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tv   News  RT  November 3, 2022 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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and why does the memory of aline, us do divide people with the state channels and newspapers are trying to justify ukrainian ultra nationalist and nazis team of italian journalistic. so was i terms of neo nazi regalia? they've written covered from former ukrainian military positions in dawn, both also had on the program, ethiopian government, and the break away to gray regent. finally reach a truce to end up bloody to your conflict. that's also led to a key, momentary and disaster there. while kenya sends troops to the democratic republic of congo, to support the government fight against them in sergent group,
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the u. n. c. the global community has ignored the worst sending situation there, because it's wholly focused on the ukraine conflict. and i think un, warmly welcomed russia, rejoining the brain exports, eagle key f, slums, the move as opposed to failure of russian aggression with live from moscow. this is art international. my name's unit o'neill on 30 minutes of news and views starting out. a team of italian journalist examining positions abandoned by ukrainian military forces and dumbass have uncovered pieces of neo nazi paraphernalia. some of what was found in the danielle scan, lu ganske regions here a swastika in the middle of a blue and yellow, ukrainian national flag and banner of the notorious as off battalion with its neo nazi wolf's hook emblem at greek and austrian flags. by the way they were uncovered
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too. in the former he korean physicians will neo nazi battalions, particularly a door and as off or officially part of the ukrainian notary. the un house previously accused such grips of committing torture and rape during the past 8 years of the don boss conflict. italian journalist victoria wrangell only, says western media outlets humping glossing over such neo nazi horses because there inconvenient truth in the establishment narrative against russia. he may have g state channels and newspapers are trying to justify ukrainian ultra nationalists and nazis. for example, in mar, you pull. they called the members of the 8th of battalion new partisans and anti fascists. turning a blind eye to all their nazi symbolism and essentially justifying their actions the world has tried to whitewash such movements as i dar and the ease off regiment . the public knows very little about the situation that has been going on in the dawn bass for the past 8 years. they don't even know that thousands of people have
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died there since 2014. the real aggression when ukrainian army sought to suppress its own population and the don bass has been hidden all this time. i believe that there should not be western propaganda seeking to hide the truth with their rhetoric about anti fascism in europe. ukraine is something quite expandable in this western lead anti russian game. few people in the west care about the fate of hundreds of thousands of ukrainians sent to be torn into pieces. the war is against the don bass against russia. that is the ultimate called on to something else to tell you. but as regards that ukrainian investigators have uncovered a helicopter inside a container, reportedly waiting to be smuggled out of the country from the port of odessa. now the discovery comes amid rising concerns about weapons pouring out all view, crane and into the hands of criminal and radical roots. just last week finish billy said western supplied weapons had been fined in multiple european countries.
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been lost, a senior us army official house claimed to the media that the american military personnel are not on the ground in ukraine. the reason given to keep track of the billions of dollars worth of weapons and other equipment at western powers of supply to give will the claim comes of the u. s. government issued its 1st ever detail blown on country weapons smuggling from ukraine. that same, that mainly stopping black markets supplies of javelin and stinger missiles ending up in criminal homes. but washington has admitted it's difficult to conduct sufficient monitoring of that because of quote, the nature of combat. former c i a analyst, lori johnson, suspects old cheerier motives could be at play with those us weapons inspections in maybe in the next week or so, we'll learn that there have been us casualties on the ground in ukraine. and that can be attributed. they will say to they were doing weapons inspections. when you
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read some of the news reports on this, it just doesn't make sense. they said, for example, both these inspectors, they're not going to go to the front line. well yeah, they'll go inspect, time, ours and triple 7. and those are back from the front line, but that's where the russians are carrying out attacks. i think the fact that this news is coming out now is assigned sort of a desperation and panic on the part of the west. they do, the conventional approach was not working. they're trying to get more personnel in their help actually operate some of these weapons systems. the notion that these are guys with green shades walking around, just recording where the, where the javelin, the stingers, and the high mars are going is nonsense. this is, i think, really more of a cover story to explain as a, as it will emerge. i think in the coming days there have been us casualties as a result of some of the russian missile strikes. well, as an aside to that,
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the ukrainian conflict has depleted us weapons inventories, creating opportunities for other global arms dealers. side korea for one appears to be increasing its own arms exports to the european market with expectations of i pacing washington's details. let's go through this because sol has become the worlds fastest growing player in weapon stainless with its arms. exports expected to be equivalent to 10000000000 dollars this year in terms of the european market. a low south korea has penned a deal worth $5800000000.00 with poland to provide hundreds of tanks and rocket launchers to the nato country. but former us marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter safe. warsaw may have turned to side korea because washington didn't live up to its expectations. poland was asked to give up. so it's, so he had era equipment, t $72.00 tanks and other combat capability to ukraine on the expectation
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that the poem would receive modern tanks and as a replacement, and was hoping for the in one abrams tank. and this was not forthcoming. so when poland is doing is taking matters in their own hands. going to south korea produces a tank. that is the equivalent of the m one. we're, we're not in a position to replace the soviet era equipment that we've asked many european nations to provide ukraine. so i think you can start looking to south korea to get the some of these weapons that they've been seeking. he a u. s. analyst pretty worried as well. if sun to the alarm over europe turning to soul for arms on the financial hit that would entail the south korean president recently shirt plans, by the way, for his country joining the world's top 4 weapons suppliers. but the i'd like for the current leader in weapons exports is less bright following lights,
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massively expensive, give away to the united states has supplied ukraine with thousands of javelins. but the u. s. inventory is dwindling. the united states has probably given about one 3rd of its stock to ukraine. thus, the united states is approaching the point where it must reduce transfers to maintain sufficient stop pulse for its own wool plans. u. s. defense industry is now more focused on trying to make up for the significant amount of equipment that the united states has transferred to ukraine and replenishing us stocks. we have been providing ukraine with ammunition that's being expended at war time rates, but we haven't increased our production. and what this means is we've been dipping into our war time reserves to supply ukraine to the point where we no longer have enough ammunition to last more than a few weeks of sustain combat. the iranian
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foreign ministry has denied all accusations regarding alleged preparations for an attack on saudi arabia, calling them biased and not based in reality. the wall street journal recently issued a report which came from us on saudi arabia and intelligent, stating other run, maybe filing an attack, but with no other specifics. other western outlets were quick to push the news, but the us state department doesn't shoot any alerts to americans in saudi arabia or indeed, anywhere else in the middle east. well, it's not the 1st time the u. s. saudi coalition has appeared to groundless the accuser, run back in 2019. the claims are placed the blame on the stomach republic for a major attack, an eastern saudi arabia, which have the oil rich kingdoms production. the current accusations come amid a recent escalation intentions between the u. s. and iran, with washington imposing yet more sanctions on iranian officials. after tea runs
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practice on demonstrations. in september we heard from professor of political communication at the university of taylor at food is of a can say the idea of regime change in iran has been on the u. s. agenda for quite some time. the point came from the wall, the city you're not, that is very much linked to the u. s. government. this type of leaks have a purpose. yeah, i think the, the main reason the leaking at this type of news at this time is that iran and the united states in a hybrid war. and us the uses the, these type of propaganda tools to affect this hybrid war and advance it's hybrid want goals. so you need to have some sorts of accusation against the law every day is. so yesterday was the issue of you,
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i'm attacking saudi arabia and tomorrow. i'm sure they will come up with some of the accusation against steve. and this is what they have been doing for many years . now of course, with a serious failure in the policy because the idea of regime change in iran has been and they're just government agenda for many, many years. and they have not been able to achieve that goal. and unfortunately, the, he was fine policy establishment repeat the past mistakes are made out any hesitation. and that that is why the u. s. foreign policy is in chaos of state in the us, damaging the standing in the world. whether it's in this part of that will do international canyon has announced it's deploying troops to the democratic republic of congo for a joint operation against the regional insurgent group. we are proud to flag
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of a national contingent whose readiness for mission ease at at its highest, ever. our national and regional community holds tremendous potential to unite hundreds of millions of people in quest for shad prosperity. the d r c has been struggling to fend off advances by militants in the countries east near the border with ro wonder reviving old animosities between those neighboring nations in central africa. more than 50000 civilians helping displaced by the fighting refugees have been seeking asylum. the local un camp with new arrivals receiving packages of food as they resort to building make shift tents from tree branches and plastic sheets. when a d r c has been losing positions in the conflict area with militants from the so named and pretty frequent. seizing 2 times over the weekend and shasta chooses road,
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wonder of those rebels romando denies. the congolese government has also expelled a london ambassador on recall the top invoice from dark country. the un high commissioner for refugees has spoken about this situation, saying its being largely ignored by the global community does not only ukraine, where conflict has driven people from their homes, yet the other crises are failing to capture the same international attention. outreach resources, action. we are in the democratic republic of congo, where brutal attacks, including revolting accounts of sexual violence against women, has added more than 2 100000 people to the 5 and a half 1000000. already displaced in the country. where the un invoice fears are
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very much backed up by local residents who say the world has turned a blind eye to their plight. so the little some of us in a follicle we were banned by the international community. we're showing all possible evidence that some neighboring countries are supporting this negative force, but there is no declaration, and they encourage us to move on to negotiations with that idea of what they are more. how can we not be afraid? we learned that government soldiers a killed every day. today, my children also refused to go to school. they think that it could explode at any moment. some, i'm not even studying because of the stroma. when you say, now go, i'm a better in a been, you know, my life has become very hard. i even have trouble eating because my family is stuck in richard through by this war separates us from our families and is at the root of the current economic and financial crisis. and i posted on returning to another often overlook crisis elsewhere in africa. the ethiopian government,
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on the rest of northern to gray region of agree to a truce following lengthy peace talks, which happened in south africa negotiations began last week. now to know if you'll be normally captured several major tines that were previously held by a local insurgent group. our teeth corroborate, let hunter reports what has been 8 days of a new african union, lead negotiations. negotiations which can only be described as intense because it took this long for us to get the 1st step towards what will be many steps to what's piece. but the 2 warring 5 in this conflict that's been mostly concentrated around the northern region of if you are in the t grey region. hey, finally agreed to peace. and among some of the agreements that have been made is that there will be a cessation of hostilities. there is an agreement to dis, um, both sides and also to restore services and also the public services. but here's
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the thing that was not mentioned by both parties in this, in this negotiation and, and what in the has come an agreement. there was no mention of the entry and government. they have been the foreign forces fighting alongside the federal government of ethiopia. and they have not been mentioned at all with regard to this and they have been fighting the theory of government from the northern parts of the border with eritrea. and without territory, a one can only wonder if these indeed will hold. so that was the elephant inside the room. if i made this will. this will effectively give an opportunity to if you open and especially a t grade kids to be able to go to school to be able to access humanitarian aid. and that dangled carrot in front of the if you can. government was really the fact that if yoga is k strip in america, use that position to,
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to say to them that you will not have access to any international is the true tional funding. and the cash reserves in the situation in the country rather have been so bad that people have been saying that if you'll be as less than a months worth of cash reserve. but as, as this situation goes on, this is a hopeful sign for the 1st step of peace, but it should be a 1st step in what will be many 1st steps. what we heard from an ethiopian based conflict analyst to say that foreign interference, particularly from the u. s, has heavily weight upon the region. the whole of africa region has been a very intense interest flow, particularly for the united states, a regional interest, as well as the, and global had your money interest. so the, the piece talks have been marked by external interference and external interest.
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despite the fact that they have been government wanted to come to a peaceful conclusion and peaceful end of the conflict on the west still wants to maintain some control and how he germany. and that has been a point of contention between the western powers and many countries. in the region, eritrea and indeed york and so on and so forth. so the interest of the people is clear, the interest of, if you get the, if you can government people into grad, everybody wants peace except to those parties. so my, my mistake to those parties is let the people work on their own piece. allows them to come together and find a way to establish a lasting peace in ethiopia, in the horn of africa. origin. as long as there is a meddling of outside forces, as we have seen in yemen, i've seen we have seen in libya. the outcome is not going to be good.
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ok, another update on a busy news day the u. n. has warmly welcome rushes decision to rejoin the black sea grain export deal. it came about after key f gave written guarantees not to use the safe route for military purposes. ships carrying ukrainian grain have already crossed the boss for a straight following turkish president. are the ones announcement that the u. n. broker deal was being reserved mister at one praise the leaders of russia and ukraine for resolving the problem? and said the exports would go to impoverished african countries as a priority following concerns in that regard from moscow? or wherever president putin has underlined that, if, once again violates the agreements, russia will instead deliver grain to countries most in need on its own. for several days. assembly russia reserves the right to withdraw from the agreement if it is violated by ukraine. in that case, russia will still be ready to deliver to impoverished countries for free the same
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amount of grain that ukraine would have provided. the british media outlets were quick to slum rushes, re commitment to the grain of a simple policy. you turn the result of some kind of bluff by vladimir putin as follows. moscow accusing the u. k of involvement in recent ukrainian attacks on crimea. the british media hoping, echoing key of rhetoric in their coverage of those issues. some personal digital rushes blackmail has not lied to anything. previously. russia demanded security current teeth from the u. s. now after 8 months, so the so called special duration is the mon installed guarantees from ukraine. this shows both the failure of the russian aggression and how strong we are when we remained united. just a reminder, russia suspended its participation in the un brokered grain de laughter. ukraine use the humanitarian corridor to attack the russian navy in crimea. we discussed
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the issue with political affairs professor jack rasmus said he has no faith that he will stick to the new agreement after violating the old one. i don't know how much those are and you can assure anything. no, i don't think he's totally in control. he could say that they'll provide guarantees, no military equipment will be shipped, but you know, i kind of a number of people underneath of them will do what they want. anyway. i don't know how, how much of a guarantee that will be. ok. i don't know what they mean by that. i think the un has to inspect the ship. the you as a, has many members that are in the poorer african asian area and who are dependent upon that grant are still star. and they have that real pressure, political pressure to see that the, the grand really does get to them. ah, the italian prime minister has appointed as a junior minister in the government,
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a politician who was once photographed wearing a nazi symbol. he's not the only controversial figure on george maloney's team. however, there's been a reaction to that from the despite it being pretty much widely covered in the media. r t contributor rachel marston, wondering if they how fascism can slip under the radar in the west when the stablish that agenda yes, will be out of the right way brothers of italy, party as just the sworn in as a country junior infrastructure minister. the nami made headlines when he was caught wearing a nazi swastika arm bands in a photo published by the press in 2016. 17 politicians are pretty upset about this new point. it is they how fascism can slip under the radar in the west when the stablish agenda dazzle being out of the right way brothers of italy,
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party has just been sworn in as the countries junior infrastructure minister. the nami made headlines when he was caught wearing a nazi swastika arm bands in a photo published by the press in 2016. 17 politicians are pretty upset about this new appointment. he is the new deputy minister of infrastructure. his name is galle also been yomi, and he is a representative of the brothers of italy, a massacre and a fence and in decency, towards the constitution, the memory and the history and the victims of that swastika shame, georgia maloney, deputy minister gillian of economy and the photo nazi uniform, then they complained that students disappeared and have them beaten up. this photo is as sickening as it is disgusting that this figure is now deputy minister of the republic. enamel has since apologized by italian prime minister shows maloney as refrain from commenting. so as the e u. worth the outrage. now from the you commission,
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president earth love underlie who threatened just before maloney's election. keep an eye on italy's new government. me mall though he'll do it on once wanted to name a park after italian fascist dictator. benito was like, brother, our nato, is now a labor ministry under secretary maloney herself once praise miscellany as a teenage activists. but who hasn't done crazy things as a kid or in political appointments that i'm sure. but western leader seemed far more concerned about whether maloney aligns with the west stablished jenda, which she does on ukraine in particular with her both roads court. president maloney underlined the essential role played by the atlantic alliance in guaranteeing the security and protecting the common values that characterize our western identity. she reaffirmed italy's full support for ukraine against the russian aggression in the importance with a global approach of strengthening nato's commitment. encountering the different
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kinds of threats the western trained as on neo nazi fighters, now old it into the ukranian. it must be thrilled that maloney is so enthusiastic inner support of them alongside their western establishment. benefactors compared to western establishment attitude towards maloney. now that they figure sheet on board with them on fi issues, to how they treat hungarian prime minister, big or, or bon though or bon, he's getting browbeat. accused of the anti democratic iraqi and officials. an inner recent official report may. ringback it has less to do with his ideology and more to do with his unwillingness to abandon the defense of his own country and its citizens interest in blind deference to the western establishment agenda ion the u. s. has lost out a china over claims that beijing is not sufficiently engaging in nuclear arms talks with washington. that's after the asian country vowed to strengthen its atomic
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arsenal. china's position so far has been thank you. we're not interested in engaging in these arms control, talks at all a call when you have a different topic to discuss is that eventually a reasonable a summation of their position at this point i, it has been and that's, it's sort of, i a surprising they have the same obligations we're pressing them to engage us bilaterally. we're now at the 60th anniversary, the cuban missile crisis. we don't need to repeat that to know that we need to be at the table, having conversations with each other. the recently issued us defense strategy asserts that china is a substantial threat to american national security washington, as also accuse beijing of increasing tensions in the asia pacific region while undermining us alliances. well, let's take a look at where the u. s. has been storing it's nuclear weapons, including in locations abroad. well, europe quite well represented here,
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as you can see on the map. in contrast, china keeps its, are still only on its own national territory. and now washington reported a tons to deploy nuclear capable b, $52.00 nuclear. palmer's done here in australia, within range of china. beijing reacted to that news by saying, despite that protestations, it's clearly the us, which is raising tensions in the asia pacific region may have on that bug. i don't think in the report, the us side speculated arbitrarily and blatantly tailored and nuclear deterrent strategy against china. china, we advised the us side to abandon the cold war mentality and hedge a monic logic, adopt a rational and responsible nuclear policy. what china has its own agenda. china has never been, you know, had any history of colonizing other countries or threatening other countries.
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everything that china has developed to have of nuclear weapons. it's all full national defense that patients in the asia pacific region, or has been curated, not by china. and i think the rest of the world is quite clear who is doing that. it's not china, whatever they do, it is nothing surprising to the rest of the world. but i think what is important for us to see is that to recognize that the world is changing. and the unit paula wode, where the u. s. is the dominating that had a money that had a long is, is no longer the reality. so we are dealing with new reality. all countries are supposed to, you know, to abide to lease the un charter and the international role. so where
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does this? so a rule space, the older common wrong people are actually talking quite frankly that to the united stage a cannot just keep using this tongue, which is so vague to, to decide whatever that is in their favor. it was one of the most horrific incidents of the 2nd world war, but few outside of eastern europe have even heard of it. next, our documentary team chronicles the vol. heaney massacres. stay with us for that. the, the in a when i would chose the wrong. why don't i just don't mean you
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yes, to shape out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail, when so many find themselves worlds apart and we choose to look for common ground in the me a the view body that he was needed to change and i that tells you.


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