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locked in a blind eye, the violence of id that there are many points that the palestinian people need to break this wall of denial of the palestinian cause to the optimal use of the media . there must be a good understanding of the international laws that israel is violating with evidence presented in photos and videos and with decisive legal arguments. that service should he had yet had them. unfortunately, this is what we have been accustomed to since the establishment of the israeli occupation states and all palestinian land in 1848. and the united states and the european union deny palestinian rights and always sorry, and their foreign policies with the side of the israeli occupation state and deny all palestinian national rights. joe, as i am who alice. busy robert in la care who has lived empower sciences, the younger generation of fancy as a fed up with the occupation the intensity of the rates which are currently ongoing inside the west bank and as a result. so many killings in the west bank this year,
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palestinians, more palestinians have been killed in the west bank and the gaza strip, which is quite odd if you look at it statistically. this can be tracked back to israel changing. it's open fire policy late last year, which has made it easier for israeli soldiers to shoot that palestinians. this is meant that there is a large civilian death toll inside the west bank larger than what we've seen. but particularly because we're in a moment now in history. where the younger generation of palestinians are fed up with living, living under occupation, and so have created a number of armed groups who are taking armed action and opting for the armed struggle against israel. because there is no chance of peace talks working when it comes to the west and whether it will act against violations of international law or blocking of un delegations into sad territories. that the action on behalf of the west for the civil principles which the west employes will only be followed
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through on when it is an enemy of the west, which is committing these violations. wow, i wrote up on this news, allan to have all the dot com for more of the minute who we are the top of the alpha with a with ah,
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yes, they only live like we're young for the young woman was in network that has gotten myself or sort of been a little bit of it when i go below vanessa is an oakwood village, so glad i ship after a year or so, it would mean a support system phone with abilene that i see especially that. ok, so what is the best time to argue that if you don't, can be come up, loosened up and be a couple of somebody and p community, the p a laughing, you know, it was all like it's supposed to. these are the keys affected to clean the for chloe, gentle. just looking at them for the door. what are some of this was for a pick up with a male c. there's
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a serious, this is a sort of go, you may see bhaskar is what's big. and if you see there metal, every student was using them. ashley, man. yeah. i'm not sure what it is when you're ready for the door fully out of the show. i do need it with us. that's a disclaimer, but mostly wooded, just to clean it, right? nobody will. most of us was casual and then was there is any big us to work for you go from when on the kremlin, using food supplies in style are doing developing trends with keith blossom
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begun surveys the guys in russia, russia, russia. the reason why the food raises it, this is because of russia. since spring 2022, the wes been accusing russia provoking a wealthy crisis. allegedly, this major grain producer is deliberately creating a deficit prices. as soaring and poor countries, particularly are experiencing bread shortages. this over simplification is being broadcast worldwide put his russian grain really the new front of economic war the phone, us for a poison for you. the president of the senior thing finished. i shouldn't need you for that as he generally would. you're the movie, jim, all of us, keith read. you could you only finish can wish them, but go ask them do voicing, dude girls. paul velez kara,
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go up that each the beer tracy and voice him do it. that's a huddle. she's starting to call us human either thought, katrina, selves of russia stover. pl region. one of russia's main agricultural areas, wheat field, stretched in horizon. a new russian crop is ripening up was, could go with after we get off up for price washed, or as you know, or store for some of our door will block up pretty utley. laugh all cheering our shy, black, sober on idea. did you, did you made it will not on my door is me. her id, mom. she's awesome. lasha father wish to now were dora. it i shifted william miller . one i don't is near which was presented with a wish to nitrogen. i don't know if you're a producer, roberta marie,
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ignacio don't written credit those that it's the middle of transition for bliss kick recorded doris, very well known for your boss, lady pet recordable story. this boy in the middle not on russia is a major producer, but more importantly, a supplier regret it is exported nearly a quarter of it's $32000000.00 ton harvest and would like to continue with current european us sanctions on black c ports and russian ships prevent it now what i see is global car with net port. now what's that sunk same year? i snuggling the post of ship crimea. yes, nothing the matter scheme importantly cut daughter. destiny is certain of don't roughly quote, really a conditional transcript, but it, which it, it says yes. such as i knew the minimum of putin is weapon, izing hunger. he's using feed security as a callous to of war. and he's blocked ukrainian ports and is stopping 20000000
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tons of grain being exported across the globe, holding the well to ransom at my cigna. exactly. if there was a $37.00, i would shortcut it or not, but he did them. we're cannot create 4th ideas to puzzles tells me nearly to break it up open. they probably were, as it is part by just for can will you will dance. go to work on the probably in your bottles. those are more that where is it? so hopefully i could have a lot of stored on biscuits running, a blue shirt crate, which i see is casey dressing in pretty fast with realism for the worst to get audio gray. and you've called rita russia is being deprived of the means of fulfilling its supply commitments. it's like running the 100 meters in lead boots sumner company got to read through a spreadsheet of all that i see a ski across a black companion that skim was. hello angela, thanks and i had cisco. she's out of the spirit who should at night her shots my prost guy came. honda went with him to the residence the main week supply route runs through the black sea on to the mediterranean to the manger egyptian port of
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alexandria. and then to many african countries where grain supplies a vital for their fast growing populations. it's so chosen con long legacy. or i'm can put a good level or, or, or city on, on literacy, on or blown particular miss shuttle all was on. it was on our do to, to clear, i'm a good to do. there's a difference to the south, a more definitive manase to unless a group done a month, the quantity of all of the that are that fear, which is your one that did not. there was more than a virus on made conflict there. ah, good year ox, even though it was, then you might consider the stitch scattering. is that say, toys is a full net, those i should clear. stepping is up with now molly is, is some to harn west african nation with a population of 20000000 a
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new question for limit that we wouldn't have list from the region has been played by armed conflicts from the was an a decade. the government's bogged down in a protracted struggle against insurgents, terrors cells, and gangs, hundreds of thousands from the northern provinces have been displaced from their homes. the capital by marco has several refugee camps. people are now living in fear of not only you had his but also impending famine in brazil central, doug, somebody's subdivisions is similar. molly's her center is the she does the most of the abortion milner. true with a mr. that do do. yes me would you just for there was an impulse, i love enough we were to to live in the movie judges. the person is most lean
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closures. those are made you study what but yes, tuesday to monday mobile. but to be sure you proceeds with me because you submitted your disability coach on from their way of life. refugees must rely only government and benefactors, diets here, amiga, rice, vegetables, and occasionally bread. the high can food prices is felt more acutely here than anywhere else. a small ask about a village with woke up myself with a
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$1.50. a expected i see scription, you pay me out of the things that chase brad sent? yes, them last 3 years from which are stuff. carly just plug. glad they ship. yes. national and us, it was a mistake. religious the for. she's there. snappy. fucking in with a fight. if you get off numbers will green is gonna connie on up i intended until i p t 11 with us for the cool con men law fall festival. yeah. shonda don't want session that we shouldn't mushy, when your temper put out of info. so don't want to show that beat global a mom. i'm when the, please me, don't call the other city. well, yeah, sure. you have a set of montage on the pre kia, any activities along makia attending the with example. so there are no longer devi debi debbie's, one. libya valley sees wire on it to dish out whenever it is or outlets are supposed to play. doh, suffolk, her little love,
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it's just the look what was shown to p. kenny passivate him enough for me. i'm imagining into a visual, but a number normal i'm telling you that it was a real one. i'm a little nobody and i'm wondering, you know, remember bulow of la northrop with a security guard, my dad lives with in your distance and your one get out of that on my back with leslie ended up with the constant is i'm going to quit. is america, patrick, mom, whether it be for president asked for is what is really,
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really for the door only out of their choice. you need it with us. that's a disclaimer. but mostly wooded does to clean right now. nobody fight one repeat that i will put that was kinda crazy bill forms he hasn't looked at the features can be, can, i mean, can you the focus to me or whatever the crops can be grown without fertilizers? russia is a major producer and more importantly, an exporter, supplying 12 percent of global volumes. china produces almost a 3rd. however, other producing nations use it internally, while russia sells the bulk of it. russian fertilizers are also under the sanction steamroller. the e has banned them. delivery is also challenging due to logistics his years. right now. poor nations are suffering fertilizer shortage and the resulting high can prices in the fournier. we are shooting at the disco. okay. i really don't watch them here. i don't for that. but anyway, she had a me like when you're small with the corporate is that was the climate. can you
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working best on liberty, skilled industrial at the period looked almost thorazine. would that she to lanesha way? surely, just going to school there being escape you is a horrible her you're if you're still not sure who i need to reach someone with colleen, knuckle option. miss leslie, it was you, she's just around a when you're gonna be able to get you to talk and nobody says that that was sanctions to effect directly. i would be cultural and fertilizers expert. nobody said that if someone said that the beginning, they are not saying it anymore because it's clearly that is not true. but she more to procedure. for fullness piece of critique testing. so name you can use proposal, but she still in plural school. but as h w e by at the more mcgee, i was just thought as opposed to any of the machine adobe with this is just or
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a to pull yellow from sla bershana garza but obviously supposing she media sharing your registry, even senior ah gaudy. ah, i just thought, talk to people boy, oh boy. oh boy. i was hoping you could give me enough. a dumb not gotten. oh my good you good. i love, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! for the
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news. ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on offensive, very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk, no time, stand still in the molly and village of so my vocal love, our phones and motor bikes are the only signs of the modern age, lifestyles, and agricultural processes haven't changed in centuries. dig a hole, drop a seed,
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and hope it will grow a duck. now we're doing that. i need to get a b, b. i missed a minute. um a minute. did you want to book the book on your traditional godaddy bunker? i'm going to teach a buddy bit a better with industrial hiding a little. i'm going to mess with it, but he's in a delicate node grove. it wasn't with the new builder. so if you will rebel 1000000 committed the day, nick with him just said,
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please be sure to know which would come good. we'll go see with she when the session will need to put her 1st message renewal which community a he will not will shut a switch. the dr. acorta tina still calistoga lab day. she who after care of saved an after you get a would, should a, to reissue it. so really to with the college still go out though. sure. that'll get you on that. but now for kids, it's been watched. africans are totally into conflict, is south. it's gonna show credits for their g validation for stimulus, so cheeriest as it is. yep. and then what it we've rolled is did the problem of consciously and you told her property, i'm a vision of on your signing coffee class. a full class a little. i thought it was, but i didn't so well. yeah, regular day shift. yeah, that's,
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that's not good enough for the danger of feminine global upheaval is been escalating for years. the pandemic is also contributed to this young man that quoted or more of the underdeveloped. america's georgia figured freed local, much more del aconia after or now you said somebody quote number good last video g, g figuring the phone just of had a me occurs filled up. would you only want therapy? evidently, the wish to put the roller will call a pct proud center. but how much trouble fucked from the me, the crushing and pretty glaring you. you what damage done and political, we had the strong capitol elect, amazon imposter school policy were still on would have looked sandra up that was to mean flotsap, a spirit as a cultural. anti russian sanctions have upset a delicate balance 1st, but cleaning out the last was sri lanka, which had already been suffering from the consequences of kobe restrictions. nonetheless, it joined the sanctions against russia. and she'll stick with jan,
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filled with sadness that on the south pole. and accompanying yeah, wonderful, the dog was that it was certainly it was like, it said not open it for you. if it's living too close to soaking at them for the door. what of some of us was killing his chest? sure lanka went from being a tour is paradise, to an island and ill luck in just months with a stake default week long queues for fuel and food and a complete collapse of the government knob we simply don't know she got. so the digital over, what's not working out of those how to prescribe, what are those kilograms stood, get the stove you? i just want to start sort of, you can see i'm gonna go see i wanna see what i can see about getting started with who w e. yes, since i've been sick for christmas, they're always chrysler's for nobody. other problem. we have a fertilizer crisis that is having a real impact. fertilizer shortage,
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prices that have gone high sky high in the absence of fertilizer. we know that means that next year yields will go down. prices potentially will go up a point to whatever you need. orfine's family come close to them wants to puzzle to she puts in the milk auction longer participates in helping scare me the but that was to than you squeeze them in. so brittany eat so push was christopher a gold, a for the loaner car with navigate florida from ballade. i look back, move back to laggy medical and then move on to not got any more and your best bet that you have been a better way to found my family's out of pocket. when i said,
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you don't want that to go by. think of leonor now that it's out by the gap of that i there is any language that asked with kathy, i learned a lot of talking to price in is our number one problem right now as a result of all this, this perfect storm for 2022, but 2023. it very well will be a food availability problem. western diplomats think ukrainian grain can say for countries from starvation, however, it's unknown how much weight is stored in a density ports and whether it would merely be a drop in the ocean? not bushland, i thought it was a fun, as i've been watching history from them for them. watson come up with lots of, i mean, on the phone, watson, commercial, national, spiritual, 15 bush of christie cherry, seemingly they want, or sherry looking at i will settle. i will fight up the stair westminster, maria. one of his new bush theater is, in my opinion, still garsetser. i suspicion that outside of that spirit of god on our festival.
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and i'm that i were in like sort of a middle initial now. after crowns are not particularly the young chef scheduled list. it seemed to see me low and the thorn is there not caught? no one can guarantee that wheat from ukrainian poets will get to africa all the middle east. europe's also experiencing grain shortages. so the week could end up going west instead of south totally new bucher in. yep. not should missouri mom, your best people are good to go. to other ships thrown off a key. usually id. honestly, it was the nose up on the board. those was dominated with some needs of whiskey in this year. as will joy mcknight opportunity just for thorn store. i did and i was the deal can levy should middleware, but of i was doing that was up on sure. but i did give you a here on over ways. you may still crane or not, but i will in the you but of the way she she didn't you. she's to run from the yellow. so you for him. see me on the but i get, i mean, but there will is 21 will as i gordon of see what the work and i will. yeah. he's voice media. you see me the federal scholarship mcgee, if,
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if you're still on there a minute of your issues of if one of those years of a this bakery is one of the oldest in belmont. oh, it's been working for 3 decades. yona hasn't raised prices for several years. and refuses to do so. now. at the size of bread realms will have to be reduced. otherwise, flower prices will negate any profit. glue. good. good at up with. well, fuck it up if you with a double look back to perform. but if you're doing a bubble of bubble, good obama to avoid 1000000000 bubble would go to bubble. buckle, bubble. milford investors are low bid. mm hm. what's the name of
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laurie this movie? no, you would suddenly know. that's a good one. you told jenny those you did was off so you do. it is out of a nickel, poor near to the door, buck i'm or you know and then my 1st name my sam mail will all right, again with laugh. i think i heard him. i love to on that one. so can anybody do what i jammed up back that up. but again, my waterfall, no idea. what got below salad with or do i will be given i think committee with me, but i think it was on a lot more for one with a big losing me, but i know they put it on the form. that's why you're welcome to come in and work with you and anyway, he's out of it,
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but i'm ready for you are going to be out before with a bill. a smart smart was wondering william brockovich bluff with whom of enough money. if my money, if my de la voyage with over on it goes over, i'm not like how hard i got a really good now to represent me little party last when they were the guy, i'm not we're guy. you guys like going to work a lot, a lot, chris going to have a little kiss. hello, gentleman. yeah. distributed london to as he let me say, can we say i don't live population without also fidel? switching it out, but the fossil specie, she left from elizabeth, the premier victim, the set of montage in the pre latrice smith,
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a passcode couple fragile which is kept pushing it in which american, yes, i have a lot of them. i don't have classes to dealer again as i will, it's don't just say marketing excel and whatnot, but, but how much they even about the bill in it's out there much of sunk 3, even a book that are buying them. more price equitable to up, bullet profit loss runs. you wouldn't easy. so what was the goal of the stock curious looking trucks with me don't try to persuade brittany here, national addiction that they should have his character at no cost of chicago that were still a to past half control students, drennan project pushed to do just good. let's see, so this is considered as the most because it, because the swimming devoted with what i seen it, my 1000000 cookie up when you need that you put a do with the voltage. so sir,
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a predicted many weddings and food shortages. so this year's harvest when go to market that will be camp for the villages, needs mechanic from the demarco suburbs, hopes his neighbors motor bikes will break down more often so that he can raise repair prices. if flower continues getting more expensive, the baker will have to bake even smaller loaves. everyone's afraid for the future times, not on their side. it slips away like grain between the fingers. ah, no one else shows seemed wrong when all through. just don't hold any you have to shape out the same because of the after kid
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and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, the grain is so sad and doesn't call the ships on monday, and really you and brooklyn grant, excellent deal, despite russia pulling out of the agreement due to recent ukrainian pac ah, great joy and great sorrow. these emotions are being sold off, brazil flying and nail biting presidential election. the results were not predictable until the very last minute when the law left wing handed it to the one by an extremely small margin of less than what possess.


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