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time to sit down and talk with a world pays tribute to the late soviet leader mikhail gorbachev for ending the cold war overlooking a number of consequences from his policy such as the eastern expansion of nato and the conflict in ukraine who look at some more reactions also coming up, the russian defense ministry says ukraine has struck radioactive waste processing, building up the zappa, rogia and nuclear plant. so as a team from the u. n's, nuclear watchdog is on its way there. i made rising concerns for what conclusions it will go ahead. getting away from dependence and from the west. it's now the
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number one task future and for any cooperation with iran, it is developing progressively along with nuclear energy and nuclear power. russia foreign minister, it takes a swipe at the west, while holding talks with is a really and counterpart in moscow. despite accusations, russia was causing a global food crisis with things it was locking brain, leaving in korean board. since a shipping deal was reached, only one boat arrived in africa with the majority going were with wherever you're counting the program from today. welcome to moscow on the global news rhonda up on r t. i mean, we begin to break and use the last leader of the soviet union. mikhail gorbachev
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has died. the 91 year old passed away in moscow central hospital after a prolonged illness. let's take a look through his legacy now in our special coverage here on our team. the who's, who's mikhail gorbachev. overhaul the soviet union's foreign policy by introducing the new political thinking doctrine, which thought relations with the west brought about the end of the costly cold war coverage, of course, for the world to be seen as united, an interdependent, instead of divided into communist and capitalist countries, he saw the balance of interests of different countries as a way of solving international problems and disputes. universal values,
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hard to be recognised above all others, whether they be religious or national. the soviet leader also wanted to see the world free from all nuclear weapons by the start of the 21st century. russian officials have been expressing their condolences with the kremlin spokesperson dmitri pest golf, also highlighting gorbachev. quote, romanticized view of the world order with sexy terror delight mikhail gorbachev is a statesman who will forever remain in the history of our country. many argued about the role he played, but the fact that he was an extraordinary person, a unique person, is unequivocal. he is known, remembered and will be remembered all over the world for which off gave impetus to the end of the world war. and he sincerely will not leave that that would end and there would be in him to handle romantic period between the new. so be earning and the collective wes, this romanticism is not justified with the remains of honeymoon century did not well count them not as let us see this of our opponents showed at senior when they
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were in there which though inquiries village memory. while following mikhail gorbachev swirled altering decisions that nato military block expanded to the east and conflicts were seen in post soviet countries. another consequence, some allege from his overseeing, not the collapse of the soviet union is the ongoing crisis in ukraine laughter. the fall of the u. s, sr, the post soviet space erupted with so called color revolutions. the 1st state to face such an uprising was georgia back in 2003. the rule was revolution took place in the country, triggered after it's lost lane, parliamentary elections were rates daily mass protests broke out in the states where people demanding the resignation of that. then president protestors immensely stormed the government building, force the president of flea and proclaimed a revolution a few days after that opposition leaders can deploy. oh,
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well those consequence is anna. a nuanced discussion of them has largely been ignored by the western mainstream media, which has been healing mikhail gorbachev in its headlines today. and earlier i spoke with rider and broadcast married the jeff sky, who believes the wes committed? so i graver, by celebrating the full of the ussr, i tended to feel that gorbachev was not one of those people who had a very clear vision of where to go. that he was, he was really swept along by things. and this meant that when, when the soviet union seemed, seem dude to collapse, that he wasn't capable in any way of even making maybe relatively small adjustments that might've kept it together. you know, one thing that we get is that president george bush in the us was very
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hostile to the idea of the soviet union breaking up. and he, he went to ukraine in the autumn and argued against ukrainian independence. and, and there was a lot of feeling in those times in those months, as the soviet union approached a lapse. that really this was going to be a hugely d, stabilizing an element, not just in europe, but in the world as a whole. and there was a, there were some resistance to that, but i think the world, the one big negative. and in fact, to my mind, it was a mistake on the western side, quite as much as it was a mistake on the, on the russian side. was that the way, despite the word of george bush, when he was president, and there was to be no triumphalism. there was no, no,
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as it were dancing august right off the soviet union. nonetheless, in practice, that sort of, it was treated us a victory, a victory in geo political terms and victory in ideological terms for what the americans would call the free world. and i think in some ways, indirectly, that lead slightly to where we are today, where the sense that russia last. so for respect or least, it lost respect from other parts of the world. and the sense that russia emerged much weaker and that it wasn't been treated as a great power. and i think there were ways that the west could have behaved differently that might have made what we're looking at today may be less likely than what's happened on industry deal fact is that mikhail gorbachev rule led to
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the collapse of the soviet union. the rti documentary team has been recalling all of the most important historic events of the 20th century and not dock run straw today. ah, never dreamed that the uses are would collapse when you submit all that, we weren't about to leave the work for the union. but there with help for the end of soviet power for everything to turn out wonderful. everything with due to the current situation. yup. are going to show you where you did my. i'm resigning as president of the usa. mother buller, the switches, rolled up our sleeves and st with yet, yoga with to fall semester. yeah. like i said,
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family for the autonomy and independence of the peoples and sovereignty of the republics. while preserving b. u. s. has hours a state and countries territorial integrity ah, events have taken a different path. ah ah ah ah. let's move on to the latest developments in the ukraine conflict. the russian defense ministry say's key air forces bombed
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a radioactive waste process and building out the zappa rogia nuclear plants. on tuesday, the m o d states that one shall hit the building, but radiation levels have remained normal. there have been numerous recent attacks out the nuclear plants on the nearby city of a nerd. good dar drone was reportedly shot down as well in the region on wednesday by the russian military. you can see in this video, what's left of it, the remains appear to have come down close to the power plant. with another drone that's kept the city administration in and are good on the building sustain considerable damage. the local officials say no one was hurt in the instant the attacks come of the international atomic energy agency seems on its way there from kiev. they're expected to reach the power station some stage to de moscow stays in hopes the mission will help self ukraine's post nuclear blackmail. whoever
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ukrainian officials want the international nuclear watchdog to put all the blame for the situation. when i should enter the blend, we hope that the visit of the international atomic energy agency is mission to this approach. a nuclear plant will help stop here, provoking a catastrophe. and it's nuclear blackmail as well. for a little more. it is urgent to demilitarize. the plant withdrawal russian military clear our plan to organize a demilitarized zone, both inside and around the nuclear power plant and transfer the entire plant under the control of the ukrainian states. we expect a clear statement from the international atomic energy agency mission about the violations of all nuclear safety protocols. we know that russia endangers not only ukraine, but the whole world, exposing it to the risk of a nuclear catastrophe. the visit comes after another international watchdog, amnesty international came under fire for its criticism of ukraine. earlier this month, they published their reports accusing the ukrainian military of violating monetary
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law. the clayton, the military are putting civilian lives at risk by placing its military asset is close to civilian infrastructure. the reports spar fury and tear which led to no independent experts are set to review the findings of the report of the school. broad murray, the former senior security policy analyst in the office of the u. s. department of defense micro maloof told me the investigation must be impartial because the alternative would be catastrophic. it's. it's very west and dominated, as you can imagine. so it's going to be, it's going to take a western more western perspective on things and, and that seems to be the crux of this entire crisis in the 1st place. is these versus west that i but i'm hoping that they give them more impartial analysis of the safety upkeep of the facility. because the, the alternative would be very, very, very serious for all of europe and perhaps the world because of the radiation
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leaks. and it's really imperative that the inspectors ensure that they're, that leaks are minimized and that there is no way that and, and, and to encourage ukrainians, especially this to quit firing on. it just makes a logical sense. i mean, i have poxy of, of the ukrainian statement is just numbing it's, it's amazing. and i think that this is just something that they stop showing it naturally. it's going to lessen radiation concerns. well, the iranian foreign minister has lashed on the international atomic energy agency during immediate conference in moscow. he accused of bias over attempts to restart the nuclear deal struck between tyrann washington and other key powers back in 2015
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bad o eugene hoodie is iran needs all parties from the g p. o to have been all their unsubstantiated political views. have we need more guarantees from the u. s. i. e, a needs to abandon political stance on the issue and instead a bit more to his professional requirements as this is also part of the guarantee issue. if the us side can lift sanctions and they're realistic about our concerns in, if we can agree on this, the deal will be struck. you know? millennia in it, just to remind her of back in 2018. then you as president, donald trump, quit the nuclear deal and impose harsh sanctions, which are still in effect in response around ramped off at nuclear program to it's the most advanced age ever. but stress, as it always has done that, it's not seeking a nuclear weapon, but using it rather for energy purposes. during today's press conference, the russian foreign minister demanded sanctions against the run be removed and underline the importance of moving away from any dependence. should user fool illegal, anti iranians sanctions must be lifted and we support the position of iran and the
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nuclear deal, and hope the talks will conclude sooner. it is necessary to draw conclusions from what's happening in the world in any countries interested in the independent development should not be hostile to the sanctions. globalization has shown that the u. s. navy satellites using the dollar to manipulate well trade organizations which do not suit us here will countries that are interested in their independence must take steps regardless of the dictates of the collective west. lot on the way actively engaged in this with all of our reliable partners, including the islamic republic of iran, getting away from dependence and from the west is now the number one task and for our energy cooperation with iran. it is developing progressively, along with nuclear energy and nuclear power plants. the european union has cancelled an agreement with russia on issuing simplified pieces that says european ministers are divided over the idea of a total ban on russian tourist, which has been opposed. i a lot of countries so far hungry, the netherlands looks berg and among them,
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and we got the tic earlier of rti country to ritual marcy less a look. so what the e minister settled on in a majority vote at this meeting in prague was to suspend a simplified an expedited visa regime for russians. concretely, this means that russian 2 are supplying for a visa will have to wait up to 6 months for visa processing as opposed to the current 3. and they'll be charged 80 euro's for the visa instead of the current $35.00. they may also be subjected to more probing as to the reason for their travel. and it's also important to note that this is a political consensus that's been reached. it's not yet legal taxed. also, the european commission is going to have to figure out, joseph burrell says, what to do with the russian visas that have already been issued. now the blocks 27 foreign ministers spent the past 2 days. unable to come to an agreement on the full ban on russian tourists that estonia latvia and finland had been demanding. so you
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countries that share a board with russia and which of already adopted their own bands for which the ease chief diplomat, joseph burrell, just said in a press conference today that they have the use blessing to implement so much for speaking with one united you voice apparently anything goes in the you, when the unilateral actions of member states target russians. burrell also said that the, you won't recognize russian passports issued in territories of ukraine, controlled by russia. hungary opposed the proposed ban and germany and france had also been circulating a memo, calling for the quote, need to strategically fight for the hearts and minds of the russian population. and suggesting that the band would hinder those efforts, winning hearts and minds. god be kidding me. you slap the average russian with sanctions multiple times and now you want to seduce them. sounds a bit like an abusive, toxic relationship, or maybe like
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a bad french romance movie. by the way, is the average russian even know or care that you think it's fighting for their hearts and minds when all they can be seen is animosity. and what are france and germany doing to win the hearts and minds of their own people as they insist on maintaining sanctions on their own energy supply that punish the average citizens with sky high energy bills and threats of crackdowns. you rationing here had been lobbying. you nations to impose the strictest ban on all russians, regardless of the tourists individual political position, visa, visa, ukraine, conflict. figuring that would put pressure on moscow to abandon its objectives and interests with respect to ukraine. because apparently the resorting to targeting the average russian in the street. now in the u, since there sanctions on every other aspect of the russian economy have been such a whopping success. so basically it's another,
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questionably effective symbolic half measure. see how that goes a moreover, earlier this week, the polish prime minister stress 3rd, the e. you also rock by disagreements over the ways and degrees of support for ukraine. runs the risk of quote, including do you think the divisions between the countries that one piece and those that won't ukraine to win by any means could one daily to an explosion of the european union? yes, this threat of implosion does exist. that is why it's so important to maintain dialogue among us to find compromises in a common denominator. the issue of support for ukraine is proving divisive within the u. the austrian defense minister has question whether blocked states should be undertaking training missions along with the ukrainian army. while our german counterpart came berlin's reached its limit of weapons available for donating to ki
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. i know that contradicts the most recent comments from the e. u foreign policy chief regarding the union's readiness to supply ukraine with as much need for as long as it might needed due to be in union stands united in support of ukraine. and a member stage remains ready to continue support as long as needed. and as much as needed. so if i try to get some understanding data, germany's defense minister, i have to be honest, does. in the case of deliveries from boone to dogs, we have now reached the limit. please don't let me show you something else to tell you. by currently all strategic common you decisions there are adopted all in a solely unanimous basis. however, the german officer has proposed ending the practice and switching to a majority vote system political analyst and commented or nickel merck, which believes that, along with the disagreements over how best to support ukraine, shows the inability of the system to solve global crises. the only thing that these
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are, these weapons are doing, killing people, killing everybody, fighting in ukraine, including ukrainians. and definitely they're not making the situation better for anybody living in ukraine. this is definitely not the solution. it hasn't worked from the beginning. it's not working now and it's only causing debt, and it's making our economic pain for this and world thing. so this is showing that the european union is not at all democratic institutions. the european union is incapable of managing major crisis. as we've seen these past years, they still think those who are at the head of the european union, that there are no problems that they're manage it and managing everything seamlessly. and instead of taking a full back and taking a look at the situation and trying to find solutions there, thing, but will make more countries enter this, this union and without. and that means that they will be doing this without even respecting really, really saying that there has to be majority votes. and more than a 100 years unanimous vote. so they're just trying to get these new countries into
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the european union as if they wanted to get them as soon as possible. so they could set the doors and make them sort of big european union family. but what type of premier we're talking about when people are cuing around european union nation countries, queuing to get bread queuing to get coal. it's not working. that's another headlined story today, a vessel carrying gray from ukraine, but for yemen departed on tuesday. the un food agency has said no. the move will help ease one of the world's worst humanitarian crises, according to western media, but are teas donal quarter asked. know why only 2 green chips so far helping center those in really brave commander the un charter ship carrying ukrainian weight to east africa. it's finally arrived in djibouti. and since august 14th,
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the western mainstream media has been hyping it up to no end. the united nations chartered ship brave commander will depart ukraine for africa in coming days after it finishes loading more than $23000.00 metric tons of wheat in the ukrainian port of p. n. e. a. u and official said the vessel, the 1st specially chartered by the u. n. s. world food program to unblocked food shipments stuck after rushes, invasion of ukraine will head towards a booty from where the grain will be transported to ethiopia, the restarting of food aid from ukraine. could mark a major turning point in the fight against worsening global hunger. we heard about it again on the 16th of august and then again on the 18th of august and 2 days after that the un secretary general praised its mission as well. so moving to see in a stumble, the w. f. p. ship brave command de, loaded with tons of ukrainian wheat, destined for much needed hunger relief. in the horn of africa. i saluted those involved in this amazing humanitarian operation. at long last, the ship made landfall on august 30th and was as if hunger on the continent was
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about to come to a definitive end. it took 2 weeks to travel here from southern ukraine. this suite is meant to feed 1500000 people in ethiopia for a month, but it is not enough for a country facing several humanitarian challenges. food security experts call it a drop in the bucket for the vast needs in the worst hit horn countries of somalia, kenya and ethiopia, the nation where this 1st shipment is going. but wait a minute. why did all of east africa only get one ship if they're so desperate for food? un records show that ukrainian grain went to other places as well? ireland, greece, italy, countries that are not exactly hunger stricken while ukrainian officials are wiping their hands clean of that. since after all, the free market decides the destination for the cargo has been negotiated between the supplier and the buyers, and they are totally commercial activities. we don't decide where it goes. it is
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a free market. however, not everyone's buying that alibi. 34 ships with grain went off odessa. only one went to africa, the other to europe and usa, ukraine as rescuing nobody from hunger. only one out of 34 ships exporting grain from ukraine went to africa. so much for the western fake concerned about hunger in poor countries. all that media attention for a single ship and the plight of starvation in africa. was it all really because the west is so concerned about starving africans, or was it a big p r study to boost key abs popularity around the world? when the 1st place you blame this on russia, as it is absolutely absurd, was the food crisis has been around for a long, long time. this is cynical, and this is todd o, the geopolitical, oh, propaganda comes from united states in european countries. and that watches very carefully watched policies of lighting, ministration, and new new africa strategy,
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which i just wrote about. and secretary state lincoln's trip to africa last week and is still with hypocrisy and for an interesting insight next into want the towering figures during the 2nd world war, stalin, roosevelt and churchill actually thought about one another. our documentary world war 2 leaders starting moment ah, ah, ah
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no nation, no nation has ever done anything like it in all history. with ah,
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the 2nd world war i think 2 millions of people. during the conflict, the balance of power was held by the leaders of 3 nations. the united kingdom, the united states, and the u. s. s. on march the 31st. 1945, a british royal air force plane lands in crimea with a very important passenger. the british prime minister's wife, clementine churchill, boop, our daughter cathedral ye mil to perdition. she shrimps me. you see you blame vasqua, finish ye? yes, panella, she deceptive are they slowest of secret service is historian.
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explains why that unusual visit took place hon at washing luggage narration in yoshi or she a funeral there does come. but he for pushing up idea enough eskew things jeremiah . unless of the allow forms for misha failures for you to ask, you know, did you have any children you spent, sorely, verbal got out of the situation. clementine churchill became the 1st financial donor. the fund eventually raised a total of more than $9000000.00 pounds sterling. but to sum up center was national and i by kimberly miller, the numbers cuz i should wait to hear from you before by the end you have cut. you could've been cute of talk manager. i'm bringing my to her brother to jack or a boucher i thought of when you might have the key. we're still same yes q. so usually she shared with the company tie knew what her was more last year, but
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a bus unit was coming here. ah, clementine churchill undertook a 42 day tour of russian cities. she brought medical equipment for red army soldiers. ah, she made chocolate factory workers and brought gifts to schools and children's homes. ah. and he needs unique footage. she needs pioneers at the famous tank childrens cam. ah, she might have come by b a, b to start in contorted. tours republicans area was issued to form is katara. bla.


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