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[000:00:00;00] ah knowing now yes, good wellborn got a whistle moisture. they're expensive. that's it. as a business, a business rather than buff. morisha has no way, but galvan machine. yep. i'm glad what my doctor barnett has. that's new. my like lip memo, a business that's a cosmetic sydney, a
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with to he's a bigger i've shifts as i make that they base me a nasty, he's him and take a lot of time that, that much bigger. i mean, what i watched on the thrush, no amcore, or in the show in a fish summer buy. it does need to replace them to pick up and buy it. keep up with a b, c. you got a la barnett who sat to what was all scared up by the garage, relieved pretty from w. b as get that door, a thought being should the corolla got a chat dub off? gosh marley carol that we believe she had gotten a muddy distort, bust off julia's of somebody and what i've got to restore would she do? leave me as all ski as we'll get you, chris, the lawyer business. and these are stuff that got them that lucel stuff is quite good. that moses directly with godaddy stick and that is running
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a bit out there. he just thought of this with a good idea of of glove. yeah. the beer said as a steady. yeah. but i'd, she would go, lord, let go up with visit even the slightest lead dusky. lizzie, the widow bridge, come here. you do? said visibility, actually away, lloyd, you could with his dad's case the law was ulysses resonated again. yeah. so it's a good. yeah. i did that, but yeah, no, but i sees care of that. ah ah,
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you're and you'll say with reasoning, mind keep them acute, bring my answer. get skills. i mean, i think it was like, i'm down, is that at this on some more of your store or did you leave a message if it is a way to go on the bus will business to what it was? i need somebody to go over shelves are waiting on your mind a limit or to book with them as up in the classroom, but it definitely just came from the bye. didn't say no, but it didn't have,
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she has to have she had it done and i gotta get the she's concerned that it was i would normally or the previous to vanessa. most cases, not commercial with i just me 3 the deputies, but the west. ok. make set you up with asking them what you believe it was consistent with a
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with those are in. do you like us to deal with a skeleton? this is douglas craig then last source. good just cuz it will show plenty of lapointe lead from peer to just national business and you have to hire so we should use a wallace. it will excuse me. more than we did you been local? yeah. looks sit there coors with those who are sticking me. fucking interesting. well, i don't wanna check with the frozen digital. instead of the real new price, it's up in the store. you moved m street. ah,
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a with ah, a key business shows which are at them over here loosely now you have just in the communion, you know euclidean with a cable to drink nationality, woodland usage up here. when you major buy them with a star or to new ours, and i could talk a key piece in bio overcoat by this was and you might that's eager to for your stay, which but them could do the phone to just in the sound dylan origin. you're
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with toilet noise, way on the stuff we didn't. yeah. room all slightly us place. you phase, your project chemical review ammonia as they also not only by me, even yet to model the model number. so muscles, when you buy a home, you show a groom your shoes that you need luck with daughter lemons on line. they buy me did . would you like to bite? sort of some delicate. are you what you would, could you boat a brush, your head up still, but you vision is i need to live up on the bottom one. you speak with her, you meet upside with them. were as you that's i'd be hell. he'd be
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bull if he would get at me at the 100 killer lisa city to squawk of the fiscal bracket. electric. eventually electrical machining might be motivated, blossom, stored, butchered in the filename as a breath. allah, a sped, i'm loser. crewing ho. if latch mckinney's really boucher graham on this course, bush my deal with 0 crazy stuff. i get them still a diverse oh i was immolated venus this 5th onion, my linking settle, valeca, chris narrowed nash risky. scott, a bit sparkling itp. we are, i need, ah hole. mm. i may calibrate,
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i saw by mitigate decay. she had to write any of my thoughts. grandma said you would even a thought bizarre as nice as a mom was to hear before or wish. and i get an hour smeeley up yet be south, be south sick that be south full arsole by and you come when you picasso's your eskoville advantage lisa to finally and i got there. just look and also stim our store not. and you find you might still braced, hoard yet e that day i was a final store. what the marie, is it more than us because i felon back accordable. for shininess, lobby. yeah. those in the private. when the spirit in the move, my dealer moves now or slow, eat about what they're doing, my your getaway. you had to re nika today. yeah. will agile then on as i said, but you were similar to remote check in with
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what you were similar to with my child. you can just please really grab really deal . yeah. but still she was startled. great neck wound up ross. you guys are with brilliant and that don't put off the use of such believe continue to many have been a bill of, i mean, never asked if you use a person that. yeah, i trust them of where he's a providing dose. mitchum took quite check for yeah, a full had any, any additional visits she cheered in that door greater than you, but i still shared. i see. no, i need front. i feel it was me what, what say what that a nashik i'm funny to watch escape mc cut moore's him with occupied gears around. we shut them. would it's lab bush at the moody sema, nur,
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some fact i washed them when you study that. and yet, if them, when you personally, mima you still, when you mo, cheap, does your what lou lombardo mecca, but unless that's the bulk of it was the elite machine used to be met, is to look, was there at the governor, i near deltona blue sheet? ah that the seduce me get a quote because the when you must report the what oh, slumber should a full flow lady. she cheered him up. got it. i t b if i did for it to be go it it will shake. so would it not a minor feel crush one? if it is july least the boy i see in the what's the boy don't at this? what did it the boy do? evil martinez, diana most has a pretty title to point to stuck alone in the or luca benefit. zachary, i, it's a chilling when you might die. yeah,
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district in law. you do friend on dublin zum lloyd, his crib customer at the mush magnets and then that i see skin r o e it there? yes. my address. up at the jailer. you got him. yep. i see. shes tickets already. e . yep. i knew my store. yeah. dealer, dealer korea. she just even done them. i mean when you pretty much blew. ah, she stay suca. he's a beauty move on. he passed him. yes, mother rushing, fiesta bazooka. nietzsche, 1 may shut them steam, 1000000 macadamia. a couple of can i see it be chang. you put a step on keep it. i see any. now i mean you was bushing,
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you shine. mm. but you would, you got through. just, whoop. we would use the when you feel like it's a brushing of to corbin them on the condition missouri, but you might, somebody wants to be affordable, put off the chilly, but the re cash blue model, i'm cars, the chess mortar thrust, that's the reason you budget, which way, reason, cognition on your somewhere was in there that, that we could in much as the 6 year old on by mckee, chill, i've each skills and i was given on the front porch still not quite so benito context that was given us a good bottom to view here mr. ruskin was a guy named dora at the phillips court office, bust me file of we have said that the company is liz, i'm his legal if you, but i will post that are boy and i came up watch or go to shows on the new patient visit to so man on, on the plane mcclain, somebody knows, could music get, you know, what if there was a guy, will she be of catch, did that if you cross the a see she put a full dot or some get the grains going from from the point of a buddy, what the bad spectrum we gray in. so last more what rosky pay due to not liking it
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out in with more will you national grains the weaker way, but it doesn't go by teaching a weird thing. it feels if i'm because i'm what you go via she those like the music you use it. yeah. go back. i've done the communities go amy. yeah, i came up, but you look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people with a robot must obey the orders given by human beings. accept where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence, and the point obviously is to create truck rather than fear a job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with
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a robot must protect its own existence with will. i will never be a victory for russia. wait solution with my truly need not done, but you look at a meal. crane more is a proxy war. this is a war between russia and the united states. naz on are made. it comes to last. you get done in carbon dioxide. marika forces are and you're not in your gauge of conflict of russian forces. american forces are here and defend nato allies. what happens if nato escalates even more? then the special military operation become a war when you put them up. so that was that the actual and that'll that doesn't is my store. i see it that i see you at the us thinking custody of got what i mean with so i use 3 issue
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a unique and he's dealt with them. let's see. we live only just finished the sewage near. i see the girl who's blue . ah, so i just look over that room just for christ cottage on this and are comfortable story much more most though in the episode with a musical non block picture for naturally on top of should yellow m. yeah, no, virtuous, hewley bush looked at all the credentials are at the shore, new and what's on the you will it? so what could keep us to keep, keep the slide was on the computer. no cranes can more efficient through july,
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so it was short our shuttle also put in muslim world george using our store form. we have to read the pistol. also best design. you should have just a course with this because with this all and but if we play on a sunday to watch limit on like a more song adult, go with marvelous. oh no, not prescribe for what but the most telephone daily washing and the one because just needing little eric? yes i understand bishop well i even watch for yeah, i wouldn't let me sir. well, with this kind of gave her california little
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a curvature . mothers don't, but your shirts are, look at him, stop them with the resources for the bomber shackle. great them for dinner for come get the with me. what are some dollars actually i would you be wish bone on the greens cavities again? ah, just goes with village jupiter, your ga, looking of a scheduled that works for you as well as one of all sure. sure of all the way the way the way that no, i sure was a brochure escalate to move because natural normal, greenly. what to do? i'm do, but you multiply, you'll show what volume cookie the whiskey, but they are bit laurie, missouri. yeah. what, go ahead. so what that have been,
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loyal brainstorm was other manual. it was under minute resume. we must use like our system the way to move across from the show room at the results are hopefully what is it the chief little mitchell don't even know moustache, creased with the cable. cush live various queue or leave to live. just good to show me mention from hello. yes for nick at the local tourist, at the level of today with miss julie judge thurston, my outbox was butcher. my boss was my was to show the booster been usable, but the actual listening as opposed to laura young to dive your pupil mom, but the way knob alone on that was not just letting me know beauty care but new with it. it was like, i mean i'm you, grand, sufficient or what over you should storage, where doesn't she? motion you from wearing was a player, but the seller should be
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a little bit ago. what i have to stop. what's it, what's your, what's your 1st, what is your i bought a booth with company. thank you with a what that, that what she wants to play with
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with a good a lot of the month. you just love a lot. a with is piece of collision really good boy financing when i can the me. jessica,
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why niasa went on up a little boy. you were not all number was, this is roy a few me. when i asked melissa optics, when i up on on was program was program was misled me. well, you doesn't have to luggage to, to cook with a mother lawyer. and we use your new to logo way more to put logic music, repulsed adjacent shit or it's human. definitely cancer probably will not church. and yes, the beer at them would, you know, was those never any minute we were margaret brewer, but we're going, we're just what you just with ballistics. ah,
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with you did was momo when they did, you want you to do to just grab those and you kind of was looked at the kids that was mailed labeled as good as you was lower. you didn't, you would need know what you mean. you know what, but almost no, and yet you one yet. yeah. the way you less store little shift in the dish or if we ship these this year, you would smoke. let me know what you distorted that i was go. yep, i difficult. yeah. but just mike, but i think your mom couldn't see equity was tanya, was you was that i would value it yet to the couldn't i see you last night, but amiable shut out a do not. but when i was she awesome. she went to see asia and what's your credit to life by jesuit? i'm glad you're. he puts, if you spend whatever but your dollars, mr. on a child that live out of the still the distance and his village the from that with you is judge the who. yeah. it will take if you did, i miss the brazilian,
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the western years of the wildernesses. which now great spectrum. yup. and your article that are my ever i did you what i did a year to promise loudon over a. do you my you did see the thomas the minute them mean i trust to point us live with stuck wishes dinner garden. ah ah. when you're oh wow. listen to the government wants. no. isn't there a good one? he said going in there been ashley has a marble discipline. white, you know? yeah. buddhist new minds. mr. yes,
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you roskus girl. you hear the 2 i live are aboard the lead teachers all my yearly. again, this is concern cuz the sheila, the for gym on us was best interest. ah they it says that because even buy share login has gotten longer buy if it's no energy but the one mile infiniti and to visit us wouldn't like the gold. yeah. pretty much there, those not sure if you could swing and was any of those non finance to them 1st was at the luncheon each avoiding us were snack, showing this one will have to cite carson motion. so that's good to have my a smaller draw social you're reducing it with an additional lunch. they are them going 0,
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let them in which it was to shut up into the new world. but he's bought a muslim with the sheer sonya footer and left him certain. moisten the road to sedan. we were listed words didn't words, home chosen rule. he grad in a broken was gone through the still has it got go at it. it's only me awkwardness shed. throw it in love with you. oh, by choice that hostile liberty, your critic love fortune. throw it in a receiver, missouri. but he belonged to that. but ma'am, plenty of this with me. oh,
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what then? of course, doris. stay alive yet. i my little collage, i'm gonna come colors azalea, web lighting. so log yet add them yet via brand. yeah. what my son is, is he wants to know, cliff lucito from army on for the dentist or i am the give me just a longer the f. b teach scarcity. neil's origin doesn't know that british law with dish but allowed was superficial. touches to his to he'd add senators to place horde one, sharon because the by the sway or reading. yes. as printers, toners that you might get a chance to announce it just a huge shock bye. it would. the keyboard chill is kind of contract at all. it stay
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out there to die at some legality. and you get a lawyer and stung it back up on your spinner. i the years of your boys crowded you choose you. it's usually like little boys, claudia, be up at up. additionally, she puts her lip and the human, but they had that the girl to who i did just get that. yeah. but those 90 cars, them get away on your da da da da da to watch. if she did turn, the reason i was like, wow yours, he only little guy here in venue offered and i been able to use the will defeat the other thing about what with the machine is condensed alex in my battle. i don't capitalize is blue. the question though, across if you i have always been a, can you come her blush to notice the symbol mortgage, laborious with cost i that is using us, which is gonna create a pool as a continually boiler. again. what nice physics of if you can burn the critique of
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cell number one last quarter. i should know it by no means dazzled. norbish long when it's only a small dance was cause i wish you'd asked her to nurse for to name was him made shooting him? well she some fuck those to. yeah. is knowledge mostly the idea like who it for now with the quote one of the better couple. good only hitler was flesh ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race, movies on, often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk ah, crane. we'll never be a victory for


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