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tv   News  RT  August 20, 2022 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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a voice a ring ah, a rush, an air defense systems repel multiple drone attacks by you praying in russia, crimea peninsula, that's according to local authorities. and the u. s. announces additional military to ukraine, worth $775000000.00. all russia underlines that here is using such weapons to shell residential areas. also the iran nuclear deal is being torpedoed by u. s. claims that toronto is targeting political opponents and american diplomats and e u gas prices. serge, after gas problem shut down the north $31.00 pipeline for repairs, while europeans cry foul over the backlash from their government, sanctioned,
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with hello, from martine, or national studios in moscow to wherever you may be catching us. i'm pure ella is about with this hour's top news stories from around the world. welcome. russia's air defense units repelled multiple attacks on crimea overnight with the russian peninsulas. aerospace violated by ukrainian drums from different sides. our keys eager start off, gives us more. it is very difficult at this stage to sort facts from, say, here, say as to what's going on as to what's happened in crimea. now again, the most basic understanding that we have here right now is that the, what could be a ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle breach the russian ass space there. and so, russia's defense systems worked as they were suppose to now again, others, for example, other sources. they say that this could be not a ukrainian drone,
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but rather ukrainian missile or a ukrainian shell aimed at the peninsula. but again, so far, what has been confirmed that whatever it was, it didn't deal any damage. it didn't cause any destruction on the russian peninsula . so like it is safe and again the officials on the ground in crimea, they have released the state and they have stepped forward saying that the peninsula is very, very safe from these attacks. but again, the region is quite a bit on edge right now, because ukraine has made it abundantly clear that it considers crimea a valid target and basically anything, any military will, any military facilities that are located, that while they are, they could be attacked and that they are looking to attack them and again, even the russian federal security service recently had confirmed some successful operations carried out by apparently ukrainian diversion group. so any,
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anything that's going on the, any, any sort of information coming out of this russian peninsula, like even the, even the defense systems just working again as they were supposed to be a met. well, they are being scrutinized and well people, they do tend to get a little bit nervous, so sorry you have it. but again, no doubt, no destruction so far. and already some expert experts have released their opinions . they have stepped forward saying that all of this, that all the slightest activity over the ukrainian armed forces and them targeting the russian peninsula. the fish could be just them, testing and seeing if they can, how far they can go, and how far they can get. and what they can achieve and how impenetrable the russian air defenses are in that part of the country. moving now to america, where the u. s. has announced an additional military aid package, ukraine worth $775000000.00 in the belief that the conflict is that in your
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standstill, the package includes additional ammunition for high mar systems and more howitzers . along with 15 scan eagle recognizance drones and mine resistant and armored vehicles, the new ammunition also includes high speed anti radiation missiles, with a long range of at least 50 kilometers designed to seek and destroy radar equipped air defense systems. friday's announcement brings us military assistance to key of to 10600000000 since the start of the byte in administration with the u. s. department of defense. now claiming that the help is forcing russia to pay quote, a high price. we want to make sure that ukraine has a steady stream of ammunition to meet its needs. and that's what we're doing with this package. you're seeing the russians still paying a high price with ukrainian attacks, especially using that hi me, our system. but they are incurring these costs and not able to advance. however,
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the u. s. supplied weapons are not just being used by ukraine for military purposes, according to don bass and russian officials. they're also being used to shell residential areas of don. yes. can other regions controlled by russian lead forces, along with the pre trial detention facility were captured, ukrainian soldiers were being held which led to the deaths of 50 p, o, w, 's, and 73 more being injured. a retired us air force lieutenant believes that as long as the conflict continues to be financially profitable, the u. s. will continue supplying ukraine. half of all of that money goes directly into the pentagon. so the pentagon has received the money and then i got and its contractors are shipping the materials pretty much as soon as they can over to ukraine. but it's not really connected. i don't think to a strategy as much as it is a domestic spending program. none of what the u. s. is providing will assist in any reclaiming of territory. it's simply, in fact,
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increasingly is defensive on what's left of ukraine. and i think as long as there's money to be made between the ukranian elite and the, the military industrial establishment in the united states and, and some of the other european countries as long as money is, is it long as this war is profitable? it's going to continue for them, so they're not going to acknowledge anything. this is the poker see is astounding here. i think in many ways another example of hi marcy hughes occurred in the don bass city of smith law. darcy, however, a western report has a completely different take on the shelling. the daily mail published a video claiming that the shelling us methyl doris was carried out by russia. yet the people in the footage itself say the town was shelled by nato type artillery and the high marsh rocket system, which of course is neither russia nor its allies possess. it sparked a number of mocking commentaries both because the city is under russian. lead
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forces control and as the headline for the video contradicted its contents, karen kale koski again says it's not the problem of one outlet. but the problem of journalism in general today, our mainstream are legacy media, has gotten so lazy over the past 30 years. they really just our mouth pieces for government, we don't have an independent media in the united states and we haven't for some time that's, that's kind of the, that's kind of the problem. i don't think individual journalists are, you know, refusing to, to report news, but they are failing to get their fax from any other source except the u. s. government as more and more of ukraine's neo nazi as off battalion fighters are captured by russian forces. some prisoners are being investigated for a legit war crimes. former french serviceman adrian bouquet,
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who was known for previous revelations regarding as of actions in the last 8 years of the conflict, visited the groups captive members. a warning, some of them could have been speaking under dress. i am now when he's secret detention center. we're meeting captured officers of the as a battalion who are being kept under strict guard. ah, ah, well, it just was exist. as you can see, the tattoos a real, the nazi tattoos. here are several. so i think is slightly camouflaged across as are chained on a bit different. they've signatures. look, this is a painted swastika. here's another image in a similar style. here are other symbols to look at this one. at the top, there's a helmet of the s as guard
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and this is just a small parges. there are hundreds of fighters covered with s s rooms and swastikas . when i say hundreds, i mean 100 is. this is just one example to show you. it's a reality i have you ever killed or shot civilians? you know the nation by orders of my commanders. i shot at the vehicle was carrying people. know. so you were shooting an unarmed civilians only because you've got the orders. well, not exactly. it was dark. the bus had tinted windows and the driver didn't stop on demand. do you understand that what you have done is a war crime. turns out that i do. while you were hiding that as of style
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plant, did you know women and children were dying from the shells hitting their flats in the center of? don't ask. there was a war going on and there are 2 sides. not one engaged in the fighting. ah. a new iran nuclear deal appears closer than ever with both the u. s. inter, an declaring a readiness for talks, but that's the mid an unprecedented level of tensions between the 2 with washington accusing its long time rival of terrorizing american officials. while the u. s. department of justice claims a grand attempted to murder former national security adviser john bolton iranian hackers of also attempted online fishing operations on members of the u. s. non profit dedicated to stopping iran's nuclear capability. that's according to a new article in the online magazine dispatch. the threat existed from the
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very beginning. it's just gotten more and more pervasive. the threats to americans are multiple, pervasive, and systematic. i'm not aware of any time in our history that a hostile foreign government is systematically and pervasively targeting attacks on american soil against americans. meanwhile, justice department officials release documents that they say prove failed attempts to murder bolton. that's as iran cancels a demand that the islamic revolutionary guard corps be removed from the u. s. department's list of terrorist organizations, which signifies a step towards a new deal. christopher holly, political analysts and researcher says one of the major issues affecting relations is america's disapproval of trans relationship with foreign partners. i see that this report is again a part of the iran you phobia that sir. pervasive amongst the ruling class in deletes in washington. and what we see here again is akin to what we saw with
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russia gate where these allegations are being put on the iranian government in the midst of the re negotiation of the, of a new nuclear agreement. hopefully, going back to what the j c p o a was. this is just propaganda coming out of a washington with the help of a langley. and i wouldn't put any merit in this in this propaganda, but it seems like part of the american ally is trying to disrupt a potential deal between iran and the united states. what do you think is the reason for the failure of the united states is relations with iran? the failures come primarily from the fact that iran will not come out to the united states, nor do it in 3 less policies in the middle east. iran wants to pursue its own line, both in foreign policy, in domestic policy and with its relations with other international partners. the united states doesn't approve of that, of course. and this has been ongoing since the fifty's when the ca and i,
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my 6 over through must have dec is prime minister because he wanted to nationalize the oil in iran. and this has continued through since the revolution 979. iran has pursued a policy of strategic partnerships with, with a similar minded governments throughout the world. and that's why we see the strengthening of relations with iran today with russia, with china, venezuela, and many other countries that seek to build the multi polar world. ah, out of the ashes of the us had gemini, how can we trust united states when we put our trust in them? and they promised us sanctions relief. and to get our money back, that was frozen in accounts, and united states didn't do it. and in fact, put even more pressure. so there's no way that iran can trust united states at this point unless the united states comes and does. what's that? what it, what it was supposed to do in the j. c, p. o, a. but i don't see that happening right now. to europe now were gas prices have risen sharply after russia's gas problem on friday announced the temporary pause in
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the transitive gas to the e. u for scheduled pipeline maintenance. european gas prices shot up nearly 5 percent after the news was announced with the north $31.00 pipeline now scheduled to be closed between august 31st and september 2nd. and that comes on top of what is already a 10 full rise. the vice president of the german parliament has called for a band to be lifted on the opening of the north stream to pipeline as soon as possible with winter fast approaching. the federal minister of economics must do everything to ensure that we have more energy available. which would open nord stream to as soon as possible to fill our gas storage facilities for the winter. getting gas from nordstrom to is no more immoral than from north stream. one is just a different tube. the politicians stress that if the pipeline is unblocked, it will allow germans to quote, survive the winter. stressing that it is the federal government's primary duty. some businesses support the lifting of sanctions with an open letter urging
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chancellor shoulds to and the barrier for the benefit of the german people. we is craftsman, no, for many conversations with our customers, that the vast majority are not willing to sacrifice their hard earned standard of living for ukraine. it's not our wor either. do you want to be the chancellor who drove germany to ruin? do you really want to sacrifice your country? as the energy crisis deepens with an increasing number of europeans voicing their anger, a german minister has branded those speaking out as enemies of the state. artie contributor rachel mars then has more. so basically the eve creates a crisis with their sanctions, which by the way they can reverse at any time make their citizens paying increasingly high price. then officials portray those who object to their mismanagement as extremists. a german interior ministry spokesperson has said that quote, we can assume that populists and extremists will again try to influence protests to
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their liking. and now the interior minister of the german state of north rhine west follies framing those who opposed other extreme government measures as equally unreasonable amid the energy crisis. you can already tell from those who are out there. the protestors no longer talk about cov it or vaccination, but they are now misusing people's worries and fears and other spheres. it's almost something like new enemies of the state who are establishing themselves. writing escape goes to blame just as the projections for european economies are getting increasingly grim. the u is finally admitting that they screwed up. now just kidding. they're not. by the way, while norway is currently enjoying record high oil and gas profits, european oil and gas executives are reportedly mumbling discretely about the need to prod oslo into cutting its prices for europe. so what if norway just says
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no, is norway going to be framed as a troublesome nationalist? just like you citizens who resist the policies of the block? well, actually, possibly, if a recent op ed in the financial times is any indication, it is crucial for europe to avoid falling into the resource nationalism trop. no one should suggest that no way be treated as a profiteer, but it is worth at least debating if anything can be done to bring down prices. turning up the tops to full capacity is already appreciated. doing it at a price that helps soothe the paying for european economies might be a noise interests to better citizens. soaring energy bills are also set to rise. 80 percent in october with price is increasing by 15 percent. just this week. a new citizen movement called don't pay you k is pledging to start paying their bills altogether, started october 1st. if the price hikes persist,
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it's simple. we are demanding a reduction of energy bills to an affordable level. our leverage is that we will gather a 1000000 people to pledge no to pay if the government goes ahead with another mess of hike on october. the 1st. even if a fraction of those of us who are paying by direct debit stop our payments, it will be enough to put energy companies in serious trouble. and they know this. we want to bring them to the table and force them to end this crisis. what are your pin officials going to do? slap the populist or extremist label on every retiree who's pension doesn't cover their winter heating bill, and has the audacity to complain about it. well, at this point, i wouldn't put anything past them make sanctions crippling. european economies have hardly affected russia despite europe's expectations. that's according to the hungarian prime minister in an interview with a german newspaper. firstly, the west cannot win the ukraine war militarily. secondly,
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the sanctions have in no way to stabilized russia. thirdly, their damage to europe as immense. fourthly, the world has not lined up behind the usa in ukraine. many countries are actually not supporting them at all. it is quite possible that this war will put a symbolic end to western superiority. it's not the 1st time that victor, oregon has criticized the e. u. sanctions having previously also called them counter intuitive. while calling for peace talks, we spoke with a senior research fellow at the global policy institute of london, who says that the west is finding itself increasingly isolated. from you saying basically the west is finding itself increasingly isolated. that made this into this crime issue, a foreign policy for the rest of the world just as the isn't buying what the west is selling the various reasons for it. they obviously the way from the non western countries like india and china. i have pretty much said
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that this major expansion in the face of roses, russian opposition was bound to end in there. just, there's just been no way that the west can bore in and expect the ukraine went the way through the intervening militarily. so, but the outcome again would be very questionable. the west is in any real position to wage a war in the eastern europe. they don't have the manpower they don't have the means of getting to material that. so i think is right. i know that this is a policy that makes very little sense, and it's just in the destructiveness for the sake of destructiveness. turkey is threatening to scrap in agreement that would let finland in sweet, enjoying nato on car, once the nordic countries to fulfill their side of
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a deal. that would see dozens of suspects wanted on terrorism charges extradited to turkey. but so far sweden has only handed over one person a fraudster previously convicted in turkey. if they think that by extra data in ordinary criminals to turkey, they will make us believe that they have fulfilled their promises. they are wrong. nobody should test turkey. back in june, sweden and finland agreed to extradite dozens of people on car thieves as terrorists on the understanding that turkey would live to talk position to the nordic countries. joining nato, my colleague nikki, our, and discuss the current state of turkey. nato relations with yanna food, conan, a, finish journalist and political analysts dis, memorandum which was made in madrid. it's an open chick for turkey to, to basically demand what ever it wants. i think the da da turkey east,
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your post. true a position in natal. we are no witnessing a collapse of the western power structure. i suppose, if anyone with a nice how he's going to have the power to persuade concern he one why the other is going to be the u. s. because of cause nature is funded and essentially led by the u. s. isn't it? do you think they have the power west losing all its interest invoice in the middle east and, and are russia and china and turkey taking the whole middle east control? we have moved to contain the west of situation and turkey's giving a great hand in order to, to preserve and not the world to, to fall, to k us. i think that if it goes to that turkey will be kicked off of nature. but what is to nato without jerky it's then it means that it's with dog, middle east. if it's, you know, it's loses. it's one of the core forces they are listening. water aired or gun has to say, if, oh,
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air to con wants to make of finland and sweden to collapse from inside. he can do it. he has all the tools to do it. and, and it's interesting that we are, for the situation that to northern countries are in the rule of anchor. it's highly connected to, these are blocking the nature oh, coming to russian, northern borders and what's happening now in armenian sprites, on, in the black sea, it's all connected. what's happening in crane malaysia's ex prime minister is to make one last effort to overthrow a court ruling that found him guilty of corruption, thus banning him from office. no g present denies the accusations, claiming the cases politically motivated and the judge was biased. rack was voted out of office in 2018 and arrested shortly after when the country's new leaders accused them of power abuse and money laundering. including this after $4500000000.00 us dollars from one m. d. b, malaysia,
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state investment fund. in 2020, he was sentenced to 12 years in jail, but now his attorney is challenging the outcome while his client is out of prison on appeal, it comes as the country hold snapple election was rather ex party attempting to achieve a political come back one m d, b was co founded by russ while he was prime minister to promote economic development. but on being voted from office, he was accused of abusing his position to illegally receive at least one bill id from the fund. with the help of goldman sachs bake your agent center, vice president, earl rus, moose, and details us involvement. its his word again against the government. and i'm sure the u. s. has got a role here because we know that that goldman sachs is involved. we know the u. s. has, has had a plea bargain with one senior found built the, the key manager for that for that area of the world.
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so, you know, there's, there's, there's an aspect, so there's evidence being handled by the us. it's probably being turned over, confronted with, with malaysia, out of the whole thing there, the, the, it, you know, who's, who's to, who's to say that he's correct. and then he got, this is his, we're, who's the say that he's not misled. you know, it's the government, the bringing the case, the government probably backed by the u. s. government that's providing whatever evidence being you he has an uphill battle and then the question is, was the judge actually biased? the thing? so that's another question on that. and a new chinese government, me, me highlighting american foreign policy failures is enjoying 37000 likes on twitter
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. that's as relations between the 2 countries continue to simmer on the back of controversial high level u. s. government visits that i pay everyone needs a clear understanding of himself, said as a nation. the mean published by spokesperson for china's ministry of foreign affairs, highlights us foreign military action seen by many as failures and finishes with an image of a destruction of the world trade center. on 911, we spoke to angelo juliano a political and financial analyst who sees them as a legitimate highlight american hypocrisy. when it comes to its international affairs. china has clearly understood that the long term plan of the u. s. is to do something similar to ukraine, fight russia, ukraine, the fight rush out in last your question or to the last european. what they want to do in taiwan is exactly the same fights china up to the last time when nice or to
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the last japanese or to the left asian. so china now is getting much more aggressive, the exposing what the u. s. as being doing over the last decades, all the crimes against humanity, it is a, you know, the sporting with us for what it is. the us is doing, victor signaling around the world. it is pretty much similar to what if hitler was actually talking about human white of jews. 70 years ago would be exactly the same . it's a pure a poker c, and it's just, it just and china is actually exposing death and gloves off. o. and now to our special coverage on last year's u. s. withdrawal from afghanistan. 12 months on tens of thousands of afghans who collaborated with washington still cannot get to special visas,
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promised to them ah, or message to those women and men is clear. there is a home for you in the united states. if you so choose, we will stay with you just as you stood with us help each other in the night. the telephone captured the province. we were in harass. we fled to flora and then to how monday port. we arrived in campbell with lots of difficulties as each plane took off, we hoped to be on the next. you tried always to get up. there was a nightmare for my family and me. it's been 11 months since then. i still have the same nightmare pentagon is facing questions about whether u. s. troops may have shot afghan civilians following
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a devastating suicide bonding last year. with the dental. mm hm. although i have been living in albania for less than a year, we are in a tough situation. we abandoned our lives and came here. we worked in afghanistan, we had jobs, but now we don't. we do not know what to do, what will happen to our lives in future. i urge the americans to pay attention to afghan citizens living in 3rd countries. we are waiting for our cases to be processed, but in the past 11 months we have not received any answer against a return to our country depends on the economic situation. insecurity, again,
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a stand must be in contact with the international community and people must be assured that they are living in a secure, economically good situation. that is not the case now. and that's a rap on this ours top news stories from around the world for more news coverage. head over to r t dot com. and don't forget to follow us on twitter, odyssey and rumble for more video content. stay near. we'll see you again soon. mm. ah ah. ringback ringback the caution you spent with us.


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