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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 31, 2022 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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plows not turn a blind eye to the violence cause i did that. there are many points that the palestinian people need to break this wall of denial of the palestinian cause to the optimal use of the media. there must be a good understanding of the international laws that israel is violating with evidence presented in photos and videos and with decisive legal arguments as if she did yet had them. unfortunately, this is what we have been accustomed to since the establishment of the israeli occupation states and all palestinian land in 1848. and the united states and the european union deny palestinian rights and always sorry and their foreign policies with the side of the israeli occupation state and deny all palestinian national rights jersey amber who alice robert in la cares who has lived in pal science as the younger generation of us in this fed up with the occupation the intensity of the raid which are currently ongoing inside the west bank and as
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a result. so many killings in the west bank this year, palestinians, more palestinians have been killed in the west bank and the gaza strip, which is quite odd if you look at it statistically. this can be tracked back to israel changing. it's open fire policy late last year, which has made it easier for israeli soldiers to shoot that palestinians. this is meant that there is a large civilian death toll inside the west bank larger than what we've seen. but particularly because we're in a moment now in history. where the younger generation of palestinians are fed up with living, living under occupation, and so have created a number of armed groups who are taking armed action and opting for the armed struggle against israel. because there is no chance of peace talks working when it comes to the west and whether it will. ready acts against violations of international law, or blocking of un delegations into sad territories. the action on behalf of the
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west or the civil principles which the west employes will only be followed through on when it is an enemy of the west, which is committing these violations. while the whole from me today, you know, will be with you the news room of the top of the hour i'm. i'm on her mommy. wish you all a marvelous day. ah, [000:00:00;00] a a hello and welcome to cross doctor. all things are considered. i'm peter about.
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latimer potency his country's place in the world. at the recent meeting of the val di discussion group, he did as much and much more. he critique the west in its meal liberal ideology, and he made it clear. no one can sit out the coming storm facing the international system. ah, to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess, martin j and mera cash. he's an award winning journalist and commentator, and in budapest we have george samuel lee. he's a pod, castro, the goggle, which can be found on youtube and locals. are gentleman cross up rules and effect. that means you can jump any time you want, and i would appreciate it to start out with you in budapest, here before we talk about what vladimir putin had to say at the annual di discussion group, i was just thinking as we started here, is it? so much is commented on what who has never said and,
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and very little is commented on what he actually says here. so that's my segue into his commentary. was very interesting commentary on the west and its ideology, neoliberalism. and i think was also kind of a sermon on how the west is portrayed the enlightenment. you're absolutely right. it's because the way the media presented in speech was entirely a incorrect and misleading because you like to live the way it was me to say, oh, put in 1st throw down the gauntlet to the west. well, he did not throw down any kind of a gauntlet because what he said is it, on the contrary, it is the west a day that is out of sorts with the rest of the world, the west in the grave of a neo liberal etiology. and he also made clear that this, the ology is here to largely by
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a kind of minority lead runs of the west. and that he's not actually in keeping with the values of the where. so i think as you say, license i said that this west is, it goes against the traditional values of many societies around the world and that it's a very, a hostile, aggressive. he used to put a neo imperial in its arrow insistence on imposing its values and its culture on the rest. and that is, for those who do not adhere to this, the neo liberal etiology are subjected to sanctions, a color revolutions whose and indeed bombs. and so you are saying low 0 if the wife wants to go down this path is going to find yourself increasingly isolated from the rest of the world. so it's very much like russia is
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in the mainstream in the global mainstream. it is the last that is isolating itself, so it's the complete opposite from the, the way the western media presented to speed. and going back to throwing down the gauntlet know, read what he had to say. peaceful coexistence. that was the message also, you know, it's when let let you know that's the way you want to do things for your society. that's fine. but the rest of the world, they have other ideas here. and it's for me, it's kind of like a new oriental is ok because they, the west wants to say that it is abandoned parallelism in colonialism and all these bad things from white people in here. but actually it's, it's being repaired. it's go ahead. yeah, it's been repackage, it's been remodeled. i so toussant was remarkably sympathetic to the west. it was, or we have this in this affection for all here and that he would have likes, you know, the whole thing to go in a different direction in the last few years since ninety's,
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when soviet union clubs. but it didn't happen. and i think what i got from speech was a sort of a romanticism, a certain reflection on the old days and how europe in the west could have been so much more close to russia that they could have been almost done. they almost couldn't pity the, the old and the old call, the imperial, a western. it has this colonial history illness, spitted them, and i almost made the point, you know, that we didn't make the point that we are on the cusp, all the revolution. and that word revolution, i think resonates it, you know, because when you think of revolution, you tend to think of bloodshed, you tend to think of colonial power in the invading and poor countries and setting up an administration and so forth. but that's not really what he's talking about. he's talking about a new world, which involves what it, we should really keep caught in a global south because it's so much more. it's just the rest of the world. it's
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just not you is the rest of the, the west, you know, the west doesn't take up such a great space as people like to think it does on the wealth. but the rest of the world is tired of this old model and feel cheated. you know, i mean, i spend a lot of my career in africa. i spent a lot of my time talking to the economist and the professors who work behind government ministers, elena, constantly talk about this western model. america has that, you know, it comes in a offers financial assistant aid and trades usually doesn't work and then you to generate so level where countries to come so that they go to america on their hands and knees. and also i'm a sales at this point, you're completely in america's pocket. you can't do anything. you can't breathe, you can't operate. you are basically economy. and they're tired of this. they've seen this. they've seen that this is disingenuous, this is this towel draped. you know distasteful ideology as just ruined them. and they've been looking for a new world order for an awful long time. but i had to say watching the speech of
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pitch in the couple things struck where i thought he was in remarkably good shape for a man who according to western justice, is, is bushings last days. or if you want to believe british newspapers just 4 or 5 weeks ago, it was speculating, the might be dead. and the, all these people we keep seeing, you know, a lot of to sort of doubles, stunt doubles, you know, i mean, just the 2nd thing that struck me, i kept asking myself, i wonder how many western leaders could do that 3 hours didn't, you know? and you know, we're skeptical journalists like me was, think of those kind of comes as a script. anyway, let people know the questions before that happens all over the world. no russia thing. i saw that for 11 years in brussels, but you know, a lot of it seemed to me it wasn't so scripted because he, his responses were pensive at times and he actually even contradict himself a couple of times when she went through thought process. so it was very impressed with that, but you know,
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could how many leaders could do that to could buy and even do it for 3 minutes. i mean, somebody would have to help by doing away from the podium trails. and only john, better been made by good. ready george, you know, we've already got a text on it, but i think it's really important that you say no one can sit out that coming storm . and i, when i took from that is because the west universe wise, it's so called values. that's the storm that we're all going to have to confront. and no one can say it out because of this. i mean we have universal listing attitude where it's messianic and it's dangerous. yes. no question. and i think it's very instructive, really, to book and speech and with the statement of jamie raskin, an important congressman in the united states who essentially
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a holy war against russia, a essentially, he's now we'll have presented russia as the great satan. and that there is really no peace is possible with a great state, a peaceful coexistence. this has to be a walk to the finish, and raskin is not an insignificant person in the united states. he's a very important congressman. ladybug enroll in a january. the 6th committee, and he speaks for a very substantial democrats, and the point is that this is now increasingly out the united states is a conflict with russia. and there isn't really any voice in the u. s. counter in that. and so therefore,
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it's really west that is now declared russia to be the enemy. why is russia the enemy and other russia is the equal of the united states? but the russian is the leader. all a global coalition that seeks to resist this western imperialism. the western etiology, lead weston, so values a russia, a would actually resistance. if you hit the nail on the head, i think that's what emerge from this conference. it wasn't, it was harold in a new coalition of recalcitrant countries that were going to fight the west is just resistance. it's just in too many countries. a looking for some sort of leadership in the world, which opposes this usage. it had germany which we put up for so long, and some of these countries are really pay enormously the price for being part of so i think the word is resistance. i think, yeah, but to both of you,
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i think we can add on resistance to resistance as the resistance is because an alternative is being presented alternative that is not aggressively. it's not aggressive, you know, it's on my way or the highway. i mean, that's with the how the west is universalize it. but what we're, what we're all talking about is that there is an alternative. and it can, we want to peacefully, co exist with you as you go through your fever, georgia. yes, that's right. so that's what it's trying to do because what the west is seeking is to impose these factors that can be no resistance to this. they can be no, i'm saying, well, we don't really go along with that. no, there is only one way to progress for all societies, and that's essentially what raskin was saying. he just spelled it all out. and what, you know, we, we heard this in the 20th century from, so we really had really happened because raskin, you know, essentially sounded like we believe bolsheviks. and therefore, the, you know,
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that this is this, we are the center of the global revolution. and he said no, the resistance and the resistance to gay rights resistance. every motion on it all center in moscow that will, that we have to slay that. and especially for most of the rest of the world in the say, these are values. but the united states is not accepting of that. i mean, you know, we, we have u. s embassy that regularly during gay pride models, you know, flies the, the game. why do you think we have u. s embassy? is that always new rules of george floyd, a career criminal, and a lifelong young kid. so this is, you know, this is, this is an accidental issue. these are the values the united states seeks to
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explore. a very extreme ideology and it's totally alien to most people's of the world. yeah. and i am at the same time we have a lead in the west that are completely oblivious because they cannot see that there could be an alternative to bear. it's, it's, it's, it's a, it's a, it's a cult it and it's very messy on our general and i'm going to jump in here. we're going to go to what you're breaking up with your discussion so ah, ah ah, ah
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ah, welcome back to crossed up. were all things are considered on peter? well, this is the home addition to remind you were discussing some real news. ah ok, let's go back to martin america. in light of what we said in the 1st part of the program, we can bring in ukraine right now. or now it's been what we talked about it as it was happening. there was a very early on in the conflict in ukraine, the trainings and the russian sat down in them. bull with ben morris, johnson showed up western pressure don't make a deal. if you make a deal, we're not going to back you mom. this is for us, it is common knowledge and for our viewers, but that's kind of slowly seeping out over the last couple of weeks. and then why is a negotiation impossible because of the ideology of these elite,
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you cannot compromise this ideology. does not allow compromise negotiations. it only wants absolute victory. it wants to vanquish it does not a it doesn't except an interlocutory. that is different. it has a different point of view, has different interests. mark i'm, i'm christian made that point in the speech. if i remember correctly, he said we've been trying to talk to the europeans to the west for so long. well, and his reply was, they simply reply with no. and i think not really sums it up, and i'm not sure, you know, we have this incredible bigotry from the west. you know, you, you mentioned that the they just don't seem to be able to look at any other options . it reminds me very much of being in a press conference in brussels in december 1999 when the euro was rolled out and there was a massive fiberglass model of the euro coin. and i, european commissioner, jubilant at this a and i, and i had mentioned not in the conference but later term. is there any contingency
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plan and channel is laughter? i actually laughed at what a ridiculous question. you know, that we're seeing the same thing here. now, with ukraine, there are no options or on a, b, c. there's only one way for the west. they dug themselves into the hall. it's the way i describe it to people is a rich man who buyers are very expensive for painting. the more expensive the painting, the less inclined to the rich man is to accept that it's like, i think we bought into this ideology that we can win in ukraine. but ukraine is not really the place where you need to when you finish the territory. it's just one country. what we saw with the speech just today, the other day with, with who's talking about the world and how. i think even he was surprised that perhaps, even though the russians can lose ground in ukraine, they are gang gaining crowns, play considerably around the world with dozens, if not schools, of these countries who are looking to him whenever sending representative to the conference and talking about you know,
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this new world order and i thought it was really interesting how to put in the seems to be absolutely help bands on keeping this new association, this new coalition of what i want to call it informal as possible. and i think this is the key, i think the key to success because the moment you formalize it, the moment you create expensive shiny offices in moscow or the model is wonderful that you might want to keep it informal because he thinks that's the way of actually bringing more countries into the fold. everything of hierarchical and i think that's what i'm agreeing with when you start formula. and then, and then it's obvious that the neo liberal elites would say feed, there is our new enemy. because if you, if george, if you look at people that are sympathetic to what we're talking about here, you know, africa, asia, south america. i mean none of us renovated, would foolishly say they are all the same. they are not, they're very though,
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so many different variations here and it's working on their commonality. having enough of western gemini, as martin has said in the 1st part of the program, is that if you warm allied, then it looks like that. then it turns into a hierarchy and it's a pecking order, and it's just a replication. what's a west? it's already done, and then you and somehow it becomes an ideology. so that said it medical to what we've been, we've been hearing in the global south. i agree with martin, we got to find a different term, the rest of the world go ahead in the rest of the world and the various institutions. russia has been building up since the minds of the soviet union for the organization. all essentially suggest to the rest of the world. then there are alternative forms of development. so the western powers,
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who have the see, you know, a come on over to russia, the enemy, russia is violating the rules based on the, you know, you're going to be with us that, that isn't working for the rest of the world. you know, one thing they don't see russia as the enemy, russia was, it was not the imperial power. they have experience of imperial powers. and the people who have ruled over them, russia ever ruled over them. and they, you know, they will look back on a long tradition during the call will be having good relations with the soviet union. they didn't have any time for communism. but they did find that the soviet union was non sympathetic to their problems and their life. and offered them assistance and that was shown to russia enormously, post cold war era. and so when bars johnston goes to india and demands that you
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have to be with us, i just remind them of their old in burial now, you know, there's a, you know, reminiscent of the raj, you know, those are what we have the, you know, the british government telling us what to do, and i think that's been very, very important part of russia, diplomacy, and extraordinary dividends. how actually the west continues to blossom at the united nations? essentially it's the same gang always together and the rest of the world just isn't buying into it. in a martin, it goes back to it is a hotly debated in the seventy's in the 1980s about past modernization. and of course there was one school of thought, the going to be have true modernization it through westernization. and that's being put to the test right now because my demanding that it must be through a westernized, you pull in this neo liberal ideology. ok, it's, it's much more multifaceted than that. and of course, you know,
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jamie raskin that's already been mentioned here. he can conceive of that. there's only one half of development. he is truly the 21st century. is greatest bolshevik. go ahead, mark. yeah, i mean it's, it's still a punter as well, isn't it? no matter how are you look at it. if you look, look at the use talk diplomat joseph rather good himself the whole or to just roughly by talking about that you as a golden person. well, as a jungle, you know, i mean, what the hell is this guy talking about it like this kind of elitist mentality from, from the you that, you know, shouldn't have been marked as bob. it's follow up blog job. even deeper. did you notice it's just embarrassing, you know, and it just, it, when is a, is a timeline? is that a monster of the end of the west? you know, this declined urchin was talking about that. all these countries are witnesses now, you know, is that some idiotic spanish socialist says something so raised his anachronistic and suddenly just like that. and you wonder why inner that among these countries
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just look at you say, we're tired of you coming here. you said, you're not sure where you talk about as human rights. you know, china comes in and build schools and roads and hospitals and interests. so there is this new world world. i thought i thought it was really interesting. the most interesting question that was put to putin. i watch the whole thing was i think a chinese journalist or chinese delegate, who mr. wong, who said one about this new world of, or if russia is to take the lead and everyone assumes russia will. what will the rules beef i'm putting really hating this question really had the word walls, what rules he sort of said, well, you know, i don't think we should talk too much about rules. but if that, there are rules already exist and he excited the un charter, which is quite fine, really, you know, but then you and java is a parody. i mean, it's a fossil set up the, you know, the west of broken time and time again what it, you know, what is more american troops doing in syria right now in a international law isn't good as the people who sign sign up to it in a and i,
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but he couldn't talked about blogs and he doesn't like trade books actually really rocks in the sense developing in asia. because he thought that that would be a threat to china. and china should be allowed to flex his muscles and develop as much as she can. so, you know, you've got this, these ideas emerging. i think i'm, i don't, but i don't swallow them by this line from the goal for the film. the power is something to be taken. i think what we're witnessing now now from the speech and in this period during the grain war and how russia is actually developing as geopolitical power because of the frame. but what he's saying is that our is not taking power is actually a taken handed over issue like, and these countries are all looking to put in to create a base to create a central system. so that perhaps all of these small over these organizations, like breaks of yes, you know, which are growing all the time. perhaps they can all come on to some umbrella organization and the phone and have some central place somewhere. you know,
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people are actually suggesting in that conference that it may not even be most good . the russians consider creating a new capital just for them to be a sense of this. some organization, not strong rules, not to germany. you know something very, very informal, which will help china accelerates in this economy and russia to support and all these other countries can be puddled up. some of these countries, you know, that i want to be part of this new world, a surprising us. some of them are actually old friends of the west, you know, saudi arabia, most to join bricks. you know, something that you not see reported anywhere in western media. not even 3 lines. is that morocco stood up and defined us sanctions against russia and sign deals with most of just a week ago. so nuclear power wants to be built here. you know, that's not being reported by western journalist because that goes that flies in the face of the narrative, that it is a victory to russia and juggler rapidly running out of time. but ukraine is the
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crucible in this kind of ideological western ideological, per se, has almost nothing to do with your grade. again, i don't want to give raskin so much air time, but i mean, you and i, and i, i ask our viewers to take a look at what, how raskin sees ukraine. i mean, this is pure lunacy. ok, but it is a purely an ideological construct. there are no real people there. it's, it's a crucible, it's an idea. and this is a sword where the west, i think it does that. it's the hill that my guy on. ok, go ahead. and raskin does say that victory in ukraine is absolutely essential. the future of humanity depends on the v, a in ukraine, and there's no question, i mean, the decided to throw in everything on your grade and defeating russia, to the west of a said, hey, this is the greatest challenge that we now face of our hedge in our rules based
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on the, he's being threatened by this new group of powers lead by russia, and we are going to fight to the bit around here. that's a, that's a high risk strategy. because if you want to, you raise the stakes, then you is better when and then it's, it's really cousins for you. yeah. well then god failed that right there. god. well the, the, me, what's, what's, what's so pathetic is the, the nature of the regime in camber. military wanted the 31 flavors of batches, not seats. okay. and this is wet grass and the progress want to support here. okay . last 30 seconds. going to you are glad i. yeah. and um, you know, you mentioned your crime and these, these, these white supremacist groups, you know, those are being supported. those are being endorsed by the european unit. and just the other day, i think it was the day yesterday and, you know, the bombing now of the russian fleet in the black sea just quite worrying. and i think that's also
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a signal to all of us that you can give. regime was never very serious about the grant exports coming on with lexie and supposedly helping solving africans. that was all fake news produced by the american admission gender. for escalation this, they were all staring into the best, but there's only one party that is escalating it. and unfortunately, they'll have to be a reaction gentlemen, we have run out of time on thank my guest, american, and in budapest, and i think our viewers are watching us iraqi seen next time. remember ah move when i would. so i think wrong when i
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just don't want to see how it comes to advocate and engagement with the trail when they find themselves well, the part we choose to look for common ground. aah, ukraine. say that doesn't cargo ships will sail on monday under a un brokered green export deal despite russia pulling out of the agreement due to a recent large scale ukrainian attack also ahead. oh, great joy and bitter disappointment. the emotions being felt across brazil following a nail biting presidential election. the run often sees left when comes it let this sill but become the country's leader again,


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