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a capital release from when to do, i'm going to put a president and it's a settle some of the $15.00 a talk with, with the national anthem comp, with envoy, so cost a contingency of smoking. and you have to spend the copy from. wanted to see that as the moisture again what and you don't make it. i don't blame you get, i'll walk ah, all. oh
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no. really. i just keep in mind that i'm up until i come in at 230 and then you come down below which, which is being sworn, you. e hetcher's going down. i've shifted acoya, she thought said fortunately, that's a whole chain. doctors from the road of life foundation went to the lou guns region where they were in great demand. ah, even in peacetime homes and rehabilitation centers with the disabled like somewhat behind the times in terms of medical advancements, essential drugs and doctors, us guess with mom hurting him at betty now to july. the
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anomaly in using your credit? no speech dated by checkups. you will hear marla. there thaw will get there, but it should her dish door. you are a smallish guest that none like i can hear a still a case that she showed her with this job below. oh wow. i ordered for lasha with literally about a shoke, a daughter, a dollar a year that he got quite severely
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now. now now did that, hey denise them. i know what both are to skip a story. oh, nice. but he do pleasure. well, a deal that actually of course, not him. the video. now, when did somebody book mumbo musician? ear for the babel fcl. if somebody at the list did not sit there. ha, ha, ha, ha, mitchell. i sir laquatta energy into pure style at those thor. oh, got up north in the package. ah, anna was going to get out too, but she was waiting to hear from a russian clinic about to rina's treatment and possible surgery. well, it wasn't. so she decided to stay after russia recognized the l. p. i. and i
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learned that some of the treatment could be covered by an insurance policy. patients normally pay for the operation arina needed themselves, and it costs many thousands of dollars, an unaffordable some for a single mom. when doctors from moscow's road of life charity came to lou ganske hope came to the chief. you hold on, let me get in so. so the job that he needs is 30 i believe you still numbers to support the former. shoot me. this is good news. now you could sit on the back door before pour in time with the money you finished with. none would recommend though, i know a book you had finished. mr. walker, my number here is going to shake as the stopper willing able to the new. but usually i am is just a little bit more of a visa with my peak, of course,
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which can least deep my 30 cogby steve, or carson, reassuring yet are that the enemy proceeds tonight? yes. of drop yet for quote belt or my team never down term yet. just mcbride us some new wires. not a problem with, i mean this is nicole. walker sydney was motion to see that it's almost done with the marginal initiate. when you put in the one that i said non us and as long as the last gallium changing. so here's the key chain. yeah. a fetish additional mikey. yeah. holly's, a change for keith was more of mr. madness there. what's considered in grecki rob shift, but insufficient with models listed latanya otis daniel, a longer data, whereas me, so i'm on the list. so cost to ship some update and yet the still to copy from wanted to the boys. ringback ready a
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or a old with wash. bob bruce was lovely blige. i'm a beer in ruling he. children and adults with neuro psychiatric disorders are housed in the same building, the director for the minor values. his stop highly, even in peacetime, it wasn't easy to find personnel, especially doctors. during the past 8 years. such institutions have been only survived. when my wesson's, he's also more lucy resolution where so much of your sources, chris in europe. the buggers will begin as a boy of some cluster level that he's feeling like this kid when he goes to most of the patients for the most special areas. we've also lost or publish labs or through us instructional, someone watch, marcia, i love seeing
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with home smells fellows a sort of for you to store their decision or if a you, when you this is eastern dot com. yes it is. you don't right. ever come on maliah? no, and you told them to r sarcoma sprites or sharon if i missed my chin with those quota, said that to carla kristen, lean your product for stick altura donna, but i'm leaving as close and your short martisha you will switch in you are causing me at all but he has not lost your zip back these dimensions store, but yeah, well, i didn't say oh, i go, i'd it more augment your children to point in the car back
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with us. yes, sure. he's really struggling through a 100 a did your modeling care by the 3 of those layer? ah, in this early erica, your nipping up. okay. ah. washer soon. never heard that age. my we're far in my voice. them all we share with that boy. back to go: yeah, i mean they get there. oh god. oh we ship them boy zech rosita . now we're going to come on in your 1st name from where you just a minute. yeah, right. to be to frame case with the right people,
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you speak with a yes, i mean a a with on the line with a clear remarks. mm hm. what is the, with a smaller in volume by who can prescribe you. right. a point
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with my name is justin morgan with able to repair or insurance financial better than usual was dark. not much to stay on drama and our i yes out. which was a little good problem or she gets a ship, which kid will be don't boost are poor miss paul. but bryan wound by you know, by swimming glass. i'm in love citibank, about clarity of the restore my possession of him. there's no was motions to do is
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to you last than m e. i just, i'm with the media fish. yes. now you your so his photo as me a ride nearest emergency to read mama. yeah. now would you just never seen them? they don't come with it 1st. i 1st fell in love with the russian state will never. i've stayed as i'm phoning those. i'm skiing div, asking him not getting hold of a group in the 55 with speedy one else with we will ban in the european union, the kremlin media machine,
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the state on russia for date and school ortiz spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all bands on youtube with me. oh, when i was sure seemed wrong when i just don't know. i mean you world. yes, to feed out an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground.
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a washer to pull in full from credit report report that way more than a present for this multiple or use of our with our swimming a washington to blood like what is a booster as they moved the muslims are not proposal to the rest the day from old to which the quest more trusted, you're pushing more stuff most raised by brazilian at the majority cost of them a show for multiple months. you connected. you know where the sheila is. we'll get you short or push push news. i choose,
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you will see you to go. so mostly i to many more to do here my whole to live with the category with dish confort mother whose genius most of the month, the month of full moon boston. there's actually an additional many builders and drivers have been mobilized. so construction has been delayed and delivery dates postpone. uria region cough looks off to 110 children with severe medical conditions that housed in a tiny area within reach. last mortar with my hon. you've so much to those to me not going to put on bullshit when you to really bullock wanted. the story goes, i lived was of course muscle,
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ga pezora as well as the latinos prestige. but the official total with new task force. i'm not so cool. you know, it was almost a duty to roll mcdonald's in the controller alleged them when you do or not. but who are you from? whose job over the patient? i've tried to put the other, i mean, to say the stuff, the schedule to work, but he's got a new school, give me a flu, shot of the modem with the city of miami. ah, a file yesterday summer. i used when you're talking about them. not too louie, the coin clean that said it must cleave up ships and places and we had that with
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with a question about pitcher. a lot of the professor is on the go with nash talked about the process and yeah, now with that because it could be either cuz it's getting back data to data g i'm yeah, because i would either to be known, but i don't know if that was one of the, some of them could you ask initial pull out as well as fortunately as i'm sure kirkwood paid them, but she had an issue with the home in cross now don cases for those with disability types, $3.00 and $4.00. it's the only one in the loo glance region. a kids here have severe conditions, but there are no doctors. senior secret serena is in charge of medical care. i, i mean all along
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with our didn't you're not going to parking is around more a t r visually. it was not supposed to determine that it can shane with this to discipline. i'd say really, it's a, it's a mac. i am a bench with to thrive with mentoring team with bit of what is national worship across
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from carport school coffee. it's a new cumberland o g e to tell us that he walked on, you know, with chinese yet for edison. you will that you have been for quinn with some shipping where we want to be young. i was doing what the other one with my possession. i put it on my car back. if you 1000 is a rumbling semen with my, you know, it was a cheat, a new student, his destiny,
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of course. so to me, of new cars, the opportunity of nuclear. so i'm refreshing by sure. progress i with a it's about option more than you did it. i'm wishing fish all mcneish given that are shaking me that it's a profile that kind of saddam boy, my boy with clef. nobody to do them car the most of your life. so he's just not really trust a done the best source of them, but i still love to see when it's on 1000000000, but from i think that'll do it. there's a lot of boring the diety,
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numbers, pieces to ship a prescription drug is just mostly play a factor for, for oh, yes, according go at our best thought, but because i can, and she didn't do a deal on what you, what the error. but the main thing was, ah, what was that under specific, destroyed me. but he said that unless, of course, i mean it's in the midst of the list. them is the adult mom will it will last my boy, i mean really? i mean the, our british align. yeah. don't cheat. most of those now i just look up. she mean yet, so if she's a fit, a man of liberal bravery of issue, i thought she i start
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with that i am said the web store and i still gotta show additional goes away from you that would be used by them. we work on years now, would you be a solution? but here for you, i had somebody offer, they've been in my job with in my distance. see bill come a room, see it needing you to go get his dinner. that's the my that are going that most me blushing is doubling within me blushing it was, it was like no, no idea. do you still with us? does that he bianca? no, i do. i think you said because on each guy, well, they would get a why do they ship with more? they will get a shimmy. one in the blushing and look at us. sure, sure. well, don't let cbs listen. but they're on the line with
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american chapter program. so goodness system, i'm still not a gut. i balinsa dog with a formal not used by william. when you come room, we do limestone, but they didn't let john austin yet do keep it out for you to call the bush on that a lot. no, they're come and do it and you put a whole chair doesn't work, doesn't avoid a book. a loop is look the deal a boost. why it's on a sneezing who's now? we didn't look at the conversion, fortune line to desk origin, norma and the nina. the get the money down ways when a lot of rain. yeah. i watching with asner mostly is piece of deep. got that on with our board. this is just to mom for mission i. so i'm bloody italy is for michelle marsh, active mich, armando propose and you might be part of the community 1st for you, my sister, i'm that doesn't bother me from the basketball vanish and by the 15th,
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the separation finance hearing that there's the one is this paper right, miss russia monument, not just national richna moral skype, but it's in the us that are bought while yet katrina was training in moscow. sponsors were found to finance and operation on one of the patients a bit on what the issue is when you get this out on lunch and when we do bundle with that. sure. yeah. so by the way, i know from what i with not
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with us. why go buy the design in that? put on with i know why that them with the whole issue of doing that would be just a m o r a
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n with arina. no mom recently returned from moscow where they'd been able to consult with doctors. thanks to the road of life foundation in her of the biscuit o stir immediately mr. which he's going to show this is joe christopher with dish network calling with cleaners to start more help with vision and more than your position. yeah, mulash thought it had been a we tried it now can work now. as for me, sure form done where, where you clear most most them of a toaster and then you would your credit's gonna happen and then you will, you credit you up, share your steering longest, deal it through them with the numbers. it's
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a business life calling in as a study was this is different from one issue your form to put down more store or is it which in that of associate national security deed, galindo's number to the whole not given isn't about what i'm gonna look because it adds the private name stuart i've worked with senator fucker follows me, i'm in the store search gear and you're a p 0 when you are still blessing me with the brochure. probably a more enough common you got served with us in the near dorchester, new 2 weapons. those are pretty good old ma ma, we're putting a let them with the new master. my moody don't quote, moves in the hardy on the order. he quite sure that they did it so much. they eaten
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up rose invalid dotsie post. i saw on that bill. it does say the ts are sort of in this to me are you? i'm going to put the work in native to doria dawson passed bowden with the chest moccasin minor funding. and that in that in the shuttle corner gets, are listed as an order doesn't that which yeah, i visit no wilcock. manual knowledge in the come when you got says that i see dots as your sewing in the bullet. there wasn't. yes, michelle. got the rest stylish, equal was told, which is i'm which it's i did him in the not the testosterone cushion you with this . you have sure what the thought that the nipple which is that block that comes to who kind of get you out the i be speaking. i need this plasma with ideally, as long as you're so used to community the globe move. okay, what's to law style with interesting new year you have clinician, i see chests a quite a bit. that's mean, i guess push down the alice i think you'd if you look,
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i think you could get the, the simplest can you come when you use? what was it? this is jim. i'm not major dealing with stacy that i am a to know if i yes. the because that's comes to me so that, that, and they that if you ha, ah, these are using this up so he's not gonna well with them up the world with like a little thing with you. hope you have to have in a bundle with some of the 3 feet of wind up. we'll shut doug for usually, you know, she was come out of almost them. 40 percent
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lives. williams. we filled up a 3rd so many walks the little button. somebody over when it was going, we have to deal with a solution which i mean when you, when you, if you were in love with it, it was up here at the mall, which can you with a, he'll finish with
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a, with his lunch right now. here with our team to national the un colds for an urgent investigation into the death of russian journalist, diarrhea, duke and i as moscow release as evidence that she was killed by someone working for ukrainian special forces. the u. s. considering conducting a large scale military training program for the ukrainian forces, as the block does get increasingly involved in the conflict and south koreans expressing outrage in sol. look at these pictures right here. many protesting demonstrating against a military exercise was to be held alongside.


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