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for those who did it with a headline stories this our authority states, at least 3 civilians help being killed or they used to be of done yes. pay monitoring, ukrainian shelling on tuesday, the city's administration building residential areas. it also ahead according to the results of the investigation that can be no mercy for the organizes. the contract is of the killing and the assassins. russia is foreign minister content, the killing of journalists. doria do gonna, stating those fund guilty will be shown no mercy. for most people say it will raise that car ball myself. the nation. the un security council meeting with the rest are made and a lot of people make a last ditch effort to save
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a memorial to soviet soldiers who bottle not see forces in world with broadcasting from our international new center in moscow. this is our t. i'm you know, neil, welcome to the program. we begin with development sin, don't pass local official say 3 people have been killed after the city of done yet came under ukrainian shelling earlier. these are pictures from done yet immediately after the attack. the cities administration building suffered the most damage hotel, where journalists often stay was also struck. apartment buildings on cars in the streets were damaged, as well in the emergency services are dealing with the aftermath of the soul. the russian investigative committee is also up the scene documenting the damage done by the shelling as lots of little fragments from the nato type. ammunition,
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helping find in the streets. ortiz from on cost represent this report from them yet right after the attack. warning, distressing images are multiple areas and then as have once again been struck by the artillery of the ukrainian nationalist forces. right now we are right in the center of the city. this is the central hotel. this is where a lot of volunteers are journalists and other people that come from russia and other countries live while while they're working the internet, you can see the scale of destruction here. this car here is almost completely destroyed. thankfully, there was no one in it. when the show fell right here, now we're also not very far from the administration of the head of the republic. it's very close to here at once again the shelling took place in multiple areas of the nasdaq and the once again, right in the center of the city that's rarely been hit by the ukranian nationalists
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. unfortunately, it happens once again this tuesday, according to the local authorities ukraine. nationalists used high caliber artillery, and they in this case are talking about 155 millimeter nato artillery . exclusive shells used to 155 millimeters caliber. it's a nato type. so the west is directly involved in the destruction of residential areas in don. yes, i believe that the criminal ukrainian regime should get the punish it deserves at least 17 shells landed in the center of the nest, instantly killing civilians and causing damage to infrastructure to people, houses to cars. this is just one of the victims. his name is stem. ha, we have blurred out this picture for him. but 2nd, tell you that half of his half of his head is gone. his standing here
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at an intersection, probably probably waiting for people to cross. one of the shell landed and killed him instantly. in his car was his wife and his best friends. they're right here has well, and i spoke to them and they told me what happened. it was a book just in an instant bang. and we ran out. i was sitting in the back with the dog, lena was on the side and rushed him, was killed. so i ran out with the dog, the dog in my arms, blood all over the place. lena screams rushed him was killed, nothing is clear, complete chaos. this is another area in central than that square. one of the ukrainian shelves are struck. take a look at this car has a full fuss, shrapnel, thankfully no one was in it at the time of that sac, but to take a look at this building. the windows have been blown out and one of the
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shells, according to the local officials, had landed right into that building. this building opposite is also full of shrapnel, whole, the citizens, all the local residents are now out on the street trying to collect whatever's left of their belongings and they're hoping that ukrainian nationalist will not strike again at least this tuesday remark all 3 of r t go next. meanwhile, the russian army is advancing in southern ukraine. the defense ministry, sage ukrainian troops have been pushed back from her son to the borders of the nikolai of region, with russian forces securing dozens of square kilometers of territory. according to the m. o. d, several ukrainian army units on the southern front, suffered heavy losses. as a result, russian troops are also carrying. i'd success of offences in
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t times near done yet. moscow says high precision strikes, killed up to 200 ukrainian nationalists on the dunbar frontline as well. ah, russia is foreign minister, circle of rav, how strongly condemned the killing of doria dugan up seeing that those behind the journalists, murder will be shown, no mercy. this, this, i believe this is a barbaric crime for which there's no forgiveness. i have the investigation. we completed so and the f s. b is already established the facts according to the results, the investigation that can be no mercy for the organizes. the contract is of the killing and the assassins. hundreds of people attended a memorial service to pay their final respects to daria diggler has been posthumously awarded by flooding more potent with the order of courage. people recalled memories of be slain journalist, who was killed in a car bombing on saturday night. her father, alexander dugan, a philosopher, had been speaking at an event that doria was attending just before her death.
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remember turns a beacon fighting for the truth, ortiz dawn quarter reports were here at the funeral of doria do gonna journalist and political analysts to was tragically killed in a terrorist attack. here in moscow, russia, it's been an extremely emotional event with hundreds of people. her friends and family showing up in tears to pay their respects. we also heard from her father, alexander doogan, who said a few words mainly focusing on her bright character and her deep love for her homeland. and based on what we heard from other people who are here, daria is death was a great loss for many others as well. when did you believe she had no fear? no last conversation to told me that i feel like a hero and a warrior. and i don't want to any other fate, i want to be with my people to stick with my country. i want to be on the side of the light, which for mother and i advised her to become a philosopher. and she did. she tried to move in that direction. she died for the
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people. for russia. she lived in the name of victory and died in the name of victory to the biggest prize she had to pay, and only be justified by victory. our victory latimer, potent post humorously bestowed the russian order of courage upon daria, saying that the terrorist attack that took her life was a cruel and anus crime. he also said that daria had a true russian heart and was a true patriot. just a day before the funeral rushes security bureau released the conclusions of its investigation, which determines that ukraine security services carried out the attack. and we also heard from a representative of one of russia's major political parties who laid the blame on the scorch of fascism. federalists thought daria full for the future of russia for the future of humanity. she fought against fascism. as our fathers and grandfathers said, the fascist must be destroyed amidst let lows here in the contract of the killing is located overseas. they will definitely stun before the course of the
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international tribunal. they will be given a legal verdict. so in the course of history is already being held. one of the most shocking aspects of the f s b's report was that the suspected assailant apparently used her 12 year old daughter to actually carry out this attack. and according to the ambassador of the daniel people's republic, this would not be the 1st time the key of has used children to carry out. criminal acts doesn't change just the boost. daria visited a dpr very open and even more open this last data. she was among the 1st to be maria poll in as of style spreading the truth that he's so skillfully and persistently hidden that he had didn't spare herself, but realized the huge risk. she was there with us in order to spread the truth around the world. and for this truth that he was killed, the nazi ukrainian regime was nursed by the fact that daria was there at as of styles williams. and she was a journalist and that was the fact that we have a different opinion to school. the fact that we are not like the nazi kia for shame, for the fact that we stand up for people and for his trade, it infuriates damage. and this is how they express their loss in front of us. as of
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now kia has flat out denied any involvement in this terrorist attack, saying that it's security services, we're not behind it. and so we've also heard from the representative of the secretary general at the united nations calling for an independent investigation to establish the facts surrounding the murder of daria do are going to so we will have to see if that investigation will go through and what kind of other information can be yielded by it. meanwhile, a former russian state, duma deputy who is now a ukrainian citizen claims care was not involved in dory as a nation. and the apollo martin insisted was carried out by a group called the national republican army, which he says is a union of russian liberal forces. now, despite the group never been heard of before, i had a clear understanding that people from the so called national republican army with which we've been in touch since april, have long been preparing an operation with a larger scale than they had ever done before. when it happened,
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they sent photos from the scene of the explosion to confirm that it was them. they sent a manifesto. natalia volvic had nothing to do with this campaign. when this message appeared, i contacted people from russia with whom we communicate. and they said no, it wasn't her or british media outlets in particular. how picked up and promoted. so paula motives claims both a legit liberal forces fighting against law more potent. moreover, they've also a seemingly tried to humanize the story, emphasizing rushes, chief suspects in the killing is the mother of a 12 year old child. a reminder, rushes security service concluded that key of intelligence was behind the assassination will independent political long listen to me. weber say's the west is continuing to pursue an anti russian normative over the killing of doria duke in a. i think the whole agenda buys in countries
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increasing the united kingdom and spain to promote the idea that the ukrainian side is profits, saints be the russian side represents a cause. we started having the justification. and though he said the means to bring this about, say, what we've got with this latest news regarding this matter that the journalist is already, there's russian propaganda coming out and makes present, said about in somehow. all right, so you carry out this assassination and that it's actually been for par date and it's double standards. they think we've, if it is up in the united states or not, they come sorry about the point to be put forward. ready so a,
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so very sorry, i didn't aid can other story to bring attention to today. authorities in the last fin capital up dismantled a memorial to soviet soldiers commemorating victory over nazi germany. the controversial move has provoked outrage in moscow and among lafayette minority ethnic rushing community luffy and police arrested at least 5 people from the crime scene gathered up the site to protest. at the start of august, officials enrica noticed the monument would be completely destroyed, or ti correspondent peter scott told me where i was. so the monuments in question here is the monument to the liberators of reagan. i was built in 1985. you said in the, in honor of the soviets role in liberating riga form. not the, i mean, i don't know if you've seen it, but it's quite a huge structure. it's an 85 meter obelisk. this flights i the side by soviet
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soldiers on one in a soviet woman on the other with her arms based high. and this move by the latvian all for it is, is just the latest in the baltics is she stowed tensions with russia? for example, it comes just one week after estonia removed another soviet monument in the town of knob. and i know how to be said. this monument was much smaller than the one in latvia. but the issue is quite divisive. and these baltic countries, latvia and estonia, but she accelerated their plans to remove soviet era, monuments in lights of the war in ukraine. as i said, it is quite divisive. and in latvia, there's around 25 percent of it's $1900000.00 population. our ethnic russians and many of them are against the removal of the monument to liberators of rica. the latvian russian union debt was planning to hold a protest to decry and denounce removal of this monument. and he said that it gathered around 10000 signatures of people who were against it,
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ports the local authorities, they did not give a permit. citing a safety insecurity, philosophy. the whole area has actually been cordoned off in preparation for that demolition. but talking about this particular monument to the liberators. regan's not the 1st controversy that surround in it every year on may. the 9th locals gather that to lay flowers in on of the sacrifices made by soviet troops to liberate the city. and this year, local police said around $20000.00 people gathered there this an official events. but here's where the controversy lies early the next day, those flowers that were laid by those people were actually bulldozed. and we can see quite shocking images of them circulated on social media, mostly hundreds of thousands of flowers that they got rid of. and obviously this and caused a wave of discontent. and it was widely condemned. myo by the russian foreign ministry as well as the latvian russian union, the boats in an act of defiance. on the next day may, the 10th people went to lay more flowers and you know,
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in honor of the soviet sacrifices made. but the controversies don't and there on the day, made the 10th. there was a young lady of 19 years old at the time, alexander stefan of he was up, she arrested for waving a russian flag and giving a speech there. now he says he sees the victory day and waving the russian flags as a symbol of unity. but i think it's fair to say that the lobby northwards and the police didn't see it that way. they saw his actions as supporting the war and ukraine. now he faces up to 5 years in jail to certainly a have to sentence for waving a flag like a say, a very divisive issue, and i'm sure this won't be the last time we'll be discussing the baltic states moving soviet era memorials. class. peter mentioned a full quarter of love fears population are ethnically, russian. on the chief editor of the bolt news website believes authorities there are holy, ignoring the values of back grouping. this is a criminal decision made in the context of the crisis in ukraine. attempts to
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impose this decision on the routing majority have long been tried and the situation has formed such this become possible. this was taken advantage of the program was announced to dismantle all military graves and soviet monuments. this monument was a holy place for the russian speaking population, and hundreds of thousands of people come from many cities on mass on may, the 9th and the latvian nationalists did not care about the opinion of these people . their values were ignored. in order to humiliate russians in addition to the monument, there is a struggle with everything russian. the language symbols in saint george's ribbon all prohibited, made a 9 phase constantly marginalized and laughing authorities demonized this day. and the last one was the monuments. it was protected by a bilateral agreement with russia, but the latvian side does not comply with these documents and unilateral decided everything itself by before. ah, no police in the pakistani capital have file new charges against the former prime minister imran count for allegedly holding an unauthorized raleigh in islam about
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the additional charges focus on a rally held by cans p t. i party on saturday to express solidarity with his chief of staff and may plains. he was tortured while in police custody. during the same rally and run can criticize top police officials under judge for which he was later charged with terror offenses. the thumb about high court granted him pre arrest bail, and we'll be hearing from mr. cal himself next week. like it's only television anchor on political illness. my weed preseyada believes there's a political witch hunt against the countries former liter. it's inc, if you read to 50 for the reason is this is so old proceeding in new slumber, ice court looks patiently or rather than legal, there is no real saucen mcdonalds at the level within the country. it's pretty obvious that it's all of our political, which i'm, that is going on for quite some time in government media and the 13 party
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combination that is also supported by lots of military stablish when it's trying to disqualify the former prime minister on, on who's in fact, the most popular vision in the country on one of the other. so there's not only the content charges case that is there also, but that is in charge against them in the last 24 hours. there was a fight cases against him. water and what is called the salt water. one for linkage under things going on this and also a case. it is one of the, on the case where we be taking the wrong one on record stating that all the cases if the some of the other should be removed and martin barron from the politics and the whole. but if he borrowed from the politics and there will be need to divide his party. but he will popular that it is also very difficult even to see this one. busy moment this is only going to be an increase and that is normally
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very, very popular at the moment. market sunny for the last 2 years has been so popular across, but i'm guessing like all the folks in swinson, what he has said, any, any, see that i just need my lawyer and we have decided that we required to do this addition session jobs and we also have a friend, his x off and the reason of the despite the fact that he complains will be the doctor handed to you once again. so he gives the reason as well. i mean, no way is the thing that he's going to mol, action with a collection of retribution, who talks of a legal case additional sessions at, in the resort, which is, which is based on were indeed m ron can, who was i said earlier this year as the nation's prime minister has been under intense
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pressure from his political rivals who are now in power, not situations drawn plenty of parlors to what's happening states i would former us president donald trump r t racial blevins picks up the story. the crackdown on the former prime minister of pakistan continues months after he was removed from office, and it's drawn comparisons to the vine and ministrations treatment of former president trump. in a world where both former officials have seen their supporters compared to domestic terrorist in round con is now reportedly facing terrorism charges. following a speech, he gave to a crowd of supporters in which he vowed a lawsuit against police, alleging that they tortured his close aid. this comes as regulators have also banned the live broadcast of his speeches, drawing sharp criticism from con and response, the fascist imported government sung to a new, lo today by banning life coverage of my speeches on tv and then blocking you to
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temporarily during my speech at least get bog, all this after continuous intimidation of media persons and taking channels off air earlier, con continues to address anti government protest after he was removed and a vote of no confidence back in april. but while the government attempts to limit who can listen to his speeches that has only led to more attention and more support, so of kindness facing terrorism charges, then what does that mean for his supporters? and could they face action themselves? notably, hundreds of individuals gathered outside of conn's home after the police investigation into his speech was announced and they've out to take over the capitol if he was arrested. so far that hasn't happened as a court issued a protective order that prevents his arrest for at least 3 days. ah, with
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comparisons to the politics in the u. s. have come about as trumps. reach was also limited after he was banned by all major social media platforms. however, his supporters did participate and protest that turned into riots at the u. s. capital back in january 2021. their faces were placed on f. b. i wanted posters, and so far the longest sentence stands at more than 7 years. and while trump himself has hinted at running for office again in 2020 for the current administration, appears to be doing everything in its power to keep him out of the white house. earlier this month, trump's home was rated by the f b i with a search warrant revealing an investigation under the espionage act. similar scrutiny has been applied to con. as pakistan's media watchdog argue that the prime minister's speeches amount to threats against state institution and government officials, and therefore it cannot be broadcast live. it has been observed that mr. iran con
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chairman pakistan. terry key in soft in his speeches and statements is continuously alleging state institutions by leveling baseless allegations and spreading hate speech through his provocative statements against state institutions and officers which is prejudicial to the maintenance of law and order, and is likely to asterisk, disturb public peace and tranquillity at the tail of 2 populous politicians who continued to influence the public despite the fact that they are no longer in office, raising questions of how far the government's will go to st. silence their voices, and how their supporters will respond. okay, couple more stories to bring attention to on the program. the german chancellor left schultz is on a 3 day visit to canada, were among other issues he seeking a new gas partner or for the countries prime minister just. and trudeau has poured cold water in those hope, saying it won't be possible to deliver gas directly from the north american nation to berlin. liquefied natural gas conversion plants are usually placed close to the
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sources of natural gas. and as we look at the possibility of l n g plants on the east coast able to ship directly to germany, we find ourselves a long way from the gas fields in western canada. so german chancellor, olaf schultz went all the way to canada for let's face it a photo op with canadian prime minister justin trudeau to make it look like he's doing something about the energy crisis that risks tanking. the german economy and by extension, the european union's and schultz came up empty handed to know basically said that canada has no interest in building pipeline infrastructure that crosses the entirety of the country from the western oil fields all the way to the east coast. just to provide germany and the e you with fossil fuels, the you already blew its chest to get its hands on canadian energy via the keystone ex l pipeline. that was going to transport canadian oil to us refineries on the gulf of mexico, then shipped to the u. but environmental activist pressure,
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you know, the same kinds of germany has allowed to dictate its reliance on renewable energy, ultimately killed off that project. so germany is really just reaping what it has long, sewn in denouncing fossil fuels and vowing to move away from them. so what does schultz get to bring back in this case from canada? pledges of hydrogen energy development projects with canada, which will take years to get up and running. so schultz is really just fiddling with the green wall paper while the house is burning down. he's also banging on about unity against the folks who were providing him with cheap gas, as though that's going to do anything to get him out of the energy crunch. vengeance was um, we were able to show that russia is no longer reliable business partners. it has reduced the gas supply to all of europe, always allegedly because of technical problems that do not exist. good c o to. so it's important that we do not fall into putin's trap and that we stand together. what unity, exactly the e u is knocking on doors,
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world wide cap and hand begging for gas. meanwhile, washington pretends like the situation has nothing to do with america. when the reality is that the sanctions were initially and their idea, they then put pressure on the u ag them on in this sanctions folly. and that resulted in the you just following along against their own best interests and adopting all sorts of sanctions against things like their own energy supply. which apparently wasn't that great, an idea given the situation that we're seeing today now, you know, couldn't help getting in a little shout about how energy rich canada has quickly blossomed into the girl who suddenly has all the guys banging on her door because she has something that they suddenly desperately need after ending their energy relationship with russia. the fact that you came on this trip a specific driven, and i know we've said this a couple of times, but it actually means a lot when
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a leader like yourself comes to canada, not on the way to or from washington, but just for the express purpose of coming to canada, the euro also just dropped below parity with the u. s. dollar and is at its lowest value in 20 years. so who's the big winner in that scenario? washington, who's the big loser? clearly the e you show showed up on canada's doorstep gave it his best shot, but ultimately didn't even get to 1st base, energetically speaking in terms of any real action will independent journalists look repay, believes the e u is currently in a miserable situation. in contrast to the u. s. that widely benefits from the crisis. i think it so it's a no go for the mom is to visit for nothing problem. so they and canada doesn't help. there is no solution there. there is no solution and cut thought either, except in the long term,
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it will take 5 to 10 years before we ever all solutions done russia. and in the meantime, what they don't know, the idea was to bring russia to its knees and a slot russia, which is always nice. it's the european states. america is, is in perfect shape. everything is fine, and they some oil while and gas across ok. and so for you to put a country, it is the south of france for the industry as well. because b, m, w, almost cds made germany there will sell in much more difficult way to america tomorrow. america gets so, you know, get some advantage o an advantage in currency issues because the dollar is strong in a way. and so it's very complicated for your mouth. why for america, it's clashes have erupted in the argentinian capital with thousands of protesters and supporters gathering outside the home of the former
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president and current vice president. christina kirshner, demonstrators took to the grima, sorry streets after the public prosecutor announced it was seeking a 12 year prison sentence for kirschner, for a legit corruption paradigm. during her 2 terms as head of state, she also faces a potential lifetime bond from public office. a verdict is expected at the end of the year. her and president, alberto fernandez, dismissed the accusations as on funded on a reminder for up to the minute development. so all sorts of news and views are twitter page has you covered? do give us a follow if you're not already for bye for now. ah ah ah.


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