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tv   News  RT  August 27, 2022 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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very dramatic developments, only really i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful. very difficult. time. time to sit down and talk with kids forces shell central don. yes. kidding. a hotel and the capital city university building one day after you praying shells residential areas under russian control, leaving 5 people dead mm . explosions during out in the crimea, dias, russia defense system, reportedly goes into action near the city of via but doria late on friday evening. while the west continues to point a finger at russia for the global energy crisis
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on gary approve moscow construction up to new nuclear reactors. the countries foreign minister praises the thanks to these 2 new nuclear units, we can insure hungary energy security for the long term and protect the hungarian population. and the narrative that kosovo is therapy needs to be forgotten. that's the controversial statement from american envoy to the western balkan during a visit to belgrade, in which he had time to eat conscience, but instead, leave many perplex ah, hello from martine or national studios in moscow. i'm carol, it is about with our top news stories from around the globe. happy to have you join us. we begin with the latest on the ukraine conflict, cabs force the shell, the capital city of don. yes,
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republic. early this morning. ah. as you can see, leaving trees on fire, car scorched and building shattered smoke from the fires drifted through the air near don. yes, national technical university. this footage was shot in front of a hotel which came under fire along with the college. no casualties have been reported and emergency workers continue to make the area safe. the r t crew is that the site of the shelling. generally for children who groans came, i am at around 5 in the morning. the ukrainian military resume shelling denounced. several shells were fired, one of which fell right here is the 2nd time this place has come under fire from the cranium military. according to reports, at least $505.00 millimeters, shells were fired. the shots, scattering everywhere. this boof was damaged. the place is located directly in
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front of the park in hotel. the facade of the hotel was damaged this more the shells, london, the car park, and cars were also affected. the 3rd crates, it was also found near the technical university civilian cars and an apartment building were also damaged the bottom of human. earlier friday, 5 people, including 2 children, died after ukraine child the settlement of coy b. chabot. in his upper rogia region, which is under russian control cubes, military was using american high mars rockets systems, according to the regions governor. among the infrastructure damage was a residential building. although a member of the reasons administration says there were no military objects near by . and in the low gods people's republics, 3 people died and 7 more were wounded when kiev fired at a hospital. yet again, using u. s. provided high marsh rocket launchers that's according to russia's defense ministry. meanwhile, ground fighting continues in the don. yes,
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republic were russian back troops are advancing on towns being used as fire positions by the ukrainian army. one of them is marine got near don. yes. where are teas? romano? closer a visited the republics army. ah, the 2nd tank battalion of the nest people's republic armies. 5th brigade are now working against the enemy, czar gets in its own all fo madi and god, the city of the nest is still constantly. b, a shelled by ukrainian nationalist and these guys are instrumental in destroying ukrainian army positions just on the outskirts of the nest. it's on offer money. and ga, according to officials, at least 75 percent of the town is now free and they'll be making sure that there are no more ukrainian artillery positions.
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we're now at the headquarters of the 2nd tank battalion on the outskirts of done that's the tank is already working against ukrainian nationalists positions. now these guys are now operating the drone, which is right above the tank. and so they making sure that it hits the target that it needs a little okay. approach though, and you said you list area as well fortified. the defense was prepared in advance, so it's hard to move forward and we do it slowly, but with determination for the shims resumed. the fundamental difference between them and us is that we protect our lamps, how children, parents, all citizens of that. the next glance, republics, what they destroy is now families. they are cold blooded. this soviet c, 64 tank is back from the front line as you can see it. so all in fact the crew are safe and sounds and like they said,
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they were working against the ukranian nationalists, military positions. right now they will reload and head back to the front room on call for if hearty, the nest people's republic in the upper roget, the ukrainian military open fire 10 times on the regions nuclear power plant on friday. that's according to local russian back officials who say the shelling has, hey, an area used to store radioactive waste. no damage has been reported, and the radiation level is said to be at a normal rate. we got insight into the situation at europe's largest nuclear plants from alexi ante love of a former worker there. who says that any further ukrainian shelling would mean a constant blackout for millions of residents woocommerce answer never is human history. fortunately has active military action been waged near nuclear power plant and is the 1st time that
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a policy to the conflict i. ukraine has deliberately targeted a nuclear power plant with the intention of hitting its most vulnerable pause. the containers was the most dangerous and the most radioactive materials, of course, were built a sustained attacks by a multiple roggette launch system or high caliber artillery. but there is a very high chance that sooner or later there'll be a direct hit on one of them. cream before the conflict, these approach a nuclear plant power, it's 20 percent of all ukraine. every 5th kilowatt hour was produced there. of course consumption has reduced dramatically in ukraine now because a lot of industries thought and masses of people left. it was only because of this that the ukraine in the electrical system didn't collapse and thursday when there was a temporary power cat. so ukraine things by hitting the plant, there won't be a boomerang effect against them. but there will be and for the millions of people living in the region, if the shelling continue, it will mean constant blackouts. and for a long time, no rush has air defense system has reportedly gone into action near the city of yes,
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but toria in crimea. the this video posted on social media late on friday evening, claimed to show explosions in the region allegedly filmed by local residents. russia is yet to confirm that if air defense system went into action while european leaders continue to blame moscow for the energy crisis to new russian made nuclear power, generators are to be installed at the hungarian plants. alexi lehigh child the head of wrote rushes and the nuclear energy company ross adam, sees the move as a step of mutual trust. if it be with navy res thought here, this is the 1st license in recent history obtained by ross at him in the european union. this is very important. these nuclear reactors are already in use in the russian federation. they have been working effectively for several years. we have
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building them in a number of countries. this is environmentally friendly and inexpensive electricity . we also have some of the most economically attractive indicators. we have been co operating with hungary for many years. there are plans to expand that cooperation, making such a decision shows a high level of trust in our technologies, and especially for 2 of them. for the 1st time in recent history of russian nuclear power units are to be installed in a european union member nation with construction expected to begin as early as october, moscow, budapest share a long history of mutual cooperation and energy. and the hungarian foreign minister has said he sees the agreement as a turning point, ensuring his country's energy security as yet my to do, they handle in hungary. we have been working for a long time to expand the existing pocket nuclear power plant with 2 new powerful units. what does a move this work has come to a new turning point? as hundreds, even thousands of permits are needed for the construction of
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a new nuclear power plant thanks to 2 new nuclear units that we can insure hungary energy security for the long term and protect the hungarian population from sharp fluctuations and international energy markets. we will therefore insure a policy of reducing utility costs that obtaining a construction license as a major milestone, a turning point. and that strengthens our hope that by 2030 the nuclear power plant will begin its activity at hawkinsville. georgia am wiley, a senior research fellow at the global policy institute in london says hungary leader is simply trying to do right for his people. victo urban has repeatedly said that he thinks that the sanctions policy against russia is absolutely ridiculous and destructive. oh yorkie, an economy or mad also obtain that calls out for awhile. and the european union is
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supposed to cover a whole oil imports from russia by the end of the year. but i'm going to call out it's going to go on. he's made clear that he thinks it's just absolutely ridiculous and that his job as hungarian prime minister, is to look after the interests of the people who had vocal, who named it on gary's america, special envoy to the western. balkan says he hopes tensions between christina in belgrade do not escalate, but as thrown further field or the fire by stating that the very idea that kosovo is part of serbia should be forgotten. i think we have to move away from the narrative that kosovo serbia, and move toward the the narrative, their cultural and serbia are europe. however, the envoy then contradicted himself, i acknowledging that washington is not a participate in the dialogue between serbia and its break away province. talk that serbian president alexander russo, which says, have failed to ease tensions,
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but are generally going in the right direction. voltage also says he hopes for promise. as the discussions continue tensions between belgrade and christina started spiraling out of control last month after kosovo announced that serb issued identity documents and card number plates would no longer be valid. the decision as prompted sporadic clashes between ethnic serbs, local albanians and police, with some roads being temporarily blocked. implementation of the new rolling by kosovo has now been postponed till september 1st name bo shamal h a serbian american journalists and has story and says that the u. s. envoy statement illustrates washington's long lasting ploy for the region. you have the american government going all we please, we hope that there is no tensions, but both tacitly and, and literally encouraging tensions by basically giving a green light to the cause of albany and to go ahead and implement this illegal
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power grab. and then of course, when something happens, they'll be think always some align russian influence. we must put in more troops and spend more money on raytheon missiles in order to make this happen. so i think it's, it's a cynical power ploy. and it's, it's perfectly in line with everything that the u. s. has done in the region since $999.00, regardless of which party has been in power. nato is turning its eyes to the our tech alliance. had jen stoughton. burke has made his 1st official visit to canada's frozen far north despite the country's long standing resistance to nato involvement . from there, the chief of the north atlantic alliance attempted to justify its encroachment by highlighting it, perceive russia, china throughout. increasing parts of the arctic will be ice free in summer. this is unlocking opportunities for shipping routes, natural resources in economic development. but it also raises the risk of tensions
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. authoritarian regimes are clearly willing to use military intimidation or aggression to achieve their aims. at the same time, they're stepping up their activities and interest in the arctic. thornton berg went on to stress the need for quote, euro atlantic security accusing russia, which has warned, against military zation of the arctic, of increasing its activity in the region and placing quote, the u. s. at risk sultan burg also accused china of planning a new polar silk road. he said nato plans to step up its activities as a response, but the vice share of the swedish piece council claims that stole some burgers. not being honest about the alliances, presence, stall, simberg is a lawyer. i think when he will make us believe that they have now been in the north for the 1st time. there has been yearly, military exercises in the entire north main
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door has never brought stability. nato is a war alliance because they do has, is not defending anything. they are an attack force, canada in the u. s. bidding in the arctic. the u. s. don't care about anything but give feeding. russia that was o crane, among other things is about and well, nato has its, i sat on russia and china, norberg again says the alliance as an economic focus on helping western countries plunder. they are tech resources under the ice when it's melting. the 5th, all the world's oil is there,
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and the 3rd of the world's gas, so is under the ice. so it's not only a love, strategic am thinking. it's also all rubbing their area from resources as they tend to do from the west, poor europe. what will they do? we know they have not these resources. and so they are, so i and so i think they have to do everything they can in their mind to get hands on their resources in the arctic might be a way of helping the west in their sense, made a predicament by being so arrogant and right oh, stupid, ah, and as the pentagon continues to shower,
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ukraine's military with money and weapons, the u. s. inspector general says he's on high alert for any security issues within the thousands of contracts with care of we have developed a universe of thousands of ukraine related contracts that come in under $2000000.00 each. that's more than $7800.00 contracts valued at a combined to point $2000000000.00. yet nato officials said that the tracking and security system should be tested. concerns have grown over the ukrainian arms accounting system and the fidelity of kids government. after some weapons have reportedly found their way onto the dark web, where ukrainian traders offer not only small arms but javelin anti tank systems and phoenix go strong's. previously, euro po warned that some of these weapons might be smuggled into the u regarding the war in ukraine. euro pole has warned that the proliferation of firearms
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explosives in ukraine could lead to an increase in weapons and munitions traffic into the u. this threat might even be higher once the conflict has ended earlier this week bite and also announced another package of military a to ukraine, estimated at almost $3000000000.00, including air defense and artillery systems, munitions and radars. in total, washington has now provided $10600000000.00 and military aid to kev and committed to $25000000000.00. former us marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter, says there's a real danger of american weapons flooding the european union. all it takes is one javelin missile, getting the hands of the wrong people. and you could have a dead political leader in europe. all it takes is one sting or anti or missile. and you have a airliner shot down and we have the potential of having dozens, if not more, of these are highly lethal weapons, man, portable weapons,
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weapons fit the trunk of a car. you know, flooding europe. it's too late. you can't put that genie back in the bottle. i mean, things can be done going forward to, to try to control these weapons. but, you know, the problem is, is so much the lack of a system of accountability on the part of the united states. the problem is ukraine . it's one of the most corrupt places on the planet. a nation that should broiled and war were the norms of the rule of law have gone out the window. we don't think what happens when those weapons making mans of al qaeda and isis and are turned on americans in our allies, the same thing in ukraine. you know, we claim to be this big supporter of need of the support of the european union. yet the weapons that we're providing ukraine will end up through the black market into
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the hands of chairs and criminal elements. and so you can do harm to the european union to our nato allies. you know, it's, it's, it's absurd. and the extreme and anti war coalition has criticized the swiss government for purchasing american fighter jets without a vote. branding a quote, mockery of a functioning democracy. the stop f. 35 coalition claims that in doing so. the government has ignored a petition containing 100000 signatures. opponents of the deal say the $6000000000.00 purchase would tie switzerland too closely to the u. s. calling it ill suited for the security needs of this most people. the government, meanwhile, has warned that any delay in the purchase would lead to a rising cost. we spoke with the executive vice president of the eurasia center url, ross newson, who believes switzerland is becoming more strange from it's much celebrated
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neutrality. they are staying closer to us technology i think they're being influenced more by walking. well, i think we've seen a gradual shift away from their traditional crowley. but again, we're, we're kind of ignoring voice people, which i see not just in switzerland but across many european factory then. and i would say the us as well, also interesting here and up until recently, all their military was reserved on call. only recently have to have they actually brought on active boards. i think there's about maybe 1500 active air force pilots, the support personnel. so you're going to see right now you're saying the impact from an energy cost impact on a, on a food costs impact on. and i think you're seeing the impact on the supply chain area with which i think we're only seeing the early stages and discord
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in the united nations as less than a 3rd of the organizations, 193 members. states have back this statement, instigated by kev condemning russia over the conflict in ukraine at a new york gathering of the un security council. the statement was read out by survey has set sy, ukraine's ambassador to the un. signatories include the united states, the european union, canada, japan, and the united kingdom. while countries such as india and china didn't sign, we discussed the lack of unity at the un with united nations. unfortunately, by the last couple years, we're not impartial until the decisions all the resolution with the gospel, they're simply gentle because of the pressure that back to. 7 the whole country, american wine, most of the time just to practice pressures and refresh and all the countries
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in order to get them to lucian was about now. and then you media that gated by the west, especially with the united states and britain. and then you know, a ship and the people what they started to know, which is long and which is why washington is beginning to realize that it's an old tool kit using the military and as, as, as a weapon or, and, and treating this as using sanctions i think that they are quite desperate about losing their head gemini, wide, and put them in place for the family, the so called democracy, the united states, as well as movie, is allowing, is a lot of, in the way to put pressure on is perceive entities including russia and china,
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i think more of all countries in the developing world, seeing to america policy, i'll double standards because of america has been talking maybe was over the past, so many packets. and using american exceptionalism to collection and bullying other countries. but of course, that this is not something which can be addressed by the letters of the not vision . saunter, people wonder why now the interference or they're not getting it over the box. they have the bulk of it's not trained trying to impose a 100. the a one thing though is losing the war. there was even in the m and even with frank troops, m. and so nowadays on their, into the doctor, you asking theorem isn't this on the 17th century, with the polk county dog train trying to surround the bank a seed in the pacific. so i think so that they are not only against russia,
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they are all against middle powers, and the arrange a connection from tional high to most call a soon as a whole. they don't accept any other country to be and the full front or just to be like alive with china, with the idea of a plus the brakes. countries in brazil, russia, india, china and south africa plus other countries like mexico and gina. and even in central european countries are falling to line. so you can see that the . busy is changing, i no longer be paid by and you with me again, but in washington, and a lot of the western countries still living in a and a g. s. if they can continue to sit on top of the world. ah,
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no respect for tramps supporting republicans that show by in view of those who follow america ex president ahead of the looming mid term elections. i respect conservative republicans. i don't respect these miger republicans will, would be a nation of unity of hope, of optimism, not evasion of anger, violence, hatred, and division trumpeter extreme major republicans have made their choice to go backwards. full of anger, violence change in division, but we've chosen a different path. the u. s. president also slammed the make america great again, philosophy, a semi fascism at a democratic riley. republicans have called biden's comments. despicable a former democrat says the president's comments diminish a large part of the american population. what we know is that in 2020 donald trump
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garnered roughly 13000000 more votes than he did in 2016. which means that he got the most votes of any sitting president in american history. he was the most popular sitting president in american history and by joe biden making comments like he has he has demeaned integrated and diminished, and very much disrespected 70 plus 1000000 people in america and gone back on what he said initially going into office in 2020 when he said that he wanted to unify people that he wanted to unify america, that he wanted to be a unifying president. he doesn't want to be a unifying president. he wants to be a president, that's ruling with an iron fist and completely dest, disrespecting and demeaning, the american people who stand behind the mag a movement. my definition of a civil war is one that exists in the digital square, and that's already happening. i do believe that conservatives are being victimized
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and are being oppressed in this social media, digital square. i think that democrats have already engage in that civil war against conservatives. emergency workers are battling and enormous plays at a mattress factory in the northern indian state of luther. for this. more than half a dozen fire department vehicles are reported to have sped to the scene after the fire broke out in the building. second floor, no casualties. have been reported and authorities are still to investigate the cause of the blaze brushes. national guard continues to tackle a forest fire in the rise on region around 200 kilometers south of moscow. the blaze has been burning for almost a week, and emergency workers have now dropped around 320 tons of water in an effort to extinguish it. at one point, the fire encompassed an area of 17 hectares. that's around the size of $32.00 for fall hitches. ah,
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flashes have erupted in the west bank after israeli police attempted to break up a palestinian protest. israeli police reportedly used tear gas and rubber bullets in the crack down east of the city of talk arm after which several activists were injured. the protest was against israeli sadler activity in the job ball area, which is adjacent to the israeli settlements of honor. that's a rap on this ours most press. the new stories from around the globe for more news had over to r t dot com and for more video content, be sure to follow us on twitter gap odyssey and rumbled thanks for watching with ah ah
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ah ah ah craig will never be a victory for russia ukraine war is a proxy war. this is a war between russia and the united states to mess oman are made. it comes to los, she's just been in.


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