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an engagement across the trail when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground hulu. ringback because she, she needs pension with forced to marceau, aquila, which is mostly due to, to when you have a limited release from when do i know, but could a miller can see it from your process on this instead, all, some of the different dollars lamps, right? cheap, ah, a had called with
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national anthem comp with envoy. so of course i could tease the tape smuggling and have to spend the copy of them. wanted to see that as the moisture ah look good and you don't hear any old off lane. yeah, i'll walk. ah, all. oh, movies i live. i just give them up until i come in at $230.00 and then come down below, which was interesting. so when you eat hetcher's going down, i've shifted authority. she thought, said butch, those dates of old shame,
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doctors from the road of life foundation went to the lou guns region where they were in great demand. ah, even in peacetime, holmes and rehabilitation centers with the disabled. like somewhat behind the times in terms of medical advancements, essential drugs and doctors, us guess those yacht mom and hurting him at betty nevada, july's the money in years and you can now step each did it by checkups. you will hear marla. there, thaw will get there. but it should there, so dish door and then you have a smallish gift that none like i put in here, a
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lady key that she shiner with joe below. oh, wow. i love a shoke, a daughter, a did he car coy, semi eli? yeah. now now did that. he still has them. i know what both are to skip a story. oh no,
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but he no pressure l a d h that actually of course not him the video. now when it's a mobile mumbo musician, ear or the babel fcl is simply at the list. i'm not system or her. and that sheila laquata energy peer to peer dial at those thor, what up? motion? the packing. ah, anna was going to get out to. but she was waiting to hear from a russian clinic about to rina's treatment and possible surgery. well, it wasn't. so she decided to stay after russia recognized the lp i, and i learned that some of the treatment could be covered by an insurance policy. when patients normally pay for the operation arena needed themselves, and it costs many thousands of dollars an affordable some for a single mom. when doctors from moscow's road of life charity came to lou ganske hope came to but a change almost discontinued yet. you mean so?
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so the job that he need to study and you know what numbers to support the former, shoot me. this is good news. now you could sit on the line with that story with barbara and usually finished with none would recommend though. i know i'm book you are finished. mr. walker, my number here is going to start over, willing able to, can you believe me? i am is just a hold of mom, but he's now well with, oh, my pretty close to to come least deep. not that he, kirby deep or carson, reassuring yet are that the enemy proceeds tonight? yes. have dropped yet. kirkwood belt or might even move down from yet just mcbride us some new wires. not a problem with this is nicole walker of sydney was wanting to see that the most and many more hm initiates, when you put in the one that i said no, no,
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and as long as the escalating him changing, so he has no clue cherish. i remember spanish monkey holly's a cheat. keith was more of mr. badness. what's considered in grecki? rob shifted insufficiently miles, was listed. larry cheney autism, daniel beloved longer dated with their asthma. it's still numberless. so cost a month, and yet the still to copy from. wanted to get the moisture. ringback ready with a bob shovels, no reply jim in ruling he children and adults with neuro psychiatric disorders are housed in the same building. the director, a former minor values, his staff, highly, even in peacetime, it wasn't easy to find personnel,
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especially doctors during the past 8 years. such institutions have been only survived when my west this is jocelyn more newsome resolution where some promotion goes foresees christian, europe, the buggers wilderness boy of some custom liberal but he's feeling well. so i guess given one of those shows too much of the patience for the most, actually you've also lost all my life. so to shuffle someone watch, marcia, i love and you've seen you've been with us homeschoolers fellows, a sort of one of those for the signal, wasn't it when you is eastern dot com? yes. indeed it is. you don't, right, ever, ca, maliah, non control number sarcoma sprites are showing time. you're searching both those
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quota said that carla. quick personally out for sick and dora donna, but i'm leaving as close and you short and martisha you. you also change parkersburg, free yet more. but he did my last 8 years back, these dimensions. soil. yeah. well, i didn't say, oh, i actually go at it. no, augment, you've children to point in a car. you back with. what are you sure. who is going through a 100 a do your modeling care by the free service layer? ah, there's other good, erica euro nipping up. okay. ah washer
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soon. them heard said age my we're far in my voice. them all we share with that. boy you go. yeah, i mean they get there. oh god. oh, we ship them. boy. zachary z itself, dan sam. now we're going to come on in your chest 1st. if anything from with your weight can be dufrane pieces with the right people. you speak with a yes, i mean a a
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with on the line with a clear remarks. mm hm. with a smaller in volume by his campus. i was with my name is justin morgan. with
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a mutual or the dark. not much cafe on rama. deborah. yes, our mortgage is a little good problem. a should flip, which kid will be don't boost. our boredom is for brian the wound by you know, by swimming gloves. i mean, look, let's get a bank about clarity of the restore my possession of him. there's and i don't, was morrison's previous to, you know, then m e, i just, i'm going to me, yes, the shadow now you you of so is voted as a ride nearest emergency to read mama. now would you just never seen them? they don't come with 1st and fellows of
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i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings accept where such order is it conflict with the 1st law? show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence, and the point obviously is to create a truck rather than fit with various job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with a mr.
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absolutely. not a well with enough to hold them. we're just login with a little bit with some of the st. peter wouldn't end up with shock because usually i'm not sure somebody who can watch some stuff with them. we filled up with somebody about the west coast. we have to deal with with a new engine, you were in love with it. it was up here at the office with
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he'll finish with a washer to put a request in full from cargo or whatever needs to be moved to north ezra for chris milton. there's regardless of use of our, with the board so much more like what is with the muslims are not proposal to the right quick hold here to list the question. i send it to trusted. you're pushing your stubbornness greatest for as you live. lower the cost of them
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with shoes in for multiple months to get me nowhere to sheila this is will get you short all push push news. i choose you but she knew too. so mostly i didn't want to do it you know, to look with the category with comfort mother whose genius most of the month of month for them to put new sites. you can fish, many builders and drivers have been mobilized. so construction has been delayed and delivery date, spoon,
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uria region cost looks after 110 children with severe medical conditions that housed tiny area within reach. now smaller diesel move ahead. you've so much to those to me. not guarantee i put on bullshit or what it's a really bullock wanted to store. it goes, i lived on it will go off sir. russell j boshra was one of the latino speech teacher, but the official total with the new tech forced. i'm not so cool. you know it, because i'm mostly due to, to roll mcdonald's in the controller reloads when you do or not. but who are you sure. whose job for the patient should you know, preferably other medicines concerning a school. give me a clue that was thought of more of a to me, the city of maybe ah,
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a still a somewhat. i used money that i can buy them not to lose the coin clean. i said it must clean up ships and the places we had that was in the network with the mostly i'm sure on that for the professor is gonna give it that's correct about the process. i know with that because you can't get it because he either couldn't get that data to data. i me, i could either today be known, you know, maybe that was with mr. munoz. i'm going to ask initial as well as i'm sure
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data, but a chip nation with the home in don cases for those with disability types, 3 and 4. it's the only one in the loop runs region. the kids here have severe conditions, but there are no doctors. senior secrets aveena is in charge of medical care. if the school doesn't, julia, but i want to talk with him dar it has been a fucking with a t r. visually. it was not supposed to eat his own and that he can get a shame at this to discipline. i'd say, really, it's a, it's a mac. i am a,
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a, a cooper from looters about it from a student to thrive with team, with bit of what is national worship across from carport full. of course, i mean you're going to build on o g e to tell us it's e no up doing here now with chinese fredrickson you up with that. you have been for quinn them of shipment. we are doing what was the other one with the push, the move with my possession up in my car back. if you
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1000 is a rumbling semen with a dumb smoking. was bloody of music. i'm good for now. yeah. it was digital gene. yeah. i mean, you put a cheat on your clinic, it's sort of a name and defense case. yours. you was. i got anthony's toward his destiny. it's closer to me of you guys the gap chunk of nuclear stalls. i'm. we're pushing brush progress. i with call me a, it's about option loss, been defeated. i'm wishing fish all mcneish given that are shaming me that it's a sort of dog bullock similar william look up the adamant that done with them car
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the homogenous right. so it's just not really true for what i was working on the list there cuz i was willing to see it would have done the best to work on. but i still want to see what needs on going back to my teams. cuz that'll go with this. there's a lot of boring the diet membership is to choose 10 years. it'd be a for the prescription drug is just most of backed up with me last couple months back. i don't oh yes. to mosque near the corner. go at our best thought book because that and she didn't do those deal. uh huh. what, what, what the era, by the main thing with that under specific to subordinate. but a list of that, unless, of course, i mean it's in the nice it's at least them is the adult mom we live in alaska.
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could us my boy, i mean q a line. yeah. i don't cheaper. i suppose now i just look up, you mean? yes. so at the she's a damien a. was a home with that i am said no, i'm still and i still had a show show at least now cuz the way things that are used by the macbook on years now would you be a solution? mm. yeah. hello. yeah, i had somebody i hadn't been in my job, but when my distant cb will come and you see it needing you to go get his dinner. that's the mother. i'm glad that must mean blushing his dublin with him. he's blushing you with?
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no, no, no idea. do you still with us? does that he bianca no. where do i do this? if you can see on each other, what was your daughter? why are you there? sure. with what they were brushing you. onion, blushing, and look at us. sure. you are. with libya, but the last year with the american chapter program. so gordon. the system is still not a gut balinsa dog. almost new style. and when you come room, we do limestone, but they didn't. they don't. austin, yet geeky picked out for you to call and wish them luck. no, they're come and do it, and you put that a full cho does what a boost. why it suddenly weird and i put them via sneezing. who's now lucia to can fortune line could yes, the origin and the nina the get the most down when
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a lot of jania i watching the prisoner macias piece of deep got that on with our board. this is just cinema for mission. i suffer a blogger, buddy, italy for michelle marsh, active mc armanda's book. those and you might be part of the community 1st for you . my sister, i'm that doesn't bother me from the basket. probation by with ration finance yet. of course the one is this bit of variety of miss rushing and humans, not just marsh richna, marines, guy, but it's in the demo that are border while yet katrina was training in moscow. sponsors were found to finance and operation on one of the patients. i didn't with it, but maybe if i didn't get
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it by his office, i don't mind being with that. sure. yeah. so, but it's not school, but i know with not just with one go off a with what i know why doesn't with with
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b, e a m o r e with arina. no mom recently returned from moscow where they'd been able to consult with doctors. thanks to the road of life foundation in her of the biscuit. oh, so he, me, mr. which a hero. he just going the chateau store there is, there was talk with me about 2 years now going. it would be here for the usually columnist. our more help with vision or more in your position it?
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yeah. boomer lush thought it had been a will credit now and work. now. i still miss your phone done. where are you familiar? with most of them with slid the chip or little knob is neela toaster. and then you would your credits. good now and then you will, you credit you up sheer is doing the longest yell it out with commission to speak the numbers it needed to have a business life calling i was totally was using that comes to mom. issue your form to put down more store or is it which is that mr. sure cockle national surgical id number. not give ms. luke about one of them. it was because it adds the private and they still are both of them. so i knew that backer followers, but me and is still sort of gear and you're a busier when you are still lacy. me at this meeting with the brochure. probably
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a more even of common. you got 1st with us in your thoughts as you will be. exposure push digital mama will bring your, let them listen, but there must be up a new master ma'am. what do you do on quote motion on that or see what that they did at summer stating a pros danville dotsie post i put so on. but i believe that's a year or so been this to me or younger patel working native to doria doors on past 1000 with chess moxie minor from them in that, in that, in the shuttle kits are listed as an order doesn't that which yeah. a visit. no. wilcock manual knowledge in the come when you got says that i see dots a sheer sewing in the bullet. there wasn't a yeast michel after asked that if you could was told which is i'm which it's i did in the do not such as 1000 cautious. you reside in the should have sure what the
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thought that the business nipple which is at a block with some of the high enough graciela i be speaking. i need this plasma will be valuable, which are so used to community the growth murdock. i was tossed style with interesting. i knew you left an ego of conyers messy chests quite a bit. that's when i get pushed down the alice. i think you if you go all the cookie. cool, good. the other company come when you lose it. this is jim, i'm not major dealing with them. was they said that i want to know if i yes, the because i stumps for me since that and they did a petition. ah oh
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no one else show seemed wrong when i just don't know. i mean, you world, yes, to see how this thing becomes the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves, well the part we choose to look so common ground. ah luis hunter, russian state full narrative. i've studied us on the most landscape diva. mm hm. the american house house that we could been 55 we did. okay, so 925 am speaking with.


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