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a robot protect its own existence with a dozen cargo on monday under you and brooklyn grey and eggs will deal this quite russia, pulling out of the agreement due to recent explaining it also. ah, great joy. the great, here are these emotions are being felt a nail biting presidential election results were not double until the very last minute when and left with the civil one by extremely small margin of less than what present media will go on. rebels from the nolan t. u. a region
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a hold of the highest level of a civil war rather than 2 years ago. often tens of thousands of people been killed and millions of civilians display a pain that made protests against high energy prices and declining living centers. one of the software, the heart attack in police custody, was taken to hospital with hello and welcome to us into a russian capital is just past the hour of 7 am here. i'm my mommy and it's good to have you with us. let's take a look at the top stories this ukraine and to tear have agreed to sink with
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a un broker deal to ex will grain via the black sea, with a transit plan in place for 16 cargo ships. on monday, moscow pulled out of the agreement on the accusation that keith took advantage of the secure transfer corridor to launch an attack on the russian navy in crimea. moscow has obtained intelligence at the drones use in the attack traveled within the corridor from the current impulse city of a desa before heading over to attack crimea. russia believes that you couldn't in cargo vessels, could have taken the drones into a nearby position for them to launch the strike. oh, please don't call to investigate weston cherry. picking within the grain do outrage among western leader says russia holds compliance with the un agreement that was supposed to secure grain deliveries for countries in dire need. it's purely
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outrageous, it's going to increase to ration. there's no merit to what they're doing. the un negotiated the deal, and there should be the end of it. rush, the decision to suspend participation that blacks a deal puts at risks, demand expert truth of much needed grain, and fertilizes to address the global foot crisis. cuz by its war against ukraine, the u. urges russia to revert its decision, but listening to just one side of things doesn't provide the whole story for months . now, russia's warned that the grain corridor deal would be untenable if the west and especially kiev didn't hold up their end of the bargain. and what happened this week, a drone attack on russian ships defending the grain corridor, allegedly carried out by ukraine with the help of british intelligence. taking into account the act of terrorism, committed by the kiev regime, with the participation of british experts on october the 29th this year, against the ships of the black sea fleet in the civil vessels involved in the security, the grain corridor, the russian sy suspends its participation in the implementation of the agreements
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on the export of agricultural products from the ukrainian ports, although ukraine's leadership hasn't confirmed or denied involvement. and the attack key of did to find the time to accuse russia of blackmail for its decision to suspend the agreement. but this recent attack is not the only reason moscow decided to back out. according to you and statistics, the majority of grain being exported under this deal has gone to high income countries. only about 3 percent has gone to places like somalia and sudan, which are on the brink of a food supply catastrophe. it should come as no surprise that russia thinks it's outrageous to be criticized for suspending a deal that isn't even fulfilling its established purpose. washington's reaction to the terrorist attack on the port of savannah, i suppose, truly outrageous. this happened because of the reckless actions by the ukranian authorities. as for the insinuations about provoking hunger, we would like to remind you of our repeated calls to sent food shipments. first of all, to countries in need, instead, however, a good half of all carriers under the green deal went to developed countries for
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some cargoes 60 to 100 percent, went to e u countries. these are not the states that are experiencing a real problem with food, taking into account that russia has been and remains a reliable partner and is ready to provide the world with the necessary amount of food. our country is ready to supply the poorest countries with up to half a 1000000 tons of grain free of charge. the west's apparent failure to back up its words with action has already led to moscow drawing wider conclusions about the future of cooperation with the west. it is becoming obvious that any food deal should be concluded without the participation of the west, including its mediation, read, speculative price setting, and with affective international control of supplies to the countries in real need . russian ships are attacked as they attempt to defend the agreed upon corridors. the west essentially turns the deal into a grain in port scheme and rushes the bad guy for suspending the deal. the logic
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here is questionable to say the least we heard from former nigerian presses angela aspirant or the new garb. the 2nd who says that russia offer suit, provide grain and to africa, the shoes it cares about the situation on the continent. the last time i've been the last, we need to be in africa, grossly different in what you did not really need to do without rain. that during the rainy season we have so many floors. so many of you don't have to so much to what off. so we will get additional, you know, who got multiple depend on you to be able to something else. so when you use to get up, you have learned, well, farm i will go up to this one. again, you will have one key that is willing to give you 2 free on how i love watching what you like about it 1st, what you would you mind if you read to say what kitch disappoint?
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you need to win to? i think we're good. we're good to really fight like that. i don't get any what. what do you now? what is it usual? so we'll see what is happening by the was didn't fall off, guided by mattel. i'm not rushing on this, i think with empower nickel. i've been having, i was all thinking about only when you to talk about africa. now we have seen such as i told you, i want to try to help. fortunately to continue on board with our, our parts. so i wanted to be program this winter south american, i left this candidate lou that is silver, is elected brazil. next president of the he narrowly supports the right wing incumbent di bosa narrow blank screen, the small margin of less than one percent. the particular polarized south american nation was on edge until the very last minute when the results were announce,
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ah, the, the country survives in those rejoicing looters of victory in those grieving ballston, hours loss. here's what some of loose supporters of had to say. as they waited for the official announcement, the winning the food is still the means hope. hope for better day. we hope that we will be happy again. in the election of blue or the silver is the key and the victory god is quit a lot. but above all, it is justice suitable, represent chevy and am i afraid of lula not taking notice? or? yes, i am. we have hope we are fighting until the end lula previous. he served 2 terms as president between 232010 left office with the record high 90 percent approval rating. then in 2017, he was imprisoned on
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a dubious corruption conviction. that was later another author, he spent nearly $600.00 days in jail, economic hardship has driven the extreme political polarization in the country. as the government has sold, contain price inflation and rise in poverty. both scenario, a former military officer served a single full year term, marked by the cove, it pandemic and divisive environmental issues, particularly deforestation. we heard from palo alfonso of the university of brasilia, who says the incoming presence primary tours should be to promote unity within the nation. portion of the gina, brazil society is really divided now, the elections were tense and the margin is very small. taking into consideration that a 120000000 people were voting, the incoming president has a huge task now to reconcile these 2 huge groups. over the past 4 years,
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about 10000000 people have become poorer, have crossed the income poverty line. the president must get people out of poverty, but to accomplish this task, unity must be achieved. the previous government turned out to be mismanaging leaders. for example, 700000 people died from corona virus. half of these people could have been saved. effect scenes had been purchased before was too late. russia even offered vaccines, but the government dragged its feet until it was too late. after louis victory, we can expect a positive reaction from the international community. i think international relations will improve. we have had bad relations in south america, but now everything seems better. i think relations with the european union, china and russia will also improve, ah said to europe, now mass protests against surging price inflation in moldova, have devolved into violence. don't say to the accusing the police of using heavy handed tactics. for this 1st the crowds
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ah, several prominent opposition. politicians were detained, including a pro russian party did by larry flamenco, whose fil, being forcibly grabbed my police. he suffered a heart attack while in custody. and was taken to a hospital authorities of say that several dozen bill would attain for allegedly trying to incite riots. thousands of demonstrators gathered in the mold of and capital on sunday, the latest of a series of protests against croak eve prison. my a sunday police blocked the route and began detainee, feeble. some protest was founded by throwing eggs. it was a sailor. sandy has failed to negotiate a better natural gas deal with russia,
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causing prices for households to rise over 25 percent. the president has repeatedly and says she has no power to quit or dissolve her government. here's what some of the approaches they say. oh, come standard to how can trust politicians and focus on what they see were to know that there is no need to listen to what they promise. so we need focus only now cells and on our own pockets. we can't, we can't stand it. we have been living in georgia and he'll a lives who have their small pension, a brutal with me from home because he doesn't have the money to buy his hair. what's his desk? where are we going? what kind of countries does he think about the people who have spend their lives, their house on the city upgrade? do not have the right to protest. why? meanwhile, on tv, they say that a person has the right to speak out. where is this right?
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it turns out that there is no such right. political as cornell sure here says of the country is leaving the liberal democratic framework. well, sir, the resume of the police are forced to take such measures because they most likely receive such instructions from the current government, which of course does not like it very much that such events take place because it disturbs them. the authorities cannot negotiate with the protesters because from their point of view, the protesters are criminal group. of course, there is an understanding that the authorities are using unlawful methods of influence against the citizens, but in the end, they are still not solving their problems. and therefore, there was a feeling that citizens have the right not to follow the instructions of the authorities, nor obey the rules at all. the authorities clearly do not agree with this fact, and we can see that they are basically ready to use different methods in order to achieve obedience from moldova and citizens. it feels like we are slowly but surely
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leaving the framework of a peaceful, liberal democratic country. if we ever were such, and it is not yet clear where we will end up or if he appears government and rebels from the rest of nolan, t gray region have held them as the old souls yet aimed at end in 2 years of civil war. the gulf between san francisco and natural government forces have funds to the region into a deep humanitarian crisis. the violence interrupted wednesday through the void to fight the peoples in the variation front, near the border with eritrea. the rebel group has held regional elections in defiance of national orders and has a choose a tree of breaking the ethiopian government in the bloody conflict. tens of thousands of people have been killed in millions of civilians have been displaced in recent years. couldn't t, u. n. s was more than 5000000 people, urgently require humanitarian assistance in the region. their
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source live, thou seal our correspond, uncharitable attempt like our ability to see now we've heard these talks have been going on. what's the latest regarding these pieces to any developments? well, as they began the very last thing by radio violence, from the organizers of this peace talks as it were, that a you the african union, that it has been a really mom with regards to details in any progress, but forces with inside knowledge say that the talks will have to be extended because as it currently is, there is no announcement and there is no sensation of possibilities. and that's what they're really working towards. the organizers and the mediators of these talk are hoping that they can at least leave with asian of has phillips. and the sources
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say that we might have a light agreement in terms of that. but as we currently know, the situation on the ground in ethiopia is that the conflict is very much carrying on. and another voice that has emerged that really wants to be part of a solution going forward is the heart of people. as you know, if your p r is really separated along ethnic lines, and when i be the prime minister of if you o p, i came into power, he really looked at centralizing the power and dismantling the s no structure of if you up. but dad has not been met with with well come hands from everyone, especially the tv. i love the t great people's liberation front. and is one of the reasons why they, why they pushed forward with that election back in 2020. and that the carry on now with the fight with that he got through that. but
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a very important call with regards to the situation. if the obeah, if the lack of representation from eritrea, which has also said it is true to fight alongside the troops of the ethiopian federal government. one wonder just how much power they wield and just how they should be part of these discussions. because if they are actively involved in the fight, but they are not at the p table, $11.00 does just how much they can be agreed on with regards to with regards to peace in the region. but also, you know, not including an active member of this war. aaron tree out will some power. and i said that it really came to the assistance of prime minister and it really pushed back on some of the games that were made initially. and the 5, the 5 that started in november 2020 the tpl i've had really made significant
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grounds. and there was a point where the 100 kilometers away from the capitol, addis ababa, but dead. it's not where we are now. through the help of air, a tree at the federal government of the d. o, b o is able to push back on those. and as we speak, the federal government is now in control of major cities and towns in the re region . and they look like they have the upper hand with regards to the war playing itself loud. and one can only wonder how the bed hand please and self out the during the peace negotiation. ok, well i want, it seems, at least these meetings of a house will bring some sort of sensational sci fi, as you said, will of course, be coming back to you kind of to get an update. if that sends out thanks a lot for joining me here. at the see, just speak to you later. ah. but at least a 140 bill being killed and many others injured when
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a pedestrian bridge collapse in the western indian city of morrow be causing hundreds of people to fall into the water below. oh, mobile radio report say around $500.00 people were on the cable ridge during the tragedy which could just days off. the crossing was reopened for repairs to use for the indian army navy and air force with dispatch to help with the rescue primers. and the random, moody and local authorities have expressed their condolences and declared cash compensation the families of the victims. it's been another deadly weekend the somalia. at least a 100 people have been killed and 300 more injured or wounded in twin car bombings that targeted government offices in the capital mother issue on saturday. the
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current is present, reveal the death toll in the address to the press, outcry billing to your hardest our shop. bob has claimed responsibility for the attack thing. it targeted the education ministry, a victim described. what happened? oh, so when it came out of my shopped going through the smashed mirrors, dead bodies were scattered everywhere and all of the wooded people was screaming. i can't express and was hauled bad. the situation was, even though i was conscious, i felt dizzy. these images show the aftermath with collapse building, but out cause the report say the explosions occurred. as somali of visuals would to hold a meeting on efforts to combat violent extremism, we heard from the local residence in the somali capital. but we're almost there, griffin, won't i? am so sorry about what happened. i every soul will taste death once mitchell may
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god forgive. those passed away in grand, quick recovery to the engine. this is a national tragedy. the government must take action and this should not happen again. melina. 2 this is really a disaster. here is where somali youth have been dying. so what happened in this place must not happen again. the building of ministry of education is visible in the background while it is completely destroyed. among those who died were students who wanted to get their certificates. i call on the president and the prime minister to take action namibia, one serene, negotiated deal, reach with germany last year under which burden miss had responsibility for a historic genocide committed in what is now the southern african nation. ah.
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even though germany have, for me apologize for the human rights violations, it has refused to pay reparations to the descendants of the victims. instead, it has offered a 30 year long economic aid plan for the african countries development, which was met with a strong disapproval by local residents. we heard from some namibian about how they feel the issue should be resolved. it is my belief and it should be that maybe it should be allowed to come up with an amount that they feel is
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collective for the actions cooper treated by the gym and govern back that i would say if germany is really sorry about this and they really want to make amends that by bygones be bygones. leave the stuff in the past that they have to agree or come to terms with what namibia is. are asking for demanding namibian. a son reported jim, my ma buccheri says germany has offered words of the media compensation villa devastation. it committed. the biggest issue here is the land ownership in was 70 and 70 percent of the land of arable land, commercial land, productive land. i have the hands of white people and most of these people are german descendants and down. and it is because of the bodily mostly because of the genocide and the money. 111000000000 the communities are
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saying it is absolutely not enough to have done lee, ann instituted. now most people are made to live, there is some sort of sentiment bush that the name of arrow people must beck all these reparations. in fact, the other wants to be handled. there are this method to handle exactly the same weight. the metal, all the jews were handled, the whole class was handled. we have german people in namibia who denied that sand residing place. but, and these are issues that people are not addressing wireless. so onset allows in the middle east, the you and envoy in charge of monitoring parsing efforts as western powers and living behind a, quote, wall of denial as they ignore illegal israeli occupation of postilion territories. it's a very painful situation, their reality in your capacity, palestine and territory. it was not an easy conclusions to draw because i and i
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knew that you would not immediately resonate with part of the international community. was resonate with the global south because the countries in the global south recognize very well that what i called at the whole mark of settler colonialism, probably western states i have to be accompanied to his d serialization, the year. and um, you know, to crockett the wall of the ny yield behind which they are hiding when he comes to his room. when the alleges of all the you are a certain denounce was she called violations exposing the nature of the israeli occupation, adding these are hampering that person's right of self determination. however, there wasn't allowed into the past in westbank territories while proposed report. despite the invitation she received from the authorities there. but as sheila age, israel would further troy and the rail visit. 2022 is going to be the
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deadly if, if a price finance in the west bank, according to the u and middle east envoy just in the past month, 32 persons including 6 children, were killed by israeli security forces and hundreds injured during demonstrations routes and flashes and such and the rest operations and those over the here israel killed $183.00 persons in the west bank and gaza strip, according to policy and a health officials now with the latest view and him as an office. recall saying that more than 500 person doctors have been demolished or seized this facing over 700 post indians is el denies. most of the international law violation accusations that person is insist on breaking this wall of denial of id that there are many points that the palestinian people need to break this wall of denial of the palestinian cause to the optimal use of the media. there must
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be a good understanding of the international laws that israel is violating with evidence presented in photos and videos and with decisive legal arguments. and with the kids of what it is not new for the united nations or its representatives from the dominant countries. especially by the zionist occupation and the united states of america. as they deny any aggression or theft of the rights of the palestinian people for the shop. it is natural for there to be a defense of the zionist entity. and this is a big mistake that needs to be corrected several proceeding from a less of a should yet yet he had them. unfortunately, this is want, would have been accustomed to since the established mental, these railey occupations states and all palestinian lands in 1948. and the united states and the european union deny palestinian rights and always sorry on their foreign policies with the side of the israeli occupation state and deny all palestinian national rights to as i am. but little as robert inlaid case. who has
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lived in palestine says the younger generation of policy as a fed up with the occupation the intensity of the rates which are currently ongoing inside the west bank. and as a result. so many killings in the west bank this year, palestinians, more palestinians have been killed in the west bank and the gaza strip, which is quite odd if you look at it statistically. this can be tracked back to israel changing is open fire policy late last year, which has made it easier for israeli soldiers to shoot that palestinians. this is meant that there is a large civilian death toll inside the west bank larger than what we've seen. but particularly because we're in a moment now in history where the younger generation of palestinians are fed up with living, living under occupation and so have created a number of armed groups who are taking armed action and opting for the armed struggle against israel. because there is no chance of peace talks working when it
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comes to the west and whether it will act against violations of international law or blocking of un delegations into sad territories that the action on behalf of the west for the so. ready principles which the west employes will only be followed through on when it is an enemy of the west, which is committing these violations. well, that concludes, this is our check out for you to go for more real news. i will be back on top of the hour. ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have crazy confrontation. let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development. the only i'm going to lose is i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical time. time to sit down and talk
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awe. on november, the 3rd 1945, just a month after the war ended, the u. s. joint chiefs of staff receive report number 3 to 9 select 20 targets to attack in the soviet union with nuclear bombs. the time was right. as the u. s. s i was devastated by wal it either states last about 400000 people had the brit sloss less than the americans did. and the soviet suffer. 27000000 deaths. mm. mm 27000000 is an incredible number.


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