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ah, a with a said do that, do that not stay here or do you do cash? ukrainian army, shutting up a residential buildings and on yet leaves at least 2 civilians. dead 3 injured. this all according to local officials in the headlines here on our t, india could be set to become asia is strongest economy in the next 2 years, boy by economic reforms and business investment stuff. so according to morgan stanley and u. s. dom sales hit $20000000000.00 in 2 weeks with us. we understand one 3rd going
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to countries previously slammed by joe biden as all talk with . alright, 6 am on saturday here at moscow and a very welcome to you from all of us here. what are you into a national we start our program with the very latest upgrade. so from the ground in new cray, where it keeps shelling of done yet, has left to civilians dead. i'm 3 injured as local residential buildings continue to be targeted. ah, no. it's not what i do, dutch said dog as the red. not the ear or deer. okay. did that? yeah, according to i don't. yes commercials. 30 residential buildings were hit by ukrainian shelling this footage, showing one house heavily damaged with debris lies scattered around the area. and we did speak to one woman whose husband was killed and made all this. how will i
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repay all this? how will i bury him? what will i say to my grand children when they arrive and ask, where is grandfather? i don't know. i don't know how to continue to leave. thank god that the children do not leave me alone. they support me. how much more grief there will be. there are 3 or 5 attacks and my husband was hit, then there were more and another man died. we had no water, no electricity, because the wires were caught. i took care of my husband all i could, but wasn't able to save him, is good that the grand children were not at home. it would have been a disaster. but a russian lead troops and the don't ask people's republic currently are pushing towards the key city of archer mosque. according to the russian defense ministry, kia has lost more than 2000 soldiers and fighting in solidarity. and among the advancing forces is that of a private russian military company called the wagner group. and at his
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correspondent, eager down off was granted an opportunity to join them. and also look at the abandoned positions of ukrainian troops who continue according to local officials, to civilian areas as firing points several years ago. many weren't certain if this unit was real or just to spine chilling myth. it's the most reclusive and cryptic company fighting for russia, the don bass. this is the wagner group, who ah ah, the village of the cross clare refuse to fool for weeks to defend the key of commanders deployed some of its veteran troops. with plenty of experience in ugly
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warfare. so from the outside this looks like an anonymous village, hard just a civilian house, but trust me, it is not. and as i go, please pay attention to this very badly decomposed body in ukrainian military uniform. but if you were to just follow me, you will discover this, again, an anonymous to shed. and again, it is not. you can see the trench, the trenches over here. so this is a firing position. there are several basements all around the place with similar firing positions. so what is this if not, prove that ukrainians use civilian houses as their cover, and basically anonymous places like this. but it takes more than just dirty tactics to stop the wagon, a group dubbed as the orchestra, the ensemble and other music inspired nicknames. they pounded this very position
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full long, violent 8 hours until every one of the dozens of resisting ukraine's troops either fled or met their maker. this is one of the basements amid village houses, where the ukrainian troops used to shelter. this is a good hiding sport because you can see it goes quite deep on the ground. the roof here is reinforced and if you wondering what this rope this is done for safety, for closing the door remotely, the village is largely deserted, yet a handful of civilians with no other place to go remain at the same time. ukrainian forces are still shelling the place, targeting the musicians in a whack a mole style. mm. but we live together with the russian units. my husband is an insulin, we just ran out. i ordered some ones, then again, the delivery failure. now they've taken him somewhere. i think that will get the medicine without the insulin. things would be bad. he would die. the orchestra has
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moved on already. there are the 1st and only unit to have breached the defenses of the city of our tour mosque. the next big thing on this direction. ah, i'm walking along the same road as the most enigmatic unit. fighting on the russian side, this is the under the village. and this is the last house here, which also turned out to be the final fortification, on their way at washington continued to call for freedom and democracy in various parts of the world. it meantime, that making record profits in the arms industry with $20000000000.00 worth being sold to countries with questionable human rights records. assays are rich, blevins takes a closer look. us has become known for lecturing the world on the principles of freedom, democracy,
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and liberal values. even taking extreme measures to target governments in washington claims aren't meeting the right standards, but those values appear nowhere to be found when the country in question is buying weapons from the u. s. government. in fact, the biden administration just signed off on nearly $20000000000.00 worth of foreign arms deals in just over 2 weeks. the top countries of the receiving end of those deals include germany and the netherlands. reports are now drawing attention to the other members on that list. saudi arabia and the u. e. noting that more than a 3rd of the deals, the u. s. just made we're done with governments that they have a long accused of human rights violations. we were not going to in fact sell more weapons to them. we were going to in fact, and they can pay the price and make them, in fact, the pariah they are. and in the same way that they have drawn attention from human rights groups. so has egypt, which has secured more than $2000000000.00 and a deal with the u. s. this year. but despite arguments that the white house could
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still intervene and could put a stop to around $300000000.00 and direct military support. similar to the way it said, it would hold $130000000.00 and funding at the start of the year due to human rights concerns. well, president by then has yet to take any action the consistent pattern of human rights abuses committed by the egyptian government. and evidence that u. s. military equipment has been used and such violations should require the administration to suspend all arms transfers to egypt in order to comply with longstanding us law. the same goes for us armed deals with the philippines, where concerns have mounted over citizens rights to press freedom and to criticize their government along with the government's fertile war on drugs where thousands of deaths have been reported. but well, secretary of state blanket appeared to talk to when visiting the philippines last week, biden did the same during a trip to the middle east. last month, however,
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the white house still has yet to follow through on those promises, women can exercise your rights, you contribute to build a stronger economy. reduce the size and more modern cable military for citizens can question and criticize a price, countable, accountable institutions that are free from corruption. that actually is currently a respect to rule are the best way to deliver growth, respond to people's needs. and i believe ensure justice. but despite all of that talk, it appears that money also talks, and in this case, it's speaking much louder than any concerns. the u. s. government claims to have over the security of human rights overseas. so how can the u. s. government still be taken seriously as it continues to profit heavily off of supplying the very weapons that are used to commit the same human rights violations. it also claims to care about. we discussed the record breaking on sales with michael maloof,
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a former pentagon. the united states is competing, frankly, with the other other governments, china, russia. but more important, it's trying to establish it's, it's a gemini and its influence because they want to cut off any possibility that the united states will have. those countries begin to turn toward russia or china for to, for alternatives. egypt, for example, easily could get arms from the, from, from russia, if one of the but it, but the united states puts aside its arguments about human rights and what have you, when it's convenient, where the u. s. policies are, are hypocritical. and in this case, it has to do with power politics as well as money. and only if it suits united states where they use the human rights argument and talk talk in terms of
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democracy when in fact, it's not practicing democracy itself, particularly here at home. accounting is underway and kenya's presidential election . and as it waits to find out who will lead the country is dealing with somewhat bigger issues. although at least a growing terrorist threat in the region, as we understand apparently okayed, as most significant affiliates have been digging in their heels. as poll asleep now investigates, this was seen one of the most visually contested election in kenya's history. the nation is divided over who should lead the country. but if there is one thing that canyons can agree on it that their government with american assistance is failing and its fight against tara one, it's been 3 and a half years since the last major attack in this country. i wish about one of our greatest largest wealthiest and most deadly affiliates has with fia and it's
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growing. there aren't random attacks against civilians, even an undercurrent of fear and uncertainty. it's the high profile tragedies that make it to the international headlines. like back on the 15th of january, 2019 terrorist, a standard on this lecture hotel, an office complex. 19 hours later $21.00 people were dead and the country was left wheeling and shock. 6 years earlier, this shopping center was targeted for 4 days. people crouched in terror while they were held hostage during a shootout between kenyan soldiers and police and somali militants, i'll show about the claim to we're extracting revenge for kenya's operations in neighboring somali territory. the americans have been there for years already trying to stem terrorism at its core. it's a common sentiment hearing tenure that any american assistance has a price that of political insulin. i was trying to manipulate the liberal compared
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countries so that they can take control of their economies. they pretend to be good to these vulnerable countries, especially nafrica, where they be that they know and it doesn't really depend on their grounds. so they only say in for inviting influence a dental resume so that they can take advantage of pretending to be giving up glance sought, but to instead, they only want to get involved into our affairs by been getting into mining. although, i mean, it alls taking control of our political situations and political, i'm general governance. they want to control us and it wasn't as american is actually, africa. africans are very vulnerable. they don't have enough resources. we have enough resources. but americans are taking the results back to their land, the manufacture loosing that they be, they bring back to us in terms of selling, how does, why they're trying to manipulate us so that we come not to, we stop believing in ourselves. they want to make us feel that we are still in fia . the fight is that the fight is selfish. celebrating the corners like the americans we want to do. they want to benefit from these companies. because even as
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we are good for the saucers, it, it means there was to go, these countries go over it, jim change these countries, some of these countries in the, in the hint, if i got your and now back in may biden, or did hundreds of back into somalia, asher bob continues to conduct attacks. certainly they're in somalia. they have been capable of conducting attacks in the region. and we know that in the past they have expressed at least the intent and desire to attack outside the region including against the american interest. so tara is on the whys in the region and is spreading to more countries like uganda, which just last year experienced more terah tax than ever. it originates from somalia moves through kenya and is claimed, but also bad pinions. no, another attack will come against the backdrop of surging emotions because of a loss. when at the ballot box, there is an undercurrent of restlessness, policy,
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a r, t at election headquarters. i will be kenya. amidst the heavy competition, india is set to emerge as agers, strongest economy over the next 2 years. that is, according to the investment management giant, morgan stanley, the projection comes with the countenance. 3rd largest economy grew a full 9.2 percent this year. as new delhi pursues an india 1st strategy is audio contributor, article a meeting by morgan stanley is going to be told that already prices drop bill $90.00 of battle on the export growth by 21st. and that happens in debt is certainly going to be the strongest economy in asia. but having said that, the fact is that india has done very well in the last few months,
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especially because india has maintained it. strategic independence, resolve the foreign policy and international trade of the fact that the need to countries having issue rising india against buying russian oil that discounted prices. i think it's something to be done to do it here in the i did not 500 that ratio in the i went ahead and bought russian crude oil, which has been if they did the economy and it has, had india got all the losses that it is a fact is that the west has been rising india against buying not only from russia but also and in addition, and the system just just happens to be the biggest supplier of arms and immigration
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to india. we continue to work with them to ensure that they understand that it's not in there. we believe that it's not in their best interest to continue to invest in russian equipment. what i can say is that india is a really important security partner of ours now, and that we value that partnership moving forward. i hope that part of what happens with the extreme criticism that russia has faced is that india will find it is now time to further distance itself from russia. but it is quite clear that is going to always go on its own national interest. the movie government has made it abundantly clear that we do not make our relationship with our show or defense on, on why it is quite clear that india will continue its partnership with russia on both outcomes. all the just defense as well as you know,
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we spoke with, i think at the site director of the geopolitical economy research group saying that despite outside pressure, india will continue to pursue independent policy. major western institutions such as banks and so on. they love to talk up india because india is less problematic for them than china has been for the last decade and more. the projections are coming from rest of the financial institutions that i'm not interested in india becoming closer to russia or china or whatever. but objective force is up pushing the national interest, pushing india, and that action definitely goes a lot of best and pressure on india. i mean if you look at the largest scene, as we know, increasingly the world is being becoming bipolar. once again, it's also too small sizes, it's playing both sides of the drugs, so to speak. because in the one hand, of course,
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it has benefit enormously from russia. need to export fuel both in the form of coal and in the form of a etcetera. on the other hand, india also hopes that somehow, for example, it will benefit from the rest and re directional supply chains away from china to was it so it's much more complex than just i know you're talking minutes past the hour here in moscow just to fall out from us, how speak nancy pelosi is a reason to visit a taiwan continues. a media report has claimed that despite follows these tough stars from beijing, her son has business dealings in mainland china. as all his kellum up and now investigates, nancy pelosi is stance on taiwan is not hard to know about. we didn't go there to talk about china. we went there to praise taiwan. we will not allow china to isolate taiwan. she recently traveled to the island of taiwan,
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bringing the world to the brink of war. now she's been hit with direct sanctions from the chinese government and she says she is not bothered at all. what was your reaction? she kind of sanctions against you and your wife has no reaction. i who cares? i mean, but was she really being genuine with us just then she really has no concern at all . her son paul polo c junior, is the 2nd largest investor in a $22000000.00 chinese corporation. the senior executive just got arrested in a fraud investigation. turns out that paul wrote along with his mother on last week's controversial trip. and on top of that, he's accompanied nancy pelosi on trips to the chinese mainland. plaza junior, wasn't on the delegation list of the speakers office. pelosi has sense, described him as an escort. his role is to be my escort. it was nice for me. he
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have agents and feeling that he did not. of course, he did not. next question, despite nancy's aggressive stance toward beijing, over taiwan, behind the bluster, there is still money to be made. business is still business for the policies, even if it's with one of your main adversaries. they seem to only buy stocks in big tech companies and only around the times when legislation about big companies are being discussed in congress. now this is being discussed before the public gets to know that they're being discussed into in 2021. nancy pelosi once again. allegedly, to her husband. they say they made about $5300000.00 us dollars from selling google's parent company,
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alphabet. and this was just one week before the u. s. congress was passing ending monopolies act, which would, which was trying to decrease the power of companies like google and amazon and facebook. but what actually happened was that when the market saw that the bill that had asked didn't actually stop these companies from exercising their power, the stock price of google's alphabet company grows sharply. and so all below see once again who is married and i suppose it made a very nice $5.00 us 1000000 us dollars from that trade from that call option. the house because visit is high. one was one of the most talked about events in a recent world politics. it wasn't exactly clear until the very last moment whether
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or not polosa would actually make the stuff over on our asian. so given that multiple warnings issued from beijing, the situation is fog speculations. of a possible war we discussed follows. the star spangled visit from abroad perspective would often involve the former vice chair of the libertarian national committee. there are 2 basic reasons that, that the u. s. government focus on foreign policy. one is at the behalf of military industrial complex. these are defend contractors that make money when the u. s. goes to war, when the u. s. involve military action and they spend millions on law being there the most in among the most influential lobbying groups in the entire country, of course, base for on people to war as much as they possibly can. war is good for their business. so that's one reason that politicians go towards towards foreign policy. you, the reason is to distract those, and biden domestic policy has been a train wreck is just more taxing and more spending on stupid welfare programs that
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nobody wants. what the only, that's the reason that that foreign policy is the perfect distraction. instead, we should be focusing on 2 things. cutting taxes and cutting spending, reducing the size, the scope, and the power of government, and getting government entirely out of our way. gustavo petro columbia's new leftist president, says the problem of drug trafficking is no longer just a u. s. colombian bilateral issue, but now it's a global one. investigation into the murder of paraguayan prosecutor. marcello patchy bi uruguayan drug trafficker mar, set in columbia, shows that drug trafficking has long ceased to be a colombian american bilateral problem and is today and american and global problem . well, he says the war on drugs has failed and the world needs a new way to stop schools from dying. it's so don't worry about this time for new international convention that accepts that the war on drugs has failed. this last 1000000 latin americans murdered majority of them colombians in the past 40 years.
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and they leave $70000.00 north americans dead every year due to overdose of drugs, of which none are produced in latin america. the war on drugs strengthen matthews and weakens states. that several of them are just take you through some of the figures he's facing in the country today. as he tackles the issue. and more than $600000.00 colombians use drugs, the country produced an estimated 70 percent of the cocaine use around the world globally. and a males age between 50 and 60 for the main users in the country. among them, as we understand is more than a $128000.00 the youngsters. earlier we did speak to several experts who gave us that takes on the different angles of this problem every year here in the united states, we lose more people. the vast majority, the opioid overdose is, which is coming from afghanistan and through mexico in made right here in laboratories. this has nothing to do with columbia or south america. this is long
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been a fig leaf justification for us war on not drugs, but the people of south america in the sovereignty of south america. how many decades have we seen the colombian government paramilitaries actually collaborating with the us government and carrying out their agenda? so the u. s. is by no means innocent in this matter is the ability of the night use the green, saw emily in our nations in latin america count regionally from children. as a result of the warm dry, united states was able to pressure the colombian government to sign the 1st defense corporation agreement, which the united states install between $7.00 to $10.00 military bases that were allowed to use a re facility community or civilian in the country in any event of conflict,
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you can imagine that it's more or less given the country is united, but it seems that we only reinforcement again drug trafficking, a selection in columbia between 30 to 40 percent. and do you think it's 92 percent with the united states? so these are very soon so they can release as much as possible. these 2 in the, the j is from people who are mine. no, nina is a very good a process with the cuban government sitting down with the guerrillas in order to spread that government of peace as well as opening the border with going to swell, recognizing the constitutional president nicholas my door. so i feel that they
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could stop at that all might have a china within the institution, but he will be able to, to be successful because he has a lot of the backing, get a lot of support because law means i sick and tired of this war on drugs, right, so i, last or in the program here on our t, hundreds of inmates were set free off the armed men, station, jailbreak and the democratic republic of congo. this, according to military authorities, they said this on wednesday, the 2 officers and one civilian were reportedly killed during the re. now, a group of identified medicines attacked the central prison of tuck, one good. and the town of the 10 bo, when they managed to free almost 800 inmates, with only about 50 remaining and custody. the local authorities claimed the attackers belong to the uganda and allied democratic forces, so called it's supposed to be a terrorist group affiliated with isis. legend responsible for various messages and attacks and congo may need the situation if we
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can reach them to the old regime we throw them all because the to the, to the some, something like suitable rebuild can come from anywhere and not my talking prism. this is a problem, it, you know, the 1st started the 1st time in the or see each was a locker room in my, in my, which is prison. but according to history, he does here or is we came and the came we 2 objectives not only to create on security in the top, but also to, to, to said all to take from this prison some of the members which were put
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in the reason for their own time by that if and out here went off into national. appreciate you joining us right now at this moment starting half past 6 in the morning on saturday. here in moscow, ortiz on telegram rumble, odyssey and gab, checkout, or social media platforms for up to the minute. your latest news the when i was wrong, when i was just don't, i mean, yes to fill out this thing because the after an engagement equal betrayal. when so many.


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