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ah, a with great is to say it doesn't call good monday under you and broke a great deal just like really out of the agreement due to recent play and fact also ah great joy and great are. these are all being filled. the post brazil falling in mail, blazing presidential action results were not predictable for the very last minute when a silver one by 3 in the small margin less than one percent. ah,
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so opposition for this is in moldova with high energy prices and the learning live in found is one of them. so for the office act in police custody, i was thinking talk with low on a little roll calls saying alive from the russian capital. it's just past the hour . i'm right to mom and it's good to have you with us. let's take a look at the top stories this out you crane and sit here have agreed to stick with a u. n broke with dealtech spoke grain via the black sea way. the transit plan in place for 16 congo ships on monday. but despite russia play out of the agreement on the accusation that ukraine to the advantage of the secure transfer corridor to
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launch an attack on its navy inquire mir missouri had promised to ensure the safety of ukrainian college ships along the route under international deals of tropical grain, but according to computed chips recovered from the drones used in the attack. those and course followed that very course from the green pool city of wil desa. before heading over to attack crimea, rasa believes that new cleaning congo vessels could have taken the drones into a nearby position for them to launch the strike. authorized. don casa investigates, wesson chirping within the going do outrage among western leaders. as russia halts, compliance with a un agreement that was supposed to secure grain deliveries for countries in dire need. it's purely outrageous. it's going to increase to ration. there's no merit to what they're doing. the u. n. negotiated the deal, and that should be the end of it. rush decision to suspend participation the blacks
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. a deal puts at risks, demand expert truth of much needed grain, and fertilizes to address the global for crisis, cuz bites war against ukraine. the e urges russia to revert each decision, but listening to just one side of things doesn't provide the whole story for months . now, russia's warned that the grain corridor deal would be untenable if the west and especially kiev didn't hold up their end of the bargain. and what happened this week, a drone attack on russian ships defending the grain corridor, allegedly carried out by ukraine with the help of british intelligence. taking into account the act of terrorism, committed by the kiev regime, with the participation of british experts on october the 29th this year, against the ships of the black sea fleet and the civil vessels involved in the security, the grain at corridor, the russian sy suspends its participation in the implementation of the agreements on the export of agricultural products from the ukrainian ports, although ukraine's leadership hasn't confirmed or denied involvement. and the
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attack key of did to find the time to accuse russia of blackmail for its decision to suspend the agreement. but that's the recent attack is not the only reason moscow decided to back out. according to you and statistics, the majority of grain being exported under this deal has gone to high income countries. only about 3 percent has gone to places like somalia and sudan, which are on the brink of a food supply catastrophe. it should come as no surprise that russia thinks it's outrageous to be criticized for suspending a deal that isn't even fulfilling its established purpose. washington's reaction to the terrorist attack on the port of savannah, i suppose, truly outrageous. this happened because of the reckless actions by the ukranian authorities. as for the insinuations about provoking hunger, we would like to remind you of our repeated calls to sent food shipments. first of all, to countries in need. instead, however, a good half of all carriers under the green deal went to developed countries. li vision, the some cargoes 60 to 100 percent, went to
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e u countries. these are not the states that are experiencing a real problem with food taking into account the russia has been and remains a reliable partner and is ready to provide the world the necessary amounts of food . our country is ready to supply the poorest countries with up to $500.00 tons of grain free of charge. the west's apparent failure to backup its words with action has already led to moscow drawing wider conclusions about the future of cooperation with the west. it is becoming obvious that any food deal should be concluded without the participation of the west, including its mediation, read speculative price setting, and with affective international control of supplies to the countries in real need . russian ships are attacked as they attempt to defend the agreed upon corridor. the west essentially turns the deal into a grain import scheme and russia as the bad guy for suspending the deal. the logic here is questionable to say the least. we heard from a former nigerian presidential a spawn mood guard booth. the 2nd says that russia offers provide great to africa,
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clearly shows it cares about the situation on the content. the last time i've seen the last 3 nieces in africa, grossly different. what do you think? naturally needs to be without rain. that what judy the rain, if you don't have so many floors, so me know. you don't have good to so much do what? we look good, do like an additional digital model depend on what would you be able to do? so when you combine, you get up. you have learned from this again, you have one kid that is willing to give you do galesburg free and you have another important would you like about it? what you would do if you wanted to say what kitch disappoint, you need to do to good or good if i didn't like that, i don't think that any what,
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what the now, what is it usual? so we'll see what is happening by what's been put off by mattel and what we're doing on this, i think within our own little bit, how do i was all thinking about move you to talk about now we have seen that is i told you i was trying to help or what, fortunately, the point is that i looked on board with our, our parts and i wanted to be program this winter. and so the investigator thing linda has warned the criminals in that country and of the european states have been obtaining weaponry that was supposed to go to the cranium military weapons ship to ukraine. have also been found in sweden, denmark and the netherlands. ukraine has received a large volume of weapons and that's good. we're going to be dealing with these arms for decades and pay the price here. as i say to said motorcycle gangs of trafficking the weaponry from the trains of filane and noted ports were being used
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for the illicit trade via criminal networks. now russia has repeatedly warned that western arms could end up in the hands of terrorists as such. weapons have been found on sale on the dock next. the u. s. is opening. no one. is it called control where the almonds and up just a few months ago europe hull had warned about such a situation unfolding. now, despite these, these western powers, including the e, u, the u. k, and the us of all increase their arms shipments to ukraine. that messy supports a cave has amounted to around 20 full $1000000000.00 in total. now finished journalists, yanez put could and says, wesson corporations are benefiting from these uncontrolled supplies of weaponry. police is at meeting that these weapons are flowing around europe and coming to, to back to finland. and now the same weapons are, are flowing to finland in the,
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in the grey market in the black market. why they want to escalate this or to borders everywhere. and certainly they know that these weapons are going in the hands of the militants, not only new crane or spreading weapons is spreading fear. and when people are getting feared they, they start to buy more and more weapons. because because weapon is always rush against the weapon. and of course, if we would take the perspective off these all benefits, the surgeon corporations which are running the western power structure and, and for them, these are the zip code in times now and, and of course, when, when there are more weapons in the streets of finland and sweden and other nato countries. of course, the 2 countries itself are boosting the weapons because the general and stop the station start to take place. as russia and ukraine have been solving prisoners
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of all claims of harrowing condition, while crooning custody have been emerging in the program, all these beats lived and i so the recently freed from mclean custody. he speaks of treatment and his family says it was in messages, demanding a ransom to be paid by the south american out left this candidate, luna, the silver is elected brazil. next president of the he narrowly supposed to rightly incumbent joe boston. our by an extremely small margin of less than one percent. the physically polarized south american nation was an age until the very last minute when the results were announced. ah, the country is divided between those rejoicing in loose victory and those grieving both scenarios loss. here's. busy some of lulu supporters have had to say,
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as they waited for the official announcement, the winning the food is still the means hope and hope for better days. we hope that we will be happy again. the erection of whom the silver is to peep into victory discreet a lot. but above all, it is justice. so it isn't just yet not. am i afraid of lula not kicking off his horse? yes, i am. we have hope we are fighting until the end of the previous he served to turn those present between 232010 left off is for the record high 90 percent approval rating. then in 2017, he was imprisoned on a dubious corruption conviction. that was later now, off he spent only $600.00 days in jail. even i, hardship has driven the stream political polarization in the country. as the governor has struggled to contain price inflation and rising poverty,
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both scenario a former military officer served a single 4 year term, marked by the coven pandemic, and divisive environmental issues. particularly deforestation. we heard from palo alfonso of the university of brasilia, who says that incoming president, primary, or should be to promote community within the nation. which number is on brazil, society is really divided now. the elections were tense and the margin is very small. taking into consideration that a 120000000 people were voting, the incoming president has a huge task now to reconcile these 2 huge groups. over the past 4 years, about 10000000 people have become poorer, have crossed the income poverty line. the president must get people out of poverty, but to accomplish this task, unity must be achieved. the previous government turned out to be mismanaging leaders. for example, 700000 people died from corona virus. half of these people could have been saved.
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effect scenes had been purchased before was too late. russia even offered vaccines, but the government dragged its feet until it was too late. after louis victory, we can expect a positive reaction from the international community. i think international relations will improve. we have had bad relations in south america, but now everything seems better. i think relations with the european union, china and russia will also improve, ah wires head over to you now. last protest against surging price invasion in mold do i have devolved into violence. demonstrated accusing the police of using heavy handed tactics to disperse, the crowds. ah, several prominent opposition. politicians with its hand, including a pro russian party de valeri claiming co,
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who with film being forcibly grabbed my police, he suffered a half of fat while in custody. and we'll see consoles little though these have said several dozen bill with this ain allegedly trying to insight riots, hours of demo sizes gathered in the mold oven capital on sunday, the latest of a series of protests against pro eve prison. maya san do. please blocked the route . i began detaining people. some processes refunded by 3 eggs. demons say to say that sandy has failed to negotiate a better natural gas deal with russia, causing prices for household for rise over 25 percent. the brother has repeatedly insisted she has no piles of quit or dissolve her government is what some of the processes were saying. oh, we can standard to how can trussville additions and focus on what they say. we're
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it know that there is no need to listen to what they promise us. we need focus only now cells and on our own pockets. we can't, we can't stand it. we have to live in and work in, heal a lives who have their small pension. a brutal with me from home because as i have the money to buy his hair, what is this? where are we going? what kind of countries does? giving her the other people who have spend their lives, their house on the city do not have the right to protest. why? meanwhile, on tv, they say that a person has to write to speak out. where is this right? it turns out that there is no such right more though in political science, his book down here, this is, occur authorities, all gung and gang. so people will, in every aspect a federal hurfirst with us for a festival. this proves both the president and the ruling majority a captured by fear. so why be surprised at the place of arrested one of the key
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participants of the demonstration? still i was confused that an old man, though he is an advisor for an opposition party, has been brutally detained, bobbing, beaten, with his alms twisted. you know, the protest as have both social and economic demands. but for instance, the government is unable to lower the energy prices, even though it could have if they went to moscow. but the president wouldn't go, that's why the economic woes can't be solved in principle. they've let the country into an economic catastrophe, which, you know, the state of democracy here has always been dying. but now we're seeing something we've never seen before. we've never witnessed protest as camps disperse or rallies that the central square of kiss now being prohibited. there is now no chance for compromise, since the authorities are going against the people's will in every aspect and breaking their election promises. what we're talking about is a surge in energy in food prices with salaries remaining at a very low level. people are struggling to survive and yet some are talking about
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moldova chances for a you membership. that's far from where we're heading. mars head to southern africa in the big mir namibia ones. so re negotiated deal reached with germany last year and was berlin admitted was forcibly for historic genocide committed in what is now known eyes or what is now the southern african nation. ah.
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even though germany have for me apologize for the human rights violations, it has refused to pay reparations to the dissenters of the victims and said it had offered a 30 year long in clark, a plan for the african countries development which was met with strong disapproval by local residence, we heard from some and they'd be ins about how they feel the issue should be resolved. it is my belief and it should be that maybe it should be allowed to come up with an amount that they feel is corrective for the actions perpetrated by the gym and govern back that i would say if germany is really sorry about this. and they really want to make amends, let by bygones, be bygones. leave the stuff in the past that they have to agree or come to terms with what no via is are asking for demanding
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may be in a son, a reporter jim. my, my bouquet is, is germany has often relatively media compensation for the devastation. it commits it. the biggest issue here is the land ownership in was 7070 percent of the land of arable land, commercial land. productive land are the hands of white people. and most of these people are german descendants and m. m. and it is because of a bodily mostly because of the genocide and the money 111000000000, the communities are saying it is absolutely not enough to have done. lee, ann instituted. no more people are made to her. this is some sort of sentiment bush, that the name of arrow people must beck all these reparations. in fact, the other wants to be handled. there was meant to be handled exactly the same
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weight. the metal, all the jews were hands, the whole class was handled. we have german people in namibia who denied that sanders, i guess. but, and then these are issues that, that people are not addressing wireless sanitation now to the middle east west. some powers are living behind that quote, wall of denial, as they ignore illegal is really occupational passing therapies. according to the un envoy in charge of monitoring palestinian affairs. it's a very painful situation, the reality in your corporate palestinian territory. it was not an easy conclusions to draw because i mean, i knew that you would not immediately resonate with part of the international community would resonate with the global south. because the countries in the global south recognize very well that it would, i called it the whole mark of settler colonialism, probably western states. i have to be accompanied tuesday's realization the year
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and you know, to crockett a wall of the night behind which they are hiding. when he comes to his room and hello to support the you and exit, did now for seen code violations exposing the nature of the israeli occupation. adding these are hampering comparisons right of self determination. however, the expert was allowed in the past you westbank territories while preparing the report. despite the invitation, she received from the authorities there that as she alleged israel with further troy and derail her visit. 2022 is going to be the dead this year for persons in the west bank, according to the un middle east envoy just in the past month. $32.00 persons, including 6 children, were killed by $330.00 horses, and hundreds were injured during demonstrations, brutal clashes and assert and arrest operations. and so, so for this year,
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israel has killed a $183.00 policies in the west bank and gaza strip. according to the policy in health officials now with the latest you and my attorney office report saying that more than 500 policy has owned structures have been demolished. all sees this facing over several 100 palestinians is well denies. most of the international law violation accusations, but parsons insist on breaking this wall of denial of id that there are many points that the palestinian people need to break this wallet. denial of the palestinian cause to the optimal use of the media. there must be a good understanding of the international laws that israel is violating with evidence presented in photos and videos and with decisive legal arguments. and with the kids the way it is not new for the united nations or its representatives from the dominant countries, especially by the zionist occupation in the united states of america. as they deny
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any aggression or theft of the rights of the palestinian people for the shop, it is natural for there to be a defense of the zionist entity. and this is a big mistake that needs to be corrected. several from sitting in front of them are less of a chevy at the other head them. unfortunately, this is what would have been accustomed to since the established mental these rail, the occupation states, and all palestinian lands in 1948 and the united states. and the european union deny palestinian rights and always sorry, and their foreign policies with the side of the israeli occupation state and deny all palestinian national rights journalists and political alice robert a le cache who has lived in palestine says the younger generation of policy as a fed up the occupation the intensity of the rates which are currently ongoing inside the west bank. and as a result, many killings in the west bank this year, palestinians, more palestinians have been killed in the west bank and the gaza strip,
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which is quite odd if you look at it statistically. this can be tracked back to the israel changing it opened fire policy late last year, which has made it easier for israeli soldiers to shoot that palestinians. this is meant that there is a large civilian death toll inside the west bank larger than what we've seen. but particularly because we're in a moment now in history, where the younger generation of palestinians are fed up with living, living under occupation and so have created a number of armed groups who are taking armed action and opting for the armed struggle against israel. because there is no chance of peace talks working when it comes to the west and whether it will. ready act against violations of international law, or blocking of un delegations into set territories that the action on behalf of the west for the civil principles which the west employes will only be followed through on when it is an enemy of the west,
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which is committing these violations. nissan from new gov. establishment of the east side for confederation neutral. this seems like an elusive dream. both increasingly likely future for the region i was recently elected. can you prove it when you root openings for us? is the intention to establish such a union? this topic was addressed during the president speech and national celebration of here is there. the canyon leader emphasizes the move to a full integration with the states, but could initial sustainable economic growth in the region. president router on the line is the importance of open economic and trade borders between member states and specialization, and different economics with the quote cool participant. now can a political alice from canyon says, vision is a major market. regional goods making the east african federation and effective
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economic entity, piece key messages to grow the economy. and this is a bigger market within the region. about 350000000 residents. that's a for him and you market because one of his q things is to get the economy running . the return is very, very, very reaching resources. and the problem has been reduced african region has lately been cultural region. and because of pity, competition, not knowing where to specialize and restrictions are free flow, there is a huge potential in terms of other countries of different capacities. canyon, for instance, very huge, very highly skilled human resource which can find never it can leverage on to get well, tanzania has very good cultural products. you can days, us a very good in that route, which is south sudan will all grown
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b and i city now becoming the media point and can yes, very good. and i city, so if that those strong points that each country brings along, it should be able to fuse at a point and walks that monday, especially for the youth who are not bound by the little cultural or they knew. calling to the dorm bus head over the weekend ross and i knew grand experience 50 p o w from each side of the ruined crossover, spoken to one of the soldiers who was freed in the prison exchange. the next republic soldier, italy was captured by the ukrainian military. on the 5th of october, he says that he and his comrades were then severely beaten, answered both physically and mentally understood that when we were 1st captured, we were beaten, treated cruelly in the camp. they morally destroyed us. they said we would not
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return home. they insulted us. they took all our phones, documents. some were even left without shoes, were published. vitale finally got a chance to notify his family of his release, only to discover that someone had tried to extort money from them. these are screenshots from his brother in law, sir gay's phone. he was sent pictures of italy's documents and asked if he recognised them. the said there then demanded 100000 roubles around $1600.00 us dollars, or sergei wouldn't be safe. i was more on october 8th, i received a message from an unknown number. the message contained vitalis military documents . they demanded a 100000 roubles. they wrote the card number where to send the money to and said that there were just 24 hours to fulfill all the conditions. then vitale would return home, safe and sound. we didn't reply at all. all the messages were deleted after that. but i managed to take screenshots both sergey and vitale are confident that it was
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ukrainian soldiers trying to make a quick buck because the message was received just 2 days after he was captured, sergei decided not to act on their parent threats. bob, self knowledgeable people said that no money should be sent, that it would simply be a waste, and no one would return any one than the account would just be deleted and we wouldn't know anything about it. the ukrainian military has been accused on multiple occasions of inhumane treatments of capture of russian soldiers, including multiple witness accounts, saying they manes and even killed prisoners of war. the black mailing of relatives and friends of the captives has become another regular affair. according to the human rights chief of the dentist people's republican settling it accomplish. unfortunately, such a pills comes to us almost every day because relatives are subjected to such attacks from the craning side, it is difficult to say whether this is a deliberate move on the part of the ukrainian special services was such a pills, personal passport, date in photos, of the thought is, themselves are often sent,
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especially if there are one dead. this is where this population takes place. most of these cases have gone unnoticed by the west. and of those been held for defending their lands. now apparently have to deal with ukrainian swindlers to roman cough for of archie. don't ask people's republic. well that concludes this is alan check out of he don't. com and subscribe to lee of he knew that it didn't is highlights of the day, right in your mailbox will be back of the top of the hour. the latest headlines, ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it trees even foundation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development only personally and going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political.


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