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tv   News  RT  August 15, 2022 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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and engage with the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, this may be about 1500 meters towards the ukrainian positions from where we are right now. i'm talking about the town of sherry. this is the main whole sport on this direction. our crew visits the front line in dawn bass, where russian lead forces are fighting ukraine's fall right. kracken battalion, india and pakistan celebrated independence day. 75 years off of british colonial rule came to an end august of 1947. glad to live, to align bothering him now and focused on the line. also divided display bod. have
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been job to learning about will it is families and communities the world faces a major tomato crisis as california a leading processor, struggles with serious drought, comforting a big rise in tomato product prices like ketchup. i'm finding a, sorry for that, and i don't find that to start with. also in the program we bring special coverage of the chaotic us withdrawal from afghanistan, exactly one year after the taliban re took control of cob. ah, it is 7 am in moscow, 9 o'clock in the hall, and $930.00 in new delhi way independence day is being celebrated across all the region will go live there for a special reporting, just a few minutes on how to international. but for now to some frontline news for you,
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hit us kick off the program. it's a russian lead forces advanced in don bass that reaching key strongholds of ukrainian troops in that region. recently the town of pesky, which ukrainian fight has used to attack danielle residential areas, fell under the control all of the don't ask republic, soldiers, or russian, that forces have also taken a strategic point on the outskirts of said ask. and one or 2 crew visited the capture the positions near there. where don't yet scare public forces face kracken . kracken is an ukranian neo nazi battalion. cameras are a rare oddity here. commanding offices are dazzled by our unannounced visit, but seized the chance to parade the evolution of their advance. this may be about 1500 meters towards the ukrainian positions. from where we are right now, i'm talking about the town of save ask. this is the main hot spot on this direction
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. basically the russian forces and the forces of the guns people's republic. they are advancing on a very wide section of the front. so this is the northernmost point of this advance. and basically what they're trying to do is they're trying to, well, in circle severson on this ration from the north, ukraine's and nationalists battalions like kracken for instance. they're ukranian, nazis very much like to that of as of, they are the ones who are holding off. they're the ones who are basically defending their the frontline defenses of the town of servers. the kracken proudly brands itself as an elite unit, but outside their promo videos. the battalion's reputation is overshadowed by the cross its ease and lawlessness. its members and global notoriety when they were caught on video torturing russian prisoners of war. also in part,
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the unit has been formed of current convicts who will move from theirselves to the frontline, vice president zalinski soda. and this video, a russian grown tracks. one of the kracken fighters to his companies trenches. from that point. the artillery takes over rounds from artillery doors were back and forth routinely here to ukrainian tank sleeve from the shelling. as 2 bright orange spots to the right suggest to moore didn't make it. no one wanted to fight people submitted rapport, story to service, but they just burned them. we had poor training, we were only taught to move by 2 or 3 people, assemble and disassemble our guns and shoot. were not taught to advance at all, were absolutely not ready for this. when we were shelled, we were told to retreat. something exploded behind me and wounded me. they left me under a tree and abandoned me. i waited until morning than realised that they would not
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come and get me. so i began to crawl through the forest. i crawled for 2 days until the russian soldiers found me as we exclude the captured town, 2 soldiers accompanying us notice a suspicious item. and in their words, it's better safe than sorry, we'll leave as command as our dishing out new orders. the offensive goes on august, dawn of reporting from the don bass. r. c. exactly 75 years ago, 2 centuries of british colonial rule over india came to an end giving birth to 2 independent states. one of them, of course, is pakistan. but tens of thousands gathered at a rally organized by the former prime ministers, political party, celebrating the countries independence day of people was seen holding flags and banners, condemning interference by quote foreign powers. the former pakistani prime minister
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in but on con, has vowed to fight what he called quote, real freedom. oh fights of real freedom will continue until we get rid of this imported government and elections are held. we will struggle together. i'm against this slavery. let me make it clear. i won't let this nation based slave. i will unite this nation. we as a nation will pay off our debt by working together this i got, i live burning, i guess on 7 days a. we talked to when they leave us over the 5 years, i guess bond is sitting on the cross own. we don't have our direction. we on struggling for anyone. i forgot to be. i'm wrong. we say on this day it is august. i think this really because he's demanding an
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extra immigrant me and he says or need oxygen? i diesel extra. dandy brenner, slightly know. this is a hockey stadium. it was hockey, stored in wagon and paper, and i gathered it. dodie. martin. exit with it's not accepting this government. got our sovereign because this is a game here. is dormer on initiated by the coast? what is the by the americans and supported by the army and the judy really as a marketing prison election night, even in austin own with public for hollywood. oh, you are on the other. so both focused on an india celebrating the independence
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anniversary today, and not contributor r t t who joins me now live from the city of data. and in india where it's just often 9 30 in the morning. a very good morning to you asi. this is a potentially one of the biggest celebrations in your country's history. what are your expectations for today? well, in just complete 75 years off its independence and it's it, it is a historic occasion that is and to says, embarrass inaji. there is joy in moscow. tom gosh, me to connect. marty, and right now i am in there on the capital city office dot com and i can see people are over joyce, that is be expectation that india has gone very far from 947 been we got independence from the british and we have achieved so much accomplishment and progress in the last 75 years. that debt is no way anybody can stop india from here on. there is clearly an excitement that india is going to make progress in science
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and technology in as it is in our democracy, is a big asset for india. and india is timing and also does especially women in parliament. i think the prime minister in his speech today emphasized that india has to be independent. india has to be independent, not only economically, militarily, but socially as well. so that message has gone down ready? well, across the country. we are going to see in the next few days that this celebration will continue with lot of rigor and energy. all right, i'll contribute a r t t crew. joining us lie for this big day of independence celebrations across india and pakistan. thanks very much for that. or meantime, our correspondent, orange, and shot him. i visited villages on india's border with pakistan and brings us more on how the 2 countries became divided amidst the triumphal skin dells independence
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. in the summer of 1947, a line of separation was drawn by british barrister. it was called the partition almost of 1947 ratcliffe to align bordering india and pakistan. that line also divided this way, part of punjab, tearing apart will edges, families and communities now hindu than seeks on one side and the muslims on the other. 75 years own. we meet doors whose life was changed forever by hastily drawn borders. this is the north and in state of punjab. the historic homeland of the sikhs. we visited quietly, a will each in the good asp or district barely a few miles from the india pakistan, bordeaux 104 year old miller rom is one of the few living partitions of i was in the village there her little brother here, government we left our entire life across the border, our old life no longer existed than what we had to start afresh. no memories of
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days gone by. come back to me and that garden in spring where there was all that shit of chatter. he may have left pakistan, but pakistan has stayed with him in more ways than one, even to day. he rides the canes in order and keeps them close to his heart. in another which we meet, could pulsing, his grandchildren and great grandchildren have all moved to big cities. he's decided to steal his forest home. his ancestral village is only a few miles from your just across the border in pakistan. 3 years ago, he got his long awaited result with it in his childhood home in pakistan was a dream come true. brenda. i went to my village, my home, i cried alara, those who live the house that was once mine, we're happy to see me. they wanted to give me a gift of it, but i said, i won't take, but give a gift. i gave money and a blessing to the children living in the house. a few will just father also by the
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border stands. the rows are shut iif dark, all the sacred islamic shine fell on the indian side when the partition line was drawn. as many feet shines ended up on the pakistani side. he or the entire willing around 80 families that came from ceo's court in pakistan have maintained the structure for 75 years like their own. and you have the whole village takes care of the dagger. we come here every day. she needs the lights out. the lamp right here across the river, robbie, the sun is setting in pakistan. it's hard to imagine that this line, this border didn't even exist 75 years ago, but the border is a reality. and despite living to the pain of partition many, so i was have chosen to remember the love with the pain ruins and sharma, arte but job just a bit later in the program. here when i see we continue to cover the celebration of india's independence day, which also took place right here in moscow,
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rasa is celebrating 75 years of diplomatic relations with india, with a band where on the 4th day, out of 4 days of celebrations of india day here in moscow and let me show you what it's like because point labs, it's pretty ground polar me for the roof, i guess a taste of indian culture that report is coming up the o from california, the world's leading processor of tomatoes faces and historic drought combined with storing costs of fuel labor and fertilizer, scott produces worried about a shortage of product, the world over the income of packing and co, which supply some of the largest us food browns is selling tomato paste at prices 80 percent higher than last year. of course, consumers are the ones bearing the costs with the price of tomatoes sauce in july,
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way up compared to last year and catch up. also seeing a big price hike as well. and california peaked in tomato output in 2015. it's been falling ever since. according to the u. s. department of agriculture 2022 is shaping up to continue the trend. the industry says this year's harvest will fall below 11000000 tons. so we went and got reaction on the streets of america. a . sorry for that, and i don't find that this is probably more but more of an effect on the fast food industry than and then the household with household, with children, you know, as part of their as part of their, their daily or weekly routine. every press paper, a restore, are going to assume, turning in everything twice as high as it was
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in the shelves are fully stocked. they're expecting to come down. so we cannot just be in a better benefit for us in our family. and i have to leave more on prices on food, and i just like, wow, what a global shortage of tomatoes is also expected due to high temperatures and key regions over the next few decades. with the u. s. italy in china to see supplies declined further. that is, according to the nature food journal, as well another american delegation has arrived in tie one for a 2 day visit to the island. this, despite existing tensions, fueled, of course, by us, how speak a policies recent visit to the chinese territory. the delegation is led by us tenants at maki is accompanied by 4 other lawmakers from the states. the group will
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meet with local politicians, discussing regional security bilateral relations and trade. a taiwanese ministry of defense reported several chinese military aircraft and naval ships near the island just 2 hours before the u. s. plane touched down less than 2 weeks ago. of course, policies visit to the territories or an outraged china respond with full scale live fire military exercises all around the island. we spoke with a asian affairs analyst on nelson wong who fears that ty one's p. r stands with washington could end up hurting in the long run. this is quite apparent that the u . s. is drawn to, you know, pope china to keep poking china, keep irritating china, to basically to parade attention to, to increase the patient across the pie. one straight, this is a serious move of the us that i think the international community should be fully aware of it. because this is not helpful to read, you know,
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security in the asia pacific. this is detrimental. they are playing with fire and this is not good. and i think countries around the world and being this region should try their best to contain what the u. s. is trying to do. the leadership in taiwan might be welcoming such trips. i think the people in taiwan are fully aware of what's going on and they want to live a peaceful life. and if the leadership in collaboration was outside forces to try to stir up the fire, this is a very dangerous move and it's not good at all. and i think the people in taiwan should be against that today reduced our special coverage, mocking one year since the u. s. withdrew from afghanistan,
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leaving the taliban to re take control of cobble and the country
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i do not regret my decision to end america. war fighting, afghanistan and maintain a laser focused on our counterterrorism mission there and other parts of the world
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ah, a report by the us house foreign affairs committee has been leaked and is proportionally deeply critical of washington's plans and execution of the afghan withdrawal. as we understand, nearly $75000.00 afghans are still stuck there waiting for special immigrant visas . this comes off to they were allegedly only 36 state department officials on the ground at the cobbled airport a year ago to help those on the list to get out. a us congressman michael mccaul lambasted the disconnect between us intelligence services and the white house who were organizing the evacuation. there are many, since if you will, there was a complete, a failure to plan. there was no plan and it was there was no plant execute. there was a disconnect between, you know, it tells it's on the ground and what the white house is doing. in this report. the
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says it all, there is no way we're gonna evacuate embassy personnel from hole covers like we did in vietnam. you know, of course, we know that happened. what artes retro blevins has more and how are washington's bet on the former government failed in just 10 days? one year after the botched chaotic and deadly end of the u. s. war and afghanistan, there are still countless questions about how and why the world leading intelligence agency got it so wrong. when the time came to leave the country, the u. s. had been occupying for 20 years after all, even president biden express. nothing but confidence before he made the official call. is a tale bomb take over against that now, inevitable? no, it is none. because you have the ap can troops have 300000 well equipped as well as crypt is any army in the world and an air force against
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something like 75000 colored mine? it is not in weeks later, it was a very different story. when the us withdrew from the country, the government, they had spent 2 decades building and supporting fell apart. and it took the taliban just 10 days to gain control of the country's capital. notably faster than it took the u. s. to do so when an invaded back in 2001, ah ah, how is it possible that multiple reports from, for intelligence agencies in the u. s. managed to get this situation so wrong, that even the same mainstream outlet who had spent 20 years justifying the u. s. military's presence in the country were forced to admit what a disaster it was. us intelligence officials are pushing back on the charge that they were caught off guard by the rapid collapse of afghanistan's government for 20
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years. we know the taliban, we have people on the ground. and yet you, the u. s. was caught unaware, and completely off guard to the commander of us forces in afghanistan. alerted the pentagon. cobble could be surrounded within 30 day, an alarming prediction. the turned out to be way off. what he's talking about here is a failure of intelligence. so we saw across the world we saw in washington, knew the pentagon had no idea this was happening. however, what the us learn the hard way was that just because it spent nearly $90000000000.00 training, the afghan defensive security forces did not mean that their army of around $300000.00 would be able to take on the taliban without the u. s. military there to support them. and yes, that's despite the claims made by the biden administration, that they just needed to strengthen their unity and political will in order to succeed. ultimately, the african national security defends versus had the equipment,
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numbers and training to fight back. they have what they need, what they need to determine is if they have the political will to fight back. and if they have the ability to unite as a, as leaders to fight back. and that's really where it stands at this point. as it turned out, the 20 year long reliance on the u. s. military proved to be much more than the white house expected. and after they were abandoned by their allies, the will of the afghan forces to attempt to fight back against the taliban fell apart in record time when the us announced a total withdrawal that sent a signal to afghan soldiers and police that the end was near. and converted chronically poor motivation into acute collapse as nobody wanted to be. the last man standing after the others gave up. there was the all or nothing strategy employed by the u. s. and which it opted for a quick pull out from the country rather than withdrawing gradually and leaving a few 1000 troops on the ground to help with the transition. after all was said and done, bite and denied that was ever an option. the pentagon had been considering your top
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military advisors war against withdrawn on this timeline. they wanted you to keep about 2500 to no, they didn't. it was split though that wasn't true. and it wasn't just the u. s. the u. k. foreign office admitted last month and it made a number of mistakes in its own exit from the country. and on that list was the fact that the u. k. foreign secretary at the time was on holiday and didn't take the afghan foreign ministers call when he reached out for help with with the benefit of hindsight, of course, it's easy to say, but i wouldn't have gone on holiday, let alone. and we've come home on the government, the u. s. had been propping up for nearly 2 decades, was also supported by an embassy that housed around $4000.00 and diplomats contractors and staff who provided a false sense of confidence even though they were relying on the intent security provided by the u. s. military. but then again, they didn't invade afghanistan looking to learn about the country. instead, the mission they claim to half was to force american values on the people. and
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after 20 years, it has become clear that they still haven't learned about the country they occupied for so long. it also appeared, though every assurance biden gave about the us accept plan was eventually proven wrong. there's going to be no circumstance. you see people be lifted off the roof of a embassy in the of the united states from afghanistan. it is not at all comfortable . and yet it was the scenes of helicopters rescuing embassy staff in afghanistan that became a direct comparison to the fall of saigon in 1975. that's only fitting, given the fact that the u. s. withdrawal from afghanistan has been called the worst intelligence failure since the non proving that after a 20 year war, thousands of lives lost countless communities destroyed. and more than 2 trillion dollars spent, the u. s. still hasn't learned from its own actions or not back to one of our top stories here on our
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t as india and pakistan today celebrate 75 years of independence from british colonial rule. but moscow was also celebrating the historic event by hosting a full day festival. and that's exactly where we find a correspondent on your federal. russia is celebrating 75 years of diplomatic relations with india, with the bank a wonderfully hot day. what a better way to celebrate all things india in moscow to think of india, they think about flavor. i says how lot all of it is available. hey, i heard it to be very fair. there is a loss here. time of the life i feel like, especially with
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a show he showed with show to real in did not want be, think my class have with people you know, with did don't do much of that to open with all the self realization they really make. you realize yourself and your body. yes, and i feel like a lot of russians have been going towards that section and we need a lot of people. do you mind if you go around,
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you will actually like right. i can call myself. it was very stressful within 2 years have been done. a lot of stuff in general is how you think it's about for some time with a you know what, i feel like such a star event right now. i'm not sure. i know what i look like. i still haven't seen myself in the mirror. i can see people taking a phase of me and filming me, which is actually a really nice thing. i know what that is. feel like now. oh, good people with
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me and it's around. i think it's safe to say that india day and most gay was absolutely transformative experience to me to see the positive. i absolutely loved it. i want to thank india i want to thank monica, i'm the organizer for making this real, and i'm just hoping that next year it will be fabulous. a indeed, a fun time to be had by old with a 4 day festival in moscow, celebrating india and pakistan and anniversary of 75 years without british colonial . thanks for joining us. wetbacks. ah mm mm. mm.


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