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as quiet and lonely, one of the main theories behind his motives is that this was a hate driven crime. after all, he was found with a swastika on his shirt and he also wrote the word hate on his gun clips. the kremlin believes that this was a terrorist attack, carried out by a member of a neo nazi organization, horner it appears to have been a terrorist attack, possibly on a state level. this requires very active cooperation. it is an extremely dangerous situation. the requires an urgent investigation. on the other hand, rushes ministry of education says that cassandra was diagnosed with skits of frame yes. so it is very possible that this was all the consequence of a psychotic episode. unfortunately, we may never really know the entire truth since the assailant committed suicide, after carrying out this horrific mass shooting at any rate residence in this region where the soul took place or in a 3 day morning period. and judging by what we saw here at this memorial people we spoke with residents here need more than just a little time to process the shocking events that took place here. donald quarter
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r t jeffs food prices are going through the roof amid the ukraine conflict. the west blames russia for what they call weapon, ising weeks. but moscow, se western sanctions are chronically disrupting. supply chains are documentary up next breaking bread attempts to get to the truth of the matter. they close. mm. ah myself ugly or niggly a move live with young hold the young woman's in amid a notebook that has gotten myself was sort of been lucky but as a and went to one of the identified dumbness is unavailable for lab. it was of it
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when a wonderful now with the glad aisha african look at the idea if i don't live here or saw it, what mean they start on the w that i see especially that out. so what is the best time to area that easy down can be come up with them and be a common or somebody mp community a lot, really not all supposed to decide. i'll make you sort of affected to clean if a chloe gentle soaking at them. the door, what are some of those film a pretty complicated with a male. see there's a serious i remember say look, i made any circle. you may see a big isn't if you see there met life resources in the mushroom and yeah for prognosis. i'm not sure what is when you're ready for the door fully out of the
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choice. you need it with us. that's a disclaimer. but how much the burden just leaving it right now? that was, it was cash. no answer is any big us to work for you, we'll go with the kremlin is using food supplies in style are doing. developing jones with the guns, the guys in russia, russia, russia. the reason why the food raises it. this is because of russia since spring 2022, the it's been accusing russia provoking a well through crisis. allegedly,
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this major grain producer is deliberately creating a deficit. bryce is a soaring and poor countries, particularly are experiencing bread shortages. this oversimplification as being broadcast worldwide put is russian grain really the new front of economic war the phone of the appointment for the new birth the president of the senior thing finished my student gene before that of you generally with all of us keith read. you can do it now, you've finished with them, but that was come, did worse indeed. go us call us get all the work that each the pier tracy and voice him do it that it's a huddle. she some darknet balls. you mean? like the thought for pregnancy selves of russia stover. pl region. one of
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russia's main agricultural areas, wheat fields, stretch, didn't arise, and a new russian crop is ripening up was because when, after we only get off up for price washed, or has your knowledge or a door lock up? pretty ultimately all will change what russia are still, but i'm i do teach dd major will not on my door is near her or the mark she needs are. so marcia for other ways. so now we're dora assistive william miller. one is near which was presented with the worst and i gotcha denies jeremy revenues. it wasn't before marie ignacio written. got all those things on the phone, virgina bliss kick quarter doris. very well known for your past lading. basically at the accordable for these boys in the middle, one of them russia is a major producer. but more importantly, a supplier, a grain is exported nearly
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a quarter of it's $32000000.00 ton harvest and would like to continue with current european and us sanctions on black c ports and russian ships prevented ne global car. what net for now, what, but some famous. i snuggling the post of ship crimea. yes, nothing the matter scheme importantly cut dory. ah, the stuff jealous, yellowstone, roughly completely a conditional transcript, but if there were which it, it says yes, suggests unused. mean, usually, putin is weapon ising hunger. he's using feed security as a callous to of war. and he's blocked ukrainian ports and is stopping 20000000 tons of grain being exported across the globe, holding the well to ransom at my cigna. exactly at the we was it, the reason i was short capitol much pretty them we can all up caribbean. 4th ideas to puzzles tells me nearly to break up open. they probably will rise. each it is
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for a just, for can, will be a bit of dance go with work on the, probably in your puzzle, social emotional whereas it, so hopefully i could have a lot of stored on the sort of biscuits throttling into shortcut to which i seize casey dressing, imp, if just a real is of the worst studio gray and you've called rita russia is being deprived of the means of fulfilling its supply commitments. it's like running the 100 meters in lead boots sumner company got dora transported over at us yesterday. crucible, a companion that scan what i thought, intellectual assumption that i'd says, pushes the rest of to spiritual. should it now leadership swap, rose khaki, mormonism went with him to the residence. the main week supply route runs through the black sea onto the mediterranean to the major egyptian port of alexandria. and then to many african countries where grain supplies a vital for their fast growing population. this really so chosen con radishi or a do level to the ac. say oh oh sorry
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i went on to the shoe. oh, poor blue. but to clear my shuttle oh or longer it was longer. are you fucking clear? i'm not good to do. there's a difference to the south side of the city of manassas to unless a gun a month on the quantity as well as the route that fear to which it is to get one that did not so as much ne raj on the conflict there. ah, good 0. ok, stephen idea was then you might have subsidiaries teach scattering. is that situation business looking at those? i sure can i stepping up with now molly, is this some saharan west african nation with a population of 20000000? a new shin, polemical, wouldn't have lost his degree from the region has been played by on conflicts from the with an a decade. the government's bogged down in
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a protracted struggle against insurgents, terrors cells, and gangs, hundreds of thousands from the northern provinces have been displaced from their homes. the capital by mako has several refugee camps. people are now living in fear of not only you had his, but also impending famine. i mean, you didn't go so central, doug. somebody's subdivisions is similar. molly's or center is the she does have the most of the abortion milner true vision sort of mr. it do, do yes me would. could you just for those to impose a love enough re register with judges. the person is no, i'm leaving the groceries knows them. they just anymore. but yes, to $50.00 money mobile to be shut. you proceeds with
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this, you know, so you that you know, so wouldn't see me look because yours to me through the disability coach on from their way of life. refugees must rely on the government and benefactors, diets here, amiga, rice, vegetables, and occasionally bread. the high can food prices is felt more acutely here than anywhere else. totally notice in the last go. a really to with woke up myself with with doing yeah, i'll take care of. we are experts here. i see scott, she had sent me an update to chase. brad sent? yes, them last 3 years from which you are stuff can't calisha for glad they show. yes, nick knew that that was
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a mistake. religious the for. she's not there. snappy. fucking in with a fight if you get a little screens going akani on up. i intended ability. 11 with us trying to cool. come ment law fall festival. yeah. shonda lumens. washington, president mushy. on the tampa. put out them for so don't want to shoot a beat. look on among. i'm when the pre met. don't call a city. well, you're sure you have a set of montage on debris. kiffany icbc tell mom mckee, attending with info song. met it on. i love that debbie, debbie, debbie, john debbie's, overseas wire on it to dish out whenever it is or i'll tell it's awesome for sapa. no. suffolk, her little love the, just the look, want ashanti. p can the past i with him enough for me. i'm a much on the mentor. i'm a, a,
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i'm with, but as i'm the normal, i'm telling you that it wasn't a normal nobody. and i'm wondering, you know, remember bulow of la northrop with a security guard. my daddy with johnson is hungry could is under cap, patrick mar, quadrupling revenues. i'm not sure what is really early for the door. only out of that choice, you need it with us. that's a disclaimer, but mostly booted us to clean it right now. but with this, we're, we're still increased bill form. so most of the features clearly bacon. i mean,
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can you the focus to mean your crops can't be grown without fertilizers? russia is a major producer and more importantly, an exporter, supplying 12 percent of global volumes. china produces almost a 3rd, however, other producing nations use it internally, while russia cells, the bulk of it, russian fertilizers are also under the sanction steamroller. the e has band them. delivery is also challenging due to logistics is to use right now . poor nations are suffering fertilizer shortages and the resulting hike and prices in the fournier parish with a disk. okay. has a much to me right now, but anyway, sharing with his motor, corporate is that was the climate. can you invest liberty skills invest at the period or storage area? cuz my cheater lanesha basically just a you're just not sure who i need to this is your colleen really good option now miss leslie,
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it was you, she's just on a day when you're going to me, but for me, but i would either talk and nobody says that, that was sanctions effect directly. i would be cultural and fertilizers expert. nobody said that if someone said that at the beginning they are not saying it any more because it's clearly that there's not truth. which in order to sheila, 1st on the specific critique testing, so name you can use reports of what she skill level skill. but as we w e by at the more, when mcgee, i was just started busing. any of my sheet adobe went to meetings. this is just for a yellow from sienna po, shania. rosa worsley is a person. she media says when you're ready, you can junior god they sure. ah
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address. oh oh oh people with good given us a dumb not. oh my good you good. i love it. i beat ya. oh, if i go by chance. cool. i need a new job, you know, for the full weekly use . ah,
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully very difficult time. time to sit down and talk with a time, stand still in the maryan village of summer vocal mobile phones and motor bikes are the only signs of the modern age, lifestyles, and agricultural processes haven't changed in centuries. dig a hole, drop a seed, and hope it will grow. we've got a duck now big what i think i should like to get a b,
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b. m is to look at it. i'm not done with mr. goodman and did you my love? okay. the book on your for digital will have to bunker. i'm going to fit what a digital a buddy bet i by the visual of a. be by that mckibben noval literal, a mature, a drop in a good with this? not it, but he's in a delicate or no drove it. we will mostly with big us the washing will level 1000000 committed the day in the pool, mercedes, him to sit some said through to me talking talk, which will come, good know, will go to machine when the session will move closer. first
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message, renewable quote, community a he will not. busy shampoo a switch to tucker cartoon still calistoga lando chicago after care of saved and afterwards heated to reissue it. so really cher with the college still go out there that will give you an example now for the kids, but it's been researched. now africans are totally conflict, is that it's gonna show credits for your g validation with them read searches, and then what it, we were all posted. the problem was consciously and you told her no problem of virginia. same kinds of work for lasonya with awful. i thought it wouldn't bother you so well. yeah. regular day shift. yeah, that's, that's not a very similar enough for the danger of famine and global upheaval is been
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escalating for years. the pandemic is also contributed to this. yeah, got more luck with it. or the under the developing america's georgia, figured free to call much more jalap when you, after or now you set down by the quote number. good last video g. effective in the phone. just so if you had a me a courtesy up would you only want tell people hungry and i wish to put arizola or calling thing city part center. but i'm most probable, fucked from the me. the crushing and preparing you. you what dominant political. we had the strong capital, elect, amazon roster school policy for the 1st year and would have looked again and that was to mean flats. if a spirit is a coach rules and he, russian sanctions have upset a delicate balance 1st. but cleaning up the last was sri lanka, which had already been suffering from the cons. when says if cove it restrictions none, the less it join the sanctions against russia. and she'll stick with gen, filled with sadness that on the south poly accompanying the window of the door
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caused little listed on there was like a sudden not open to it for you. if it's living too close to soaking at them for the door. what are some of us, was philip question? sure, lanka went from being a tour as paradise, to an island at ill luck and just months with a stake default week long queues for fuel and food and a complete collapse of the government. norbish them you don't know she got. so the only visual over what's happening out of those how to prescribe. what are those kilogram store? get the stove you. i just won't close that store. okay. i see. i see. i wanna see what i can see about getting started b y, c, h, w, e. yes. since, cuz i've been sick for the christmas food chair or this price was for by the other people. we have a fertilizer crisis that is having a real impact. fertilizer shortage prices that have gone high sky high in the
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absence of fertilizer. we know that means that next year yields will go down. prices potentially will go up a point to what company orphans, family come close to them. most appraisal tissue percent whooping. the attraction longer participates in helping ski be there, but there was to any squeeze them in. so brittany eve, so push was christopher award. honda campbell with a loaner car with o navigate florida for milan i live band. will that be langley? better plan with the move on that as any more algebra is that best that you have? i added better. that is how my family with her. i la sariana castilla that i think of lay a lot, nancy to stop by the care of that valley light by the identical angle that after i
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landed on. but i sent a letter from you out pricing is our number one problem right now. as result of all this, this perfect storm for 2022, but 2023. it very well will be a food availability problem. western diplomats think ukrainian grain can say for countries from starvation, however, it's unknown. how much wheat is stored in a dense is ports and whether it would merely be a drop in the ocean. not personally, i thought it was different as i've been watching history to an appointment. watson come with lots of amino nathan watson, commercial, national, spiritual for to any wish of his teacher, a seemingly loan from op sherry and looking at i will settle out with find out because thou asked me to 1000001 of his new bush theater was in my opinion still garsetser, i suspicion that outfit of that spirit of god on a festival and that i would look sort of a middle initial and i went after crown on that particular it's a yellowish,
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had scheduled it. it seemed to see me low on the thorn, or is it not good? no one can guarantee that weight from ukrainian poets will get to africa, all the middle east. europe's also experiencing grain shortages. so the week could end up going west instead of south to lean your back on yard, not legitimate your best people are beautiful. glad their ships thrown off a keep. you'll usually id and you said what was the most up on my board. so just double able from needs of with congestion of joy mcknight opposite they just for dorm store. i didn't know where to deal. can i be should mirabelle wisdom that does up on sure. but i can give you a hearing over wise you my screen or not, but i will in you. what does he oh she, she didn't you. she's to run from your to say you for him. see me on the but i get, i mean, but is 21 will as that goes and if she wants to work, i will. yeah. he's the voice music. you see me, the country village, the look, even if, if you've got on a monday little jewelry, she says that i'm,
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he put an order it monday or this bakery is one of the oldest in bama. it's been working for 3 decades. yona hasn't raised prices for several years and refuses to do so. now. at the size of bed, rails will have to be reduced. otherwise flower prices will negate any profit. good . good at up with a full. but if you're going to bubble bubble, a bubble buckle bubble. milcurie investors are local business portfolio from laurie this to the loan. you know, god, god, colorado, jenny,
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those you did was off so you don't. it is out of a nickel for and yet it all buck i'm more, you know. and then my face them today and my san antonio will about again with laugh. i think i love what to do on that one. so can anybody do what i jammed up but then that i better get my waterfall, you know the white one got blue salad reactive. i was looking for to i got a meeting with them, but i think about what level for one with a big moving on me. but i know they were on the list for organ a menu for i'd love to be able to follow up with what you know,
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who do mean smart, smart. i was wondering a fair enough to go and maybe if might be, if my de la boy, i know how hard i got to do it. then i see they put me through a party. laugh when they were the guy, a little guy like go to work a lot a lot, chris goes him little a general mom yell are distributed, learning a to z. there can be security, say i don't live a few devices, you know, but the fossil species she can lift from elizabeth lip promote victim. they said a lack least smear prescript couple fragile which is kept pushing it
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in which american? yes, i would have one more time bell them up. i don't know. plus which a dealer as i will, it's don't use them african doing what got my down, which they even a by them will in it's out of much of some free even look at data by them more than twice, negligible to i will talk with easy so what was the goal of the cell killer so called took me to try to persuade brittany here, national addiction. so they, she's considered a piston august of chicago that were still a to past half control students to run on proud. those who should do just get this is so this is considered as the most because the women devoted with what a senior meeting took you up on the market. you need that you put up with, ah, the vintage so sir predicted many weddings and food shortages. so this year's harvest one go to market, but will be camp for the villages needs mechanic from the ba, marco suburbs,
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hopes his neighbors motor bikes will break down more often so that he can raise repair prices. if flower continues getting more expensive, the baker will have to bake even smaller, loves everyone's afraid for the future times, not on their side, it slips away like grain between the fingers. oh, for sure. what with stating this obvious that the nato has been sheep or a water and many of the medical ultimately glee, enrique, as in john jarvis and all those who have stated that nato was not good morning. who is this kind of business courses and she was hands against you. so this thing was
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coming for last with group out of the dormitory. it's not that it suddenly sprung up on one fine day. ah, a reminder, a minute to charlotte for school, for your spirit. the one that you have a question given him with
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out in the stories that shape the week, the don't boss for a public sound like her song upper rosier regions celebrate and historic moment after vladimir putin signed to the cree on the session to russia after residents vote overwhelmingly, in favor of the church, also with the anglo saxons have not had enough with their sanctions. they've moved on to diverse, should the russian president plains, the west for the comprehensive damage done to the north stream pipelines which supply go to europe on points to the main beneficiary of the ledge. sabotaged with.


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