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ah, a with explosion in the afghan capital leave 2 people injured that comes as the country marks the 1st anniversary of the return to power following the fox us with moscow urges western countries to quote, still playing irresponsible games on push key have to hold the shelling of this up a rosie and nuclear power plant. also ahead this are this may be about 1500 meters towards the ukranian positions from where we are right now. i'm talking about the town of sheriff's, this is the main whole sport on this direction, on our team crew visits,
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the front line and done boss where russian lead forces are constantly ukraine's nationalist crack in patel. india and pakistan celebrate independence day 75 years after colonial rule came to an end. we look at how the nation is trying to forge their own paths forward. following the partition that web british india. a 1947 radcliffe to align modeling and focused on the dying, also divided by a part of been jobs during about with families in community with leaving here in the russian capital with monday. welcome to the global news, run up an rti. i'm an explosion in capital has left 2 people injured. the incident is believed to have happened near a local tv channel. on comes on the day of the 1st anniversary of the taliban
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returning to power enough gas done amid decay. y'all take us withdrawal. a local journalist sent us this report. on monday, the islamic government of the taliban was celebrating the 1st anniversary of their victory over the americans who left afghanistan on the same day last year and the taliban established their own rule. meanwhile, there was an explosion in the capital cobble which caused chaos later. government officials said de bloss occurred in a wheelbarrow. it may have been a magnetic device or a mine, but we don't know about the nature of this last yet. here in the streets of cobbled people strongly believe it was a bomb planted by the enemy to subvert our celebrations in well, new details of the failure is accompanying the us retreats have recently emerged in a leak report. it was carried out by republicans on the u. s foreign a 1st committee and reportedly claims. there were just 36 state department officials on the ground that had bull or a port a year ago to deal with the thousands of people. you may remember the photos at
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desperately trying to get out of the country now. 12 months on there are reportedly still tens of thousands of afghans stuck in the country waiting for special immigrant faces. us. congressman mike on the call said there was simply no plan for they chaotic withdrawal. for many done since if you will, though there was a complete lack in a failure to plan. there was no plan and it was there was no plant execute. there was a disconnect between, you know, intelligence on the ground and what the white house is doing. in this report. the says it all, i, there is no way we're gonna evacuate embassy personnel from hell covers like we did in vietnam. yup. thing of course, we know that happened well, we can take a closer look now at how the widely criticized withdrawal was actually implemented and how the events on the ground unfolded.
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i do not regret my decision to end america's war fighting them cares it and maintain a laser focused on our counterterrorism mission there and other parts of the world
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and it seems the emotional wounds of the botched military withdrawal from the
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country are still being felt by americans, the u. s. media is reporting on a man who apparently committed suicide during a memorial service for his fallen soldier, brother killed during last years. polite. while the 20 year old corporal was among 13 american servicemen who lost their lives in a suicide bomb attack and your computer report, the incident happened while large crowds of people were trying to flee the off gun capital with a period of just 10 days last year. so the skeleton turned on its head and the telephone back where they were precisely 2 decades before ortiz, rachel blevins reports one year after the botch chaotic and deadly end of the us war in afghanistan, there are still countless questions about how and why the world leading intelligence agency got it so wrong when the time came to leave the country, the u. s. had been occupying for 20 years after all, even president biden express. nothing but confidence before he made the official
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call. is a tale bob take over that gas that now inevitable? no, it is. because you have the app in troops at 300000. well equipped as well as script is any army in the world. and an air force against something like 75000 colored mine. it is not enough. weeks later, it was a very different story. when the us withdrew from the country, the government, they had spent 2 decades building and supporting fell apart. and it took the taliban just 10 days to gain control of the country's capital, notably faster than it took the us to do so. when an invaded back in 2001, ah, ah,
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how is it possible that multiple reports from, for intelligence agencies in the u. s. managed to get this situation so wrong, that even the same mainstream outlets who had spent 20 years justifying the u. s. military's presence in the country were forced to admit what a disaster it was. us intelligence officials are pushing back on the charge that they were caught off guard by the rapid collapse of afghanistan's government. for 20 years. we know the taliban, we have people on the ground, and yet the u. s. was caught unaware, and completely off guard to the commander of us forces in afghanistan. alerted the pentagon. cobble could be surrounded within 30 day. an alarming prediction that turned out to be way off. what he's talking about here is a failure of intelligence. so we saw across the world resort in washington, knew the pentagon had no idea this was happening. however, what the us learn the hard way was i just because it spent nearly $90000000000.00 training. the afghan defense and security forces did not mean that their army of
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around $300000.00 would be able to take on the taliban without the u. s. military there to support them. and yes, that's despite the claims made by the, by an administration that they just needed to drank then their unity and political will in order to succeed. ultimately, the african national security defense versus had the equipment numbers and training to fight back. they have what they need. what they need to determine is if they have the political will to fight back. and if they have the ability to unite as a, as leaders to fight back, and that's really where it stands at this point. as it turned out, the 20 year long reliance on the u. s. military proved to be much more than the white house expected. and after they were abandoned by their allies, the will of the afghan forces to attempt to fight back against the taliban fall apart. in record time, when the u. s. announced a total withdrawal that sent a signal to afghan soldiers and police that the end was near and converted chronically. poor motivation into acute collapse as nobody wanted to be. the last
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man standing after the others gave up. there was the all or nothing strategy employed by the u. s. in which it opted for a quick pull out from the country rather than withdrawing gradually and leaving a few 1000 troops on the ground to help with the transition. after all was said and done, bite and denied that was ever an option. the pentagon had been considering your top military advisors war against, withdrawn on this timeline. they wanted to keep about 2500 turn. oh, they did. it was split though that wasn't true. and it wasn't just the u. s. the u . k. foreign office admitted last month and it made a number of mistakes in its own exit from the country. included on that list was the fact that the, you case foreign secretary at the time was on holiday. and didn't take the afghan foreign ministers call when he reached out for help with the benefit of hindsight, of course it's easy to say but, and i wouldn't have going on holiday, let alone. and we've come home on the government. the u. s. had been propping up for nearly 2 decades,
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was also supported by an embassy that housed around $4000.00 and diplomats contractors and staff who provided a false sense of confidence even though they were relying on the intent security provided by the u. s. military. but then again, they didn't invade off get san looking to learn about the country. instead, the mission they claim to half was to force american values on the people. and after 20 years, it has become clear that they still haven't learned about the country they occupied for so long. it also appeared as though every assurance biden gave about the u. s. exit plan was eventually proven wrong. there's going to be no circumstance. you see people be lifted off the roof of a embassy in the of the united states from afghanistan. it is not at all comfortable. and yet, it was the scenes of helicopters rescuing embassy staff in afghanistan that became a direct comparison to the fall of saigon in 1975. that's only fitting, given the fact that the u. s. withdrawal from afghanistan has been called the worst
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intelligence failure since vietnam, proving that after a 20 year war, thousands of lives lost, countless communities destroyed. and more than 2 trillion dollars spent, the u. s. still hasn't learned from its own actions. rachel blevins taking those through that indeed will be bringing you more on off chemist on and how it's people helping navigating their lives since the turbulent u. s. polo to in our special coverage right throughout this month. ah. all right, let's get the latest now in the ukraine conflict. moscow called on the west to influence the authorities. if you have to stop shelling, this is up a rogia, a nuclear power plant, which is foreign ministry spokeswoman has branded western upwards towards the issue reckless. we strongly urge washington, brussels and other capitals, primarily european ones to stop the irresponsible games and intrigues around the nuclear power plant and immediately influenced the key of authorities to force them
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to stop shelling the plant and its adjacent territories. however, the u. n. no say it's ready to organize a trip of a experts to the nuclear plant, if russian on ukrainian authorities agree to the proposal. the situation surrounding the facility remains extremely tense. the local authorities say that the city of an air guitar and the nuclear side have once again been shell by ukraine. luckily, no reports on any casualties or at significant damage. however, another attack on sunday did proved deadly. this is the new s c c t v footage we've received which is purported to show the exact moment of that strike. one civilian was killed and another injured. a young woman who received shrapnel wounds needed hospital treatment. local officials also said ukrainian rockets target at a nearby thermal power station which generates the energy for the nuclear plant. the sites on the nearby city of an air guitar have been re heatedly targeted for
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more than a week now, sparking fears of a turnover like nuclear disaster. ortiz don quarter told us more an old manager earlier. he of definitely playing with a whole lot of fire by continually launching missiles and artillery strikes near the zeros a nuclear power plant. ukrainian forces did just that as early as, as recently a sunday when one civilian was killed and other was injured. and we also saw a lot of shelling on saturday as well. and all this, of course puts europe in tremendous danger of another nuclear disaster on the continent. and this is exactly why the international atomic energy agency has been demanding an end to the fighting around there. now, these upper ocean, regional authorities have also commented on this. they have said the best way to accomplish that objective of ending the hostilities around there is by clearing out the ukranian, firing positions that are constantly showing near the plans because they're really the ones endangering it the most. although, lot of years lensky doesn't seem to see it that way. he's been pointing the finger
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at russian troops pushing overseas to the school. every russian military officer who either shoots at the plant or shoots under the cover of the plant, you must understand that he becomes a special target for our intelligence, for our special services for our army. while it's shocking enough to hear at the president of ukraine, say it's acceptable under certain circumstances to shoot at or around a nuclear power plant. but what's more shocking than that is that it's actually a bit of a moderate position in ukraine. others are openly calling for the ukranian military to attack nuclear sites on russian territory. cities. yes, it's a risk. many people will suffer, but even more people will suffer if russian administrations and nuclear facilities are not attacked. now, there should be a strike. there's no other way. probably the best thing to do here is what we heard from maria's harvard to allow specialists from the international atomic energy agency to go there, let them see for themselves the condition of the plant. let them see for themselves
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who's actually endangering it, but for some reason the united nations isn't allowing them to do that. i mean, it's more than likely that has to do with ukraine's powerful western friends which are enabling this reckless attitude. the key of hads towards the possibility of another terrible nuclear tragedy. will the man who wants headed the soviet union's nuclear radiation safety body, lot him your kidney itself. i flight the potential dangers the world could face if this happened was she a plan? took a directed no nebraska, there are 6 power units operating at the nuclear power station with a $100.00 megawatt pressurized water reactor. if a missile gets into the pressure shell and what is a pressure show, it is a structure in which the main equipment of the react upon is located with a diameter of about 45 to 47 meters up to 70 meters high such a barrel. the thickness of concrete varies in different parts from 800 millimeters to 1200 millimeters. it is necessary to understand where the rocket will hit
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exactly. the rocket has a certain weight, speed and explosive, which leads to the destruction of certain structures. no one has ever calculated what can happen to a pressure shell if you hit it with a missile. no one could have thought of such a thing. only the effects of gale, 4th winds, or the fall of a light engine aircraft, or calculated in these situations. the pressure will be able to protect the reactor equipment, the reactor itself, and it systems that are inside. in addition to 6 reactors, the most dangerous facility at the power plant is the storage of spent nuclear fuel . it was unclear to me why this repository was launched in 2001, why wasn't a roof installed? that would cover the entire site of the storage facility with containers in which spent nuclear fuel is stored, the gigantic radioactivity that is in each container. and $300.00 containers should be stored there is currently one 3rd full, they stand close enough to each other. and if multiple rocket launchers fall into the container, then the container will collapse. actually, a group of containers will be damaged. it will lead to
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a release of radioactivity into the environment that is pollution, not only of the industrial site, but also of the denita plus everything will be accompanied by a fire. and only god knows where the wind will send that according to my calculations, if $20.00 to $30.00 containers are destroyed, the radioactivity will effect about 9 countries among which are turkey, bulgaria, romania, slovakia, the czech republic, poland, and the baltic countries and the territory of western ukraine a full 6 days after the presidential election took place in kenya, the results are finally and deputy president. william rito is the new leader. securing 50.5 percent of the vote. now he edged on the african nations ex prime minister, rayleigh dingo, mister router, a former teacher has pledged to prioritize, can use economy, unquote, uplift,
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ordinary citizens. both contenders how to appeal for calm throughout the election after disputed votes in the past lead to violence erupt. thing in the country so that's cross live now to lawyer and advocates of kenya's high court, missouri and jungle in ny ruby. you're most welcome. so william route, so has been finally elected the country for president. what does it mean for can you going forward? i know there is a cost of living crisis on higher unemployment right now. thank you so much for the leadership precautions or will shows the election of the next president of can fill in the balance. if i'm just doing a tension is a few minutes before the chairman of the election commission announced the new president from member with commission because the commission, the federal member commission, 4 of them walked out and held us about a press conference distancing themselves from the results that while the beliefs
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drumming them as well to be verified, go in there already thing i see tricia where we are set up for a long battle. that cannot be said about 2 times already president. most likely we are going to end up in the traditional area of the supreme court. all cannot for the time munition to be made as to whether you have been elected. now to go back to your christian after the ladies caution on the cost of living in kenya with bright presidential, the deputy president of going to for 9 years. so he will very much plot the profit of the problem. but let's the high leaving standards. and so there's no magic going to pony, but going to immediately search the problem of the food crises or the high cost of living in the country, even if you were to be forming the sorry, can i just briefly touch on another aspect of this, it took
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a week for the election to take place until the results came. i know kenny is one of the most technically advanced countries on the african continent, but people i believe wanted each and every vote counted by hand. can you just explain why that is? oh we have, we have a hybrid photo system. we still do both balloting for votes. we have paper by lot that are then mock and dumped into the boat, what baskets and pulled out much before. then each voter identified by metric and you about metrics are used to identify you. you are then given by lot which up to mock and play into what baskets at the close of the turning and they've any be open on counted up, want to be counted. they are by metric can be captured again. i believe johnny come on me to not if you remember, i went back, we did our case where transmission of that evolve was one of the biggest issue. so
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what happens, it says the tumbling exam or the voting vision. i'm the results but i found a blood floating fission out of the final results. but did you did plan meet up to the national timing center and they will be using using? got it. that's got it on 42, but played in a pdf form. one of the things that was contested in 2017. what are the major on for the medical them it offered room for the designs to be met or wrong? yeah, yeah, yeah. we were just running right at a time, but i just wanted to give audience a sense of that because it did seem to quite a long time miss, sorry, we have to leave it there or we're right out of time. but thank you so much for giving us a sense of what is occurring there, miss story, and jag, advocate of kenny as high court and political analyst. thank you for much. probably . thank you, sir. not more than 750000. people have been displaced this year in somalia,
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following a severe drive that brings the total number of refugees from the country to more than a 1000000 people according to the un refugee agency. it's the 2nd time in 2 years, the somalia has been parched by dr. something not seen for some, for decades before that, to that extent, migration is not the only consequence of the disaster is more and more from the struggle from hunger caused by dr. we spoke to residents of the capital market issue about how they've been affected that i fled from to our village because there is no water and no food. there are health problems there as well. some of us came here by foot and we left some of our children and old parents behind roswell, montana who i fled from lawful village in cretan wary district because of hunger. it took me for days and nights to come here by foot, and we faced huge problems. misery and affliction had on black of water, forced to flee from our village. lawful the drought affected us severely. we are at
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adela idp centre, some 1114 families live here in this camp. the displaced people who were affected by the harsh drought are here, and we expect an additional influx of drought affected people to arrive in the coming days of the false all. go according to the united nations high commission for refugees. the prospects for the region are far from rosie. the number of people facing hunger is expected to rise by another 2000000. taking the total to 7. the situation is further exacerbated by the conflict in ukraine bouts forced food and fuel prices. the sor, following the war of sanctions declared by the west, against russia as well wherever, even before today's hardships. malia was one of the most underfunded. she monitoring crises in the world, according to the u. n. h c, r's, representative in the country. well, to discuss the ongoing crisis further or less, cross live to author on history professor at the university of houston gerald horn . you are most welcome. yeah, according to the you and the situation is not going to be improved anytime soon,
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but it is the you in itself doing enough to resolve or help resolve the crisis. certainly not. but i'm sure that united nations would contin that it's handicap by the member states particular of the united states of america. which despite the fact that it has profited handsomely over the centuries from the african slave trade has been missing an action when it comes to dealing with the problems of africa. and somalia is a special case because recall that some, all his downfall began about 3 or 4 decades ago during the height of the cold war. when samaya head what was perceived to be a pro moscow regime under c ot bari. and therefore, that regime was not only to stabilize, it was induce to attack neighboring ethiopia, also perceived as having
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a pro moscow regime undermanned just to highlight. mariam and both nations. speaking of ethiopia and somalia, spiraled into famine and dislocation. and somalia has yet to recover to this very day. sanctions against small sco following it's offensive in ukraine. it has worse and they entire situation even more with it. it appears the world's focus solely on the contract on one issue are dire problems elsewhere as you've been going through in the world are they getting overlooked, is not a real issue right now. it is certainly a real issue. and europe particularly, needs to be castigated for its inattention. because once again, going back to the horn of africa, we recognize that over the decades particular the 1930s, italy sought to overthrow the regime and addis ababa,
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ethiopia italy also interview, intervene and a muscular fashion in somalia. cross the continent into namibian, german, south, west africa as it was once called. we recall that at the beginning of the 20th century for lin, basically committed genocide against the herero a number of people. and has since that is to say today, resisted their insistent and persuasive appeal for reparations for the harm that they inflicted. however, when we see berlin seeking to ship military weaponry to ukraine, was the same time telling namibia that it does not have the funds to compensate. those were victimized by genocides. we have to raise very serious and searching questions about the policy and double standards of the north atlantic countries. and mister horton, while we have you on the program,
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i want just to briefly touch on this issue, ukrainian grain exports. they have resumed, but most of the ships have been going anywhere. but africa, what do you make of that? well, i think it's consistent with these past the anti black anti african policies. we know that african refugees who were seeking to leave ukraine in the aftermath of the events of february 2022 were oftentimes brutalized by the ukraine . the authorities not to mention their comrades and neighboring poland. so the fact that green shipments are not being shipped to africa is wholly consistent and can grow with the ongoing anti african anti black policies that we see as an emblem of the key of regime many thanks for your time and your thoughts today, gerald horn or thir on history professor at the university of houston ah,
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75 years ago to the day 2 centuries of british colonial rule in india came to an end giving rise to 2 independent states. but partition came out a huge cost to both pakistan and india elsewhere. corresponding region sharma, texas through amidst the triumphal skin dells independence. in the summer of 1947, a line of separation was drawn by brutish barstow. it was called the partition august of 1947 ratcliffe to align bordering india and pakistan. that line also divided this way. part of been job during about will edges, families and communities now in those and seeks on one side and the muslims on the other. 75 years own we meet doors whose life was changed forever by hastily drawn borders. this is the north and in state of punjab. the historic homeland of de seeks. we visited cordial village in the good asp or district, barely
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a few miles from the india pakistan, bordeaux 104 year old mila rom is one of the few living partitions of i was in the village there. we're dealing with olivia gun one. we left our entire life across the border. our old life no longer existed than what we had to start afresh. no memories of days gone by. come back to me and that garden in spring when it was all that shit her chatter. he may have left pakistan, but pakistan has stayed with him in more ways than one. even today, he writes sick hames, in order and keeps them close to his heart in another which we meet. could bol seeing his grandchildren and great grandchildren have all moved to big cities? he's decided to stay his 1st home. his ancestral village is only a few miles from your just across the border in pakistan. 3 years ago he got his long awaited result with it in his childhood.


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