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of some common ground a plan to stick with the un broke gray and i will deal this like to russia pulling out of the bridge. a brazilian president of the, of the left is worker's part the edges out the right wing incumbent, excuse me, close election. just the 50 percent of the vote a go over the train,
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them it against high energy prices and declining living factors. one of them suffer the half a fact in police custody, and it was taken off with a lot of it from the russian capital is just past the hour. my mom wrote to mommy and it's good to have you with us. let's take a look at the top stories this our grain and to have agreed to stick with a un broker deal to export grain via the bank. see where the transit plan in place for 16 cargo ships. despite russia plea out of the agreement, only accusation that ukraine took advantage of the secure transport cordele to launch an attack on its navy in crimea. mazda had promised to ensure the safety of ukrainian covers ships along the route under an international
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deal to transport grain. but according to computed chips recovered from the drones used in the attack, those aircraft followed that very course from the cronum pull city of a desert before heading over to attack crimea. russia believes that you could in color vessels, could have taken the drones into a nearby position for them to launch the strike. are these don quarter investigates western cherry picking within the grain deal as it was unfolding outrage among western liter says russia holds compliance with the un agreement that was supposed to secure grain deliveries for countries in dire need. it's purely outrageous, it's going to increased her vision. there's no merit toward the doing. the un negotiated the deal, and there should be the end of it. rush, the decision to suspend participation the blacks it deal puts at risks, demand ex, between of much needed grain and fertilizers to address the global foot crisis,
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cuz by it's war against ukraine, the e. u urges russia to revert, eats decision, but listening to just one side of things doesn't provide the whole story for months now. rush has warned that the grain corridor deal would be untenable if the west and especially kiev didn't hold up their end of the bargain. and what happened this week, a drone attack on russian ships defending the grain corridor, allegedly carried out by ukraine with the help of british intelligence. taking into account the act of terrorism, committed by the key of regime with the participation of british experts on october the 29th this year against the ships of the black sea fleet and the civil vessels involved in the security. the grain corridor, the russian sy suspends its participation in the implementation of the agreements on the export of agricultural products from the ukrainian ports. although ukraine's leadership hasn't confirmed or denied involvement. and the attack key of did to find the time to accuse russia of blackmail for its decision to suspend the agreement. but this recent attack is not the only reason moscow decided to back out
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according to you and statistics. the majority of grain being exported under this deal has gone to high income countries. only about 3 percent has gone to places like somalia and sudan, which are on the brink of a food supply catastrophe. it should come as no surprise that russia thinks it's outrageous to be criticized for suspending a deal that isn't even fulfilling its established purpose. washington's reaction to the terrorist attack on the port of savannah, i suppose truly outrageous. this happened because of the reckless actions by the ukranian authorities. as for the insinuations of provoking hunger, we would like to remind you of our repeated calls to sent food shipments 1st of all, to countries in need. instead, however, a good half of all carriers under the green deal went to developed countries. li region, the some cargoes 60 to 100 percent, went to e u. countries. these on not the states that are experiencing a real problem with food, taking into account that russia has been and remains a reliable partner and is ready to provide the world the necessary amounts of food
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. our country is ready to supply the poorest countries with up to $500.00 tons of grain free of charge. the west's apparent failure to back up its words with action has already led to moscow drawing wider conclusions about the future of cooperation with the west. it is becoming obvious that any food deals should be concluded without the participation of the west, including its mediation, read, speculative price setting, and with affective international control of supplies to the countries in real need . russian ships are attacked as they attempt to defend the agreed upon corridor. the west essentially turns the deal into a grain import scheme and rushes the bad guy for suspending the deal. the logic here is questionable to say the least. we heard from a former nigerian presidential candidate, add them who got up on the 2nd, who says that russia's office provide going to africa, clearly shows it cares about the situation on the continent. the last time i've
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seen the last, when you see the african, grossly different. what do you think naturally needs to be without rain. but during the rainy season, we have so many floors. so many of you don't have to so much to what off. so we will get like an additional digital mother will depend on you. what would you be able to do? so when you combine it used to get up. you have learned from that. i will love this again, you will have one thing that is willing to give you, you know, free and you have another important. what about it? what you, what if you want to say what age do, what you need to do? i think we're good to leave, i'd like that. i don't think there's any level what the now, what is it usual? so we'll see what is happening by the what's the power off by mattel? and what we're doing on this, i think with him follow,
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need to be how did i was all thinking about? look only when you to talk about africa. now we have seen that is, i tell you what i want you to try to help or what, fortunately, the point is that i lifted on board with our, our parts of the program. this winter itself is that the gaze in finland has warned . the criminals in that country and other european states have been obtaining weaponry, but was supposed to good to the emergency ship to ukraine has also been found in sweden, denmark, in the netherlands. ukraine has received a large volume of weapons and that's good, but we're going to be dealing with these arms the decades and pay the price here. they say to said motorcycle gangs with trafficking the weaponry from ukraine to finland and nordic ports were being used for the elicit trade. why criminal networks that russia has repeatedly. busy warned that western arms could end up in
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the hands of terrace as such weapons have been found on sale on the dock. next. the u. s. is open it noise. it can't control where the armas and up. just a few months ago. euro pole had warned about such a situation unfolding. now, despite those is western powers, include the e, u at the u. k. and the us of all increase their arms shipments to ukraine. that's movie support to cave has amounted to around 20 full $1000000000.00. now 1st jealous, yaneth put, conan, said western corporations of benefiting from those uncontrolled supplies of weaponry. police is at meeting that these weapons are flowing around europe and coming to, to back to finland. and now the same weapons are, are flowing to finland in the grey market in the black market. why they want to escalate these or to borders everywhere. and certainly they know that these weapons
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are going in the hands of the militants, not the only new crank of spreading weapons is spreading fear. and when people are getting feared they, they start to buy more and more weapons. because because weapon is always brush against the weapon. and of course, if we take the perspective off these all benefits, the surgeon corporations which are running the western power structure and, and for them, this is a, this is a code in times now. and, and of course, when, when there are more weapons in the streets of finland and sweden and other nato countries. of course, the 2 countries itself are boosting the weapons because the general and stop the session start to take place. russia and ukraine of in sloping prisoners of war kinds of harrowing conditions, while in, in, in custody have been immersion. later in the program. all the things we've done,
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i sold recently free from what you went in because of the he thinks about it and how rival some to mom percent is family might movie on at least a 120 people having killed and many others injured. when a pedestrian bridge collapse in the west indian city of more be causing hundreds of people to fall into the water below. oh, locally your report say around $500.00 people were on the table bridge during the tragedy, which i could just days off to the crossing was reopen, falling repairs teams from the indian army, navy, and air force with dispatch to help with the rescue. promising to render moody and local authorities of expressed their condolences and cash compensation for the
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families of the victims. but said south american, our former brazilian president louise in mad she, lulu de silver, has won an extremely close election to become the south american countries. head of state, commonly known as lula, he aged out the right wing, incumbent jail, boston. our was just over 50 percent of the votes. lula, a founding member of the left. this work as palsy free that he served as president 12 years ago. he was that imprisoned on a corruption conviction that was laid to an old. here's what some local said before they cough so vote in the pivotal election. ill. she gave it a thanks like i arrived here before 8 because i was very anxious. we couldn't sleep, so we prefer to come soon to vote. it really is a historic daily. we were very tense, very nervous. it's a historic day and we're really looking forward to it. let's booker them. when you're boiled, you're busy. today is
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a decisive day to day. brazil will have to decide whether to return to democracy or whether to start taking steps towards the fascism that bull sanara represents. there is no way out democracy or nazi fascism of balsa narrow. a square saw sector of wilmington, ohio. the situation has become a lot worse in the country. many people are starving, many people are unemployed. i hope the new president will make a difference, such as job creation and a more focused look at social development to brazil has become very politically polaroid. as it struggles contain price inflation and rising poverty. lula privacy served 2 terms in 232010 left office with them. 90 percent approval rating. his fall rights royal ball scenario, a former military officer. the serve a single 4 year term marks for economy, hardships, due to the coven pandemic. as was the advice of environmental issues,
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particularly deforestation, ah, mass protests against surging price inflation in moldova have devolved into violence with demonstrators accusing the, please of using heavy handed tactics to disperse, the crowds. ah, several prominent opposition. politicians were detained, including approved. russian party leader valeri clim anchor, who was filmed being forcibly grabbed by police. he suffered a heart attack while in custody. i was safe into hospital. 30 have said that several dozen b will with the same for allegedly trying to incite reuters. as of demonstrators gathered in the mold oven capital sunday, the latest of
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a series of protests against the pro e president. my acendo police blocked the route and began detaining people. some protesters responded by throwing eggs. m a say to say that founder has failed to, to negotiate a better natural gas deal with russia. who's in prices for households to rise over 25 percent. the president has repeatedly insists as years no piles to quit, or dissolve a government. here's what some of the processes will say. oh, come standard to how can we trust politicians and focus on what they see were it know that there is no need to listen to what they promise us. we need focus only now cells and on our own pockets. we can't, we can't stand it. we have to live in and work in heal our lives. we have very small pension, a brutal elizabeth, me from home, because doesn't have the money to buy it here. what is this?
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we're, we're going what kind of countries does, giving her the of the people who have spend their lives, their house on the city do not have the right to protest. why? meanwhile, on tv, they say that a person has the right to speak out. where is this right? it turns out that there is no such, right? all those in political science is vulgar and 3rd, the says the current authorities are going and getting the people's will. in every aspects are federal worker food festival. this proves both the president and the ruling majority a captured by fair. so why be surprised at the place of arrested one of the key participants of the demonstration? still, i was confused that no man though he is an advisor for an opposition party, has been brutally detained, bobbing, beaten, with his arms twisted. you know, the protest this have both social and economic demands, but for instance, the government is unable to lower the energy prices,
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even though it could have if they went to moscow. but the president wouldn't go, that's why the economic woes can't be solved in principle. they've let the country into an economic catastrophe, which, you know, the state of democracy here has always been dying. but now we're seeing something we've never seen before. we've never witness, protested camps disperse or rallies that the central square of kiss now being prohibited. there is now no chance for compromise, since the authorities are going against the people's will in every aspect and breaking their election promises. what we're talking about is a surge in energy in food prices with salaries remaining at a very low level. people are struggling to survive and yet some are talking about moldova chances for a you membership. that's far from where we're heading. now the lights from east africa is there another deadly weekend in somalia, at least a 100 people have been killed and 300 will wounded in twin car bombings that targeted government offices in the capital mill. the dish you on saturday country
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is present, reveal the death hole in an address to the press, unkindly jihad is from all. chabarise has claimed responsibility for the effect saying it targeted the education ministry, a victim described what happened? oh, so it was when it came out of my shortcoming through the smashed mirrors, dead bullies were scattered everywhere and all of the wooded people was screaming. i can't express and was hauled bad dissertation was even though was conscious. i felt dizzy. these images show the off them off of collapse, building van bird out cause media reports say the explosions occurred. as some money officials were to hold a meeting on efforts of combat violent extremism. we heard from local residence in the somali capital and well enough to do a little more. i am so sorry about what happened. my every soul will taste death once which i may god forgive those, passed away in grand,
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quick recovery to the engine. this is a national tragedy. the government must take action and this should not happen again in a little. 2 this is really a disaster. here is where somali use have been dying of what happened in this place must not happen again. the building of ministry of education is visible in the background while it is completely destroyed. among those who died were students who wanted to get their certificates. i call on the president and the prime minister to take action. namibia, once the re negotiated deal reached with germany last year under which burden admitted responsibility for historic genocide committed against people. what is now the southern african nation? ah,
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even though germany has for me apologize for the human rights violation, it has refused to pay reparations to dissenters, other victims and said it has offered a 30 year long. e clock aint plan for the african countries development, which was met, was strong disapproval by local residence. we heard from summit and a be bins about how they feel the issue should be resolved. it is my belief and it should be that maybe it should be allowed to come up with an amount that they feel is collective for the actions perpetrated by the gym and govern back that
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i would say if germany is really sorry about this. and they really want to make amends that by bygones be bygones. leave the stuff in the past that they have to agree or come to terms with what novia is. are asking for demanding. maybe be in a sun reporter jim. i'm a bouquet, as germany has offered rural of the meagre compensation for the devastation it committed. the biggest issue here is the land ownership in was 70 and 70 percent of the land of arable land, commercial land. productive land are the hands of white people and most of these people are german descendants and down. and it is because of the wildly, mostly because of the genocide and the money. 111000000000 the communities are saying it is absolutely not enough to have done. lee,
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ann instituted. now people are made to her. this is some sort of sentiment bush, that the name of arrow people must beck all these reparations. in fact, they got other ones to be handled. there was meant to be handled exactly the same weight. the metal, all the jews were hands, the whole class was handled. we have german people in namibia who denied that sanders, i placed but, and these are issues that people are not addressing. why the middle east, our western powers are living behind a quote would of denial as they ignore illegal is really occupational parsing and therapies. that's according to the un envoy in charge of monitoring palestinian affairs. it's a very painful situation there reality in your capacity, palestine and territory. it was not an easy conclusions to draw because i and i
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knew that you would not immediately resonate with part of the international community would resonate with global south because the countries in the global south recognize very well there, that it would, i called the whole mark of settler colonialism, probably western states, or have to be accompanied to his d serialization, the year. and um, you know, to crack the wall of the now you'll behind which they are hiding when he comes to his room. in her latest report, the you are an expert denalis, what she called violations exposing the nature of the israeli occupation. adding that these are hampering the policy has right of self determination. however, the expert was allowed into the past in west bank territories while preparing the report. despite the invitation she received from the authorities her that, as she alleged israel would further try and derail her visit. 2022 is going to be the deadliest year for pious indians in the west bank. according to the
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you and middle east envoy just in the past month, 32 palestinians including 6 children, were killed. one is really security forces and hundreds were injured during demonstrations, frugal crack classes and such an arrest operations. in total for this year, israel has killed $183.00 persons in the west bank and gaza strip. according to parson, health officials, with the latest you and him as an officer, saying that more than 500 pounds in and structures have been demolished or seized. this facing over 700 post indians is well denies that most of the international law violation accusations but palestinians in system breaking this wall of denial. cup. i think that there are many points that the palestinian people need to break this wall of denial of the palestinian cause to the optimal use of the media. there must be a good understanding of the international laws that israel is violating with evidence
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presented in photos and videos. and with decisive legal arguments upon with the kids of what it is not new for the united nations or its representatives from the dominant countries. especially by the zionist occupation and the united states of america. as they deny any aggression or theft of the rights of the palestinian people for the shop. it is natural for there to be a defense of the zionist entity. and this is a big mistake that needs to be corrected several proceeding from a less of a should he had yet had them. unfortunately, this is want, would have been accustomed to since the established mental, these railey occupations states and all palestinian lands in 1948. and the united states and the european union deny palestinian rights and always sorry on their foreign policies with the side of the israeli occupation state and deny all palestinian national rights us i'm. but as long as robots, intellect has lived in progress. science has the younger generation of questions of
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fed up with the occupation the intensity of the rates which are currently ongoing inside the west bank. and as a result of many killings in the west bank this year, palestinians, more palestinians have been killed in the west bank and the gaza strip, which is quite a lot if you look at it statistically. this can be tracked back to israel changing it's open fire policy late last year, which has made it easier for israeli soldiers to shoot that palestinians. this is meant that there is a large civilian death toll inside the west bank larger than what we've seen. but particularly because we're in a moment now in history where the younger generation of palestinians are fed up with living, living under occupation and so have created a number of armed groups who are taking armed action and opting for the armed struggle against israel. because there is no chance of peace talks working when it comes to the west and whether it will act against violations of international law
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or blocking of un delegations into sad territories. that the action on behalf of the west for the civil principles which the west employes will only be followed through on when it is an enemy of the west, which is committing the violation. going to local authorities a graham fulsome mass thing in time to break through the defense lines and the hairs on reason, but have failed to do so. one of the key front lines, guarded by the russian army, is the kitten spit. ok. did not fall from a dozen the co live, i'm hairs on the can with is under constant threat of sabotaged by radical groups. we spoke with the head of the brigades security service to learn more about the situation on the ground. and susan williams were working at the ken burns, spent insuring the safety of civilians and preventing the entry of sabotage and reconnaissance groups. for the most part,
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we work on preserving the lives and livelihoods of the local population. the spirit is strategically important at the moment. if there is any entry by ukrainian troops, they will be able to quickly relocate here and enter our combat positions. and our task is to prevent this. i think that the ukranian troops are working to intimidate us and shoot certain objects to calibrate our locations. however, we're also working on their positions showing that we have the means to prevent them from entering here. there has been a hidden ukrainian cell in the village that is under our control and we recently arrested the participants and found explosives. they seek to provide a constant transfer of information from here and we tried to prevent this. we worked with the local population, most of whom are loyal to us, because we are engaged not only a defense, but also in humanitarian work and we support them. according to the dom bath head over the weekend, russia and ukraine exchanged 50 p o. w is from each side. ortiz roman cluster of
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has spoken to one of the soldiers who was freed in the prison exchange, as with many other mercy men, held in eagerness, captivity off. returning home, he found out li, principals as was intimidating. his relatives for ransom john esque republic soldier, italy was captured by the ukrainian military on the 5th of october. he says that he and his comrades were then severely beaten and tortured both physically and mentally understood that when we were 1st captured, we were beaten, treated cruelly in the camp. they morally destroyed us. they said we would not returned home. they insulted us. they took all our phones, documents, some were even left without shoes. the tale finally got a chance to notify his family of his release, only to discover that someone had tried to extort money from them. these are screenshots from his brother in law, sir, gazed phone. he was sent pictures of italy's documents and asked if he recognised them, the said there, then demanded 100000 roubles around 1600
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u. s. dollars or sergey wouldn't be safe. i was more on october 8th, i received a message from an unknown number. the message contained vitalis military documents . they demanded a 100000 roubles. they wrote the card number where to send the money to and said that there were just 24 hours to fulfill all the conditions. then vitale would return home, safe and sound. we didn't reply at all. all the messages were deleted after that. but i managed to take screenshots both sergey and vitale are confident that it was ukrainian soldiers trying to make a quick buck because the message was received just 2 days after he was captured, sergey decided not to act on their parents. threats of self knowledgeable people said that no money should be sent, that it would simply be a waste and no one would return any one than the account would just be deleted and we wouldn't know anything about it. the ukrainian military has been accused on multiple occasions of inhumane treatments of capture of russian soldiers,
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including multiple witness accounts, saying they manes and even killed prisoners of war. the black mailing of relatives and friends of the captives has become another regular affair. according to the human rights chief of the dentist people's republic settling at accomplish unfortunately, such appeals comes to us almost every day because relatives are subjected to such attacks from the cranny inside. it is difficult to say whether this is a deliberate move on the part of the ukrainian special services was such a pills, pass no passport, date and photos of the fight is in selves are often sent, especially if there are one dead. this is where this population takes place. most of these cases have gone unnoticed by the west and of those being held for defending their land. now apparently have to deal with ukrainian swindlers to roman coffer of artsy, done as people republic. well barbosa, this new segment of next is pitiless. val, on crosstalk.


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