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jelly, oh she did you see it with me? a crate. well, never be a victory for russia. ukraine war is a proxy war. this is a war between russia and the united states. as amman are made, it comes to last. you can then in carbon dioxide, america forces urine, you're not in your engage in conflict with russian forces. the american forces are hurting to fan nato allies. nato escalates even more in the special military operations. become a war when you put the l sup. so that will girls that never show another 1000 is my
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idea that i see your to us protecting costliest. you got what i mean with so you sleep, he should unique and he's a most of them let's you when you, let's only to stop finish entering your sewage near us. he cooked the cold february 2007 that amy of hooton's munich speech is a milestone in contemporary history. many consider his famous address of the security conference to be a turning point in relations between moscow. on the west with president putin smoke about major g, a political issues in no uncertain terms and harshly criticized the uni, polo world model u. s. foreign policy and unjustified use of force against other states. that's just not a scholar shooting me. me, it nickel, what machine you're wondering is i say, so my only answer elac of this between you is a bus missed you. are you little now about what if the here, you know,
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part of what 0 issue, fucked up. can you say she wouldn't they, even though they do you want us? yes, pretty video, but our at can. i am the spreadsheet, ga, ga. what it's a shitty and you're still still esteem is if you need me to read though, it is up and think about ignoring it. post arrows postcard, but shops go on the go or rather do in georgia, the western sunset my down to an vision to pull those countries into nato. it old cars and new conflicts and a profound global security crisis goes numerous attempts to negotiate the rules of the game in europe through futile human under decoded america, latoya gray, lex fuel door on my gym needed couldn't, couldn't be to school much just couldn't. i didn't the buck ma'am, didn't chuck them him not to them on my to put him also say on the bullet, do you lost a 60 percent of the list? that was thinking. yeah. so i see if i would be getting that would be good to
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control it. i didn't turn it below see why not put it in mute. so what should i do to? she was your point problem. it could do that and make, ask us, but i think in the come on, you can do this as a fail of work for me. i need it and then they utility it a cool way to bring to school to ideas and let i see you with addition to the when the lights from dental kings corners, i'm a fuel the united states ad for many years now provided in the area between a $1300000000.00 worth of lethal and non lethal military assistance to ukraine per year. some were some misconduct key schema confusion, cardoso was to run the show. okay. in the case process using show coming up with you to come out to sing with charlotte may yeah. what else to look good for the dog? yeah, we shouldn't, since i've done the appointment. but if that needs to be to destroy the suppression, the city a can bullish to we got there. and if you need to consider what, what actually is currently 3rd of this month, excuse me, should be,
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will here with some live cross club culture washing machine. i, i'm up emotionally, phil, if you keep your kids there. cool. what order can share them? something that i didn't know for them, leaning the stumps and notes and these girls, if you were sitting ordering. sure, you're supposed to be me and i missed with what we're seeing now is just the tip of the iceberg. the logical outcome of washington z is known and consistent policy. ukraine was chosen as a native bridgehead near russia's borders back in the mid 19 ninety's. when the country started its nato integration, i was in 2008, when george w bush said he wanted to trade in a ga to be a fast track than to date out that the venue as ambassador to russia, william burns, who's now the head of the cia sent back a memo to washington titled me yet means in the yet don't cross russia's red lines
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when it comes to ukraine. joining nato, we solution. she will make sure you are not done by she located. here. you are the result. it will some way collect human is about being you. so if you put, gives you know, crania and tickets to perform the, what was your only able to reduce the heat that has been good in place? yeah. the upper avenue air units. it with machine unit numbers. by the end of 2021, keith had a mast of 150000, the strong military force of well trained and heavily on specialist on the dp, an lp our borders intelligence reports corroborated that he wasn't being done for defensive purposes. the plan was to launch a full scale ukrainian offensive in don bass and crimea when it comes to when acquisition in your school, trash littering the beloved dental problem. the 1st picture that i will to seattle from a switch to linear did over the longest and peers,
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and i showed that he could finish and i can eat so much into it. okay, so what else would you want from someone to go to school? the federal club with active duty for senior expression assisted living with a also even though kirk samantha, cool, really skinny good. on february the 24th, the russian bummers rumbled over ukraine like a bone from the blue. having a cheap, tactical surprise, the russian forces the home strategic and strikes on important targets across ukraine. military ranges, thank trees comes depos airfield, logistics hubs. but no city and target. so i hit a rapid ground offensive was launch symbol tenuously. troops headed towards key. can you go to me? how come on? and mary advancing in all directions so delightful with you on every bow, guardian,
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school, and had a box with the addition that glucose you reduce something like that. i just, i mean, cut dora lowest organ considering what glue will key or social machines, unless they're only a few couple of them when it comes to low pushing electrical storm. kiera young, the corpse, all 3 of them a little as a keel more. and i still couldn't understood the when, when you were fishing is leadership in general. grain 30 on the corner of the coach . the shortish skim way. pretty cowardly. cut them. when mister d. a group, it'll critical squeaky flu. logan with d, my loan. and i thought you were in the alex health, the hugh radio patella's real store, my in the g. yes. and yet the you listen to read. i still my chase through d, but each got on steadily. a cellphone all went up and you said something and you to fire marshal me, just look at the deal. so the house and the stop was for a stupid, almost all in we similarly illness, i mean,
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he is up with monitors up with the fancy way. it doesn't matter super rush. i'll post a died except story security, which was hideous and bought venture. vladimir purity in in there is a matter of life and death is about the future of our global community. we're going to stick with ukraine and all of the allies you stick with your credit . as long as it takes to in fact, make sure that they are not defeated by why you crave some issues in ukraine. bye bye, bye rush for mr. moore. were you a new approach for carrying them or were you in protest? so we'll go from much in total grade. well, michelle crowns are going. yeah. and the liquor broke shelter me. you said just in a short, rosemont for furnished or trulia done as can new guns. people's republics
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militia conducted offensive operations, receiving as support from the russian and force. thanks to coordinated our defense efforts, russian troops managed to intercept more than 97 percent of enemy aerial targets. in nashville, you can pull you me about a kid that is his kid piece of william. what would that it would push get more oscar with the bill. i just for the, for my not that that much that a campaign. sure. even to live in the 1st few days in the special operation strategic territories. the house own region bordering crimea and a major part of zappa raja were taken over by the russian army essentially without any resistance, military infrastructure and equipment. repaired for transfer to don bass. among the 1st things to be destroyed. russia is that only collecting intelligence, but carrying out tactical counter intelligence against all ukrainian intelligence
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capabilities. but the intelligence capabilities of the united states in europe that are operating direct support of ukraine during these years, while preparing an army of so called defenders of ukraine. it's west and handle is deliberately chose the most dangerous and harmful tactics in terms of consequences for civilians. a treaty. what can we do to go to school for sure, for sure. will she? moreover, prompted by their western handlers, the ukrainian leadership adopted the outdated practice of creating so called festivals, which inevitably entail civilian casualties. i did get a family of kids here in a search through sorta with more of korea. but it got on well 1st and we'll get on their doctors. groups of them are on your prevention with which if somebody's room
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should go no, graham, i fixed some of you with the model of a machine with us as you do a full reason to measure it. despite hostilities in the 1st days of the special operation, moscow came to the negotiating table. immediately. the 1st rounds of talks were held in person and better rose than the side switch to discussions. my video will be at to no avail. the end of march a month out to the special operations started russian and ukrainian delegations resume face to face talks in east dembo turkish president. elegant media to the negotiations. attentive closure, need that a miss altitude w finish about dish mailed a bunch. the attic, that was it took to point to customer committee to submit a leg only than a biz marshall patient base. how to line to 20 stumble, jewish melanie debbie's, bookish, man, it looks like publish malaria chic mission, dental and m by them. like you hi bit but then i will for that you different than
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the top. plaza model ship punishment. the last name, crunch to like grinding balfor's america. best luck gun that'd be needed. i'm a tom t as in it model chabot, paloma. i'm not too jenny. modest human and well paloma gardener would a minus f model should miss i was going to do them just miss i to some done children in the cause i just but took no apply. you know, you needle right now, i can get an answer. we'll negotiate the stones. ukraine submitted its peace treaty proposals to moscow, withdrew its forces from the cave, shenika of an sumi regions to deescalate the conflict. in reality, it's troops were regrouping. the russian armies disengaged units transfer to hock of region and dumbass special military operations. second stage began sharing them is poor, little ship coordinates all about week flesh scale. thank you. was shit on bringing in. yeah. but you cheer. can you give good daughter and the what? the consent that hearing you should what you choose and put you where you talk to
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cool human. yeah. when you looked up to molecule for the status of that shipment, there's like one or 2 and you've got this with thank you more than 40 years later to some additional and you don't know, but i just keep waiting these to you as a doctor to this to anybody, digitally you couldn't was in your but if you could almost around september to me like i feel so much julia. nobody from deal. it's wishing by sure accent. ah, mr. engine. yeah. reason you guys last you can benefit any news reason this i'm you play in the question though, i would have been malia, totally. so as before that, that was the one you must with with i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order is
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a conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about personal intelligence at the point, obviously is to great trust, rather than fear a job with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy. even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time to sit down and talk
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in the united states has always had a variety of tools to use and tags on other countries. economic sanctions are often just the beginning. another thing you like to do is play some military pressure on the countries that you're talking about here. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. we have a responsibility for the whole world. and we need to make room for the rest because without out there we can do
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ah, the 1st stage is main goal was to eliminate military infrastructure. now russia must secure full control of a dumbass and southeastern ukraine in order to safeguard crimea and provide a land cargo to the peninsula. i think that russia is proceeding in a very deliberate and even mature way. i think some statements have come out from some russian leaders that they are not a prisoner to any time. so there is no artificial need to win by june when by july, when by august. it comes down to a question of, can russia achieve its strategic military objectives? would be forces that it is currently assembled. some people believe that that's not possible. the only vote to counts is that of the russian military and the russian government. if they believe it's possible in the russian military continues to
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perform the way it is, then this war will probably drag all through the summer and end with some sort of a use strategic russian victory with russia has designated the conflict as a special military operation. meaning that fighting is conducted with significant restrictions where here in the united states, they say, oh, the russians are bogged down. the russians are going more slowly than anybody anticipated. it's because the ukrainians are fighting so hard. no, not at all. the reason is that the strategy is different. the russians said from the very beginning that they wanted to avoid civilian casualties. their goal, their policy was not to destroy the infrastructure of ukraine. their goal was not to attack civilian targets. marie never smiled through him. grey, no kirk, or is it what aga? even when your mother no grains of kirk,
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who rushes financially by them, aggression will know them. alicia, for the initial or somebody meeting. national genius of interior. washer. near america school. tactical study supposed to come to your premier to work, you get a constitutional issue. somebody would have to post a fee schedule, a student who says emily priority to me, pieces it was a capacity of what was your personal score, putting advice, covenants to prove that can reduce the fees wasn't, wasn't stores or what are more to sponge, tripled. what studies do journalist appear to still groopman sitting on the phone to sleep says you marie, key article here one player to watch a phase from a little late to was who i took no system was doing my doing new production, different one michelin with your locals. interest of the summer and had to restart tutors to pursue it. i was using a tiffany dick a sort of women in the code because that's what the lesson for the cisco key of school is you. meanwhile, the weapons that are continuously being supplied to ukraine cannot fundamentally
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alter the course of military action. in reality, only does this prolong the conflict and increased casualties among civilians and armed forces on both sides. and everyone in key. moscow in washington clearly understands this. the ukraine war is a proxy war. this is a war between russia and the united states. and again, it's one of those situations where the u. s. can fight a war and not lose any of its own people. also, after 911, the u. s. transitioned into what really is a full time war like economy where we almost always have to be at war or our economy will fall into recession. and so when we see these enormous amounts of money going to ukraine, 40000000000 dollars, 13000000000 dollars. it's not that we're just writing the check and giving ukraine
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free money. almost none of that money as cash goes to ukraine, where it go is to u. s. defense contractors. did you do? yeah, so much and i can do the oscillation, that course i. why should them yet? i'm solution buff. curtis arctic out and i've got a southern dish got in there like a respond of any i to know growing up children. my lot of women, hipson debt americans law should get that talk. we've got a lot because i'm the cause i'm me a de la la la la, because i'm the char. i mean kind of economy style culture patio to get that. anita tiwana. love joe miss a lot of too much. can you eat on tasty? didn't it? didn't need it done. i'm stunned. i could physically media eligible or not for careless polish, and i'm a native american slash you get them in cotton boy mother, should i just so i started mess after member that after 990 the united states was hedge. a monic was the sole superpower and the wars in iraq and afghanistan, guy so badly. russia had a resurgence, and in china emerge out of the world,
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seen bursting world seen militarily and economically. and so it was a multiple the world again. united states is trying to use this situation now to reassert american unit polarity. what was the mean? that is that's a nashik or meet blue teaching is studying. it is shown fullest in a scope of grey machine. ms. montgomery, chieftain, uh medic, unsympathetic, he really could put a tennis. is that normally a nauseous for me to make it to where you get a minute to shop for sure. you new position that you completed out? nobody me in. oh, green. no. she just do it. shouldn't the wooster were partially of thought? color said to me and risky me to swimming up in bush and you get to of cup lock is it would be dishes, we sold up yet. no prostate finished a book date the re mikka newborn given which is different or she scored me well. the list was through it. no nino,
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but on the nobody was touched. that was the critical fault. i was a potters year. you printed off with nikolai thought no really what company patrol was interested in. but on the poster nadisa got sort of a question by washington. invisible, yet discernible lines of defense manifested on russia's borders with its 2 northern neighbors. spins and sweden, these nations optic, to join nato, citing moscow's alleged aggressive intentions contributor, who issue a friend who chester worth his coaching earnings. i'm sure when he's coming to our water, especially like with kennedy, kind of cool enough school. what was in you talk with when you to renew it for several years. are you on the 2nd year long claim a guess of last year, going to school to go back to motion please. conditions getting from with global friction delivery. mm hm. conduct a movement, but it is sort of in your story. shantika most of the scenes crew. reconstruct the flux to reassure she chose to stay with us from a phone,
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even somebody in person in a 2nd, a new us with a wills lawyer. a logo, national business has just released, crushing america is which with none the and i'm not to get a message to have multiple then the next to say a couple of that will shuttle do yoga and then of it's just it is that it must man get left and she didn't shop me old yet, and then russia, russia and help not in the case makes you cabbage about to suddenly out. but other than just heard it and then cry not know, kind of in the day off, much do rachelle and your name is justin. chris, nope. does. will not cover it multiple times in a couple that will show you who's a q one is that a fulton is that it helps it makes you awesome america. anomaly. your top dog, just be your point to get it while i'm but few number of a switch, you get one of the that they did a multi plan is in it be enough to go to higher, they get to make
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a stiff. mm hm. a family that has come though in church with the one like a custodian for his commercial, one with the whole the $53.00 and the quarter. so she is really rushing to your front of couple of them over here to she north. can you please shoot them to put them forward the menu? it's thinking it's a little good. now to stumble with. thank you. config kentoria wilson. you are spending pair of spending, missouri. why i'm of son of cool the session on the been telling me during the few still is none of them from new items. couple more, my federal ship your way up the machine, you some english, the lens of olympic roughly. not only deformity proportion, and up in houston, scared to put up in the condition. gillian, see me when you wrote the phone book, but the fusion came up with almost a she lenses a union union for sure. when you've gotten this stuff while sweden has no direct border with russia, except for the route to colleen and grad by the baltic sea,
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finland face is a radically different situation. nearly 1300 kilometers with over 1000 kilometers of shared land border the decades. since the treaty of paris in 947, this region has enjoyed good neighborly relations and mutual partnership. for example, russian, the armed forces were pulled back from the finished border. i moved 1500 kilometers deeper into russia, whether they remain in those positions. now that finland has ceased to be neutral, remains to be seen. it's not good for and i told being an operational body for an integrated military structure, which is comprised of 2 different a many city technology and have her abilities. it's hard to combine them, it's hard to make them internal for able to teach other than you extend this into a portable difficulties to reach some nordic states that brings up additional premium for others. other members anonymous allows of nato. how big gets to
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a gate by territory and the lesser kept having to teach think next to them. ah, yes and kill us have limited cup about teasing with therefore their contribution to all alliance territory take they will be limited, but alas, you return. we'll have to provide them additional defense. it's barely more than an hours drive from the finish border to russia. second city st. petersburg. it's just 140 kilometers. thank that appears to be regarded as especially promising across the ocean in the pentagon. of course, on the top of that, there's that russian position which states that the if those nodding space, hello, that t nato has solved veterans for other minutes rating guns to russian territory to be deployed in sweden or film. and then it will have to be a problem between russia and them. it will turn to be a problem with russia and nato. sure you're from
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a solution. don't have her to beat up, will you boy, don't still discuss with pepper would merge them longer. wish to separate course 3, which they were the bus, the new cranes in the thank you. did. yeah. cranes, coronado the border. she'll get an agent. no children, as much done with them by some will shoot of city. use barclays. sure. issuing an issue with the russian army and the lp, our dpr militias have completely liberated and who guns people's republic and castle region, as well as significant portions of how co zappa rogia and the denise regions from neo nazis. photo ship a piece. can you suggest for cost 3 of them put it under with anyone considered to do this strategically important to me. any island in odessa region was captured, to boast, control of the black sea. no ships will be able to pass the island on the sea road
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remains under the full control of russian forces. in june as a gesture of good will rush up all of its troops from the island. demonstrating it won't hinder you and efforts to organize a humanitarian car door to exploit agricultural products from ukraine. however, despite the russian troop withdrawal to maney remains under the control of the russian navy and air force was it what he was doing? i was asking whether national removed any more description, explain his immature into so much to me as was can wanted from national search. no, not in your boy. my asset emma from was either wishing brushing teeth, doing a huge fullness is a question. a few buttons in nancy to gonna come out of the school. really keep my alumni them since yesterday and then your school was here you system was who i am assuming you are you and your credit card. my why you important for tuning pick up the rest of us. when did she say i miss michelle when it was seduce to the us news
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to sort of dish with yes. good, cuz switch. enjoy your question. sure. for tutors, my security for can you know, where it was purchased on. mm hm. which of whom one of the people i this time of organization groups, other income or something can you deal with the boss has to pay in there. who can convince can enjoy it. usefulness to consult. she teaches choice or richard most villages to prospecting estates. this one here that you say she's still upset and the disc player with pull to serious sort middleman. this depends on who i dealer with by the of the russian government has been very straightforward, very direct with what it wants. it wants to protect russian interests in landscape donetta in the don boss. it wants crimea to ensure the safety of ethnic russian safety and security has been very, very clear about that. and so in the end, despite what we're hearing from the ukranian government, i think the ukrainians are going to have to eventually agree to some sort of
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a land for peace deal. we'll. ringback oh, no, when i was shown seemed wrong when i'll just don't a whole new world. yes to safe out these days because the advocate and engagement equals the trail when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground with .


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