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it's a comp just wanted to see if that has the voice a walk with a it is breaking news here. what are you international authorities confirm that a car bomb killed a daughter of russian political philosopher, alexander through good, who was quite well known for his anti western rhetoric. reportedly he had planned to be in the vehicle with his daughter at the time with russia refuses ukraine, of chemically poisoning it soldiers in don bass prepared, a package of proof consent to international authority from a new report claims united nations peacekeepers in the democratic republic of congo, rape young women, and carried out other abusive locals. forgive me. i lost my daughter's don how she
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was pregnant. he once told him that her pregnant and i have no place to play my right. they arrived in the deal to see if they have meals to choose anything. they just re posters. now mothers. they must leave a group of 911 victims families condemning jo biden's plan to give them confiscated afghan assets. saying the water in the country needs the money to rebuild itself. we are punishing the very country, very people who have been bombing and attacking with running down the top stories of the week. and this, i was main headlines here. one ology international variable. welcome to you. our top story is a continuation of our breaking news. a compliment. moscow region has killed the
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daughter of influential russian political philosopher, alexander doogan, described in the west as a driving force behind president vladimir putin. foreign policy or russian authorities have confirmed that daria do going to died in the explosion. are these peter scott has more details. darya, doogan. she is the daughter of alexander duke. and now he's a philosopher known for his political and geological works. and they often can say in quite heavy and the western rhetoric swimming the west. the media even label is the mastermind behind to, since foreign policy enough, despite been about to be marginal figure over here in russia. now to get himself, he was seen at the scene of the incident looking very distressed. he was attending a festival, a family festal, just in the moscow legion where he was talking about tradition and history of this festival. i was suspected they was partly going to share this car with his daughter with a guest, the events back home until the last minute, making
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a decision to travel separately from his daughter. now afford to have him confirm the exact cause of the blast or the motive behind it. but given the divisive nature of this philosopher alexander, due again on the fact that he was reported to leave this event with his daughter in the same com. so that's going to be a lead the authorities will be investigating. but one of duke and his daughter i want to do, and his daughter is one of her friends, does believe that that was the reason behind the suspected talk. not what i'm saying smarter. i don't consider any circumstances other than an assassination because of her political belief. there were various occasions when her enemies express discontent with her position was more often this was done anonymously. the motion is away from you. she was a very lively, cheerful person. she was a philosopher from her childhood. she cannot be labeled an arm chair scientist. she recently returned from mary u paul and visited as obstacles. so she was literally rushing to the front. but for
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her, the front line turned out to be here in moscow. very rarely, even among men, there are these types of warrior thinkers. despite her apparent tenderness, fragility, and beauty. she was just like that. this is a great tragedy for all of us. peter, ukrainian black listings site middle forehead switch translates as peace keeper, previously did list. alexander, duke and his daughter derrier as quote enemies of key of is there any chance this bombing this, this possible compliment could be connected with the ukrainian conflict? again, authorities are currently started. the not commented on the motive behind this boats back in 2014 and duke, and he was actually sucked from his position at moscow state university. after petition was signed by thousands. that was in relation to his comments on an incidence in odessa back in 2014 western provost activists burned to death in a building. now he report we said kill, kill, kill, which was widely interpreted in the media as a cold to kill ukrainians for this incident. so he ended up on this new toys black
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place website. now daria herself, she is also political compensation. she makes me appears on motional muslim national tv. what is happening right now is a re conquest. the russians are fighting to save civilians from death. but what is death if we recall the words of classical poets? no valid. for example, he says that death as a loss of unity in ukraine, such a unity, a unity of the people has been lost. she is also the co author of a book that is yet to be released. this book is called can you get that or book that which is about russia's operation in ukraine at the moment? now she has repeatedly spoken in favor of which is miniature opperation and she's visited the dumbass herself. she's also wound up on the case functional issues put that back in july. and so while nothing has been confirmed yet the so possible motive behind this attack, as i said, the authorities, i'm sure will investigate any ukrainian connection as
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a possible motive behind the suspects at a short time ago. here in the studio at r t, i spoke with john mark do going to former us marine and geopolitical analyst. he, in fact knew dario do gonna, and he told me all about she was a wonderful woman. so full of vision and so passionate about the future of russia and the future of don bus. just an incredible, incredible lady and you know, i think a brilliant light has been extinguished. why? i think in being his daughter that yeah. and we had spoken on some of the topics she, she was incredibly brilliant. she had her ph. d in philosophy just like her father . and you know, yes she, she had many, many, if not a majority of the same fuses him. we're hearing now from the head of the don't ask
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people's republic calling this bombing that killed diarrhea. do going to a terrorist attack on a russian soil? what do you, what do you think about that assessment? you are a former us marine yourself. this is absolutely correct. and if you cranes behind this dori doogan, her message is absolutely amplified because we went to dumbass together. yaya we did. and she gave me an interview in front of one of the schools that had been bombed by the ukrainian military. a school right on the last day of school and she was talking about how ukrainian military they don't care about bombing women and children. and look what we have now. they bombed a beautiful, smart lady in for what we discussed the car bombing with our political analyst, alessandra bruno and former us security. unless michael maloof,
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who say that daria and alexander duke and could easily have been targeted by their enemies, put me looks like it wasn't necessity. nation plot cause may burst into fire if there is a technical problem, but rarely, very rare occasion that's from the dynamics. it does seem like a bomb and certainly the they would have had the enemies. there might be a position for us. i would, i would 1st start looking at internal opposition and then see how this could have happened. also, there speculation that the attack was against alexander, duke and himself, that i think that, that he had to be had enough of the role of her own to have gathered her own enemies. i've had a few exchanges with her, but my communications has been mostly with alexander. i've known him
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since 2018 when he and i were together in iran for a conference new horizon conference. it was there that we had extensive discussions on his views, on a multi polar world order. it's clear that he was the target to me. he was the target because he has been so influential in the formulation of the policy and that it's a very, very sad moment. the car was targeted and i assume it was to get him primarily, not her, but give him but in the arrangement they made at the last moment she, she was unfortunately killed in that explanation. any russian official in a position of authority today could be potentially a target. several russian soldiers were hospitalized with
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severe chemical poisoning while fighting and the military operation in ukraine. that is, according to russia's defense ministry, which i said has evidence to implicate key of in, quote, chemical terrorism. russian soldiers were taken to a military hospital with symptoms of severe poisoning and toxic substance. botched linen talks and type b was discovered upon examination. this evidence of chemical terrorism conducted by the key regime will soon be officially sent to the organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons. the poisoning happened last month and the approaching region, but it's only now coming to light. a butcher lent him is a neuro toxic protein that can be made in advance laboratories. the o. p. c. w has previously confirmed the risk of such a toxin being weaponized. historical examples of bottom line m toxin produced for state sponsored biological warfare programs, concerns have been raised over the possibility bacel item toxin might be used as
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a biological weapon. and while russia says it will send all the proof, it has to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, a political analysts, daniel lazar, he doubts the agency will actually conduct an objective investigation. the problem with the o. p. c. w is that its, its reputation is really been shot ever since it grievously mishandled and a legit poison poison gas attack and syria in 2018. so given that the, the, the, the offices are reputation has been so severely compromised. i don't have much faith that little deal objectively with these latest allegations, but the countries in asia, africa, south america will be, will be open minded. i think that mines, however, are thoroughly closed in north america and europe, where the press is engaged in and an unprecedented propaganda campaign in
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support of their own governments and, and the western war effort ukraine. so therefore, and those areas, i don't expect the, the allegations to get a serious hearing or ukrainian business has been trying to profit off the deaths of russians by offering via a crowd funding campaign to print personalized slogans on military ordinance being fired at moscow's forces. the whole sine, my rocket fundraising platform, is enabled clients around the world to pay for their inscriptions to be placed on missiles and bombs, and then receive photos of those munitions and action. a co founder of the business says that most of the clients are from america. the platform claims to provide money for ukraine's war effort, yet it's not sanctioned by key as military. the platform has gone viral since it was featured in the washington post with questions raised about his promotion of hate, speech and violence. that's as the business has published,
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feedback from satisfied customers promoting the quote, schumer of death and destruction. the tradition of resistance is strong, said, year us love read sack a ukrainian historian, he said, humor and obscenities have long typified ukraine's response to foreign occupation. there are so many places that you can send your money that will directly alleviate human suffering in this war. that are in this so many ways you can help that don't glorify and cheapen the constant tragedy of war. yeah, it's pretty weird to see people rejoicing as they see strangers being blown up 3000 miles away in a city. they can't pronounce radio host on political commentator, steve gill. so such platforms promote hatred at the end of the day they should be condemned to by all parties involved. i don't think it's funny, particularly when you have civilians who are paying to have these inscriptions put on these deadly weapons when there was a history and warfare of combatants putting inscriptions or messages on,
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on bombs or missiles. but you know, they're firing at each other and they are at risk to have somebody who's thousands and thousands of miles away safely disguised in their home. participating on this is, you know, quite frankly, i think sick, this is not some game. these are deadly weapons. and the ukrainian weapons are not particularly precise, though when they go awry and get some family in the nap. when they killed children, it began to seem funny to the people that were inscribing anniversary messages on these weapons. it is not funny, it is sick and fright be, it's disgusting. i think the coverage of the washington post definitely promotes it is something that, you know, people may want to go online and participate in. rather than condemning it for kind of the sick humor that it, that it represents. this is serious business and, and frankly, the american government and ukrainian government should condemn it. it's good to have you with us for today's program. food traded for sex, young women raped children abandoned
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a brand new report implicating united nations peacekeepers in years of abuse and a democratic republic of congo largely targeting civilians living in destitution me . i lost my daughter who died all she was pregnant, and one soldier met her pregnancy and i have no place to claim my rights government to expound this un mission from our country. but in my home, there is a wound. nissan. as peacekeepers, don't them. my daughter went to them to ask for a job on finding the job was difficult, so she started cooking for them, and after a few days later she was raped. my daughter is desperate, she now has psychological problem. and we are not going to be discouraged. we will continue to ask for the departure of the un mission because we know that it has no business here since they arrived and they say they have not purchased anything. they just rape our sisters. now mothers, they must leave. the report is based on 2500 interviews,
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many with girls and women who claim to have been raped by the united nation peacekeepers with children often conceived as a result of the correspondent cut up all the tattler brings us the towns shocking levels of poverty displacement, brutal attacks by groups and fighting the democratic republic of congo is one of the world's poorest. and most want on countries in the world, however, transferred to an already bleeding wound. a recent report claims the united nations peacekeepers, which have been in the african country for 20 years. i've raised the young women, traded food for sex, father, and abandoned thousands of children in the c allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse among un peacekeeping missions. and nothing you had no systematic research on paternity linked to a new school. that's the un mission in the c has apparently been carried out until
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now. researchers interviewed one girl who alleges she was traffic by half emily, and impregnated by soldiers when she was only 10 years old. she's now 16, and this is her recollection of what happened and was very young, just 10 years old. i realize later on that i was sold out in my aunt, the man with brain beer in the pop to share with me. the research also says the youngest girl that the interviewed, that was impregnated by un peacekeepers was just 10 years old. and then one in every 2 mothers were under the age of 18 when they conceived, according to the report, many children were left abandoned and hence fatherless. my father left my mother while she was pregnant. she gave birth after he was already gone. people disturb and hurt me so much. they say they will chase me because i'm a foreigner. i'm suffering they, when they the ways of allegations contains over 400 reported incidents of p. keep
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a father, babies says 2007. the report is based on almost 3000 interviews with members of the con, release community, and employ. thank you and personnel from 12 countries. although the report points out the leg of prosecution for these offences by peacekeepers due to their immunity, the un says that it's strongly condemned the behavior of those who violate and undermine the venues of the organization. by abusing and exploiting those who are looking to the you and for protection. but the number of the victims of this will render abuse can be had to come. there are potentially thousands of children left behind by peacekeepers in a democratic republic of congo. part of the problem is that some of those deployed seemed to be treated as missions as an opportunity for sex, tourism, and sexual crimes, that they're unlikely to commits in their home countries. this all came to light
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after a number of violent protests against un peacekeeping forces. in the eastern b. c, i made calls for the un to withdraw from the area 15 people have been killed in t, u and protest in the last week. in take the view and chief antonio book harris said could close the to the wall crime, the government has been trying to get the mission to leave those 2010. and the un has been in the process of drawing down the operations since 2020 protest us meanwhile, say the one the u. n. to leave because it fails to protect civilians. there is a kind of destruction with their un peacekeepers who are enjoying life. they are partying almost every day, going to bars and meeting with prostitutes. and that's the issue here in d r c. so that's why there's several peacekeepers have forgotten, they are real mission is to promote peace,
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not to have marquee and abandon them. and yes, he does not one of the mission that can and if the u. n can be very strict and also did to play in its tulips because, you know, without discipline, this cannot end. israeli officials have admitted responsibility for the killing of 5 palestinian children during an august strike. it was part of a reported series of israeli attacks conducted during his military operation in gaza. thus, despite earlier claims that attempted to pin the blame on the palestinian side, saying those civilian deaths were due to a mis fired rockets shot by an extremist. well, let's get some real informational. this now with local journalists. so now come, i am in misery in the northern does extending their graves. what is it? it is the right code 5 senior children earlier this month. me
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the ah, i use following the family have a vision, the simplicity of calls for in to face the must not a criminal court. we brought the one to the store to buy something. he saw his cousins, one to say hi, and done one to come to visit on grandfather's grace and unfortunate, great, you know, me saw little of selling their house and they were torn apart. they took him to the hospital and i accompanied my mother to see his body in cold storage. the lot of
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the i was in a hysterical condition when my son's friends came to me and told me that my son had been martin. we found the children's body parts, so we started loading them into the ambulances. while i was loading them into the vehicle, i came across the body of my son. my message to the world is, this is enough. it is our rights to live. our kids are elders, women, and men. this is enough. it has been more than 80 years of leaving under the israeli occupation. also dozens of anything and hadn't got out of the committee. they had been saying that our children have the right to live in security and fees and the area and other part of our special bridge of the chaos us withdrawal from afghanistan, one year on, as washington says, it is now scrapping plans to on fries $7000000000.00 of afghan state assets, allegedly they say the money could be used to finance terrorists,
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but that is as the war torn central asian country devastated by $2.00 decades of us military occupation is now teetering on the brink of famine. ah by say off on a sunday after the u. s. froze, our money people moved under the poverty line. banks have given up. they have no solution. the americans are dishonest. first, they left the country in chaos and then they froze our money up. they did this intentionally to push us into serious trouble and then take advantage from that in the future. it of europe, in my opinion, the us should not miss st. afghans. why the poll people of afghanistan for about 20 years have lived with conflicts hauled ship and suffered poverty. ah,
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no humble says he went on, we have demanded at washington, implement the agreements reaching doha. we have not violated any of the points in the agreement so far, but we ask others to fulfill darrell obligations as well. ah ah. one of you who know us sanctions have destroyed afghans. homes made children suffer from famine and literally took the clothes from their backs. only a rare person here can say that they can make clothes for their children and not mentioned the high prices of flower, oil, sugar, and food. after both a taught him why, if we talk about the sanctions, america imposes on our poor and innocent people. they just want to kill people ah
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mm. a lead of minima and we want to be seen as ordinary people were not wizards, where people like them. these countries have reached their present level in 30 or 50 years, and they want us to achieve it in one year, even though the condition of the country in which we got it is not good. ah. and currently some relatives of 911 victims of cold or on u. s. president joe biden to return the money to the afghan people as
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a group of victims. families have sent an open letter to the white house and insisting that those funds belong to afghanistan. 95 percent of afghans are impoverished and nearly $9000000.00 are risk of starvation. this money is there's not ours. simply put this money belongs to the afghan people, not 911 family members, and they need it more. i am totally opposed to any of that money from the afghan central bank being used for anything other than restoring the liquidity of the country, which is in dire economic and humanitarian crisis. i don't feel that i am entitled to that money. that is the money of the afghan people. i don't think the u. s. should use this ones at all. we are the richest country in the world. victims of 911, for the most part, are not suffering economically. there had been 8 packages that most
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people have received. i. i feel sad also because i don't think that all of the 911 victims families realize the relative privilege that we have in the united states. and i don't think any of them would wish for others to suffer because of their actions by withholding these funds and not finding a way through diplomacy. to restore them. we are punishing the very country and the very people who we have been been bombing and attacking for 20 years. it's not just the conditions in afghanistan are horrific. 90 percent of the people don't have enough to eat. people have been selling off whatever they can to buy food. we feel that it's inappropriate,
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highly inappropriate that. and it should go to us with families the 1st day when we learned that our son had died. tax, my husband and my family, and i were opposed to military retaliation by our government against afghanistan because we feared. and unfortunately, our fears were borne out that there would be many innocent civilian victims over there, just as our son and over $3000.00 others have been have more of that story and many others as well in detail. take your time to peruse our website all t dot com. and if you can't do stick around for a bit, we'll bring you more about special coverage of the controversial legacy of the u. s . occupational dentist on throughout the month on asi international. no nation,
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no nation has ever done anything like it in all the history with oh
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