoices on silencing palestinian voices, headband and gas,
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answering our content is affecting how we can share. our story is how we can document that were crying violations that people are exposed to on the ground. our narrative is being censored and lined, and this contributes to silence. seek our voices as to typing us. this has a bigger impact whenever, like we are talking with the international audience whenever we are talking with a group palestinian audience who are trying to get to know what's happening there on the ground, they can't get the full picture because our, our content is basically sensor so whenever we are trying to share stories of petty sr is who were coded during those attacks. it's also said from the social media companies. and this means that this is like a contributing to sensing or voices and preventing us from document into human rights violations. that we are exposed to now to some other world news in brief, the south korean capital has been struck by some of the countries heavy rain and decades. turning it streets into car clogged rivers and sending floods cascading
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into subway stations. saw authorities report at least 9 people dead and several more missing additional rounds of heavy rain our forecast to move through. so until thursday. meanwhile, the u. s. a single engine airplane crashed into a pickup truck on a california highway and then burst into flames. the pilot blame the incident on possible engine failure as he descended to land a nearby airport authority said both the truck and the plains occupants were able to escape the place unharmed. now over to russia, where forest fires are raging in the countries north, west uber, our region with 84000 hector's, a blaze, according to local governments, cities and towns are not in danger, but smoke has reportedly spread to neighboring ural regions around $1500.00 firefighters and several dozen aircraft are involved in efforts to extinguish the fires. and that's the route for this hours most pressing new stories from around the world
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for more video content, check us out on rumble and odyssey and be sure to also follow us on twitter and instagram. bye for now. ah ah ah
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ah ah ah. awe on november the 3rd 1945 just a month after the war ended. the u. s. joint chiefs of staff receive report number 3 to 9 and select 20 targets to attack in the soviet union with nuclear bombs. the time was right. as the u. s. s, i was devastated by will the united states last about 400000 people at the brit sloss less than the americans did. and the soviet suffer. 27000000 deaths
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with john kennedy gave us american university a commencement address of 8063. he said that what the soviet suffered of world war 2 was the equivalent of the entire united states. east of chicago. have you been destroyed? mm. initially the plan to attack the u. s. l was code named trojan over time it evolved into pincher bush, waka, crankshaft, half moon, coke wheel, off tackle and sharia. december 19th, 1949, saw the adoption of the best known plan to wipe out the soviet operation. dropshot, date of attack. january the 1st 1957 to the plan outlined the complete annihilation of the
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usaa under the democratic guise of liberating the nations from communism. but those very nations would be wiped out alone with communism. in the 1st phase of operation dropped shot in visits, dropping 300 nuclear and 250000 tons of conventional bombs on the soviet union. in 100 soviet cities were pre selected as targets. the 2nd phase, the ussr is attacked by 250 nato divisions. soviet points are taken over by nato naval forces. the 3rd phase, annihilating the u. s. i saw wiping it off the world map. to that end, all new weapon types that to be deployed, nuclear, chemical, radiological, and biological,
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as well as small items. the final phase breaking the ussr into full zones and posting nato troops on its territory. ah, more than 18000000 people. the majority of the huge countries population would have died in the intense bombing and subsequent fighting. we have a series of these kinds of war plants, like kennedy briefed on them in the early 19 sixty's. he was, are of by no any sat a, we call ourselves the human race. but these clans continued for preemptive attacks against the soviet union. but this was, in essence an updated version of the nazi general plan. aust, that envisaged eliminating millions of slavic people and as in world war 2,
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when much of europe stood united against the usaa for the us plans to muster all native nations under the aegis of operation dropshot. in 1949 though, the soviets acquired the own nuclear weapons. so any plan to annihilate the u. s. as i had to be postponed indefinitely, but the idea remains the same. the united states have to be seen as the only major player in the international arena, or anyone who sold otherwise had to be wiped from the us. says yet union itself is no mold. this is a victory for democracy and freedom. these events clearly serve on national interest. george bush was i'm booked as of yet a new one. anguish v i'm yeah and arch leash took off in zebulon and tablet block on man was to vision one of the dean and he's in london sound unsigned. a sausage


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