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ah, with marcell says is raising the risk of a nuclear disaster, worse than your noble as the premium force. a shell, a radioactive waste facility at the embattled level, roget power plant arse and violence and riot penny a face of political deadlock as they defeated. presidential candidate refuses to concede from colonialism to independence. india sends a powerful message that is only natural to defend one's interests. we investigate the british empire as controversial legacy. the brit stole julians of dollars from india by the way of the 3 forces between 17651947. but what's
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important to note is that they did it largely through india, extensive really network and money 1st as tension store between washington and beijing over taiwan. it seems the actual purpose of the provocative us visits for the island was to expand my purchase production. ah, hello from moscow to wherever you're watching from i'm 0 is about with this. our top news stories from around the world. a pleasure to have you join us. ukrainian troops of shells, a nuclear waste storage facility at the embattled zap, rosie a nuclear power plant. nearly destroying a radioactive container. meanwhile, western media continue to blame russia for the damage and claim that moscow is trying to steal energy from the plant destined for ukraine. russia has dismissed
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those accusations, as groundless brush has now being accused of stealing ukrainian energy supplies. the capabilities of 3rd party analysts hired by western propagandists are bordering on the absurd one so called specialist is a former employee of the u. s embassy. in chia who claims russia is seeking to seize electricity from the sap rosy nuclear plant, cut off ukrainian consumers, and sell those power supplies at the currently storing market prices by destroying energy infrastructure. the key of regime is putting millions of people in europe in danger of a nuclear disaster with washington turning a blind eye. the power plant is the largest in europe, and the shelley has sparked fears of a tragedy. worse than sure, no, both russian forces took over the facility in march as they swept through cranes east at the start of their military campaign. moscow has recently spoken with the un secretary general about the risk of continued fighting in the area and has
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invited specialists from the international atomic energy agency to inspect the plant the you and has said it would be ready to facilitate such a visit, but only of the specialists enter from the ukrainian side of the frontline and if he ever agrees for us marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter, says the showing is an extremely dangerous attempt to force russia to abandon the plant. this is a coordinated policy and that makes it even more frightening because this isn't just the case of ukrainian government going out of control. this is the case of the international community going out of control. the goal and objective here is to accomplish through nuclear blackmail that which ukrainian army is unable to accomplish on its own. that is to remove russia from the separation nuclear power plant. the amazing thing is that throughout russia's control of the separation neutral power plan of the reactors that have been in operation,
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i think right now only 2 of the 6 remain in operation. have been providing power to ukraine. it's a very dangerous situation. and it's one that is going to be very difficult to, you know, to conclude if, as it appears the west is, you know, work working collaboration with kids as opposed to see back and observing irresponsible behavior on the part of kids they're playing with fire. this is, this is a very frightening, scary and irresponsible action on the part of kids in their western supporters to moscow. now, where dozens of top military officials from some of the world's most powerful countries have been sitting down for talks to mo, over geopolitical concerns. and priorities, if that is hosted by russians, defense ministry as our ts donald quarter reports. well, this year's moscow conference on international security kicked off with a keynote speech by vladimir putin. the russian president focused primarily on the
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western destabilizing role in the ukraine conflict. but also said that this is just one part of us lead efforts to stow conflict around the world. the russian president spoke a bit about those efforts in africa, latin america, and specifically around taiwan, even accused the west of trying to organize a nato style military alliance in the far east. now vladimir putin also said this means 2 things. number one, that the age of unit polarity is coming to an end. and number 2, the west is desperately trying to hold on to the last remnants of it's a gemini around the world. western officials know how many ukraine ukrainians have died in the name of that a gemini, and how many more will die in the name of it in the future. and yet, it seems like that's a risk they're willing to take since, according to russian president vladimir putin, the west has been using these ukrainians as cannon fodder and a proxy war against russia. that would genius weed in order to maintain their had gemini, they need conflicts. therefore they decided that the people of ukraine are to be
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cannon fodder. they implemented the anti russia project in ukraine, was the turned a blind eye to the spread of new nazi ideology to the massacres of people and on bass echo. they pumped up and continue to pump up the key of regime with arms, including heavy weapons. the situation in ukraine demonstrates that the united states is trying to drag out this conflict. gee, through shortly after potent speech we heard from russian defense minister, sergei shy, grew, and he echoed a lot of what the russian president said in terms of the end of western unit polarity and nato's attempts to fight a proxy war against russia and ukraine. but he also spoke a lot about the never ending a flow of weapons from the west into ukraine. and while unfortunately, a lot of them are making their way into the hands of black market tiers. shy, go also said that others, many others are actually finding their way into the hands of russian troops in the,
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in the form of war trophies. but probably the most important thing shy goose said during the speech is that russia is not interested in employing nuclear weapons in the ukraine conflict. from a military point of view, there is no need to use nuclear weapons in ukraine to achieve the set goals. the main purpose of russian nuclear weapons is to deter a nuclear attack. so some very high ranking defense officials from around the world have come here to participate in this conference. and that's basically a rundown of what rushes leadership decided to welcome them with. on the sidelines of the conference, we spoke to the head of the red cross delegation to russia and bella. ruth eat our as one of he told us about the role of the organization in the war in ukraine today in the main direction. so why starcy activity in a conflict in ukraine is the one who have an immediate access to a president for delivery of humanitarian services. today, population quote,
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in fighting it is ensuring that information about those competence that have fallen and that are provided that families can get answers to the fatal fair glove funds. it is also about the conduct of hostilities as you go from the commission sets rules for the conductance. today's conflicts are very much also in media and not on the mainstream media's, but there are also social media and other media outlets are we as institutions are also exposed to certain media campaigns or what we call abrogation engage. this is the missing permission. this information hits this and being a neutral, impartial, one, talent organization. we often, unfortunately face challenges when it comes to the coverage when it comes to the discussion about how activities. so when it comes through exactly,
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and describing their fate or their plight of to people that find themselves in a complex fashion, what they can say, none of the media can deliver the unfortunate reality or the challenges that people face. are there any crane or many other conflicts that we're having? no and void that. so the runner up antonio's presidential election, former prime minister raleigh o'denza, has described the votes saying he'll want a legal battle against the narrow victory for the current deputy president william rudo. the political turmoil has sparked riots throughout the east african nations. here some of the aftermath. ah,
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monday's announcement of rudo victory prompted his supporters to hold celebrations around the country. but groups backing his rival, odenza set tires on fire in the city streets and blockaded roads before police dispersed the crowds. o dinger has vow to overturn the election results only through constitutional and other legal channels. which may view which many view as a clear signal to supporters to stop engaging and violent protests. ryan loading and that is to to concede defeat, following the declaration of the resolved by the chairman of electron brody, or for electrical party who declared his opponent, dr. william some way to ask the winner of the 2022 general elections. now mister dinger, in his address at the k i c. c. today. he said that the i e b c. contravene the
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know by announcing the winner of the trinity to general elections alone. in his statement, a tom, the i e. b. c. did not have the quorum scenes for all the commissioners. distance themselves from a bare results that was announced by the chairman for legible county before commissioners claimed that the i v c. chairman or from actual county did not engaged him onto the final bonds of this election had of thickness in neat. we to day cornel, decide to buy the electrodes. result however, members of the absolved blood drawn from the country and even the international body. they tom between defended to general elections as a free and fair. i know dingo has said that the results that will announce the declaration that was made by the chairman of fletcher mccarty should be tom to non on voice. yes. and he support us to remain calm as they are following on the on the
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required process. of course, to now this is resolved, that shell probably form the 280 election re election over this process or to get to know who is that right for. are we not of the 2022 presidential elections? we spoke with analysts, michael o' gola, who explain why the legitimacy of the presidential race has been called into question. i think the 1st thing that we need to underscore here is a very useful and the population out. com. we don't have a lot of issues here. so are you looking up are proceeding to the courts? these are from i see it is a 100 of legs. it is. i would close show room for the maybe support us will house to be them for many, many, yes. just decided to of the selections because they want to get i think, i think the final count was, was, was to be given out. we, you know,
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we have $200.00 constituencies and from this constituencies that he's, us will come and there will be tied together and it will be enough. 23 consequences results were not given to them. and this was timely by the c e o of the commission . plus the chairman, they claim this benefit consequences, exhausted, verify on our side to kind of think on us. you let us know when my was off despite the less pressure on you, delhi, to refrain from buying russian oil. indian top diplomat has emphasized that it's only natural for his country to want the most economically sensible deal. i have a country with a per capita income of $2000.00. these are not people who can afford higher energy prices. it's my moral duty to ensure the best deal in is the world's 3rd largest oil consumer. it's imports of discounted russian supplies, searched through a record high in june accounting for almost the face of india's total imports of
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the commodity that has sparked criticism from washington with u. s. officials pressuring new delhi to curtail its purchases from russia. the west has continued to try and maintain its grip on india even 75 years after the end of british colonial rule. this week mark the anniversary of india's independence, with vast celebrations, taking place across the country. residence in the southern city of hopefully carried a 9 kilometer long flag through the streets. ortiz rooms you sharma, takes a look at the controversial bridge legacy in something that should come as a surprise to no one. the brit stole trillions of dollars from india. by the way, of the 3 forces between 17651947. but what's important to note is that they did it largely through india extensive real we network. for decades, the frequently federal narrative with armed colonial rule will have been that it
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wasn't all take by the brits that they gave and they are so much democracy. the english language and that they built the in really the 4th truck for lead by the brit in 18. 53 that soon before a really a scheme to india, most of the transportation was done either toward or by water. that's true again. but what's also true is that really it was no gift for indians, and that it was all for the brits roadways and roads were really built to serve british interest. and not those are the local people. they were designed to carry in raw materials from being turned into the ports to be shipped to britain. let's take a look all paid for these re road. the indians. the british shareholders put in money and the government to be then in a double paid for by indian taxes. india is resource rich gold, iron or cotton and the east india company realized that transporting all this for the export was the most convenient buy real. and it meant in seen profits for the
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company they use did really to steal. how much do you ask? a very serious economic study which tried to estimate how much the british took out of india and value tons. and a very calculated map ended up put a number of $45.00 trillion dollars at today's. so that should give you a sense of really what happened in those 200 years. it wasn't just the countries reinforces that. they looted the rewards or for worse than the life of local people . take one of the most tragic events in the indian history, the bingo of famine. the construction of the real reason in bingo was in the 4th place. one of the reasons for the famine bad drainage system led to diseases. you think it was the perfect opportunity to put the real, to some good use, get the green where it was needed when millions were starving. but the bridge did
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the opposite. they put rise on trains and got them out of india. the bengal famine was a result of food scarcity caused by large scale exports of food from india for use in the war theaters and consumption in britain. india exported more than 70000 tons of rice between january and july 1943. even as the famine sat in. this would have kept nearly $400000.00 people ally for a full year. and now when the local population started getting good at repairing and manufacturing trains themselves, when the brits couldn't let them get away with it, and they forced india to buy engines and baggins made in britain. and this was the story of the great indian robbery by using the great and give release. my great duty. meanwhile, in the taiwan strait, tensions have been rising over micro chip production, as the us seems to be trying to boost its business ties with ty pay the world's
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biggest semiconductor producer, even trying to push beijing out of its position as a global high tech market leader art is caleb martin has a story. the endo pacific region is finally starting to simmer down in the aftermath of the heated tensions caused by nancy pelosi provocation. and as the smoke clears, we are now getting some clarity on what motivated the entire debacle. the taiwan strait is the main route, connecting the east china sea and the south china sea. therefore, the peace and stability of the strait is critical to the stability of the global high tech product supply chain. brand lation microchips that's taiwanda specialty. the island produces 65 percent of the world. semiconductors and 90 percent of the world's advance ships, a pretty big chunk of the global market for a vital commodity. pretty much everything we, you airplanes, medical equipment,
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i phones, refrigerators, these ships are everywhere. no coincidence that nancy pelosi took time to sit down with the chairman of t. s. m. c, the world's largest chip maker. while she was on her visit to the island of taiwan monday, another american delegation met with him. here's how it was reported in the us mainstream media. how to expand economic cooperation between taiwan in the us, namely expanding investment in the semiconductor industry and improving supply chain in the semi conductor industry. this is important because washington is finally admitting what this is all about. this is washington struggling for control of key technology markets. they've been trying to cut out aging for quite some time . the u. s. has banned the export of technology to china and is past the ships act hailed as a bill that would help bring ship production home. now, part of this law would be that no company linked to china can get subsidies. staging says these policies remind them of times pass to washington is entrenched
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in the mentality of the cold war and the 0 sum game running counter to the common aspirations of people in china and the u. s. to strengthen their cooperation. china is firmly opposed to the mentality and will firmly defend its own interests. critic say this is obviously us multinational, trying to beat down a competitor. and this comes as new reports show that china has overtaken the us when it comes to scientific research. now the res, for some i, conductors is on, and the u. s. a wants taiwan in their pocket. it's about staying top dog and the global markets, and making sure china doesn't carve out a bigger chunk of global profits. washington seems committed to escalating as much as possible, even if it means the possibility of war between 2 nuclear armed powers. this is a really high price to pay for that. and it's very much not guaranteed in any case
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that the us will gain ascendancy in the market which taiwan dominates. and when they're trying to keep china from, from ascending in the military implications, of course, because one of the reasons why the u. s. once the game ascendance and the chip market is to maintain its military privacy, this chip policy, this science a chip and science act is in the military as well. so it escalates pensions militarily and it puts china in the position of having compete to try to compete with the us militarily. so it doesn't do anything for the relations politically. this is a very, very unwise move in our special coverage. we continue looking at the changes enough get us and since the last american soldier left its loyal one year ago, this month, along with a suffering hardship and failure experienced by its people.
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the the u. s. has been trying to pretend it isn't liable for the deaths of afghans during it's chaotic withdraw from the country. that's according to afghan authorities investigating the deaths of civilians who were trying to evacuate from couples. airport r t 's maria from ocean a shed, more light on the story ear has passed since you as troops and they are western allies, fled from afghanistan, but there is still no justice for people who back then we're trying to escape from cobble airport in tears panic, an agony, hundreds of afghans who worked with american forces and wanted to leave immediately in fear of the taliban to revenge, than managed to get on a plane. the picture provided by the u. s. military show the round 640 people on
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board. that plane is only meant to carry $100.00. 34 passengers. ah us officials confirmed later that human remains were found inside the london gear of the c. 17 military plane used for the evacuation flight from afghanistan to carter. the number of dead bodies found and the cause of death remains unclear even to day. i've got authorities tried to investigate the case to shed light on what had happened. we talked to those who are still fighting for justice. the imp, really mainstream media is hiding the real facts. what we're demanding is a fair investigation, but the major is selling a complete lie to the world was to governments want to rectify their wrong doings
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and they can actually do it. but it's impossible to deny facts. the u. s. air force also promised to probe our hearts go out to the families of the deceased. they said, was the outcome though? was anyone held accountable for the deadline incident? no, never, no one. the staff judge advocate offices from both the air mobility command in the united states central command conducted a review of the inquiry findings and rendered, concurring opinions, that the aircrew was in compliance with applicable rules of engagement specific to the event. and the overall law of armed conflict years that went virally ago show afghans desperately trying to climb on to the wings of the plane, all to flee the country. danger, and they have very high risk of injuring themselves, didn't stop them. and in its turn, they didn't stop the u. s. pilots from taking off the theater. another one with the people are falling from planes and dying. it was shocking that the pilots still rushed to take off. when these young men were dying,
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even more shocking is diverted. by the american air force authorities that they crew was not guilty if they are not guilty, then who is responsible the united states is responsible. but washington doesn't seem to agree. and with his investigation, given no clear answers, it's hard to tell whether anyone will ever be held responsible for the tragedy. global coal consumption could reach a decade high as the e. u scrambles for new sources of energy. why the repercussions of its sanctions against russia continue to bite back. the block is now turning to south africa to fulfill its energy needs. despite being among those that pledge $8500000000.00 to de carbonized, the country's economy and 2021. south africa's cool exports see europe have increased a staggering 720 percent in the last year with the fossil fuel industry becoming a sol affordable option. in most of the e. u. germany in particular,
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expect it to burn a $100000.00 tons of coal per month this winter. meanwhile, the eas grand plans for green energy appear even further out of reach. that's after western democracies launched a so called groundbreaking international energy transition partnership with south africa. the british prime minister stressing that last year the cut that cooperation with pretoria will create a precedent with threads of transition to clean energy while u. s. president joe biden promised to conduct the transformation quickly. at the moment, the west is efforts to support green energy are clearly on the back burner as it seeks to dig more coal from south africa. meanwhile, the return of fossil fuels continues to fuel animosity with clashes breaking out between eco activists and police. in the german city of hamburg at the weekend, officers resorted to baton and pepper spray as protesters,
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demands for green energy threatened to boil out of control som express deep this taste over the countries import of african resources. labeling the move modern colonialism. we heard from independent energy analysts had blonde, who says the e u is putting pressure on countries to di, carbonized, while purchasing increasingly more coal from those very same areas to problem medical for the year in the sense that they've made massive commitments, public commitments to de carbonized, they are a economies, and this certainly seems like a regular basis, even though it might be out of necessity, even specifically germany. i think i have made meserve and put a massive amount of pressure on the rest of the world to di, carbonized, and to move towards wind and solar energy production. but it's exactly that type of
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sources that those sources of energy, which is actually europe down for the base part of the last 6 months reinforce being forced to close down our power. but the 1st row that wants to eat, co, i mean, it doesn't make sense at all. that just shows you what a funny this or was that's our up on the, our top news stories, thanks for today and just make sure to follow us on twitter. odyssey and gab from our content see, ah ah, the news . with the 1st time
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in history, an entire country's culture has been cancelled the very modern weapon cancel, culture, nearly desperate, wonderful language. sheffield my last little book in william prague here. just me sitting there with the phrase now, particularly refers to counseling russian culture. yet them know what equally up of see what was the zip code when you're miles for cure, which will be all there is a chill. i thought that go with them. most of the sub richland, m. e, them we, what rushes created over the past 1500 years is now question partially condemned, reviled and reject it. to sort of, i mean, you said it was funny at the bill of brown. there's a lot closer on a whole bunch. anytime i guess it'll show more the list. joining total condemnation
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grows daily and now enclosed da staff skate to cascade and shostakovich that i need to you all left. but yes, you see that what that done, will you do obama lee? you're not going to do that a little bit more. ah with the you started the war against the dont boss republics in 24.


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