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see that as the voice. ah, and you don't need it with a headlines right now. what are you international as rusher accused? is ukraine of chemically poisoning its soldiers in don bass as it now prepares a package over proof for sent to international authorities. when you report claims un peacekeepers in the democratic republic of congo, raped young women and carried out other abuse of locals. forgive me. i lost my daughter, died while she was pregnant, and anyone soldier matter pregnant and i have no place to find my life. i arrived in the deal to see not to produce anything. they just rape our sisters, mothers. they must please also in the program here what
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r t a group of 911 victims families condemned biden's plan to give them confiscated afghans state assets, saying the war one country needs the money to rebuild it. so we are under berry. i'm calling in to bury people, who with the top stories of today and all the week. welcome to the weekly or not you international. it's a pleasure to have you with us several that russian soldiers were hospitalized with sophia, chemical poisoning while fighting and the military operation in ukraine. this is all according to russia's defense ministry, which says it has evidence to implicate, keep and quote, chemical terrorism. russian soldiers were taken to a military hospital with symptoms of severe poisoning and poisonous substance,
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butcher lined them, talks and talk be was discovered upon examination. this evidence of chemical terrorism conducted by the kiev regime will soon be officially sent to the organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons. the poisoning happened last month and that's what osha region, but it's just now coming to light both lynn, amid a neuro toxic protein that can be made into advance. i should say, made in advance laboratories the o. p. c. w. as previously confirmed the risk of this specific toxin being weaponized, historical examples of budget line m toxin produced for state sponsored biological warfare programs concerns have been raised over the possibility bacel item toxin might be used as a biological weapon. and while russia says it will send all the proof, it has to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, a political analyst, daniel lazar doubts the agency, would actually conduct an objective investigation. the problem with the o. p. c. w is that it's, it's reputation has really been shot ever since it grievously mishandled and
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a legit poison poison gas attack and syria in 2018. so given that the, the, the, the offices reputation has been so severely compromised. i don't have much faith that little deal objectively with these latest allegations, but the countries in asia, africa, south america will be, will be open minded. i think that minds, however, are thoroughly closed in north america and europe, where the press is engaged in and an unprecedented propaganda campaign in support of their own governments and, and the western war effort. ukraine. so therefore, and those areas, i don't expect the, the allegations to get a serious hearing local officials in southeast, in ukraine and reported the key of forces shelled russian held territory at the upper orgy power plowed on saturday evening of the attacks which have raised
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concerns about a looming nuclear disaster were conducted using nato heavy artillery with at least 4 enormous rounds hitting the vicinity of the facility. or ukrainian troops ever formerly attacked a nuclear plant at least 5 times this week. and a dangerous effort to reclaim the facilities seized by russian forces in the initial weeks of moscow's military operation. key of forces have even been implicated in fire and get a radioactive waste container. certainly escalating concerns about a possible state of contamination. several civilians have been reported to killed in the shelling in nearby residential areas. now, russia has called for independent monitors from the international atomic energy agency to conduct an investigation to assess the risks of the attacks the un has. so that would facilitate such a visit. only if the inspect this enter from the ukrainian side of the front lines and if all soldiers and military equipment are removed from the facility. we heard
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from former us marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter, who starts the u. n. is engaged in a game of blackmail pushed by a key f and western powers to force russia away from the planned. so this is a coordinated policy. ok. and that makes it even more frightening, because this isn't just the case of ukrainian government going out of control. this is the case of the international community going out of control. the goal and objective here is to accomplish through nuclear blackmail that which ukrainian army is unable to accomplish on its own. that is to remove russia from the separation of nuclear power plant. it's a very dangerous situation. and it's one that is going to be very difficult to, you know, to conclude if, as it appears the west is, you know, work working collaboration with kiya as opposed to sitting back and observing
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irresponsible behavior on the part of kit and intense fighting on the front lines in dawn bass, where a russian lead forces are reaching major ukrainian strongholds in that region. as we understand our russian and on that square public troops of pushing further west from the city of dawn, yet the taking of a position which were earlier used by ukrainian fight as to as we understand launch attacks on residential areas in the region. i don't about forces are attempting to encircle the city of cho mosque where key a forces are concentrated. this is a number of strategic points, a fallen under russian control. on the outskirts of sep august, and i was eager to dine off, visited captured positions near there. but don't ask republic forces face the ukrainian neo nazi battalion, known as cracking a warning. this report does contain disturbing images. cameras, iran, or did see here. commanding offices are dazzled by on announced visit, but sees the chance to parade the evolution of their advance. this may be
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about 1500 meters towards the ukrainian positions from where we are right now. i'm talking about the town of save ask. this is the main hot sport on this direction. basically the russian forces and the forces of the lucas people's republic. they are advancing on a very wide section of the front. so this is the northernmost point of this advance. and basically what they're trying to do is they're trying to, well, in circle severson on this direction from the north, ukraine's nationalist battalions like kracken for instance. they're ukranian, nazis very much like to that of as of, they are the ones who are holding off. they're the ones who are basically defending their the frontline defenses of the town of servers. the kracken proudly brands itself as an elite unit,
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but outside their promo videos. the battalion's reputation is overshadowed by atrocities and lawlessness. its members and global notoriety when they were caught on video torturing russian prisoners of war. also in part, the unit has been formed of current convicts who were moved from theirselves to the front line via president zalinski z, oda. and this video, a russian grown tracks, one of the kracken fighters to his companies trenches. from that point, the artillery takes over rounds from artillery. doors were back and forth routinely here to ukrainian tanks. fleet from the shelling as 2 bright orange spots to the right suggest to moore didn't make it. no one wanted to fight. people submitted reports to refuse service, but they just burned them. we had poor training, we were only taught to move by 2 or 3 people, assemble and disassemble our guns and shoot. we're not taught to advance at all.
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we're absolutely not ready for this. when we were shelled, we were told to retreat, something exploded behind me and wounded me. they left me under a tree and abandoned me. i waited until morning than realised that they would not come and get me. so i began to crawl through the forest. i crawled for 2 days until the russian soldiers found me as we exclude the captured town. 2 soldiers accompanying us notice a suspicious item, and in their words, it's better safe than sorry. it will leave as command as our dishing out new orders. the offensive goes on august, dawn of reporting from the don bass, r t. food traded for sex, young women raped, and children abandoned. and you report invalid cates, united nations peacekeepers in years of abuse, and
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a democratic republic of the congo, ultimately targeting civilians living and destitute conditions. o me. i lost my daughter who died while she was pregnant. a one soldier matt had pregnant and i have no place to claim my rights asks a government to expel this un mission from all country. by in my heart there is a wound. and if i saw this peacekeepers, i would stone them. how you say my, my daughter went to them to ask for a job, finding a job is difficult. so she started cooking for them. a few days she was raised, my daughter is desperate. she now has psychological problems. we hope that one day this mission will leave the country. we are not going to be discouraged. we will continue to ask for the departure of the un mission because we know that it has no business here. since they arrived in the d. c, they have not purchased anything. they just rape our sisters. now mothers, they must leave the reporters based on 2500 interviews, many with girls and women who claim to be raped by un peacekeepers with children
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conceived as a result. i think correspondent and cut it apple a tattler has teeth hymns. shocking levels of poverty displacement, brutal attacks by groups and fighting the democratic republic of congo is one of the world's poorest and most one on countries in the world. however, to add salt to an already bleeding wound, a recent report claims the united nations peacekeepers, which have been in the african countries for 20 years, have rate the young women traded food for sex, father and abandoned thousands of children in the c allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse among un peacekeeping missions and nothing you had no systematic research on paternity linked to a new school. that's the un mission in the d. c. has apparently been carried out until now. researchers interviewed one girl who alleges she was tripping by her
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family and impregnated by soldiers when she was only 10 years old. she's now 16, and this is her recollection of what happened and was very young, just 10 years old. i realize later on that i was sold out in my aunt, the man with brain beer in the pop to share with me. the research also says the youngest girl that they interviewed, that was impregnated by un peacekeepers, was just 10 years old. and then one in every 2 mothers, well under the age of 18, when they conceived according to the report, many children were left abandoned and have fatherless. my father left my mother while she was pregnant. she gave birth after he was already gone. people disturbing, hurt me so much. they say they will chase me because i'm a foreigner, i'm suffering they when they the ways of allegations contains over 400 reporting incidence of p. keep a father babies says 2007. the report is based on almost 3000 interviews
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with members of the con, release community, and employ. thank you, anne personnel from 12 countries. although the report points out the length of prosecution for these offences by peacekeepers due to their immunity, the un says that is strongly condemns the behavior of those who violate and undermine the values of the organization may abusing and exploiting those who are looking to the you and for protection, but the number of the victims of this horrendous abuse can be had to come there a potentially thousands of children left behind by peacekeepers in the democratic republic of congo. parts of the problem is that some of those deployed seem to be treated as missions as an opportunity for sucks, tourism and sexual crimes. that the unlikely to commit in their home countries. this all came to light after a number of violent protests against un peacekeeping forces in the eastern
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d. c. i'm, it calls for the u. n to withdraw from the area 15 people have been killed in until you and protest in the last week in a tags that you and chief antonio gutierrez, said could constitute a walk around. the government has been trying to get the mission to leave those 2010 and the u. n. has been in the process of drawing down the operations since 2020 protest us. meanwhile, favey won the you went to leave because it failed to protect civilians. there is a kind of destruction with their un peacekeepers who are enjoying life. they are partying almost her every day going to bars, meeting with prostitutes and the dust, the issue here in d r. c. so that's why as several peacekeepers have forgotten, they are real mission is to promote peace, not to have more kids and abandon them in
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d r c. that's not one of their mission that can and if the u. n can be very strict and then also dis to play in its tulips because, you know, without discipline, this cannot end. all right, shifting a focus to india. now, despite western pressure on new delhi to stop buying russian oil, india is top diplomat has emphasized that it's only natural for his country to want the most economically sensible deal. i have a country with a per capita income of $2000.00. these are not people who can afford higher energy prices. it's my moral duty to ensure the best deal. india is the world's 3rd largest oil consumer, it import. so it's important, i should say, a discounted russian supplier search to record high in june accounting for almost a 5th of india, total oil imports. and this has spot criticism from washington, with the us officials pressuring new delhi to curtail is purchases from russia. we
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discussed the issue with foreign affairs expert are in them. how did you wanna make sure that they did correct? a lot of. busy and next, a lot of the bites you energy effect, you'll be doing the b a so many years. they have been russian that we just trading locked into what so i don't see any reason why it doesn't show the light back on the fact that we're going to know when the bullet was on 990 s. when there was a war and enjoyed it, is it is that it was just not a bite monitoring work. so that up the reality becomes a little frustrating because this templates well, it has been 75 years since the end of british colonial rule in india. and this week
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mark, the anniversary of india is independence with massive celebrations taking place a residence in the southern city of hopefully carried a 9 kilometer long indian flag through the streets. and as his room jones shot him, i take a look back at the controversial colonial legacy that ultimately changed the face of the nation. in something that should come as a surprise to no one, the brit stole trillions of dollars from india, by the way of its resources between 17651947. but what's important to know to is that they did it largely through india, extensive re, re network for decades, the frequently federal narrative. what armed colonial rule will have been that it wasn't all take by the brits that they gave and out so much democracy. the english language that they built in him, really, the 4th trucks were lead by the bridge in 18. 53. that's 2. before a really is came to in the are most of the transportation was done either toward or
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by water. that's true again. but what's also true is that really is, was no gift for indians, and that it was all for the brits really isn't. roads were really built to serve british interests and not those are the local people. they were designed to carry raw materials from being turned into the ports to be shipped to britain. well, let's take a look hole paid for these rewards that indians. the british shareholders put in money and the government to be then in double or paid for by indian taxes. india is resource rich gold, iron or cotton. and the east india company realized that transporting all this for exports was the most convenient buy real. and it meant in seen profits for the company they use did really to steal. how much do you off a very serious economic study which tried to estimate how much the british took out of india and value toms. and a very calculated map ended up put
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a number of $45.00 trillion dollars, at least one. so that should give you a sense of really what happened in those 200 years. it wasn't just the countries resources that they looted the railroads also worse than the life of local people. take one of the most tragic events in the indian history, the bingo of famine. the construction of the real reason in bangor was in the 4th place. one of the reasons for the famine, bad drainage system, ned diseases, you think it was the perfect opportunity to put the real, to some good use, get the green where it was needed, when millions was starving. but the bridge did the opposite. they put rise on themes and got them out of india. the bengal famine was a result of food scarcity caused by large scale exports of food from india for use in the war, say it is in consumption in britain. india are exported more than 70000 tons of
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rice between january and july 1943, even as the famine set in this would have kept nearly 400000 people ally for a full year. and now when the local population started getting good at repairing and manufacturing trains themselves, when the brits couldn't let them get away with it and they forced india to buy engines and baggins made in britain. i'm. this is the story of the great indian robbery by using the great and you really, my great duty is already officials have admitted a responsibility for the killing of 5 palestinian children in august as strike. it was part of a series of his ready attacks conducted during its military operation and gossip. let's, despite earlier claims that attempted to pin the blame on the palestinian side, saying those civilian deaths were due to a miss fire rocket. local journalist summer come out, visit the site of the attack. i am a mystery in the northern gaza,
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extending their graves. what is that? it is the right code. 5 senior children early and this month me ah ah, i was wondering you got the family, have a vision, the simplicity and calls for in to phase the international criminal court. we brought the one to the store to buy something. he saw his cousins, one to say hi,
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and done one for them to visit on grandfather's grace. and unfortunate great may so little of selling their house. and they were torn apart. they took him to the hospital and i accompanied my mother to see his body in cold storage. the last i was in a hysterical condition when my son's friends came to me and told me that my son had been martin. we found the children's body parts. so we started loading them into the ambulances, while i was loading them into the vehicle, i came across the body of my son. my message to the world is, this is enough. it is our rights to live. our kids are elders, women, and men. this is enough, it has been more than 80 years of living under the israeli occupation. also dozens of anything and hadn't got out of the simplicity. they had been saying that our children have the right to live insecurity and fees and the area and other part of our special coverage of the chaos. let us withdraw from afghanistan, one year on,
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as washington says, it is now scrapping plans to and fries $7000000000.00 of ass guns state assets, allegedly because they say the money could be used to finance tara that says other water and central asian country, devastated by 2 decades of us manage occupation ultimately. now peter's, on the brink of famine, ah, by sorry, off on a sunday after the u. s. froze, our money people moved under the poverty line of banks have given us. they have no solution. the americans are dishonest. first, they left the country in chaos, and then they froze our money up. they did this intentionally to push us into serious trouble and then take advantage from that in the future. it of europe, in my opinion, the us should not miss st. afghans. why the poll people of afghanistan for about 20
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years have lived with conflicts hauled ship and suffered poverty? ah, not humble, says he, what else we have demanded at washington implement the agreements reaching doha. we have not violated any of the points in the agreement so far, but we ask others to fulfill darrell obligations as well. ah ah. one of you who knows us sanctions have destroyed afghans. homes made children suffer from famine and literally took the clothes from their backs. only a rare person here can say that they can make clothes for their children and not
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mentioned the high prices of flower, oil, sugar, and food. after both had taught him why, if we talk about the sanctions america imposes on our poor and innocent people. they just want to kill people ah, the lead of minima. and we want to be seen as ordinary people were not wizards, where people like them all these countries have reached their present level in 30 or 50 years. and they want us to achieve it in one year, even though the condition of the country in which we got it is not good. ah,
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yet even some relatives of 911 victims of cold on u. s. president biden, to return the funds to the afghan people. as a group of victims, families bachelor sent an open letter to the white house, insisting that that money belongs to afghanistan. 95 percent of afghans were impoverished and nearly $9000000.00 are risk of starvation. this money is there's not ours. simply put this money belongs to the afghan people, not 911 family members. and they need it more. i am totally opposed to any of that money from the afghan central bank being used for anything other than restoring the liquidity of the country, which is in dire economic and humanitarian crisis. i don't feel that i am entitled to that money. that is the money of the afghan people. i don't
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think the u. s. should use this once at all. we are the richest country in the world. victims of 911, for the most part, are not suffering economically. there had been 8 packages that most people have received. i. i feel sad also because i don't think that all of the 911 victims families realize the relative privilege that we have in the united states. and i don't think any of them would wish for others to suffer because of their actions by withholding these funds and not finding a way through diplomacy to restore them. we are punishing the very country and the very people who we have been been bombing and attacking
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for 20 years. it's not just the conditions in afghanistan are horrific. 90 percent of the people don't have enough to eat. people have been selling off whatever they can to buy food. we feel that it's inappropriate, highly inappropriate that and it should go to u. s. families the 1st day when we learned that our son had died. tax, my husband and my family, and i were opposed to military retaliation by our government against afghanistan because we feared. and unfortunately, our fears were borne out that there would be many innocent civilian victims over there, just as our son and over $3000.00 others had been a coffee international will bring you more about special coverage of the controversial legacy of the us occupation of afghanistan. that will be throughout
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the month. there were not internet no nation, no nation has ever done anything like in all history. with so willing a no cranium to you soon enough idea. she ship
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a control in particular bought so you should feel free to give them awarded by like the system rarely been given that it's not sig device such a tough machine. yeah. well, we can build a stems darker room. there's a lot of date my subway, but just a little take, you know what of them. i need a price quote for that for a while. i'm on the beach or and you could read a book on. busy please about the enough.


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