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noon a a top headlines on anti international ammonia spreads over the city of don, yet after and attacked by ukrainian troops on our local brewery, leaving at least one person dead and 2 other injured parties. crew witnesses the off them off that the shelling with who were the 1st to arrive at the site and gotten to a puddle of ammonia. almost suffocated pneumonia tank was damaged, which could threaten an environmental disaster. tons of mount or the u. s. approved yet another package of military aid to ukraine and made revelations that washington sent billions of dollars to unknown recipients in afghanistan the decades
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has no reaction. i. who cares and the us. how speaker nancy pelosi brushes off the fallout from her visit to taiwan, which really did push beijing and type a right to the ring of a military confrontation in south africa slams the e u of a newly imposed import regulations that could be putting its entire citrus industry at risk, that's as the already serious global food prices continues to wassup with thursday. well headlines from moscow with asi international, where we continue to question mo, it's good to have your company today. ammonia spills and risks of an environmental disaster that comes off to the ukranian military shell, the local brewery, and don yeske, leaving one person dead and 2 others wounded,
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severely damaging an ammonia holding tank, leading to a hazardous situation right in the skies above the city. now the whole incident took place at 10 p. m. local time on wednesday. although don, yet, sky emergency service is managed to stop the ammonia league, a fire covered a large area of the facility after the blast. a local report indicated more than $55.00 fighters were battling the blaze, and the attack comes in there would lent las targeting of civil infrastructure in don yet by ukrainian troops. and ozzy crew were among the very 1st he managed to reach the area right around the brewery, just after the attack. what a rule of the middle one ukrainian ukrainian troops have hit the don. it's brewery . as a result, the monia tank was damaged, which could threaten an environmental disaster. the skipper, we were the 1st to arrive at the site and got into a puddle of ammonia and almost suffocated who could boast. now the emergency services of the dpr have blocked the entire area and are repairing the damage to
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mona, pipe and securing the affected zone to us is to just particularly well for the mean time, however, don't ask. officials are still loading residents to stay in doors and keep the windows closed as the toxic gas poses a danger in the 2 kilometers own right around the burglary. of course, ammonia exposure is very dangerous. it can cause severe poisoning and immediate problems with ones lungs. now a short time ago here in the program on r t, i did speak with civil rights attorney, robert patillo. he says, countries sending ukraine weapons should ultimately reconsider that positions. i think that's a part of an increasingly desperate sort of action by the ukrainians. and what we have to understand is that they have some of the most accurate weapons on earth as applied by the united states government. the idea that this was an accidental hit of the brewery, i think that, that stream, credulity, one of the part of the rules of war is 12, not our target. and so we'll get info structured,
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i think the united nation to the people who are applying to ukrainians have to step in and demand their weapons. not be you to attempt to brilliant infrastructure. and yet another narrowly averted disaster on the european continent is again in the spotlight. the international atomic energy agency chief is now interrupted his vacation to join the upcoming un security council meeting at russia's request. as moscow accuses ukraine of attacking europe's largest nuclear power plant correspondent eco's down off as the russia has made it an international mass after it's cooled for the un security council to assemble and discuss most whose concerns over the attacks on the zipper, raska nuclear power plant in fact, the representatives of the international atomic energy agency had previously expressed willingness to take part in this visit. have a listen. i welcome this opportunity to inform the united nations security council about the extremely serious situation facing one of the world's biggest nuclear
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power plants. now located in the middle of an act of war zone, an accident at this plant could threaten public health and the environment both in ukraine and neighboring countries, as well as further away. while these upper oscar nuclear plant is located on the territory of ukraine, but right now that territory is under the control of the russians. and throughout, as russia has been well maintaining those territories that power and maintaining that power plant. that facility came under 2 consecutive attacks on the 5th and the 7th of august and russia has been saying, it's very concerning because the power plant is huge. and the fallout could be absolutely horrendous. it has accused cave and the ukrainian forces of deliberately attacking the plant and k of in turn has been maintaining the line that russia had been essentially shilling its own position, spinning the blame on to moscow. now, of course, russia has vehemently denied any such accusation saying that the only logical thing
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that could have happened that is that ukraine was shelling, who can it considers its enemy. and that is russia and shelling the rush of control territory and well consecutively. these approached good, how a plant, in fact, well that the, the international reaction has already, well come through i, with the west, the united states, they have who, the g 7, in fact countries and a joint communique, they have hold on to russia to give the power plant back to give, but that would mean to surrender. partly some of the territories that had been captured by russia in the course of the war itself, what it calls the special operation. and in fact, the un itself has voiced concerns even though despite previously it had blocked an international visit of international experts to the facility. any a tech to a nuclear plant is a suicidal sink. and i hope that those attacks will end. and at the same time,
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i hope that the a, i, e, a will be able to have access to the plant and to exercise its meant its competition. while the situation is, of course, very concerning, while the whole facility structure is structure wise, is very sturdy. and well, it is, it is, well basically it can withstand a lot, but still nobody wants to take any chances. he has these approach co nuclear power plant is the largest in europe. it's among the top 10, top 10 largest nuclear power plants in the world. so if anything was to happen that the fall out would be catastrophic to europe, is how russia a russian representative himself formulated. would the full out could be, have a lesson, but we're still not to school. caliber bombs exploded near the spent fuel storage facility, just 200 meters from the operating nuclear reactor is extremely dangerous and can end up terribly through our military assesses that in case of
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a major accident at the plant. the area of radioactive contamination will be up to 5 and a half 1000 square kilometers. it can spread to more than 400 kilometers long woodard, most of ukraine, will be harmed, as well as tom bass, parts of russia and all the black sea countries. we need to do every thing to prevent a catastrophe. ukraine puts the blame for these attacks on moscow. of course, that's nonsense crystal. there are russian military on the side who don't intervene in its work, but are there to provide security on the territory. according to the ukrainian version. russia shells its own military personnel, which is absurd. i think the shell ins are the result of irresponsibility and adventuresome, but this is a very dangerous policy for ukraine itself, as well as sports people. so i have no sensible explanation as to what ukraine is doing. so again, it's adventure ism and maybe it can be called new killer terrorism, which western countries never criticize ukraine's actions even when key of commit
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serious crimes and creates extraordinary risk for the west. ignores that and tries to put all the responsibility on russia at the meeting of the un security council will get a chance to hopefully take a more sensible stance, which is it. and so the biden administration ups the ante and approved yet another $1000000000.00 military aid package for you. craig, that has a new report reveals washington has sent billions of dollars to quote, miscellaneous undisclosed recipients for decades in afghanistan, does raise some concerns over where the money and weapons ship to key f might ultimately end up. here's our correspondent rachel blevins. nearly one year after the u. s. military flag and disarray from afghanistan, a new report is shutting light on how much of the more than $2.00 trillion dollars and funding for the war went to shay the sources. when looking at the $108000000000.00, the u. s. paid out to contractors more than a 3rd of both,
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the domestic and foreign recipients are listed as undisclosed. these funds were distributed and spent with a significant lack of transparency. when the defense department registers certain contract recipients as undisclosed, or miscellaneous, it becomes difficult or impossible to track contract spending. so if the money went to undisclosed sources, then what was that really spent on and how much was used to fuel corruption? such questions appear to be nothing new for the ravaged country. it was occupied by the u. s. for nearly 2 decades, whether it was the afghanistan papers which were published by the washington post and then quickly forgotten about in the mainstream media or the annual special inspector general reports which have shown misconduct and missing funds year after year. this latest revelation is just another reminder of the clear problems with contract spending by the us. it even sites a 2011 commission which found that at least 30 percent of contract spending was
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lost to corruption or waste. a reminder that this has been a problem for more than a decade, and nothing has been done to stop it. a sub contractor of lockheed martin submitted fraudulent invoices that resulted in over billing, the department of defense, millions of dollars. other examples include incomplete and shoddy construction of school buildings, warehouses, and other facilities. but just because the u. s. has declared is done with afghanistan, doesn't mean it's done with the habit of generously sending out billions of dollars and military aid with no oversight. instead, the focus has turned to ukraine, where the via an administration signed off on its largest package, yet bringing billions of dollars in aid since the start of the year. and the few members of congress who have attempted to fight for any kind of transparency when it comes to how the money is spent, have been quickly shut down by the majority. i've been you crying twice now,
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and i haven't seen a balance of a lot of this humanitarian assistance. so there's no accountability we lost. what is it? $80000000000.00 worth of equipment we left behind in afghanistan. lord knows where this stuff is going to end up if you want congress to continue to approve tens of billions of dollars. you need to show us how you are making sure that that money is spent responsibly. i mean, we don't get an accounting of where the money is going, so whether it's the u. s. government shrugging their shoulders as yet another report suggest rampant corruption and money laundering in afghanistan, or are fighting back against the possibility of such a report to exist when it comes to spending in ukraine. their actions and resistance against any form of accountability remain equally consistent and unpunished. i think what we find when we look at how the pentagon in the state department both manage their money, it is deliberately hidden in many ways, very difficult to systematically track where the money goes. and i think this is
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done on purpose when you have money that can't be tracked or you have money that can be used for illegal purposes. and when i say illegal, contrary to what the us congress has authorized that money to be used for this kind of thing is not just afghanistan, this is how the system works. and you cannot track where the money goes in. in any of the cases we would demand if it was a private enterprise, if we, if it was a, a company, a corporation conducting its books, we would demand accountability and transparency. but when it's the u. s. government doing it, we say, oh no, that's okay. we don't need that us how speaker nancy pelosi defended her controversial trip to taiwan, which almost broke beijing and ty pay to a military collision. that sparked fears of a global war and provoked a series of sanctions by china including effect against policy herself. but the
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whole speaker doesn't seem to faced. yes, no reaction. i that who cares? i mean, we didn't go there to talk about china. we went there to praise taiwan. we will not allow china to isolate taiwan. they have kept taiwan from participating in the world health organization, other things where tie one can make a very valued contribution and they may keep them from going there, but they're not keeping us from going to taiwan. now that was nancy pelosi talking about her recent trip to taiwan and saying she's now concerned about the possible consequences ation. nancy pelosi maintains this trip was about upholding the status quo when it comes to the us, china relationship brought enabling the usa to continue supporting taiwan, which she called a thriving democracy. and now the status quo of us china relations is one shine. i mean, what the u. s. government recognizing one chinese government and ace on the mainland and asia and china felt this recent trip was a real,
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a front to that status quo. and it's also important to note that the media is still in overdrive about the possibility of things happening. the. ready possibility of, of the results of this trip. it caused a huge amount of international concern intention and real fear. so what could break out as a result? now we also know that nancy pelosi doesn't seem very concerned about this at all really. and she has often miss spoken and, and said some interesting things in reaction your trip. this is nancy pelosi, i think that he's in a fragile play. caesar has problems are to economy. he, he's acting like a scared bully. and this is his voice at the for the, the meeting that where he will want to be reelected. china is for one that's in freest society in the world. don't take it from me that's from freedom house. do you me regarding the serious promotions of actions of the u. s. that violated
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china's sovereignty and interfered in china internal affairs. as long as the u. s. novelty, the china will definitely strike back and will never allow china sovereignty and territorial integrity to be trampled on and undermined. now the pacific and east asia have been on edge ever since this trip happened. there have been military drills in addition to that. we've got china throwing jabs at washington over us bases in the region. however, joe biden, as well as nancy pelosi seems to just not be worried about what the results of this visit might d. here's what joe biden said for how worried i want to try to keep me a bit of a grid. oh, i don't know. i worry, i'm with now it's important to know that at
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a time that gas prices are rising and the cost of food is increasing across the united states record inflation, the u. s. government decided to spend roughly $90000000.00 of us taxpayers money to enable nancy pelosi to go on this trip to the island to taiwan. and as you just heard, it seems that joe biden and nancy pelosi are not concerned about the results and the possible dangers posed by their actions. when it comes to people around the world and world peace of a more details on how policies was it really to chill relations between washington, aphasia angus had to our website office. he thought. com also check out our teeth. telegram channels too. but godaddy with us today for the program here at auto international, south african orange export has are angry over new e you import requirements, which resulted in the countries shipments of fruit being held up on arrival. it's a complete and utter disaster. food that has fantastic quality and is safe is just
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sitting there. and this at a time when people are worried about food security, our industry is under pressure. it's basically a year of survival. south africa as citrus grows, association reported around 37 percent of all citrus exports and go to the e. u with europe being the biggest market for the countries orange industry. but with these new regulations in place and estimated $3200000.00 cartons of fruit worth over $36000000.00 of apparently left port with paper work that may well not be accepted upon arrival. now these new regulations are requiring south african farmers to apply an extreme cold treatment to all european bound oranges for 25 days. you has responded to the criticism and it claims the new rules are meant to cope the spread of the sub saharan pest. the false coddling move to europe. south africa has filed a complaint with the world trade organization claiming the new standards that's
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totally necessary for the ceo of a sunday's river. citrus company says export from south africa i just facing discrimination. we believe we are being treated unfairly in the me, his we, if they can, the results that the head reopen about it is not something that you know, that has happened with us before. and it's really difficult to ship and african speculate. and as i say, we have really good relationships in europe and want to know like, you know, at the end of the day. exactly why this was done in such a manner. you know, at the moment we are focusing to try and fall and do things as well as we can. and also obviously to get the salvo that is being held up in europe release as soon as possible. we believe the program says he made and regardless of the fact that we, we dispute the process, you know,
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we are trying to operate at this point. that is basically all we can do, we in the middle of the season and they are not many other options at this point. meanwhile, there are some who are wondering whether europe is ready for a cold treatment of its own. of course, amid western sanctions that have boomerang back from russia, europeans are looking at short energy supplies and may need to ration what they have to ensure they make it through the winter. a britain is portly preparing organized blackouts for households on manufacturers this winter. while some german industrial sectors are asking for exemptions from gas cod says rationing looms, ireland is also considering saving its fuel supply disruptions could start as early as september. meanwhile, officials in spain of ordered businesses to keep air conditioning above 27 degrees celsius. that's the demand for the comfort of cooler s sword recently and made a recent heat waves, which did push temperature is above 40 degrees in some european cities. now
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according to the e u plan, which is officially enforce and the blocks members need to aim to reduce the gas consumption by 15 percent until the end of march next year. the overall goal is we understand is to say 45000000000 cubic meters of gas creating the option of falling back on reserves in the event of a shortage. no author and journalist thomas fancy says these measures will do very little to save europe as that leaders and politicians have already lost that of the energy war. at the moment where seem very few concrete steps being taken towards energy induction was seen mostly symbolic actions such as public building, tiny lights, off and so on. there's been no actual action taken on energy reduction. and that's because truly reducing educational consumption to europe requires some pretty radical measures when talking about
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rationing energy. the industries potentially rationing energy to households. and so no one has the courage to actually take those measures. and i think that this cool for 15 percent reduction in european energy consumption is just difficult. how do you approach as you know, politics, they european, technocrats, they, me and these are nice air conditioning rooms where they sit, lemon scented water, and they come up with these grand plans. so, you know, you, you why graham times the divorce from the economic social reality an unlikely hero. that is at the motto of a u. s. companies kickstart a campaign which is producing an action figure of ukraine's president of the campaign by a new york based studio has already raised more than $120000.00 in crowd funding. that's a way past the original goal of just 30 grand. the plastic figurine is planned to be mass produced in china. is part of the profit said to be going to help you
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create new and refugees. he's the perfect leader for this moment, just a super inspirational character, his this real strength that comes across, but it's humble and he sort of represents the opposite of everything that we've come to associate with. politics of us comes amid the mass prosecution of the landscape of political opponents in ukraine, as key of brands, them as traitors and collaborators. meantime, 400 people who reportedly been arrested in the nikolai f region alone for allegedly helping russia. back in march, zelinski kicked out dissent with a ban on what a ban on opposition parties. and in another case of a parent, mo, justice, ukrainian opposition m. p has been shimaya by nationalists. and it's all for everyone to see on camera with
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people with now this comes as some western media outlets and politicians. they will, they're pointing out that the criticism of zelinski government does continue to grow louder day by day. and now the government has previously been accused of turning a blind eye to that of wide spread corruption in the country. and a new c, b s. news report suggests that black market profiteering is flourishing in ukraine's military or the german newspaper developed reports. lensky is involved in, quote, corruption on an industrial scale executive vice president of the erasure center. earl rasmussen says that as corruption in the country is exposed, the media narrative bit by bit on ukraine is also changing. so i don't know if it's a super hero, a villain, or
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a comedian in just this is just another rule for him. he really could care less about the people, especially less about the army. i mean, he would have settled something, some type of agreement, probably before the conflict occurred. he got elected on the grounds of making peace and settling the civil war that was going on in the, in the east to begin with and making peace with russia. that's why he got so much so many votes was one of the key campaign promises which he flips almost immediately. the corruption of antics to pick corrupt and corruption has gotten worse when we weapons a black market. if surrender. i mean, you know, we have no accountability, what's going over there, who knows where the money's going into. it's probably a money laundering operation as well in the media. western media is just playing him up and shifting their focus to support. that's what it fall apart. and i think over time people things are leaking out. they amnesty international report. the c b
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s interview. it's the story falling apart. and the story line is going to deteriorate. overtime support russians may be bod, from getting shingle visas to europe, and germany says the proposal has already been put up for discussion within the e. u. now it follows as a group of politicians who called on the e. u to deny russians vacations in europe, while the country continues at war and ukraine. moscow slammed the initiative as a rooster phobic saying has been 80 years since sentiments similar to these origin remarked by finland and estonia were lost, voiced on the continent. it's not right that at the same time as russia's waging and aggressive, brutal war of aggression in europe. russians can live a normal life travel in europe, be tourists. it is not right. stop. they sheen. 2 recipes as to russians. visiting europe is a privilege not so human rights. i child from russia, shut down,
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it means washing and countries. each of these is neighbors to russia, carried batten time to, and tourist from russia. now, the most important sanctions of the close the borders because the russians are taking away some one else's land. the new calls come as a russians already face a host of travel restrictions. after the conflict in ukraine started the use shut its air space to russian plains, and partially halted visa facilitation. thus denying rushes officials and business people privileged access. a 7 e, you, nation's of tightened entry rules for russians and suspended the issuance of short term visas. and mid calls for quoting this to an outright travel ban. the e u commission rule the possibility out citing quote, the law of the land. we spoke with a political analysts, anthony webber, who raises the question as to why the russian public has now been singled out. people should have the right as individuals to achieve what was, what is what well,
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they won't see. i, i think this whole issue of saying people have been, come, treat, cons, travel and the fees would have made sure, well, what connotations, i mean, would you say 2 whole people from saudi arabia that none of us citizens could travel because of our policy in yemen. or would you say 90 from afghanistan can travel because of the policies of the taliban? i mean, you can think of about 30 countries in the world. what might be more way you could put all the comments together and it just basically against the human rights of individuals to punish them for whatever the policies are of that government took the time. all that started wrapping up on this. i was
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