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tv   News  RT  October 3, 2022 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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with, with with, we're not reacting to imaginary threats and distant countries. we're defending our borders, our homeland, our entire people from actual genocide thrushes, to cope diplomatic comments on the accession of full and new regions into the country. the lower house of parliament just now ratifying the move also ahead for you in this program. this is one of the places that the ukranian military had destroyed off to getting an anonymous tip off policy. investigate devastating artillery shelling a new guns and speak to a detainee who says he was hired by ukraine to identify civilian target.
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number one, after he gave me the money and left, there was shelling at this address and i heard from people the civilians died that i had a chilli winter could be on the cards for europe, according to the content. it's forecasting agency that says european politicians grapple with the looming energy crisis with well, for me role research show you the anti and news team here at r t international in moscow. it's a pleasure to have you with us, but this was program. so russia is that lower house of parliament has ratified the accession of full forma ukrainian regions into the country. it is after the vast majority of people in those territories cost their ballots. in recent referendums, in favor of joining russia and russia's pop diplomat says that they can now count on the nation's military to come and protect them. we get to him, you know, with them, and we're not reacting to imaginary threats and just in country shave. so we are
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defending our borders in our homeland, our entire people from actual genocide. let's committed by the descendants and followers of nazi henchmen who have gone into the service of foreign masters. earlier for referendums were held in that yes gun logan's people's republics, as well as in her song on the capital g regions. locals were asked whether or not they wanted to join russia. and the results did show that more than 80 percent were in favor of becoming a part of the russian federation is a correspondent, area for drink. the votes in the 2 chambers of the russian parliament are the final stage before the territories are being fully accepted into russia. and there you have it. all the lawmakers that are present in this building on monday voted in favor of the decisions by the russian president. but more importantly in favor of the decisions by the people of doin at school gods.
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his song ends up our orgy just before the lawmakers pressed their buttons. we heard survey live on the russian foreign minister speak. it was an emotional speech in which he explained which horrible mistakes by the government in key of let to the choice of don bass and beyond to be with russia, ship of food, new go. the casket resume in recent years to camp regime has launched an all out assault on the russian language. abolished russian culture across the board. persecute at the orthodox church, falsified russian and ukrainian history, and destroyed books and monuments to those who liberated ukraine from the nazis and forged the glory of the ukrainian republic as part of the soviet union. so we know that certain lab, rob is a big fan of throwing punches when it comes to criticizing the west. and among other things. during his speech, the russian foreign minister silenced the critics of the moves by the russian
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government in europe and across the atlantic. started severely as the load seward, the u. s. hypocritical claims the we allegedly cover up our tax on a neighboring country, the has allegedly embarked on the path of democracy with the fabricated pretext. meanwhile, washington has never hesitated to use force anywhere in the world justifying itself with the need to protect the people of the united states. so a big day at the, the washington state. duma, the result is a unanimous vote and there's one more baby step to be made. that is a, is the upper house of the russian parliament and the result is very predictable. this one is due on tuesday or less. i turn out to some of the lakers from the war and ukraine and russian forces have reportedly eliminated part of a group of ukrainian soldiers who penetrated the border into the new guns republic . according to local officials, the ukrainian soldiers were advancing in the direction of the city of lucy. chance russian forces engaged the group. i did force
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a retreat of the russian defense ministry earlier said several offensive attempts by the crating army repelled by russian asked, writes, ukrainian troops had stage to push in 3 areas in the hudson region near crimea. russian forces did retreat from the city of la martin. in northern done yet due to key ebs offensive push, rushes, our ministry of defense also said it's been discovered that ukrainian forces have been using informants to identify targets, including civilian ones, aren't even a stat offers in the nearby lucas group public. with more details, however, before we get to him, i should add that his piece does include an interview with a person in custody who could possibly be speaking under duress, bribes and brainwashing, are the favorite tools of key of intelligence agents on the russian home front in the dorm bass, they look for people eager to sell the lives of their neighbors for a thin wood of bills. dennis here is one of those who fell for the temptation.
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hey, a whistle somewhat wrong. i went up for a walk. with my doke, i saw a guy, i asked him for cigarettes and he gave it to me when i talked to him and he offered me a job. i asked him what kind of job. he said nothing much. i just need addresses whether a mass gatherings of people young and i went to look and gave him the address and he went to check when he returned, he said that he was satisfied with everything and offered me the equivalent of $80.00 for one address. but locations of russia's military excuse or supply depos were of no interest for this client. all he wondered, was where mass gatherings of civilians were in a town cut off from water and electricity supply. there can be only a handful of such places, mainly points of humanitarian aid distribution hold piles of baby food,
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diapers and medicine. leave no questions as to what this place used to be. this sports arena was repurposed, it served as a major warehouse for humanitarian aid, where the whole town of several minutes flocked to because that was something that they badly needed and still badly need. but now it stands all destroyed and burned down to ashes by the ukrainian military. this is one of the 1st places obliterated by ukraine's artillery. shortly after denise submitted the information by then it had dawned on him already what he was responsible for and who his mysterious contact was. he wasn't phased by the realization though, and stuck to his newly found blood business albano, one after he gave me the money and left there was shelling at this address and i heard from people that civilians died that over then he asked for more addresses. i found a hostile,
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where civilians were given water and gave the address to him. in 2 days later, there was shelling there. after he was interested in other addresses, gave him the address of the hotel where humanitarian aid was given out. a thick stench of ash is still very present in the air here. this is one of the places that the ukrainian military had destroyed. after getting an anonymous tip off apparently came from some one who relocated to several minutes from western ukraine. it came from over there, but the locals here, they don't know why the man the foreman chose this place, because according to them, the military, the russian soldiers, they have never been here. dennis hands tremble now as he faces up to 20 years in jail for state treason. they didn't shake. they didn't slip though when he was providing more coordinates, which entailed another deadly strike organ renewal, there was
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a strike over there. one unexploded shell is still stuck on the roof. then another strike came over there. the guy was sitting here, it was around 10 p. m. he was killed by a fragment. for the 1st time, dennis has the opportunity to look in the eye of a person. he marked as a target on caves artillery maps. as a play a short message, the victim paused with us. the soldier to those people are scum. what else can be said about them? people rebuild the infrastructure and they keep destroying it. and it looks like the shelling come with help of informers orobozo. it's too late now. there's nothing to return to. the ukrainian command has been systemically, targeting vital civilian infrastructure elements. in this war, toontown. a mac is done of reporting from the dumbass art c. 9 nato members from central and eastern europe have declared their support for key halves demands for foss truck entry to the alliance in
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a joint letter or the 9 at nato countries condemned the recent referendums and several formal ukrainian regions. they demand a complete russian withdrawal from the territories and call on the allies to again increase military assistance to key f. however, western european members, along with the leader of the alliance and the u. s. don't appear quite so keen to be expanding the block right now. are committed to supporting mayo's open door policy on but how that proceeds is really an issue that's worked out friday between the 40 countries the who vote on and made a vote on this in the us for the ask us foreign country i and it so that work girl will have to be done in the future. she go to co krajina. of course, ukraine is free to choose the alliance in which it feels comfortable. however, joining nato is subject to certain requirements. the question will now be discussed
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among the 30 nato countries. with, you know, she get him was a handle the fact that ukraine wants to join nato is understandable. but this is not a matter of principle at the moment. or i taken this further on the program we thought to georgia, samuel from the global policy institute of london. great to see today, joyce, thanks very much for coming on the program. if you are just listening to some of those comments just now from various our european leaders and politicians, it certainly seems that perhaps opinions and nato divided over ukraine's or demands or hopeful requests for a fast track, accession to nato. your thoughts where they are and be divided, but as always, it's the smallest dogs that make the most noise. i mean these 9 countries comprise the 3 baltic states, mass north, macedonia, montenegro remaining is lock in check, republic. these are not serious, major military forces. so if there's to be a war between nato and russia,
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they're not going to be doing very much in it. so they have, for it is, it is those countries that would be seriously involved in any conflict with nato in russia that have the most worried. and they are not at all enthusiastic, as you pointed out, the united states and jake sullivan said last week. well, you know, that's not really something we need to think about. now, even your burrell, the foreign minister of the you doesn't seem all that keen, and of course it does violate they so of principles. you can join nato when you're in the middle of a conflict. so it's very hard to see how this can move forward. interesting also that hungary in bulgaria, which up to central european and east european state. i'm not among the signatories
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. george. it was just just a few nights ago that i felt him by the sultan bug via they had chief off. no, he came out with a very brief, it was basically an impromptu press conference from nato, and he came out and he and he said that he said no to the landscape request to have ukraine fast tracked into the nato blog. but you also seemed rather jittery when he made his statement stolen book, he seemed really quite nervous and he was, you know, just dictating quite a lot, you know, as he does. but he was saying that nato was not a direct party to the culprit in ukraine. essentially saying almost trying to wash his hands like we don't want any trouble. why did you see these comments and started bugging? did he seem a little bit less confident to you? yes, i think because it was made. so has been playing this stupid, stupid game for a long time in which it's throwing everything but the kitchen thing. ukraine. and then turning around is they will when already
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a party to the conflict. so you know where we're just bystanders. you know, we're just a neutral what, of course, it's nonsensical and by anybody, any common sense measure and they to is about discipline in the war because without made. so it would have ended months and months ago. so with the landscape essentially just building up and sending in this job application, he put him on the spot because now nature would make it except the landscape application. this is gloria figure that needs to be in extolling and idolizing. then they don't, can't go on with it. so history of pretending that they're not really about discipline while it was being about this, because essentially what make it on the spot. you get ukraine into nato and they to is obviously a war. george,
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i was just just bringing up the issue of the north stream, a pipeline sabotaged if it has been called by by many different actors out there. a lot of people are wondering what's going to be the next step. i was just reading an article. i don't know if it's true or not, but apparently german intelligence has been furious for the past few days because apparently they were not in the loop with whatever intelligence agency, what's behind the sabotage of nor stream pipelines. we've just had the referendums now these for new regions. joining russia, the north stream gets sabotaged. people are saying, how is putin going to react? if you get online, you can see the footage of the mobile is scanned. miss ald mobile unit, 17. of those being sent down to the region, we're also seeing almost perpetual trains of tanks heading into crimea right now. people are concerned. what could the next step be? a lot of people are saying it's going to be an escalation, george. what do you think it's facing us in the immediate short term? well, i don't, i don't think russia will escalated because essentially this terrorist attack on
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the street one and 2 is direct to the german. it's not really even direct to the russia. i mean, obviously the russian properties that has been damage and russian investment, but russia can still, so it's gas that can still is oil. it's not going to stop that much. who will suffer? will be germany and the german industrial machine, the german economy, the power of europe. and that was really the objective all along the united states had been obviously absolutely held bend in opposition to north stream. for years and years. they always wanted the german economy to be subordinate to the u. s. economy. they wanted your up to be subordinate to the united states. and this is a business aspect with germany. already. germany is closing down factors in closing down industrial plants. and the german industrialists think we're moving out of the country. we're going to go somewhere where we have
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a reliable source of energy. we're not going to have it in germany. so this, the germans are suffering. so why is russia need to do anything? they could just step back and watch, you know, european economy unravel in the next few months. but a georgia, m r l a, a senior research fellow at the global polity institute of london. always appreciate your time and thank you for letting me pick your brain. appreciate george much and a warning by europe's main weather forecasting agency may be sending a chill down the spines of regional politicians. it's predicting a cold winter ahead, though that is the opposite of what us forecasts were saying just a few weeks ago. the european agency also warned of potentially less wind than normal, which would threaten the generation of renewable power. this all comes as an energy crisis looms over the continent. the forecast, which is based on data from the european center for medium range weather forecasts and several other weather prediction systems is
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a potential problem for policymakers as they try to battles. soaring energy costs for businesses and households owing to huge cuts in gas imports from russia. the weather warning comes, as some politicians have been bending over backwards to offer not so ordinary solutions to the blocks energy woes. while some member states are apparently fed up with a lack of a joint approach, let's get their thought and opinion now of arctic contributor rachel boston. it seems like officials here are getting a bit ahead of themselves. you have to wonder if there's an unspoken contest going on between german and french government members to see who can come up with the most ridiculous energy related propaganda. now we all know by now about the dwindling german shower times, but in the past few days, no fewer than 3 french ministers have showed up at work dress for the ski slopes. french economy minister boy norland math, says he's ditching the suit and tie from now on to save energy. you will no longer
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see me with a tie but with the turtle neck. and i think that will be very good. it will allow us to save energy, to show proof of sobriety. not sure how showing up in a turtle neck when it was still hitting 20 degrees celsius outside in paris. last week is showing proof of any kind of sobriety or sanity energy related or otherwise, more like proof of maybe an underlying medical condition if you're having to wear ski under word work in summer, like whether speaking of which french prime minister, elizabeth bona also showed up at work a few days ago in a down jacket, as did the minister of energy agnes pena. alina she, at this rate, by mid month, they'll be pretending to stick it to vladimir putin by coming in to work in a tuk gloves and ear muffs. meanwhile, the european business lobby just wrote to each commission, president ursula vander line, sounding the alarm on energy prices and their impact on businesses all across the
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block. the current state of high gas electricity prices best. the imminent risk of production losses and shut downs of thousands of european companies. that's a real danger that businesses and in particular, energy intensive industries relocate outside of your permanently or should be finding ways at e u level to mitigate the impact of crippling energy prices. faced by european business is a matter of survival. that doesn't really sound like something that seasonal fashion choices can fix. the international energy agency is now saying that a 13 percent reduction of gas use is necessary. but on friday the you could only manage to agree to 5 percent reduction. german scientist klaus mueller also said recently that at least 20 percent savings in private households energy use is needed to avoid industrial power cuts in an average winter. it's like european leaders don't really have a grasp of the problem that they've created with their anti russian sanctions. and
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are pretty much now treating it like they do their green dreams, like a handful of windmills that barely exist yet are going to power all of europe. and at least one you member is already fed up with the use ineffective approach to cleaning up its own mess. the prime minister of slovakia is now saying that his country could stop sending electricity to other e u countries. if it doesn't get more help with rocketing energy prices. guessed that big energy plan announcement that ursula vander line made isn't getting the job done unless the job is just to pretend that the you isn't actually in the process of jumping off a bridge without a parachute for ukraine behave maybe bridge jumping without a parachute is better in a ski jacket or a turtle neck. now when it comes to the u. k is energy was i spoke earlier in the program to independent journalist charlie boyle, who blames it on or what he calls an incompetent government. the energy
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crisis is largely your own making and it's a story problem. i can talk about everything and i'm over the last week. but it's a lack of planning, as i said before, many times until somebody right, or a subsidies investment and renewables. and some certain countries, certain mixes of energy and a winter, which is it is the situation. i don't think that well through was when the ukraine situation started the price of a race. and it seems to me that
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the young people are being punished really a really good it is government and whether you're left or right, i would call it a terrible government. i see the next 3 to 4 months in d. so it's not even about finding enough gas or energy money. can people even afford, i mean, you go, you can afford that even now, even with united states and its allies, israel to blame for quote, planned to riots that have been seen in the country. that's what iran supreme leader ayatollah khomeini publicly said. on monday. i say clearly that the disturbances and insecurities were designed by america in the u. surfing and faked zionist regime. the iranian ladies comments comments nationwide,
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protests swept the country following the death of a young woman allegedly in police custody. though i should say, there are videos that dispute that power to be said that protest is using this tragic incident as an excuse to create turmoil in iran and trust. these actions are not being staged by ordinary iranians. now iran has seen its largest and most violent protests in years with the death toll at 92, according to various human rights groups, and protested happy in hauling rocks. they've taught police cars even set fire to state buildings. or some iranian women have burned, had jobs at the rallies and even cut off their hair. and protests continued across the country over the weekend with raleigh is organized by students in the cities over at on. as for han and companies in the professor at the university of toronto side, mojave mirandi, he believes media claims about the events in iran don't actually reflect the reality on the ground. many people outside of the rom seems to think that the country is in chaos, but that's not the case. there are sporadic mass,
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but there are also sporadic riots. and what the leader was alluding to isolate harmony was the riots not that peaceful protest. ryan are being done by version media, largely based in london like iran international, which is so be funded or bbc persian and they're just on shows are explicitly calling for a tax on these officer. you see terrorism riots. he so protest. but you also see that the western media doesn't point out is that there were huge anti riot protests in tac ron and across the country. but a couple of days after these protests which were sporadic in across the country, then you saw these violent professional protesters coming in. if you look online, you think that the countries in war. so the methods used by western countries now
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are using high tech industry and these capabilities to break at the same question of why the demonstrations in iran, wrapping up this i was broadcast from moscow, an international appreciate your company. thank you for joining us. a r t dot com has a all the articles you need to watch. if you wanna catch up on anything you think he may have missed for the meantime. with x ah ah ah, when i was wrong when i was just a, an engagement equals the trails.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. with ah, the only we, i'm so glad they ship african. what is the best time in which like the idea about them, this is a little bit of it. i've had to listen to sort of like obligated a lady named with what i say school car wasn't report backwards, but something something that might seem important to me cut order. the style is certainly don't love it. really a conditional krinski part of it,
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which it is said to jeff. i knew the minimum is gone, can be comma loser vehicle or somebody and the community that deep comma, a lovely, not all like it's supposed to start out. like you sort of affected door only out of the july, the media with us. that's clear but, but then with the routing the spoken in your writing for you, let me do both is looking at them during the summer because at my cigna, but it was it the reason i would show capital much, but if you will, can i love correctly well, it was, it was the case was there, then your big us over for you will that they should receive a notice to pick up and that were still a when the love and i think it was somebody
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with ah, yes, absolutely. okay, well with the hood that we're just waiting in a sheet, which is much like near you mean what is material that was supposed to been left recently? so be exempt with some lift williams to fill that up. if those have been oxford, i felt like new somebody out there with close to me was
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clearly so much so i was actually awesome. you get any, can you move? you know, i'm still place you at that he's up with any pressure to so i was committed to pitiless up here at the ball, which can you with that was a point if we don't get to these things they don't senior with ah, with.


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