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tv   News  RT  August 19, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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and elsewhere in lodge office companies would lose millions of millions or is business and business is good. and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion with russian air defense systems to repel multiple drone attacks by ukraine and russia, crimea peninsula, that's according to local authorities. and the u. s. announce is additional military to you pray and worth $775000000.00 paul russia underlines act is using such weapon, the shell, residential areas. you gas prices, search after gas prompt, shut down the north stream, one pipeline for repairs while europeans pry fell over the backlash from their government, sanctioned, with
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hello from martina national studios in moscow to wherever you may be. watching welcome to the program. i'm furious about with this hour's top these stories from around the globe. happy to have you with us. brushes, air defense units repelled multiple attacks on crimea overnight with the russian peninsula airspace violated by ukrainian drones from different sides a local correspond. it gives us more. susan christopher law's toughness cookie. today the crimean peninsula has been attacked by ukrainian drones from several sides. the 1st was repelled by russian. a defense near the city of yep. atoria, nevada city, nor, and military object were damaged. a few hours later, the city of sebastopol witnessed a similar attack. the governor said it was repelled successfully with all drones destroyed, and people can sleep peacefully. great was the moment the streets of savannah to pollen yet latoria quietly. despite the attacks from the air, the number of tourists arriving has not decreased. although some a curious as to what is happening, every one is confident that the peninsula is under reliable protection sources in
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brooklyn. and as cuba dobbs a law branding those who take humanitarian aid from russia as criminals. ortiz romano cause or a visit the people of mario bull, to ask, what did they make of this new job legislation? ukraine has passed and use so called collaborator to sell law on august 16th and making any one in ukraine who accepts humanitarian aid from russia. a criminal. we are now in murray who pull at one of the distribution centers where people come to receive this humanitarian aid. that new law makes all these people, potential criminals. and so we've talked to a few of them and they shared their opinions with us about what they think about the new law. calculate him over the progress of his work that i how can people live without feeling? most of mary jo pol city is now out of work. they have nowhere to get food. such laws can only be passed by terrorists. yes, they are thinking they're my,
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i think it's not normal. even if key of sent its own help, it would be strange. but they do not send anything and have forbid people from taking someone else's aid, although people just need food so as not to starve. and they want to sentence them only not well in a socially. well, i have 2 small children, and russia has really helped us. when my son got a loaf of bread he was happier than ever before. but is that a crime on our part? number media, who should we have starved to death? with all due respect to ukraine, they did not help us at all when you called neither the military nor the state. while the russian military was giving us water to drink, people were drinking from puddles out of sheer thirst. anyway, i would like to ask, what would those who adopted this law banning them from receiving aid do starved? i don't want anyone to go through what we went through this humanitarian aid sensor in mary who paul is a fully loaded. it even has a children's center right here where kids can play while their parents are
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receiving them much needed humanitarian aid. now this particular center used to serve at least 7000 people per day at the peak or the conflict back in the mail. for example, the numbers are much lower at the moment because the situation here is not as dire as it used to be. however, at the moment with this and you law in key about collaboration is thank he is still considers these people ukrainians. each one of these people receiving the human to serenade is a suspect, including their kids from on call 3 of our t. maria holden as people's republic. i think it's absurd and i think it's wrong. obviously. i mean, how could bringing humanitarian aid be collaboration? ist of anything that is considered condemned or both, right? i think we should encourage people to bring humanitarian aid. i think we should
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encourage russia to bring humana, cherry in a do you crane. why would you create a disincentive to doing that? even to criminalize bringing humanitarian aid international humanitarian law as best exemplified by the geneva conventions. but others as well requires to provide the necessities of life for the people, food medicine, water. that's the whole point of humanitarian law in the geneva convention. as more and more of ukraine's neo nazi as off italian fighters are captured by workmen forces, some prisoners are being investigated for a legit war crimes. former french service men, adrian bouquet, who is known for his previous revelations of as all the actions over the last 8 years of the conflict, visited the battalions captive members. a warning, some of them could have been speaking under duress. i am now in
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a secret detention center were meeting captured officers of the as of battalion were being kept under strict guard. ah ah ah. well, it just was exist. as you can see, the tattoos a real, the nazi tattoos your civil so i think is slightly camouflage, to crosses are chained and a bit different. the signatures look, this is a painted swastika. here is another image in a similar style. here are other symbols. look at this one at the top, there's a helmet of the s s guard. and this is just a small touch. there are hundreds of fighters covered with s as rooms and swastikas when i say hundreds, i mean under this point. yeah,
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this is just one example to show you. it's a reality. i have you ever killed or shot civilians? nation by orders of my commanders. i shot that vehicle was carrying people know. so you were shooting an unarmed civilians only because you've got the orders. well, not exactly. it was dark. the bus had tinted windows and the driver didn't stop on demand. do you understand that what you have done is a war crime? turns out that i do while you were hiding that as of style plant, did you know women and children were dying from the shells hitting their flats in the center of? don't ask. there was a war going on and there are 2 sides, not one engaged in the fighting. ah,
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moving now to america where the u. s. has announced an additional military aid package to ukraine, worth $775000000.00 in the belief that the conflict is at a near standstill. the package includes additional ammunition for high mar systems and more howitzers. along with 15 scan eagle recognizance drones and my resistant an armored vehicles. the new ammunition also includes high speed anti radiation missiles with a range of at least 50 kilometers designed to seek and destroy radar equipped air defense systems. friday's announcement brings us military assistance to key up to 10600000000 since the beginning of biden's administration with the u. s. department of defense. now claiming that the help is forcing russia to pay quote, a high price. we want to make sure that ukraine has a steady stream of ammunition to meet its needs. and that's what we're doing with
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this package. you're seeing the russians still paying a high price, which ukrainian attacks, especially using that high mar system, but they are incurring these costs and not able to advance. however, the u. s. supplied weapons are not just being used by ukraine for military purposes, according to don bass. and russian officials, they are also being used to shall, residential areas of don. yes. and other regions controlled by russian led forces, along with a pre trial detention facility were captured, ukrainian soldiers were being held which led to the deaths of 50 p, o, w's and 73 more injured. to discuss this, we cross live now to retired us air force, lieutenant colonel, karen k woodkalski, the u. s. continues to give vast military supplies to cab. what is the purpose of the supplies at this point? well, for us, since the congress already passed this massive $40000000000.00 aid package some months ago,
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this is really just fulfilling the american spending project. so half of all of that money goes directly into the pentagon. so the pentagon has received the money and the bank on and it's contractors are shipping the materials pretty much as soon as they can over to ukraine, but it's not really connected. i don't think to a strategy as much as it is a domestic spending program. ok, is there any reason to think that these u. s. supplied weapons will actually change the course of the conflict? um, it seems like both sides are pretty much de again. and that there's a kind of a stasis with what's happening in the territory of the ukraine. so i think i see it more of his maintenance of the, of the status quo as opposed to something maybe zalinski has been talking about, you know, the retaking of this territory. none of what the u. s. is providing will assist in any reclaiming of territory. it's simply, in fact,
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increasingly is defensive on what's left of ukraine. defensive wheels, right in the u. s. our claims that the conflict has entered near a standstill with russia suffering heavy losses. what do you make of these statements? well, it's really hard for americans to get accurate information about facts on the ground in ukraine and in, in russia. most of european, eastern european and russian media is not available for the most part to americans . not even too many in congress. so we don't get a straight picture. i think the fact that our u. s. government is, is considering it at a standstill is a sign that it's actually a little past that it's some, i don't want to use the word hopeless for the ukrainians, but i don't see. i see retrenchment in, in the exact lines that they're at rather than a change of the territory from where it's currently held on either side. right. and
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now russia has said these high mars are being used against civilians and don bass yet the u. s. has failed to even acknowledge this. surely the u. s. should own up to what can only be called human rights abuses and may be reprimand kiev or at least acknowledge it will they should. the history of the united states in, in, in modern times is not to address any of their own human rights abuses. i mean, you know, we've, we've lots of evidence from middle eastern type strikes, north african strikes around the world. really. we don't acknowledge our own human rights abuses, so that's not you can't really expect the us to do that. and i think as long as there's money to be made between the ukrainian elite and the, the military industrial establishment in the united states. and, and some of the other european countries, as long as money is, is it long as this war is profitable?
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it's going to continue for them. so they're not going to acknowledge anything. this is cindy. hypocrisy is astounding. here. i think in many ways, what do you think about the u. s. as role in the conflict, given the fact of that it's costing so much money. the high pun, financial price, it's clearly taking. and also, what do you, what is the perspective of americans also at home and how this is affecting them domestically? it's well 1st off, the money is being printed, borrowed to created out of thin air. so it's not like americans have felt a particular tax increase in order to support the war and ukraine. this, this is funny money that the united states has been using for some time to support its adventures overseas, and domestically. so the americans have really felt the financial pain, inflation, they're feeling it a little bit. but really, i can tell you from our perspective, looking at domestic american media and the normal news that we are allowed to consume in a large quantity. ukraine is not at the top of that. in fact, um,
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it dropped off almost entirely until recently with the issues of the, of the nuclear plant and the attacks there. but that was a bounce back into the domestic media. so americans are not consuming ukrainian news. and they're not really interested in it, and they haven't really felt the cost of what our government is doing with the, with the quality and quantity of our a marcia currency retired us air force, lieutenant colonel. karen kua, kosky. thank you. ah, turkey is threatening to scrap an agreement that would let finland and sweden join nato, and kara wants the nordic countries to fulfill their side of a deal that would see dozens of suspects wanted on terrorism charges extradited to turkey. but so far sweden has only handed over one person, a fraud, stir previously convicted in turkey. if they think that by extra doubting ordinary
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criminals to turkey, they will make us believe that they have fulfilled their promises. they are wrong. nobody should test turkey. back in june, sweden and finland agreed to extradite dozens of people on choruses as terrorists on the understanding that turkey would lift his opposition to the nordic countries joining nato. my colleague, nicky, are and discuss the current state of turkey. nater relations with janice boot, conan, a finished journalist, and political analysts. this memorandum which was made in madrid. it's an open chick for turkey to, to basically demand what ever it wants. i think the to the turkeys you're put to a position in natal. we are no witnessing a collapse of the western power structure. i suppose, if anyone with a nice how is going to have the power to persuade turnkey one way or the other. it's going to be the u. s. because of course, nature was funded and essentially led by the u. s. isn't it?
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do you think they have the power west losing all its interest in for us in the middle east and, and are russia and china and turkey taking the whole middle east control? we have moved to contain the west of the situation and turkeys giving a great hand in order to, to preserve and not the world to fold the chaos. i think that if it goes to that turkey will be kicked off of nature. but what this term, nato, without jerky it's then it means that it's with dog. middle is the, it's, you know, it's loses. it's one of the core forces they are listening. what aragon has to say if o n to con, wants to make a filament and sweden to collapse from inside. he can do it. he has all the tools to do it. and it's interesting that we have for the situation that to northern countries are in the rule of anchor. it's highly connected to these booking,
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the natal coming to russian, northern borders and what's happening now in armenian sprites, on, in the black sea, it's all connected. what's happening in crane have there isn't any scandal involving western media coverage ever? a recent deadly shelling of the town of sped. let us get the don't. yes, we're public at local, say at least 3 people have been killed, including a child and a blamed ukraine. but some western outlets are accusing russia journalism did in the west. it's absolutely did. and it's sad to see, oh, i have witnessed 1st hand how these a professional, liars do their job in conflict zones. i have we were sheltered by ukrainians when i was in position with the british journalist. and afterwards they accuse that i ordered personally from our troops to show us so that we can flip blame the do
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cranium. sailed us and you know, the distortion of the reality is absolutely in the madness level. so what do you think western countries are hoping to achieve with their continued supplies of heavy weapons, to ukraine, to fight to the last to crane and play some time hope something good to happen? which safe there. they them from the, from the responsibilities to, to widen the conflict, to open another conflict, to distort, to people's mind. ah, gas prices in the e, you have risen sharply after russia's gas prom on friday, announced a temporary pause in the transit of gas to europe. for scheduled maintenance, europe gas prices shot up nearly 5 percent after the news was announced with the north stream one pipeline. now scheduled to be closed between august 31st and september 2nd. and that comes on top of what is already a tenfold rise. the vice president of the german parliament has called for
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a band to be lifted on the opening of the north stream to pipeline as soon as possible with winter fast approaching. the federal minister of economics must do everything to ensure that we have more energy available. which would open nord stream to as soon as possible to fill our gas storage facilities for the winter. getting gas from nordstrom to is no more immoral than from north stream. one is just a different tube. the politicians stressed that if the pipeline is unblocked, it will allow germans to survive this winter stressing that's the federal government's primary duty. some businesses support the lifting of sanctions and open letter urging chancellor sholtes to end the barrier for the benefit of the german people. we used craftsman no for many conversations with our customers, that the vast majority are not willing to sacrifice their hard earned standard of living for ukraine. it's not our wor either. do you want to be the chancellor who
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drove germany to ruin? do you really want to sacrifice your country? as the energy crisis deepens with an increasing number of europeans voicing their anger, a german minister has branded those speaking out as enemies of the sate archie contributor rachel mars than has more. so basically the you creates a crisis with their sanctions, which by the way they can reverse at any time make their citizens pay an increasingly high price. beneficial, portray those who object to their mismanagement as extremists. a german interior ministry spokesperson has said that quote, we can assume that populists and extremists will again try to influence protests to their liking. and now the interior minister of the german state of north ryan was follies framing those who opposed other extreme government measures as equally unreasonable amid the energy crisis. you can already tell from those who are out there. the protesters no longer talk about cov it or vaccination,
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but they are now misusing people's worries and fears and other spheres. it's almost something like new enemies of the state who are establishing themselves. writing escape goes to blame just as the projections for european economies are getting increasingly grim. the u is finally admitting that they screwed up. now just kidding. they're not. by the way, while norway is currently enjoying record high oil and gas profits, european oil and gas executives are reportedly mumbling discreetly about the need to prod oslo into cutting its prices for europe. so what if norway just says no, is norway going to be framed as a troublesome nationalist? just like you citizens who resist the policies of the block? well, actually, possibly, if a recent op ed in the financial times is any indication, it is crucial for europe to avoid falling into the resource nationalism trop. no one should suggest that no way be treated as a profiteer,
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but it is worth at least debating if anything can be done to bring down prices. turning up the tops to full capacity is already appreciated. doing it at a price that helps soothe paying for european economies might be a noise interests to better citizens. soaring energy bills are also set to rise. 80 percent in october with price is increasing by 15 percent. just this week. a new citizen movement called don't pay you k is pledging to start paying their bills altogether, started october 1st. if the price hikes persist, it's simple. we are demanding a reduction of energy bills to an affordable level. our leverage is that we will gather a 1000000 people to pledge no to pay if the government goes ahead with another mess of hike on october. the 1st. even if a fraction of those of us who are paying by direct debit stop our payments, it will be enough to put energy companies in serious trouble. and they know this. we want to bring them to the table and force them to end this crisis. what are your
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pin officials going to do? slap the populist or extremist label on every retirees. pension doesn't cover their winter heating bill and has the audacity to complain about it. well, at this point, i wouldn't put anything past them. sanctions quibbling. european economies have not hurt russia enough, despite europe's expectations. that's according to the hungarian prime minister in an interview with a german newspaper. firstly, the west cannot win the ukraine war militarily. secondly, the sanctions have in no way destabilized russia. thirdly, their damage to europe as immense. fourthly, the world has not lined up behind the usa and ukraine. many countries are actually not supporting them at all. it is quite possible that this war will put a symbolic end to western superiority. it's not the 1st time that victor, oregon has criticize the evil sanctions having previously also called them counter
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intuitive. while calling for peace talks, we spoke with a senior research fellow at the global policy institute of london who says that the west is finding itself ever isolated from you saying basically the west is finding itself increasingly isolated that made this into this crime issue a foreign policy, but the rest of the world just simply isn't buying what the west is selling and various reasons for it. they obviously anything less than the non western countries, like india and china have pretty much said that this major expansion in the face of russia's, russian opposition was bound to end in disaster. there just, there's just been no way that the west can could bore in and expect the ukraine went. the west, of course,
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intervene militarily so, but the outcome again would be very questionable. the west isn't in any real position to wage a war. in the eastern europe, they don't have the manpower they don't, they don't have the means of getting military material that. so i think is right. i know that this is a policy that makes very little sense, and it's just simply destructiveness for the sake of destructiveness. oh, and now to latin america where brazil's former left his liter lula da silva, remains a front runner in the presidential election scheduled for october to silver, who served as president for 7 years in 2003 received 47 percent of support in a recent opinion paul, while acting president jar both scenario a right when politician had 32 percent what is at stake at this moment as democracy against fascism?
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what is at stake at this moment as democracy against barbarism? we guarantee that 33000000 brazilians can have coffee, lunch, and dinner every day, or they will die of hunger. i am overcome with emotion to be back here, which led me to a rebirth that saved me to become president of the republic, which was the best thing for our country. earlier we spoke to a political scientist who thinks that this by paulson arrow still being in the race lula has the momentum holiday in brazil. the only stability of profitable is i wouldn't be unattractive. just valuable. sonata to imitate was, trump has done in january. the 6th, 2000, thank you. want us so many general, those same man a general, not all of them was mainly general saw trying to force the electoral court, hulu, not to esteem the electronic walton brazil because we have
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a very reliable system ending system saying that the system is not reliable. there are many gunmen in brazil, more than 600 people asking walters asian to have guns in brazil because a full sonata. and he may have some possibilities to go to the 2nd round. but nowadays, i would say very consolidated. move the 1st position almost when in the 1st wrong. and wilson are trying to pull this get o. a year has passed since america's chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan, which left the country and turmoil. hundreds of thousands trying to flee. and it's long term rivals to taliban, free to take power among those who feel threatened by the countries, new leaders or the many the u. s. promised a life overseas, but tens of thousands of them are still waiting for promise. visa stuck in afghanistan and 3rd world countries from where they are calling on the u. s. to fulfill its promises. ah,
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on our message to those women and men is clear. there is a home for you in the united states. if you so choose, i will stand with you, just as you stood with us ah, ship fabric in the night, the telephone captured the province. we were in harass. we fled to flora and then to how mom dappled we arrived in kabul with lots of difficulties as each plane took off, we hoped to be on the next. you tried always to get out. there was a nightmare for my family and me. it's been 11 months since then, but i still have the same nightmare the pentagon is facing questions about whether u. s. troops may have shot afghan civilians following a devastating suicide bonding last year.
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the dance on mm hm. although i have been living in albania for less than a year, we are in a tough situation. we abandoned our lives and came here. we worked in afghanistan, we had jobs, but now we don't. we do not know what to do. what will happen to our lives and future? i urge the americans to pay attention to afghan citizens living in 3rd countries. we are waiting for our cases to be processed, but in the past 11 months we have not received any answer. madigan stood exited of on our return to our country depends on the economic situation. insecurity as janice. dan must be in contact with the international community and people must be assured that they are living in a secure,
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economically good situation. that is not the case. now there is more special coverage on the last year's u. s. k. arctic pull out and it's global consequences to come this month on our tea statement. no nation, no nation has ever done anything like it in all history. with .


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