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fucked up. she is a, she would examine that with you unless you speed you up. but i, what can i, in this price, quote, you go what city and you're still still esteem is dvd, an email address though it is up a thing about it, noting yet post arrows postcard, but shops going to go further development in ga, the western sponsored my dad and coo and the ambition to pull both countries into nato at all costs and conflicts and a profound global security crisis. those numerous attempts to negotiate the rules of the game in europe to futile the human under decode that america, latoya gray nail mexico do on my generic could m that could m w school max just couldn't kind of in the buck, ma'am. the truck games him nuts at the moment of most of that you'll hit b 3 and bullied being lost there. 60 percent of ways because the list that was thinking. yeah. so i see. so for begin, that would be good. i'm a to control it said i didn't talk on tournament delay c y a could as in mute.
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so why should do to shinji was your point parliamentary letters and then what could do move back and medical history taking the can when you can use a stale of a formula in crane and they, you intuitive doria to cool way in the british group into areas of let i see you with the addition of the one on the left from dental kings, cause i'm a fuel the united states and for many years now provided in the area between a $1300000000.00 worth of lethal and non lethal military assistance to ukraine per year. some were some misconduct kaski mosquitoes, him cardoso was to run the show. okay. in the case push this unusual from europe. here to come out of charlotte, they yelled at us completely from the dog. we shouldn't look for them to the point, but if the heat stupid is short, the freshness years we've got to, to bullish to we've got to if you need to consider what actually is currently 3rd of this month, excuse me, should we will with some live clarence club lacresha,
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we're ordering him merchandise. i'm up emotionally, phil, if you keep your kid there. cool. what order can share them? sponsor or throw? no for them. leaning the stumps. and noticing these girls, if you were sitting ordering sure you're supposed to. so you, me and i miss, be with what we're seeing now is just the tip of the iceberg, the logical outcome of washington's he is known and consistent policy. ukraine was chosen as a native bridgehead near russia's borders back in the mid 19 ninety's. when the country started its nato integration. i was in 2008, when george w bush said he wanted to trade in georgia to be a fast track than to date out that the venue s ambassador to russia, william burns, who's now the head of the c. i sent back the memo to washington, titled me yet means new yet don't cross russia's red lines when it comes to ukraine . joining nato, we see when you meet my tree lane,
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and then by she looked at 8 years ago. it was somebody collectively, is that what i have been years though, if you would give jeff know, crania, and tickets to perform the what was your only be able to reduce the huge to have some good looking place? yeah, he up around with machine unit on bush. by the end of 2021. he had a mast of 150000. the strong military force of well trained and heavily on specialists on the dpr, an lpn borders. intelligence reports corroborated that he wasn't being done for defensive purposes. the plan was to launch a full scale ukrainian offensive in don bass and crimea. when it comes to when of course, ashley used crystal getting a beloved little bit. lucas picture that able to cio from us when she does, when you're dealing with long. as you know, she'll duck you can finish and i can eat the tutorial
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a subtle from club with to he couldn't seem expression of miss middleton wants to be able to initiate the dinner. eat dinner on thursday, the dentist on over there also, even though kirk samantha cool will, it's pretty good. on february, the 24th, the russian bombers rumbled over ukraine like a bolt from the blue. having a cheap, tactical surprise, the russian on forces the home strategic and strikes on important targets across ukraine. military ranges, thank trees, crowns deposed air field logistics hubs, but no civilian target. so i hit a rapid ground offensive, was launched. hamilton, his late troops headed towards key. can you go to me how cut asked on, and mary, advancing in all directions. full drive it with you never know guardian go ahead,
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but with addition that glucose you do something with my gast, i mean cut dora lois, or organ coupler. glue more key or tissue machines on this. they're only fuel coupling. when it comes to say, la pushing with electrical storm kiera young corporal, but at the moment, all as a keel, who am i still couldn't understood the women that were fishing school district and jennifer green stay on the corner of the coach. the shortish came way pretty cowardly. cut the more mister d. a group, it'll critical squeaky flu. i'm not going with the milan. and i thought you were in the on itself, the hugh, good year pitiless. real thought. my in the dcf on yes and yet the, the, you listen for bad i so my chest, you need, well, you got on steadily as often all went up and you said something, you get that much. so mrs. lip at the demon, 7 harrison established for a stupid, but almost all we seemingly illness out of me. he is up a piece of monitors up up would the fancy me it doesn't matter. simply
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a brush up also a dyadic start story security which is hideous. involved barrett venture appeared to was in there is a matter of life and death is about the future of our global community. we're going to stick with ukraine and all of the allies who stick with your credit . as long as it takes to, in fact, make sure that they are not defeated by why you crave some issue in ukraine by 5, by russia. so find out where were you in was a new approach for carrying them or were you in protest? so we'll, we'll go from much in total grade. so michelle crowns car, i'm, if they're going, yeah. and the liquor broke shout me. he said, just in a sure of them off or furnished or trulia done as can new guns. people's republics militia conducted offensive operations,
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receiving any support from the russian and force. thanks to coordinated our defense efforts, russian troops managed to intercept more than 97 percent of enemy aerial targets. in less than that, you can tell you me about the kid that a his kid piece of william. what would that it would push get more off the bill. i just wanna someone not that that much that a campaign. sure. even to lead national in the 1st few days of the special operation strategic territories, house on region bordering crimea. and a major part of zappa rogia were taken over by the russian army, essentially without any resistance, military infrastructure and equipment. repaired for transfer to don bass among the 1st things to be destroyed. russia is that only collecting intelligence, but carrying out tactical counter intelligence against all ukrainian intelligence capabilities. but the intelligence capabilities of the united states in europe that are operating direct support of ukraine. ah,
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during these years while preparing an army of so called defenders of ukraine, it's western handlers deliberately chose the most dangerous and harmful tactics in terms of consequences for civilians. a got only 3 junior, mister parking reduced to grow school worship shobel. she was, moreover, prompted by their western handlers, the ukrainian leadership adopted the outdated practice of creating so called festivals, which inevitably entail civilian casualties. oh, i hear from bill for famous concealment source through sorta regard both more of christ. but he got the 1st and we'll get on their food. groups of them are on your, essentially with us, which is my resume should go no graham, i fixed some of you with the model of the machine. you see people for through my
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phone as you do a full no reason to measure it. despite hostilities in the 1st days of the special operation, moscow came to the negotiating table. immediately. the 1st rounds of talks were held in person and bella rose. then the side switch to discussions via video will be it to no avail. the end of march a month out to the special operations started, russian and ukrainian delegations resume face to face talks in east dembo turkish president, elegance, media to the negotiations. a closure need that a miss altitude w smith, you about it yelled a bunch of them is it took to point to customer committee to submit a lynch only than a biz marshall patient base. how to relate to 20 stumble. jewish melanie debbie's, bookish melinda, paula mac satellite dish, minette technician, angela, and i'm buy them like it's high bit, but then all for that can be different than the top. plaza model ship punishment, the last name, crunch to la rieney balfor's america. best a tom
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t as to net model chabot, paloma. i'm not too jenny. modest human about tele, my god or not with our minus f model, should miss i was going to do with your study miss i to from done children in the because i just bought took no apply. you know, you know right now, come to an empty negotiation stoled ukraine submitted its peace treaty proposals to moscow, withdrew its forces from the cave, jen egan, sumi regions to deescalate the conflict. in reality, it's troops were regrouping. the russian armies disengage units transferred to hock of region and dumbass special military operations. second stage began not sharing them. yes. portals ship a coordinates all about week was huge scale. thank you and what she had on that, but i mean in yeah, but i need to give her daughter the consented hearing you should do what you choose . and for 2 years, i mean you talk to cool human. yeah. and when you talk to multiple from the status
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of that shipment, direct productivity focus group. thank you more than 40 years later to some additional and you to know what to do, what she's kick waiting. do you see what is a doctor that mr. anybody? district clearly frequently in your but if you could almost around september to one because you also but you were in here. nobody from deal. it's wishing by sure accident i missed your engine. yeah. reason you guys last your can be in the 2nd reason this time you play on the question though, i would have been malia totally. so that was before that that was the way you must with blue with
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oh, when i was a shave out this day because the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. the 1st stage is main goal was to eliminate military infrastructure. now, russia must secure full control of a dumbass and southeastern ukraine in order to safeguard crimea and provide a land cargo to the peninsula. i think that russia is proceeding in a very deliberate and even mature way. i think some statements have come out from some
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russian leaders that they are not a prisoner to any time. so there is no artificial need to win by june when by july, when by august it comes down to a question of, can russia achieve its strategic military objectives with the forces that it is currently assembled? some people believe that that's not possible with the only vote to counts is that of the russian military and the russian government, if they believe it's possible and the russian military continues to perform the way it is, then this war will probably drag all through the summer and end with some sort of a you strategic russian victory with russia has designated a conflict as a special military operation. meaning that fighting is conducted with significant restrictions where here in the united states, they say, oh, the russians are bogged down. the russians are going more slowly than anybody
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anticipated. it's because the ukrainians are fighting so hard. no, not at all. the reason is that the strategy is different. the russians said from the very beginning that they wanted to avoid civilian casualties. their goal, their policy was not to destroy the infrastructure of ukraine. their goal was not to attack civilian targets. me never smoke through grey locker cause it would i go even when you're a mother and grains of kirk, who rushes financially, but at some aggression will know them this for of the initial or somebody mia? national genius of intrusion. near america, school doctor study sports or any premier to work you get a constitutional issue. someone would have to pose royal particular cities who says emily priority will wound the pieces. it took a post here. those are pushing scrapbooking advice. covenants to prove that gives
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us he is, wasn't, was in the studio with us from shipping. what story to journalist appear to still groopman. she's on the phone to smith says you marie keith lee article he won't play at the hotels from are you with no system was dealing with g o n new partition in the selenium with fit your mobile interest of the screen? that's interesting. tutors, yet i was using that you're from dick a sort of window in the curb will. yeah, cuz that's listed for the not cisco keeps who it is. you. meanwhile, the weapons that are continuously being supplied to ukraine can on fundamentally alter the course of military action. in reality, only does this prolong the conflict and increase casualties among civilians and armed forces on both sides. and everyone in ki, moscow in washington, clearly understands this. the ukraine war is a proxy war. this is a war between russia and the united states. and again, it's one of those situations where the u. s. can fight
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a war and not lose any of its own people. so after 911, the u. s. transitioned into what really is a full time war like the economy where we almost always have to be at war for our economy will fall into recession. and so when we see these enormous amounts of money going to ukraine, 40000000000 dollars, 13000000000 dollars. it's not that we're just writing the check and giving ukraine free money. almost none of that money as cash goes to ukraine, where it is to u. s. defense contractors. did you do not so much and i can do the oscillation, the court as i washing them yet i'm solution. but curtis arctic out and i've got his brothers got in there who i couldn't find any i to know. grandma chuckle, my lot of women hipson debt. i'm a constant i should get that. we've won a lot of cars under cuz i'm you don't want me to la la la, because i'm the joe. i made kind of column style copier patio to get the needle pie
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one love job miss a lot of july. can you did on test, didn't it any that we don't understand? i could physically media measure the less nasa coalition. polishan. i'm anybody who got americans plus you get them in cotton boy, mother should i get? so i started mess after member that after $990.00, the united states was hedge. a monic was the sole superpower and the wars in iraq and afghanistan, guy so badly. russia had a resurgence and in china emerged on the world scene bursey world in the military and economically. and so it was a multiple the world again. united states is trying to use their situation now to reassert american unit polarity. wasn't even the deserts a nashik army boots, teaching a study issue fullest in the scope of grade the she shes commissioner, correct. she's been us medical,
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unsympathetic. he really could pretend this is that normally with a nauseous for me to make it to him, you're my new shop. we ship here and listening. we're completed. i'd nobody me in the green. no. she just deal with student at the wooster with question if thought color suddenly mean risky. me to. so something of them. bush and you get to of coupler as it would be dishes we sold ledner prostate finished a book date reasonable can you believe given which is given 3, she scored me when i was was through it no nino borrowing and nobody was touching that won't be a critical fault, i was a part of this year. you printed off with nikolai. what did the what know really look like you're pretty just was interested. you're getting your but on the pastor nadisa cut sort of the question by washington. invisible. yet discernible lines of defense manifested on russia's borders with its 2 northern neighbors spindle and sweden. these nations optic to join nato, citing moscow's alleged aggressive intentions. excuse me, has given him a human brain about who chester. ne cheney earnings up here. i'm going to screaming
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our water, especially like with canada, glasgow enough schools in our schedule. if you can give us a window of when you renew it on the can settle cheaters for you in the area along . when i get off last year, going to school to go to the motion place conditions for many of us. it was a slow restriction builder. when you come to learn what it is, sort of in your store, shantika, most of the scenes crew. reconstruct the floor serious, your she chest a to statement of some of the names on that in person. in your 2nd, i knew us when you, through your company wills lawyer or, you know, logan national, social security and released machine america is switch with none the. and i'm not doing it a messy devon mulkins. the net to say a couple other we'll shuttle do. yoga and then of it's just that is that it was mangan left and she didn't shock me all that and then we'll say a rush and help load on the case makes you how did you about the w? but other than just so it could or was that and then and then kind of in the day up
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much do you show them the children and this is justin it's kristen does not cut identity multi pins and a couple that will show you who's a bit cute what it is that a fall can is that it helps it makes you off my medicaid and i'm like your top dog . your point to get if that a lot of them, but few number of a switch you get. one of the dick mouth is in it, made of not to go to high and they get to make a sphere. a family that has come though in church there's a with the one like a custodian for voice commercial, one with the whole the $53.00 and the quarter. so she is really rushing to your son of couple of them over to she note. can you please shoot him to prison or with the menu? it's clicking to login. now to stumble with. thank you. config kentoria wilson. you are spending paris still in missouri. william up stano. cool. the freshman i've been telling me of doing,
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your boy funeral still is benefiting from new items come from. i've heard ocean. you well, we have machine, you some english, the lens of olympic roughly. not only diplomacy should worship and up in his care to put up in different conditions, unity me or when you wrote phone book this minute here from coming up with almost the she linda things are reginald, is anybody seen you in your book? for sure, when you come in the stuff while sweden has no direct motor with russia, except for the root cleaning grad by the baltic sea, finland face is a radically different situation. nearly 1300 kilometers with over 1000 kilometers of shared land border. the decades since the treaty of paris in 947, this region has enjoyed good neighborly relations and mutual partnership. for example, russian, the armed forces were pulled back from the finish border and move 1500 kilometers deeper into russia. whether they remain in those positions now that finland has
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ceased to be neutral, remains to be seen. it's not moved for and i told being an operational body for an integrated meditative structure, which is comprised of talk to different a mini city technology and kind of abilities. it's hard to combine them, it's hard to make them instead of able to teach other than you extend this interoperable difficulties if it's some nordic space that brings up additional premium for others. other members of a large group of nato. how big as be? yes, turkey, by territory and lesser capabilities. think next to them. ah, louise and tell us how limited come about teasing in. therefore, dear contribution to old alliance. territory, integrity will be limited, but alas, you return. we'll have to provide them in the shall defense. it's barely more than an hour's drive from the finish border to rushes 2nd city st. petersburg. it's just
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140 kilometers. thank that appears to be regarded as especially promising across the ocean in the pentagon. of course, on the top of that there's an russian position which states that the if those nordic states, hello, that t nato, assault weapons, or other bennet's rating goblins to russian territory, to with deployed in sweden, oil film. and then it will have to be a problem between russia and them. it will turn to be a problem with russia and nato. sure you're from a solution. stone of hooked up the beat. napoleon we're still discuss with buffer would merge them longer. wish those are both wish 3, which they were the bus, the new cranes in the thread. you did the grains coronado the border. she'll get an agent. no children as much. some with my son will shoot of city you spoke a sure issuing election on the russian army and the lp our dpr malicious,
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have completely liberated new guns people's republic and hassle region, as well as significant portions of how co zappa rogia and the to next regions from neo nazis put on shipping to, to, to senior group. your piece can you suggest to procrastinate? a deductible smooth? is anyone considered to do this strategically important to me? any island in the a desa region was captured, to boast, control of the black sea. no ships who will be able to pass the island on the sea road remains under the full control of russian forces. in june, as a gesture of good will rush up all of its troops from the island, demonstrating it won't hinder you and efforts to organize a humanitarian cargo, to exploit agricultural products from ukraine. however, despite the russian troop withdrawal to maney remains under the control of the russian navy and air force was it what he was doing as asking what
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national junior ward district that finished and his immature into. so to me as was can wanted from national socialism in your voice, my asset, emma a solution burchesi's doing that you get fullness work when she'll have a full birthday, nancy to gonna come out of the school, rick, you my alumni. gam sanchez was also visited then your school was here you system or was who i am assuming you are you and your credit card my why you important for its uni. pickup mustard was when did she say i miss michelle owen. if as interested westerners to sort of review little she asked a switch and sure question sure. for tutors, my students these for been us with or can you know that was purchased on. mm hm. which is one of the 3 by this time of booking. i just think of other one is just something you deal with. the boss has to carry in there and can visit else can enjoy it. usefulness to sort of pieces julia or richards from us for villages to prospecting, estates, to swap ship. the 3 sation still upset the distant pisses for youth of sarasota
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museum. this depends on who i differ with body of the russian government has been very straightforward, very direct with what it wants. it wants to protect russian interests in lon skin. donuts in the don boss. it wants crimea to ensure the safety of ethnic, russian, safety, and security have been very, very clear about that. and so in the end, despite what we're hearing from the ukranian government, i think the ukrainians are going to have to eventually agree to some sort of a land for peace deal. we'll ah, ah luis, the counter russian state will never be tied up on the nose landscape
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with will ban in the european union the kremlin. yup. machine, the state on to russia to date, and our t sport. that even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with me i had to with,
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with you, i'm, with a ah, wage can still move. we would use different political crimes. caveats of wood from beach still easy
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to this patient, but i to in the board with with completely new industry to restock and just look up some of normally a muscle is around noon. she kitty doesn't being attention on at nurse to me as possible. mama cook gosh said get somebody to look at that to his ashley of this it wanted was it the biggest pieces goes down to come here from wonder. know please said, of course possession the only thing you bring out. not but the key for the cheenum crimes to know for furnished or something like that. and then we got that was there
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there with grain. lisa ah, that is all about the gym. we always happy to see you as an expert on our team. miss castillo sky. welcome to the program, and thank you for inviting us to your home. of course, you know, what we want to discuss with you today is your recent statement that all smartphones in russia might become disabled. some say that you just try to scare people, is the existing technology that can make it possible, and if so, how more? now, so, so, so what is, even though, let's talk about a statement 1st. i never made any such statement. the interview said our i phones might be disabled to which i replied, do not worry, enjoyed bay smartphones might be disabled as well. as for the 2.


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