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tv   News  RT  October 27, 2022 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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ah, ah, with ukrainian army attacks, the town of shock, your skin, the republic i've done yet causing an explosion at an oil depot. the report from the seed it's still smoking. and you can still see behind me, one of the tanks is still on fire rushes and void for the year and accuses the west of spreading face on the radian drone, used by russia and ukraine saying calls for the organization to investigate that. a dangerous precedent. going beyond his mandate, the association of arab doctors calls for an israeli medical official to be psyched
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that he proposed finding palestinian mothers for having more than 4 children. and hope for peace rises of south africa host talks between the european governments and 2 great forces. after 2 years of conflict, this claims that taken thousands of lives and displaced millions with committee, alive from our headquarters. here in moscow, you're watching our see international. it's just going to lebanon in the russian capital line. peter scott, welcome to the program. the town of shocked york in the dance republic has been heads by multiple ukrainian attacks, according to the local murder and a strike by ukrainian forces hit an oil depot which caused a series of explosions. and then a large fire which spread from neighboring residential buildings. it's also in gulf the railway station,
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but has since been brought under control. residents of near by houses have been evacuated, and archie correspondence roman casa, visited the area according to the local authorities, ukrainian military struck a train station in the town of shocked yours. in the, the next people's republic as the result. well, you can see right behind me, a train full of fuel was caught on fire. actually. 12, thanks, are now completely destroyed. you can see the blaze is getting stronger and stronger. now emergencies ministry anal working on this scene, trying to put this blaze out according to authorities. a fire fighting train is also on the way here. now while we were working with her a couple of explosions as more and more tanks are getting caught on fire. now, this entire area has now been cleared from any civilians who have been
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evacuated because authorities are worried that this fire may spread 2 houses as well. both are guar, dwarves. we were there were 2 explosions. snoozed. the 1st was smaller and a 2nd was louder. the tank exploded. i didn't hear the strike itself have a feeling that they blew it up on the spot. by the time we got out, everything was on fire. you killed this building, a drone flew and hit a tank of gasoline. my wife heard the explosion. the tank was clearly full, he did not explode it just his very strongly and caught fire at the moment. so fire fires are still trying to put out the blaze, but we can already to take a look at some of the consequences of this blast. take a look at this. this railway is now completely destroyed. it's still smoking and he could still see behind me, one of the tanks is still on the fire. this is probably the consequences of the
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ukrainian rocket that landed a here and created this wire. these all the tankers, now these are still intact, but the firefighters are doing everything they can sell, that the fire from other banks does not spread to these ones. and so far, we still don't know whether there were any casualties at all. i guess we will finds out once this operation is complete, the west are spreading fakes about iranian drone use in ukraine. nuts, according to rushes and void. the un after a meeting of the security council on wednesday. he said that's investigating the origins of you or these used by russia and ukraine is not within the organizations mandates given they deserve our western colleagues to concoct fakes about elijah, to drones that iran allegedly is transferring to our generation. we wish to begin
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by putting i putting dots on the eyes, the actions of western delegations demanding that the secretaries carry out an investigation into the drone issue creates an exceedingly dangerous precedent for the work of the secret council form from the legal standpoint. they are ex, seeking to an artificial, expand the prerogatives. isic announced security council to it too vested with functions that are beyond its purview. in the prerogatives of skitta council. a western media have repeatedly reported on terrans a legend supply of combat. drones, such as the mo hodges 6 unsure, had series to russia. both iran and russia have denied the allegations, but several western countries along with ukraine. harvard, the us to investigate those reports. ortiz kelly morphine has more. the focus of the meeting was allegations that russia had violated the j. c. p. o, a by purchasing drones from iran to then use on the battlefield in crane.
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now, the russian ambassador and then to the took to the floor and pointed out that this entire investigation was in violation of the un charter because it was being done at the direct request of the united states. u. s. leaders had contacted the un secretary general and asked for this investigation to be done. and the un charter makes it very clear that these international bodies are not intended to serve one particular country. rather, they are focused on carrying out the un mission, the maintenance of peace, et cetera. so, basically, the russian ambassador pointed out that this whole meeting and this whole investigation fit in with an ongoing pattern. the un and other international body is being used for a partisan purpose to demonize russia, to try and isolate russia to build up propaganda against russia, and that it was simply improper. the way this issue was being handled. here's what ambassador and ben z i had to say. this approach is at odds with the core
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principles operations united nations, including the separation of authority between its main bodies and specialized bodies. it runs counter to basic logic, is on the questions of essence and politics. the secretariat responds it single handedly and decides issues based on instructions from certain states than why our collective body, such as a secretary such as the general assembly and to get a council necessary. the u. s. leaders spoke, the representative of the united states took to the floor and said that these were not done on orders from the united states, but rather the investigation was done simply at the request of the united states. it was a request. this was not an example of improper behavior on the part of the un secretary general. now, us representative went on to accuse russia committing atrocities in ukraine to accuse russia spreading this information and conspiracy theories, etc. now, later when speaking before the stake out, we heard remarks from ambassador and
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a band the he spoke about the fact that russia is looking for negotiations to end the conflict reporters press in the band via about various issues such as north korea and such as other other situations around the world, the bends the emphasize that he felt that the meeting itself was improper. and the, essentially, we saw the un security council being simply used as a platform to echo allegations against russia now has been done on many other occasions. while continuing to accuse russia of using iranian drones in ukraine, european officials are mulling the use of previous received russian assets to rebuild ukraine later in the program. we'll take a look at how the u commission, presidents live on the lion. so foster girls find any legal basis for the seizure of private property. so do stay tuned with us. in the
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news 15 people have been killed including 2 children and 40 more injured in a terrorist attack on a prominent, shy holy sides in the southern iranian city. of shiraz, the reigning officials report them were victims could rise. some are wounded in critical condition. we must warn you the following images you may find disturbing. the it's like on the 2nd largest she i shrine in iran took place on wednesday evening. that's her wrist, allegedly belonging to an extremist study group, opened fire on pilgrims near the entrance. local police reports the attacker were arrested and is being questioned. a survivor described what he experienced inside the mosque. although our division and we were preparing for prayer, there was noise around us and we came out then they were firing at us. so we came back inside. i realized something had happened to my leg. i looked at it and it was bleeding. and iranians state news agency said the islamic states had claimed
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responsibility for the attack runs presidents of the country's enemies, sought to create divisions among the population, committing terrorist acts to make up for failure on other fronts. ah, meanwhile, south african capital pretoria has seen the 1st sets of talks between the ethiopian army with allied troops from which eritrea antigua rebels falling 2 years of bloody conflicts. ah, let's all come after an ethiopian government offensive on the t great region. earlier this week. the country's forces have captured 3 key towns in the territory, which are the most significant games on the battlefield. in recent months, ortiz cromwell, a thoughtless brings more details. finally, a ray of hope towards ending the 2 year long conflict in africa's 2nd most populous nation. these are the 1st peace talks between the warring factions,
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but this conflict has 3 different sites. the ethiopian government forces troops from neighboring eritrea, as well as the t grey government forces. the talks in pretoria i happening as fighting intensifies back home only this weekend. they ethiopian government announced that it had made major advances in te gray territory needing many to ask the question, what hold there is for these talks that god should be the 1st, if we run for i q fees, their 1st thing, the location of the 2nd one is which which or me the spoke should be withdrawn from the brighten up and the money should be me. that's all researches estimate between 300600000 people have lost their lives as a result of the ongoing conflict. and most of them died due to lack of food and
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health care. but overwhelmingly it is the authorities of t great which had suffered the most millions of people have been displaced. and there has been massive damage to property, including the great capital mckelly. and if you'll p and government also are now than it intends to recapture all airports in the country, the government, or in, by way. i live in the country. if you're, if economy information called them so even the country can be i'm it, what about i, i'm the 1000000 b, but the company gets, it has been delayed by the diesel. that the government is using these people. i
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cover up to date the 5 being miles and negotiations as sped to come to an end on sunday, but it's anyone's guess as to how much groundwork would have been covered all agreed to the african union. the host of these particular talks i headquartered in ethiopia, capital above. and until the talk started, many a question, the timid approach that the organization has head to was bringing the warring factions to the negotiated team. but for many observers, looking in these talks may just be the 1st step toward laying ground for future talks on a long time to what sustainable piece in a p, o p. and a great horn of africa, regions are going to be that the african unit working with or the well yes,
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because it has never been like i know i asked about never ask it about i don't see which community shows me. and i know i've the same time they have no capacity to just talk this unified on war unless they had my whole nation on it and gotten them handled the war on didn't 50 specialists of the association of our a doctor's of the negative has filed a petition calling for the punishment of an israeli top medical official. he proposed find for palestinian mothers who give birth to more than 4 children, causing outrage among the countries are of community. so from you regarding the matter of population growth in the more problematic population, we face a kind of paradox. on the one hand, we understand that the birth rate is decisive,
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the arab womb. and on the other hand, we encourage it with all the child allowances. we should consider a regressive child allowance. the 1st child receives one, the 2nd child receives one, perhaps the 3rd child. the 4th child is not in the 5th child, perhaps triggers of fine. if anyone is still unsure that apartheid israel is se premises colonialist state, please listen to professor gideon, so ha juice, world wide should lead the struggle to end the jewish israeli apartheid regime. it corrupts 2 days and worldwide. meanwhile in israel top, israel appetite medical, official acadia, xa ha, has expressed fear of the aren't one again, what's the difference between nazis and zionist? the official who is in charge of heart surgery at the hospital in the country itself was speaking at the meeting of right wing jewish home policy. his comments
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refer to the both the birth rates of arabs in israel, which are generally higher than those of jewish families. on which some israelis see as a threats to their demographics in while the un special reporter on human rights said that israel's attitudes towards palestinians, amounts to persecution, calling on israel to stop is apartheid practices. the un has previously reported the palestine is going through its deadliest period in years with over a 100 people killed in the conflicts with israel this year alone. let my colleague nicky are in discuss the issue with done cohen, a journalist on co producer of an award winning documentary on garza who says that the israel is suggestion, did not come a surprise. well, this is simply just an expression of the national ideology in israel of zionism, which seeks to maintain a jewish demographic majority at the expense of the indigenous native palestinian
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population. and it's really not the best thing as we can see, to say, these kinds of things and in public forums, because then now there are newspaper articles and, and, and it gets into international television. but it's basically what, what zionism dictates. and in order to maintain this, this, this demographic balance requires extreme violence, which we see frequently in, in israel, and the palestinian, the occupied palestinian territory. so what this doctor said is not particularly extreme or outlandish by israeli standards. it's just completely normal early this year. the israeli government introduced a new law bonding palestinian citizens from reuniting with their spouses from the west bank and gaza strip. what the interior minister said. demographic reasons. do you think we'd like to see more such moves most oppressive moves of the palestinian
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population within israel as the even more right. when government coming to power will have a new government in israel led by most likely lead by benjamin netanyahu. you know, these, these are exactly the kinds of policies. i mean, honestly, these are soft compared to what they want to do. they want to completely ethnically cleanse all palestinians from the entire country. so this is just the process and you know, these kinds of laws separating post indians in the west bank and inside israel or are just small steps in that process. nobody african, nowhere one person has died. thousands of demonstrators rallied in the sudanese capital of tomb, demanding a transition to civilian rule. security forces have used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse. the crowds. protests have also taken place in nearby cities. in these demonstrators have been demanding a transition to civilian rule. with ne, weekly pro democracy marches, but they faced a violent response from the military with over
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a 100 people killed since the process begun. we have the latest form, a number of locals on the ground. the oma from so a unit normal a year has best, is decay on. the reason we exist is like any other solution, re who 6 the unity of this country and wants to overthrow the q installed government. once the establishment of a trans national civil authority. and transition government. yeah. it's been a year since the q and so far, $180.00 motors had fallen. we are seeking justice love and a state of floor, no full seal authority and the army. she returned to the military barracks. oh, i said i might to day because her freedom is missing. we still have many things that we haven't achieved. we're looking for freedom and justice. we're looking for many simple things to be available for us. bread and water. very simple needs to be available. the alone, the other big issues like judiciary. once it gets a better understanding of what lies behind the protests and if outside countries could be involved in the political turmoil ensued on,
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we spoke to independence analyst mackey l. my grubby. i don't think that there was the real western, so all or the government even during the error that you've used before that is that a i was trying to manipulate so that a weak government there was some kind of deals between the military and especially united america and that was clear because i did a new full ambassador who should i and he submitted a condition or 2 for her. and that the way of a mission of, of the role of the military to them so that they will know the event. she has to then get weaker innovation will get stronger wisdom and get more
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united and then then dimension will be the lower he wants to seize and spend billions of euro's worth of russian assets previously frozen by brussels. use them to rebuild ukraine. that's according to the commission . presidents eat, our aim is not only to freeze but to seize the assets. this is the aim. this is what the legal basis is concerned, not trivial. so as iraqi said already, we are working on that. we have created a task force with all the experts also from our member states and international experts which is called season free task force. not only to map what is out there has been frozen, but also what are the legal preconditions that have to be given to be able to seize and use these assets. for example, for the reconstruction of ukraine and total over $300000000000.00 of assets have
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been frozen with $23000000000.00 in the u. however, there is division among you states on how exactly to proceed as there's no existing legal basis to seize instead of freeze russian assets. ursula of underlying insist that the you will follow the letter of the law. the box own constitution prohibits the seizure of private property without compensation. always keep in mind that we insist on the rule of law, and therefore we abide by the rule of law. and therefore, this process has to be legally sound every one has the right to own use, dispose of, and bequeath his or her lawfully quiet possessions. no 1 may be deprived of his or her possessions except in the public interest. and in the cases and under the conditions provided for by law, subject to fair compensation being paid in good time for their loss or con wallace sybil former indian foreign secretary says that if the you goes ahead with this
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decision, it would undermine this reputation as a trustworthy partner the entire foundation of western economic system, or at least ostensibly, based on the rule of law. you can't confiscate property of any one unless there is due process unless they are valid reasons to do so. and they are legally based, and all that is challenging later on in a court of law. but then here on the case of ukraine and russia, i think, frankly the european union as lost all sense of proportion. i think they will be countries will be very concern in the, in a long and often about what it means in terms of the business environment, in the investment in the relations with russia and the image that europe wants to give to the world of, of, of an entity that is based on the law and rule of law is part of the value,
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which supposedly the european union, is attached to this little grid damage to europe in the long run because other countries are watching. and the notice is illegal. and that if they can actually do this to russia than smaller countries, when not so much staying power can feel very vulnerable in the future. so i, they're not thinking long term at all. that is amazing how this complete lack of sulfur, geo politics. and you can always do head over to all websites r t dot com or our social media pages for more on any of those stories that you've just seen on. is peter scott's on the back again, with another rundown in around 30 minutes time. thanks for watching. ah. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation,
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let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical of time to sit down and talk about them was a guy, but i want to was go with this with you. her with you. i'm with
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full credit is going to get some food from beach still easy for this patient, but in the board with it there. what and what i ah need to come to the russian state
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will never be tied as on the northland scheme div. asking him then knocking off a group in the 55 with will ban in the european union. the kremlin. ca, yep, machine. the state on russia for date and our t spoke neck. even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with ah, russia is the aggression. no,
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if injured much about, we have any quality for russians. we have actual racism, bigotry, against russians. it's now dangerous to be russian in europe. so i work for ford, beats rooster food can't ignore sooner. so like i said that it was possible if a nation suddenly be disliked, well was the hotel it he always there and only now come to the for the most full with the most for so for the do it is router will be a new one, hasn't been seen before in their perspective, the federal funds must have been a little more informed, some delia, the studies before door. i knew that i knew you started ok. you know people not. yes, those die you exact or could go with, but it is i hear because that's
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a theme is usually when he got a question with conservatives. with munich, you wouldn't get him exclusion border over here. all you gotta do is get him over the head and just tell him the right way to live near is going to do it as a whole do it before. i don't know the war, but just to be, i just played a shy many the kids. i tried to understand why my own colleagues use a 90 person on tuition for position. i'm in some results and i discussed with her since long, long time gaming and is a well known generalist and politician. he had the geneva pres club and wrote
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a famous book creating loose, a phobia from the great religious schism to ante boot in hysteria, in which he contends the rooster phobia in western europe isn't new, but has been there for centuries. resourceful for big narrative is set on 2 main arguments. one is russia is with dorsey, it was a tier one. the, with the thought was a tier one during subject times. and now it's to run you doing to president shuttle times. the 2nd phone is worse on expansions, russian failure and scope deeply. faith is, but this is always the same game of is it to any bookshelf in europe or the us is enough to reveal the strength of anti russian sentiment today. love to keep us. he showed me here for 2 more your peace, chris, but i know you laid some with at the store and you probably lock.


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