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tv   News  RT  October 26, 2022 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. with ukraine has lost the sovereignty as being directly used by the us as a battering ram against russia. and say, ukraine is being constantly pumped with weapons of its whole of western foreign policy. also, with russia as nuclear to pairings forces are put to the test with c and grounds test, which is a ballistic. i'm pleased with romanian sen, slums. the country is presidential publicly supporting your credit is conflict with
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russia. it's not correct. not a single thing to aggregate this conflict, which is not between brushing native but between the russian federation and ukraine over territories that belong to russian in the past. and it is, it's business what it does there. and india hits the google way, the 113000000 dollars fine, but not allowing app developers to use 3rd party payment services with 6 pm here in moscow. and this is ality international with the latest world news out that's a very warm welcome to you. now ukraine has become an american tool in a proxy war against russia. that's the latest assessment of the military conflict from vladimir putin. ukraine has lost sovereignty and is being directly used by the us as
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a battering ram against russia. almost immediately ukraine was turned into a testing ground for biological warfare experiments and is now being pumped up with weapons. the latimer who 10 said that the world is becoming increasingly multi polar, but that some are trying to hold on and hang on to their what he called diminishing a leadership resorts into whatever they can just to make sure they hang onto that spot, including using ukraine as a tool against russia, he warned that the potential for conflict in the region and around the world remains quite high. and that ukraine was basically turned into a training ground for biological weapons. and now it's also being armed and pumped off with more and more weapons. and he also added that there is a black market for weapons being formed in ukraine and weapons such as missiles, as well as my weapons could fall into the wrong hands into dangerous hands. and he
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also add that, that the international community has been observing direct acts of sabotage and not doing anything about it. and also have seen that not only all they're not doing and it's in about it. but in some cases, we've seen international player support that rhetoric. so those were his later statements regarding ukraine losing sovereignty ends being used as a tool of a lot of a pity. made that statement shortly after the seeing a series of military exercises by russian strategic nuclear forces, which had been on high alert since the end of february. the well, the joint drills involved sea and ground unit several ballistic and cruise missiles were testified with military official saying over target to successfully hit the annual exercise with announced in advance and most go had also warned washington in
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a 2nd such drill helped by russia's military so far this year, training targets located in the countries far east were eliminated by long range missiles, with 295 strategic form. and also taking part we can find out more details on this story on many others on our website r t dot com. when you go to the latest from the russian region of care, so now with other terms tried to break into a district police station early this afternoon, an alleged attempt to steal weapons. the 1st it shows the badly damaged assault of the building, which was struck by a grenade at around 1 pm, emergency services, a searching for those involved with the new prime minister, which you feel like has reaffirmed his supports, the ukraine during a phone call with us president joe biden, we solely off the u. k. premier called kit to say the same thing to president lensky, but someone now criticizing soon access following in the footsteps. the previous s
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l is truss who also made her 1st international call in office to ukraine. rachel moss and explain british prime minister richie sooner has just taken over the controls of the u. k. and he says, we will always stand with ukraine by standing with ukraine. he means billions in u. k. taxpayer cash weapons. now who's the we voted for that. certainly not the people of the u. k. soon ack slips into the pilot's seat when the country is literally at the point of impact with recession. and what's his symbolic 1st phone call to ukrainian president vladimir zalinski a call during which soon i promised to quote, stand and continued solidarity with ukraine. was there any indication that soon on his laser focused on britain's massive economic problems? while he did a phone call with you as president joe biden, who's been driving his feet on that tray deal with britain. but according to a white house statement, the call was not about trade. it was largely about vote working together to support
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ukraine encountering russia and china. so washington's priorities no mention of trade. maybe bind was confused about who he was talking to and whether it's united kingdom or just today. we've got news. oh lou bronsels. well anyway, whether he's talking to or she said no, or is she soon act bided knows that whoever it is, one of jack to buy just rambling on about ukraine. so before he was appointed prime minister soon i was pretty aloof about ukraine. is the impression that his. busy focus even with respect to ukraine, was really all about doing what was best for the british economy. sumac, thanks, put him will still be the, they will have to be a deal with him. and if that's the case, is it really worth the pain to the economy? now it seems that voters are disappointed to learn what soon acts real position is
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right on tap re she soon not comes out and says, we will always stand with ukraine. so does that mean more of our money being sent off to ukraine, whilst you have to make difficult decisions for the rest of us at home? you could hear it entrust his voice and you can hear it in soon. ox. we won't let prudent win in ukraine. it's as if they are using war to bolster their own image. meanwhile, it's public service cuts for the rest of us. interestingly, sooner gives a blank check to ukraine, whilst calling on wales and scotland to get in line. soon act didn't waste time calling the landscape. he's already lining up the war in ukraine to use as a convenient excuse for his punishing a start. he cuts. so after new italian prime minister, georgia maloney pledged her allegiance to ukraine. it looks like the white house just almost copied and pasted virtually the same. congratulatory and ukraine focused message or sooner chatting up these vassals, states seems kind of late chatting up conquests at the local bar. why didn't uses
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the same pick up lines and probably won't even remember their names in the morning of romanian sen. her sons, the country is president for supporting ukraine, saying to the conflict in the neighboring country is none of the caress fitness. no better meet them. each one a d, v 's, you also don't, will not allow a single things to aggravate this conflict, which is not between russia and nato, but between the russian federation and ukraine over territories that belong to russia in the past. and it is, it's business what it does there. this is not romania natal or the use problem. i think we were present romania and the remaining people or here resign model. money. comes as romania, faith is a political crisis from within. on monday, the defense minister resigned over what he called the differences with the countries presidents in relation to the ukraine conflicts the ex defense chief has
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previously stated that the only way to end the war is to negotiations with russia. with us is, demonstration is take place in bucharest, against the increase in a to kia and the transfer of french nato troops to the country. along with plans to step up drills, the head of nato's 2nd brigade. combat team has said that if a member of the airlines is attacked, where maybe a base troops will end to ukraine. but yesterday, the whitehouse assured that no us soldier will step foot that the india is competition regulator has slapped a $130000000.00 fine on google for an awful lot. our developers use 3rd party payment services. the wash stock se is google is abusing, gets dominant, placed on the market to engine sharma has more from knew that a this is in fact the 2nd fine that has been slapped on who will, in less than
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a week. the 1st 5 was for about $162000000.00. the recent one, the one which is lapse. now for about 13, a $113000000.00. and now why has google come onto the radar or c, c i? or the competition commission of india. essentially what the commission has noted is that google has in fact been abusing each dominant market position with respect to, with its policies. also let me point out to all that the commission has asked me not to engage in antique comparative behavior again and again, also they've often to allow thought, party payment systems, abortion. that very clearly we will set that we've noticed that in fact, the competition commission of india has said that google has forced application you
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dawes, an applicant and other aggregate bills to use its own a payment system by doing so by mandating them to do so. what happens is that it blocks its soto denies market to increase port, although you bills. and that's in fact something that the commission has really strong objection to that. listening to what the commission is when you send the competition commission of india today, imposed a penalty of $113000000.00 of dollars on google for abusing its dominant position with respect to its place. door policies making access to the play store dependent on mandatory usage of google plays billing system for paid apps and an app purchases as one sided and arbitrary and devoid of any legitimate business interest . now and 5 tell google has been asked to put out a clear policy last. * far as the data collection is concerned, as far as usage is concerned, and shaving is concerned. now this order by at the commission comes as a huge relief to several indian starts with smaller con fees. not for long have
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been complaining about the abuse all flaw. i'll google when it comes to a domination of the market. and israeli medical official has suggested that palestinian mothers be fined for giving birth to more than 4 children. so from you regarding the matter of population growth in the more problematic population, we face a kind of paradox. on the one hand, we understand that the birth rate is decisive, the air of womb. and on the other hand, we encourage it with all the child allowances, we should consider a regressive child allowance. the 1st child receives one, the 2nd child receives one, perhaps the 3rd child. the 4th child is not in the 5th child, perhaps triggers a fine. the official who was in charge of heart surgery at the hospice in the country south was speaking of a meeting of the right wing jewish home policy. his comments refer to the birth
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rates of arabs in israel, which has been higher than knots of jewish families for years, and which some is ready see as a threat to their demographics. it may this course our rage among the country's arab community, while some local medical workers have called it racist. the association of arab doctors at the end of the negative has now, quote, filed a petition, calling for the official to be punished, which has been signed by over a $150.00 doses. any one who sees the arab woom is a threat, has no place in the health system, and certainly cannot care for the hearts of the arabs. we expect the hospital management to take a strong stance against statements of this kind from which emerges. the spirit of general racial arrogance against an entire population to discuss the issue with our join life by dan cohen, a journalist on skip co producer of the award winning documentary, killing, gone so many thanks for joining us on the program down. so what are these remark say about attitudes towards the palestinian population in israel?
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what was your reaction to the news? well, this is simply just an expression of the national ideology. in israel of zionism, which seeks to maintain a jewish demographic majority at the expense of the indigenous native palestinian population. and it's really not the best thing is, as we can see, to say these kinds of things in public forums. because then there are newspaper articles and, and it, and it gets into international television. but it's basically what, what zionism dictates. and in order to maintain this, this, this demographic balance requires extreme violence. which with me frequently in, in israel and the palestinian, the occupied palestinian territory. so what the doctor said is not particularly extreme or outlandish by israeli standards. it's just completely normal actually,
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in your opinion that does the israeli government take a different approach in his treatment to palestinians residing in the country from compared to those in the occupied territories. well, each area of historic palestine has a sort of different form of israeli control. in the west bank you have settlements, expansion and, and kind of direct face to face occupation where in the, in, in the gaza strip. you under thieves, and everything is done through remote control and f, 16 fighter jets, wherein inside israel proper or what palestinians referred to as, as 1948 pallet time. the system of discrimination is a bit different, but nonetheless exists. and so this kind of, you know, the statements from prominent medical figures really reflect kind of the reality, the post indians inside and 1948 borders live under. but, you know, i'd also point to how,
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how common this sort of language is not only from prominence israeli political figures, but even in here in the united states. i look at barack obama is 2013 speech when he invoke in the so called demographic threat that is real faces from palestinian. so it's simply taken for granted that palestinians are considered inferior and sort of intervention to to israeli jewish population. early this year, the israeli government introduced a new law bonding palestinian citizens from reuniting with their spouses from the west bank and gaza strip. what the interior minister said? demographic reasons. do you think we'd like to see more such movies more oppressive moves of the palestinian population with an israel? definitely this is part of a policy that aims to completely bifurcate or split off palestinian families who are spread between occupied west bank and occupied jerusalem and. and the rest of
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historic palestine in order to simply split them apart and make maintaining family contacts and unbeatable option. and so, particularly as the even more right when government. 1 appears to be coming to power will have a new government and israel led by most likely lead by benjamin netanyahu. former prime minister, who's now the opposition leader and figure as far to his right. even, you know, these, these are exactly the kinds of policies. i mean, honestly, these are saw compared to what they want to do, which is, which is figures like it's a more bent here, the leader of the jewish power party. they want to completely ethnically cleanse all palestinians from the entire country. so this is just the process and you know, these kinds of laws separating housed indians in the west bank and inside israel or
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are just small steps in that process. do you foresee such measures? possibly back firing on the israel, perhaps an international outcry will let you know, push the government towards a more tolerant approach. the government can, the society is moving right word and the government reflects it. minutes and it's has financial support and political support from the united states. so there will be international outcry from kind of the popular grassroots level against ever encroaching israeli apartheid is it strips away the rights of palestinian citizens and non citizens alike. and certainly it's bad for israel's image with its more liberal elements and society understand that you know, these, that this, this kind of message getting out and these steps are not good for, for its image and the viability of israel lives as an apartheid state. but
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nonetheless, there will be no change from the government. there will. they will stand by and double down on the overtly racist policy. danco and journalist on co producer of killing garza documentary many thanks for your time, appreciate it. thank you. and the pressure from an anti france demonstration is that about the child's last week. the paris vice president has pointed the finger at outside interference thing, other countries not to blame for the violent protests. soon as so, these are not all in every demonstrations that were brought to control, but a real carefully orchestrated insurgency to create chaos and to constrain the us hands publicly by the process saying it supports a government selected by the people of chart. demonstrators took the streets off, the president said he would stay in power for the next 2 years. we have the latest from a local reporter on the grounds. yeah, your miller live has to return back to normal for the people of the c p after last
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week. i put up if that is still in place, but as even baby has, i know is that 7 days was better for the people who dies in the office the last week. but you also said in this address that the for this are not normal. he was of a real instruction plan who was in the country, the president man sensitive, but he is one of our of supporting uninstalled action in job men, while the man behind many protests against the con, the government, most of the former move him and his boys of clear and that he will continue to look at what it says and stuff. but as people are trying to get back to that, a lot of my life did me with the knowledge that more profits are being planned. but they are hoping it will not just kill it into other problems. i'm the religious way, like under france, supports the regime in place in chad. and that is the root of all the problems. since we know france wants no change. all they want is their interests. they care
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about their populations well being and only about their interests. and i think it's time to change things. chad has men and natural resources and that is very reach. but with a high rate of unemployment, for example, i got bachelor's degree in 2020 but i don't have any opportunities to get the job. it is very sad to leave and see this in a country like chad with all its resources. so we should change things. now. the tensions are also on the rise in central africa, where canyon troops preparing to deploy the democratic republic of congo. joy defies against anti government rebels. the chief of can use defense forces says they already he, this mission is like to one, we have been heaven in our neighboring country, somalia, and i'm happy since the majority of you have been serving a day african union mission in somalia, i have great trust in you and your dear c is high time welcomed rebels. the us
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government requested help from african states that were new to violin classes with the m 23 millison group canyon troops of the 1st to join with help from uganda. south sedan antonia zenia also on the way is that to enter a hostile area in a town bordering uganda, which is currently being held by the rebels. it's not the 1st time kenya's military is joining a mission in other countries having previously been deployed in somalia. the bind and administration has stepped up economic pressure on it. nicaraguan president daniel o take as government's imposing sanctions on the countries gold mining industry. ortega maria regimes continued a tax on democratic actors and members of civil society and the unjust detention of political prisoners demonstrate that the regime feels it is not bound by the rule of law. the u. s. actions are aimed at denying the ortega maria regime the
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resources they need to continue to undermine democratic institutions in nicaragua. the u. s. treasury imposed sanctions on nicaragua, mining authority, along with top government officials, as biden signed an executive order, they could restrict u. s. companies from doing business with nicaragua, gold industry, as well as blocking us investment in other sectors in the country. the order also leaves the option of identifying other sectors of the nicaraguan economy that could be sanctioned further. last year the u. s. accounted for almost 80 percent of nicaraguan gold shipments earlier as he spoke by north in nicaragua based journalist. you say the new us sanctions that regime change in the country. these us sanctions are illegal according to international law. they are unilateral course measures and the new us sanctions on the gold sector in nicaragua are aimed at one targeting a state lead industry in order to starve the government of revenue. the most
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popular government in the history of this country. the u. s. government claims that any independent government that refuses to bow down to washington is authoritarian and scare quotes. the reality is that nicaragua had an authoritarian regime, a military dictatorship for decades, run by the some most dynasty and the u. s. government installed this and also dictatorship and propped it up, maintaining it in power until the sun and the revolution in 1979 from 990 until 2006. the u. s. government backed a series of very corrupt right wing regimes that store billions of dollars of public assets as poverty skyrocket in nicaragua. crime skyrocketed when the sun east came back in 2007 they. they decreased poverty by over half. they decreased violent crime. they ended drug trafficking, they provided safety and security and health care and education. that's why,
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according to polls, they found the needs, the government has the support of around 70 percent of nicaraguans. many, thanks for joining us here on asi international. we're back at the top of the out with the very latest. ah, the ah ah
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ah, it is said talk is cheap but loose. talk about dirty bombs is nothing less than dangerous with both russia and ukraine preparing for new offences. the west is not shy, talking about nuclear weapons, is the west thinking the unthinkable o russia is the gross. no, ifs, ands or buts about we have any quality for russians. we have actual racism, bigotry, against russians. it's now dangerous to be russian in europe. so i work with it, a nation suddenly dislike one of the hotel it he always there and only
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now come to the for the most full with the most for so for the doors is router will be a new one. hasn't been seen before in their perspective. a given the from the allows you to promote, inform, some unit the studies before door i knew that i knew was to get you started. ok. you know, people not. yes. who's dial? it also brings up dorcas, go with his i here because that's a play team is usually when he got a home was a hotel with conservative. i mean, he wasn't due to me, delusions, wilbur. i wish you, all we gotta do is get him over the head and just tell him the right way to live near is going to do it with a whole new republic. i don't know the war, but just to be, i just play a
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shy many the kids. i tried to understand why my old colleague's used to say 90 person on tuition for position. i'm in some results and i discussed very deep or so since long, long time game it and is a well known generalist and politician. he had the geneva pres club that wrote a famous book, creating lucifer from the great religious schism to ante potent hysteria in which he contends. the russo phobia in western europe isn't new, but has been there for centuries to source for big narrative is set on 2 main arguments. one is russia is a detect dorsey. it was a tier one, the rid side was a tier one during surgeon times and now it's to run you doing to president sure. a lot of times the 2nd phone is worse than expansions. russian failure. it's
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completely fake. but this is always the same game. a visit to any book shelf in europe or the us is enough to reveal the strength of anti russian sentiment today. love to keep us in short. we are here or to more europe is christalin. yeah. you know, it's, i'm with at the store and you probably lock shortcut which you poll. it wasn't like what like, like, like studying. but don't, we should not say can you because each we shoot i napoleon cobra, which important which most of which in general pushing vision but only show people they are good. i hear you. you can sort of kind of, which would be you, but i'm going to see it when you are not all the categories with name that i see little flash. that's all we were just calling grammy's nieces degree crossed here for you out of state for example. and these comics about russian history, the country is portrayed as a grim dystopian led by a dictator. and you know,
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it's typical book written by a sofa big right telling how mr. dean is described in the book and how the story is told. and you can see all the cliches, all the prejudices against russia. and this is a comic about one of the most horrifying episodes in russian history, the best land school seeds when more than a 1000 hostages were taken. most of them, children, terrorists shot the men and the gymnasium, where the hostages were held. was booby trapped when one of the bombs exploded and people started to run away. the terrorists opened fire more than $300.00 were killed. but the comic strip says nothing about the abuse of hostages or fleeing children being shot in the back. instead, the author blames russia who fired on their own children. no wonder considering that even during the siege many.


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