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possibility for the whole way, we need to make rules for the rest. because with out there with me, ah, and i would say a nuclear power plant comes under a fresh round of ukrainian shelling, according to local official, would be a talk following a previous slide. left hundreds of thousands of people without electricity, shorter showers and colder offices that the latest solution to the snow hauling energy crisis from european leaders. as they scrambled to fill up their gas boats ahead of a wind. so with less fuel from russia to, to be used and such with. 6 un peacekeepers without a bad job in a democratic republic of the congo, according to a top official from the african countries speaking to
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r. t un peacekeepers have been deployed in our country, especially in these for more than 20 years. we did not understand the meaning of all this because the task of protecting the population was before the peacekeepers wouldn't have a fulfilled. ah, very welcome. this is all t international with the late is world news update. it's good to have you with us this hour. the ukrainian military has once again opened fire up is that portia nuclear power plant does, according to local russian backs. officials who say the chalet has hit an area used to store radioactive waste. oh, forties have not reported any increase in radiation levels at the site. so far, that's close to our correspondent in don't you ask ramon cause or have now a room on it? thanks for joining us. what else we hearing from the officials about the current situation call this approach in nuclear power
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plant is under constant bombardment by the ukraine military. we just heard this friday that at least 4 shelves are landed and as upper ocean nuclear power plant and the well a v. a landed in an area that houses as storage unit for the radio, radioactive isotopes. however, the local authorities are reporting that at this moment, there is no nuclear threat, and there is no threat of a radioactive league. now, like i said, as upper ocean nuclear power plant, one of the, well, the biggest nuclear power plant in europe has been under constant bombardment so recently. and we've been getting quite a lot of conflicting information from the ukranian authorities regarding a power cuts from his approach nuclear power plant. now initially,
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ukranian authorities, as stated, that's a power supply from a there was completely cut off for all of the crating customers. now we're getting reports that sir old ukrainians are indeed getting electricity from us upper rogia . now the plant itself is under control of the russian armed forces at the moment. but like i said, it's constantly being shelled by ukraine nationalists. and those forces are located just across the river of from this nuclear power plant. now, according to a local authorities in the most recent instance key, if used incendiary ammunition in order to target the plant. and that caused a forest fire near by. and that in turn, caused a power surge sure,
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which resulted in a cut off of this is the 4, hundreds of thousands of people are in the ukraine now. the fire was indeed promptly extinguished by the russian forces. and the power was resumed. alice, here from the local authorities, showed up with some of the cheese in the upstream low for the there were full power lies which went across the river to ukrainian control territory. and 3 of those power lines were destroyed when our engineers tried to fix them. there were shelled of course we will not risk or people like that. again, the city of the portia, which is on the ukrainian control heavily depends on this energy source. the city's industry households. everything is linked to this up rogia power plant. plus the households in the city have been cut off from the central heating system, which increases electricity consumption and it makes the ukrainian side impulse is electricity from 3rd parties. so it was so quickly no
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ukrainian authority, sir said earlier that says upper roger nuclear power plant has completely stopped functioning. however, that was very unlikely because the nuclear power plant just can be simply stopped. ah, and sir started, it's now clear that sir, power cuts were only temporary, and electricity supply has now been her resume. now all that's happening despite the fact that this energy source is constantly bombarded by artillery attacks by the ukranian nationalists. now, are russian officials, they're calling for a cease fire in this area, calling for a cease fire against the nuclear power plant. and they are expecting experts from the u. n. nuclear watchdog to visit very soon and to make their own conclusions. remind me thanks for the update on our team. it remind concert that
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reporting to us from don. yes, hold a showers lower indoor temperatures on dog shop, windows and st. you needed the preparing best citizens for due to the unfolding energy crisis. european government taking drastic measures to slash the electricity consumption, which could significantly affect hundreds of millions of people. now germans will have to sit in cold offices and won't pass to unless buildings and monuments and the evenings will fit and we'll have to reduce the time they shower and use digital devices. that as electricity prices are rising significantly as households in the u . k. will pay 3 times more for heating than before. it's a rushes fault banks, according to german chancellor laughed. shalt say moscow is to blame for all the sanctions against itself, as well as the resulting energy crisis in europe. the politician also held russia's lead to flood, put into play. god is everywhere. people talk,
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i'm report how insane. he says that we had trade for decades, but that there was economic exchange shoals taught a mistake was, i don't think it was a mistake. lexmark is putin who made a mistake when, instead of putting the interests of his own country 1st item, he will satisfy his own imperial, my to romania, at the expense of the russian citizens who will suffer the most can the end. so the german chancellor, whose country is facing de industrialization power rationing and blackout dangers from self imposed sanctions, is now accusing russian president vladimir putin of not looking after russians. citizens. pretty sure the lights are still on in moscow and that moscow isn't forcing austerity on its own citizens, unlike french president emanuel mac hall, who suggested that coming down the pipe when he evoke the quote end of abundance earlier this week, sounds like schultz could use one of those self help courses that teach you to take
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responsibility and ownership for your own problems, rather than trying to project blame for your own choices and actions on to someone else. putin did not sanction germany or the you, you can't control what anyone else does. but you sure can control your own reaction to it. and the sanctions where the choice of the you and it's member states just went along with it. as for shorts, accusing putin of imperial ambitions. well, what about the european union's imperialism? that imposed sanctions on these on member states by demanding the adoption of these economically and socially suicidal sanctions. now, the unelected bureaucrats in brussels came up with these sanctions, and the member states were just expected to apply them on their own citizens without any democratic consultation. now, how is that not imperialism as special, saying that protein, quote, made a mistake. then wired germans in europeans, the ones who are paying the price right now,
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rush as pure wetted away from the west towards the global south in asia, while european leaders are going door to door all around the world. asking hey, got a gas for us. by the way, the gas is right in front of schultz is face as a german deputy and member of the parliamentary committee on energy and climate protection has just pointed out. even if the gas storage facilities are full, there will be enough for about 3 months. this winter and then what ideology has to give way to a real fact oriented policy. the only sensible solution is to launch nord stream to remember who 1st sanctioned nord stream to well before the ukraine conflict. if schultz is desperate to find a scapegoat for the fact, the governments from spain to finland are now barging into the private sphere to control room and water temperatures and reading their hands over potential unrest and power blackouts. perhaps he should start with those who successfully convinced the you to jump off that sanctions cliff. and that's not russia. that's washington
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. authorities in ethiopia, nov in te gray region, have accused the federal government of allegedly targeting residential buildings, including a kindergarten with several children, with importantly killed. there's no independent information confirming the number of victims. at this stage, o. c correspondents, corolla tot labrenz, modi's house. it's very difficult to independently corroborate some of this information, but we have both sides of the t grey was really accusing each other and blaming each other of breaking that 5 month long ceasefire elia, we have the government seeing that the t grees people liberation army, which is the rebel organisation representing t grey? here were the 1st to move on government targets in the southern part of ethiopia, around am hara, in a far region. and government has also said that it's the t gray people's liberation
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army, which were 1st to actually break the ceasefire by taking its own positions. now, what we have here is it's, we don't necessarily know who started the fight, but we know that is going to be much more difficult to silence the guns ones they have already started going east african countries have agreed to send troops to the democratic republic of the congo after a request to help stand violence in the countries east. as after un peacekeeping mission known as munoz sco, left left one of our spaces in the troubled region. after losing public support their authority. the now demanding is complete withdrawal from the country. we would like the contingency of the united nations organization stabilization mission in the democratic republic of the congo to withdraw from any territory, as well as from liberal territory and why not from north cuba. as we have indicated in the 4 civil society coordinations of the north, the un moved as peacekeepers from a space in the east in town of 10,
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both following violent protests there broke out last month, during which the bodies bases were attacked. dozens of being killed among them, united nation soldiers, civilians, and congolese police demonstrations highlight public frustration with the mission which has been present the democratic republic of congo for over a decade. with the aim of bringing stability to the conflict torn country. the us east has been plagued by fighting between an estimated 120 armed groups for decades. well than 5600000 people have been displaced in the d. r. c, as many killed due to the violence head of international affairs of the people's party for reconstruction and democracy, mateo care coumadin. gay argues that the un mission has failed to mitigate the crisis. because cobra do, as you know, un peacekeepers have been deployed in our country, especially in these for more than 20 years. the results of the population expected, however, have not been achieved as rides continue where to lie for an army is or by terrorists
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in the east civilians would kill them. un mission made concessions. as a result, people got tired of it. the population was fed up. we did not understand the meaning of all this because the task of protecting the population that was set before the peacekeepers were never fulfilled. we found ourselves face to face with warring parties who are busy steaming minerals, not protecting the population. we're not saying that no foreign forces anomalies in our welcome in our country. we say that there are certain armies or certain foreign aid, primarily military that could help us with their help. we will be able to understand when we can turn the tide and returned piece to our land, where they got reaction from a p d lo 10. create an online journal on african developments. she say some congolese residents want russia to come and help them after the un peacekeeping mission failed. oh no, no,
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i conquer, not people. i have not been happy with these people. oh, really, really not a concrete whitner her. no, i'm fine. and the car i to come and say that will come and help us when we come and see where they had a less than a 3rd of us, 193 member states of back to join statement condemning russia over the conflict in
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ukraine as a gathering of the un security council in new york. you claims on boss of the to the us, read the statements surrounded by other and voice during a press conference off the meeting. signatories include the united states, the european union candidate, japan and the united kingdom. ukraine statement condemned russia's unprovoked, full scale and legal invasion uncalled for an end to moscow's military actions. well, let's get the take on this statement now and speak to guess the architectural stuff, the director of aysa census will studies and translation brutally, ma roach, a political scientist and professor of international studies and andrew long international and independent china specialists. many thanks to all 3 of you for joining us on the program. my 1st question to mr. bruno, lima, russia. if i may, less than a 3rd un member state supported ukraine, statements made it the un headquarters. what do you make of this? well,
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the arrogance preposition and supremacist position. i feel last night. so i, if you saw the sam, we're talking from nathan america and their values are to do is an insult. smaller or how the color are big sticks policies to our account traced. i think that they are quite desperate about losing their head gemini, wide and put them in. 8 place for the family, the so called democracy, with all of the counters to have social conditions and welfare conditions. maybe it's on the end of their head gemini, or at least understanding that they are losing the hedge and money as we all know here in the next question to and list our connect my staff a please ask for the countries that back to ukraine statements, any surprises that no, because i want to say something at an average to is the united nations.
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unfortunately, via the last 4 years, we're not impartial or in the decisions all the resolution. that county where the security council all form b, a general assembly or their assembly journals, because of the pressures that is practiced by the whole country. which is, you know, contrary to the contrary to the status of the articles of association of they're not the nations itself. because america, why and most of the time just to practice pressures and refresh and all the countries in order to get the resolution what it was. but now according to then you media, this is cumulative by the west, especially the and the next one was in the united states and britain. and then you generation and the people when they started to know. 6 which is long and which is wide and the full and there is some sort of reluctance because with america you
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have nothing but we then you powers that representing the seller of that who presenting. then you will have all those specially china out of that shop like in america, africa, asia, iran, that can please, i think the big people. what with what worldwide there when. ringback such battlefields and also animation is trying to learn to be shown as you know, a good player on the international arena by the country. 1 1 like the don't understand or be wasn't requiring to and of mine a month. right? because but damage himself by the beginning of the washer operation in or crane. he was unfortunately not objective benson and he's a statement was a tendency towards the american or the british viewpoint. and then
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also we have a problem here, and in the how to choose the recruitment all the at our, off the search organization. there is a big question mark. and if we follow the report form, go excel refined admissions and read the i'm not doing the mentions or county, i am counting out the mission that's supposed to be done. i went up the plan to extend the time just to get a money and $70.00, which is paid by the hosting company. i am their luggage estate at the pool, get some sort of pressure just to extend that other people have to make an opportunity. people, they're not state and corporate them just to intervene in the admin of such templates in south just to extend and such to be existed most of the time and not giving another chance or the other. i was like china or russia, all the interview and having some sort of i question to mr. long, please. and so according to beth,
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the majority of the world does not bank the western position. why do you think boss is? well, i think the, you pay more. busy as much more complex than the letters in the un charter because i know you. busy united nations, charter, of course, as the sovereignty of each and every country and members of the united nations including play which of course is an independent country and. ready this all frontiers got to be respected as a surprise that countries have to say something on the united nations, but behind it all. the situations all come back because the, the west is trumpeting this whole in terms of a question by russia without paying attention to russia's security interest. for
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example, china is put into a position because china and all, and all the supporting and respecting each countries as often status on the united nation. but i'll get a hand trying to see the problems, all the, the pressure on russia to defend itself because of the ongoing expansion of nato. so i think that the situation is much more complex and also the war is. busy a lot of consequences around the world, and there is kind of an actual damage in 2 countries, even in africa, which are suffering from increase prices, increase energy prices. so there's the one that most countries the want of this war
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. and of course, that they just, they have to say this under the lot of patients there. but oh, i think more of all countries in the developing world see through america policy. i'll double standards because a was over the past so many decades. and it's using american exceptionalism to coercion and bullying other countries. but of course that this is not something which can be addressed by the letters of the not vision shorter than a lot of the countries in the developing world as an organ finders position in taiwan. and even on back to slide jayden, hong kong. so i think that this is a,
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a situation where the united states, as well as the align allies in the west to put pressure on this proceed entities including russia and china, particularly thank you. i tend to want to please, as one of the countries that don't support with sanctions on russia based on the grounds that such punitive measures will make it with diplomacy even more difficult . but why do you think the western countries are still trying to rally a united global front to punish most i could it possibly be that it's not all about the train? no, no, no. for me it's an a strategy coming from washington. and they are doing steps like for example, what happened at night is the brzezinski doctrine for. 1 erasure do strategic eurasia security policies. it was all fall down because i was like a stun. roshana china. they all together. then we have the vote of it's not trin,
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trying to impose 100, the a was the middle east, they are losing the war. there was even in the m and even with french troops in yemen. so nowadays comparing to the doctor, not you ask imperialism. the end of 50, of the think of centering with the po, canada doctrine trying to surround the bank a c in the pacific. so i think so that they are not only against russia, they are all against middle powers, and the arrange a connection from tional high to moscow to try to escape from the us dollar. i think the national currency, it will make international trade to be released from the swift and from the head, germany, from watching on from wall street, from the city lawn. that's the real reason of them. i to act like my stuff a please. do you believe that washington's assumption that other countries would just fall in line has been shot, said, now they had san i couldn't bear to find you, a member states a decline to condense, russia you know,
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the people now, you know, aware and listening to the league l y a y is enough in order to creep on grades and to make a waiting for which is true and reaches. as my colleague a, i think most of the people wanted white. now the 2nd one, the interference, or the meaning of them across the united states over the past couple years. and the, especially since the platform, the, it's not a problem. okay? green is a problem off that the united states all the angles at soon. i suppose the dog accept any other country to b and the forefront or just to be like a rival, whether it is russia or china, we did the south. and if you would read it, sent back to the fifty's and sixty's. oh, where?
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when general of the mass of the leader of the south and we want to do sion and he was inspiring a lot of leaders while it wide from russia to china, to latin america, africa. he was he or he has some sort of future agenda because the news on the very beginning of america and with the course of the even worldwide. and this is why you can do that and move, it says such time and since 1991, that lack of the negative as it was like a turning point in the world because the host ha, unilateral power and unilateral older and do next. it's planned to practice more pressures on the people via the center of abstraction, as i mentioned in the many years before, by your respect, that they're being not mentioned in the chapter of the ac admission in just a 2nd because they mention all the actions or are just
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a measure kicking again is and the countries by the matter of their sanction, it's just unilateral actions what they could states all united states as my greek one. but soon he mentioned why to, i think some precious bias with system by are yet the system a big mistake on the west end of the fall. i think that count please. now they are aware or not, which is why and which is why i'm doing that, just to protect folder and also to talk the invasion of the need to which is coming to own doors, the full it will divide and watch what in titled to do that according to the international law and the full if we follow the past years,
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america involved in and killed one. and we talked about already, massacre all of it. you know, and, and some people, as well as in libya, what happened to libya? what happened just a lot and you know what's happened to me and we're having some problems with your connections. i'm going to move on to our next question for mr. lung and countries, including india, brazil, south africa, and indonesia. i refuse to tell the u. s. line i know most interesting in neighboring li, neighboring mexico also refused to sign up to the ukranian statement. how damaging is this for washington? well, i think that the washington is beginning to realize that it's an old tool kit using the military and as, as, as a weapon,
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washing and bathing this and using sessions a whole united states. they're not on the front russia directly or ukraine, because russia, of course, is there way launch nuclear power. and likewise, the united states is unlikely going from china over taiwan. because china is also a very powerful nuclear power with long range type of delivery systems. now the average resulting dimensions using that as a movie on the us dollar. but even then you can see that is not going. ready to change the situation in russia because russia is much more resilient, and there was an economy, a strength. and so essentially, using us dollar bill always work. and likewise at the winter's coming and then the
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european union in spite of the pattern and impression that they are united, in fact that both of the people in the pinch when it comes to long and energy gas shortages and food prices using so that so bowl repeating unity is about to crack. now, i think the united states is, is coming to realize that a was a big by the west because according to the old e assessment of year 2000. busy and 30 the but i think, well it was the mon western well well what it comes or something like 60 percent of the. busy economy by the year, 2013 and that's why a lot of the developing countries feel that they can do all that and take a lot.


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